Tilda Swinton & Chloe Sevigny in Hugo Boss: who looks better?


These are photos from the Hugo Boss show in Berlin, Germany yesterday. Chloe Sevigny, Tilda Swinton and Hayden Christensen were the big “gets” for the event. Hayden and Chloe I understand – they will promote stuff for a paycheck. But Tilda? What fresh hell is this if Tilda Swinton is doing paid promotional events? How does that even compute in her alien brain? You know what’s worse though? Tilda looks pretty good. Hugo Boss suits her. The cut of her suit is wonderful – she belongs in menswear or menswear-inspired pieces. In lieu of her normal alien skin, I guess. Because on her home planet Zaldorg, there is no need for clothes.


I have to say that Chloe doesn’t look half-bad either. Certainly better than she looked at her last big public appearance, where she was wearing an ill-fitting, belly-baring Rodarte that made her look ridiculous. She actually looks kind of cute in this little mini-suit. She also looks like Tilda’s bitch. TEAM ZALDORG.


Hayden Christensen is filling out… I hate this, but he looks better with some added weight. He doesn’t look like a 17-year-old rent boy/dealer.



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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74 Responses to “Tilda Swinton & Chloe Sevigny in Hugo Boss: who looks better?”

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  1. JenJen says:

    EEWW, are they the new “it” couple?

  2. Sparkly says:

    Love Tilda Swinton! That is a good look for her. I wish she’d put some color on her face though. She’s too washed out with the light hair. It doesn’t have to be girly make up. A tiny bit of eyeliner, or hell, go all out orangey or blue on the eyes and look Bowie-sexy. Tilda Swinton as Ziggy Stardust. Want!

  3. Rita says:

    Unfortuantely, meh to bother but I undertand the Zaldorg sun is dimming (global cooling); thus the pale skin tones.

  4. mln76 says:

    I love Tilda she is soo beautiful and effing weird.

  5. tiki says:

    wouldn’t it be fun to switch out swinton for bowie and try to fool iman (mrs. bowie)? nah. she probably wouldn’t fall for it. tilda’s way more butch than the hubby. ;-)

  6. ezra says:

    She does look like Tilda’s bitch.
    I’ve always liked these two, they’ve always “danced to the beat of a different drummer”. Tilda,however, has the nicer personality. Not full of herself at all.

  7. ctkat1 says:

    Both Tilda and Chloe are known for being really eccentric and strange in their fashion choices, so I guess Hugo Boss is making a statement with their women’s-wear.

    I don’t think Tilda has ever worn makeup on a red carpet, which I love because I don’t wear makeup either! Though I don’t look as fierce as she does :)

  8. Shannon says:

    LMAO….Team Zaldorg!!! Kaiser you are crazy, but I love it.

  9. Kevin says:

    Though they both dance to the beat of their own drummer, I do believe that drummer has no rhythm, broken sticks and is beating on the skins with his freaking head..

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Whenever Swinton puts a dress on she looks exactly like a blond David Bowie in drag.

  11. Liana says:

    I love Tilda. She’s a master class on acting.

  12. kelly says:

    She DOES look like Tilda’s twink bitch! Now that would be hot.

    Tilda’s rocking the hell out of that suit, the skinny hoe- damn her! Oh to have no boobs.

  13. Heather says:

    Tilda is awesome. She can be handsome or beautiful and maybe a bit of both.

  14. observer says:

    I think Tilda looks better. I can’t get past Chloe’s bitchfaces to even notice what she’s wearing.

  15. WhiteNoise says:

    I could never compare Tilda to anyone else because (1) no one else looks or is remotely like her and (2) her style is inimitable. She is in a league of stunning awesomeness all of her own.

    Hugo Boss’s new collection is inspired by the underground art scene in Berlin. Very Tilda.

  16. Ms_Fu says:

    They both look terrible.

  17. isabella says:

    tilda and chloe look like a couple.seriously.

