ITW: Vanessa Paradis skipped the Globes because she hates Angelina Jolie


In Touch Weekly has a lengthy account in this week’s issue, all about why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were allowed to attend the Golden Globes without facing down any of their enemies, real or imagined. The bulk of the piece is about Jennifer Aniston, of course, and I will have that story later on. But this side note caught my attention – apparently, Vanessa Paradis didn’t come to the Globes with her lover because VP has such a hate-on for Angelina:

Jennifer Aniston wasn’t the only one who stayed home from the Globes in order to avoid Angelina Jolie.

According to an insider, Johnny Depp, nominated for both Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist, went alone because his girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, “can’t stand Angelina. She can’t stand the way Angelina always flirts with Johnny in front of her. She thinks it’s a sign of disrespect.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Now, before The Tourist even began filming, there were reports that Vanessa “ordered” Johnny not to work with Angelina. When Johnny didn’t drop out of the film, there were reports that Vanessa made Johnny reject all of the sex scenes with Angelina… although having seen the film, I doubt there was ever supposed to be sex scenes with the two leads. Do I believe any of the stuff about Vanessa hating Angelina then or now? Not really – I think Vanessa knows she has Johnny’s heart. That being said, there could be something – a little something – here. Vanessa didn’t go with Johnny to any of his events for The Tourist, and now she didn’t go to the Globes? Maybe it is about hating Angelina. Or maybe there’s trouble in Depp-Paradis paradise.

Also, I think Vanessa is on tour now. There was some news earlier this week about her cancelling a concert in Israel.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Hautie says:

    Well the tabloids need to find someone else to hate Angie Jo, besides Aniston. 🙂

    Or Laura Dern.

  2. munchies says:

    next time tabloids would say Beiber hate Jolie.

  3. Brittney says:

    Or maybe it’s because they live in France with their two kids, and neither of them much enjoy venturing back over to America unless they absolutely have to.

    Come on, Angie could stare down a box of rocks and it would look like she was flirting with it. She’s Angelina freaking Jolie.

  4. someone says:

    Im not a Brangie fan at all, but this story sounds like BS..altho I could see AJ flirting with JD in front of his woman…that seems to be her MO…she really doesn’t care if the guy is with someone or not!!!

  5. viper says:

    Depp did compare Jolie to poetry, the beautifullest woman in the world and other lovely things. I didnt think it was very appropriate even though I also thought they were very sweet things to say.

  6. SexyBrownGirl says:

    Maybe they dont get along bcuz does angelina has any female friends? Angelina looks cold.

  7. lucy2 says:

    The tabs need to stop trying to make this Depp/Jolie scandal thing happen. It didn’t, and it won’t, the movie is done, let it go!
    I think JD often does stuff like this on his own. Maybe she stayed home with the kids or is working.

  8. Riley says:

    Holy cow, that bottom picture on the left— is that what Vanessa looks like sans makeup. Pictures like that completely boost my ego.

  9. Rita says:

    I didn’t attend because I was forewarned that the bitch planned to wear the exact dress as me…or is it I…no, I think its me.

  10. Moreaces says:

    I really dont think VP is quite that childish.

  11. Shay says:

    Once a woman has an affair with a married man and ends up with that married man, she can kiss any female friendship goodbye. It’s that simple.
    I doubt that Angie has that many female friends. The paps follow her all the time, never is she snapped with any friends. Sad really, but she is the architect of that with the choices she made.

  12. jinni says:

    Vanessa was filming Cafe de flore ( Johnny was promoting The Tourist.

    As for Johnny comparing Jolie to poetry, if he didn’t gush about her the tabs would say that he hated her. Since before the movie staretd the tabs were trying to create something out of nothing.
    I really wish he had never done any movie with her becasue it has thrust him back into the tabs, which is something he has worked very hard to stay away from ever since he broke up with Kate Moss.

  13. WhiteNoise says:

    Really, Vanessa has never been big on the awards circuit, it just doesn’t seem to be her thing. They only both seem to come out when they have to. And since her US tour starts next month, she’s probably tied up with rehearsals and arrangements and putting together new material etc.

    edit: @Raven sparrow, thanks, didn’t realise she was actually already on tour at home. And agree re the rest, absolute nonsense, Vanessa’s actually way cooler/edgier than Angie.

  14. Raven Sparrow says:

    This is total BS. The only reason why Vanessa wasn’t there is because she’s had concerts all through January and as far as I can see, she’s sold-out for the rest of January and February. She is very much a star here in France.

    I really can’t see Johnny Depp ignoring Vanessa’s request to not do the movie especially for such a dumb one and I really can’t see Vanessa in such a jealous fit, she’s the mother of his children and love of his life.

    Seriously, Johnny Depp breaking up his family and that of Pitt’s just for AJ??? Really???? Is she that worth it????

  15. Someone Else says:

    I want to believe this is BS, and I think it is. Maybe VP is sick of all the AJ insinuations?

    That being said, Ange and Johnny will probably announce their elopement next week.

  16. lola says:

    French people don’t have these kinds of hang ups about sex – it is simply not in the culture.

    so a) i call BS on the story about scenes- that movie was not written to have ever had one anyway, you’re right, and

    b) i know if not ONE french woman threatened by flirtation. i mean bitch please.

  17. Dudette says:

    So because she’s not papped with friends means she doesn’t have any? How ridiculous can people be? The amount of nonsense people are willing to believe simply because it’s about Angelina Jolie. THAT is what is sad.

  18. tango says:

    Well it seems to me that if a woman flirts with your husband/boyfriend right in front of you, it’s your husband/boyfriends job to tell the woman right then and there to knock it off and then give her such a cold shoulder she can’t help but get the hint.

