What actor should be cast as creepy/hot Julian Assange?


Funny story – several of the leading contenders to play creepy-hot-pervert Julian Assange are on this week’s Hot Guy Friday. I swear I didn’t plan for it! But when you look at Assange’s pasty face, what actor are you reminded of? What actor could pull off both the creepy, pervert aspect of Assange, AND the ballsy, sensual genius aspect? I ask because Hollywood is making at least one movie about Julian Assange, according to Page Six. Honestly, it’s not the worst idea. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how this whole international controversy would probably make a good movie. But casting is important!

A movie about secret-sharing villain Julian Assange is being fast-tracked before he can leak his own life story. Assange has said he is penning a book that could become a screenplay.

But Josephson Entertainment and Michelle Krumm Productions have stolen the WikiLeaks founder’s thunder by optioning the biography, “The Most Dangerous Man in the World,” by Andrew Fowler, who interviewed Assange last year. Krumm said the book would become a “thought-provoking thriller.”

But who’ll play Assange? Paul Bettany? Liam Neeson? Or perhaps Tilda Swinton?

[From Page Six]

Paul Bettany would be a good choice, honestly. Same coloring, similar eyes. And Bettany’s a good enough actor where Assange wouldn’t just be one note. He can be creepy and weird, and funny and charming. Liam Neeson is a no go – too old to play Assange, and Liam is just too big and ass-kicking. Tilda Swinton is a kind of hilarious choice. What about Michael Fassbender? Think about it… that could really work. As could Viggo Mortensen, Cillian Murphy and Ralph Fiennes.






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  1. Belle Epoch says:

    Ralph Fiennes could definitely handle it – and not just because he’s Voldemort.

  2. samihami says:

    I vote for Malkovich.

  3. devilgirl says:

    Assange is supposed to be hot? ROTFLMAO!

  4. Elj says:

    He totally reminds me of a (if he was creepy) Liam Neeson. Something about the face.

  5. Maud says:

    I don’t get the ‘hot’ thing. The Swedish women both said he was a horrible lay. He looks stinky.

  6. brin says:

    Tilda Swinton!!!!!

  7. mln76 says:

    Julian Sands would have been perfect but he’s way too old. I think Bettany works. HGF HGF HGF!!!

  8. anti says:

    liam is too old… the person also needs to be thin versus being built.

  9. Marjalane says:

    If any of you bitches say Ryan Gosling, I WILL go all Oklahoma on your asses!

  10. Marie says:

    I am going off the chart here with Tim Robbins.

  11. carrie says:

    Cillian Murphy is the great exemple of Creepy/Hot guy but i will say Paul Bettany(because of his physic)

  12. anti says:

    my first thought was tom hardy but he would need to thin down.

  13. embertine says:


  14. Rita says:

    Whoever it is, he/she has to have that “I’ve been jagging off six times a day since I was 12″ look.

  15. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Leo DiCaprio, who I don’t think is hot, but is a good actor. I like the Cillian Murphy idea, too.

  16. theblondeone says:

    This is my first comment so I’ll probably screw up the link or picture thing but does NO one else see this?


    almost everytime I see the one I think of the other

  17. francesca says:

    It has to be Tilda. Brills!

  18. LolaBella says:

    @mln76: ITA about Julian Sands being the one to play Assange. Julian is in his early 50s and he could definitely pull this off.


  19. Obvious says:

    Paul *swoon sigh swoon*

  20. lili says:

    why not he playing himself?
    he is very charming

  21. Amanda says:

    Neil Patrick Harris?

  22. fifi says:

    david anders! come on, julian sark would be an awesome julian assange! so my vote goes to DAVID ANDERS!

  23. Jillian says:

    I vote for Bill Hader, the guy who plays him on SNL.

  24. Rita says:


    You nailed it!!!

  25. Maria says:

    I thought the picture was that of Tim Robbins. In the looks department he is my first choice for sure..

  26. buell says:

    Bill Maher…he’s sleezeball/creepy!

  27. JM says:

    My first thought was Jason Isaacs (Mr. Malfoy in the Harry Potter films).

  28. heatheradair says:

    Fifi – YES! TOTALLY. David Anders, hands-down!!!

  29. dea says:

    Liam Neeson with grey hair will look exactly like this guy (appearance only :) ). I love Liam and he is a great actor.

  30. Brooke says:

    Love Bettany. And while an obvious choice for physical type similarity, it is worth pointing out that he is WAY better looking than Assange.

  31. kelbees says:

    @ Jillian

    ZOMG! YES!

  32. anoneemouse says:

    My vote goes to Tim Robbins…not only is he an outstanding actor but he looks like this dude too.

