Enquirer: Jennifer Aniston is a boozehound & she needs rehab


The National Enquirer has a very interesting/funny/sad/angry-making story about Jennifer Aniston in this week’s print edition. I guess your reaction to it will depend on your views on Aniston. Personally, this story is something I’ve been wondering about her for a while. Specifically: What is going on with Aniston as far as drugs and alcohol go? I thought she seemed pretty toasty when she presented at the People’s Choice Awards, and I’ve read the rumors over the years about her pot-smoking, martini-guzzling and even some mutterings about a coke habit. Well, there’s no word on the cocaine, but this Enquirer story is making her sound like a big ol’ lush.

Jennifer Aniston’s friends are worried that she needs rehab. After a string of movie flops and failed romances, Aniston is numbing her emotional pain with booze, say pals. And after she appeared to stumble and slur her way through the People’s Choice Awards, those same friends have grown concerned that her drinking is becoming a serious problem.

“I think Jen may be drowning her sorrows over her dead-end love life and her slumping career. Some friends are beginning to wonder is she needs help,” a source tells The Enquirer. “Jen’s always been a partier, but now at times her drinking seems out of control.

Aniston reportedly loves wine, margaritas and martinis and has long been an admitted fan of marijuana.

“Jen used pot to mellow out,” said the source. “But lately it seems she drinks alcohol to take the edge off.”

To make matters worse, Jen used to be a social drinker, but lately she’s been hitting the bottle even when she’s alone. And her friendship with her drinking buddy Chelsea Handler hasn’t helped matters. Their Thanksgiving Mexican getaway was a booze-fest, say insiders.

“Jen guzzled margaritas, vodka, wine and champagne,” divulged the source. “Chelsea’s a big drinker, and every time they’re together she encourages Jen to cut loose.”

Unfortunately, Jen tends to get “sloppy” when she drinks, maintains the source.

“She starts slurring, then she gets emotional and starts reminiscing about losing Brad. And finally she ends up trashing Angelina.” When Jennifer threw a holiday party on December 4, “She had a drink in her hand all night and definitely was feeling no pain.”

“Jen’s friends are worried… they want her to get help is needs it. They are concerned Jen’s drinking and partying will escalate as long as she’s single, lonely and bored.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

Does anyone else drink alone? I do. I’ve gotten to the age where I like to have a cocktail while I watch The Closer, you know? Do I get sloppy drunk by myself? No, but I like a cocktail or two by myself, so on the whole issue of “ZOMG Aniston is drinking alone!!” I can only say “meh.” As far as the rest of it – well, we’ll know it’s an issue if and when she gets a DUI. Except for the People’s Choice thing – and maybe the “retard” thing (where I thought she seemed coked up or high more than drunk) – Aniston seems like the kind of lush who does really well at “maintaining”. It’s not like she’s out at the clubs every night, making an ass out of herself. She’s just sitting at home drinking and whining. There are worse things.

Here she is slurring her way through presenting at the People’s Choice. “Surris” gets me every time.




Photos courtesy of Fame. Additional pics courtesy of Allure.

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  1. JenJen says:

    Oh, this is gonna be good :)

  2. Lem says:

    did she get another new nose? guess I’m not up to date

  3. Marjalane says:

    Totally on board with this story, and is it ever going to bring out the Jenamaniacs! She seemed toasted at that awards thing, on Letterman, and God knows how high you’de have to be to let Mayer touch your lady parts. Not to mention her new bestie, Chelsea Handler, who is always drunk too. I will lay money on the bet that she never goes to “rehab”, but maybe an extended “vacation” or some kind of mysterious illness that requires lots of “quiet time”.

  4. LOL at those photos, is she trying to be Britney Spears circa “Hit me baby one more time”? more like whatever happened to Baby Jane(Jen?).

  5. Sherri says:

    You can’t be 40 something & be a lush with that fit body she maintains . . .can you?

  6. mln76 says:

    I’m dropping my comment then I’m not looking for a few hours cause I know what’s coming. First off to be fair it’s not for any commenter to judge whether or not she is an alcoholic because we don’t know her That being said in my gut I think she acts like an alcoholic and I think she was drunk on the People’s Choice Awards and on Leno back when she was promoting the Switch. She acts like emotionally she has some issues to shed. Whether it’s from ‘the big breakup’ or not. I think that’s why besides Brad she hasn’t had any long term relationships. Oh and the only thing she can animatedly talk about is alcohol. BTW I drink alone but I stop at 2 glasses of wine.
    BTW her faux friend Chelsea is proud of being an alcoholic and some say a coke head.

  7. Green Is Good says:

    She probably has yet another Rom-Com coming out, and needs some publicity. ANY kind of publicity.

  8. brin says:

    I like Jen but this wouldn’t surprise me…and I bet she had a few when she did that Allure shoot.

  9. Lem says:

    Sherri: you sure can, many a friend lives that life

  10. P.J. says:

    Isn’t it libelous to say that someone has a drink/drug problem? That’s probably why they resort to unnamed sources. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sues them.

  11. Roma says:

    I drink alone. Usually a glass or two of wine but I’ve accidentally polished off a lot of scotch while doing some binge tv-ing after a long day at work.

    I do think she’s a bit of a boozer, for sure. But drugs? Eh, I can’t see her taking the chance on ruining her nose job(s).

  12. Happymom says:

    I thought her issue was coke? And I agree with a pp-I’m amazed at despite the smoking/partying-her body is banging and her skin always looks great.

