Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale – sisters don’t fight fair (spoilers)

This week really disappointed me in that the fights crossed over from fun and bitchy to personal, attacking and heart-wrenching. The major fight between Kim, Taylor and Kyle felt false to me in that Lisa instigated it somewhat and I suspect that producers put her up to it. I do believe that the fight was real, and that the women were genuinely upset and angry, but I think that producers stirred that pot and took it too far. When Kim and Kyle finally had a blowout at the end it made my stomach turn and I found it way too mean and personal. There’s a difference between women being bitches to each other and sisters using their mom’s death to attack each other.

Lisa becomes an instigator
Last week there was an opening segment with Lisa telling Kyle that she was jealous of her friendship with Taylor and thought Taylor was responsible for the big screaming match in New York. This seemed totally unlike Lisa to me, because up to this point she’d told everyone to put New York’s issue behind them and to move on. For Lisa to suddenly be possessive of Kyle and to have lunch with Taylor this week and get all bitchy with her just seemed like a planned plot twist. Up until this point, Lisa has never been like that and has always been above all this pettiness, yet all of a sudden she’s setting up the big blowout fight for the season finale. I didn’t buy it. Yes Lisa told Taylor to make up with Kim, but she knew that wasn’t going to happen and she prodded Taylor about the reasons behind Kim’s fight with Camille. It seemed so bitchy, manipulative and unlike Lisa.

Then, when all the ladies were done fighting at Taylor’s party, Lisa told Kyle to “go and sort it out” with Kim. She had an agenda to keep the fights going and she pushed it.

I don’t want to get into all the back and forth drama of the main fight at Taylor’s birthday party. It was still about that bullsh*t with Camille in New York and what Taylor and Kim did or did not say and whether Kim did or did not support Kyle during the fight with Camille. Maybe if Camille were there they all would have focused their negative energy on her instead of fighting with each other. She’s like a lightning rod that keeps the other women from infighting.

Camille learns about the other woman: “You’re not Mrs. Grammer”
Camille really seemed wounded this week, and we got to see her cope with the fallout from her husband’s affair. The way she found out was devastating and sounds like a cliche. She told the doorman at Kelsey’s NY apt she was Mrs. Grammer and the guy looked at her weird and said “no, you’re not” and made her show her ID. She realized then that another woman was living with him in New York.

She broke down to her friend DD about it, but instead of calling out Kelsey for being a cheater she blamed the other woman. “Whoever this is, does she not know that she’s destroying a family?… She’s destroying my children, they’re going to be just devastated without their dad.

Camille also said that Kelsey kept her under his thumb and tried to control her during their marriage.

Kyle and Kim: sisters don’t fight fair
Again, I don’t want to get into too many of the asinine details of the fight between Kyle and Kim, but I’m starting to see the bullying dynamic that many of you have mentioned where Kyle treats Kim like crap. Kim tries to give it back to her though, and it’s just so difficult to watch. Kyle whined to Adrienne after the fight that “[Kim is] alone for a reason because of her crap. I have so much resentment. I feel like my mom died worrying about her, and now I have to worry about her and her stress and all her crap that I can’t talk about, because I keep it in and I’m trying to protect her by not talking about it, and I’m sick of her.” Kyle narrated later “[Adrienne] doesn’t know what I’ve been through. Nobody knows.” Adrienne told Kyle to get therapy with Kim and then Kyle stormed off looking for Kim to lay into.

Kim tried to leave but Kyle had one of her helpers call the limo driver to tell them not to let her go. Martin tried to help Kim in the limo, and then Adrienne came to give her some counseling and smooth things over. Adrienne agreed with Kim that she was being targeted by the other women. Then Kyle jumped in the limo and Kim said “I don’t want you that close to me.

Kyle really lit into her “Are you kidding me, Kim? Do you realize how insane you sound saying that?

Kim “I don’t trust you. What you did tonight was unforgivable.

Kyle “I didn’t do anything Kim. You act like an insane person. I’m so sick of your crap, everybody is. Everybody’s sick of what you put us through. And here you are again with all your antics again and all this drama. Causing a whole big scene tonight at Taylor’s party.

Adrienne told Kim to tell her what she felt. Kim said “Taylor came over to me… within seconds there’s Lisa, there’s you. It was so unfair Kyle.

Kyle “I walked up in the middle of a conversation. I heard my name and I walked up.

Kim “I’ve always had your back.”

Kim called Kyle a “f*cking phony” and then Kyle got even more bitchy “You need to get help. What are you doing?… Mom had to die worrying about you and stressing about you and leave this shit on my shoulders, after everything I’ve done for you.”

Kim “You stole my goddamn house!

Kyle “My husband has helped you every month and stood by you and taken care of you like you’re a second f’ing wife. So f’ck you for talking like that.

Kim “Liar

Kyle “You better take that back right now” (climbs over to Kim). “You are a liar… and an alcoholic.

Then Kyle climbed out of the limo and said “Kim, I want you to know right now. Anything we’ve ever helped you with is over. You’re on your own now.”

What happened next
At the end of the show there were captions that let us know what happened in the following weeks, and those were probably the most interesting:

Km and Kyle went weeks without talking… Their kids are now trying to broker a truce between them

As Cedric was moving out, he and Lisa had an explosive argument… They haven’t spoken since.

Snowball is happy in his new home… But Taylor continues to struggle in her current one.

Adrienne and Paul are still the Bickersons… Adrienne insists she’s not responsible for Paul’s multiple broken noses.

Kim’s family checked her into rehab… A week later, she checked herself out. She is taking her life one day at a time.

Camille is living in Malibu, fighting for custody of her children… Kelsey is in New York, engaged to a 29 year-old flight attendant.

I still don’t like Camille, but after seeing how Kyle treated Kim this episode, I think Camille might have been right about Kyle being a conniving piece of work. It takes one to know one.


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  1. bros says:

    I totally didnt feel like kyle did anything wrong besides say Ive had it up to here with your victim act, the weak neediness, and what appears to be a very real alcohol problem, which I said last week, probaly started out in response to deep seeded insecurities and neediness. I would have blown up at her too-she’s pathetic and weak and apparently has drawn kyles family into her circle of neediness which I can totally see, with kyles husband making sure she is not short financially or whatever, because Kim is the “weak and fragile” one, and thats a role Kim likes to play because it means she never has to grow up and face her issues.

    She made me sick last night with her drunken inarticulateness and brain short circuiting to not even have a coherent argument about what her problem was and doing all this at someone else’s party, even if that party was clearly a gigantic setup by bravo with only friends and staff of the cast in attendance (kyle and kim’s agent and cedric? WTF).

    i have no pity for women like Kim who just get serially married and havea bunch of kids because they think it will make the husband stay and its a lifelong meal ticket, but do nothing but crumple and play the victim forever after he leaves, while still collecting the child support payment. Im glad Kyle blew up on her because she has been supporting Kim out of guilt instead of telling her how she really feels and making her get it together.

  2. Tess says:

    Great recap, C/B and I pretty much agree with everything you said, most especially how it wasn’t fun…much too real and painful to watch.

    Truest comment re Camille and Kyle is that it takes one to know one. No wonder they were immediately on to each other. Like two feral cats circling and hissing.

    My previous neutral opinion of Adrienne rose a notch as she was the only kind, calming, sensible, and humane person to be found.

    Kyle’s bitchy and well practiced head bob as she berated her target of choice was always the “tell” for me.