    If Vanessa has such control over Johnny that she can get him to get a sex scene cut from a movie, I think she would have enough guts to tell Johnny to stop Angies flirting or tell Angelina herself.

  19. Johnthing says:

    V.P. is really unattractive.

  20. SHump says:

    I don’t believe a word of this. Not Vanessa’s demands, certainly not her jealousy. The only bit that sounds credible is that Angie would flirt with JD in front of Vanessa, but I don’t buy for a second that it would worry her.

  21. Kimmy2 says:

    I call total BS on this story If Vanessa “hated” Angelina so much way did Johnny talk about how much time the two families spent with each other on and off the set and I remember there was a photo of Brad and Angelina and the kids visiting Vanessa and her kids when Johnny was out of town that’s real hate right their also why did they agree the watch Brad and Angelina’s dog, I know when I “hate” someone the last thing I do is spend time with them nor would I watch their dog. The tab’s must have nothing to write about first Jennifer Aniston is “alcoholic” which is BS now this they really need to get new people to write about.

  22. mln76 says:

    Vanessa makes movies of her own with hot French actors. I don’t think she is petty like that at all. I do think they try to keep their professional life separate. I could be wrong but I think that Johnny took his mom to the Oscars last time he was nominated and Vanessa stayed at home.

  23. nnn says:

    # 16

    Thank you ! American mindset is not french.

    French women don’t behave like that and vanessa, besides is very independant.

    Didn’t Johnny told that they use to dine the 4 together during the TOURIST and that his son, Jack often play with Maddoxx. I think so.

    Besides when was the last time that Jolie flirts with a man when she was with another one or dump a man for ….another one ? NEVER.

  24. Sisi says:

    I didn’t see any flirting between JD and AJ during the Golden Globes. The award show was more the PittPorn show. Pitt and Jolie were hanging all over eachother. This story seems nonsense.

  25. MYMY says:

    Just the insinuation that someone might have a problem with Jolie. Watch out. Did it take you very long to find the most unattractive photo of the woman you could? Why not find the best photo of her and the worst of Jolie?
    She did not go to any of the tourist screenings. I was thinking she is not a fan of Jolie. And this story makes me believe it is true. I also noted how Depp stranded away from Jolie at some of the Screenings. Like his wife gave him the 911. I know it when I see it.
    Just like Jolie she looks better with makeup.
    Lots of woman do not trust their mates around woman who like to break up marriages. just the way it is.And Angie so is the sort who flirts with everyone. It is the only way she knows how to interact. I have a friend like this. Sounds very plausible to me.

  26. DGO says:

    I think Vanessa’s gorgeous. I just wish she’d fix her teeth. It’s not a vanity thing, it’s a health issue. It looks like the enamel’s wearing off.

    To the poster who said they spend most of their time in France with the kids, Johnny and Vanessa actually spend most of their time in LA. Very little known fact.

  27. poppy says:

    i hope vanessa cuts a bitch.
    the bottom “comparison” pictures are brutal.
    too funny. i’d like to see the jolie without makeup on for once. always has it on.

  28. LolaBella says:

    Of course she did. 🙄

    I call BS on this story. Perhaps she chose not to go to the Tourist promos because it was a crap movie and nothing could save it. Johnny and Jolie HAD to show up to the Globes after they were both unbelievably nominated.

    Love Vanessa’s Chanel jacket in the first pic!

    Also, I just saw Salt and although I really like Angelina, I have to say that there was nothing sexy about her in that film.

    She looked emaciated and so unattractive in the gray skirtsuit with the blonde hair it was cringeworthy.

    She looked better with the black wig with the bangs.

  29. Crash2GO2 says:

    It sounds plausible to me too. Angie has a well known history of hooking up with her cast mates, married or not. And it seems true that she does not get along with other women. Plus Johnny stayed well away from AJ at all the premieres – so much so that it looked awkward. To say that ‘French women are just not that way’ is too generalist IMO.

  30. daisydoodle says:

    @Rita, you crack me up!

  31. lambchops says:

    French women don’t behave like that? They are never jealous? They don’t have these basic emotions? Please, I’m so sick of the French mystique BS. And yes, despite what the famous book says, they do get fat. I’ve seen plenty of fat french women. French ladies have the same insecurities as any other nationality, they just hide it better. I know plenty of French women whose head would explode if they saw their man flirting with another woman.

  32. Naranja says:


    She actually said herself in an interview that she doesn’t have many friends. I waited to see it reported on here, but it never did:

    My take on it? Mostly BS, but maybe a grain of truth. I think it takes a very secure woman to be able to be friends with not just a stunningly beautiful woman, but one who has, more than once, been speculated to make advances on men, who were otherwise not completely single. And before anyone yells at me, I’m not saying she’s a callous homewrecker. I’m just saying that it has been discussed at length in multiple occasions. Even before Brad Pitt.

    There was a girl who was in my group of friends in college. To say she had a lack of “Girl Code” would be putting it lightly. As soon as she found out one of us was interested in a guy, she would pounce and all of a sudden make it a competition. And if she was interested in a guy and he had a gf, she “followed what her heart was telling her” and actively pursued him. And after the first couple semesters, her only friends were guys. The only reason I stopped being friends with her was because I got tired of her throwing herself at my BF who was not interested (he was a boob man and liked his meat a little darker, and suffice it to say she was very vanilla and had mosquito bites as breasts.)

    But, anywho…There have been rumblings of turmoil in the Depp household for a while now. And she’s always accompanied him to award shows, especially when he’s nominated. So most likely, it’s just that.

