Steve Harvey goes after ex wife after she reveals he’s a cheating dog

Steve Harvey
Yesterday we saw a series of three YouTube videos in which Steve Harvey’s ex wife of 16 years revealed the ways that she discovered that Steve was cheating on her throughout their marriage, including when she was pregnant with their son. When Steve divorced his ex, Mary, he worked to have her evicted from their home, to limit monetary support, and he even took custody of their 12 year-old son. The way Mary told her story was remarkably thoughtful, calm and well spoken. To say that this woman went on a “tirade,” as US Weekly and E! reported it, was a mischaracterization. After all this woman went through, she stated her case very well and with a lot of restraint, especially considering the explicit e-mails and messages she had from Steve’s mistresses to back it up. Mary explained that she was speaking out now because Steve is suing her, as he blames her for the fact that his deal with Oprah for a talkshow fell through.

Now that Steve’s ex has very convincingly stated her case, he’s predictably suing her again and is trying to defame her. I hope the damage has already been done to this assh*le’s career, though.

In a three-part YouTube tirade lasting 25 minutes, Mary Harvey, bashes the Family Feud host for allegedly cheating on her throughout their nearly 10-year marriage and then leaving her high and dry when they divorced in 2005.

“He turned my son against me, had me evicted from our house,” Mary says. “I woke up, and everything was gone.”

And with that, Harvey’s lawyers immediately went to Defcon 5.

“We are appalled and aware of the videos and other fabricated documents…which contained false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging, malicious, explicit and slanderous information about Mr. Harvey, his current wife and others,” attorney Bobbie Edmonds said in a statement Monday.

“The ex-wife is fully aware of the court’s current orders and permanent injunctions which prohibit either party, their lawyers or representatives from discussing and releasing information on the Internet and to the media. We are taking the necessary legal steps to rectify this matter to the full extent of the law and we will be seeking contempt and sanctions against her for such reprehensible and callous disregard for the court orders.”

The estranged exes have a son, Broderick, who was born in 1997. Mary also has an adult son from a previous relationship, and Harvey has three children from his first marriage. Mary was his second wife.

Mary claims the Original Kings of Comedy funnyman was messing around with his future third wife, Marjorie, behind her back.

“With all the emails and the text messages, the different things that I was finding out about,” she says, referring to the alleged affair, the camera panning to a typed page presented to be a lurid email between Harvey and Marjorie. “I thought the least he could do was make me whole at the end of it. He just left, walked out the door. Once he realized I was going to divorce him…he went [to our apartment in New York], and then [Marjorie] joined him there.”

“Steve never said that he was sorry,” Mary continues. “He had our housekeeper pack his belongings up and forward those belongings to New York.”

She also says that Harvey is suing her in Texas because he blames her for not getting his own show on Oprah Winfrey’s new cable network.

Edmonds, Harvey’s lawyer, concluded: “We are saddened that the ex-wife has resorted to such devious and selfish behavior, with a reckless disregard for their minor son, her adult son and Mr. Harvey’s other children.”

[E! Online]

Mary did tell us how this whole story turned out for her, as E! quotes her above, but that was after 20+ minutes of very clearly stating the background and the reasons she’s going public with her story. She spent a long time talking about her life with Steve and the things they did together, and it was more like she had mixed feelings about it and was trying to explain where she was coming from. It’s predictable to focus on the most sensational things she said, and we do it all the time, but I hope that people take the time to listen to Mary’s story and understand what happened to her. As I said yesterday, it’s an all too common tale and this admirable woman tells it with such grace. There’s no “getting over it” when you lose custody of a child.

These photos of Steve and Mary are from 2004. She looks much better now. Divorcing a cheating dog will do that for you.
Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

Harvey and his latest wife/last jumpoff:
Steve Harvey

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  1. Hakura says:

    I swear, this guy just pisses me off. I was never much a fan of his, nor saw much that he was in, but after all this mess, he’s moving into my ‘banned’ mental file, including such others as: Chris Brown, Leann Rimes, Eddie whatshisface, Roman Polanski, & the Jersey Shore cast.

    I don’t much care for Oprah either, but she’s a lot harder to avoid. x_x

  2. Judy says:

    Steve Harvey looks like a pimp in the above pics w/ his first wife, and they don’t bode well for her, either. Still, I believe her story. Harvey is funny, I’ll give him that, and I enjoy watching him, but I’ve noticed he’s not very well educated or well-rounded in general knowledge just from watching him on Family Feud.