  3. Vee says:

    I don’t watch this show, do not know these people. But the pic of the blond looked like a whiny Tonya Harding and I just shuddered initially wondering why she was back in the news. Yikes!

  4. bros says:

    Kaiser, can you delete my first or second comment?

    sorry for ranting, but I still dont see how camille and kyle can be compared to eachother. camille is seriously vile, and kyle is pretty much only guilty of making a couple catty comments and getting sick of her wastrel of a sister. Kim couldnt even take responsibility for anything she said or did or didnt do. she just kept excusing herself because she ‘gets stressed out’ and ‘cant handle conflict’ and she pretty much excuses herself from responsibility by doing her weakling thing, and everyone is supposed to be fine with it.

  5. maya says:

    I totally understand where Kyle is coming from. I have the same issues with my sibling. From Kyle’s comment to Kim, her husband has had to financially help Kim.

  6. Nicky says:

    Totally agree with BROS. Kyle is just exasperated with good reason. Nothing like camille at all.

  7. LuLu says:

    It is so typical though. With a group of women, there always has to be an “enemy”. Camille provides that (usually justifiably). But, without her, they turn on each other. I don’t really think Kyle is “conniving”. I do think she is very blunt and can come across as “mean” in the way she treats Kim, but I think she actually means what she says (vs. being manipulating or conniving). I think she’s just very direct and says what she thinks (again though, it can come across as bullying to Kim.) Kim does seem very weak – that’s ok, but it’s very hard to watch her when she can’t even form a complete sentence or defend herself well in terms of why she never speaks up. I can see why she would be frustrating to Kyle. But, it’s hard to watch them do that to each other all the same.

  8. Jacq says:

    Hey, that’s family for you. Both of those women carry the death of their mother and all of the pressure it adds. I was waiting for the episode where Kim’s drinking became an issue. I think
    of she hadn’t been half-lit when she got to the party, a lot of the drama would have been avoided or at least fit the context. That fight seems like it was going to happen, it just should have been in private.
    Was the fight between Lisa and Cedric over the incident at the BH Hotel? I think someone didn’t want to leave paradise…
    What was up with Adrienne’s new and improved (?) face on Watch What Happens Live??

  9. nycmom10024 says:

    But Kim is the original “Disney Girl” say what you will about her whininess, she supported her whole family growing up. She was the bread-winner. I grew up watching Kim Richards on Nanny and the Professor and all of her movies. Look at her credits versus her two sisters.

    It is always a dangerous situation when a child supports her whole family. her mom died feeling guilty because she used her child to support her family. Kyle knows it hence the guilt transfered.

    I never really got what the poster who is always mentioning some Monarch Syndrome or whatever it is called. But look at Kim, probably Annette Funicello as well, Brittany, and perhaps Christina, Miley and Demi. Yes there are a couple of exceptions, but look at the Disney star girls through the years. I don’t know something strange goes on with the Disney machine.

  10. Riley says:

    Yeah, this final episode did not make Lisa look very good and I suspect you’re right Celebitchy, it had to do with the producers putting her up to stuff. I wish they had done more with Lisa and Cedric and less with Taylor and Kim and Kyle. Cedric seems like a manipulative scum bag and some of the things that were said about his and Lisa’s relationship last night were not adding up to things said previously. I can’t wait until the reunion, but I have to agree with you Celebitchy, the show is now becoming a little uncomfortable to watch. Kim should probably do herself a favor and not return next season.

  11. daisydoodle says:

    ditto, bros, I don’t think kyle bullies but tries to guide and support her sister throughout her mishaps. I think she hit a wall, when she came drunk to the party. It’s embarrassing, as a family member, to cover-up a secret like that.

  12. LeeLee says:

    I missed a couple of weeks. What is the deal with Kim saying Kyle stole her house? Makes me think Kyle probably took advantage of Kim and Kim is so needy and sad, she still stands around and is basically Kyle’s punching bag. Kim is annoying and pathetic and I couldn’t stand to be around her daily but I do think Kyle uses her and most likely takes more from her than she’s given her. Something about Kyle seems phony and kind of evil.

  13. SexyBrownGirl says:

    Paris hilton learned from the best (kyle)

  14. Marjalane says:

    I don’t know where to start with this one- other than I used to really like Kyle and now I don’t. I could feel my eyebrows going up last night as she took her “I’m never wrong” act to new heights. I’m also annoyed at the level of manipulations that I think the producers are using. Last night was not fun to watch- Kim is obviously an alcoholic and Kyle is a self rightous bitch- in fact ALL the housewives revealed themselves to be an ugly bunch. Lisa may have been coerced into the things she said, but she looked like a meddlesome bitch doing it, and I’m convinced Taylor is completely worthless- yeah, Russell is creepy, but she’s trash. Pure, Oklahoma trash. (no offense to Oklahoma) She’s also ghastly looking with the lips and cheek implants. Adrienne? Is she incapable of offering more than three word sentences? She’s so invested in not offending anyone that she might as well stay out of all conversations- except her husband she doesn’t care how offensive she is to him.

    The only one that I had any sympathy for last night? Ha- Camille! BRAVO worked that pretty well; I felt bad for her. All in all, it was ugly and I was left with the feeling that these broads are so going to regret ever being on this show- I hope Kyle’s husband ditches her and takes up with Camille at this point! Again, we are looking at what the life of a “child star” does to you in the end- Kim needs help, but it’s probably too late. The money’s gone, the looks are gone, the self esteem is gone. It’s all very sad.

  15. lin234 says:

    Bros, I usually agree with your views but I don’t see the situation that way.

    In NY, Taylor was trying to climb socially by trying to get closer a very wealthy Camille and in attempting to gain Camille’s trust, she sold out Kim, Lisa, and Kyle. Lisa is right in that Taylor had a huge part in the way Camille came racing down the stairs to confront Kyle. During the NY fight, Camille also insinuated to Lisa that she knew they were trash-talking about her on the plane. Only Taylor could have told her that.

    Kim doesn’t have enough money or status for Taylor to brown nose her so Kim’s the only one Taylor isn’t afraid of fighting with. You can tell Taylor doesn’t like Lisa but she’s afraid of going against someone as wealthy as her. Notice how she sucks up to Adrienne. I feel sorry for Kim when fighting occurs because Taylor immediately starts yelling at her and Kim gets so flustered she gets tongue-tied. (I can relate, I’m awful when it comes to confrontation face-to-face. It rarely happens and it does, sometimes I really don’t know what to say until I have time to think clearly.) Whereas Kim gets tongue-tied, when Kyle gets mad, she starts saying everything that’s on the top of her mind. Different personalities. The more anxious Kim gets, Taylor moves in on her and starts blaming Kim for everything. Taylor never took responsibility for all her pot stirring and when Kim tries to confront her, she starts deflecting by leading Kim a bit off topic and going after her on details that has nothing to do with her pot stirring.

    Taylor was already confrontational in a very Camille-like way. When she interrupted Kim, she never sat down eye-to-eye to talk. She stood over Kim and Kim had to stand and put her hands over her waist because she felt threatened before the conversation started. Kim knew Taylor was looking for drama. Who does that at their B-day party? It would have been more appropriate at a later time. Maybe Taylor just wanted the camera’s attention and to get people to talk about her.

