Mickey Rourke’s stank is disrupting film sets


Shocking absolutely no one, The Enquirer has some eye-witness (nose-witness) reports from Mickey Rourke’s film sets, all claiming that Mickey is made of stank. He just looks like he smells, right? He also looks like he has Dorito-and-cigarette breath. Anyway, the Enquirer’s sources say that Mickey is our new Pigpen.

Reformed hell raiser Mickey Rourke is still raising a stink on movie sets. Rourke has such terrible body odor and bad breath that his costars and crew members sometimes hold their breath when they are near him, sources tell The Enquirer.

“Mickey’s a nice guy – but the bottom line is he smells!” said one Hollywood insider. “He’s got a definite hygiene problem. Between his overpowering body odor and his awful breath, a lot of people won’t go near him unless they have to.”

According to the source, the disheveled-looking actor “either forgets to take showers or is adamantly opposed to using deodorant.”

And his trailer is even worse!

“It’s so sloppy and messy that the makeup and wardrobe people try to work with him anywhere else but there,” said the source. “They avoid that trailer like a hazardous waste dump!”

“Mickey’s like Pigpen in the ‘Peanuts’ comics… he’s lovable, but dirty. Directors tend to overlook his bad hygiene because he’s such a sweetheart and gifted actor. But the crew and the cast get the brunt of it. On bad days when they see Mickey, they run in the other direction.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

Well, I’ve read some stuff claiming that Mickey is still the same old bastard on sets, so now I don’t know who to believe. I tend to think that Mickey’s hygiene is probably pretty gross. I mean, it’s difficult to even look at him, so I can’t imagine being right there and having all of the senses assaulted by The Stank. I also tend to believe that Mickey isn’t Mr. Wonderful on sets, but that he’s not the temperamental bastard he once was. Here’s hoping.

Anyway, this was all just an excuse to bring up something Mickey-related. Do you remember that soft-core porn Mickey did with Carrie Otis, Wild Orchid? Remember how controversial it was at the time, and how the rumor was that Mickey and Carrie were actually having sex on camera? Well, I hadn’t seen that movie in years and years – I was really, really young when I last saw it. Like, maybe 13 years old. Anyway, I recently watched it, and I would highly recommend it for ANYONE. Watching it now is, like, one of the funniest things ever. The acting is atrocious, the plot is ridiculous, and those famous sex scenes are full of the WORST fake orgasms ever.

Okay, now forget that story. Here are some photos of Mickey handing out presents to sick Russian kids just before Christmas. Cute!




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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24 Responses to “Mickey Rourke’s stank is disrupting film sets”

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  1. someone says:

    If this were true, why wouldn’t his producers and director, tell him to take a damn shower..its ridiculous.

  2. brin says:

    Wow Kaiser….I just got whiplash from all that…stank, bad sex scenes, and Christmas charity all in one story. Only Mickey Rourke (and Kaiser) could pull that off.

  3. mln76 says:

    I so believe it. He looks pretty rank. But back in the 80’s he was mighty fine. I remember watching Wild Orchid back in college to see what all the controversy was about and from what I can remember it’s pretty comical faux pornography.

  4. brin says:

    @min76…he was gorgeous back in the day…loved him in “Pope of Greenwich Village” and “9&1/2 Weeks” too.

  5. lin234 says:

    Is his hair slicked back with gel or just his natural oils. If it is the latter, doesn’t his head get itchy and super uncomfortable? It would drive me crazy.

    This is too easy but that last pic is perfect with this story. Mickey’s mouth is open too. lol

    I don’t get why producers don’t demand it? It’s not like he’s a mega-star. He should be catering to them on bended knees for being given a second chance with his face as jacked up as that.

  6. candy says:

    That’s rough. He’s had it rough. Someone doesn’t want to hurt his feelings because he’s sensitive and will cry, but someone needs to tell him. Shower, Mickey, dentist for cleaning, Mickey….Please. He used to be so good-looking. 91/2 Weeks, anyone?