  3. Disco says:

    Love how his lawyerrs call him Mr. Harvey but only refer to her as “the ex-wife.” Like she’s not even worth remembering her name. What douchebags. I can’t wait for karma to catch up with them…

  4. tiki says:

    don’t know either of the people involved in this situation. that said, i’m always suspicious of a woman who doesn’t have custody of her child. no one ‘takes’ a child from his/her parent. there are reasons why courts award custody to one parent over the other, and those reasons have everything to do with evidence and absolutely nothing to do with the child having been ‘turned against’ the parent. i call foul on that one.

  5. lin234 says:

    tiki- Usually I would agree but this isn’t your typical case. Anytime someone with access to millions is involved, they can get away with a lot more.

    I listened to her story and I was amazed she managed to get through everything in such a calm manner. (Or maybe it’s a testament that he drained her of all her emotions and there’s nothing left but for her to move on.) Especially when she was showing that particular mail she got when she first learned Harvey was cheating on her. Why is he suing her in the first place? He already left her with nothing. What a douche bag. Just the lawyer’s fees are going to be eating up her resources.

  6. tiki says:

    lin234, i understand what you’re saying about the influence of money. if that’s true, then the same criterion needs to be applied to nicole kidman who is excoriated on this site for not having her children with tom cruise living with her. he had the money at the time of their divorce, therefore he got the children.

  7. really says:

    Miss Mary is a SCAM………….
    she looks a bit off, and what is sad is that she cant get over the fact he moved on, but she has not!!!

  8. lin234 says:

    tiki- Another completely different scenario. Nic and Tom both have money but add in Scientology and the game changes. Scientology is famous for their audits where members reveal their deepest secrets etc. There are people who believe Nic gave up the children because Scientology had her on tape saying things that could destroy her image. Who knows? But add in a crazy-ass religion and anything is possible.

  9. Jane Q. Doe says:

    If she’s violated a court order, even if she’s telling the truth (and I tend to believe her), that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. Of course it’s unfair, and it sounds like she needs a much better attorney, but you don’t just get to ignore a judge’s orders, especially if there are ongoing custody matters.

    Didn’t like Harvey before, like him even less now.

  10. Hakura says:

    I agree with lin234 (5) in response to Tiki (4).

    I understand where you’re coming from in regards to it being suspicious when a mother loses custody (which would usually be because of drugs/alcohol/or abuse, in a normal situation… A-la teen mom Amber from Mtv.)

    But an expensive lawyer can twist things, dig up irrelevant, outdated information to smear the mother, & find loopholes to keep negative information about their client from coming up in the custody court (SH’s lawyer is already displaying this by suing her for saying anything about the divorce). It’s sickening, & the system can be incredibly unfair.

    But I’m not saying Mary is a saint. She was the other woman herself, at first, which was wrong on her part as well. But I have to give her *some* credit for the *way* she decided to tell the world. She didn’t call him names (even when plenty would apply), & she didn’t lose control of herself (she said nothing to be ashamed of.). It didn’t even sound vindictive on her part (when she had every right to be).

    I also agree that Tom & Nicole were a different situation, because of scientology. It had a huge impact on everything in their divorce.

  11. Bopa says:

    If Mary really wanted to be vindictive about Steve and his new wife she would put the new wifes business out there. When Steve initially hooked up with her the black blogs were a blaze about her past relationships with drug dealers and criminals. New Mrs Harvey has some skeletons in her closet but Mary didn’t bring that up. A jealous and vindictive woman would have had a field day.

  12. Lila says:

    Winton. The son’s name is Winton. And Steve Harvey went blabbing on air about it yesterday morning to a chorus of ummmm hmmmm Steve! from those two sycophants and Nephew Tommy. I was appalled. He should have kept his mouth shut for once. He looks like a damn shark.

    Let’s not forget what he did to Bernie Mac, yet still had the audacity to show up at his funeral. Bernie said that Steve went behind his back after he was cast in Ocean’s Eleven to steal the part for himself. Bernie said that out of all the things that happened to him in the industry, that hurt him the most. He really thought Steve was his friend. After the Bernie Mac incident, and now his ex wife speaking out, I’m no longer surprised by any story regarding this man’s ruthlessness.

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I think I don’t really care that much about this story except to say that Steve Harvey sounds like a real asshole.

    what I REALLY wanted to point out is that “Defcon 5″ is the defense condition we are at in peacetime.

