Kyle Richards issues statement on limo fight with sister Kim, doesn’t apologize

Kathy Hilton (Paris’ mom), her sisters Kyle Richards and Kim Richards

We saw Kyle Richards light into her sister on Thursday’s shocking and uncomfortable-to-watch episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle called Kim an alcoholic, repeatedly called her “insane” and told her that she would cut off all support that she and her husband, Mauricio, were giving her. Kyle also got way too personal and brought up their deceased mom. “Mom had to die worrying about you and stressing about you and leave this shit on my shoulders, after everything I’ve done for you.” The thing is, Kyle pursued Kim to continue an argument with her after Kim tried to leave Taylor’s party. Kyle made sure the driver didn’t let Kim leave, and went down there with the sole purpose of berating her sister. It was mean and bullying, no matter how much of an addict Kim is or what the backstory is between them. When you have a fight with family you step away from the situation and come back when you are ready to make up. That strategy makes for better family relations, but not better reality TV I guess.

Now Kyle has issued a statement on that fight, but despite some inaccurate headlines about it she never apologized for what she said to her sister. She just said it shouldn’t have happened that way:

It shouldn’t have gone so far – or become so ugly.

So says Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards of her nasty blowout that left her on the serious skids with sister Kim in the season finale.

“The events that transpired that evening were quite unfortunate and should never have occurred on or off camera,” the reality star, 42, said in a statement released Friday by Bravo. “There are a lot of elements to the story that viewers didn’t see.”

She adds: “This has been difficult for our entire family as we both said and did things that we regret. My sister and I love each other very much we want to move forward and put this behind us.”

In the clash in a limo, Kyle called her older sister, 46, an alcoholic and threatened to revoke any aid – apparently financial – that she and her husband provide. Kyle also said she’d stop covering for Kim amid allegations of alcohol.

Kim and Kyle will discuss the matter further in a reunion special hosted by Andy Cohen on Jan. 27 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

[From People]

I might not be as informed about this fight as some of you as I watch this show on iTunes and don’t have access to the after-show commentary. Kyle has a new blog entry up about the fight and what went on, and it’s pretty much the same sentiment from her – we don’t know went on with their family or behind the scenes and there’s a lot more to this story. Never does she apologize and she focuses more on how she feels. Here are some segments:

The tension between Kim and me was never about her not “having my back” in New York. There is so much more to it than that. I didn’t want to come out and say what it was that was really bothering me because this is a private family matter. It would have saved me a lot of criticism, believe me, but it’s not just my story to tell. It’s Kim’s story too.

After this horrible argument between Kim and I, we didn’t speak for a long time. My heart was broken and I suffered an incredible amount of anxiety and panic attacks. Next to losing my mother, this was the most difficult time of my life. It is so difficult for me to even write about it now.

The details of what happened with Kim after that night, is her story to tell. I will not go into that here. I do want to say that I have learned a lot about my sister and myself during the taping of this show. I have been able to look at our relationship from an outsider’s point of view. I’ve realized that my pain and worrying about her comes off as anger. It was not helping Kim or our relationship. I love my sister and only want the best for her. Kim knows that.

[Kyle’s blog on]

What is the story – that Kim supported her whole family by giving up her childhood to Disney and then went a little batty because of it? I don’t foresee any backstory that could explain why Kyle attacked her like that. Kim is a scared little thing, and she’s probably very frustrating to deal with but that doesn’t excuse the way Kyle treated her.

Oh and as for the other women, Kyle says she feels bad for Camille “being an unwilling participant in a divorce has to be profoundly painful,” and that it’s too bad that Cedric and Lisa had a falling out but “I had a feeling things would turn out this way and warned Lisa.” Are you kidding me? Kyle was seen fawning all over Cedric at that party for Lisa’s daughter. Kyle is a duplicitous person and now I do believe Camille that Kyle was taunting her by asking if anyone would be interested in her without Kelsey. It doesn’t excuse the way Camille behaved afterwards, but I believe her.

In lighter RHOBH news, check out this comparison on TMZ between Adrienne and Taylor and the Wayans brothers in White Chicks. I love Adrienne but this was too funny. She also has these strange bits of glittery string in her hair. What is up with that? At Gawker they say she has pom poms in it.

Look at Kyle in this ridiculous peacock dress. She so thinks she’s the sh*t.







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  1. Liana says:

    Kim needs to stay out of the sun, clean herself up, and get back to work. She was great in “Black Snake Moan” and could make a nice living doing character roles.

  2. caroline says:

    damn it, i was team kyle ALL SEASON but her manipulative, sharp side is starting to show and it’s seriously bumming me out. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i can understand how she and camille could have kept getting into it, if kyle really jabs behind the scenes like that.

    there’s a RHOAtlanta marathon on bravo right now and i’m pretty sure i know what i’m doing with MY morning!

  3. Riley says:

    Interesting stuff (well, as interesting as the Housewives can be). I think it is also kind of telling that Kyle speaks out when her popularity dips because of the fight with her sister and people start calling her a bully and don’t seem to trust her as much as they did at the beginning of the show. I think she is pretty much out for herself and next season’s Beverly Hills probably will show her in an even more unfavorable light… Oh, and the TMZ thing is freakin’ awesome.

  4. Sara says:

    Poor poor Kim, she def. has some mental issues. Kyle is very hard core when she thinks she is being attacked. She can not keep her cool with people, which always makes look like your fault.
    Kim supported her WHOLE family!!! Hello, no wonder!

  5. Jayna says:

    I felt for Kim that show. And Kyle following her to the limo and carrying on there is no excuse. And using their dead mother is the lowest blow anyone can use. Shame on Kyle. Why doesn’t she lay into Taylor who started it all that night. Oh, that’s right, she has Taylor’s back. Hmmmm.

  6. Marjalane says:

    Sorry, but I just don’t like Kyle anymore. Her behavior on the last show made me look at all her past behaviors in a new light and she kind of sucks. I can’t get the image of her continually yanking down her black cut out porn dress ar Taylors party out of my mind! She’d yank it as she was chasing after Kim to scream at her- it was pathetic. It’s kind of ironic that this group of womwn destroyed their own show by becoming “too real”. It’s one thing to be entertained by bizarre personalities, but it’s quite another to watch ugly, mean spirited destruction.

  7. devilgirl says:

    I am so sick of Kyle and her selfish, self absorbed attitude. She is always complaining about how she is slighted.

    I cannot stand her anymore.

    No, we don’t know the full back story on their family dynamic, but I assure you, Kyle is not without her sins.

    The only good thing about Kyle is her hair. It is beautiful.

  8. Meanchick says:

    And these women are relevant because, . . ?

  9. bros says:

    wow, scathing write up about kyle, but I dont see how Kim gets to be absolved of everything she said and has done over the season. I thnk the not letting kim leave thing was directly done by the producers. you cant simply call down to valet to not let a limo leave. no one has the valet’s number. i think the producers trumped up that entire argument started by Taylor and set up the episode in the limo. I dont believe for one second Martin willingly went down there to check on. he was rolling his eyes at Kim 10 minutes before when she just arrived and awkwardly walked off in her jessica mcclintock 80’s fashion pearl choker get up.

  10. gloaming says:

    I’m thinking I really should start watching this show.

  11. Liana says:

    you cant simply call down to valet to not let a limo leave. no one has the valet’s number.

    The host can always contact the valet service. That’s how people can leave a party and their limo is there for them. Someone calls for the limo.