  33. DD says:

    Doesn’t Vanessa have plenty of glammed up photos. Why pick one of Vanessa’s worst pictures and pair it up with one of Jolie all glammed up. Talk about trying to make the story plausible by pairing up the worst photo of one and an all glammed up photo of another. Vanessa is gorgeous and there are plenty of easily accessible photos of her beauty, but whenever a story is written about her lately they feel the need to include that one picture.

  34. DD says:

    My take on Jolie is that she is a ferociously loyal person who has few friends. So if she has a good friend, she is probably incredibly loyal to her.

  35. Kaiser says:

    Re: the Jolie & Paradis side-by-side. I didn’t do it, Fame Pictures did.

  36. guesty says:

    “hate-on for Anj” Lol! Totally going for this is probably true.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    I realize Outa Touch has to run the mandatory hate piece on Jolie once a week but this is getting ridiculous.

    I think the ITW editor had this dream scenario in his head during the shooting of Tourist where Angie took the little brown adopted kids and ran off with Depp, leaving Brad free to take the nice little white kids and run back to Jennifer, and he and Jenny-poo and the little white kids all lived together happily ever after in Caucasian bliss. Alas for his blighted hopes, it didn’t happen.

    So now he’s got Vanessa Paradis sulking at home because Angie supposedly dissed her by flirting with her man. GMAFB.

    Vanessa and Johnny Depp have been together for what, 15 years? It’s going to take a lot more than anybody flirting with her guy to break them up.

  38. redlips says:

    Beware of any woman who has NO female friends…..there is certainly a reason, other than choice!

  39. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    ugh!!! Johnny has too much love for his girl to leave VP for AJ.

    If he left VP for anyone, it would be me.

    VP probably was busy with her own career or she was with their children.

  40. Jenny says:

    Wow, so Angelina Jolie likes to “break up marriages”, can’t be trusted and has no friends. So, I guess Joanne Woodward, Lauren Bacall, Rita Wilson, the poor victim Laura Dern (Both Billy Bob and Ben Harper were married when they got with Dern), Julia Roberts, etc., etc., etc, are also horrible and have no friends. People need to move on. We don’t see Jolie every day so we don’t know what her real life is like, so to make assumptions on the lack of “photo” evidence is ridiculous.

    Paradis is a grown woman with a life who does not have childish jealousy of a person her family is friends with.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Caucasian bliss”

    Is that, like, where you live in the suburbs, have 2.5 children, a 401K and golf on the weekends? ‘Cause I’ve never heard the term.

  42. Salem says:

    outta touch weakly AGAIN showing their vendetta against Angelina. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Huvane is paying them to be anti-Angelina. He has done it before.

  43. Salem says:

    There you go again, someone. pretending to dismiss the article, then giving credence to it. You’re so transparent. And PATHETIC. Btw, Angelina has never flirted with taken men. Are you so desperate that you have to outright LIE, as you go along?

    Oh, and Crash2GO2, whats with the OUTRIGHT *LIES* with you, as well? Angelina has never been with a married co-star. There has never been an ounce of proof. Put down the trashloids. She has NEVER been with a married or taken man, co-star or not. Her history attests to this.

  44. Salem says:

    “Once a woman has an affair with a married man and ends up with that married man, she can kiss any female friendship goodbye. It’s that simple.”

    Well, just as well then that Angelina has NEVER had an affair with a married man, but I suggest you are one of those gullible plebs who still believe in the (now debunked) HOAX of an ‘affair’ with Brad.

    Angelina has many female friends, and I could give you a list.

    One thing though,I would rather trust a woman who is close with her family; her mother, her father, her brother and other relatives. Than one who treats her own MOTHER like SH*T. Pretends her half-brother doesn’t exist, and NEVER has Thanksgiving or Christmas with her folks. But instead, has them with complete strangers or fellow celeb gal pals she only became besties with a month before. NEVER trust someone who isn’t close with their family and doesn’t acknowledge them.

  45. redlips says:

    The word “never” is a very strong word…

  46. Bailey says:

    VP is a beautiful woman, but that picture wearing plaid, I nearly jumped out of my seat. Is that picture intentional?
    she kind of looks like Eileen Wourmous.

  47. Salem says:

    MYMY, such bs. Angelina has NEVER broken up ANY marriage. That was EXPOSED as a HOAX ages ago. Do catch up.

    “She did not go to any of the tourist screenings.”

    Read above. She is packed full to the brim with concerts. And she never goes to JD’s screenings, anyway.

    “I was thinking she is not a fan of Jolie.”

    Because thats what you DESPERATELY *want* to believe.

    “And this story makes me believe it is true.”

    You’d believe ANY negative story about Angelina is true, because its what you WANT to believe. Like FFers, you nuts believe any trashloid story that fits your sick agenda of hate.

    “I also noted how Depp stranded away from Jolie at some of the Screenings.”

    Lol, because nutters like you will read things into it, like “look how close they are together! I bet they are definitely banging each other!” Thats what screwball b*tches like you would think. Now its, “Oh VP told him to have some distance”. No matter what she does, she can’t win with Female First conspiracy theorist NUTTERS like you.

    And she is certainly NOT known for being a flirt. Get your facts straight. Then again, lying is the only way you can justify your warped version of reality. It really is sick how people are so fixated in believing what they want to believe, that they actually create LIES as they go along, to justify themselves.

  48. MrsOdie2 says:

    I think the Depps and Angelina probably had a friendly but distant working relationship, got along fine on set, and would never talk to each other again if they didn’t run into each other. The way that you don’t keep up with everyone you ever work with because life is busy. Oh, and Angelina has no female friends, and any married woman who would let her husband be “friends” with her is an idiot.

  49. Runs with Scissors says:

    thank you Salem.