    The saddest part of everything is that Kyle can’t be bothered to see that Kim is trying to tell her the truth. I think Taylor is using her knowledge of Kim’s problems to manipulate Kyle. Whose going to believe a drunk?

    I’m sure Taylor sensed during filming that Kyle was the popular girl. So the friendlier she gets with Kyle, the more screen time. She’s trying to drive wedges between the sisters and Kyle’s
    relationship with Lisa.

    In terms of the house, Mauricio sold the sisters family home. Kim technically paid for that house when they were growing up so I’m guessing Mauricio didn’t give Kim a cut of the profits? Very shady if that’s the case. Can you see Kathy Hilton not caring and Kyle being bossy and taking control of the estate leaving Kim nothing?

  16. Chrissy says:

    I think Lisa is right about Taylor starting all of it. If you watched “Watch what happens” afterward, you saw what Taylor admitted talking to Camille about her conversation with Kim. There was no reason for Taylor to say any of that to Camille. And Taylor is supposedly Kyle’s friend? Who is that nasty over and over and over again to a friend’s sister??? Kim and Kyle clearly have long standing issues … as Kyle’s “friend”, she would know some of the background and lay off the sister, right? I don’t know … the more I watch, the more I dislike Taylor. I think Lisa is just trying to get Kyle – her long-time friend – to see that Taylor can’t be trusted. I don’t think Lisa ever expected Taylor to bring it up during a party. That was def the producers doing. Probably the last time they were filming the group and wanted to have the confrontation on tape. Still, Taylor could have taken it down a notch, simply by approaching Kim in a nicer way. Love this show and can’t wait for the reunion!!! (I still dislike Camille and don’t believe anything she says about Kelsey and their marriage. She says they hadn’t had sex for years but she’s surprised he’s leaving the marriage??? Please! And since when is Kelsey fighting her for custody????)

  17. bros says:

    I agree that Taylor is as trashy as they come, and that she tried to confront Kim to deflect from her own responsibility of riling up camille and stirring the pot. Kim attempted to call Taylor out on it by correctly identifying what Taylor had said in the airport, but could NOT articulate a coherent defense because she was a BLATHERING DRUNK who doesnt like being confronted. she could have said a million things to taylor to shut her down, but instead told taylor, incomprehensibly, to do her a favor and stay away from her. at TAYLORS party. Kyle said nothing that wasnt true. shes just blunt and sick or kim making herself like a giant victim idiot at every turn and on every occasion. she is a grown-ass mother of 4 or something, and she is sniveling and weeping in the back of a limo over something that dumb? shes clearly a pathetic person who controls situations by infantalizing herself and I think kyle called bullshit on it this time.

    Im guessing, and this will probably turn out to be right, that kim was the one living in the house she bought that they used to live in. she probably could not afford to keep it, since she hasnt worked in like 20 years and survives off her child support payments and alimony. mauricio seems like the last person to try and sell out kims house from under her and they probably had to explain to her alcohol addled brain that keeping the house was untenable and it needed to be sold and someone had to make her confront reality. she obviously had money to get another house, so im thinking no one stole anything from her, but since she is an overgrown toddler, her response is to cry and say you stole my house! like a 3 year old’s brain would think. honestly, you really think mauricio and kyle stole her house? come on.

  18. Anna says:

    I think the best part about the episode was where the caption said” Adrienne insists she’s not responsible for Paul’s multiple broken noses.”

  19. k says:

    Lisa and Kim see through Taylor and handle it in different ways.

    Kim probably did take care of the family at first with all of her child-star earnings, but then she probably needed the care once she became an adult and realized she never had a childhood.

    re: Kyle: It is one thing to express your issues with your sister, but it becomes bullying when your entire argument revolves around name calling and making sure your “adversary” knows that EVERYONE else is against her. That is Kyle’s default behavior. SO mature.

  20. Someone Else says:

    @nycmom10024 –

    Insightful (albeit sad) post. I don’t watch the show. I get the weekly updates here. It sounds too painful to actually view.

    I still can’t get past that that’s KIM RICHARDS. My god, how many of us didn’t want her hair? I confess pure jealousy when she was at the height of her fame. Escape to Witch Mountain was the coolest!

    So sad how the Disney Monster can work. Isn’t Kurt Russell the only one to come out normal so far? I can’t think of any others…

  21. lin234 says:

    Kyle went too far in berating Kim. From the moment she went over, she was already on Taylor’s side without having to really hear Kim’s side. Taylor immediately directs Kyle at a technicality of something Kim said and not the real issue and everyone started gathering around her. She was drunk and nervous.

    Anyways, you just don’t announce on national TV that your sister is an alcoholic AND bring up your dead mother. That was horrible. No wonder Kim was crying. She’s telling the truth and not only does no one believe her, she gets yelled at by Kyle every time Taylor picks on her.

    I don’t know about your theory… Mauricio may work in BH but real estate has really hit the rocks these last few years and there really aren’t that many 100 million dollar houses to sell. Kim doesn’t own, she leases. If she has money for leasing a big house, she probably had enough if she was living in her family home.

  22. Marjalane says:

    Maybe Kyle had some type of claim to the house Kim was living in; The mom’s family home, maybe? So she had Mauricio sell it and the money he doles out to Kim every month is from that. I don’t think that would be unusual in handling an alcoholic’s finances. (although Kim probably bought the house in the first place)

    I didn’t watch the after show because I was just done with those bitches for the night, but I noticed that someone said Taylor copped to stirring it up with Camille. I really dislike Taylor, and I’m guessing even creepy Russel is too good for her.

  23. bros says:

    I dont get the impression that the house selling happened super recently. but if it did, I can almost guarantee you that mauricio probably declined to take a commission on selling his weak and sad sister in law’s house and took a financial hit himself in order to do her a favor because she probably owed a lot on it and it was untenable. I dont believe for a second that kyle and mauricio stole kims house. if that were the case, they would be a in embroiled in a legal battle, and kim wouldnt hang out with kyle, wouldnt go to b-day parties etc, graduations, etc. she probably didnt want to sell, but given that she cant defend herself or make a coherent argument, she gave into the advice that mauricio gave her to sell and then rent a house or whatever. we dont even know if the latest house she is in is the one right after the other house being sold or “stolen.” real estate law is pretty hard to circumvent, and its not really realistic that someone cheated her out of her house. it probably feels like that to her, given that she has the emotional skill set of a 6 year old.

    Right now, Mauricio has Lisa and Ken’s house listed for sale for 29 million dollars, so he is doing alright for himself and probably doesnt need to steal other people’s houses. also says a lot for his reputation.

  24. samanthalous says:

    Wonder if Rachel Zoe will pop by for season two since she is a sister in law.

  25. devilgirl says:

    I have to say, after being a Kyle supporter most of the season, last night she showed herself to be a selfish, self centered attention ho herself. If your sister is drunk, then why would you let a bunch of women go up to her and start to pick on her? Taylor chose to bring up the controversy at her own party, and create a scene, the other women , including Kyle, had no business fueling the fire with her sister. The only one who was sensible and decent was Adrienne, who has now replaced Lisa, as my new favorite housewife.

    The bottom line is ALL the women have allowed the Camille/Kyle fuel to continue and flourish, except Adrienne. I don’t blame drunken Kim for not wanting to get deeply involved. She is not equipped to deal with those women, and Taylor is one of the most wormy, whiny, ugly (THAT UPPER LIP!)lying pot stirrers on that show. She hasn’t owned up to her part in creating the whole mess one bit.