  33. Brittany says:

    I think Assange is kinda hot… Lol…
    @Marjalane, I’m from Oklahoma too!

  34. Anti-icon says:

    paul bettany. Looks just like him….only slightly more attractive, like Hollywood, but not like Halle Berry playing Aretha Franklin.

  35. SHump says:

    My first thought was Julian Sands as well!! Paul Bettany is perfect, except that he is infinitely sexier than Assange…

    PS I hope this means Bettany is in HGF again this week!!

  36. Maud says:

    Julian Sands! Good vote!! I just watched him in Rose Red and he was so sweet.

  37. OXA says:

    I vote for Ed Norton.

  38. Sumodo1 says:

    I second Ed Norton. Out of all the men named, HE can open a movie.

  39. sauvage says:

    Definetely Paul Bettany.

  40. caroline says:

    paul bettany was my first choice before i even scrolled down past the picture. go me!

  41. ana carlota says:

    don’t weird me out people

    definitely Ralph Fiennes…for all reasons


    or simply because Ralph is just the ‘perv genius blue eyed’ with lovely elegant hands just like J.Assange :

    Both are gorgeous : in their sexiest sensitive charming brilliant sensual blue gaze . .

  42. Samantha says:

    I say Michael C Hall. Imagine him a little skinnier with Assanges hair color. He has that same look in his eyes. I vote Hall!!!

  43. Nanea says:

    My vote is on Tilda. She did Orlando, after all, she can pull it off.

  44. Bailey says:

    is that Tilda Swinton? she is androgynous, but she will need to butch it up.
    Ralph Fienass (yes I spelled that wrong)

  45. lilred says:

    @ Amanda:That’s exactly who I thought of too!

  46. Riley says:

    Broke Edward Furlong or that Cillian Murphy dude in HGF.

  47. Fuzzy Cat says:

    I was thinking Tim Robbins and Bill Maher because they look like assange; however, Edward Norton is so sexy he gets my vote.

  48. Circe says:

    LOL at Tilda Swinton.

    Cillian Murphy and a bucket of clorox might work.

    I’ve always thought he looked like Bill Maher though.

  49. moxy says:

    ewan mcgregor!

  50. Raven says:

    In that first photo, he looks like Bill Maher. Maher has done some acting and, if his HBO show bombs, he can always play Assange.

  51. Eleonor says:

    All the male actors posted here are hot but in a sort of classic way even if they can be creepy I don’t see any of them in Assange’s shoes, he has an unusual hotness,so it takes an unusual actor team TILDA!

  52. Adrien says:

    Justin Beiber

  53. ElizabethM says:

    I can’t be the only one who votes for Jeremy Renner on this one, right? Someone else sees it, too?

    Having said that, I agree David Anders and NPH would be awesome choices, as well.

    And SWINTON would be hi-friggin-larious in that role.

  54. katsrulz says:

    Neil Patrick Harris BAM!

  55. KateNonymous says:

    I don’t find him the slightest bit hot, but he does look like a weedy Bill Maher.

  56. happygirl says:

    @ theblondeone – thanks for the links! You’re right! (and all others who said NPH too!) I think they do look a lot alike.

    @ ElizabethM – I thought of Jeremy Renner as soon as I saw the first picture, too! You’re not alone! LOL

  57. tt says:

    I think Jeremy Renner!!!

  58. Isabel says:

    Jeremy Renner for sure.

    Tim Robbins would work, but he’s getting old.

    Bill Hader…that’s my favorite suggestion!!!!!

  59. Rosanna says:

    If he weren’t too old Jeremy Irons – OF COURSE! Nobody plays the creepy/hot guy like he does!

  60. TaylorB says:

    I am with Amanda, Neil Patrick Harris would be great.

  61. Anon73 says:

    Steve Buscemi – the actor from “Fargo” !! who is also a creepy / hot / genius ; )

  62. Ann says:

    He’s so NOT hot! What is the matter with you??

  63. hatsumomo says:

    OK, this is totally off topic but…if Tilda and Johnny Wier reproduced together it would be the most beautiful baby with gorgeous green eyes. I mean srsly!

  64. Solveig says:

    Reading the title I thought “Paul Bettany or Philip Seymour Hoffman”, but I’d love to see Tilda Swinton as the creepy Robin Hood/Guy Fawkes of our time.

  65. Elisha says:

    Sorry, I just don’t find accused rapists hot. There’s a reason his last name starts with ASS.

  66. Luna says:

    Julian Sands! In his stead, SWINTON!

  67. Moreaces says:

    Neil Patrick Harris, Maybe Jude Law

  68. Alix says:

    This is a no-brainer, people: Neal McDonough!

  69. Chris says:

    Jude Law or Leo.