  12. jen34 says:

    I feel for Kim. She obviously has a lot of resentment built up over the years because she supported her family and their lifestyle. I will never understand how parents can live off of their children’s earnings. It’s just wrong. DId anyone else catch Kim say that Kyle stole her house from her? I guess that maybe she was going to lose it and Kyle bought it?

    In any case, when you have a sister who goes all Gwyenth-Paltrow-superior on you, and you feel she ‘has it all’ because of your sacrifices, it’s got to hurt. I think if Kim were happier, she’d be more forgiving of Kyle. I always liked Kyle but that last episode changed my mind.

  13. Melanie says:

    I love Kyle’s emerald earrings.

  14. krissy says:

    I think that Kyle has always been jealous that Kim was richer and more famous than her..and their mom probably loved her biggest cash cow the most.

    Now that Kim is single and maybe not as well off as she used to be, Kyle never lets her forget it. Think about how many times during the entire season one of the sisters have referenced the fact that Kyle has a husband and Kim doesn’t.

    I also think that Kyle’s family goes to Kim for money and Kyle really resents it (Kim referenced that Kyle stole her house…I am assuming Kim was living in her childhood home SHE paid for but then was forced to let Maurico sell it because HE needed the money from the sale)

    Sorry for the rant, I’m kinda obsessed =)

  15. Kiks says:

    I actually side with Kyle in this whole thing. While I completely agree that the fight shouldn’t have happened on camera we really don’t know what is going on behind the scenes in that family. Kim clearly has major issues and maybe Kyle just couldn’t take it anymore. Kim always looks worried or scared and seems to have issues interacting with others. She is very dependent person – way too much so with her children. It is not healthy. And if she really is an alcoholic who knows what toll that has taken on the family?
    I don’t think that Kyle acted appropriately but I think Kim really needs to get some help. And I don’t think being on a reality show is the best idea for her.

  16. Melissa says:

    I think her husband is so good looking and much much too good and normal for her!!!

  17. Jacq says:

    I didn’t like Kyle before the show, but I love her now. Kim, she is bat-shit crazy and it has been evident from the start. What I suspect happened in the limo was a culmination of much frustration on both of their parts. I think that Kyle’s “second f–king wife” comment spoke volumes. Kim seems like a dependent drunk; Kyle picks-up her pieces and (whether she wants to acknowledge it or not) it seems as though the ladies are even in Kim’s support of the family as a child and Kyle’s support of her as an adult. I guarantee it would be exponentially harder to support a grown woman who seems to be unable to make the best choices personally, financially or otherwise. I think that for her generosity (or whatever the word is) Kyle thinks she should have a say in Kim’s business and Kim is tired of that, too.
    Then, again, I don’t have a sister and I wish my mom was dead. So, maybe I am just a speculative bystander.

  18. Sara says:

    Let’s not forget that Kim’s fiance was murdered back in the 90’s, I am sure that is part of the reason she is a wreck. I can’t believe that after Kim supporting her whole family, Kyle says that she won’t be helping her out anymore!

  19. guesty says:

    There was a restaurant scene with Kim & Kyle early on in the season like right after the whole NY thing & Kim clearly states that Kyle did indeed say that to Camille. Remember Kim was the only witness to that convo.

    Taylor is such an ass kissing social climbing instigator. At least Lisa’s got a read on her…but is Kyle’s bff which constitutes a full on eyeroll to Lisa.

  20. Tess says:

    What a self serving statement issued by a camera-loving peacock. She loves loves loves the warm glow of a camera’s embrace. Any camera…all cameras.

    Recall she had to REMIND herself that her daughter’s college graduation was about her daughter, NOT herself, then proceeded to put herself and her needs front and center—for the camera.

    Her relationship with fragile, wounded Kim is sad and complicated, and I wish she hadn’t exposed her sister to public scrutiny. But, in retrospect, it’s clear that that’s exactly what Kyle, that head-bobbing bully, was determined to do.

    I’m still confused by the Taylor/Camille/Kim situation. Taylor keeps claiming that Kim caused her to say to Camille whatever it was that set Camille off in NY.

    But, Kim is hardly a master manipulator. I think Taylor sees Kim as a convenient target to blame for her own indiscrete comments, which may have involved repeating whatever Lisa said, and Taylor’s afraid of getting on Lisa’s bad side.

    And, about Camille. I still have NO respect for her. The way she’s using her kids…like in the last episode saying that she can’t lift her daughter because she’s her Mom—NOT HER DAD—is disgusting. It’s like playing with a scab.

  21. Putchka says:

    @Jacq Wow, your first and last sentances give credence to the fact you’re nuts.

  22. redlips says:

    Kim is 46? Wow! She appears to be in her 60’s.

    I think Kim is the sister who enjoys playing the victim card too often. We will never know what brought this to a head, but something is telling me that neither sister has the balls to set boundaries or, know how to communicate respectively.

    Grow the hell up, Kim. Deal with your demons, put them to bed and move the eff on. There are 3 sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth!

    Edit: RESENTMENT will kill you!

  23. Amanda says:

    If I spent my childhood working and supporting the entire family, losing my childhood to work, and buying family members cars and homes– I would be pissed now too. Kim seems to have nothing left, but her family was all too willing to take it all from her when she was just a child and probably didn’t really know what she was doing. Now, her sisters are Kathy Hilton (billionaire, right?) and Kyle, who seems to be very wealthy and successful. So, what did Kim get in the end for supporting them and the family by working as a child? Does it really hurt Kyle and Kathy to help support Kim? Neither lady seems to be hurting- at all- for money.

    Watching that episode, I couldn’t believe that Kyle basically blamed their mother’s death on Kim, and said she spent her dying moments “worrying” about Kim. What an awful, hateful, hurtful thing to say. Those kind of statements don’t just disappear, they haunt you for a long time. Kyle is disgusting.

  24. Uzi says:

    I’m Team Kyle all the way, whether it’s concerning Kim or Camille. Kim clearly has some major issues she needs to deal with. It’s very difficult being around disfunctional people like that, so I don’t fault her “little sister” for losing patience with her at times. Also, it doesn’t matter to me whether or not Kyle really said that nobody’s interested in Camille without Kelsey. Camille is a classic “Hollywood Wife,” deriving her identity and social status from her husband. It’s TRUE that nobody’s interested in her without Kelsey!

  25. nycmom10024 says:

    I have said before, I will always feel love for Kim. As a woman in her late 40’s Kim Richards along with the Brady girls, Susan Dey and Anissa Jones and the teen that played Sissy were our tv go to girls. But Kim was on quite a few tv series, not to mention the all important and oh so popular ‘After School Specials”. Kids/Teens have such a variety of choices today, that it may be difficult to imagine the limited number of choices we had back in the olden days lol! For those who are too younger to “know” Kim Richard go to her imdb page and look at how often she worked. This list doesn’t include commercials and appearances. She was always adorable an wellspoken and age appropriate.

    Jodi Foster was apparently always protected by her mom and not seen in interviews as often.

    Frankly, I am starting to feel for both of these woman, they are each damaged in their own ways.

  26. lin234 says:

    Kyle is really coming off as an a-hole. There was that charity bicycle episode where Kyle and Kim met up for lunch. As Kyle was going into her problem, she mentioned that her live-in help moved out in the middle of the night and the help that comes by was sick (?)or whatever. I’m surprised no one really picked up on that. If you treat your live-in help well, they don’t sneak out to get away from you. Or do they?