  18. cici says:


    whatever “different beat” they’re drumming to… NO THANKS.

  19. LunaT says:

    Tilda is awesome. Love her. Next to her, Chloe looks like a big try.

  20. ellisive says:

    tilda as ziggy! please yes

  21. mimi says:

    They both look good, the outfits they are wearing compliment each of their eccentric styles to a T. But Chloe should lose the purple flower (unless it’s represents some type of charity or cause)

  22. Lady D says:

    Hilarious Rita. A LMAO comment

  23. Nanea says:

    HB looks perfect on Tilda, much better than some of the fabric she drapes around her body for public events.

    I’m not so sure about Chloe, although I’ve seen a lot worse. I actually like the purple orchid best

  24. Soxfan says:

    Love me some Tilda!!! She was in a movie called “Stephanie Daley” with Amber Tamblyn, who plays a pregnant teen. Tamblyn herself is incredible; the scene where she gives birth in a bathroom stall is one of the most harrowing ever and she utters not a word. Tilda plays a pregnant, forensic psychologist who works with Tamblyn. I only knew her from “The Chronicles of Narnia”, but after seeing her performance in this other film, she is now one of my favorite actresses ever!! Rent it sometime. :)

  25. birdgherl says:

    I love Tilda. She looks like David Bowie. So rad!

  26. lrm says:

    well, c’mon now-this is hardly a fair contest! Tilda is in her own league-a parallel league to cate blanchett, but her own league none the less…
    i dont knwo who this chloe chick is, actually. i only read about her recently in CB. I do find her disgusting to look at however-not just her features, but her vibe-like she needs an aura cleanse after too much meth or being around too many methheads…honestly, she promotes a gag reflex in me. she is so unattractive that the word gross comes to mind.
    Is she a great actor? I would not have the faintest idea. And I don’t want to google her b/c i don’t want her further in my brain. at all.

    How’s that for a bitchy post? lol

  27. Deven says:

    Tilda looks incredibly good. Chloe’s suit is beautiful but her hair looks horrible cut that way.

  28. dj says:

    This may be the best I have seen Tilda look. Hugo Boss does suit her and she looks fantastic and comfortable. While I too wish she would add just a little mascara or something to break up the paleness of her skin and hair. I love that she doesn’t seem to give a care what anyone thinks about it. Go Tilda.

  29. garvels says:

    Tilda looks like Julian Assange.

  30. DetRiotgirl says:

    LMAO@Zaldorg! Good stuff Kaiser!

    Tilda is unique, and she does look fierce in that suit.

    Hayden is… Meh. He was mildly hot in Star Wars. But, I don’t see it anymore.

    But, Chloe? I will never understand how this one became famous in the first place. I would call her a butterface. But, honestly, her body is nothing to get excited over either. So, I just don’t get her. Is she an amazing actress or something? Does her talent overwhelm her unfortunate face? Did I miss that memo somewhere along the line? Sorry, I know… I’m a bitch. I do like that little suit and skirt combo she’s wearing though.

  31. Zombie Nurse says:

    I always though Tilda looks like Conan’s doppleganger. On an unrelated note, I wear Tilda’s perfume “Like This” and it smells freakin’ awesome. It’s a spicy floral pumpkin, which sounds like a mess, but it’s a total aphrodesiac for Mr. Zombie Nurse.

  32. Gwen says:

    I think they both look very hot. And not like anyone else, which is really nice.

    Also – hello Hayden :D He certainly looks good!

  33. Kasey says:

    First, seriously, are they together now? If so, interesting and I’m not shocked. I think I’ve been waiting for this from Chloe ever since that Bunny movie that she needs counseling for.

    Second, I think if ever there were a remake of Orlando, Chloe could SO pull of TIlda’s old role as Orlando! I’ve always thought Chloe looks mannish-on a Jennifer Anniston level. Jennifer is pretty and feminine, it’s just her chin/jaw that has me waiting for her to reveal the “truth”. Chloe looks like a man in drag, especially that top picture…and the 2nd picture…. and the 3rd picture…and the last one. LOL!-she CRACKS me UP!

