Chaz Bono is doing a sequel to his documentary about his female to male transition

A new documentary about Chaz Bono’s transition from female to male has premiered at the Sundance film festival to critical acclaim. We’ve heard stories from the National Enquirer the Chaz was working on some kind of reality show, and it sounds like the outcome was much more positive and may help change attitudes toward transgender people. There are already plans in the works for a sequel.

“I’ve hated my body since puberty,” he says in Becoming Chaz, a documentary about his female-to-male transition.

Bono reveals that as a little girl he would go to sleep at night “praying [he’d] wake up as a boy.”

Becoming Chaz, which premiered last night at the Sundance Film Festival, is absolutely fascinating. Bono reveals everything and more. He is shown having his breast removal operation, contemplating genital reassignment surgery and taking his hormone shots. “I just knew I wanted to be a boy,” Chaz says.

He talks openly about his recovery from substance abuse, his sex life and his relationship with longtime girlfriend Jenny Elia. Oh, and wait till you see the couple’s hairless cats.

Bono also says he’d love to have a body like actor…Michael Chiklis! “I’m never going to be a little guy,” he says.

Cher admits in the film that she was “terrified” to see Chaz after his breast surgery. She also says she thinks Sonny would have been supportive of Chaz’s decision. (We’re happy to report that Chaz’s stepmom, Republican U.S. Rep. Mary Bono, attended the Sundance premiere.)

When asked by an audience member after the screening if it was harder being born female or being born famous, Chaz said, “Definitely being born as a woman was a lot harder than being famous. You can figure out how to work that one, but if you’re a guy in a woman’s body you’re just screwed pretty much.”

Coproducers and directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato also announced that a sequel is already in the works. “I wanted to do this because I wanted to help people,” Chaz said. “And I knew that…I could put a face on this issue that people just don’t understand because it’s a hard one to understand. I wanted to be able to change people’s hearts and minds on this.”

[From E! Online]

We haven’t heard from Chaz in a while, and the last time I remember him doing significant press was in November of 2009 when he first spoke out about his decision to become a man. Back then he was pretty reticent about going public, but explained that he hoped to change public perception. “I struggled a lot getting here. If by being public about it other people can see this and not have to struggle quite as much as I did, then I’m really happy to do that.” I’d like to see this documentary and I hope that it gets a wider release.

That said, this guy has a ways to go before he looks like Michael Chiklis.

Here’s Chaz with his girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, at the premiere of Burlesque in November. The Huffington Post has new photos of them promoting this film and it looks like he’s lost weight.



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  1. WhiteNoise says:

    Really pleased for him that his doc has been well received and that he’s come out the other side and sounds so happy.

  2. Megatrona says:

    I am glad he is doing well, I think is great that he made that film, i am sure many people that are going thought the same situation will very much appreciate it

    I hope some day the world will be a place where things like this won’t even be an issue

  3. Tazina says:

    Good for him. The main thing now is that he starts looking after himself.

  4. Bubbling says:

    Yeah, um hormon shots can pretty much mess up with your body appearance. It makes you fat and puffy, but that’s the least of his worries. I’m happy for him, hope he will continue doing well.

  5. teehee says:

    There are lots of videos/accounts on youtube of people doign their transition- they talk abotu why and how they go through it and what its like- they made video diaries of the whole thing. I watched several people’s stories- and loved it. I think this will do well too 🙂

  6. crazydaisy says:

    This poor kid is so messed up. Let’s please not pretend this is normal and healthy. It’s not.

    No other animal on earth mutilates themselves to change their sex. I feel really bad for people who are so miserable with who they are that they have to go to such an extreme, go under the knife, to change it. Really really bad. And Chaz does not look happy, not one little bit. He’s miserable. Tragically so. It’s so sad.

    Now, to be fair and balanced, Chaz’s mother has gone under the knife plenty of times, too, so I guess in that family maybe it is normal to self-mutilate with a doctor’s assistance. But what Cher has done to herself over the years is pretty nutso too. (Even though she “looks great.”) Cosmetic plastic surgery in general is pretty f-ed up.

