George Clooney caught malaria for the second time, but he’s recovering


Sad news. George Clooney has spent a significant amount of time in Sudan over the past few months, and during a stay in early January, he contracted malaria. Sad! Of course, malaria is a treatable condition, and this is George’s second time at the malaria fun-house. I hear they let you drink gin and tonic! That’s about it. Basically, you feel like hot death and you wish someone would shoot you in the face.

George Clooney is known for his practical jokes but a recent bout with a serious illness was no laughing matter.

The actor, 49, contracted Malaria during a trip to Africa recently as part of a push for aggressive diplomacy to avoid another potential genocide in the Sudan region. But, his rep says, he’s subsequently made a full recovery despite new reports to the contrary.

“George is completely over the Malaria he contracted while in the Sudan during the first week in January,” his rep tells PEOPLE. “This illustrates how with proper medication, the most lethal condition in Africa, can be reduced to a bad ten days instead of a death sentence.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Web site, “Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by a parasite that commonly infects a certain type of mosquito which feeds on humans.”

The news of his illness broke Thursday via the host of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, who Tweeted that Clooney is still fighting the illness: “It’s his 2nd bout of malaria. Taking medication but feeling rough,” Morgan claimed.

Morgan says Clooney, who taped his interview on Jan. 13, is due to be a guest on his show on Friday and will talk about the condition then.

[From People]

God, George has balls. He talks the talk and walks the walk, and he’s got his second case of malaria to prove it. Oh, CNN has a video clip too – Clooney’s on Piers’ show tonight:

George Clooney contracted malaria while he was in Sudan during the recent election there, he told Piers Morgan during an interview scheduled to air Friday. Clooney was in Sudan working on a his “Enough” project with Google and the United Nations installing equipment to film the historic election. Clooney was helping set up a semicovert satellite photography project to record the voting and any possible fallout. The “Enough” project’s goal is to end genocide.

“The truth of the matter is we are hoping it is one of many tools to continue to apply pressure, at the very least, to gather evidence that could be used at The Hague later if there are – if there are infringements or rules broken … if anyone crosses across the border north or south,” Clooney told Morgan.

It was during this recent work in Sudan that he contracted malaria.

“I guess the mosquito in Juba looked at me and thought I was the bar,” Clooney quipped.

While discussing the matter in a fairly jovial manner, Clooney said it was the second time he had gotten malaria.

“You don’t think President Bashir has – has detached a detail of sickly, vengeful mosquitoes to target you whenever you arrive?” Morgan joked.

“Yeah,” Clooney responded. “I think so.”

A few minutes later Morgan joked in another tweet abut Clooney’s condition.

“Clooney malaria update: now have 24,563 offers to nurse him. But his rep says medication’s worked and he’s OK. Sorry, ladies,” Morgan tweeted.

[From CNN]

See… I went this whole time without making an Elisabetta Canalis/mosquito/blood-sucker joke. Aren’t you proud of me?


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  1. dj says:

    It is a rare bird indeed (IMO) in Hollywood, that someone “talks the talk and walks the walk.” How refreshing. Mr. Clooney is all class and integrity. Get well soon!

  2. sharylmj says:

    I love this man and all of his charity work.. he really does care and really does try to make a difference in Sudan. What a sad situation..

  3. KJ says:

    Not to diminish his charity work, but unless I’m missing something here, there IS a malaria vaccine. George has to be stupid to not get it if he’s going to Sudan. My friend had to get the vacc when she went to teach in Ethiopia for a few months – it was required by her program. You would think someone would’ve suggested that to him BEFORE he went. Like an agent or someone. I know it’s not 100% effective with all strains, but still. Smarten up George.

    “With proper medication it can be reduce to a ten day bout…” With a vaccine you can skip it all together.

    That said, get well soon!

  4. kimm says:

    Oh Man!!!! Do not want to picture Georgie boy sitting on the throne eewww!!!!!

  5. jackie says:

    That sucks! I’ve had Dengue, and it is very painful and its the worst fever you can imagine. Thought my skin would melt and it freaked me out when I started to get small dots everywhere when my platelets dropped.

    Hope he has a quick recovery!

  6. bay says:

    sorry george, thumbs up for the humnitarian efforts

  7. viper says:

    I saw a patient with fungus infections all over his body. I was utterly facinated it was one of those moments were youre so revolted you cannot NOT stare. I still remeber it, it was like spider webbed skin.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Malaria…is thatwhat they are calling it. There Kaiser, I did it for you. :)

  9. Latisse says:

    Oh please, I’ve gotten malaria lots of times, and it really is NOT a big deal. I must have gotten it at least 8 times as a child in nigeria and a couple more in my teens. Really, swine flu was a whole lot worse. It’s like a bad fever and that is all.