    Defcon 1 would be “war is imminent”.

    so, whoever at E!online wrote that, they need to do better research.

  14. kg says:

    i sed t like him
    but i heard her side and WOW
    he took the child cuz he has more power nd money

  15. Jezi says:

    If Mary was the other woman she shouldn’t really be surprised when he did it to her, however, doesn’t make it right what he did. Especially when it comes to taking a child away from a mother just to be a vindictive bastard. It sounds like he only took the child so he didn’t have to pay Mary a dime. The more I read about him, the more I want to throw up. He is a despicable human being. She should not be quiet, she should sing like a damn bird. To whomever said it above about the attorney calling him Mr. Harvey and her the ex-wife, that’s a typical thing for attorneys to do, it depersonifies the other party so that the audience feels less empathy. They do it in court all the time, refer to their client by their name and the other person as the defendant.

    His third wife better be making her own money because when he gets bored of her, she will be the next Mary.

  16. betty says:

    The guy is a pimple on a dog’s ass. He gives out advice for women?? omg – what.a.joke! I think what bothers me the most – him suing her b/c he didn’t get what he wanted. Why is it her fault he didn’t get a spot on O’s network? He’s blowin smoke up everyone’s ass with his books – married how many times??? ugh – he should be giving advice on how to dump and humiliate women. Seems that’s his true area of expertise.

  17. Salina says:

    I say more power to her. He’s trying to make a career giving dating advice when he’s a hack.

  18. Sandy says:

    Dear Jesus,
    Someone PLEASE take this a-hole down.

  19. Whatever says:

    How a person treats their spouse on the way out the door shows more about their character than how they behave in the next relationship. Attempting to turn a child against his mother is reprehensible. There is no excuse for that. Steve is a piece of crap.

  20. Hautie says:

    Let me begin with “allegedly”. :)

    Oh he has always been a piece of work.

    There was article written in a Dallas local paper, that covered this back when it first started. And the wife found out from her divorce attorney that Mr. Harvey and their family lawyer, had screwed her out of everything.

    I believe (allegedly) that Mr. Harvey had planned on divorcing her for over a year. And went about defrauding her out of property they owned together and the businesses they had built.

    His lawyer convinced her to sign away her rights to any future cash from any of them. Telling her it was for the good of the business.

    To say she got royally screwed is a understatement.

    And she was desperate to keep the marriage together, which Mr. Harvey kept insisting he was not leaving. Till he had gotten her name off everything.

    Then he dumped her. And the jump-off was with him the whole time full well knowing he was screwing his wife over. So Karma will come back and get her cheating ass later.

    The only problem the ex wife had is that she did not go out and hire a mean SOB from the Dallas law community.

    The allege lawyer she was using in the beginning, was the same shady ass family lawyer who got her to sign away her rights. And the one calling her the “ex-wife” and him “Mr. Harvey” in this statement.

    And lets be real. Oprah never was going to give him a show. He lacks a decent character and she is not having it.

  21. malachais says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to comment about this yesterday, but Mary seems very honest and I’m glad the tabs picked this up for everyone to read. They may have commented about the Youtube videos incorrectly however it will make people watch them.

    The lawyer’s comments don’t make much sense. Mary talks about the children but never says things that would actually affect them negatively. Their children need to know the truth, if that is the case.

    Hakura, ITA. How can Steve’s people call her selfish when Mary is being sued when she was left with nothing? Ridiculous.

  22. Bopa says:


    Now that you mention it I remember a story about a comedian trying to go behind Bernies back. I don’t know if it was a blind item or it was mentioned and I just forgot who the back stabber was. There are so many stories that turn out to be false so I decided to do my own digging. Bernie talks about it in a 2003 interview with Ebony Magazine.

    “The movie(Ocean’s Eleven) was a huge success, but caused a riff in his relationship with his Kings of Comedy co-star Steve Harvey. As the story goes, someone representing Harvey called Ocean’s Eleven director Steven Soderbergh to push for Harvey to get the part over Mac. “The Hollywood game that we are in, it’s a cold game,” he says of the person who tried to convince Soderbergh that Harvey was more popular and a better actor. “And the sad thing about it is all of us are doing well, so I don’t really see the problem. It didn’t bother me because I see the big picture. When they told me about it, what could I do? I’m not going to sling mud. I’m not a rapper. I tell jokes. I try to make people laugh. I’m not going to sling mud. Steve and anybody else can say whatever they want to say. Ain’t nobody got no control over me. I have the control.”