    At the least, you must admit it is NOT NATURAL. No arguing, people. And also, hating the way you look and getting an operation to change it is not a sign of inner peace and health. Face the truth.

    We have a deep problem here in our culture. And I’m caught up in it too – why else would I frequent celebitchy?! But I don’t get botox or even wear eye makeup. Guess I just am weirdly fascinated by celebrities who do all that crazy sh*t!

    Blessings to Chaz and all the people who don’t feel at home in their skin.

  7. Lisa says:

    He looks like a thumb…

  8. jrt says:

    is that Chelsea Clinton with him?

  9. jrt says:

    I think he/she is going to blow up first…… maybe a healthy eating habit is all she needed

  10. poopie says:

    i don’t mean this in an offensive way but am curious to know if the hormones cause the excessive weight gain?

  11. jrt says:

    I agree with crazydaisy. I dont get that people need to change their sexes inorder to feel right. I bet most that do still feel the same depression after and what makes things worse is that once they change then what is there left to do to fix things. I think a lot of parents do a really bad job of parenting and the poor children grow up and are left as broken adults.

  12. TXCinderella says:

    I’m not a religious person, but I think you shouldn’t mess with what God gave you. I think it’s more of a mental issue, not being able to accept one’s own body.

  13. spinner says:

    crazydaisy…I agree. This is not natural nor is it commendable or praise-worthy. Chaz is obsessed with herself. Totally self-involved. She refuses to deal with what she was given. She can pretend all she wants…She’s still the same ol’ girl she used to be.

  14. Happymom says:

    I think the only really freaky thing is that they have hairless cats. Have you guys seen those things? Yowza.

  15. devilgirl says:


  16. Roma says:

    Wow, though I get people have differing opinions or backgrounds I can’t believe anyone would call Chaz self obsessed.

    When people realize from a very young age that there is something different about themselves from the societal norm it’s incredibly hard to live that way. Be it gay or transgendered these people are who they are.

    This isn’t a case of “if I give myself bigger breasts I may have some self esteem” issues like Heidi. In the case of transgendered they want to outwardly represent what they feel inside. And though clearly people can’t understand it I applaud Chaz’s courage, along with the courage of every other person who chooses to be true to themselves.

    And to say Chaz doesn’t look happy is bollocks. More than anything he looks at peace.

  17. Praise St. Angie! says:

    listen folks, you are all entitled to your opinion on what’s “natural”…

    but let’s consider this.

    in the past, inter-racial dating was considered “unnatural”.

    so was homosexuality, sharing a bed (not sex, just sleeping) with a woman who was menstruating, minorities having equal rights, women voting, coloring your hair, etc….

    I realize this is strange to some people, but until you’ve walked in their shoes, you can’t judge what they’re feeling inside, and whether what they’re feeling is “natural” or “unnatural”.

    I can’t understand the feeling of being born in the wrong body because I’ve never been there, but that doesn’t mean that other people don’t feel that, or aren’t entitled to feel that. Just like I’ll never know what it’s like to be a black person. I can witness the racism that occurs, but I can NEVER fully understand HOW that person is feeling when it happens to them.

    as long as he’s not hurting anyone, why should you care? he seems happier now, but I just hope that he gets into better shape.

    EDIT: “By the way the actual process includes counseling”

    excellent point. not just anyone can complete gender reassignment surgery…there is LOTS of counseling/evaluation to make sure the person is a good candidate.

  18. mln76 says:

    I think all of the people judging Chaz should take the time to talk to a Transgendered Person. I too have concerns about the health effects of the surgery and hormones but to make blanket statements about the reasons behind the surgery is ignorant. This isn’t just cosmetic surgery. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to grow up feeling trapped in your body or feeling like you have the ‘wrong parts’. By the way the actual process includes counseling many people choose to stop at certain stages so that they cosmetically appear to be male but are not necessarily biologically so.

  19. yes!i!can! says:

    100% support for Chaz. he’s amazingly brave.

    haters, shame on you. it’s his body, and his life, and thank goodness that he can do with it as he pleases. if people like you were in charge, he’d probably be locked up, either in jail or in a body that’s a torment to him.