    Doesn’t matter if Kim is a drunk. Taylor picked a fight with her and Kyle came over all too ready to have Taylor’s back. She never even bothered trying to understand the problem. Kyle should have listened to Adrienne to let some time pass before talking to Kim. I don’t understand why Lisa never spoke up. She knew what Taylor was going after Kim about.

    It’s sad that after Kyle has seen how the fight started and Taylor’s lies on-camera, she not only does not apologize to her sister, she also had to add that Taylor is still her friend.

    I used to think Kyle was gorgeous but she just has gorgeous hair. It’s why she looks weird when her hair is short or pulled up. Her face can look a bit mannish and you can see the resemblance to Parasite Hilton without the flowing locks.

  27. Jayna says:

    lin234, good points.

  28. JenJen says:

    If Kyle’s husband is a broker he probably made a nice commission or might even have been “managing” all the money made from Kim’s house. So, sounds like maybe they may have helped her with money that was really given to them by Kim. Maybe it is gone now, so Kyle and him aren’t going to help from their own pockets. Kyle is a bitter drama queen, desperate for another season of attention and money. Her husband seems like a sleazey fake to me, he’s got that look in his eye.

  29. Jason says:

    I love how people are always SO quick to judge based off of what they’ve seen on tv.

    Remember…. there’s LOTS of stuff that gets cut and LOTS things you don’t see that would help explain everything.

    TEAM KYLIE all the way!!

  30. Mere says:

    Shame on Kyle. Kim supported her family by being a child star, most known for her part in Little House On The Prarie. She bought Kyle’s first car, and she also purchased Kyle’s first home for her. Really nice sister isn’t Kyle? To out Kim on national television as an alcoholic? Wow, Kyle certainly showed herself then. I’m done with that show. It’s all about girl gangs with bling-bling. They’re just street fighters cleaned up imo.

  31. Chrissy says:

    Kyle hit below the belt during their argument in the limo. And, even though she was upset that her sister showed up DRUNK to the party, she should have done her best to diffuse the situation and not gang up on Kim. (Taylor is the biggest bitch, IMO. Kyle is supposedly her friend yet she treats Kim, Kyle’s sister, like crap! And Kyle lets her do it!! SOOO frustrating!) I don’t believe much of what Kim says regarding supporting her family or anything else … if the woman is an alcoholic, she’s going to try to blame her situation on anyone and anything she can and will remember the past as she wants to remember it. Let’s just hope this argument will be the catalyst for real help for Kim AND Kyle.

  32. Mere says:

    For anyone who doubts that Kim Richards supported her family as a child actor who worked her butt of constantly just go to and look at her work record AS A CHILD~! She most definately gave her mother and sisters a better quality of life for having supported them while a little girl herself. Where is the gratitude now?

  33. anoneemouse says:

    Kyle is becoming vile the more air time she gets.

  34. kayleigh says:

    I like Kim- don’t get me wrong, but I just noticed how much Paris resembles her. The wonky eye, the nose, everything!!

    I read on another site that ‘the house’ supposedly stolen is the Palm Springs home they visited this season which Kyle called hers, and later said was her mothers. Makes sense!

  35. LeeLee says:

    I agree with Mere. I’m done with the show too. That last episode was way too uncomfortable to watch. I don’t enjoy or get entertained watching other people’s car wrecks of a personal life. With the excpetion of the one that owns the hotels, the show definitely shows money can’t buy happiness or class. They are all pathetic and bored. They should be living lives that mean something. Their lives are a total waste of time and money.

  36. bros says:

    sorry, but if Kim was supporting the family as a child, how can you turn around and blame kyle? she is 4 years younger than Kim and clearly has no choice in who is providing for her family. if it is the mom or dad or the sister, a 6 year old hardly can be blamed for eating the food that her older sister bought. that is squarly on the shoulders of their parents and holding kyle responsible for that is ridiculous. she was earning her own keep after a while and its not like Kim was supporting her into adulthood.

    also, the limo was just circling, at the behest probably of the producers. and the host didnt call down-their manager did, and the idea that she just had the valet number on speed dial is absurd.

    and i think that was all for show because the producers made sure the limo didnt take her home but circled back around for adriene and martin and kyle to get in there.

  37. filthycute says:

    Daaaaamn, her husband is hot. I’d like to roast him up and smother him in a tangy BBQ sauce.

    She seems to like the swarthy ethnic types.

  38. Lady D says:

    Jacq, you have my sympathy.

  39. Ari says:

    We all know child stars can either end up badly or very well. Kim seems to be in the middle with mid-life crisis pending and too many kids = lots of alcohol. I used to like Kyle a lot but her laugh is starting to annoy me and now reading this before I had a chance to watch it ondemand (lol) makes me want to punch her in the face. Life is easy: your sister supported your entire family growing up, you suck as an actress otherwise you would have been as famous as her and just because you have a husband and she doesn’t – doesn’t make you special or “better” in any way. Kyle can suck it. I have felt Kim has gotten the sh*et end of the stick the entire season – people cut her off when she talks, they miscontrue her intentions and sure she has problems but who.doesnt?

  40. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    Here’s the story, of a lovely lady…
    Kathy = Marcia, Kim = Jan, Kyle = Cindy.

    Pray for Kim because she’s about to start MarciaMarciaMarciaing all over the airwaves. It’s classic (dysfunctional) sibling rivalry that would have probably been worked out years ago if mom wasn’t trying to raise Gypsy Rose Lees. I’m taking bets on how this thing ends up. What about you guys?

    “When it’s time to change you’ve to rearrange…”

  41. Tomas says:

    kyle needs to stfu! stop the excuses, stop trying to blame kim and “what we didn’t see.” there is no excuse on the planet that can make her behavior and outing kim’s alcoholism on national tv acceptable! kyle is the common factor in every fight on the show, she’s the aggressor and mean girl. how many women has she been in screaming matches with now? THREE??? she has no class and needs to grow the eff up, she’s way too old for this kind of behavior.

  42. Jeannified says:

    I always thought Kyle seemed mean. However, I do think that they BOTH have deep seated issues that need to be resolved with serious therapy. This show (much as I love it) just makes them both look bad. Poor Mauricio. He seems like such a level-headed, nice guy.

  43. JustBored says:

    Kyle is a bitch! Still can’t believe she went after Kim like that. Without even listening to what was being said”I heard my name so I came over” You can tell by the look on her face she was just waiting to get going at that party. The minute Kim walked in you saw that mean look in her face.

    Talking about Kim never has your back. Now lets see, she has never had Kim’s back on any episode I have seen. She berates her whether she is there or not. Camille has said and done worst things to her and yet she runs and kisses her a$$ the minute she fires her husband. And still keep talking crap behind her back.

    I see right through Kyle, and she is a mean and devious person. She is just like Taylor, sucking up to the persons who are the most affluent. Kim is now broke and lonely and therefore is no use to her. A real snake, their reputation and wealth was built on the strength of Kim’s work. And now that she has nothing to offer she is being put out to pasture. Whether Kim has issues or not, it is not fair to put it out there like that for all to see while still maintaining how big a friend she and that snake Taylor is.

    She will get hers. Now I believe that crazy psychic lady. But I think it is the other way around. She will not fulfill Mauricio nor ever will that is why she is so fixated on having another baby. “Marry rich and have lots of babies” LOL…

    In a few years she will be just like Kim who she treats like crap, all those kids and manless. With an attitude like that she’ll be lonely soon. Kim has it in her to get clean and make a comeback. Then we’ll see who the real pitiful sister is. She looked so disgusting running around and yanking that dress down, ughh.