  23. redlips says:

    Hey Steve…..

    The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!

    Sometimes, the “truth” hurts.

  24. OhCamille! says:

    Maybe she’s speaking out because she has nothing left to lose. Noone can squeeze blood out of a rock. If she did have something to do with him not getting a job with O, then there has to be truth to her story. I believe her story. I believe he’s suing her….what a dumb move. It seems he’s trying to destroy her. He should STFU, but he won’t.
    I’d love to see him get his for the Bernie Mac betrayal.

  25. Alex says:

    A former colleague of Steve’s is backing up the things Mary is saying and says there’s more info that the ex-wife doesn’t even know. This colleague is not a bitter former employee but has personal knowledge of the entire situation.

  26. Bopa says:


    Any examples?

  27. Isabel says:

    I thought their kid’s name was Wynton, from yesterday’s post. But that’s neither here nor there.

    This guy is a complete dog. Clearly, he views himself as untouchable. The greatest possible thing that could happen would be for Oprah herself to publicly denounce his credibility.

  28. anonymous says:

    Mary the ex-wife have a right to talk about her own life, too bad if Steve Harvey has a hard time dealing with the truth his actions show the low-life stinker and a bully he really is. Keep your mouth shut even if it is about your own life or else I have the money to shut you up! Acting like Mister Big in those disgusting, ugly grave yard suits with his man face wife,a home wrecker enjoying the good life off of somebody else’s hard work.

  29. Hautie says:

    “ugly grave yard suits”


  30. elizabeth says:

    I practice family law. Money, a “winning is everything” lawyer and a willingness to lie (with others willing to back you up in the lie) can make all the difference in a custody case. I’ve seen children brainwashed to turn against a parent with the other parent lying about a non-existent affair and “mommy loves the new guy more than you”. I’ve seen it happen and it is an evil thing to have a child used in that way. Its not unthinkable that this is what happened to her.

  31. JustBe says:

    Hautie@20, can you post a link to the article that you mention or at least the name of the Dallas-area newspaper that published it?

    I would like for Oprah or the ladies of the view to do a show about the former Mrs. Harvey’s story and include the stories of other women who were screwed over by rich ex-husband’s. I think it’s extremely important for women (especially those coming from a working class background) to be educated on how they can protect themselves when they enter into a marriage with a rich spouse or if that spouse becomes wealthy during the relationship.

    I think so often when you don’t know how the game is played and no one in your circle knows, it can be a lot easier for you to be permanently harmed by a wealthy person who has a team of lawyers and sycophants at their beck and call to lie/cover/steal/cheat for them. I hope Mrs. Harvey finds some peace through this process.

    This story depresses me.

  32. Hautie says:

    While looking to see if the article is online… I did not read the article online that told all the good stuff.

    I read while sitting waiting to get my hair cut. And it was a great article. I was thinking it was in the Observer but I could be wrong..

    Instead I found this little gem:

    ~For 17 years, he was with Mary during which the couple experienced a 10 year marital life. While they were married, Mary gave birth to a son, Wynton, in 1997. The couple got divorced in 2005.

    Terms of Steve Harvey Divorce Settlement

    * Child Support given by Steve to Mary: 1,000 USD per month
    * Steve received all property and businesses

    Mary Harvey’s outrage against the divorce settlement

    In 2007, Mary sued Steve in Harris County District Court for swindling her during the divorce settlement. She alleged that Steve and his lawyer cheated her into a quickie divorce. They intended to hide the following details about her ex husband during the settlement.

    * Adultery
    * Poor and neglectful parenting
    * Physical and mental abuse of Mary

    Mary added that during the November 2005 divorce, she was not aware of her rights to hire an independent lawyer. So, she had the same attorney as her husband and he was Ricky Anderson. Ricky convinced her that she was not legally eligible for more than 1000 USD per month as child support. In this way, she was deceived by the lawyer and her ex husband. As a result of all this, she feels that the divorce settlement regarding child support, division of community property and alimony was not just.

    Mary has developed an opinion that Ricky sought to attain Steve’s interests and safeguard Steve’s image in the public eye as “Christian-type, likeable, do good and packaged. Her ex husband and his lawyer attempted to quickly and quietly organize the divorce.