  20. tapioca says:

    Crazydaisy, Spinner, et al… Actually, it has been proven that the brains of men and women do have subtle physiological differences, and that the brains of transgendered individuals tend to match up under the microscope to those of the gender they feel themselves to be. In the same way, a boy who was “reassigned” as a girl (so he had the outside appearance and hormones of a girl) after a botched circumcision grew up realising he was a boy in a girl’s body and ended up living as a man before committing suicide – google David Reimer for the full story.

    Then again, some people think gay is a “lifestyle choice”…

  21. Iggles says:

    Praise St. Angie! – I agree with you 100% (except I can understand what it’s like to be a black person, because I happen to be one!)

    I’m not transgendered though. I’ve been watching the new season of Degrassi and the character Adam is a FTM. He’s my favorite one on the show and even though it’s scripted TV, it has been helpful in getting people to understand some of the issues they go through. It’s so easy to judge what you don’t understand.

    I commend Chaz and wish him the best. It certainly doesn’t sound easy what he’s been through.

    I’m sick of all these ignorant “it’s not natural!” arguments. You could say that about a lot of things. As far as judgments go, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!”

  22. crazydaisy says:

    Thought I’d get a response or two with my forthright post. Thanks to all for daring to speak on this. I’m not hating on or judging Chaz and I know there can be lots of diversity in the biochemistry and genetics of individuals, no doubt. Hermaphrodite animals are born to all species from time to time, for instance. I just feel bad for the guy. The whole situation has got to s*ck or at least be very, very challenging. Of course, I do hope he is happy – I want everyone to be happy. And why do I care, Praise St. Angie? Um, this is a gossip site?! Hel-lo. As for the “natural” argument, please. Cutting off pieces of your body? Sewing other pieces on? Totally different thing than being gay or loving someone from another ethnic background. Last time I checked, wearing PC blinders doesn’t help improve your vision (though it may give you some loft). Open your eyes if you dare. There’s no shame in choosing to do something unnatural, say, Botox, etc, if that’s what you want. Even less shame if you have the courage to be up front about it and call it what it is.

  23. samihami says:

    I think it is an extremely complicated issue and it’s very difficult to say what is right or wrong. While I personally think reassignment surgery is wrong on many levels, I also realize I’ve never had to make that sort of decision, either. I can’t imagine what it must be like to hate your gender so much that you are willing to go through so much to change it. So, I will just say that I hope for happiness for Chaz and anyone else going through this.

  24. Salina says:

    How does a masectomy and steroids legally make you a man? Like…..I don’t get it. The world is getting too weird. To each his own I guess.

  25. Roxanne75 says:

    gross gross gross. Seriously.

  26. Praise St. Angie! says:

    the “why do you care” question wasn’t along the vein of “why are you commenting” but more along the lines of “his decision doesn’t affect you so why should it bother you”. clearly, you have some sort of moral objection to it which, as I said, you are entitled to. but it’s not like he’s out there saying “EVERYONE should do this, it’s awesome”.

    regarding the interracial dating issue, my only point was that, in the past, THOSE things were considered “unnatural”, but people’s perceptions have changed. I think someone’s happiness and comfort with who they are trumps any personal objections I might have.

    I’m a firm believer of “if it’s legal, and you’re not abusing or hurting anyone, do what makes you happy.”

    MY eyes are open. hopefully, yours will be one day, as well.

  27. spinner says:

    It’s easy to call other people haters in this crazy PC world. It takes more courage to actually state your true opinion on a topic without being threatened by another differing view. People can support the latest fuckery all they like but I don’t have to, nor will I.

  28. Bodhi says:

    Read “Trans Sister Radio” by Chris Bohjalian. It is a truly WONDERFUL novel about a MTF transition & how the it affects everyone involved (family members, community members, etc).

    As for people who think it is “unnatural”, no amount of frank or honest discussion is ever going to change their minds. I wouldn’t bother. There is no over arching right or wrong in cases like these. There is only what it right or wrong for the individual. People who undergo gender reassignment surgery know what they are in for, physically & mentally & they know that some people in society will never accept them. The idea of “gender reassignment” is nothing new. Of course the technological & surgical issues are new, but the idea that someone could have been done with the wrong gender has been around for millenia.