  10. phlyfiremama says:

    There are several Chinese herbs that help fight malaria. Qing Hao is the major one, and Gan Cao is another. There are more herbs that can be added, depending on his condition, to more effectively treat him. Acupuncture also helps the body fight it, and relieves the symptoms. I wish him nothing but the best.

  11. observer says:

    He’s already over the malaria. His rep confirmed it.

  12. Obvious says:

    @KJ, you pointed out there are stains that the vaccine doesn’t work on. how do we know he wasn’t vaccinated and caught one of those strain? besides after having it once you can almost guarantee he had the vaccine.

    ps this is why i love george. he i hardcore =)

  13. Canuck says:

    @KJ: There is NO vaccine against malaria. However, as Latisse said, in Africa malaria is not such a big deal IF you have access to medication. They take arsiquiniform like aspirin or get blood transfusions which help.

    Of course, if you get the sort of malaria that goes directly to your brain, you’re very lucky to survive it.

  14. Shannon says:

    NO there is not a vaccine. My mother is on a trip to Africa and she has to take antimalarial medication every day. They’re really hard on your stomach so a lot of people have issues with them. They also don’t protect against all malaria.

    Also, malaria isn’t always something you can “catch” more than once. It’s not a bacterial infection. It’s caused by a parasite that in some cases will lie dormant in the liver for up to 30 years, and during those 30 years you can have a malarial episode at any time. It sounds like George Clooney has this kind.

  15. Syko says:

    That has always been my understanding too, Shannon. Once you get malaria, you have it for years and have outbreaks of symptoms from time to time.

    I would sooth his sweaty brow.

  16. tuscan sun says:

    Is George back to his old teeth? Those don’t look like the giant veneers he got in 08.

  17. Lucy says:


    I am proud of you, ha! :)

  18. Nanea says:

    An anti-malarial vaccine, what a sick joke!

    What people would give for that, and of course it would be like a license to print money for Big Pharma.

    Till research comes even close to developing a vaccine, there’s only the old-fashioned approach, take the tablets, deal with the side effects and hope for the best. If things go wrong, there are drugs that help.

  19. Lucy says:


    I am suprised that you have not commented on the most incredible and recent pictures of Eli Canalis (insert sarcasm);)= walking the dogs without makeup (I could swear she had foundation- mean comment, I know). She, at least, gave us the pleasure of showing herself once again since she was not in GG red carpet (awww)

  20. observer says:

    @Lucy, lol, I loved the headlines that went with those pics, “Dog Walk” etc. She has very bad skin and so she definitely has on foundation in those pics but still looks horrible.

  21. MrsOdie2 says:

    I wish this came out before the Golden Globes. I would have loved to hear Ricky Gervais’ jokes about it.

    (I feel okay joking about it since The Talking Haircut is going to recover).

  22. So George had had a couple of bouts with malaria and survived. No virus is going to take him down. Please! Can you imagine how many bouts of different STD’s this man has had over the years with the number of skanks, hookers and druggies he has bedded? I bet when the mosquito bit him to give him malaria, the mosquito got VD in return.

  23. Lucy says:

    @I usually don’t care about his personal life, but she is soooo full of herself and opens her mouth to say irrelevant things (“George is better than plastic surgery”) that it’s hard not comment on it, hahaha… Is he really in love with her? So, I can still dream I have a shot! But, at this point, I don’t know if I want to join his awesome list of personal accomplishments…
    @MrsOdie2: I doubt it Ricky would waste his smart jokes on her, but I secretly wish he did, :o
    @bored at work: I cracked up with your comment, good one!

  24. Lucy says:

    @observer:I usually don’t care about his personal life, but she is soooo full of herself and opens her mouth to say irrelevant things (“George is better than plastic surgery”) that it’s hard not comment on it, hahaha… Is he really in love with her? So, I can still dream I have a shot! But, at this point, I don’t know if I want to join his awesome list of personal accomplishments…
    @MrsOdie2: I doubt it Ricky would waste his smart jokes on her, but I secretly wish he did, :o
    @bored at work: I cracked up with your comment, good one!