  34. Arianna says:

    Perhaps i should move to Zaldorg– i’m pale as hell too. but not nearly as bad as Tilda
    but she does look fierce as all hell!
    do miss her red hair though

  35. Frankly says:

    Tilda made me like “Constantine” – which is to say that loving her has made me hate her. But I love her.

  36. Rita says:


    “Tilda looks like Julian Assange.”

    Their children should never be allowed to play in the snow.

  37. Cari says:

    Team Tilda

  38. Crash2GO2 says:

    I so dislike the matte red/coral lipsticks on Chloe. She doesn’t have the lips for it.

  39. PrettyTarheel says:

    Hayden will always be the kid from Life as a House for me. My husband made me watch that movie and it has turned me into a sap.
    Tilda can rock anything, anywhere, anyhow. Period.

  40. Wholesome1 says:

    Chloe is a dog.

  41. skbnwinters says:

    Christ, she looks like David Bowie!

    She’s so gorgeous in that long hair and red dress with the pumps….gorgeous!

    But this is just too, too butch for me!

  42. REALIST says:

    Tilda=David Bowie. I remember the Ziggy days-he was so androgynous. I agree to comments above-she doesn’t have to go Ziggy, but a touch of makeup would be nice.

  43. Lucy says:

    here is the proof that joan collins knows what she is talking about.. there are no beautiful women in hollywood but angelina jolie. that man and his dog are fugly!

  44. beanie says:

    I love Tilda too! She was amazing as ArchAngel Gabriel in “Constantine”. Just the right amount of crazy. :-)

  45. Tess says:

    Tilda makes Ziggy look like the boy next door.

  46. Sparkly says:

    Tilda has a perfume called ‘Like This’? Omg, I must find this. Like This is the name of one of my very favorite Rumi poems.

  47. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Wasn’t there a post a few posts ago about “What actor should play Julian Assange”? TILDA SWINTON! I thought that’s who was with Chloe when I looked at the first picture!

  48. Pirouette says:

    Both look awesome.

  49. teehee says:

    Tilda. Before I even clicked on this post, I knew it was Tilda- duh!!

  50. B says:

    I initially thought this was a photo op from the First Annual Zaldorgian Drag Pageant, 2011.

  51. bored says:

    Two of my favourites – and they both look fabulous!!

  52. devilgirl says:

    So, because two women are photographed together, it is assumed they are a couple.

    Umm, okay then. *eyeroll*

  53. amoteafloat says:

    @Devilgirl — I know, right? Some people sure are intelligent and jump to aaallll the right conclusions.

    Whatever. These two ladies can act their ASSES off — better than your faves, probably. I’d rather hang with Tilda or Chloe than freaking J-Lo or Gwyneth ANY day.

  54. Shay says:

    They both look like transvestites.

  55. Kasey says:

    @devilgirl-not sure if your comments were directed at me. I admit to wondering if they were a couple but it wasn’t JUST because they were photographed together. It was more because they were photographed together AND I know Tilda is a lesbian AND I know Chloe was in that horrible and degrading movie, which she even said would put her in therapy. I’ve always thought I could totally see what she did in that movie and the aftermath maybe causing her to seek love in a different direction. I really don’t think I would have wondered that if it wasn’t a photo with her and a lesbian, like I said, I’ve been kind of waiting to see if she’d go that route.

  56. amoteafloat says:

    “AND I know Tilda is a lesbian”

    Um, no. Actually, she lives with her husband AND her younger male lover. She’s pretty much as hetero as they come.

    Therein lies the danger of judging an androgynous book by its cover.

  57. Isa says:

    Tilda FTW! Can’t wait to see We Need To Talk About Kevin. I know she’ll do great, I just hope the movie lives up to the book.

    Chloe’s jacket is too long and not tailored enough. IMO. She needs to quit doing that with her lips.