  13. snarky_pup says:

    Those Allure pics look like somethimg off of a teen porno website geared at filthy old men! Blech! What was she thinking? Yep. She must have been drunk!

  14. anoneemouse says:

    If she shows up on time for work and is not stumbling out of clubs in the wee hours of the morning like Lohan, or getting arrested or pulled over for DUI, leave her alone. What she does in her off hours is her business.

  15. lolwut says:

    I dont buy it for a minute and no, Im not a big fan or anything but this sounds like BS to me. For one thing, Jen looks AMAZING for her age, she wouldnt look like that if she was doing all that stuff.
    I agree that there isnt anything wrong with a drink by yourself or a little smoke to mellow out. This is just another bash Jen story and making sure they bring in the old Brad and Agie angle too.

  16. WhiteNoise says:

    Damn. Angie’s a heroin addict, now Jen is battling the booze. I blame Pitt.

  17. Kim says:

    I easily believe this. She has been publicly drunk recently at several events. We’ve all seen her slurring her words etc. So either she suddenly likes to whoop it up at awards shows WAY more than she ever did or she has a problem and Chelsea is a full blown alcoholic so hanging around her doesnt help.

    If it was just a few times it wouldnt seem true but there have been to many events lately with people talking about how wasted she is.

  18. Chris says:

    I was a lush when I was younger and quit drinking for years. I started again recently but I limit myself to a maximum of six drinks per session and don’t drink two days in a row. So far so good.

    As for Jen she needs to stop doing the crappy pop corn films and do more independent stuff like The Good Girl.

  19. RHONYC says:

    you are preaching to the converted. i make the. best. peartini :-)

    i seriously doubt jennifer ‘i’m rich bi-yatch’ aniston is depressed over ANYTHING. she cocktails…great, fantastic. who doesn’t?

    chelsea does admit her love affair with vodka. but ya know what? if hangin’ with chels in cabo and throwing back some top shelf has allowed her to let go of her past more, then excellent. i can imagine chelsea now saying, “come on girl, another tequila shot, then on the count of 3 break the glass & yell f*ck that douche!” lol :lol:

    her life is a dream existence and she literally can do a brando/taylor, become a recluse and never work again.

    the only thing i hope she embraces is…she is a ‘tv star’ that got lucky and a chance to do film and her lane is ‘SUPPORTING ACTRESS’. not leading, but supporting.
    and if that is good enough for Rita Wilson (Mrs. Tom Hanks) and Kelly Preston (Mrs. John Travolta) it should be good enough for her.

    sometimes, when you stay in your lane you are alot happier in life, period. jussaying. ;-)

  20. Kate says:

    Oh, come on. Jen Aniston is sooooo lonely and still heartbroken, so she drinks all the time and cries about Brad. Of course, it always leads back to Brad and Angelina.

    At least be original, jackass tabloids – this is just a waste of ink. Blech.

  21. bellebeesting says:

    LOL @whitenoise

  22. redlips says:

    I guess that is better than being a heroin addict…

  23. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I think she’s a woman who enjoys her cocktails (and maybe even her pot), but not a druggie and alcoholic. That sh*t ages you fast, and her skin/body are fabulous. I also don’t buy that she’s drowning her Brangelina sorrows. Sorry, but not even JA’s that pathetic…

    And about the Mexico getaway being a boozefest…hell yeah! That’s what vacations are for! When I went to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican a few years back drinking is ALL we did! Breakfast drinks, lunch drinks, pre-nap drinks, dinner drinks, post-dinner drinks…There’s probably a stool at the swim-up bar that still has an imprint of my ass-cheeks in it. :-D

  24. Westcoaster says:

    Hmmm, lets see what Jennifer’s rep has to say. I think it is bs, but there must be some truth to the story because the NE would not open themselves up to a lawsuit. Lately they have getting some scoops. If some of the other tabloids start printing stories like this there must be some truth to the rumours

  25. Julia says:

    I don’t think you can be 40ish, have a body like that and be an alcoholic. Just don’t think it’s possible…

  26. Jayna says:

    What a joke. She didn’t stumble and slur her way through the speech. One little word. She looks the picture of health and likes to have a little fun on occasion. Big deal.

  27. kas says:

    If you drink while watching The Closer, you’re drinking with Brenda Lee.

  28. JenJen says:

    I don’t doubt she drinks alone,no big deal. She is a grown woman (regardless of what these pics are trying to portray).
    I do doubt she has friends running to the Enquirer to tell them.

  29. gloriaad says:

    Brad Pitt is a heart breaker alright and when he leaves Angie she is going to end up the same way, trust me. He picks up these women make them the center of the universe and Hollywood then he dumps them he seem to be looking at that lady with the wide dress very hard, last name Wilde, Angie watch out!

  30. louise says:

    I think Jennifer likes to drink but I don’t think she’s an alcoholic, yet. In a lot of interviews by her or her friend drinking always comes up. She even made margaritas or daiquiris on the set of one of her movies. That’s really weird.

  31. lama says:

    not saying I believe this, but didn’t she complain a little bit about that GQ cover a couple of years back, which had her only wearing a necktie? something about how they got her naked only after getting her drunk

  32. Camille says:

    Well this story makes a pleasant change doesn’t it. :lol:

    I agree with you Kaiser :D .

  33. guesty says:

    Her body certainly doesn’t reflect that she drinks tons & tons like jsimp’s bod does…maybe if she’s doing coke it offsets the effects of the alcohol….hell idk!