    Taking into account the fact that Steve is a millionaire, the divorce settlement has been very measly for Mary. So, Mary stated that her ex swindled her for millions and also committed physical and mental abuse. If the judge would conclude that Steve derisively hid vital data from Mary, then Steve would have to face jail. On 20th December 2007, there was news that the probability of prison has coerced Steve to release money to his ex wife.

    Court documents suggested that Steve owns a fortune of 20 million USD. Mary’s lawsuit and the nasty allegations made in it had begun to hurt his public image. So, Steve became serious about nullifying the lawsuit. Consequently, he became willing to offer 50 percent of what he owns to settle the case with his ex wife. It is expected that Mary would accept the offer of 10 million USD.


    Obviously he never paid her squat.

  33. Judy says:

    @JustBe: I can so relate. I am college-educated but was beyond naive and let my ex-husband use my divorce attorney–turned out they had a fraternity brother in common. I handed my husband my paycheck every week for all the years we were married and was never allowed to buy anything for myself. If I bought clothes, he had a fit. We made an investment with money from my family which he got in the divorce. He’s filthy rich and I ended up with nothing. Yes, I am bitter.

  34. Hautie says:

    Oh this is a sister paper of the Observer and it has a good write up too.

    And of course The Smoking Gun…

  35. Iggles says:

    Wow. This is a mess. But what is done in the dark will come to life!

    This is KARMA!

  36. FatJenny WearsTightShirts says:

    Steve is ghetto. I totally believe the allegations made by his ex-wife. It’s a farce that he writes self-help books for women about men. What a joke.

  37. bluhare says:

    I have to say I had no idea who this guy is when I read this, and now I hope I never do.

    What a spooge (my new favourite word).

  38. Kim says:

    Wendy Williams worked with Steve on the radio inn NYC and pretty much confirmed his cheating on her show today.

  39. Ashley says:

    And this fool gives relationship advice?

    That’s obnoxious.

  40. Hakura says:

    @bluehare (37)- “What a spooge (my new favourite word).”

    LOL, What is a ‘spooge‘? xD When I first read it, I thought it said ‘sponge‘.

    And I agree with everyone. If karma really exists, which I hope it does, he has one hell of a reckoning coming. He’s a user…cold & vindictive towards women he’s claimed to love. Manipulative & incredibly selfish. He doesn’t care who he has to run over to get where he wants…Even his own child. (I, too, believe he was manipulated by his father.)

  41. JenJen says:

    He has already tarnished Family Fued. Yes, he is so ghetto, laughing all the way to bank.

  42. OXA says:

    He left her broke and broken so what the hell difference does his lawsuit make. I believe her when she calls him out for his disgusting behavior. He had little regard for his wife or child with life threatening sexual practices, that alone should have left him pennyless.

  43. Mee too! says:

    In Texas, she couldve sued him for adultery…I’m taking they didnt marry there? Just a mention since the article stated that she is being sued in Texas for the Oprah stuff.

  44. jayem says:

    *sigh* I’m not saying Mary doesn’t have the right to tell her story, but why now and why this way? Why not write a book? I don’t know. I feel like there’s more to this story.

    Also, I don’t think vilifing his father is gonna improve your relationship with your son. I’m guessing he can read. I just can’t get behind someone dredging up the past when there are kids involved. It does seem bitter.

    ETA: I forgot about the Oprah show lawsuit part. So I guess she has the right to respond in kind. But I wouldn’t stoke those fires. Airing your personal business on YouTube is…kinda…cheap?

  45. yuck says:

    What a f’ing loser. So glad I didn’t buy his sh*t book. And to think, I got hosed and thought he was a decent guy. He should rot.

  46. Nj says:

    Sue away, Steve! It’s too late- the cat is out of the bag! And I would wager that you are losing fans by the hundreds.
    Whoever presided over that trial should have to answer for that ruling. It is appalling.
    Steve is a true moron to think that this dirt was not going to catch up with him. I was a fan of his show, but no more. I don’t like phonies who preach their fake morals in order to sell books.

  47. filthycute says:

    A friend of mine bought his book. I didn’t realize that night why I was so grossed out by her choice, but I guess it was instinct.

    This guy has always struck me as a bastard. Chiclet-toofed a$$hole.

  48. Aspie says:

    Wow, what a class act jerk Steve is…

    I can’t believe so many women buy into his schtick that his books will help them find the man of their dreams.

    They seem to forget that he’s just a comedian/entertainer, not a professional therapist by any stretch.