    I am ranting, but that scene brought me to tears.

  44. pebbles says:

    Kyle is a mean girl.

  45. beanie says:

    Kyle needs to be bitch slapped. She is a bully and definitely has jealousy issues with Kim. She needs to try to talk to her sister about getting help privately but I’m sure it thrilled her evil soul to the core to hurt her on national television like that. What goes around comes around Kyle.

  46. fabchick says:

    I really liked Kyle until this episode. Family is family no matter what. I hate the way she let fish lips bully her sister. I don’t wanna believe she said that stuff to crazy Camille but now I just don’t know. Counting down till Thursday.

  47. beanie says:

    Just bored – I teared up a bit too seeing the look of fear, pain and loneliness on Kim’s face as Kyle tore into her like that. She really has no one.

  48. bagladey says:

    Kyle is a bitch and her behaviour was just nasty. Kyle thinks she’s better than Kim, maybe because Kyle has a husband and a stable family life, but it’s unacceptable to attack your sister and call her out in public, even if it is true.

  49. Renee says:

    @Bros: Exactly! Kyle had nothing to do with Kim supporting the family, she was a baby herself.

    As for the rest of it, until you actually do it, I think it’s hard for people to understand what it’s like to deal with addicts. I can’t blame Kyle for snapping, I likely would have as well.

  50. Renee says:

    Also, this post should function as a PSA, wear your sunscreen people!

  51. honey love says:

    i was totally appalled at kyle’s behavior towards kim. sisters need to stick by each other against the world. did you see when kyle got into the car and kim HIDE behind Adrienne. i feel sorry for kim. i have issues with my sister, like all women, however i never let anyone bully my sister. kyle is wrong for letting taylor deflect onto kim.

  52. hstl1 says:

    Sorry, I totally see Kyle’s side on this. My little sister is, well I can’t actually put it in print here, but let’s just can only put up with so much and then you are going to blow your stack. If you were related to a substance abuser with mental health issues, you would totally get what I am saying.

  53. wunderkindt says:

    Shouldnt too quickly judge Kyle! Life with an addict is frustrating. Looks like it reached boiling point-must be some behind the scenes incident which finally pushed Kyle over the edge with Kim. I feel for Kim though.

  54. mymy says:

    Kim is just an introvert. Believe me they do not like confrontation. You have no idea the hell Kim went through in her childhood. Her mother was about as twisted and awful as any mother could be. The talk of mommy is a codependent dysfunctional thing.Looks like Kyle is taking after her mom. Kim supported them all. Kim’s mom divorced Kim’s father when she started making enough money so mama could be free. Nice. Now Kathy she is a whole other story.
    One more thing Aunt Kyle always did interviews about Paris whenever shite was hitting the fan. She had no problem with Paris drinking. Why? Because Paris was popular at the time. Kyle has no use for Kim.She just uses the vulnerability of Kim against her. And believe me she does not support Kim financially. Very shady stuff going on

  55. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @bros and @Renee. ITA. Why should Kyle spend the rest of her adult life paying Kim back for the money their parents chose to take from
    her? Kim reminds me of an Aunt who (at 68) constantly reminds my mom (her younger sister) about how she bought my mom’s prom dress and helped put food on the family table. She’ll never let my mom live that down, because it suits her (financially). My mom has spent the better part of her adulthood “paying my aunt back.” Even though she has been paid back in spades and it was never my mother’s decision to accept help in the first place.

  56. Franny says:

    apparently most of you do not have sisters that is close to you in age. its sometimes very difficult to have a sister that is close to you in age, who does similar things.

    Kim did support her family, but you can’t blame Kyle for that. I think Kyle is just a stronger person than Kim, which means she is more willing to defend herself than Kim (see where Kim keeps saying why she didn’t defend Kyle is because she didn’t like confrontation…). Kyle was caught up in a fight that Taylor started with Kim because her name came up. Kim runs away from the problem and Kyle wants to clear it up…before Kim goes batshit crazy and accuses Kyle of things that none of us know if they are true or not.

    I have been and probably always be Team Kyle. She hasn’t been conniving the whole season, and stands up for what she believes in.

    Also, Mauricio seems like a pretty decent person, and doesn’t seem like the kind who would put up with a terrible person, so I doubt that Kyle is as much of a monster as all of you are making it seem.

  57. Tess says:

    I just don’t get how anyone can justify Kyle calling Kim an alcoholic and saying that her behavior contributed to their mother’s death on a TV show.

    What are bigger character flaws: having a passive personality and being an alcoholic… or being vindictive, aggressive, and bullying?

  58. H26 says:

    1. Kyle and Kim owe each other apologies they both said nasty things to each other, Kyle comes off more aggressive so she gets criticized more. Kim is very passive aggressive so people see her more as a victim. That said Kyle doesn’t owe the public an apology. We have no idea if she has apologized to Kim and it is not really our business

    2. Kim said at the breakfast after the Camille/Kyle fight that Kyle never said what Camille said she said. She also stated it in a talking head.

    Hate Kyle if you want but at least stick to facts.

  59. Laurie says:

    I’ve been indifferent to Kyle all season, but I don’t blame her one bit for the choices her parents made when she was younger. How dare Kim hold it against Kyle that their parents chose to spend Kim’s childhood income.
    Kim is an alcoholic and probably has been for many years. Anyone that has had an alcoholic in the family knows how frustrating it is to deal with the lying, nonsense talk, the personal embarrassment, etc. I see it in Kyle’s behavior – and I don’t blame her one bit for that limo argument. Sure, it could have been approached better, but if you want reality tv…there it is.
    I guess the Real Housewives franchise declines to perform drug & alcohol screening as a contingency of employment for their “stars”?!!

  60. Hautie says:

    Okay I hate myself for watching this episode.

    If Paris Hilton had a brain she would be exactly like Auntie Kyle. Both sneaky bitches. But Paris is dumb as shit and Kyle isn’t.

    And I tend to believe that alot of Kyle jealously is based on the fact Kim was successful early in life. And she wasn’t.

    (Yes I said jealous) 🙂

  61. Tess says:

    As far as Mauricio goes…..hmmmm.

    I don’t trust the way he looks beyond the person he’s greeting to see who else is around. That’s a classically untrustworthy behavior.

    But mainly my suspicions of him are raised by the fact that not only is his mother a therapist, but she has multiple degrees in sexual therapy.

    Sure sign her son will have sexual issues.

    I’m kidding. Well, actually, I’m serious.

  62. LittleDeadGirl says:

    As the season has gone on I’ve had a much more favorable view of both Kim and Taylor. I was never really all that cool with Kim but I really started to like her and see that she was sort of messed up and sad. Honestly, though, I don’t think Kyle was too in the wrong. I think alot of things have gone behind cameras and obviously for years and years and it exploded. I think Kim has made herself into a bit of a burden and it strains a sisterly relationship when one has to behave like the mother. Kyle, however, went WAY over board in how she acted … she should have been clamer and what she said about their mother was really unforgivable. That was wrong … it shocked me to hear it honestly. I couldn’t believe it … than she got way too close to Kim in a very confrontational almost abusive manner … I def think there are real issues in their friendship that need to be resolved but I don’t think it’s one sided. I think both have done damage to it …

  63. Melanie says:

    @ MyMy(54)…Very interesting!! Any more scoop?

  64. Mere says:

    Okay, let me clarify how Kim, a child actor, was able to support her family for such a long time.

