Sharon Stone is the newest cougar

Sharon Stone is a lady I would have always described as a cougar – long before she started dating a 24-year-old. There’s something about her long nails, penchant for fur, and generally abrasive personality that says, “I eat living creatures for snacks – and I prefer it that way.” But now it turns out Stone is the other kind of cougar – the kind that dates ridiculously young men as some sort of status symbol. Luckily for the poor fellow in question, it doesn’t sound like it’s too serious on either side.

Sharon Stone’s current love interest is half her age — and that hasn’t stopped him from bragging about her to all of his friends. “I’ve started dating Sharon Stone, and she’s pretty good for 50,” Chase Dreyfous, 24, told his pals at a birthday party at Crown Bar on August 8 in LA.

“Sharon called him and he showed the caller ID to everyone,” adds an insider. The unlikely pair, who met in early July while working together on Sharon’s charity, Planet Hope, were first spotted getting cozy at a party thrown by fashion designer Christian Audigier on August 2 in LA.

“She’s really into him and even asked him to come with her to Mexico,” the insider says. Sharon was married to media mogul Phil Bronstein for six years before they divorced in early 2004. Chase and Sharon stepped out at Christian Audigier’s “white party,” which was held to celebrate the birthday of Christian’s wife, Ira.

[From In Touch]

Yeah, she’s pretty good for fifty because she drinks the blood of three twelve-year-olds in a fruit-based cocktail every morning. I’m telling you Chase, be wary. I am absolutely certain she’s just watching over you before she bites into your neck. Calling Sharon Stone a cougar is easily the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about her. There is no way that woman is as maternal and loving as a cougar would be. She’s not even as kind as a black widow spider. If she tries to get you take out a life insurance policy with her as the beneficiary, run. I’ve seen all this in Lifetime movies, and I’m telling you now, it’s not going anywhere good.

Who wouldn’t want to date this fine thing? Here’s Stone on Friday. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Sharon,tsk, tsk… Never date little boys, they can’t keep their mouths shut.

  2. mrs favre says:

    I actually know someone that dated her and he said she is truely crazy

  3. vdantev says:

    Hack writers who use the term ‘cougar’ to refer to these withered old mummies that latch onto younger men in some vain attempt to cling to their fading youth should be beaten to death with their own laptops.

    It was cute for the first 90 seconds before E! turned it into another f*cking reality show.

  4. Kaiser says:

    That poor bastard. He’s going to be lucky to get out of the relationship with his peen intact.

    Another funny write-up, Jaybird. 🙂

  5. Rhianna says:

    Watch out, from what Sharon says Karma’s a bitch. I only hope it bitch-slaps her and HARD!

    Am I the only one that finds it absurd that a woman who stated the dead in China deserved it as punishment for their government is wearing a shirt with a peace emblem that says Love?

  6. princess says:

    She just down right scares the crap out of me.

  7. CandyKay says:

    Um, when was the last time she actually made a movie?

  8. Orangejulius says:

    Hmmm. I wouldn’t say “No” to a hot 24 year old right now… If both parties are into it, why not?

  9. Syko says:

    I’m glad the term “cougar” wasn’t around back when I was 51 and dating a 24 year old. It was just some good times for us both, we shared a love of music and movies and we had a lot of fun.

    The sex was pretty awesome too. 😉

  10. Laura says:

    I agree Orangejulius,

    She may be stupid with politics but, she’s 50 not dead. If she wants a little hot thing…More power to ya!!

  11. queenie says:

    As a young woman looking to her 30’s and onwards as being incredibly productive on many levels, I really resent the label “cougar” being placed on older women as though they are somehow predatory…are men scared shitless of women who have lived through many experiences and are no longer so easily manipulated by them? If women in their 40’s who are dating younger men are “cougars”, then I would have to say older men dating much younger women are “perverts”.

  12. Granger says:

    I could care less who Sharon dates or how old he is. I just find her frightening! She’s seriously close to tying Janice Dickinson for Underfed and Overcrazy Woman of the Year, in my books.

  13. jaundicemachine says:

    Warning! Digression! My best friend’s mother is going to be 50 this month, and her live-in boyfriend is 21. My bestest is the youngest of two, and she’s 24. My bestest’s boyfriend will be 23 in a matter of days . . .

    I try not to get holier-than-thou in relationships, especially when age is concerned (my boyfriend is a full 9 years older than myself, so I’ve got to endure clever little names like “gold-digger” and “electra”) but dating someone younger than your own children? Ew! Especially since the bestest’s mother has all the maternal qualities of house plant. She’s probably one of the most selfish people I’ve ever had the bad fortune to meet. And it’s a shame because her daughter is so lovely. . .