    @Samanthalous- Who is she a sister-in-law to?

  26. terrie says:

    C’mon people, these women are trash! Real housewives, my foot. Real housewives don’t live, dress, talk or act like these women. They are all so self-centered and gold digging they look like caricatures. However, it makes for great “guilty pleasure” watching.

  27. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @marjalane, ITA re: the house situation. Even though it most likely went down as you said, Kim flipped the script to appear as though she was a victim (rather than a benefactor). Anyone who’s dealt extensively with an alcoholic knows that they’re great at playing the victim in order to manipulate others into feeling sorry for them and do their bidding. After all, the less responsibility they have, the more it frees up their time to drink and wallow in their dysfunction. Sadly, the public is falling for kim’s woe-is-me routine because Kyle is handling it so poorly.

  28. nycmom10024 says:

    I don’t think anyone is falling for Kim’s “woe-is-me” story. Because it is fairly obvious she is probably an alcoholic. But – I am sorry you never call out you family in public and you certainly don’t drag your friends to gang up on a family member in public or in this case national television. It speaks to a certain lack of control that she did it so publically.

    Secondly, this woman was a victim, yes she is now an adult, but none of us here and very few people in the world can understand what her experience was.
    People look at Brittney Spears, look at Lohan two other young woman who supported their families life style. I wonder if there are just some people so damaged by their childhoods and the need for others to take from them, they are left with no other card to play. Where is Haley Mills today? She too was one if the original Disney movie girls and her older sister was the Nanny in Nanny and the Professor. She is now involved with the Hare Krishna’s.

    I don’t know, the deeper I dig the more sinister I find what Disney in particular takes from these girls.

  29. Bee says:

    I feel sorry for both Kim and Kyle. The dynamics of their relationship is obviously very complicated. And unfortunately for them they are airing their dirty laundry for all the world to see. However, it’s a testament to Camille’s despicableness that I still feel no sympathy for her at all. The only one who came out of this episode well was Snowball. He’s finally free of that house of silicone horrors.

  30. bros says:

    i agree nycmom, that bravo really stoked the fire into a sh$tshow, and the whole thing was manufactured from taylor and lisas talk to the party to having taylor confront kim there, to having martin there, to throwing martin into the limo-everything.

    But Kim flipped her shit first and Kyle talked about her being an alcoholic after kim claimed kyle was a phony and stole her house and boohoo woe is me.

    just because you didnt get a childhood doesnt entitle you to one now.

  31. TeeTee says:

    I didn’t feel like Kyle did anything wrong Kim is a drunk, drinking is one of the things that ruined her last marriage.

    Kyle’s husband sold her home (which she could no longer afford) and she was forced to get something more affordable.

    she is a drunk, she only sees it her way, they STOLE from her.

    Kim needs serious help, she keeps referring back to 30 yrs ago–she needed therapy THEN.

    wasn’t she just talking about having another baby, this chick is a drunk and she showed her butt last night, like a crazy person..I do feel sorry for her and CUSS Bravo for forcing this to go down like this.

    Kim’s money is not what it used to be several of her children are off of child support and she only gets money for half of what she used to get monies for..she is not dealing w/reality, she couldn’t get work if she BEGGED..its known that she is a blubbering drunk at times in LA.

    Kyle should have never invited her on the show, this chick has issues and I agree they both do.

    Kim arrived drunk, wouldn’t be surprised if the producers didn’t ply her w/booze in the limo.

    There is alot more but Kyle won’t tell anymore..alot of stuff went on in that last marriage a repeat of her earlier marriage.

    COUNSELING and Rehab is needed.

    AND I beleive that Camille WANTED to go to the awards show, Kelsey did not make her go–she bragged to the whole town about going –there was no way she was ready to tell them that she was NOT going AND her husband wanted a divorce..

    I’ll never beleive that Kelsey wanted her to come, NEVER!it was all over his face.

    Camille knew her marriage was falling apart–NOT beleiving that she is the victim, she’ll reach alot of TRUE stories all over the world and gain momentum and some fans..just NOT beleiving her at all.

    have a good weekend all.

  32. original kate says:

    @ nycmom: “nanny & the professor!” that’s where i’ve seen kim. thank you, it was driving me nutty. i loved that show.

    kim and kyle’s fight was pretty nasty. i have to say, my sisters & i have had some pretty down & dirty fights over the years but never that evil. wow. as for the other bitches, meh. camille deserves every nasty thing that comes her way – she may be the most selfish creature i have ever seen on these shows. i like jiggy – he is my favorite housewife ever. jiggy power!

  33. ATL & BH Only, Thank You says:

    Ok. Beguine from the beginning…

    Taylor is what we call a “Suck Girl.” Anybody that will put her on is her best friend until somebody more socially-connected puts her on higher. So, she’s never going to be loyal to (or forthright with) any of the women on the show. Did you see the wordplay she tried to throw on Andy last night? “Blahblahyaddayadda-no-not-innocent-little-me. It’s on tape? Well, let me explain…”

    She spends her time bouncing between whoever throws the next best party with the next best guest list. How many parties did she miss this season? She’s not consciously starting these arguments; it’s how she stays viable and relevant among these “Type-A” personalities. Don’t hate her ’cause she’s…sucky. I don’t. That’s her role in this group – groupie. Most groups of females have at least one. Think about it.

    Kim & Kyle and The Hilton Curse. I told ya’ll it would happen! No, it wasn’t fun to watch but that whole family refuses to acknowledge that she’s been their Marcia Brady (middle child) and lottery ticket her whole life. There would be no Paris (sex tape or not), no Kathy on NBC teaching “style”, no Baby Carrie from LHotP (ie: Kyle) without Kim. Ironically, this show may turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to them as a family. It’s forcing some things that would probably never be acknowledged otherwise.

    I knew she had a drinking problem in their first Andy Cohen appearance this season and that’s saying alot as everybody gets slizzed with Unca Andy. I’m happy that it appears this is the biggest of her dysfunctions. Based on her history, she could be a LOT worse off. All that “responsibility,” that anger Kyle hurls at her is actually guilt for the whole family using Kim her whole life and never being able to help her outgrow and heal from it. Until the rest of them deal with that (or Kim just refuses to continue to be a victim) she is pretty much a co-dependent tragedy waiting to happen. Then, they’ll use her like a martyr just like they use their mother. She’s in my prayers and I hope seeing herself on this show gives her the strength to turn a corner – and cut the cord from but keep some semblance of a relationship with her sisters and kids – before something unfortunate occurs.

    Adrienne is a Maloof. Tef-lon. Teflon. Tefloniqua with the golden strings in her hair (what’s that about?). ‘Nuff said. (Go Kings and drink Avion tequila, ya’ll:-)

    I’m starting to think that Camille and Kelsey are in unspoken cahoots and they’re trying to out-exploit each other to put themselves back in the news as they wrap up their “marital arrangement.” I mean, this is the couple that tried to make IBS telethon-worthy.

    She doesn’t even look like a trophy wife to me anymore. It looks like he unofficially hired her as a glorified escort/personal assistant/concubine with every intention of eventually firing her and THATS why they didn’t have a pre-nup. It’d be evidence that the thing was never intended to last forever.