  34. TXCinderella says:

    What is with all the nudie pics lately? For crying out loud she is 40 and needs to show some class. These kind of pictorials just smack of desperation. Next thing you know she will be posing for Playboy to get more attention so she can prove she’s still hot and try to revive her sinking career. I’m not trying to say she doesn’t have a great bod and still looks good, but why does it take these celebs so long to figure out that they should take their millions and go live a nice quiet life out of the spotlight?

  35. Moreaces says:

    OMG, true or not her fans are going to BLOW

  36. annaloo says:

    Stop posting those Allure pics!!! THey’re so gross… I cry

  37. K-MAC says:

    you know what I think, I think she got stuck playing the “nice girl” and she hates it. I bet she is a raging bitch and kudos to her. I don’t buy that she is headed to rehab and I doubt she is still holding on to Brad and Angelina with a sad case of the “hurts,” but I bet she still wants to kick both of their asses….I would need to drink to if I felt that way and had to portray that I was a sweetheart.

  38. mike says:

    If there’s a tabloid that you can believe more often than not, it’s National Enquirer. For a tabloid, they’re remarkably diligent on backing up on facts.

    In fact, it was National Enquirer — not NYT, not LAT, not Time, not anybody — who broke scandal after scandal that proved to be true and brought down several public figures. Does the name John Edwards ring any bell?

    (And he’s only the latest in a long line of public figures exposed by National Enquirer.)

  39. Mmmelissa says:

    I’m heading to Mexico tomorrow and I’ll be drinking more than she did in Cabo and I don’t have a problem. P.s. She’s not beautiful, insanely rich and famous and miserable. If your trash talking her you’re jealous. Smarten up and get off her case

  40. danielle says:

    I have my doubts that someone who looks THAT good and that thin is a raging alcoholic. I don’t know any alcoholics that look that good.

  41. Martinique says:

    Sure she is a drunk, that explains a lot of her weird behavior. Really getting tire of the “Jen’s friends are worried” rubbish. Jen pr team should find another way to get media attention.

  42. mike says:

    @All the people who say you can’t look that good and be an alcoholic,

    Well, you can. My ex had smashing body and the night wasn’t over until she had half a bottle or more of wine pretty much every night. In fact, her whole circle of friends drank like fish, either by themselves or at parties.

    And they all looked hot. And there was no magic or trick to it. It was simply hard work. My ex jogged 12 miles 4 or 5 times a week and worked out every other day on toning her muscles.

    If you put your mind and body to it, there’s no reason why you can’t be a raging but functional alcoholic who has slamming body.

  43. Liana says:

    I doubt she’s drowning her sorrows over Brad. That ship has long sailed. And I don’t think speculation on a drinking problem is fun. Whatever. Have at it, because nothing brings out the irrational hatred more than Jennifer Aniston (or Angelina Jolie). I think we should be fighting the real evil… Kate Bosworth.

  44. rudy5 says:

    if its true (which I doubt) it must be recent. she looks way too healthy

  45. Eileen says:

    Uh I HAVE to drink wine when watching any Real Housewives show just to get through it so I hope thats not bad! lol
    Hanging with Chelsey probably doesn’t help things if she does have a drinking problem.
    I like Jenn but seriously, you would HAVE to be drunk to ok that photosession-W.T.F. is up with that? Its creepy.
    And Whitenoise: LMAO!

  46. scout says:

    I have no real opinion as to whether she is or is not a alcoholic.

    I do know this for sure – some people can stay looking good and drink too much thtoughout their 40′s. Somewhere in your 50′s is where it seems to catch up with you from what I can see.

    And drinking alone is NOT a sign of being an alcoholic or else everyone I know who is single and lives alone and has wine with their dinner or a few on a Sat. night when they are home alone is one! Liking to drink does not make you an alcoholic – not being able to stop, does.

  47. Solveig says:

    Probably she gets some vodka (or was it gin?) and artichokes, to toast to her past life with the farting man known as Brad Pitt.
    Once I woke up at 7 am in need of a beer, and it sounded to myself like something that an alcoholic would need, then I simply thought that somewhere in the world it was 9 pm and I drank it.

  48. manda says:

    In the summer, on fridays after work, I make myself a vodka cran and sit by the pool and chill out. I don’t get hammered, I usually have just one. I don’t see anything wrong with having an occasional drink by oneself.

  49. Confuzzle says:

    I find it hilarious that she still has tards :lol:

  50. bizzy says:

    the allure shoot is just bizarre. who decided to style her as a dead rielle hunter?

  51. lisa says:

    The pictures are terrible..and on top of that the interview sounds empty and vapid.

    so they are a perfectly en-tune.

  52. danielle says:

    I don’t know – most of the heavy partiers I know start looking haggard in their 30s. Also, yeah, Scout, drinking alone does not automatically equal alcoholic. That myth annoys me-partially because I know alcoholics who always have a drinking buddy – “I’m not an alcoholic – I never drink alone?!?”

  53. someone says:

    When I start seeing pics of Jennifer falling down drunk, I might believe this story..until then its BS..the Enquirer????? Really..does anyone believe anything they write?

  54. Lindsay Lohan says:

    I think Jen need a few nights with me I’ll show her how to get on it Lohan stylie.

  55. kelly says:

    What’s the diff between drinking alone a lot and alcoholism, because I can’t really see it. If you drink alone habitually to the point of intoxication, you’re an alcoholic. I would think. She has often seemed either drunk or dumber than a can of paint to moi.

    I personally think drinking habitually, on any level, is dependancy (why bother otherwise, if it’s not about the alcohol content) but a lot of people like to scream at me for suggesting that publicly- guess it hits a nerve. I see a lot of subrosa alcoholism/dependancy amongst people my own age; why would JA be any different?

