Lindsay and Samantha suddenly become camera shy

What is going on with Lindsay Lohan lately? I realize that’s one hell of a Pandora’s box to open. But the woman just makes no sense. At first she seemed to enjoy the positive attention and good publicity she was getting for her relationship with Samantha Ronson. But that must have gotten old, because then she started acting old school Lindsay and being all tacky and rude. Then there were rumors that she and Samantha were breaking up. Now it seems like even Lindsay Lohan, the queen of all photographer’s subjects, is tired of the spotlight.

It was supposed to be a double celebration for twins Samantha and Charlotte Ronson Tuesday night, but suddenly camera-shy Sam bailed on their 31st birthday bash at the Bowery Hotel. The deejay and her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, “fled the scene” when paparazzi swarmed the joint. “Charlotte and Sam do this party every year with [power publicist] Amanda Silverman,” said our source. “The photographers must have caught on because they were outside the hotel. Sam and Lindsay were livid and just left to go do their own thing.”

[From the New York Post]

I find that really strange. For one thing, Lohan and Ronson have been photographed nonstop for the past several months, but especially this last month. When I look through the photo agency’s pages I’m genuinely surprised there’s no “Here’s Lindsay Lohan on the can,” or something. Why is it all of a sudden a problem? Especially at a birthday party for her girlfriend – when it’s obvious she should expect paparazzi there. It seems incredibly rude to just skip out like that – not that manners ever stopped a Lohan from doing with they wanted.

Here’s Lindsay and Samantha shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday. Photographer: Michael Wright. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. eatavag says:

    maybe she was just in a bad mood, or had a bad day, or PMS. give the girl a break sheesh.

  2. Lauren says:

    Well, being as Linds just got officially outed by an ex-girlfriend who is quoted as saying that Lindsay was afraid of their relationship being found out and the world knowing she is a lesbian, I understand her recent reluctance to be in the spotlight. Before, there was alot of speculation that her and Sam were together. Now, this has been confirmed and maybe Lindsay is not ready? That’s the way I took it

  3. snackysnaxx says:

    Apparently she’s bra-shy, too.

  4. Heidi says:

    yeah what is it with her & bras or lack of them in her case?

  5. Nouvel says:

    Lauren, I highly doubt it, everyone knows she is a lesbian. You have issues.

  6. xiaoecho says:


  7. Whitey Fisk says:

    “When I look through the photo agency’s pages I’m genuinely surprised there’s no ‘Here’s Lindsay Lohan on the can,’ or something.”

    Hilarious as usual, JayBird!

  8. Aud says:

    Im all for comfort but I still make sure my nerples are gonna be hidden if I know there’s gonna be pics!

  9. Heidi says:

    @ xiaoecho
    try the word discomfort…… to my eyes that is

  10. Victoria says:

    I would try to hide too, if I was with someone who wore an ugly hat like that all the time…. I don’t why Samantha wears that stupid CAT IN THE HAT. At first I thought she did not have any hair, or her head was deformed, but I finally saw a picture of the non-descript hair-do…. Still can’t figure it out, but it makes her look manly and dirty. WHAT ATTRACTS LINDSAY TO THIS??

  11. Shane says:

    They must be on the rocks. Who can explain love, let alone moody lesbian love?

  12. Shane says:

    The coverage on your site has become increasingly mean spirited and negative. If we wanted to read Perez we’d visit that site.

  13. paris herpes says:

    Ah Lindsay “Say No to Bras” Lohan camera-shy? I surely doubt that! Sounds like to me Sam doesn’t like the cameras much in the first place, she’s always making faces and giving the finger. And if Sam doesn’t like it, that means Lohan doesn’ like it. Also, I seem to recall she was straight up posing for the cameras in a coked out bliss the other night. So…whatever!

  14. Jana says:

    heck, whith all the BS crap about same-sex relationships, and her personal business ALL OVER the Web, I’d be camera she also!!!! 😐 give the chicks some pri-va-cy! ❗

  15. jaundicemachine says:

    Perhaps there are issues with the happy couple that can be easily captured on film? I really want to give Linds the benefit of the doubt, but tearing a sibling from their own birthday party?!? (I’m an older sister to twin sisters, and if one doesn’t host the b-day party with the other, it’s a deliberate snub.) She has to have a good reason to tear her lover from her own birthday party. . . like monumental panic attack good reason, otherwise . . .

    But along the same lines, perhaps Sam isn’t on the greatest of terms with her twin, and she was the one who decided to skip out early. I mean, the source is kind of ambiguous, after all.

    Ps – How are no bras comfortable?! Sure every now and again, “hanging out” in my own apartment, but I don’t even do my laundry (same building, basement stylee) braless. Stairs make the ta-tas hurt!

  16. poopie says:

    the HAT, those AWFUL throwdown sunglasses and THE GANSTA TENNIES have GOT to go!!!! Sam is a total joke..i still don’t know how someone can be a ‘celeb’ because they spin discs.. it’s beyond me..

  17. Shane says:

    Neato! Now there are two Shanes. The second one here is an imposter.