    See, if you’re not sure how much you may be worth when you divorce but you agree to a lump sum number or percentage at the beginning of the marriage, you could shoot yourself in the foot even more as the primary breadwinner but also business/production partner with your spouse in a communal property state like Cali. With this new unprenupted flight attendant in New York, he’ll probably croak on her and leave the bulk of the estate to the kids.

    He’s not entirely a fool for working it this way as, if he can publicly paint Camille as “culpable” in the demise of the marriage as I’m near certain she’s boinked at least one of her guy friends at least once in the last 13 years and that’s why she keeps trying to cast doubt on Kelsey’s purported proclivities, she could end up lump summed and Nicole Murphied. No Shrek Forever money but looking just like the dragon lady (in-perpetuity), no child support at all, no more financial ties to the star ex-husband and bankrupt by Season 4, even if the settlement ends up being 50 mil. NOT a good look or legacy in the world of new money. Not as good as a hit tv show, anyway.

    And Liiissssaaaa dahling. You-Row-Trash. Eurotrash. I LOVE how calculating she is. She’s not even manipulative or mean; she’s just always ’bout the business. Cedric was an indentured servant and whether his story is true or not, he got banished from the fiefdom ’cause he got too big for his breetches, stopped tending his acre and thought he was the court’s top jester. Don’t play with the manor (not)born from the Old World. There’s a reason a commoner is ’bout to be queen over there. They ain’t playin with ya’ll no more. They’re gettin’ Jiggy wit’it now.

    Forget the Reunion show as its going to be too rough and real. I’m looking for the Season 2 premiere to see what everyone’s next move is. In the “realness” that is reality tv, life, somehow, always seems to go on. Ain’t nothin’ “realer” than the RH franchises.

    **In my best Nene click/voice.**

  34. LT says:

    Good grief where do I start.

    I was completely perplexed as to why Lisa was bringing up NY again. It’s Lisa for crying out loud, that doesn’t fit her profile at all. I tend to believe that either A) the producers told her to stir the pot or B) she was sick of Taylor’s act and knew that by getting her to confront Kim she would start things up again and possibly be shown as the instigator (which she was). Unfortunately, that’s not how things turned out.

    I agree that Taylor seems like a total brown-nose and is trying to climb the social ladder/get more screen time. Who the hell causes a giant fiasco like that at their own birthday party?! At my birthday parties I get drunk and have a roaring good time. Kim was CLEARLY drunk and to go over there (and Taylor appeared sober) and start up shit and confuse her like that – it was just a shitty thing to do. Kim is clearly not confrontational and you could see her trying to drunkenly figure out what to say while being tongue-tied at the same time.

    I have been Team Kyle all year, but after this episode I can’t say that anymore. I’ve always been able to relate to her because I have a relationship w/ one of my sisters where we constantly butt heads and argue and then make up, but in the finale episode Kyle just went WAY too far. So what she’s frustrated w/ Kim and tired of dealing w/ her crap? That makes it okay for her to go over and join Taylor in ganging up on her? Esp when she knew Kim was drunk and wouldn’t be able to string her thoughts together enough to defend herself! I’ve fought w/ my sister a thousand times, but I would NEVER sell her down the river like that. If someone had been speaking to my sister like that I would have put our crap behind me and told my friend to go FUCK HERSELF and to leave my sister alone!

    Why is no one listening to Adrienne, the only voice of reason?!?! Adrienne was the only one out of the lot who acted like a decent human being and offered the good and CORRECT advice to LEAVE IT BE. Why Kyle had to pull out the drama and make it so Kim couldn’t leave is beyond me. Oh wait, it’s because it was ALL about Kyle. It’s rude to Taylor to leave during her party? What kind of crap line is that?! HELLO Taylor and you just ganged up on Kim and berated her – why SHOULDN’T she leave??

    The whole scene in the limo was unnecessary. They should have let Kim leave in peace or at least calm down enough to go back to the party, but by Kyle going down there she just stirred up everything again. I can’t comment on Kim being an alcoholic because I don’t know what goes on behind the cameras, but Kyle was just being a total out of control bitch. They both said some stuff that was over the line and I’m sure now they both wish they could take it back. But I find Kyle to be MUCH more at fault in this situation than Kim.

    Ok, enough of that rant.

    Finally, I felt bad for Camille. This is a new developement because I’ve always been Anti-Camille, but damn, I did feel bad for her. Did anyone see the Tonys episode? I was cringing when she was in NY w/ him and kept talking about being married and how she loved him and all..yikes.

    The reunion show is going to be crazy, can’t wait!

  35. guesty says:

    Cannot wait for the reunion!

    However…this ep was beyond uncomfortable. Kyle seems capable of taking her emotional abuse to a physical level. Have to wonder if that is what draws Taylor to Kyle on a some kind of subconscious level.

    Coupled with the fact that Taylor threatens Kim physically as well is just a tad disturbing. And her charity is for abused women….

  36. Kaylee says:

    Taylor seems to be a trouble maker. She forgets that her comments have been recorded, then she denies what she said earlier. Also she is a bully. She picks on Kim, who sadly, is an easy target. Still can’t get over her comment about going out back and going Oklahoma on Kim. Money doesn’t by class Taylor.

  37. Tess says:

    @ ATL & BH Only, Thank you

    Excellent observations and very interesting. Are you a therapist, a lawyer, or just uber perceptive? Just wondering!!!

  38. Ginevra says:

    Kyle has gotten under my skin since day one and I can’t believe all the people who have fallen for her fake-niceness and are only now realizing what a manipulative b*tch she is. She is really only interested in herself and will be the friendly, perky, perfect mother, sister and wife when it suits her, and then turn around and leave her sister alone in the limo when she has more important people to suck up to.

    I get that Kim has serious problems and it can be a burden. But then Kyle and her family should not have been enabling her for so long only to complain that she is still dependent on them. Kyle WANTS Kim to be dependent on her so she can maintain her dominance. Otherwise, she would have provided her actual help — and with empathy, rather than resentment.

  39. garvels says:

    @ lin234-I couldn’t agree with you more about Taylor and how she plays people. I agree with someone else on this blog who referred to her as a “Suck Friend”-how true.

    I think Lisa came off as stirring the pot because she could see what Taylor was doing and she wanted others to figure it our for themselves. That is why she wanted Taylor to speak with Kim. I don’t think Lisa would have suggested the Birthday Party to do so.

    It was really sad to see how Kyle immediately took Taylor’s side verses Kim’s side, she obviously doesn’t trust Kim’s judgement anymore,(probably due to Kim’s alcoholism), and Taylor knows this.

    I now really do not know who I dislike more, Camille or Taylor. How Taylor is messing with Kim’s emotions and Kim’s relationship with Kyle is just cruel.

    I love watching Adrienne and her hubby bicker-they are too cute. It would have been difficult to watch the entire show without their humorous banter.

  40. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @bros. re: your last post, my thoughts exactly!

  41. brigelee says:

    Come on ladies… Both Kyle and Taylor are bullies… “I’ll pull an Oklahoma on ya!” yep, that’s trashy too, as well as Kyle shouting at and interrupting whomever is disagreeing with her. Bully and Trashy, for sure as well
    As far as the other women… ahhhh but Camille is obnotious, flirtatious with married men, kinda stupid but naive which makes her unlikable, but she wasn’t there last night. ….
    Let’s call a cat a cat, both Kyle and Taylor need drama and create drama as in high school “in-crowd” mean girls. Last night Camille wasn’t present so their scapegoat was Kim….