  56. shelby says:

    well she looks fine to me. leave her alone.

  57. Renee says:

    “Surris” killed me, I kept rewinding to watch it again, haha.

  58. Anon says:

    @someone: Completely agree. This entire story is based not on some accounts by Jennifer’s “friends,” but because a couple of blogs who like to over-analyze and pick on her determined that something was off about her People’s Choice appearance and speculated she was drunk.

    Jennifer has always seemed a shy person who is nervous speaking in front of an audience, so a couple of flubbed words is no big news. Besides, other than that, there is nothing wrong with her People’s Choice appearance at all. I read some sites claiming she forgot to present the second award until after Sandler was on the stage, etc. and using this as proof of her being drunk. People must be pretty stupid to not have realized this was a planned bit – the camera even panned out to “catch” her receiving the news of Grown Up’s win while Sandler was speaking, and Spade and Schneider were sat next to Sandler to get called up.

    For someone who was supposed to be drunk, she managed to walk a pretty long distance very steadily, and take pictures backstage looking more than fine.

  59. Melanie says:

    “I think Jen need a few nights with me I’ll show her how to get on it Lohan stylie.”

    Oh heck yes!! Fanned and Faved.

  60. TeeTee says:

    I heard one slur, are you guys kiddng??
    I thought she’d be sloppy or something, wow–folks are reaching w/this one..

    One thing she has going for her, she can walk and stand up w/o having something/someone to hold her up–she can take her own steps, without looking weak and drawn or on some serious drugs.
    and she’s not a mother of a brood and playing Mother Teresa of the world.

    she is single and carefree, so be it.

    stabbing in the dark w/this one, LOL

  61. Kimble says:

    @ Mike – half a bottle of wine = alcoholism? I don’t have any girlfriends that AREN’T alcoholics then!

    Glad I’m European and not American, cos to us half a bottle is just a snifter LOL! … Cheers!

  62. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @scout, agreed. My mother-in-law is a raging alcoholic (puts away the So-Co like no one’s business) and she didn’t start looking haggard until her late 40′s. She was super thin, mostly due to her diet of liquor and ciggatettes, and often times she forgot to eat or opted for the liquid dinner instead of a real meal. Good genes can take one a long way even when the body is being abused.

  63. manly says:

    her picture in bangs look like the girl in the movie SALT.

  64. Liana says:

    to us half a bottle is just a snifter LOL! … Cheers!

    a half a bottle is two glasses of wine. Not all that much. I’m not a big drinker, never have been, but there have been nights when I’ve had two glasses of wine while watching “The Bachelor.”

    I really HATE this photoshoot. Gah.

  65. Crash2GO2 says:

    Meh. Americans are over touchy about drinking IMO. I do most of my drinking alone, because I don’t go out, and I live by myself! And it’s a rare day that I don’t have at least one drink. But I’ve only twice had a hangover, or really been intoxicated in my whole life.

    Having said that, I have no idea about JA and how much she is drinking, but I knew a marathon runner who would bang out 15 miles wreaking of alcohol. If she is abusing, she hasn’t been for long because otherwise I think it would be showing on her face like it does with LL. Bottom line – I’m high on cold medicine and I don’t know! :lol:

  66. Dea says:

    I said the other day – JA needs some therapy sessions definitely for many things not only drinking.

  67. Reality says:

    This whole article stems from the people’s choice awards and her stumbling over one word.

    Queen Latifa sounded way drunker when she introduced JA, but that won’t make a good headline, because JA & AJ, love them or hate them, sell magazine and get websites hits.

    And after the AJ heroin debacle (which was totally dismissed as tabloid lies based on nothing but Dr Drew’s unprofessional, defamatory speculation on this same site) it kind of seems like everyone’s just trying to even the score. One’s a heroin addict one week, so the other must be a boozehound the next.

    I guess if you believe one story based on no evidence then you need to believe both, and we all have a habbit of thinking the worst about people we don’t like.

  68. SuperSleuth says:

    I think this is a real stretch. The only word she stumbled on was serious; the rest of her speech sounded fine. I’ve seen her as a presenter many times and she always seems nervous and uneasy and sometimes stumbles over her words. I’ve seen drunk people try to talk before and imo,this isn’t one of them.

  69. MYMY says:

    Nope. Too many calories involved to be a proper alcoholic. I think she does enjoy some drinks. More than your average non drinker. But she watches her calories.It is more than obvious

  70. Nancy says:

    LMAO! So now she needs rehab I feel sorry enough for her as it is I think people should just leave her alone already.

  71. Cheyenne says:

    @Mike @ Westcoaster: The NE’s reliability depends on who they are talking about. They have printed the most outrageous lies and bullshit about celebrities and gotten away with it. OTOH, they are much more circumspect when talking about politicians like John Edwards, because they know if they slander a politician they will get sued out the wazoo.

  72. Cheyenne says:

    Poor Jen’s having a bad week in the tabloids. Outa Touch has decided that she didn’t go to the GG’s because she was depressed over her failed love life and her sinking career. They also took Angie to task for “bullying” Aniston. According to the mag, Angie’s show of affection to Brad (straightening his tie) was all part of a sinister plot to humiliate poor Jenny by throwing her relationship with Brad in her face. Outa Touch apparently thinks Angie spends her days and nights thinking up more and nastier ways to “bully” poor Jen. The fact that neither Angie nor Brad probably spares Aniston a thought in a thousand evidently never registered with IT’s editors. But what the hell, in a slow week it helps to sell the magazine.