  49. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t entirely understand the outrage over HER!!! SON!!! I can understand where it comes from, but I was thinking about it, and–for me at least–it’s not that convincing Is airing her grievances so rephrensible that it automatically invalidates all of the parenting she did before? Does one video make Steve Harvey Jesus because ‘OH MY SHIT, A VIDEO’?

    Forget that he’s suing her because he’s so ugly no one can stomach his face for double the time, because there was a video!

    Forget that he frequently uses his radio platform to defame her at every possibility, because calling that son’s mother (the same son who is being destroyed by YouTube) Satan. So, it’s wrong to talk about a book you read because it’s hurtful to your son, but it’s perfectly kosher for father to call mother names in public? I’ve never heard about any of children going into porn, so she can’t be totally morally bankrupt.

    His third wife? I’m not saying Mary’s perfect, and I could never get on board with the ‘you can’t wreck a marriage that’s isn’t already broken’, because it’s like knowingly supplying an arsonist a lighter with the intention of burning down that house, but acting like you should be declared a saint because you didn’t *actually* start the fire. ‘Somewhat less guilty’ is not ‘innocent’, so stay out of there, let the marriage implode on its own. However, what the crap kind of woman is Marjorie? I’ve seen fewer checkers at a picnic, and that is the woman who is mothering her son. So, okay, in the technical sense, is she as bad as Harvey? Heck, no. But she has been a willing participant in all of this, and I don’t care who you are, that’s low. But forget that because MARY MADE A VIDEO?

    Forget that HER!!! SON!! Is being raised in household that endorses these selfish, cruel-minded, poisonous behaviours, it’s tabula rasa and a pair of halos for all eternity now, because SHE MADE A VIDEO!!!

    You know what’s more harmful than a bloody video? Teaching your son to discard women with whom you have build a life and family. Brazenly flouting all of the tenets of marriage and accepting that as your inalienable rights. Thou shalt not fuck crack whores, preacher-teacher. Divesting yourself of all responsibility over the ebbs and flows of your career and attributing not getting ONE FLIPPING JOB to her voodoo powers. Being so insincere in your faith that you don’t even try to live according to it–during the hours when the camera’s off, or when it’s not pay day. Um, what the Bible say about taking care of the widows and the fatherless? I’m pretty sure it didn’t say to ‘Turn that mutha out…of her home.’ I think that’s worse than a video.

    To purport to be some oracle on how women ought to act when he’s a boy, nothing more. But there’s a whole cottage industry there. It seems like every C-list black, male entertainer has a self-help book for black women. Yeah, helps them to see that if you’re an uppity slut (and we all are, sometimes I forget this because I’m a confrontational cunt, milord. Mille regretz, as the motets say), you’ll end up Single Black Female, and that’s how we’ll know to condemn you. I mean, if one were to actually believe these things, it’d be a neverending Escher nightmare of ‘guys are simple. We’ll leave you forever because you stopped wearing makeup at midnight, you need to purify yourself and ask for God’s fellowship whilst I pursue this lady who delivered where you did not.’

    Ladies, don’t listen to a guy who shops at clothing store called The Dick With Two Backs.

    Again, no one’s perfect, no one should purport to be so, and every side has its story and share of the responsibility, but the worst thing is that he’s teaching his son to be that stereotypical black man who talks about respect and fails to deliver. It’s such a characterization, but congratulations, Steve, for living down to the worst expectations. This preening Milk Dud should use of that money he LOVES so much and knock back those horse teef into his actual face. And while he’s there, get someone to do something about that poorly-assembled tower of uncooked meat that is his wife, because really, that’s a damned fiasco.

  50. JRenee says:

    She looks 100x better now. Maybe he likes the hoochie look. Stories are floating that the 2nd wives tenure overlapped with the 1st wives tenure so why wouldn’t the 3rd wives tenure over lap with the 2nd. Sounds like a pattern to me.
    Perhaps to a 9 or 10 year old who is accustomer to living a certain way, going with dad and his mansion, man made lake, limo etc. seemed a lot better than living with mom who has been downsized to very little.

    Oh and he acts like he is sppppprrrrunnng as hayle over this last wife!

  51. fwozbo says:

    The only people winning here are the lawyers. The more he sues the more he has to pay the lawyers. The more any legal maneuver is filed the more someone has to pay the lawyers. Lawyers make the world a sad sad place.