  42. Elisha says:

    I didn’t think Lisa was instigating. In fact, she took me from somewhat liking Taylor to really looking at Taylor in a new light. I was glad when she called Taylor out for stirring up Camille in New York, because Lisa was right. And the fight at Taylor’s party was all Taylor’s fault. Who in their right might confronts a drunk person like that (whether Kim was innapropriately intoxicated or not). And Taylor, don’t play innocent, you WERE talking crap about Camille at LAX.

    I felt bad for Kim in this episode. She unfortunately is exhibiting classic former child star disfunctionality. While Kathy (Hilton) and Kyle were child actors, Kim was the Disney Girl. She is now behaving as so many of our former American Child Stars do when they grow up and are no longer children OR stars. I realize both sisters are resentful of things they’ve had to do for each other, but Kyle’s whining about “having to worry about Kim” seems insignifigant compared to Kim having to support an entire family as a child, including a pushy stage mom who wanted to be an actress herself, a la Macaulay Culkin. I like Kyle and side with her in the Kyle vs Camille arguments, but I suspect most of the people who take the bullying Kyle’s side in the Kyle vs. Kim arguments have not had to deal with alcoholics and those with social anxiety issues. When you take into account that Kim has real, legitimate mental illness, Kyle comes off looking like a wench towards her sister.

    Camille is a b, yes. But I felt for her in this episde just as I felt for Kim. I hope Camille comes back for season 2 because even though I don’t like her, she IS in some ways the show.

  43. Miriam says:

    Have you guys stopped to think that they had all been drinking, maybe not as much as Kim, but still…therefore not using the best judgement?

  44. Lila says:

    1. I’m disturbed at all the heartless vitriol directed at Kim. She’s an alcoholic (possibly) so it’s ok to trash her? It’s NEVER ok to dismiss someone because of that. Ever.

    2. Why does Kyle keep dismissing every warning people give her about Taylor? And why is she willing to throw her sister under the bus under any circumstance, yet complains when her sister doesn’t defend her?

    The very first episodes were a series of face offs with the Richards’ sister. Kyle constantly berates and belittles Kim. I don’t see this as conducive towards helping someone who engages in self destructive behavior. After seeing what Kim goes through, sh/t, I needed a drink. Another thing is that she does it shameless. Constantly. IN PUBLIC! Private is private. Kyle lets outsiders in on what is a family matter all at Kim’s expensive. Maybe that’s not something Kim wanted out there and that should have been respected. Kyle only did it because she crossed the line and needed an excuse. But it’s not like drunk Kim only set her off, either. Quiet NYC Kim pisses her off. Party at the Mega Mansion Kim annoys her. Villa Blanca Kim, she announces to the WORLD, only makes bad decisions. How necessary was that? Camille’s Crib Kim has every right to tell trout face where to go and gets checked by the person she’s trying to help.

    3. Thank God for Adrienne. I now see the point of you, Maloof.

    4. Taylor is a social climbing troll.

    5. I STILL hate Camille. I waited several episodes for her to have reality smack her in her brand new face. And I still don’t like her.

  45. mystified says:

    I don’t keep up with the Real Housewives show, but I read this post because I thought that the picture of Kim was actually a picture of Melissa Etheridge.

    “Wow!” I thought “A lot’s happened to Etheridge since I last kept up with her.”

  46. mary jane says:

    Great comments everyone. Love reading the insight.

  47. Jeannified says:

    Very sad. I DVR’ed this show and watched half this morning. Haven’t even gotten to the drama yet, but saw a couple of clips on the Internet. Will finish watching tonight though. What a nasty blow up with Kim and Kyle…very sad. SO sad about Cedric blowing his top at Lisa. SO unnecessary! He just doesn’t want to grow up and take responsibility. They didn’t turn on him, he turned on them. His loss!

  48. CLR1595 says:

    Wow! Most of you folks are sure drinkin the “kyle Koolaide”! I think she is the bitchiest of them all! She claims to be concerned for her sister but takes EVERY opportunity to put her down not only in person but in the interview sections as well. How many times did you see Kim rag on Kyle like that?? Very little. And what is Kyle’s constant flipping and grooming of her own hair?? Huge narcisist here. Don’t you think it odd that Kyle freaks out at family affairs like a 3 year old’s party or a college graduation or a ‘white party’. Seriously…Kyle’s behavior is not that of a confident woman who has been put into a caretaking role of her sister. Before I get into some of the ways Kyle is constantly putting her sister down, let me just say that I have watched every episode and I didn’t think Kim was any drunker than the rest of them! I honestly think she is so fearful of confrontation that she panics and gets all flustered. I mean how many times does she have to say how uncomfortable she is with this group of ladies??
    Some of Kyles on camera digs at her sister:

    Kim is always late
    Kim can’t make up her mind
    Kim wants to be her kids’ friend
    Kim can’t keep a husband
    Kim can’t pick out her own house(without Kyle sticking her big schnoz into it!)
    Kim won’t drop her pesky move to get over to Kyle’s place PRONTO to help set up the 3 year old’s bday party (at which Kyle hangs up on Kim in midsentence!)

    And those are just the regular things. We got to hear the real gems the other night when she told her she was basically a pathetic, insane alcoholic.
    And you know what I think REALLY sparked Kyle off that night? The fact that for once Kim looked better than Kyle. Did you see that disgusted look Kyle gave Kim when she came in? Never told her how nice she looked just sneered at her. In the meantime Kyle was poured into that rediculous looking black spandex thing a 20 year old would wear to an aerosmith concert-if you were wanting to get laid by half the band. Any way, Kim reminded me of the character in “Carrie” the Stephen King thriller. Poor Kim was all dressed up feeling for the once to be the bell of the ball only to be set up by a bunch of bitches. Redneck Taylor should have just dumped a bucket of blood over Kim-would have had the same humiliating effect.

  49. Jayna says:

    Taylor disgusted me last night. Going over to Kim and launching into her, not in any way trying to smooth things over Taylor never ever owns up to her behavior. And Kyle never calls out Taylor for her behavior. Kyle assumed it was Kim instigating last night. No. It was Taylor.

  50. Cinderella says:

    I feel for Kim. I just want to give her a hug. I think she’s being exploited on this show and should not return next season. She needs the right kind of help to get sober so she can get her career back on track. RHOBH is not the vehicle for that.

    And shame on Kyle. That’s all I gotta say.

  51. mimi says:

    I like some of you totally agree that Kyle didn’t really do anything wrong here. The villains here are Taylor and Kim. I found it quite interesting that Taylor chose to start a HUGE argument (as opposed to a calm chat) at her birthday party. She thrives on attention and playing a victim all day every day- if it’s not being in a loveless marriage then it’s her feeling attacked by Kim. Passive aggressive much? Onto Kim- I mean look I get it if Kim feels like she had to hold a burden on her shoulders as breadwinner of the family when they were kids but that’s not Kyle’s fault. If there is blame to be given out it should be towards the parents. But instead Kim obviously feels she’s owed something, what is Kyle supposed to do? Kiss her feet everyday? Anyone who has a sister knows that alot of this issue is rooted in sibling rivalry. Kim at one point was the most successful and the happiest sister in her love life and career but now the tables have turned. Kyle is now the one married happily and living well while Kim is divorced and has been seen on the show as struggling to find a house that fits her budget.
    I felt bad for Kyle a little bit because it was a slap in the face for Kim to call her a phony and accuse her of stealing her house when in reality Mauricio sold off Kim’s house to find her a more affordable home and has been helping her financially every month. Kyle showed ALOT resentment at having to care for Kim when she said that Mauricio had to take care of her like a second wife. People say that Kyle is wrong because Kim is weak but my thing is this- Kim is a grown ass woman who shouldn’t be relying one her sister to carry her!