  25. lrm says:

    well, malaria was gnarly when i had it in kenya…but, t he locals laugh it off; it’s like a common cold to them [not the cerebral deadly form which is more rare anyway-the other kind...] It did take me years really to fully recover-I mean, I could tell something was still goin on-immune system compromised…and yes, i was taking prophalactic [sp?]-there is no full proof preventative at this point-as far as I am aware. Besides not entering a malaria zone, of course.
    but Africa and a myriad of other locales, are too interesting and cool to miss out on…so it was worth it.
    But it was gnarly-i guess it affects everyone differently. was a baaaaaaaaad flu for me with hallucinations, hot/cold chills, for a few days…and i was camping in a fairly remote area when it hit-as in a tent, alone. lol good times…

    Although, years later, I was treate with acupuncture and herbs-and no longer have any symptoms at all, as I did previous from time to time….yea, apparently the malaria sits/trapped between the layers of chi…is what i was told.

    well, iw atched my spouse finish 4 yrs of oriental medical school-and experience a deep range of therapies for many conditions. i agree with the person who mentioned chinese herbs-for getting that sh*t out at a deeper level.

    And, t he standard drug they used to give in the US-larium-is not recommended for long term-it can create severe side effects, and usually does, incuding violent dreams, sweating, etc.

    there are more effective preventatives [not full proof] made in india, etc. but of course the US insurance companies only approve of the most expensive-at the time i went it was 30 dollars for a single pill for real], that has side effects and is not the most effective option on the market. Not like we could use options from countries that actually have malaria, but also have astrong pharmaceutical industry….that would make too much sense.

    I don’t know what the story is now adays…but that is my spiel from years ago…

  26. lrm says:

    oh yea, tonic, as in gin/tonic, has quinine in it-or it did originally….that’ why it’s considered a ‘tonic’=tonifies….

  27. crtb says:

    When I went to Nigeria, I had to start taking the pills a week before I left, the entire time I was there and continue taking them after I left.

    My mother lived there for seven years. She said people have maleria like we have colds.

    I don’t think George was taking his medicine becuase you are not allowed to drink when you take it

  28. mln76 says:

    Did anyone see when George let some old lady in the Sudan spit on him??? (it’s considered a blessing) It was in an MSNBC special he is pretty hardcore.

  29. Flipper says:

    No one mentioned that the first time he got malaria was his own fault, he stopped taking the malaria medication because it made him feel sick…..typical man.

    Or is this a way to cover the bad press he got about being drunk in the Sudan? George was not drunk for two days, he had malaria.

    Stan his rep is also Charlie Sheens PR man, remember this is the same Stan Rosenfield who said Charlie was not bingeing on coke when he trashed the NY hotel it was just a bad reaction to flu medication.

  30. REALIST says:

    CTRB: Maybe you’re right. There are meds you can take in malaria mosquito infested areas to prevent (or at least minimize) malaria infections. The problem is with the resistant strain(s) of Plamodium falciparum (the organism the mosquito carries that causes the infection). The resistant strains are usually found in rural areas (where George would have been.) The meds for prophylaxis of resistant malaria have more side effects, so some people start, have the side effects, then just stop taking them. One med can actually cause psychosis, although there is now an alternative med for resistant malaria areas. See:

    Maybe he WAS taking his meds so he wasn’t as severely infected-it just depends on so many factors. From what the rep says, it sounds like he was taking preventative meds. That would also explain the “speedy recovery.”

    Hail George-he IS for real. Speedy recovery, sir.

  31. REALIST says:

    Nope, no malaria vaccine as of yet. Many attempts, all failed. I think the Clinton and Gates foundation are funding some of the research. If you had microbiology, note that P.f. is a protozoan parasite, and thus harder to treat and vaccinate for.

  32. Theuth says:

    I hope he gets better, malaria is an horrible disease…
    A friend of mine who’s been in Africa a couple of times explained that vaccine doesn’t give a full covering, you STILL can get malaria (like it happened to her): plus, after the first time, you aren’t immune, so you can get it again because your immunitary sistem remains weakened.
    So, even if I don’t like Clooney, props to him for doing his job without fear.

    PS: Kaiser, you should definitely post last pics of Canalis walking her dogs…seriously, I mistook her for a man. She is SO ugly.

  33. Tiffany says:

    Wondering if this has anything to do with the many blinds that pop up about him and his sexual habits. Supposedly he is very into violent sex, leading to many injuries and Sickness excuses. Broken hand, etc.

    Just wondering if this was George getting his kinks out and had to make up another story to cover it up.

  34. Diane says:

    Yes, he sure has balls, love this man!