  7. bros says:

    kaiser, why you gotta dash my dreams? i dont want to know he smells! i still have the hots for him, but this hygiene issue is bad. but he looks cute kissing kids!

  8. t says:

    Didn’t Crazy Days and Nights have a blind about a stinky actor a while back? Maybe Mickey is the answer!

  9. Rita says:

    The man is an obvious train wreck now but in his day I thought he was one hell of an actor.

  10. luls says:

    oh fuk*!!! his face is so jacked! its upsetting to look at!
    *pukes into bin*

  11. Weeble says:

    The little kid’s reaction in the last photo says it all, LOL.

  12. sapphire says:

    I can’t believe that anyone else saw Wild Orchids-pretentious, hilarious, soft core. Who ever scripted it had a major hang up about certain positions.

    He used to be so gorgeous-he might even have aged well if he didn’t get his faced pounded into cube steak then jacked.

  13. Bodhi says:

    Aw, those are some really really sweet pictures of him with the kids!

    As for the rest of it… I literally have no sense of smell (I was born without it) so its a big meh to me. Although the super messy pigsty trailer would totally gross me out (just don’t look at the pile of crap in my bedroom, k? 🙂 )

  14. devilgirl says:

    There are plenty of non-bathers in Hollywood. Roarke is the rule, not the exception.

    I won’t bother to list them, as they are well known.

  15. Marie says:

    I am telling you right now, if I met that man in a dark alley, I would give Speedy Gonzalez a run for his money. That man is just creepy (and smelly) looking.

  16. KLO says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I have a soft spot for this guy, especially his jacked face and strange fashion sense. I loved him in Iron Man, too 😀

  17. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Oh c’mon Devilgirl, list them! Who’s got cheese-feet, fish crotch, greasy pillow smelling hair, stank breath and dirt creases on the back of their neck…pretty please? (*”goody” claps in anticipation*)

  18. REALIST says:

    @ brin-I got whiplash, too.

    He looks (and I guess, smells) awful. But he’s still a great actor. Iron Man II would have been a throwaway without him.

    I saw “Wild Orchid” as an adult. It was just boring and made no sense…

  19. REALIST says:

    I, too, and a house slob (I’m fine on hygiene-I swear), so I printed up the first and second pics of Mickey and put them on my fridge to remind me of what I could become…Thank you, Kaiser

    SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: NO SMOKING=it’s disgusting, it can give you a laundry list of different cancers, and (practicality speaking) you can’t sell a house that had a smoker in it unless you practically gut the inside…

  20. Henriette says:

    I sat one table over from him in NYC a few years back (shortly before his big Wrestler come back). He went outside between courses and came back reeking of pot. That’s all.

  21. Bill Hicks is God says:

    REALIST: Thanks for the PSA. Are you responsible for why we in Toronto have warning labels on our frigging lighters now too?

    And you don’t have to gut a house. Didn’t you see Se7en? If a rear-view mirror pine freshener dangly can cover up corpse stank it will handle tobacco reek. At least that’s how I explain my lapel-pin.

  22. mommadiamond says:

    Mickey doll, I love you so, please make
    yourself handsome and neat as a pin as
    you did in all your movies. Love you doll, make yourself up to par. Maybe
    Mickey is depressed because he is not
    going around with Anna anymore. Mickey
    love you, please get cleaned up. You
    looked fine in Russia, try to keep yourself up as you did in 9 1/2 weeks and all you other movies. Love you doll, god Bless you.

  23. Trippin says:

    He was cool, sexy, and good-looking back in the day. His looks now maybe reflect his personal demons through the years. I guess he heard Johnny Depp is funky so he thought he could pull it off too. Just take him out back and hose him off, give him a can of Axe, he’ll be fine.

  24. Homegirlz says:

    Hey why you gotta hate on Mickey like dat – my Homegirlz ‘n I think he’s still incredibly sexy, handsome ‘n one of the best actors eva! How kin ya think he doesn’t enjoy Bubble Baths, c’mon now…