    Kim was born in 1964
    Actress (52 titles)

    She started earning money for her family when she was just FOUR years old and the last show listed on IMDB was in 2009 – TWO years ago.

    Kyle’s husband “handles” Kim’s money. The house referred to as their “mother’s” house was purchased with money KIM EARNED.


  65. sassenach says:

    Apparently the lot of you don’t deal with addicts and don’t have sisters close in age who like to hoard things over you(I supported you), it’s complicated. It’s also a reality show with little information known about what is going on behind the scenes and people shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  66. jojo says:

    My take is that part of the reason Kim is fucked up is that she has been around abusive assholes like Kyle for much of her life. Kyle looks like one of those types who prides themselves on being “normal.” She does everything she can to seem competent, in her speech, her over the top affectations, and in her dress. She fucking poses all the time.

    I think she thinks that she is successful, when she’s arrogant, and doesn’t know the difference. Kim may be messed up be she seems genuine and sincere, and over sensitive. She had that quality even as a kid. And I think that something happened Kim that messed it up – maybe her parents, the early fame, the deaths, etc. And no one really had Kim’s back. My guess is that Kim has dealt with some really hard stuff, but that those around her are shallow. And since that’s all she knows she doesn’t know how to reach out for good people.

    I think kim nailed it on the head when she called Kyle “phonie.” I think Kim has seen Kyle’s phoniness their whole lives, but never criticized her sister because she was trying to be the dutiful, caring older sister in the only way she could. She couldn’t be a mentor because at some point she broke down, but in general I would guess she is protective of Kyle.

    Kyle sees herself as having made it and feels like she’s a position to condescend to Kim, but she’s as shallow as an inflatable pool. Kim takes it because she doesn’t know anything else.

    My guess is that the thing that happened to Kim was an attempted suicide. And what’s worse is that I suspect her family makes her feel shame for it – feeling like it is something that has to be hidden. I think Kim needs some support and needs to get away from these shallow bitches.

  67. Dilettante says:

    Watching Kyle tear into Kim in the limo made me feel physically ill. The fear and hurt on Kim’s face was heartbreaking. Kyle was cruel and relentless. She was a cold, self-entitled, heartless creep who was clearly enjoying crushing her own sister and reducing her to tears.

    It does not matter what the back story is — who was in the wrong, whether Kim is an alcoholic, money issues, etc. There is absolutely no excuse or justification for how horrible Kyle was, and the terrible, terrible things she said. The comment about her mother is something she can never take back. And it will haunt Kim for the rest of her life.

    One can only hope that some day something will make Kyle feel the way she made Kim feel. Perhaps then she’ll learn to empathize or at least to display some compassion for others. Sad to say that seems unlikely, though.

  68. Sara says:

    If Kim is such an alcoholic, then WHY did her family do the show to air their dirty laundry? I find this crazy that Bravo would ask an alcoholic to be on the show, no matter how popular she may have been! They are ALL enablers!

  69. becky says:

    kaiser these sisters are very interesting. The KKK (yah just like the kardashians) Richards sisters were raised by their truly disturbed stage mom who taught them to marry rich and have lots of babies. The three were child actors but Kim was always way more successful and supported the whole family. She said she both their home,cars,etc…
    also, kim was married to a davis oil heir. and she supposedly gets 20 or 25 grand a month in child support from an ex-husband, which is the reason she didnt marry the guy she was with for fifteen years.
    Now, Kim accused kyle of stealing her house. That was interesting. We need the reunion to clear that up.
    kyle was probably too young to appreciate what Kim was doing for her family and kim feels like she gave up her childhood to work to support her family. Kim thinks that that is the reason she has no social skills and has so much social anxiety, and is very aware of that Kyle has those skills. So there’s mutual resentment. Another curiosity was Kyle implying that Mauricio supports kim “like a fucking second wife”! i guess 20 g a month goes fast in BH?! WTF?
    In regards to Kyle, however, you might be wrong about her saying something to Camille. It was definitely after Camille spoke to Taylor, after she had already cleared things up w Kyle, that Camille goes batshit on Kyle.
    Regarding Cedric, in the episode in which he told her his tragic childhood story she was very skeptical and even said so to the camera.
    And yes, those are gold strands in the Maloof’s hair.
    And Lisa is spot on on her observations of Taylor, that she wants the Beverly Hills lifestyle more than a fulfilling relationship. I love her disdain for taylor.

  70. Jayna says:

    @Dilettante. Your post is spot on.

  71. bros says:


    how in the world do you know that mauricio handles Kim’s money? he isnt her manager or her accountant. again, how can you blame kyle for the choices her mom made in making kim the family cash cow. that had nothing to do with Kyle. she was a child and it was her mother’s decision, and her mother pretty much did the same thing to kyle putting her in movies as a young girl as well and living off that money too. so the way I see it, they both had to get out there and shake their money makers, but kim got an earlier start and was more prolific. Kim wasnt the only one with a childhood acting career.

  72. becky says:

    also, the look on Kim’s face. addicted or not, she was SO hurt. it was upsetting . this damn show i cant spot obsessing about it
    anyone else thins mauricio must be very unhappy with his wife’s on camera behavior?
    also i think its obvious Kyle and Kim really love each other

  73. Jane says:

    The whole series has been sad and really has escalated how far these housewife reality series will go. Although I do feel very sorry for Kim I am still team ‘Kyle’. As an 8 year younger sibling to a very destructive mentally ill/ alcoholic/ drug abusing sister I know what she is going through. We would try and help and even put ourselves in the path of serious harm to get her out of situations.
    I finally ‘gave up’ and have little to do with this sister when she put my children in danger. Unlike Kim, she never ‘paid’ for the family, instead any extra income was directed towards her issues to help her and there was little left for anyone else. Yet, like Kim she still plays the martyr / victim well and you would think everyone else has done her wrong.

    I think we don’t know the whole story, and Kyle is just at her breaking point.
    I feel sorry for all of them but understand to a degree what may be happening here. I can only speak for myself, but letting go of a toxic sibling was the best thing I could have done for myself and my family.

  74. Mere says:

    Kyle herself said on a recent episode that Marico handles Kim’s money. Kim concured. This occured not long after Camile told Kyle that she and hubby would not be using Marico’s firm anymore. I suppose Kim felt it better to keep it in the family or she wouldn’t have given Marico control over her money. She must have trusted him at some point.

    I see you are filled with How’s….lol Okay, if Marico handle’s someone’s money does he not get paid a fee same as a non-family member would for the work done? Kyle freaked out over them losing the Crammer’s business on that particular episode because it would reduce family income. Same goes for Kim and her funds. As for Kyle working as a child, all I know is that she is NOT listed on (show biz people’s information source), but she did say on one show that she would stand-in for Kim when Kim was too ill to perform.

    Just saying what I know, not diagnosing anything or judging anyone. It is what it is.

  75. JustBored says:

    Bros..Nobody is blaming Kyle..Her mom made Kim the cash cow of the family, but she certainly benefit from it.

    52 – 8 titles that is. Yeah Kyle had an acting career but totally mediocre to Kim’s. Let’s call a spade a spade. Kyle is a bitch no matter how you try to spin it.

    I would never in my wildest dream think that I would agree with that crazy psychic Allison but she was spot on with her comments about Kyle. No wonder she ran, she couldn’t take it. But she can certainly let loose on Kim. A few minutes later she was laying into Kim and ran off in mean girl style leaving Kim all alone to go home. Bitch!