    And why will none of the bitches let the Camille vs Kyle thing DIE already!!!

    The biggest problem is that Kim is an alcoholic. It was also telling how Lisa reacted when Kyle told her Kim was drunk at the party which made me think that this isn’t the first time a big blowout like that has happened before. I’ve been waiting for the beast to rear it’s ugly head all season because it’s been obvious to us as viewers that she has a serious problem. She’s been incoherent and off all season which really showed how hard she hits the bottle. And as someone who has dealt with an alcoholic- it’s never their fault!

    Kim and Kyle were both wrong. Both of them said such vicious unforgivable things to each other that can never be erased. What’s sad is what prob started as a ‘bitchy fun STAGED catfight’ for the viewers and Finale show turned into a REAL harsh cold fight between sisters that made everyone (well maybe just me) gasp in horror.

  52. ilaughtilicried says:

    I really disliked the way Kyle went after her elder sister in this episode. She has been bullying and verbally abusing Kim from the start and crossed the line of acceptable behavior in mentioning their dying mother’s wishes. Kim has been damaged in some way perhaps she had no childhood as she worked from a young age, but she needs help now not being attacked. And yes they all drink, stones and glasshouses?

    Taylor’s asking for “visitation rights” to Snowball for her daughter, may mirror the outcome of her struggling marriage to Russell.

    Although I find Camille a transparent instigator of group angst and turmoil and very childish and spoilt, I felt sorry for her as she had to admit to a broken marriage and being superceeded by the “younger woman” She must have had some idea though?
    Thank goodness at last Cedric has to move his beautiful body from the pool area into real life.
    Wow what a relief it’s over!

  53. Boredom says:

    Kyle is a bitch. I’ve been saying it from day 1. She is the definition of a mean girl. She treat Kim like crap and I have no doubt that she said those things about Camille.

    You can tell by the way she looks at Kim that she hates her. There is no compassion in her eyes whatsoever, just pure hate. Even when she smiles you see the evilness shining out of her eyes. She makes me sick.

    The minute Kim walked into the party she whispered to Lisa that Kim is drunk, she also commented about Kim being late, she actually came immediately after Taylor and it was Taylor’s party.

    Taylor is a scrub, no other words for her. She only fights with Kim and nobody else. Kim is an easy target for all of them and they take advantage of that.

    Alcoholic or not, she should not be treated like that. She carried her entire family on her back and now that she has nothing to offer, she is tossed aside. Kyle will get hers, that evil bitch. Karma is real.

    How do you encourage bullying like that on your own sister knowing fully well that she can’t defend herself. That makes Kyle more weak than Kim will ever be. Prey on the weak to make herself look strong.

    I always liked Lisa but her role in this weeks feud makes her less like than a good person to me.

    Adrienne at least tried to make Kim feel better. Kyle is so much like Paris it makes me sick. She is so damn ugly too, inside and out.

  54. Boredom says:

    @CLR1595…agreed with everything you said. The way she looked at Kim when she walked in was pure envy and she had to say something negative immediately to put her in her place, by telling Lisa that Kim is drunk. She was not even talking or doing anything strange. Weird

  55. Az says:

    I have barely been able to look at Kim straight since she told that story about herself and Paris Hilton and the paparazzi. She is one damaged individual and I feel so sorry for her.

    But I also feel sorry for Kyle. I do agree that she went too far last night but if you haven’t had to take care of someone the way Kyle has had to take care of Kim then you have no way of knowing what a constant struggle that is or how much you grow to resent it. Mauricio is more of a saint than I thought. And where is Kathy Hilton in all this? You can’t tell me the woman doesn’t have enough money to at least help out financially. Why is this all falling on Kyle’s shoulders?

    Also, I didn’t know that one of Kim’s exes is the father of Brandon and Jason Davis. That must have been one ironclad prenup if all she gets is 20K a month. Although I had read somewhere that the Davis fortune is in decline so maybe that’s why she gets so litte?

    Whatever, I can’t wait for the reunion. Also how is Rachel Zoe a sister-in-law? To whom?

  56. Tomas says:

    to anyone trying to defend kyle’s behavior-are you freakin’ serious?! there is no excuse on the planet that can make outing kim’s alcoholism on national tv acceptable. not to mention revealing her husband takes care of kim. it’s beyond appalling.

    the fact is, kyle is the center of every fight on the show, the aggressor and mean girl. she screams (literally) in the other women’s faces that they need therapy, i submit that kyle needs to heed her own advice! how many women has she been in screaming matches with now? THREE??? she has zero class and needs to grow the eff up, she’s way too old for this behavior.

  57. Kiska says:

    Kyle definitely gets off on drama. Her eyes were glowing with delight as she saw her sister being attacked by Taylor. Naturally, she had to join in.
    What kind of low bred person confronts someone at her own birthday party? Get a life, Taylor.
    I know a lot of people find Kim weak and pathetic but she seriously needs therapy. Something major happened to her as a child. I’d suspect sexual abuse. She reminds me of a submissive cowering dog. I must admit I do have sympathy for her.

    I’m so curious what went down with Cedric the mooch. I hope this comes up in the reunion.
    Very disappointed with Lisa this episode.

    Adrienne talks the big talk that she is above drama and the voice of reason but she nitpicks and puts down her husband constantly. I have no respect for people who speak to their spouses this way.

    Russell just seems social inept. Not one for showing emotions. I don’t feel he is a bad man. I’ve seen his interactions with his daughter and he is very loving and gentle.

    Camille, well, I did feel for her. It must of been humiliating to have to prove she was his wife. I still don’t like her but she did get treated poorly by Kelsey.

  58. ATL & BH Only, Thank You says:

    To the poster above with the flattering comments (can’t see ur name on my computer):

    I’ve got a couple of degrees from a couple of colleges and, in the process, learned A LOT about new money, old money and their accompanying blessings/disfunctions. Ironically, very few of them are on display in the RHOA franchise show. Atlanta’s got many females with BHesque issues who would never display them on a Bravo show. Our world is a little larger and more colorful than Tyler Perry, gentlemen’s clubs, Cliffmeka (T.I. and Tiny’s Bennifer moniker), NeNe’s buddy Diana (Google HER) and the latest Atlanta Falcon’s scandal (ie: the Zolciak/Biermann spawning).

    I could be totally wrong about BH’s ladies and just spouting off at the keyboard, but lets see what Season 2 has in store. Can’t wait!:-)

  59. bros says:

    to the two people who claimed kyle was jealous because kim looked better…

    sorry. they both looked like they crawled out of an 80′s time warp. Kyle was at a white leopard concert, and Kim popped off the pages of Danielle steel novel or the 25th episode of Dynasty. Ive never seen such a terrible combination of Dallas prom dress and ridiculous contempo casual hair and jewelry. She looked awful, and because she had the dastardly accessories to go with her barf inducing dress, I think Kim won the worst-dressed hands down. At least Kyle wore a modern hair style and non cringe-worthy jewelry.