  73. Emmy says:


    Quote – the only thing i hope she embraces is…she is a ‘tv star’ that got lucky and a chance to do film and her lane is ‘SUPPORTING ACTRESS’. not leading, but supporting.
    and if that is good enough for Rita Wilson (Mrs. Tom Hanks) and Kelly Preston (Mrs. John Travolta) it should be good enough for her.

    So do you think she continues to get lucky after all these years and all those movies??? I don’t understand why people keep calling Jen a ‘tv girl’, why aren’t they calling Clooney, Hanks and many others who had success in tv before films the same. The fact is Jennifer Aniston has been sucessful and playing leads in movies for longer than she was on tv.

    Supersleuth – Me too.

  74. sandip says:

    you are not an alcoholic until you start attending meetings. Deny that there is a problem and you will be okay.

  75. Sunnyjyl says:

    Sounds like my kinda gal!

  76. gloriaad says:

    Listen to yourselves, Jennifer Aniston fans making excuse for her drinking problem. Do you know what all of you sound like. In an Alcoholics Anonymous meeings they would call all of you enablers, making excuses,ignoring the problem and not facing the facts because you want to remain her loyal fans better wake up before it is too late. The live version of the awards show, showed a drunk Jennifer Aniston slurring her words. Face the facts, since Brad Pitt left she have been steadily going down hill, there I said it none of her fans want to admit it becuse that would mean Angelina have won something. Look at that bedroom picture with the teddy bear this woman is over 40 and she is dancing around and playing with a seriuos topic of pedophila or kiddie porn, promoting and enticing men that snatch and murder young children. JA could care less as long as she gets the attention and a millions of dollars.

  77. Cheyenne says:

    Sorry for double post. ‘Puter’s been acting wack all evening.

  78. Naranja says:

    “And after the AJ heroin debacle (which was totally dismissed as tabloid lies based on nothing but Dr Drew’s unprofessional, defamatory speculation on this same site) it kind of seems like everyone’s just trying to even the score. One’s a heroin addict one week, so the other must be a boozehound the next.

    I guess if you believe one story based on no evidence then you need to believe both, and we all have a habbit of thinking the worst about people we don’t like.

    EXACTLY! I don’t comment at all on this site, but I think the above explains why. Last week we had Angelina Jolie as a heroin addict, with absolutely no proof outside of her looking garishly thin with veiny arms. And most on this site were up in arms.

    This week we have Jennifer Aniston as a maybe alcoholic and we have conspiracy theories about “hearing stuff about cocaine….” And everyone comes out of the woodwork to say she’s an alcoholic and needs rehab. And there is even less “proof” of that because as stated earlier, Queen Latifah seemed smashed when she introduced her! Get her to the Promises rehab center!!!

    If you’re going to believe on story of someone when there is such a lack of definable proof (Jennifer Aniston looks good, doesn’t cancel appearances, by all respects is professional, shows up and does her work), then you have to believe all the others, ie, Angelina Jolie as a heroin addict and believing the bullshit Dr. Drew says. And if you aren’t, then at least have the balls to admit that you’re basing your opinion of her alcoholism because you dislike her.

    As far as I’m concerned, this story is about as believable as Angelina Jolie turning Shiloh into a lesbian, ie, stupid, untrue, pathetic and verging on libel. Angelina Jolie is not my favorite actress. I actually find her overrated. BUT, even I won’t let my mild dislike for her believe the worst of her. She does not have a heroin habit. Her kids and marriage mean too much to her to go down that road.

    And Gloriaad. Really?
    “[She's] playing with a seriuos topic of pedophila or kiddie porn, promoting and enticing men that snatch and murder young children!

    You have OFFICIALLY jumped ship. I thought comments on this site were moderated……

  79. Eileen says:

    Wow-and all the posts were going so well & sane….

  80. Cheyenne says:

    From the NE: “She starts slurring, then she gets emotional and starts reminiscing about losing Brad. And finally she ends up trashing Angelina.”

    Oh puh-LEEEEEZE!! Do these tabloid editors have any idea how pathetic they are making this woman look? More to the point, does her publicist? If he was earning his astronomical salary he would call all the tabloids and tell them once and for all to back the f*ck off. The tabloids aren’t generating sympathy for her any more; they’re making her look ridiculous, and evidently she and her publicist are too stupid to realize it.

  81. d says:

    i don”t believe it. more tabloid bs. i do tho know that i want to party w/The Scarlet Vixen!

  82. Crash2GO2 says:

    “she is dancing around and playing with a seriuos topic of pedophila or kiddie porn, promoting and enticing men that snatch and murder young children.”

    You can’t be serious.

  83. AngelMay says:

    Shit, if I was a millionaress with no kids I’d spend my life bombed too.

  84. CB Rawks says:

    Re: drinking alone,
    I do put the odd splash of kahlua in my iced coffee.
    Does the sun have to be over the yard-arm?

  85. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I used to judge people who drank alone…and then I started grad school. Now I understand. A glass or two of wine while eating a hot pocket and watching RHONY or Beverly Hills, etc…that makes me feel good.

    Who cares if Jen drinks at home alone? I don’t. In fact, I am cheersing her right now!!!

  86. Crash2GO2 says:

    @CB Rawks: “Does the sun have to be over the yard-arm?”

    It always is somewhere in the world.