  50. Cheyenne says:

    Yo, redlips — didn’t you say you were never going to post on a J-P thread again?

  51. Salem says:

    take on Jolie is that she is a ferociously loyal person who has few friends. So if she has a good friend, she is probably incredibly loyal to her.

    Exactly DD. You don’t need to surround yourself with 50 ‘besties’ to prove anything. All it proves is that you are a hanger-on with no TRUE close friends. Rather like Facebook, where having 300/500+ ‘Friends’ means you are popular and anything less than 200 means you are a loser. Its so petty and immature. But thats girls; most of them are petty bitches. Its why I and many other women prefer the PLATONIC company of men. Women are our own worst enemies; bitching, bullying, competiting etc etc. No one cuts down a woman, quicker than a woman. With the male gender, its all very simple. No back-biting, no bitching, no gossiping, no competing. Men make much better friends. I have a few close females. And these women, I would take a bullet for. But mostly, I, like many intellectual women, get along much better with men. I can’t be bothered with back-biting spiteful bimbos, and thats what a lot of women are. A complete waste of time. Angelina has always come across to me as a straight shooter: one who doesn’t play games and likes to be with people she can trust with all her heart and soul. Has no time for the GAMES us women play. Women like that are far too mature for the general bitchiness that encompasses being a girl today. As I said, men make much better friends and confidantes.

  52. Salem says:

    Poppy; “i’d like to see the jolie without makeup on for once. always has it on.” lol, most trashloids post the WORST pictures POSSIBLE of Angelina. It is nice, for a CHANGE, to see Angelina represented nicely. It makes for a nice CHANGE.

  53. Salem says:

    Redlips, good thing then, that Angelina DOES have friends then, isn’t it? Beware of those who call their mother a Disease and treat their family like sh*t, and as if they DON’T EXIST. How one treats their mother and family is the mark of the person. Women who have no respect for their family, have NO *true* friends.

  54. Salem says:

    Lemuria, you are COMPLETELY off base with your ignorance about Angelina. She is a moral woman who is well-respected. Put down your trashloid, and THINK for YOURSELF. The only thing evil, is YOUR black heart.

  55. Raven says:

    Anyone who believes this can look at my swampland for sale in Florida. Paradis is private. She doesn’t attend those types of events unless she has to. Add to that, the fact that she was working. Honestly, most of the stuff in these rags is made up over coffee or drinks.

  56. serena says:

    She’s a freak, poor Johnny all alone.. sigh

  57. Salem says:

    MrsOdie2; “Oh, and Angelina has no female friends”

    YES, she DOES have female friends, she been photographed with several, so quit your lying. Then again, even if she didn’t have any female friends, insecure jealous bitches like you are THE reason why. Bitches like you make the WORST friends.

    “and any married woman who would let her husband be “friends” with her is an idiot.”

    Why? She’s never posed any harm to a married woman. Its a fact that she has never been involved with married men. Anyone that would want to be friends with a neurotic harpie bitter twisted housewife like you would be an idiot. You’d be stabbing them in the back and gossiping the minute they you were out of their site. Women like you are the reason women will never get on with their own gender.

  58. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Salem: We are talking about a woman who slept with her own mother’s boyfriend. Get real. Save your righteous indignation for someone who deserves it. Sheesh.

  59. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “NEVER trust someone who isn’t close with their family and doesn’t acknowledge them.”

    whoa…JUST WHOA there a minute. I know a few people for whom their friends ARE their family because their blood relations are extremely toxic (yes, a “disease”) to their well being. for you to claim that ANYONE in that position isn’t trustworthy is unfair.

    don’t make such blanket statements, please.

    EDIT: since you keep claiming it…WHO are her friends? I’m not claiming she doesn’t have any, but you say she has a LOT and you can “give us a list” and “she’s been photographed with several”.

    personally, I don’t hear of her having GFs, but admittedly, I don’t follow her every move or read every story about her. the only pics I ever see of her are on here or Dlisted, and they’re usually of her w/Pitt or her kids, or on one of her humanitarian missions. Which are, quite honestly, when she looks her happiest (helping others).

    I admit it…I’m actually curious to know who her friends are!

  60. December says:

    Salem, with all do respect, please shut up now.

    I love how you think that you’re the “expert” on Angelina Jolie. You don’t know her, nor have met her and hung out with her.

    Stop putting other people down just because they happen to not agree that your Angelina Jolie is 100% perfect, or have opinions that differ from you.

    I would love you to list all of Angelina Jolie’s female friends, like you claim you can do. Please, enlighten us all.

    Suddenly I miss Love Angelina. At least she doesn’t try to put down other people on the comment board just because they might not like Angelina Jolie.

  61. Salem says:

    Crash2GO2, I cannot BELIEVE that you actually BELIEVE that; it was debunked by another trashloid writer. Angelina DID NOT sleep with her mother’s boyfriend. At the time, she was living with her OWN boyfriend! That piece of GARBAGE from that book was roundly condemned and I can post several articles to it. Even her brother had denounced it. But of course, the trashloids only printed it when her mother was DEAD, so she wasn’t ther to DEFEND herself or her daughter.

    I’ve read several of your posts, some are really good. I NEVER would have taken you for the type to actually be TAKEN IN BY, *trashloid BULLSH*T! Seriously, what is wrong with you? Do you know how stupid and gullible you sound? Any idiot could see that bs was garbage. Which was by the way, why the book FLOPPED. I suggest you stop believing everythinhg you read and DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR SOURCES. You’ve just made a fool of yourself. Even the FemaleFirsters didn’t believe that, for beeps sake. Seriously, you should be embarrassed. I cannot believe YOU actually bought that????