  52. Sharon says:

    @justbe–great idea…a women-centric talk show should cover this topic. Lack of education, resources,blind love & trust is a recipe that can leave a woman blindsided and broke.
    Steve is an arse of collossal proportions. He married a woman with a horrible background and treated his former wife/partner of 16 years like dirt. I find it appalling that he has the audacity to sue her.

  53. Hakura says:

    @Jayem (44)- Airing your personal business on YouTube is…kinda…cheap?

    In most other cases, it would’ve been tacky to use youtube for that.

    But I sort of got the impression that she was at the end of her rope, & needed to tell the world her end of things *somehow*. She doesn’t have the celebrity (platform) SH has…the expensive lawyers, or a PR team to smear him.

    I know there’s two sides to everything. I just can’t help but think she’s telling the truth in this case. There has to be a *reason* he has so many ex-wives.

  54. bored at work says:

    He spoke to E about the situation. I hate to say it but he sounds relatively stand up about the situation. He is looking out for his kid – otherwise he would be blasting her back in the media. Something must have gone down if in the divorce she was getting child support (so she must have had custody in some form) and now he has sole custody. Courts don’t remove mothers having the kid unless something went down. The family law courts are stacked in the favor of the mother – no matter how much money the father has. Look at Mel Gibson, Al Pacino, etc. Rich as hell but had to fight tooth and nail for access and custody to their own kids.

  55. P.M. says:

    @ Hakura; the way I’ve heard “spooge” used is semen.

  56. there's something about Mary says:

    Was Mary Harvey a mistress also? It could possibly be Karma on her part too. Secondly, I still don’t see how she lost custody of her son. She almost had me until I found out about that part. It’s not a lawyer in this world that could have convinced me to sign over custody of my kids.
    Look at Mel gibson and his ex, she is the shadiest person I have ever saw and she does not have any real money, but she is fighting for hers and she is not even a ex-wife.

  57. Crash2GO2 says:

    “It’s not a lawyer in this world that could have convinced me to sign over custody of my kids.”

    You don’t sign them over. As soon as there is a dispute over custody, and the parents are unable to come to a resolution, the court makes the decision based on the evidence and arguments of the attorneys. All of which are very much stacked in favor of the person who has the most money, NOT in the favor of the mother. Not any more.

  58. Will says:

    Jesus…this guy is famous and rich and still insists on dressing like ghetto trash who got his wardrobe from one of the trashy men’s stores on Hollywood Blvd…reminds me of the place a few blocks from Vine that sold three suits (plus shirts, pocket squares, and ugly, cheap Florsheim shoes) for $300 about five years back…plus lets his wife/girlfriend/whatever, I don’t care dress like an utter skank.

    And yet people listen to this clown…

  59. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    1. Wife #2 was probably struggling financially and visibly depressed about the situation Steve put her in post-divorce, he took her back to court and raved about his happy, blended, Ebony-magazine-spread-worthy nuclear family that was a much better environment for the son and he and Marjorie now have custody of young Winton. Not a far fetched scenario to me nor one requiring the services of a malicious legal savant, regardless as to how much of this is #2′s karma for screwing over #1.

    2. #1, #2 & #3 are all kinda dirty by association for even getting hooked up with him in the first place. A woman who subscribes to that mess in his books doesn’t really have a lot of genuine self-esteem or respect for themselves as a self-actualized mate in a “relationship.” To him, the man basically does whatever he wants to do and Steve’s gonna teach “tricks” to females to make what he wants to do what you want him to do. Tricks. Like a hooker. Tricks, like stealing gas with his 2nd wife. Ghetto. Now, if he appears to be a man of integrity (ghetto or not), some of them could work for a really long time (17 years in #2′s case), making one think they’re legal and valid methods (except the gas stealing). But, any man who admits to not being able to have female friends is not to be trusted by females, not even a wife. He appears to have very obviously and complicitly bought Marjorie’s allegiance (twice) so the rumors of her previous situations aren’t shocking. What woman in their right mind, looking for a job or not, would call their exes house and they’re not a friend, a good friend, of the wife? That’s an overt, ghetto/gangsta move of agression AGAINST the marriage. It’s business, so you call his business if its on the up and up. Then, he’s sitting there telling her and you that he’s not your friend, not any woman’s friend, in the good times, so when it goes all wrong, you, as a woman, will get hosed. Royally. And you watched him hose #1 & 2 to make you 3! I’m sorry, but that’s what he’s saying in my eyes, and I’m not getting why none of the wives (or book purchasers) saw that in the beginning. Marjorie ain’t some 20-something groupie, so her game and pre-nup must be hella-tight. If it ain’t and they ain’t got a Will and Jada, ride or die arrangement, we’ll all know in a few years from her Youtubed confessions. Meanwhile, on the way home from the bookstore to watch Family Feud, #4 is driving off from gas pumps right now.