  87. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    @Gloriad and whoever else uses the word “pedophilia” in an ignorant way….By the way, people who are PEDOPHILES are not interested in grown adults dressing up as children or playing with toys. PEDOPHILES like children (as in pre-pubescent children…like 10 year olds or under). Stop using that word because someone decided it was a cool buzz word. They don’t get excited to see a WOMAN in a cute way. Sorry. Look it up. Go check out the DSM-IV-TR or something. This is almost as infuriating as when people use the word “antisocial” to describe someone as being “shy”…THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!!

    Guess what? There are other -philias that focus on different age groups. So seriously, stop using the word inappropriately.

  88. RHONYC says:

    @ Emmy:

    Quote –

    So do you think she continues to get lucky after all these years and all those movies??? I don’t understand why people keep calling Jen a ‘tv girl’, why aren’t they calling Clooney, Hanks and many others who had success in tv before films the same. The fact is Jennifer Aniston has been sucessful and playing leads in movies for longer than she was on tv.


    not to mention, Travolta, Howard AND Smith, are all LEADING A-LIST ACTORS. box office #s don’t lie.

    this isn’t sexist. Sally Field did the same. So did Meg Ryan, Demi Moore AND Halle Berry. all formerly on tv shows…all ‘A’ list leading actors.

    hey, i liked ‘Along Came Polly’ and ‘The Breakup’ was funny, but…generally Aniston’s films are not ‘A’ list projects and she is cannot carry a movie successfully as lead.

    it happened…i didn’t make it up.
    what i’m saying is that she is beautiful, still in demand, and a millionairess 100x over… just, not all actors are meant to be in the ‘A’ list leads.

    but, chin up…i go back to my ‘super-fun’ work existence in the morn (which doesn’t earn me millions), so…you win.

    that is all. :-)


    @ Scarlet Vixen:

    ooohhhhh, your Mexicoma (sntc1) brings me back!

    Ocho Rios.
    Mmmmmmm…good things. :lol:

  89. Dannnii says:

    In the film/set circuits up here in Vancouver she is just known to drink socially and buys everyone drinks. She doesn’t do it every night or anything.
    Johnny Depp now, is another story! lol. He is often pretty drunk and has a high tolerance.

  90. ShellyMay says:

    I just came home from work and I just enjoyed two glasses of wine. It took me under a minute to drink them, but I enjoyed it. Heeeeeey!

  91. lachica says:

    Aniston could be Amber’s mother on teen Mom 1. they look so alike.

  92. QuestionMark says:

    Yeah. She’s drunk. I’m not saying she’s an alcoholic, per se, but as one myself, I can see that she’s very skilled at HIDING it…a sheer indicator that she MAY be one.

  93. kim says:

    I totally agree with RHONCY

  94. nnn says:

    It’s Chelsea fault ! After the slurs against Angelina, she admitted that Jen and her meet in bars, which establish easily the possible connection between drunker Chelsea and Jen for booze fests.

    Plus Jen said a few years ago that she likes to smoke pot and does it.

    Both of them have gave some food for the tabs to create a story around alcohool that the last public appearance of Jen has triggered.

    That’s what tabs do, they pick unsignificant real piece of information and create fantasy around betting that they turn out true or not.

  95. zigan says:

    with that kind of “pals”, who needs the paparazzi…

  96. Salem says:

    She definitely has alcohol issues, but this has been known for years back; even when she was still married. I don’t believe shes a hard core alcoholic, but she certainly does drink a lot.

    And for those who say she walked in a straight line etc etc; look, as someone who lived with a ‘seasoned drinker’ (read; strong alcoholic), once they build up a tolerance to it, they can easily walk in a straight line. Its called practice and tolerance. Its not like those who aren’t used to drinking that stagger and slur. Seasoned drinkers are easily able to mask that. I’ve seen at least 2 serious alcoholics who can consume around 2 1/2 bottles of wine; not slur, be coherent AND walk without even a slight waddle let alone stagger. I kid you not. So her walk means nothing. I do admit she wasn’t slurring heavily, only one or 2 words were off. But that and her vocal tones were enough pointers.

    As for her physique, normally hard-core drinkers are quite thin because they don’t eat as much as they drink. Ever been to a single alcoholics house? If you open the fridge and cupboards, there is almost nothing edible in the house. I’ve yet to see a fat or very unfit alcoholic. Its the alcohol that keeps them slim.

  97. lisa says:


    the difference is Jennifer has NEVER headlined a film or carried a film with her name as the lead. The men you have mentioned have done so. The films she has had success in have all had a male lead that was an established BO winner. The few films where she was the big name have not been BO successes.

    Derailed, Management, Love Happen, The Switch,

    These were films that her name was the bigger draw and they didn’t do well.

    I think that is the pattern that people see. She is one of the few women considered Alist that has not had a hit that she alone can say she carried. When you say Along Came Polly that was all about Ben, Bruce Almighty. Jim.

    Do you really think those films were successful because of Aniston. If her role was played by someone else do you think the films would have failed. Now switch and ask the same about the males in those films.

    That is the difference. And even in Friends her character was not even the funny one. It was a group effort and without Rachel you would still have had the 3 characters that brought the humor week after week.

    When she has a film success that is all about her then maybe the perceptions will change. I just don’t see that happening at this point. She seems to like playing the “woman” next to the BO funny guy.

  98. Maud says:

    I’m usually offended when Europeans paint Americans with one brush, but it’s true w/ regards to alcohol. And L.A. in particular, where going to rehab seems to be a prerequisite for being a celebrity, people are hyper sensitive.
    Right, I’m off to the pub. Alone! :-)

  99. mln76 says:

    I guess it all comes down to whether or not you believe she was drunk on TV (People’s Choice awards, Leno, etc) – which is the same as being drunk on the job-which is a big sign that you are an alcoholic . She’s already admitted to being drunk on photo shoots again what should be a professional setting. And as an as for the she’s too fit to be drunk excuse I have a relative who was a big drunk his in entire life, played tennis and was extremely young looking and healthy into his late 40′s but was dead of alcoholism by 58.
    By the way IF she is an alcoholic it really has nothing to do with her ex husband. That’s the bullshit triangle aspect of the article.