  62. Salem says:

    Hilarious how some make excuses for someone who truly WAS the victim of an affair.

    But then turn around and quote the most debunked outcasts of trashloid ‘book’ writers; Ian I-had-gay-sex-with-Michael-Jackson-17-times Halperin and Morton I-did-a-hatchet-job-on-Diana-and-make-money-writing-slanderous-books-for-payola.

    Such contradictions. Way to ruin your reputation on here. I *still* can’t BELIEVE you actually BELIEVED that bs about the mother’s boyfriend. Seriously, there are no words for how I feel sorry for you. I have a statue in NY I can sell you; $10. I just can’t believe you actually bought that, when no one else did. roflmao! Talk about epic FAIL!

  63. happygirl says:

    @ Rita – again, thank you for the constant entertainment!

    @ Crash2GO2 – Agree with all you’ve said

    @ JD’s Girl – LOL! Agreed =)

    EDIT – @ December – THANK you.

  64. redlips says:

    @Salem…”I can give you a list of her female friends”. Then please provide it! “She does have female friends. She has been photographed with several”. Then please, provide ALL of us the links to “said” photographs!

  65. DD says:

    @Salem – I agree with what you say about Jolie but then you go and contradict yourself by dragging someone else down, over-generalizing about their relationships and what they are photographed doing or not to make Aniston seem like a bad person. I think they are both decent people with different personalities and there is no reason to hate on one just to like/defend the other.

    Also I don’t like when females put the female gender down, saying they are mostly catty and stuff. As a female I have a few extremely good girlfriends and that’s all I need. I have no idea why women are perceived as catty, maybe because those kind of women never gravitated towards me. I don’t think that men give better friendships just because women are supposedly back stabbers. Most men that have befriended me thought I would eventually sleep with them. Stereotyping is bad and probably ends up colouring our experiences. Think about that.

  66. Salem says:

    Praise St Angie! (another hater, since the ONLY people who have ever called her a saint are the haters), when a mother who carried you for 9 months, raised you as a single parent and did nothing to you but be there for you is cut out from your life, then YES, there IS something wrong with that person. Also someone who cuts out their own siblings for no reason.

    “for you to claim that ANYONE in that position isn’t trustworthy is unfair.”

    Oh, but its ok for some to claim that just because someone isn’t a girly girl means they’re are not trustworthy, is OK, right? There is such hypocrisies and double-standards on here. I LIKE how ONE is ok, but not the other. I was merely RESPONDING to those who made blnaket statements FIRST. How about you put your standards where you mouth is, and go off at THEM, and only then go off at me? Thank you.

    Holly, Marianne Pearl, several of her female co-stars in the industry; I shall get a bigger list and get back to you.

  67. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Salem: Please calm down. I haven’t read any books or tabloids, I heard it from a source I trusted to be solid. Right now, you are not coming across as quite ‘all together’ if you know what I mean. But if you say it is untrue, than OK. Whatever. Anything to stop the foaming.

    I am waiting along with everyone else for a list of AJ’s close female friends. I really am curious.

  68. Salem says:

    Then, Crash2GO2, your source is as solid as water. Because that rumour ONLY surfaced FROM the book written. Everyone else got it from that book. And that book, has been widely derided by others. So, as you said to me, “save your righteous indignation”. And I suggest you re-consider your ‘sources’ in future. Because that story is now infamous as an example of the bs trashloids push out. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of the book, since THAT is where it initially came from. And no one, not even the FFers, believe it or not, would touch it with a 10-foot pole, which should tell you something.

  69. Kaiser says:

    Salem – I like Angelina Jolie too, but you’re not bringing people over to The Jolie Dark Side by attacking everyone and being psychotic. Settle down. This is a warning. Take it down a few notches.

  70. Amandahugandkiss says:

    @Salem – I’m an intellectual woman and I have loads of women for friends. I freaking love women.

    All of us tend to taper our experiences to fit our prejudices (ie men who think women are crazy bitches seem to only date/marry crazy bitches). Perhaps, and I do mean this in the nicest way- perhaps you should be looking for women in other places, such as book groups, grad school, mentor programs, charities, etc.

    If you act on prejudices, you end up being the one missing out. You’re cutting yourself off from potential friendships with 50% of the population!

    I hope you find some bad ass mamas to hang out with. Boys aren’t nearly as much fun to have a glass of wine with! 🙂

  71. Praise St. Angie! says:

    salem, dear…I am not a “hater” (FFS, are you 12?) If you’ve read ANY of my posts on here, you’d know I’m not a “hater”.

    My name is an homage to MichaelK at Dlisted. get over yourself.

    “YES, there IS something wrong with that person. Also someone who cuts out their own siblings for no reason.”

    for “no reason”? so, now you know Aniston as well as you know Jolie? how do YOU know what the reasons are? how do you know what her relationship with her mother was like? jesus, you must lead a very sheltered life if you’ve never met someone who’s family is not good for them. Does Lindsay Lohan ring a bell?

    “but its ok for some to claim that just because someone isn’t a girly girl means they’re are not trustworthy, is OK, right?”

    WTF are you talking about? who on here has EVER said that? and about WHO? like some others on here, you seem to be projecting things you read on other sites onto posters on here.

    my advice to you?

    take a valium. or two.

  72. Salem says:

    Kaiser; “I like Angelina Jolie too”

    “Jolie Dark Side”

    Why do people say they like someone, or are neutral, but then go and show the exact opposite?

    You asked me to bring it down a notch or 2, and I did. I simply explained where I was coming from. This ‘setup’ was rather obvious. I wasn’t given a chance, even when I calmed down. Yet others can tell me to shut up and get nasty with me. I’m not given a chance. What a complete set-up.