  76. mymy says:

    When Mama “big Cathy ” was little she was a “mean Girl”. She would spit in girls hair who she thought was prettier than her’s. She was Married 5 times. Twice e to a gangsta. Little Cathy was from an alcoholic house painter. Kim and Kyle’s dad raised her.She wanted to be famous. And had a great voice. Paris is the spitting image of her. Kids got in the way. She was ruthless when it came to getting her children hooked up with wealthy men. Most of all first born Cathy. Lucille Balls son dated her. Lucille put an end to it. She hated Cathy the mom.She hired someone to teach her daughter how to please men. Cathy was beyond a witch after she snagged Hilton. She always was saying “do you know who I am”. None of the other Hilton wives could stand her
    And big Cathy was physically and emotionally abusive. She scarred a step daughter.Grifter comes to mind.
    She was just like Paris when young. Always looking in the mirror. Etc.
    Kyle is not far from these apples. And she is making the alcoholic claim to cover her tracks and look like the victim. When in fact she is the victimizer

  77. Confuzzle says:

    Why should Kyle apologise in her statement? This is family stuff which she and Kim will sort out.

    And us watching a highly edited, manipulated show means whatever is presented as an episode is not actual truth. Der. That’s what makes it amusing.

  78. Marjalane says:

    Just the fact that Kyle is jumping on the warpath to try and revive her reputation is enough to make me think it’s all about the attention for her. This was the last show of the season; Those bitches had had plenty of time to get used to cleaning it up for the camera’s. Kyle has always had something nasty to say about her sister and it looked to me like she was more than ready to take her down. Maybe Kim is a troublesome alcoholic, but apparently it was more important to Kyle to get on TV than to help her sister get her life together with some discretion. They’re all worthless icky women who deserve whatever unhappiness this dumb show brings them.

  79. beanie says:

    If this happened to me I might want to drink to forget too.

    Kim was on the phone with her 29-year-old lover, securities broker John Collett, moments before he was shot and killed on Oct. 28, 1991.
    “John’s murder was a devastating tragedy, and Kim was just torn apart,” John’s mother, Janis Collett, tells Star exclusively. “Poor Kim had to identify his body. It was a horrible nightmare for her. I’ve never recovered from the loss, and I don’t think Kim has either.”

  80. mary jane says:

    Would Kyle EVER want one of HER daughters interacting with their “alcoholic” sister in this manner?

    What has she learned in her life? Absolutely nothing as far as I can tell. She claims to be happy but I’m not buying it.

    Kyle is gonna get hers when those 3 young daughters grow up. These issues, her need to destroy any last shred of dignity or pride that Kim has left…. it will be played out again amongst her own children.

  81. devilgirl says:

    Wow! That is sad! I had no idea.

    I have learned a lot about the Hilton’s from several people’s comments on here. Thanks for the juicy tid bits.

  82. Josephina says:

    I am giong to call it as I see it…Kyle is a straight up, class AA B***h.

    She treats her friends with more respect than her sister. Her excuses are pathetic. She put her sister’s business on blast, when it wasn’t even necessary. What Kyle feels for her sister Kim is not love.

    Every time they had a discussion about anything, you could count on Kyle insulting Kim before the conversation ended. I do beleive Kim has a drinking problem, but that does not excuse the consistent dosages of condescending, disrespectful behavior (yelling, cutting Kim off during speech, rolling her eyes, smirking at her, isolating her from the rest of the “crew”) and name calling at Kim. Hell, I often thought Kyle was going to pimp slap Kim due to her lack of patience.

    Kyle says she is provoked into her behavior. Bullsh**. We are seeing Kyle in raw form. It makes her ugly.

    Her behavior was disgusting all season long. This is a woman with 4 children? Are you kidding me??? (She was not nice to Camille either.) She vomits on her sister. There is abosultely no filter she uses to tone down her words, because she does not see it necessary to be nice to people once she is irritated.

  83. lachica says:

    if Kyle really thought she did anything wrong she would have apologized right away. truth is she only started apologizing after bloggers started slamming her for her meanness. that was an ugly fight in the way that only family fights can be ugly. fortunately for most of us, we don’t have a camera capturing every moment.

    that said, i want Kyle’s husband. that is one delicious-looking piece of man. yummmmm….

  84. Melanie says:

    This family (Kim and Kyle) are beyond strange MYMY! How do you know them?

  85. JenJen says:

    @Mere- I thought the same about Kim probably paying for their mother’s home. Kyle was growling that Kim bought herself a Porshe as soon as she turned 18, she earned it! Yet, on the same episode Kyle was zipping around in a Porshe. Her jealousy is so obvious. Kyle seems to have a drink in hand more than Kim, maybe Kim doesn’t have as high a tolerance.

  86. anonymei says:

    Why is everyone asuming Kim is an alcoholic just because Kyle said so? We only saw her drunk that one episode. She may have a problem with the drink but that does not mean she is a full blown alcoholic;

    Kyle has drawn all this negativity and press on her own mother by accsing Kim of killing her with worry. Shame. What do you bet she tries to blame Kim for the results of her action.

    I have to end my lady crush on Kyle. She is a bully.

  87. LondonLady says:

    The real villain here is Taylor- she stirred up stuff with Camille in NY and then lied, sorry, denied it when Kim responded to her confrontation in the last episode; She has friend stalked Kim and sat in Lisa’s restaurant drinking her wine ignoring her; and having identified Kim’s weakness has basically bullied her all the way through- now- with Kyle’s consent. Way to make someone else’s life look bad to disguise your own discontent, nasty..

  88. LakeMom says:

    Even as a child, Kim always struck me as somewhat of wounded sparrow. I’m only a bit older than her and grew up watching her on tv. Seeing her now as an adult, she’s obviously a damaged soul. I doubt we will ever know all the demons that haunt her. She breaks my heart every time I see her.

  89. Kiska says:

    Kim is a wounded bird and being bullied by her sister is going to drive her more to self-punishment. Yes, Kim is her own worst enemy and needs intensive therapy and probably a break away from her co-dependent relationship with Kyle and Mauricio.

    I watched the limo scene twice. The second time with the volume off. The body language was very significant. Kim was cowering in the corner and very frightened by Kyle. Kyle on the other hand was finger pointing, very aggressive and a hateful look in her eyes. I do feel there is more to this story than what is one the surface. Kim had a very successful career in acting and was the cash cow for the family. I believe she has helped out Kyle and Kyle resents this.

    PS Look at the body language in the top pic of the three sisters. Kim is completely separated from Kathy and Kyle. Kyle looks very smug and trying to cosy up to half sis Kathy.
    Kathy appears superior, almost blocking Kyle with her handbag.

  90. Desi_Chick2 says:

    Kyle is quickly becoming the new Camille.

  91. bros says:


    pictures show 1/200th of a second so not much can be gleaned from a fraction of a second, otherwise I’d just as soon say that judging from that header pic, Kim is a cross eyed, burned to a crisp drunkie.

    oh wait….

  92. Kaylee says:

    Actually liked Kyle for most of the season. Felt Camille did bully her and was able to get by with it because Kyle’s husband is her and Kelsey’s realtor. But this last episode completely turned me off on Kyle. She was totally out of control and completely out of line. She started the whole fight with Kim and wouldn’t drop it. Couldn’t care less if she is having panic attacks and whatever else she is whining about. Cannot stand to watch her any more.