  100. MarenGermany says:

    I totally drink my beers alone when I´m studying at night. Mix it with soda, though.

  101. Reality says:

    Yes, being drunk at awards show is the same as being pissed on the job. Of course it is. So everyone sitting at their tables drinking champagne at the PCA or the GG needs rehab stat. Because that’s the same as keeping a fifth of jack in your desk drawer at the office.

    mln, you always post on these threads, and you always say something snarky, so it’s pretty clear how you feel about JA. I used to think you were one of the more reasonable Jolie fans, but I think you’ve fallen into the category of ‘love one, must hate on the other’, which is pretty sad.

    So I fixed your last sentence for you.

    I guess it all comes down to whether or not you believe Jolie was high on TV (Charlie Rose interview)- which is the same as being doing heroin on the job- which is a big sign that you are a junkie. She’s already admitted to doing every drug imaginable and been caught on video possibly smoking heroin (the camera pans away after she gives the cameraman the signal, but you can still hear her inhale). And as for the ‘she’s a mother and a UN ambassador she can’t be on heroin’ excuse, I have a relative who was a big heroin addict her entire life, worked as a neurosurgeon and had a dozen rugrats, but she died of an overdose at 58.

    You’re welcome.

  102. cici says:

    Mike #43 – “a half a bottle of wine a night” is roughly two glasses of wine.

    SCANDALOUS. not.

  103. Jan says:

    Nothing but endless speculation and unfounded rumors about one woman being a drunk and one woman being a drug addict created by tabloid/media seeking publicity, and constant repetition of heineous and vile lies by other women who due to some deficit in their own lives dislike one or the other of the women and therefore desperately want their enhanced and embellished lies to be true.

    A sad state of the reality of modern life. That there exists anyone believing anything in today’s tabloids.

    All I see are 2 very different women with different priorities going about what is their lives under the public’s tabloid assisted microscope.

    Both not now or ever in rehab, both not in jail, both not picked up for DUI/DWI or under the influence of anything, both not out clubbing or getting in altercations in public, both able to do their jobs, both just living their chosen lives, both appearing quite happy.

    Give me the “Bat Boy” tabloids of old. At least they admitted their lies and no one tried to say they were reliable like some here.

  104. mln76 says:

    @Reality I think Jolie was very possibly high on Charlie Rose when she was in her early 20′s 12 or 13 years ago show me an interview in the last few years where she looks high I haven’t seen one. That’s not the same as a woman in her 40′s drunk on TV 3 weeks ago. And only the Golden Globes is infamous for having alcohol available. She was the first presenter on a award show that actually aimed at teens and doesn’t serve alcohol at the tables. Last I heard Leno doesn’t either.
    And as for hating Aniston I don’t. I don’t think being an alcoholic(IF SHE IS ONE) means you are worthy of hate.

  105. mln76 says:

    @ Reality thanks for “fixing” my comment about the death of my close relative. That’s real sensitive of you.

  106. mln76 says:

    @ Reality thanks for “fixing” my comment about the death of my close relative. That’s real sensitive of you.

  107. Crash2GO2 says:

    “She’s already admitted to being drunk on photo shoots again what should be a professional setting.”

    I recall she said she need a couple of glasses of champagne for the GQ shoot. If they are offering the drinks at the shoot (which I take it, they often do) I really don’t think it can be put in the same category as someone who sneaks drinks on the job while they crunch numbers at their desk.

  108. Anna says:

    Her face looks like a mask in these photos.

  109. Anon says:

    Time will tell, as alcoholism is a progressive illness which makes the victim do regressive things and actions in their lives. And yes, you can have a great body and still be one, again time/progression marches on–wait till she’s in her 50s. I know, my sister “parties” (as she calls it) …alone or with her s/o, he’s making sure she doesn’t hurt herself, like falling down and needing stitches again. She drunk calls anyone and everyone that will listen for hours, she didn’t have kids (claims her nieces and nephews as “her babies”). I think, the truth is she couldn’t sober up to have those babies. She talks nice in the beginning of those phone calls, then gets progressively bitter and ugly…that’s what progressive alcoholism does. She still has a nice body at 53 and she goes to work every single day…”she’s a week-end drinker, because you know…she’s not like those other people”. That’s what she said 10 years ago, never had a DUI and is a great preacher to the kids about not drinking and driving..party at home, kids. :(
    (No she won’t listen.)

  110. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I think she’s a casual drinker and probably gets a little more toasted for awards show appearances because she seems to have issues with public speaking. Which is kind of odd, to be frank.

    Can we please stop with the Aniston’s “failed career-can’t open a movie-box office poison” crap?


  111. Anon73 says:

    just watched the video — i don’t get the impression she is drunk ? or high ?

    in any case, b/c clearly Jen IS typecast still in all-roles-Rachel-esque, maybe her PR team is planting the “alcohol” or “drug” struggles as a way to shake up her image ?? that is what my inner cynic says ;-)

  112. southerncheerleader says:

    {dead rielle hunter?}

    SO TRUE.