    Edit: May I get into contact with a moderator, please?

  73. Solveig says:

    Actually in an interview with the Italian cinema magazine “Ciak” Von Donnersmark said that there would’ve been a sex scene between the two. But he later (during The Tourist Rome’s photo call) said that it wasn’t true to the very same journalist who interviewed him for Ciak, and Johnny said that the only shower sex scene filmed was the one between him and Christian De Sica…

  74. Kaiser says:

    Say goodbye to Salem, everyone.

  75. Celine says:

    Doubt if it has anything to do with Angie, but I agree that the signs have been pointing to trouble in Depp-Paradis for awhile now. Even is she was touring or filming, pretty much all productions stop for the major awards season.

    Then, consider Depp signing up for movie after movie, selling a small part of their property (to Keira Knightley?) in France, and “renting” their yacht (more likely trying to sell it) – needing money to finance his production company or to give 50% to VP?

    Then, the rumors of his affair with Marion Cotillard and VP fooling around as well.

  76. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Kaiser: “Say goodbye to Salem, everyone.”

    Oh, MAN. I was so looking forward to that list and pictures too.

    Bye Salem. Nice erm….being ranted at by you.

  77. jen says:

    AJ has always been a skank, doesn’t matter how many babies she adopts, she’ll STILL be a skank.

  78. DD says:

    I never will understand the emotional charge some people have for celebrities that gets them so riled up that they seem like they are defending a close family member from certain death.

  79. Anon73 says:

    another reminder : that while there are many beautiful women in France, Vanessa Paradis is not one of them. Mr Depp if you are going for scritchy looking ladies with bad teeth, i am available ; -))

  80. happygirl says:

    ***Waves good-bye to Salem***

    @ Crash2GO2 – Me too!! 😉

  81. Kaiser says:

    Haha, I am the moderator. *giggling*

  82. Crash says:

    Yes. The bottom picture of VP is pretty bad but the one on top with the darker hair is VERY pretty. Eh, we all have bad days. As for AJ flirting with anything in pants? I totally believe it. She will need that constant validation until the day she dies. She always was, still is and always will be a narcissist to her very core. There is definately something mentally wrong with her. I don’t think VP has anything to worry about. Depp was very careful to stand far away from AJ in every picture I saw taken of them on their promo tour! Cracked me up. As for the overly gushing manner in which Depp spoke about AJ? Hit me as kind of “off”. Like he was over compensating.

  83. DD says:

    @Anon73: You have to admit though, that Vanessa is one incredibly secure woman. Do you know how easy it is for Vanessa to get rid of the gap between her teeth, which is really her only apparent flaw? It’s basic dentistry to cover that up and she snagged JD and is a sexy pop star without resorting to what is such a simple fix. She probably feels that gap is part of her identity and embraces it. That is character.
    And the lengths other celebrities go through for what they perceive to be their flaws. I admire that about her.

  84. gypsy says:

    Think vanessa looks cute in the plaid shirt, and i love her hair in that pic, beach hair. This is how real people look when they are relaxing at home and not being a “star”.

  85. melinda says:

    Bye Salem! What a wacko!

  86. emine says:

    Finally silence on this thread…hahaha

  87. Kim says:

    So Vanessa hates Angie but has no problem having Angie over for dinner several times according to Johnny and Angie in several interviews. GMAB. AJ has never said she didn’t have any female friends. She was asked by Dr Gupta if she discusses the life stories she hears from refugees with her friends, She said no with brad and her family and “I don’t have a lot of friends”. I know she mentioned most of her friends are not in show business. Dr Jane Aronsen, Marianne Pearl, Holly Goline, Christiane Amonpour etc.I just heard Janet Jackson tell Larry King that she doesn’t have a lot of friends she has associates.

  88. coexxi says:

    Wow… this is a little bit crazy. Salem may have been over the top in the end but it also looked a little bit like baiting at a certain point. Kaiser I have seen it in the last few days more often than usual that you just ban people because they don’t agree enough with you. Eg. the Nicole Kidman story. What gives?

    Other than that: I love my girlfriends, with some I’m close since school but there sad enough quite some women can’t get on with other women. I always feel a little bit sorry for women or girls who have no female friends because they miss out so much fun and you also can learn so much from each other. With male friends there is another perspective so you can’t really compare these friendships. The VP story I don’t WANT to believe, because I don’t want to believe that Vanessa is that insecure.

  89. nnn says:

    This Angelina has no friends is one of the biggest stupidity ever used.

    Has Vanessa friends ? She also said years ago that she dooesn’t have female friends, so what ?

    Did Bullock has friends ? where are they ? since i never see her with friends, let alone female friendsc she probably hasn’t friends and that tells a lot about her, right ? Nobody is flaunting their friends, especially if they are not from Hollywood, except if you are single and surround yourself with pals, like you do when you are 20 something. hell even Britney, never seen her with a friend, even when she was younger.

    Jolie said during the GG, that it was a date time and an opportunty to see friends they root for and don’t often see because they are abroad, naming David Fincher, as one of those. They were in Namibia staying in a place own by a couple they described as long time friends.

    What other actress, bar jennifer Aniston has spoken or show one of their friends ? None. So 99 % of Hollywood are worse than Jolie and don’t have friends, right ?

    BTW, when i said french women don’t behave like that, i meant, french women don’t sulk in such situation like that and au contraire, if she felt something, she would have gone with Johnny, not hide. And again, Johnny not Jolie said that during the Tourist, at some point vanessa and kids came and the 4 adults often dine together while the kids, especially Jack and Maddox used to play together.

