Kate Beckinsale can’t stop talking about her lady parts

I never thought it was hard not to talk about my lady bits. There are a lot of things I have to restrain myself from doing from time to time. Eating eleven pieces of bacon. Not telling the cabdriver my life story. But chatting about my lady parts has never required this massive amount of self-restraint. I assumed this applied to all women, but maybe I’m just a fluke. Because Kate Beckinsale sure has one hell of a hard time keeping her mouth shut when it comes to her neither region.

Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale seems to have a fairly unhealthy obsession with her own vagina.

After recently comparing her nether regions to the tomb of a pharaoh, without prompting, she has now spoken about her lack of knickers at a premiere – and wondering if paparazzi got any prized snaps of her downstairs area.

“It was one of those nights when I wore a supertight dress that you couldn’t have worn anything under, since it would have showed. The paparazzi were literally lowering their cameras like speculums when I got out of the car.

“On the way home, I said to my husband ‘Darling, I think they might have gotten it.’ And so when we pulled in I made him re-enact the thing with his camera – a sort of crime-scene run through. It appears I survived unscathed.”

[From LiveNews]

You know, I get that Kate is an attractive woman. I understand that she works it for the sake of her career. She’s constantly flitting about in new bikinis. It works for her, it brings in the men and the money, whatever. But all this crotch talk – really? Does this really help her out any? Does some director say, “You know, I was debating between Kate Beckinsale and this other chick, but Kate does talk about her lady bits a lot… so I’m gonna go with her. That’s a tiebreaker.”

She’s got to be doing something right – there’s about a trillion results when you google “Kate Beckinsale” and “speculum.” Though I don’t recommend it.

Here’s Kate and husband Len Wiseman with daughter Lily and her friend at the Brentwood Country Mart on July 2nd. Images thanks to Fame.

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17 Responses to “Kate Beckinsale can’t stop talking about her lady parts”

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  1. lady garden says:

    A lady never talks about her garden

  2. xiaoecho says:

    A lady pretends not to know what a speculum is

  3. Anna says:

    A lady never goes commando and tells. She keeps her secrets secret. :)

  4. daisy424 says:

    Not much brains, but she is gorgeous……

  5. Sprmcandy says:

    Pretty woman, sounds like my kind of girl ! Bring it on .

  6. vdantev says:

    Isn’t she late for her next vaguely pissed off woman of action in a black vinyl catsuit movie ?

  7. Cassie says:

    As long as she doesn’t refer to it as a “va jay-jay”, I have no complaints. After Oprah thought it fit to use that word, I think it lost all of its novelty and hilarity.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Love the first three comments. Here’s my addition:

    A lady never utters the words “vagina” and “crime scene” in the same sentence.

  9. Orangejulius says:

    That ain’t no lady.

  10. Nan says:

    Ha-Ha! I read the caption as ‘lady farts’.

  11. Aud says:

    I drool over Kate Beckinsale. Too bad shes scientology. Now I wouldnt touch her with a ten foot pole

  12. Aspen says:

    Oh, but Aud…if you were a Scientologist, you could be comfortable talking about your lady parts, too!

    I’m with you guys, though. As long as she doesn’t call it a va-jay-jay, she can chat about her junk all day, and I don’t care.

  13. Aud says:

    Im perfectly comfortable talking about my lady parts all day long, without being scientologist.

    Im just smart enough to pick and choose my audience lol.

  14. suckmyvagcelebitchy says:

    I used to love this site but its moderated to the point of being totally unreadable. You cant post anything that CELEBITCH doesn’t agree with without being censored. So before this post gets taken down I urge all you free thinkers to jump ship and join me at WWTDD. :evil: Im seriously disappointed with the way this site is run now.

  15. Christina X says:

    And we all know why she’s famous.

    I kind of like her, but then again, I kind of don’t. It’s weird.

    She’s not classy, but she seems friendly in interviews.

  16. jvon says:

    I love Kate AND her lady parts. So there.

  17. Flea says:

    By a strange coincidence, I can’t stop thinking about her lady parts. We may be extremely compatible.