  35. Bob Grozier says:

    This is NOT SAD! What is SAD are the hundreds of thousands of people that took the quinolone LARIAM before taking a trip oversees and have been RUINED FOR LIFE. The pain and sickness from Lariam is permanent and so bad, many of the victims KILL THEMSELVES. This is true of ALL quinolone antibiotics. Search “Lariam USA” and you will read SAD. If good old George had taken Lariam, he wouldn’t be joking but privately crying and begging God to take his life – his life would be OVER. But none of those hundreds of thousands of people that suffer day in and day out get 1 offer for help. We live in Sodom , folks. Just because some guy looks good, he gets more attention than the hundreds of thousands of Lariam sufferer’s in this country alone. The suffering is awful and permanent. People lose their careers, their businesses, their families, spouses check out because they can’t stand being a caregiver for a permanently ill partner who suffers unimaginable pain. And this yoke gets thousands of offers to help with a “10 day” affliction because of the way we look. SHAME ON YOU AMERICA (SODOM). YOUR TIME IS COMING. CHRIST WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY THIS YEAR IN MAY. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HIS “NO RESPECTOR” OF PERSONS. GEORGE WON’T GET SPECIAL TREATMENT FROM CHRIST – THAT IS UNLESS HE HAS SURRENDERED HIS ENTIRE LIFE TO CHRIST TO FOLLOW HIM. Right now I see a rich man who “looks good” getting more mercy from Sodom than poor people who took Lariam and are permanently sick and suffering. May God have mercy on THEM.

  36. spotchecker says:

    @ # 38 Bob Grozier [and you really should UNcheck your automatic form filler for your name, it's in 'Tools', unless "Bob Grozier" is your real screen name.]

    step away from the keyboard, Bob. stop typing, pull your chair away from the desk, and step away..slowly. also, you might be tripping on whatever you’re promoting there, although you are correct in mentioning the others who suffer from malaria. many of us here give to organizations that deal with public health as i already do.

    this is a fun, snarky [and sometimes actually sincere!!] celebrity blog. that’s why we’re here.

  37. observer says:

    @Tiffany, that stuff is purely made up by Lainey. There’s not a bit of truth to it.

  38. Lucy says:

    Let’s lighten up a bit! He wears many hats: 1- George is doing a terrific job in Sudan’s crisis; 2- he is also preparing to direct and act a promising movie (The Ides of March- and to let us, hopefully, forget The American fiasco);3- most importantly, working on a fairy tale in progress:
    Prince charming (George) falls in love with Cinderella (whose attributes are unrecognised, but she will find recognition after a period of obscurity = walking her dogs without makeup and still looking gorgeous);4- He is successful and would not waste his time and… (self-esteem?)on what people think of him getting malaria, dating life, etc…
    5- was I sarcastic? I swear I did not mean it, ha!

  39. Flipper says:

    Re Clooney’ live in blood sucker she has been getting really bad press in Italy the last few days

    She was supposed to be there for rehearsals for the San Remo Festival which she is co-presenting instead she is taking her dog for walks in LA while her co-presenters have been putting in 12hour rehearsals days for more than a week.

    This is from the Italian Gossip Blog ‘One Gossip’ but its in many other sites and in the press as well (this one made the best google translation)
    Unprofessional is the least of what they are saying.

    “Beautiful, self-confident, friendly, loving. Elisabetta Canalis can be defined with many positive adjectives, but it seems that among these can not be included professional. The beautiful former tissue is in fact the risk of being excluded from the Festival of Sanremo because always skip the rehearsals .

    This news comes to us directly from behind the scenes of the Ariston, where Elizabeth never sets foot, a journey between the U.S. and an advertising campaign, the girlfriend of George Clooney is proving to be not willing to keep their commitments.

    I would say that the malignant showgirl feels perhaps too confident, and therefore does not need to train a lot on stage, but certainly in the war against Belen Rodriguez is the latter to prevail, at least so far.”

    Apparently the San Remo organizers are furious, this is a major gig in Italy a sing competition that runs for 4 days and is televised live.

  40. Aqua says:

    Thank you for not mentioning the Self Entitlement One lol.George has money,fame,power,stature,respect and peoples admiration.He can do what he wants when he wants and with whoever he wants and he really doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about it.So I guess he’s in a very good place.Even though I comment on his person life I think his heart is in the right place when it comes to helping others in need and he does it for all the right reasons.So I’ll give him credit where credit is do. He puts his money where his mouth is and that’s what I like best about him and to other who do the same.

  41. Dizzy says:

    Malaria might not seem like a big deal but it weakens the internal organs and shortens life. Eg. someone who could have lived to 80 will die at 70

  42. Mary 3 says:

    @ Lucy 25 go and at the end you can understand the whole situation, it is indeed very exciting over there!

  43. Lucy says:

    @Mary: Thanks for the link. I tried to read most of it, but I noticed a lot of nonsense comments there, got scared and bored…so bored that I decided to study for my advanced cell bio course, hahaha

  44. Gene Huggett says:

    Does a computer engineer play a important role in designing an aircraft ?