  93. lana says:

    There is a reason why Kyle is saying now how she is missing her sister and that she loves her too much. I do not belevive it for one millisecond. Kim is naive. Kyle is calculating. I know people like that. They will lie through thier tieth. I bet Maricio is managing Kim’s money …supposedly…And Kyle presents it as supporting Kim financialy. Kyle is so overwelmed with the guilt of using Kims money thay she
    bullies her to no end. Kyle’s low self-esteem manifests itself by putting down Kim any chance she gets. There is so much guilt written on Kyle, she blasts it off with aglyness. Kim, cut Kyle off. Do not be afraid. Your kids can manage your money better then Maricio.
    In any event it is better that your kids benefit from your money then Kyle. She does not miss you. She does not love you. She likes the arrangement where Kim is always at her disposal for assults, control and abuse. I have not seen one minute where Kyle showd Kim a shaddow of respect. Compassion is against Kyles religion. Seeing her sister sitting in the limusine only angered know why? because Kyle wanted her friends to feel that Kim imberessed her. Yes, that is the reason why she bullied Kim in limisine. She
    was embarassed that Kim dared to stand up for herself. It did not fit into the ‘pictire-perfect’ family Kyle wanted to show off. To Kyle dismemebrment of her sister was nessesery in order to keep her ‘friends’ happy. “see, i love you Tailor so much, i will destroy my sister to prove it’
    Kyle. You need more therapy then your sister. If i would be Kim, i would be absolutely disolusioned with your intentions. Kim, seek all the help you can get to free yourself from those blod-suckers. I do not care if you have drinking problem, You should care. I think that Kyle explores you drinking habbits and portrays you as an alchoholic to ‘look’ better. I can not emagine you rasing your kids abd being an alcocholic. You did not loose the custody of your kids. SO, i think Kyle is almost ‘pushing’ this emage into you to show what a great person she is…carrying for her ‘smaeful’ sister.
    Kims kids look healthy. Kim…rwrite a book and let Kyle ‘have it’. You will make tons of money writing the book. And god forbid to let Kyle get her hand on the money you will make with the book.

  94. Wresa says:

    “Are you kidding me? Kyle was seen fawning all over Cedric at that party for Lisa’s daughter.”

    Yes, but afterward she said she “hopes Cedric is being sincere” which to me meant she doubted his story.

    I still like her but think she behaved abominably in the limo. The statement about the fight is also very telling. It is obvious to me she reads the celeb blogs and is worried about the public perception of her. But then, that sort of thing seems to run in her family!

  95. lana says:

    Kyle saw how much in pain Kim was in limusine. If it would be my sister, i would hug her and comfort her and make sure she has my back. Kyle was angry because Kim was talking badly of Tyler.
    So, Kyle had to prove how imberesing it was for Kyle to watch that her sister is
    speking unfriendly of Tyler. That is why Ktyle was angry. Even though Kim told her in the limsine that Tyler started it all, Kyle just had to puce
    at Kim all the anguish she felt because Tyler’s ‘feeling’ were hurt. Discusting.
    Kyle, you owe a huge aplogy to Kim.
    You pusshing her to drink by constantly reminding her how embarassed she is to you. What a joke. And bringin your mother
    into the conversation most definetely was designed to ruin Kim phsychologicaly. Doing it to an alchoholic is panishable by crime.
    I undrstand if Kyle just be critical of Kim’s drinking and make sure Kim is doing something about it. But to throw the sister to the ‘volfes’ is vindictive.

  96. Miriam says:

    You know, ALL 3 of the Richards girls were actresses, Kim was NOT the only person bringing home the bacon. You can check each of their IMDB to check out their credit, commercials included. Kim may have done a little bit more acting but she was definitely NOT the only exploited child in that household.

  97. hatekyle says:

    kyle should go to rehab for anger management issues. from the very start, i know kyle thinks she’s so perfect and the privileged one. there were clues: like when she insisted kim to be at her daughter’s party knowing that kim was moving to a new house that day. she made snipes at kim later on.
    when kyle is confronted, her best defense is to call names, like insane or insecure.
    im sure if her mother was alive, she would bitch at kyle to stop using her to get back at her sister. kyle is a bully and i agree. she is worse than camille. she and that swollen-lipped taylor are trash.

  98. MrsOdie2 says:

    These bitches make me glad I’m middle class so I won’t raise children who are as self-important and entitled as every single person on this show is. Get over yourselves! Fighting in a limousine? Truly? In this economy, I’m supposed to feel sorry for ANYONE fighting in a limousine? Bitch, please.

    And “the whole story” must either involve sexual abuse or illegal drugs. There is no other explanation. Probably both.

  99. Trippin says:

    Kyle may be beautiful but what an ugly spirit. When Kim threw up her hands in defense in the limo it looked like she’d done that before. I bet Kyle used to beat her up when they were younger. No need for any of that and for God’s sake let Kim leave the party and go home if she wants to. It really was witnessing a bully in action. And Kyle needs to quit playing with her damn long hair. Your too old to have it so damn long.

  100. Henriette says:

    I was firmly in Camp Kyle when she & the revolting Camille were bickering. Camille is a lying manipulator and I was delighted to see her smacked down by Kyle. I still despise Camille but I’m no longer a Kyle fan. I suspect Kim is an alcoholic but the way “the girls” ganged up on her is disgusting. Kyle was so ugly and violent and mean… it’s not okay to behave like that, even with someone who might have caused you years of pain with her addiction. Even Lisa, who I used to like, came off as a b*tch in this episode. The only semi-sane one seemed to be Adrienne. I truly feel for Kim.

  101. cara says:

    OMG…it MUST be the end of times as I concur wholeheartedly with the whole synopsis that Celebitchy wrote.

    And I still think Kyle was the blind item about a RH on air now, w/ a yayo prob. Watch her movements AND her mouth.

    I actually feel for Camille. ESpeciALLY when she said, with total earnest, that she thought “he’d never leave me.” So F*&king sad.

    @Mrs.Odie2 <3 it!

    @ JOJO …. you nailed it.

  102. Spike says:

    Mary Jane, I agree with you about what Kyle is teaching her daughters in this situation. I rarely reply to blogs on Bravo, but I made an exception for hers.

    As for those apologists with sisters with substance abuse problems that is in no way any excuse for Kyle’s reprehensible behavior toward her sister. My sister is a dually diagnosed schizo-affective and substance abuse issues. She’s had an addiction problem dating back to her early teens; almost 2/3 of her life. We’re not really close due to this, but I would never ever treat her this way. I’ve had to go to hospitals when she was suicidal, help her out financially, held her when she was inconsolable. None of this made me want to embarrass or humiliate her publicly. When she was younger she drove me nuts and I confided in my best friend. But outing someone so bizarrely and cruelly and then gloating over it is really screwed up.

    The woman is really warped and manipulative. She’s getting instant karma and she deserves this.

    It’s one thing to private struggle with siblings or parents with substance abuse or mental health problems. To torment them publicly like Kyle did is inexcusable.

    That girl needs regular weekly therapy at the least. And apologize to your sister you jackass, you were wrong. Stop making excuses and apologize.

  103. echolocate says:

    I find Kyle’s concerns about Kim to be really interesting, given that she’s always been Paris’s main apologist. Guess I missed all the articles on Kim’s coke arrest, DUI, time in the county lockup, sex tape, and disclosure of embarrassing medical and other details that time she defaulted on her storage unit rent.