  58. Eleonor says:

    Tilda should definetly play Assange!

  59. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think Tilda’s straight, more of the ‘take on a young lover at the key party’ than ‘weekend at Liberace’s’ kind of lady.

    As per her fashion choices, I put her in the same category as Helena Bonham Carter or Bjork in that they’re criticism-proof in their fashion choices. They’ve been too strange for too long to be anything but immune to the sartorial brigade. I’ll say this for Tilda, you’re looking at the skin of an almost 50-year-old lady. Kaboom, right? She must be able to absorb youth from the young people in her life through her receptive, unclogged by cosmetics pores. As for Chloe (of whom I’m not really a fan), though the haircut is kind of haphazard with an unflattering part, at least it looks clean. She herself admits that her hair is very greasy and how her family chastised her for not doing anything to make it less gross when she was a kid. At least we have that.

  60. jurgie says:

    The title should have been “Tilda Swinton & Chloe Sevigny in Hugo Boss: Who Looks Less Like a Man?”

    The answer is Tilda Swinton.

  61. anny says:

    both look fugly!!

  62. amoteafloat says:

    Jo Mama, I like you. <3 Your comment was like an awesome blog entry in itself, really.

  63. I love that Tilda is not afraid to experiment with fashion! At least she’s fearless! Love her!

  64. Lisa says:

    Tilda looked pretty wonderful in all the very feminine clothes she wore in “I am Love”. Of course, by the end of the movie, her character had cut off her long (and beautiful) hair and was wearing track pants. But still, she looked great in girly stuff.

  65. Kasey says:

    @devilgirl, Jo Mama and amotefloat

    Get OUT! I knew she and her kids lived with their father and she travels about with her lover but I don’t know why I always thought Sandro was a woman. Although I guess the name does seem more masculine. In any event bisexual would have been a more accurate term since I was unclear on the nature of her relationship with the father and if he was just a friend/donor.

    Anyway, well yeah, if I’d known (correctly) that Tilda was straight I wouldn’t have asked if they were a couple.

    But I’m still waiting to see what Chloe does in the future… So if I see her with Jenny Shimizu or Sandra Bernhardt, be ready for my comment.

    And I actually have never thought of Tilda in the androgynous sense and was going to comment to Shay that I just can’t bring myself to think of her as looking like a transvestite because I think Tilda is Sooooo beautiful, especially with red hair and he should see how very feminine and just plain stunning she looked in Orlando. Now Chloe. That’s a different story but she seems to be sticking to men. For now anyway.

  66. Isa says:

    I think Tilda has an interested face and it doesn’t offend me. haha. She was great in Constantine and in Narnia.

    For those that think she is a lesbian:

    She lives with the father of her twins, but they’re no longer in a relationship. She does have a boyfriend. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian. But a lot of people wondered and there is the answer!

  67. RHONYC says:

    tilda is my #1 style muse. i love EVERYTHING she wears and her hair KILLS!

    plus, she’s a ‘G’. she is the ultimate renaissance woman. she’s got kids that the dad takes care of in some tiny village in scotland, has a fantastic craft/career and she travels the world with her young hottie.

    loves it.

    p.s. – she & chloe would make a slammin’ lesbian couple! :lol:

  68. Adrien says:

    Chloe is beginning to look like the “Chloe Sevigny” drag impersonator. And Tilda… I have no words. If I see her in person, I will bow down and kiss her feet, I tell you.

  69. shockedandappalled says:

    Like both Chloe and Tilda, but Team Tilda in terms of the outfit. She is rocking that suit.

  70. STacey says:

    Both women just are hard to look at and I just don’t understand all the hype on this Chloe being attractive. She is just not easy to look at.

  71. aenflex says:

    Tilda looks great.

  72. gossip_ho says:

    lovin’ Tilda’s androgynous look

  73. Trippin says:

    Cute, I love it when boys play dress up.

  74. shelby says:

    they are both hideous