    Also, if I were accused by my alcohol addled sister of stealing her house when my husband had done nothing but helped her, I would have outed her alcoholism too. Kim hit below the belt first. I dont know why everyone feels so sorry for her. Alot of the frustration and resentment kyle displays towards her is obviously built up and cumulative. It wasnt just for show this season.

  60. JenJen says:

    Kyle acts like she has it all together,Miss Thang in her Moo-Moos. She looked liked her age without that long hair to stroke and whip around dancing (what a pathetic joke she looks like).
    Kim was a gorgeous teen heart-throb and Kyle is still jealous. Oh and for the record,I think her husband looks like a real ho-dog eyeing all the woman. No wonder she is so worried about him, get real!

  61. ohno says:

    1. Kyle is a bully. She always resort to name-calling as she did with Camille.

    2. I like Kim, I think she’s the more grounded one. She may have alcohol problems but she’s evidently the better sister. You can tell and Kyle is the snotty, trashy one.

    3. Talking about trash, Kim was right about Taylor. She’s an act of her own. How can someone be “so involved and so against” domestic violence spew words like she does. I’d like to hook her mouth on a chain and drag her around Rodeo Drive (oops,I’m kidding, just usingTaylor’s vocabulary).

    4. Lisa is obviously the mischievous conniving diva. She pretends to want the fights to stop but she’s the number one instigator.

    5.Camille is just Camille. She may have been portrayed unfairly and people seem to forget that the taping took place during her worst time. I think her circle of friends are feeding her only nice things to say and that keeps Camille from getting the necessary feedback and reality check. But all in all, Camille is no worse than Kyle.

  62. CLR1595 says:

    Just another thought as I read through these posts…you know, these BH chicks were the usual catty, over-dressed over-drinkers, but i don’t know that i would call any of these gals actually ‘certifiable’… but soon our friend KELLY BENSIMONE will be back to show us how crazy is really done!! Seriously, I can’t believe the BRAVO franchise brought her back (okay, yeah i can…cause she is sooo damn nuts!) Any way, that girl is a true blue nutbar and I don’t even have a psych degree! any way, BH wives were fun to watch and believe it or not, I thougth they were the ‘real deal’ of wealth (except maybe Kim/Kyle)and actually behaved better than most of the gals on the other shows! looking forward to more trainwrecks…..

  63. Liana says:

    I wish Kim would go back to work. She was so good in “Black Snake Moan.” She needs to get her shit together and work. She’s still capable of it.

  64. Trippin says:

    Here’s my 2cents: Taylor is 2faced, gossip, buddies up to Camille, then Kyle because her marriage is empty. Her kid’s not really allergic to the dog she just wants to get rid of it, and Taylor stop with the stupid lip jobs. Watching reunion clips her lips are all crooked, quit inflating them, her PSI is off the charts. Kyle is a bully. She knows Kim drinks and is weaker and non-confrontational. Kim was forced into acting by her mother and was robbed of a childhood, that’s 1 of her issues, plus sounds like her $ paid for everything growing up. Kyle likes to fight. She didn’t have Kim’s back that night. Why wouldn’t she just let Kim go home. I would have hauled ass outta there too with 4 bitchy women cornering me. It was sooo painful to watch because clearly Kim was pounced upon by a pack of jackals over bullshit stuff. Camille wasn’t even there so they can’t blame her. Shame on everyone except Adrienne who seems to have the softest heart. She tried and she’s right they need therapy.

  65. JenJen says:

    Now there are reports “the family” put Kim in re-hab. But keeping the focus on herself, Kyle is blogging she has had anxiety since the fight (that she started).

  66. JustBored says:

    Kyle is a bitch! Still can’t believe she went after Kim like that. Without even listening to what was being said”I heard my name so I came over” You can tell by the look on her face she was just waiting to get going at that party. The minute Kim walked in you saw that mean look in her face.

    Talking about Kim never has your back. Now lets see, she has never had Kim’s back on any episode I have seen. She berates her whether she is there or not. Camille has said and done worst things to her and yet she runs and kisses her a$$ the minute she fires her husband. And still keep talking crap behind her back.

    I see right through Kyle, and she is a mean and devious person. She is just like Taylor, sucking up to the persons who are the most affluent. Kim is now broke and lonely and therefore has is no use to her. A real snake, their reputation and wealth was built on the strength of Kim’s work. And now that she has nothing to offer she is being put out to pasture. Whether Kim has issues or not, it is not fair to put it out there like that for all to see while still maintaining how big a friend she and that snake Taylor is.

    She will get hers. Now I believe that crazy psychic lady. But I think it is the other way around. She will not fulfill Mauricio nor ever will that is why she is so fixated on having another baby. “Marry rich and have lots of babies” LOL…

    In a few years she will be just like Kim who she treats like crap, all those kids and manless. With an attitude like that she’ll be lonely soon. Kim has it in her to get clean and make a comeback. Then we’ll see who the real pitiful sister is. She looked so disgusting running around and yanking that dress down, ughh.

    I am ranting, but that scene brought me to tears.

  67. Trippin says:

    I think Kim for her own mental health should not do the next season. Taylor is totally fake and a troublemaker, anyone who talks about their husband can’t be trusted. Taylor would fit in more on OC Housewives. Kyle needs to get a life besides fighting with someone every week. Why do people always have to get Kyle’s back and why is she always in battle with someone? And what’s the real deal with Cedric and Lisa? Was she sleeping with him? I say bring the weird psychic back to tell them all off because these last few episodes have not portrayed any of them in a good light except for maybe Camille and Adrienne. Oh and don’t come on WWHL w/ Andy if you’re not going to say anything. That was a total waste of 30 minutes.

  68. Adeline says:

    I am surprised at the negativity toward Kim. I don’t think she seemed drunk so much as confused, and even if she was, at NO point was she as falling down drunk as Taylor is on the youtube video with Faye and Kyle and Elliot Mintz – not even close. Kim comes off as genuine, kind, compassionate and, yes, flawed — just like the rest of us. That she is often self-effacing makes her more real than the others, who seem totally incapable of EVER admitting to doing anything wrong; as if that’s humanly possible.

    This show reminds me of high school. There were always a few kids who had issues and were weak, awkward, mercilessly picked on, and even called crazy and other names by those who came from supportive homes. I never blamed the weak for being so and I used to stick up for the ones who were picked on because I had enough friends to feel secure. I certainly never looked down on them.

    Then you had the mean girls who, because of their dramas, were perpetually in the spotlight, and who were so insecure because of the fighting and posturing within their own social circle that they picked on whomever they could (and ONLY on those with whom they could get away with it, bc they were cowards) to make themselves feel better. There were always a few wannabes trying to get in good with the reigning queen of the mean girls bc they saw being in the spotlight as somehow akin to “fame”, and they set about doing just that by flattering them, defending their behavior, and attacking the weakest member of the group, even spreading lies to achieve their goal. The rest of us watched from within our own social circles, and thanked our blessings for enjoying happy and true friendships.

    Cut to the 10 and 20 year reunions, and the ones who peaked in high school were all miserable, having married for security, and the others, including the oddballs, were independent and successful and looked great.

    I’ll take the weak over the mean girls any day.

  69. As an Oklahoma Realtor, I have had a few clients who look like and act like these people. Usually the high end wanna bes who don’t really have a clue what class and an upscale life really look like. Second wife pick up from some strip bar I guess. Hope they stay away from my business!