    Even if the producers contrived for the limo to stay, Kyle and their manager should have lobbied to let Kim just leave if her problems are that serious. They already had enough conflict at the party to fill out the final episode. For Kyle to not only clamber into the limo in that stupid Frederick’s of Hollywood dress, but also go physically on the attack (to the point where Adrienne and Martin had to block her) was ridiculous. I don’t care how frustrated she was with Kim.

    As a person who had alcoholics in her extended family, we always refrained from pushing their buttons when they were sober. Even if Kyle couldn’t take it anymore, she should have asked Taylor not to antagonize Kim, if for no other reason than self-interest. If Kim goes on a bender because Taylor threatened to go Okie on her, it’s Kyle and Kim’s kids who’ll have to pick up the pieces.

    I actually believe Camille now, and I think that’s why Kim was vacillating and avoiding the whole mess. Kyle is very much like Paris, personality-wise, as in the whole “firecrotch” mess. (I guess that means Taylor = Greasy Bear.)

  104. LT says:

    Sigh. It pains me to not be Team Kyle anymore.

  105. mary jane says:

    @spike well said glad you get what I’m saying….
    @echolate.. so true… you don’t push their buttons

    My kids don’t care that my mom starts drinking every day at 2pm. They don’t care that my sister won’t separate from her alcoholic husband but complains incessantly about him. They don’t care that my alcoholic brother and father to their 4 cousins hasn’t paid his mortgage in three years. And they certainly don’t want to hear my tales of attempting to help. Kids just want you to be relaxed and be open to THEIR lives. So I stay out of the undertows of chaos as much as I can. Kyle CREATES chaos. Like someone else stated…she is the one who needs therapy.

    So, my kids are probably going to grow up emotionally stronger than Kyle’s kids…. good. That makes me feel good. And I’ll take that wherever I can get it…even from a reality show.

  106. Miriam says:

    Kyle is indeed listed in

  107. StraightfromA says:

    I read this blog everyday but I have never felt moved to post…until now.

    You see although I do not have an (alleged) substance abuse issue I too have a toxic relationship with my sister who behaves in a similar way to the behavior we saw from Kyle in the limo.

    Its obvious that Kyle and Kim have longstanding roles- Kyle is the “martyr” and Kim is the “weak one” and I guarantee both have been riding that train since childhood. Fact of the matter is the have different personalities- aggravated and encouraged by their mother’s unwillingness or inability to demand an enviroment of mutual respect for one another. As a child if you are taught to give and give in an adult way and expect nothing in return it damages you. You go into adulthood having very low expectations for your treatment. You have been trained to be a doormat.

    Kyle is a bully. I have never seen her treat Kim with one iota of respect. Every word out her mouth to her sister is hurtful- because Kim is always the butt of her joke. Kim cannot be too broken- she has successfully raised her kids (no sex tapes here ma!) with not one word about her being an unfit mother. IMHO- Kyle simply does not like the way Kim rolls and is mean enough to think her way is the only way. There are many variations of life under the sun boys and girls. Where does Kyle get off constantly dragging Kim under the bus because she is not living her life the way she does? By the way- I take it Kim does not live in “Beverly Hills” per se, it looks like she lives in an adjacent community. I don’t think she is as interested that lifestyle as the rest of the ladies.

    Ultimately Kyle is not important here. She thinks her stuff doesn’t stink so let her have it. Kim needs to gain some independence and separate from her poisonous sibling (s?). The bottom line is this NO ONE can make you feel inferior without your consent. Kim and can hold her head up high (while dialing a good therapist)and give her sister the finger. Get some self esteem. Indulge in the things you love and the ones who truly love you. What we saw in the limo was verbal, mental, and emotional abuse. Kim should spend zero time with ANYONE who treats her that way. Blood ties or not she is a human being with a breaking point and she should be ending bad situations long before they take her there.

    Go suck a rock Kyle. Nothing you do or say to any of the other ladies (strangers) matter until you can be fair and kind to your sis.

  108. JenJen says:

    Kyle can’t seem to order a meal or a drink on her own without asking her husband what she likes, when he is around. Ironic she does all she can to make Kim feel weak, dependent and helpless. Kyle is a manipulative fake.

  109. Kiska says:

    I hate to say this now but I think Kyle did make that comment to Camille and Kim didn’t want to affirm because the wrath of Kyle would ensue. I have no other reason to believe Kim wouldn’t have cleared that up unless it was in fact true.

  110. beanie says:

    I definitely think Kyle has physically abused Kim and the Mother probably did as well. She flew at her in that limo like she did it before. Kim was so terrified of her she barely spoke above a whisper when replying to her. I personally hope she gets hers for saying to Kim she was to blame for their Mother’s death. Poor Kim looked like someone stabbed her.
    I hope Kim’s kids read some of these comments and get their Mom the help she needs and out from under Kyle once and for all. Demi Moore 0.0…please leave the building.

  111. gg says:

    Why is Kim making a face like she just farted in every picture??

  112. Johnthing says:

    Train Wreck Trio.

  113. Boat says:

    Kyle is a bully. I liked her at the start of the season, but her actions have changed my mind. Also, she’s trying too hard to look like Brooke Shields.

  114. sunshine says:

    Kyle is really vicious. Her hostility was evident. If I were Kim, I would never speak to her again.

    I believe Camille’s physic prediction may come to reality, because Kyle makes a scene everywhere she goes. Surely, it must be bad for the image and business of her husband.
    Very vicious person.

  115. sunshine says:

    I agree that Kyle must have made the comment to Camille. She needs to do some anger management. She is an embarassment to her husband. Kim is a lady compared to her.

    The worst thing ever is that she sides with that very ugly person Taylor against her own sister. No wonder her other sister and her family did not attend the graduation. She probably is afraid of being embarassed. Kim needs to find her own life and leave Kyle. Kyle is looking for fame at the expense of her sister.

  116. sunshine says:

    Kyle said that their mom died and left this “shit” meaning Kim on her.

    Kim should not under no circumstances speak to Kyle every again.

    Did Kim say that Kyle stole her house?

    Its probably true.

  117. sunshine says:

    I loved Kyle up to the point when she started to treat her sister like a dog.

    I hope Kyle gets hers and soon

  118. Marymary says:

    I’m sorry. No matter which way you slice it, I can’t side with Kyle in anyway. If you say your sister is a nut WITH a substance abuse problem, why would you invite her to be on an “unscripted”, “reality” TV show with alcohol practically flowing from fountains. Sorry to say, but I just have the worst impression of Kyle at this point.
    I’ve watched her be perfectly conscious of the exact position of her dress the entire time while attacking her sister with the camera rolling, BUT not conscious of what’s appropriate to say while the camera is rolling. Perfect control over her dress but not her mouth. Say all types of crap to your sister for the world to see, but don’t let them see that dress ride up. I have a brother sister pair in my family that have been fueding. One is 60 something and the other in their 70s. Hope these sisters don’t turn out like that, carrying bitterness and what ever sick #$%@ around into their last days.

  119. cassidy says:

    I Love Kyles style, I found out her earrings are actually made by kenneth jay lane. i ordered some from and they are coming next week! super excited! i ordered them in blue too! i only wish i could find a similar ring to her custom one from karats. does anyone know the deisgner of the dress she is wearing!
    team kyle!!!

  120. Hello.This article was extremely motivating, particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this matter last Wednesday.

  121. vikki says:

    Why is it that Kim & Kyle Richards continue to behave like two uneducated low life children? I wonder what sister Kathy Hilton thinks of there constant behavior? I I wonder if that’s why she keeps her distance???

  122. Wow, I cold not believe she would not apologize!