  90. Solveig says:

    I don’t like to talk to someone who can’t reply, but Salem, those rabid fans who act and talk like stalkers do aren’t exactly Angelina’s friends.


    January 21st, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    Beware of any woman who has NO female friends…..there is certainly a reason, other than choice!


    I beg to differ, redlips. There are loads of reasons in women not having female friends, not all of those reasons are due to bad attitudes.
    Of course I don’t know AJ personally so I can’t say what her case is.

  91. Rita says:


    I’m glad to see you brought it today. I feel silly worrying about you last week but you can obviously hold your own with the Alpha Bitches (that’s Alpha, not Alphalpha).

    I hate to see these ladies get banned especially when they feel like they weren’t being treated fairly. Kaiser went above and beyond with a warning so kudos to our Alpha Alpha but I hope the ban is just temporary. We’re all no different than little kids. Some of us just need a little more discpline than otheers to behave ourselves at the next party. Love to all, especially you Salem.

  92. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    Introducing.. the @Salem blog… starring… @Salem and her opinions…

    bloody righteous muppet….

    blinking Robespierre of the message boards…

  93. Louise says:

    I guess nobody reads and watches interviews with the stars but prefer to believe tabloids. I doubt people will care about the facts but Johnny has said many times that they hung out as both couples and families. LOL that the haters believe every tabloid story just to bash Angelina. Also I don’t follow Johnny closely but Vanessa doesn’t attend a lot of premiers and awards shows. This was even before The Tourist.

  94. Shy says:

    I think that she didn’t come because Johnny DOESN’T BRING HER ANYWHERE with him. I honestly can’t remember quick a picture of Johnny and his wife at some events and awards.

    You always see other celebrities with their wifes. But Johnny doesn’t bring her too often.

  95. Me says:

    Wow. That Salem chick made the thread interesting, but seriously you can disagree with people without getting personal.

    Otherwise I’m of no real opinion on the AJ – VP smackdown. I highly doubt there is any bad blood based on what little I’ve read about it.

  96. EJ says:

    Very bad picture of Vanessa not fair 🙂 she is more beautiful 🙂

  97. Crash2GO2 says:

    @nnn: “BTW, when i said french women don’t behave like that, i meant, french women don’t sulk in such situation like that and au contraire, if she felt something, she would have gone with Johnny, not hide.”

    There you go making generalizations again. And then you make a statement about what VP would have done if she felt that way, as if you knew her personally.

  98. jemshoes says:

    @ Rita

    (I hope you’ll get to read this!)

    You rock! It’s nice of you to put things into perspective with your usual graciousness and sense of humour. xo

  99. Liana says:

    kaiser, can you put me in touch with a moderator? Maybe that kaiser person?

    Damn, Salem was over the top. You can state your opinions without resorting to ugliness towards others.

  100. scarlett17 says:

    Somebody said something about a “Girl Code.” Honey, you make me laugh, ’cause you’re sure not a Southern Girl. Let me tell you, until it says Mr. & Mrs. on the checks, it’s anybody’s game and sometimes even marriage doesn’t matter. Every boyfriend I ever had was someone’s else’s boyfriend first! I took my husband away from the girl he’d been dating for 4 years! However, us Dixie Chicks are far more sneaky. We don’t put public moves on men…we wait til the girlfriend turns her back!!!! Shark’s in the water!!! Having said all that, I wouldn’t go after Johnny if I already had Brad Pitt. Johnny is not married to his raggedy little baby-mama, so come on ladies! Get rid of that stupid “Girl Code” and give MADEMOISELLE Paradis a run for her money!!!

  101. Rita says:


    Graciousness? For a minute I thought you were talking to me LOL. Luv to Miss “Ruby Shoes”.

  102. Zelda says:

    I think if Paradis was concerned about something going on between Jolie and her husband, shoe WOULD be at those events.

  103. Naranja says:

    @Scarlett177 Julie!? Is that you??…

    Just kidding. Sooo, according to this entire thread:

    1) Women from France are superhumans who don’t get jealous or insecure about any man, EVER?

    2) Women from the South are conniving bitches who have no moral compass when it comes to men?

    That sound correct? Yeah, I’m not buying it. Maybe “Girl Code” is the wrong phrase…Maybe…”Being a Decent Human Being…Code?”

    And I actually went to school in the South…can’t say this was the norm, but maybe I was just in the good part. And Kaiser, I know you’re a Southern girl..please explain to this Northern Aggressor…is this really how it’s done in the “South?” In which case, LeAnn Rimes should probably just move there.

  104. Liana says:

    Glad I’m a Brooklyn girl with a moral code.

    Anyway, I sincerely doubt Salem was banned for her opinions. Salem was banned for being horrifically evil to other people here and calling them all sorts of disgusting misogynistic names because they didn’t agree with HER, effectively breaking the rule on harrassment, extreme negativity, and bullying of others. No one baited her, she was a profane little word demon all on her own.

  105. SuperSleuth says:

    I don’t have a lot of close female friends, but I treasure those select few that I have. I don’t get to spend a great deal of time with them, but when it has been longer than it should be and I’m starting to get moody, my husband makes sure that I have some girl time. That’s because he is one smart cookie. He knows that after some time with my gals, and all the oxytocin starts flowing and I come home, I’m coming home in a great frame of mind and that can only mean good things for him.;) Seriously,though, we need our female friendships. You know the euphoria you have after you’ve spent some quality time catching up and laughing with your gal pals? I hope Angie has those, because if she doesn’t, she is truly missing out on something very valuable.

  106. Liana says:

    supersleuth, you are so right. I was getting antsy and my husband sent me out to dinner with my friends Emma and Allie. I’m a new woman now. All it took was 2 glasses of wine, some pasta, and major laughs.