  70. V says:

    NPH for sure.

  71. Ari says:

    Kevin Spacey

  72. Az says:

    Tim Robbins.

  73. LBeees says:

    No no no… it HAS to be that guy who played Sarc (Sark?) on ALIAS. You know, the hot British one. OK David Anders, I just googled him. He’d be PERFECT!!!!!

  74. CooCooCatchoo says:

    I always think of Baz Lehrman when I see this dude’s picture. I know he’s primarily a director, but I think he’s done a little acting. Plus theyre both Aussies.

    I also think Colin Farrell would do a great job.

  75. Lollypop says:

    The actor from the hurt locker? :)

  76. environ says:

    Alexander Skarsgård, of course, he’s got the accent, looks just like him, and could handle the creepy/hot material.

  77. Sally says:

    Paul Bettany or Ed Norton!

  78. Kim says:

    I think Alex Sarrsgard (sp?) would play him well – sort of has the creepy eyes also. Daniel Craig maybe & paul Bettany is good pick also.

  79. paisleydog says:

    Gordon Ramsey!

  80. Maria says:

    Peter Saarsgard! He’s a great actor who is underappreciated and this could be the role of his life.

  81. Dannnii says:

    I was SOOOOO thinking Paul Bettany too!
    Jeremy Renner or Ryan Phillipe might be pretty good too.

  82. SuperSleuth says:

    I second Gordon Ramsey:)

  83. Susan Cole Highland Texas says:

    Paul Bettany.

  84. the original bellaluna says:

    Bill Maher. I thought that was him when I first saw the header. (Of course, I also just woke up.)

  85. Teri says:

    Jeremy Renner

  86. Jelly says:

    Jeremy Renner for sure! He’s really good at playing the creeps. Have you seen him in “Dahmer”?

  87. Jazmin says:

    What is wrong with you people?
    There’s nothing hot about this J. Assange troll.
    The perfect actor to play him would be Kiefer Sutherland. He’s now free to do other work & shed his Jack Bauer image.
    Plus he’s got a great voice & can do Aussie/British accents with perfection, not to mention creepy & sinister to boot!!

  88. Tess says:

    John Cusack.

  89. bellyache says:

    Jeremy Renner

  90. Hanne_d says:

    Carey Mulligan! Easily.

  91. kat says:

    How about that guy from ‘Whose lime is it anyway?’

  92. weeble says:

    This dude is not hot. In anyway except maybe his breath, LOL. But I co-sign on Neil Patrick Harris or Paul Bettany definitely, and LOL @kat — I think you’re right, too, but that guy seems a bit too tall or something.

  93. hater says:

    Edward Norton. Bleach his hair and he’s literally perfect.

  94. dj says:

    Without a doubt – Paul Bettany! He’s smart, sexy, smooth, and can go creepy and stabby in a hot second. 2nd choice Fiennes.

  95. Solveig says:

    January 22nd, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Carey Mulligan! Easily.


    LOL! I agree! :D

  96. addicted says:

    He actually looks a lot like Neil Patrick Harris in some photos…

  97. mln76 says:

    @Kim ITA Oh I am changing my vote from Julian Sands Skarsgard he is perfect down to the sleazy creepy hotness.

  98. AnnieB says:

    I’m gonna have to say Sebastian Roche. He’s been on General Hospital (don’t judge) and pulled off sexy bastard (with accent) wonderfully. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003067/

  99. Susan Cole Highland Texas says:

    Julian Assange is much better looking than Paul Bettany.

  100. Josh says:

    No question: James Marsters

  101. garavo says:

    I go for Bill Maher !

    same haircut, face, bit older …

  102. Mary Jane says:

    For looks alone I’d go with Maher as well. I thought this post was about Bill Maher ere I read the headline… AND Bill is kind of skeevy but I’ve ne’er seen him “act” so he may suck.
    For acting/looks and just general “awesome-ness,” I’d go NPH. Guy Ritchie directing… Make a “Facebook movie meets Lock, Stock or Snatch” or something…
    Hmmmmmm….actually sounds kind of entertaining… AND IT’S NOT A REMAKE!

  103. Josie says:

    How about Carey Mulligan? This slideshow makes me think she’s Assange’s long-lost sibling. Oscar material for sure!


  104. CB Rawks says:

    My husband bellowed “SWINTAAAAHN” like an all-caps battle cry.
    So I told him I would add him to the growing list of Swintonites here. :D

  105. Jazmin says:


  106. MMcP says:

    Peter Facinelli in a kind of Carlisle Cullen/ Twilight styling?

  107. SexyBrownGirl says:

    Neil Patrick Harris is the perfect lookalike but could he pull off such a serious role Kaiser?