  113. Kim says:

    I’m an ardent AJ fan and I still call this story BS.I wish people would stop saying the NE is credible,besides John Edwardsand Tiger and a few crime stories when have they been accurate.According to them Swayze had 5 weeks to live. Michael Douglas , Elizabeth Taylor, Penny Marshall and Aretha Franklin should be dead. According to them Dr Phil, Racheal Ray and Oprah should have all ended their relationships.NE is no more reliable than Star Magazine or In TouchWeekly when it comes to celebs.

  114. MrsOdie2 says:

    I don’t believe that a person can be a drunk/drug addict, be in her forties, and look as good as Jen Anistion does. Not to mention she works all the time and has no reputation for being unreliable in that way (not that all addicts are, but many are). Have you seen hard drinkers at forty who have been drinking since their teens/early twenties? They look ROUGH. For all that Jennifer does not have beautiful features, she has lovely skin, nice hair and a wonderful body. She is not puffy or red in the face.

    As for Chelsea Handler, being a drunk is a character she plays. It’s her persona. The woman does a tv show 4 days a week and is traveling doing stand up comedy most of the other days, and has written 3 books. I seriously doubt she’s drunk all the time. I’m sure she has a few several times a week, but so do most adults.

    And I used to live alone, therefore I drank alone. Sure do miss it. Now I’m pregnant, so I never get to drink, alone or otherwise.

  115. andy says:

    I am not a Jen fan but from all the press I know she drinks, and loves her pot, she is no different from AJ in that sense. what is different is AJ has moved on with brad her family makes movies changes hairstyles takes changes in life. Jen is stuck in hopes that brad will return, stuck with that hair, pot, and wine. limit very limit. SAD!

  116. machiavelli says:

    The Allure pictures reminds me of the pictures of John Edwards’s mistress.

    Ok, don’t hate me. I am on neither teams.

  117. Kim says:

    Yeah the stuffed teddy bear in the bed is simiar to Reille. Fortunately Jen is wearing pajama bottoms.

  118. crazydaisy says:

    what’s wrong with drinking alone? who else are you supposed to drink with if you live by yourself and you want a glass of wine?

  119. crtb says:

    People whodrink too much tend to be bloated and the is nothing bloated on Jennifer’s body.

  120. Just Me says:

    Eh rehab, big whoop!
    Don’t know and don’t care.
    It’s all about life choices.
    She put herself out front for people to see and comment on so here is mine.
    The mind set of anyone 40 years old choosing to wear little more than a tie, looking like a squirrel begging for nuts (pun intended) was bad enough. It could have been a one time bad choice, but now choosing to showcase her adulthood self as a supposedly well adjusted, successful, career woman by posing half dressed holding on to her little girl fluffy pet reeks of desperation.
    She needs something alright, but I don’t know if there is a rehab for gaining the self respect she obviously needs to work on.
    It would appear common sense is not so common in Hollyweird!

  121. CB Rawks says:

    “@CB Rawks: “Does the sun have to be over the yard-arm?”

    It always is somewhere in the world.”

    That’s a fact! heheh
    I think my Grandpa used to say that, too.

  122. MrsOdie2 says:

    The “drinking alone” thing is silly. It comes from an AA questionaire meant to identify problem drinking, and one of the questions is “Do you drink alone?” There are plenty of alcoholics who never drink alone and plenty of normal, non-problem drinkers who do.

    Drunk on the job may be a sign of alcoholism, but what about when they SERVE alcohol on the job? They serve booze to celebrities before awards shows and in the green room on talk shows. They are encouraged to have a drink to “relax” them. Awards shows have open bars like weddings. At the Golden Globes, they were passing around mini champagne bottles with flute tops for easy drinking. It’s not the same as me, a high school teacher, showing up having had a cocktail before class.

  123. Reality says:

    @ mln76, you’re right that was insensitive of me, I appologise if I offended you. I hope you can still see the point I was trying to make- that it’s easy to blow things out of proportion with hyperbole, while there’s really nothing substantial to base any of this on.

  124. mln76 says:

    Wow thanks for the apology Reality, It did hurt because I was telling a real story of a painful death in my family. BTW I am willing to admit in comparasion to a clip I just saw of Elizabeth Taylor drunk off her ass at the Golden Globes circa mid 90′s Jen is still handling her buzz.

  125. Trippin says:

    If JA is or CH is it’s called functioning alcoholics which has affected stars since silent movies, and there’s so many you could never list them here. I’m not bothered about the drinking, if she is, or the pot-smoking. I’m more disturbed by the creepy pajamas shot. WTF was she thinking?

  126. MrsOdie2 says:

    The majority of alcoholics are functioning ones. It’s the rare alcoholic who is the drunk in the gutter type.

  127. Seagodess says:

    I always suspected Jen had a drinking problem by the way she looks uncomfortable all the time in interviews, choice of words etc. It makes sense now. Jen’s been the one putting out all those nasty stories about Jolie to the Media these last 6 years. Usually people (Jen) who accuse others (Jolie)of being on drugs, drunk, crazy etc are all those things themselves. Alcoholics don’t eat. That’s why Jen is thin.

  128. Fantastic advice, I’ve been scouting around just for this. A zillion kudos sir!

  129. It’s certainly refreshing when one finds a nice little website such as this where people can share private delemmas without fear of embarrassment. I know some of my friends will definitely be relieved when I let them know all about it as well

  130. Zorbitor says:

    Don’t drink – just smoke weed

  131. Insertrandomname says:

    surris hahahahahaha wtf and her expression too. she loooks like completely baffled that she just said that and then she doesnt correct it anyway. i love this.

  132. Thank you very much for your blog. Want much more.