  107. Trippin says:

    I think VP just doesn’t like the movie scene and awards shows are soooo boring.

  108. SuperSleuth says:

    I know, Liana, it works wonders! You can’t beat girl-time!

  109. scarlett17 says:

    Yes, Ma’am, we are conniving bitches, only we spell it with a big “B”. All is fair in love and war, my naive little northern girls. But, please, don’t be so upset. I don’t know what school you went to, 103, but you sound like someone who was shot down…don’t be bitter and don’t be haters, everybody! Personally, I wouldn’t go after a married guy, but unmarried men are fair game and that’s as “moral” as I ever want to be…or used to be, until I got snagged. But, I had my fun, didn’t give a damn what any other chick thought and slept like a baby! Ha! Ha! Ha! I think Lee Ann Rimes is a Southern girl, but I don’t really know.

  110. Sami says:

    Liana, you have no idea. Coexxi is completely correct.

  111. Liana says:

    I have no idea about what? I don’t know if people were banned for their participation in other threads. There may have been an ulterior motive for banning Salem, but the banning was deserved for the nasty personal attacks alone. Adults can control what they type. Adults can exhibit a modicum of class and rise above when baited.

    And Scarlett – I’m not naive, just clearly a nicer person than one of your ilk. Not even sure I’m buying your act anyway.

  112. Sami says:

    And you don’t think others made personal attacks on me? Going by your posts, you are no different. You make personal attacks.

  113. beanie says:

    Paradis seriously dislikes the red carpet. She finds it “stressful” and “weird”. That makes her normal. She says, “I find it strange that people get dressed up after a week’s worth of beauty prep to walk down a rug of pre-determined hue to pose for mobs of photographers while pulling shapes they practice at home in the mirror. I would laugh my Neil Lane earrings off if, in another life, I had to perform such a ritual,” She goes on to say, “The red carpet is really not something that I know how to work. It intimidates me. I feel very tiny.” She hates Hollywood. Smart girl.

  114. Celine says:

    What actress/singer trying to advance her career would skip the opportunity to appear at a major award show? For selfish reasons alone, you’d think VP would be there. Plus, JD could probably have used some support after the Gervais ambush and losing after being nominated twice. Something else is going on.

  115. Camille says:

    🙄 Just another way to bash AJ. Yep AJ really is evil incarnate isn’t she. The devil him/herself perhaps? 😆

    I hope Johnny Depp and Paradis don’t split up, because you just know that the tabloids will blame AJ for it. 🙄

  116. Jag says:

    Wow, look at the body language in that photo of Angelina and Johnny; I totally believe the report. He couldn’t be trying more to not be near Angelina if he were running away from her. lol What’s with all of these insecure women regarding Angelina? Angie is apparently happy with Brad, so why would she go for anyone else’s man anyway? I’d love to have the power over men that Angelina allegedly has… I’d rule the world. lol

  117. JenJen says:

    @scarlett17- Please do not act like you represent Southern women in ANY WAY. BTW, I have never known a Southern girl that does not know her Country music, Leann was born in Mississippi and grew up in Texas.

  118. Sami says:

    Beanie, I LOVE that quote! And she’s right. I guess thats also why Angelina hates red carpets too and usually arrives very late/last and goes over to the fans and heads straight in. She also hates all that fluff. I think by what I’ve read that Angelina and Vanessa have a lot in common.

  119. sakyiwaa says:

    i find it weird when people (like redlips above) think just because AJ is not PHOTOGRAPHED with other woman that she has NO friends.
    first, she’s has been photographed with other women…just not famous women.
    second, just because you are photographed with someone doesn’t mean you’re BFFs. it could be a photo op.
    third, I’ve come to realize that friendships or the art of making and Sustaining friends is such an intricate art that needs work, time, sacrifice etc. how can a woman with six kids possibly find the time and energy for that. just think about what you have to do with your friends and see if you can get up to all that adventure with a life as busy as AJ’s. be objective …

  120. sakyiwaa says:

    plus, i don’t even think Aj is interested in JD. not even remotely.
    and regarding friends, Jolie looks like the type that’s into deeper ties, ergo the type of friends you can bare your soul to and be crazy with without fear of judgment…barring that, I’m sure even I would put up a wall to protect myself too. she’s strong but even the strongest things can have fragile components.
    but hey…i guess the simple question is: how many self-absorbed famous HW women (Gywneth, Madonna, Julia, Catherine Zeta, etc)BFFs would any of you bitches have as BFFS if you were that way?

  121. JJ says:

    Well everybody, it is officially OVER between Johny and Vanessa!! They announced it publically via their publicicts. So, I have been keeping some info on the down for a long time, but now that it is out that they are finished I will spill. JD and VP have been seperated for about a year. They were arguing all the time. VP accussed Depp of sleeping with Jolie but he really didn’t. They had screaming fights over VP’s distrust issues. That is why VP and JD have not been on a red carpet together for over a year. VP found out Johnny Depp was really sleeping with Amber Heard from the Rum Diarys film and that was the final straw. JD and VP did not want to hurt their children so they waited as long as possible to publically admit that they were indeed seperated.They simply drifted apart and the spark had gone. They kept trying to “fix” things but when it’s over it is just over.Really, no other female is to blame,not even Amber. JD told Amber that he was single when they hooked up, but Vanessa still got very upset that he moved on so quickly and she realised that johnny’s relationship with Amber had been going on when they were supposedly trying to patch things up. A long term relationship of 14 years is hard to just cut off comepletly. all the finger pointing is just silly. It is really complicated especiallly when kids are involved,but that’s life!