  29. embertine says:

    Human beings are products of nature; nothing we can do can be “unnatural”, it can only be beneficial or detrimental. If you disagree, perhaps you prefer to eat your meat raw and die of diptheria.

    It astonishes me that there is still so much ignorance about this medical condition.

  30. The Bobster says:

    What a hideous lump!

  31. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Thanks Tapioca, I read about David Reimer, what a tragic story.

  32. xxodettexx says:

    @Praise St. Angie!, Bodhi, embertine, Iggles: co-sign all your considerate thoughts and words

    the same people yelling “unnatural!” remind me of the children that ran around recess screaming “ewww, cooties!” at my sister in the hick town we lived in the early 90’s, only because her skin color was reddish brown “like poop”

    humans are so cruel to things they do not understand or things that are contrary to the “norms” they grew up with!

  33. Dizzybenny says:

    ”Chaz Bono is doing a sequel to his documentary about his female to male transition”
    I would have prefered a prequel but i guess it’s to late now 😉

  34. Rio says:

    I just want to add (as a biology nerd) that humans are BY NO MEANS the only species capable of changing their bits n’ pieces. It’s very common among insects, fishes and amphibians. Female hyenas, for lack of a better term, grow a penis and give birth through it. Now, I’m not comparing trans people to insects- it’s just saying “that’s not natural” is, well, denying the fact that it actually IS pretty natural.
    As a biology nerd, I have some issue with “sex reassignment” on a syntactic level- using a base definition, it’s impossible to change your sex. You can certainly change your *gender*, but until they figure out a way to make XY chromosomes into XX and vice-versa, you are still biologically the sex you were born with.

  35. Cherry Rose says:

    Before they’ll even consider someone for gender reassignment surgery, they go through at least a year, if not more, of counseling, to be sure that this is truly the right thing for them and they’re not just confused.

    I’m glad Chaz is finally comfortable in his skin and has found someone to share life with. They’re a cute couple.

    And I hope that he, along with other transgenders, raise awareness of this issue, as it won’t be going away anytime soon.

  36. EdithP says:

    It’s not like he just did this on a whim, he’s 40, isn’t he?

    When I hear about a trangendered person, I always think about how difficult adolescence was for me, a “normal” person. Can you imagine how it must feel if you’re in the wrong body?

    Oh, and is it natural/unnatural? Who knows (or cares), but maybe it’s like a birth defect — don’t we all start out as female and then ‘mutate’ to male sometime in the womb? Maybe Chaz just didn’t get the right dose of hormones at the right time. If this transition makes him happy, I’m very glad.

  37. FatJenny WearsTightShirts says:

    OH GAWD! Enough already.

  38. YAY says:

    People who throw around words like ‘natural’, ‘pure’ and ‘blessings’ creep me out. There..I said it.

  39. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Iggles: I’m sick of all these ignorant “it’s not natural!” arguments. You could say that about a lot of things. As far as judgments go, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!”

    You realize with that analogy you just called transgenderism a sin right?

  40. Kim says:

    Who the hell cares??!

  41. Bodhi says:

    “but the idea that someone could have been done with the wrong gender has been around for millenia.”

    D’oh!! That should have been BORN with the wrong gender…

  42. Kim says:

    Well I have a cousin who had a baby(Alex) with a penis,uterus and 1 ovary. He and his wife are conflicted about having infant sex assignment surgery. The reason being the baby may identify as a girl later and then she can have her penis changed into a clitoris. If Alex later identifies as a boy she can have her ovary and uterus removed.Everything is not Black and White. For the people judging Chaz because her brain(identity) and genitals don’t match. Would you judge my cousin(Alex)for having a hysterectomy or clitoroplasty when Alex is older.BTW they don’t use he or she when referring to Alex.It takes a while to get used to .

  43. Sparkly says:

    Wow, a lot of people really need to educate themselves on transgender issues before posting their ignorance and hatred publicly. It’s sad.

    PLEASE do not refer to transgender men as he/shes or “she” after he has made his preference for male pronouns and identity clear. It is possible to disagree civilly, you know.