    What were we talking about? Oh Sharon Stone. Yeah, I have to admit that her relationship sounds too Oedipedal for my liking, but then again, I am a bit prejudiced. I guess if they enjoy each other’s company as adults (and there aren’t any children to gross out) then I guess it’s all hunky-dory.

  14. Guillermo says:

    To cougar or not to cougar, that is the question… Maybe when you reach a certain stage in life, and this goes for both sexes, you should have evolved beyond a fixation on your genitals? Rather than being “liberating,” isn’t this kind of robotic? It’s like saying, “I’m going to use what I have while I have it, and then when it’s gone, I’ll just throw myself on the junkheap.”

    Interesting how feminism reduces women to mere body parts destined to be replaced by younger bodies… While only Christianity gives them a soul and worth beyond their physical attributes. Yet so many modern women can’t see this obvious trick.

  15. Syko says:

    I’m a little insulted at the insinuation that older women are dating just to have sex, and that possibly they should give the whole thing up and become nuns.

    Amazingly, libidos live past the age of 40. And even more amazingly, not everyone dates just to have sex. You can enjoy the company of the opposite sex in many enjoyable ways – dancing, concerts, day trips, movies, plays, cooking, even shopping. After my divorce, I almost always dated younger men, and it wasn’t only for sex. Sex would probably be better with someone older and more seasoned anyway. It’s just that I’ve always had a somewhat youthful attitude, and given the choice between dating someone in his 30s who liked to go dancing and someone in his 50s who liked to sit around and bitch and moan and get me to wait on him, I picked the 30-something every time. I’d taken care of others all my life, and I enjoyed the freedom of not needing to take care of the guy I was dating, while he enjoyed the freedom of dating a woman who could pay her own way and wasn’t desperately trying to get him to marry her. I had a good time with the younger men. And the older men were too busy trying to get 20-somethings to date them to even ask me out.

    I never was fixated on my genitals. Oh yes, I used them and enjoyed them immensely. But now that I am no longer dating, I don’t feel like I’ve been thrown on a trash heap to be replaced by younger women. I feel like I’ve evolved into someone who is supremely happy with her own company, who had a great time and still enjoys life to the fullest.

    I’d still date if anyone interesting asked me out. But I’m not looking for it, I’m totally content as I am.

  16. stellapurdy says:

    My only question is why is she wearing the blue blockers and how can she possibly think they look good?

  17. drm says:

    Shouldn’t that be “oldest cougar” or “grossest cougar” or even “scariest cougar” jaybird? Or how about most “over-exposed cougar”…

    Sorry I got carried away 😉

  18. daisy424 says:

    Syko, you forgot to mention how great the org@sms are over the age of 40. 😉

  19. jaundicemachine says:

    I’m sorry Syko, I wasn’t insinuating there was anything wrong with it per se, but in the case of my best friend’s mother – she is truly a piece of fucking work, regardless of who she happens to be dating. Her relationship with her boy-toy is no mere fling, they are in a “serious relationship”, and “she” (her daughter) is “just jealous, because she’ll never find an attractive man.” Yeah, I had to do a lot of damage control after that email. Vile woman.
    (We reason that in her case, men her age are sick of her bullshit and manipulative power plays, so she targeted someone ‘green’ who would satiate her ego without putting up much of a fuss. This woman . . . is truly horrible.)

  20. craig says:

    Oh sharon!!! Those teeth!!! Eewch!!

  21. CushyGirl says:

    Courteney,Sharon,Liv & Drew…listen up This seems to be the year of the COUGAR GIRL with the new series coming out. I can’t wait, it will be so great to see this new show COUGAR TOWN, I’m hoping it will be kinda like “Desperate Housewives only with all SexyCougars! Hail to the Cougar Girls out here. Just a quik FYI, I found the coolest Cougar t-shirts (thanks Brandie for telling me about this website) they have lots of really nice stuff there, I mention it here because they do sell cougar girl t-shirts.Anyway, I think Cougars are women who refuse to let age define their sexuality.I’m for that at 39

  22. cgrhuntr says:

    I think she is hot and sexy grrrrrr!!!

  23. Efrain says:

    I like this actress a lot. I find her so attractive for 50. I think this lady has no age. She is completeley ageless.
    I wish I could meet her and at least be her friend. She played a role as Ginger,in Martin Scorses 1995 film Casino. I love that movie by the way.

  24. Efrain says:

    Ey Sharon,am a 25 yr.old texas guy wishing to meet and date you. Please give me a call. Cell 566-4936. I wish I could call you GInger. May I?
    I love You.
    Area code (956)

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