  44. Fire says:

    I can’t imagine what Chaz has been going through for the past 30 years. More power to him for making this film and using his celebrity to help bring this issue to light. It couldn’t have been easy. I hope he has now found peace – IMHO it looks like he has…

  45. clorismetchum says:

    i agree with a few of the posters here. THIS AIN’T IN THE BIBLE PEOPLE!!!
    now, i’m religious and all, but i consider myself somewhat tolerant of different people and opinions. the man that does my hair is practically a one-man gay pride parade and i still go to him! hell, i even send him a fruit cake every christmas! so i don’t have a problem with the homosexuals. i’m pretty sure my daughter is a lesbian, but as long as i don’t see her munching on a cooze….hell, i’m FINE with that. but trying to turn your vag into a dong? it just creeps me out. i guess i’ll tolerate it too, if i ever come across one of these people, but that ain’t gonna stop me from thinking it’s wrong!

  46. filthycute says:

    @Lisa (#7) – LOL! Did you make that comment about Chris Ciccone at Dlisted yesterday?

  47. filthycute says:

    I don’t get it: what does this mean for his girlfriend, who was previously “her” girlfriend? Is she now “straight” because she’s in a relationship with a “man”?

    This is more confusing than Inception.

  48. Anne de Vries says:

    Kim: that’s commendable – it must be difficult for them when society is so binary about gender, but they are absolutely doing the right thing in letting Alex grow up as s/he is until old enough to make hir own decision.

    Filthycute: it means she loved Chaz when he was a she, and still loves him now he’s a he. Labels are unimportant – the love obviously is for the person, not what gender they identify as.

  49. Iggles says:

    @ Bill Hicks is God:
    You realize with that analogy you just called transgenderism a sin right?

    Nice strawman statement…

    My point was none of us are perfect, so what gives anyone the right to judge what’s “unnatural”?

    Some of the latter posters did a great job showing that in the animal kingdom sex/gender is not always fixed.

    Filthycute – Chaz’s partner might see herself as bi. Since Chaz has transitioned they are in a straight relationship, though Chaz is still part of the queer community (GLBT).

  50. MrsOdie2 says:

    It’s “unnatural” to drive around in a car, but most of us do it every day.

    I admit, I am very uncomfortable with the transgender issue, but I don’t know much about it. My discomfort probably stems from my own ignorance.

    Chaz says that he dealt with addiction issues, but clearly the food addiction is still a big problem. His father Sonny Bono was a tiny, skinny man. His mother is very slim. I don’t see obesity being genetic here. Clearly this person overeats compulsively, and people who do that are usually in pain. I hope he gets help.

  51. beanie says:

    I’m kinda confused about how this works, but if Chaz is happy that is all that matters.

  52. heebeegeebee says:

    crazydaisy I am in complete agreement and kudos to you for your statements. What gets me is that we all have “issues” about something in our lives and/or ourselves. We don’t then undergo a multimillion dollar transition – we find more realistic ways to cope. Or, here is a novel idea – we ACCEPT what we have been given and be thankful, flaws and all.

  53. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @clorismetchum (or whatever): “these people…” Tell me you were trying to be funny so I can let you know not to give up your day job.

  54. jamie says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww it looked better as a woman! what is he-she like 500 lbs now wholly smokes!!!!!!!!! heart attack waiting to happen!

  55. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Mrs. Odie2:”this person” ??? You were doing alright up until then but WTF, honestly. Where is this coming from or am I on Mars?

    Y’all realize that not too long ago people would describe persons of colour, Jews and anyone else who they didn’t play tennis with, the same way?

    phttt…*head meet wall*

  56. crazydaisy says:

    Looks like natural/unnatural are LOADED terms. When you say them, people may assume you are an ignorant, judgmental hater. Go figure. Time to update the old vocab, I guess.

    MrsOdie2, when you said driving around in a car is not natural, you were 100% CORRECT imo! No shame, it’s a fact. Simple. It’s not about right and wrong, good and bad. But I get it. Loaded words set off explosions.

    Therefore, I learned something from this. Thanks to all my teachers. (Advance apologies if using the words “thanks” and “teachers” creeps anyone out, lol.)