    3. It’s just juvenille – and dirty – to look at all women as potential jumpoffs and not as people deserving of your genuine friendship, respect and protection as a male. THAT’s why he didn’t get the Oprah show. She’s well aware of that kind of man and how he operates (African-American man in particular, but these tricks aren’t racially exclusive). She definitely knows better than to give that crap an ongoing platform cause the tricks always get revealed for what they are, even if it’s 3 or 4 marriages or tv seasons later. He will, eventually, have to own his ghettopsycological tricks, just not on OWN. That ain’t The Secret here, either.

    4. Steve is right about one thing – God is not done with him yet. This thing WILL end ugly (but probably quietly as he’s got exceptionally-talented people working for him), whether it be as a result of #1, #2, #3, Oprah, Hollywood, the blogs, Youtube, the courts or whatever. Hopefully, like Oprah is prone to say, that ending will free him from whatever shame in his past is making him cut up so ugly, wife after wife after wife after tv show lost after (Ocean’s) movie lost after friend/business relationship lost after…

    Nah, Bruh. Keep your books and advice. I’m (still) Good.

    Good luck to you, tho.

  60. Josephina says:

    Wife #2, Mary, cheated with Steve from wife #1, with whom he had THREE children. Exactly, how concerned is Mary about wife #1′s pain and anguish? You cannot prosper from another woman’s pain.

    So Wife #2 lives with him for seven years, marries him on the 8th year. On the ninth year, she had a child. The FedEX confidential letter comes in on the ninth year about a woman who has had consistent sexual relations with Steve for 8 YEARS. So,…for 7 years Steve is seeing two women at the same time and he is married to neither one of them. One of the girlfriends, Mary, who was a mistress herself in the beginning, gets upgraded to wife status after seven years with a cheating boyfriend. Nice way to start a marriage.

    She marries him and he continues to cheat, even after their son was born. Mary admits to knowing about the cheating at some point, but does not leave the marriage. Steve’s business finally begins to grow and he becomes successful. Men want to be with secure and confident women. However, he loses respect for his wife for putting up with his ridiculous crap. She says Steve was her everything, that she put everything in her marriage.

    What foolishness is this?! In other words, she stopped growing. GOD is your everything, not some man. The MINUTE any woman decides to idolize her husband or put him on some pedestal, you can call it a wrap. This union was definitely not blessed nor grounded in any way, shape or form. Having a son did not make much of a difference.

    Steve had a choice. Continue to cheat or change. He decides to change. He just does not see how he can stay in that relationship AND permanently change his ways. Enter Marjorie, the woman who is more secure and confidant. Remember, dead-end, fix the relationship, or move forward out of it? Which road will he take? Voila! He is attracted to Marjorie. And so the story ends.

    If anyone can talk about a man’s cheating ways, it IS Steve. If anyone can talk about rags to riches, it is STEVE. If anyone can talk about the struggles of marriage and failing, it is Steve. His two books comes from self-knowldege, spiritual growth, self-deprecation and experience with women. Obviously, Steve is not a saint, but he has put his experiences/mistakes into good use.

    I hope Mary continues her self-discovery. In her YOUTUBE tapings I did not hear much how she convinced herself year after year to stay in a relationship with someone whom she was clearly disconnected. It was as if she was waiting for Pearl Harbor to hit.

  61. DallasGirl says:

    Ok so yes Mary filed a suit in Harris county (Houston) in Nov. 2007 and yes in Dec 2007 she droppped the suit because Steve offered a cash settlement to avoid going to court and having this mess go public. If he didnt pay her do you think she would sit back and wait another 3 1/2 years to go public? She could have easily gone through the courts to get her money due to breech of agreement. Not once has she said anything about the 2007 lawsuit but instead harp on the original divorce agreement in 2005. Sorry guys but she got paid in 2007 and its not his fault that she cant manage money. She is coming back for more becuase she thinks she deserves more. She is just being a hater because he is happy, making serious money and in the media with someone else on his arm instead of her. He has more money now than he did in 2007 and she wants her share. SHe makes these vidoes lokking busted and telling only part of the story so that people feel sorry for her. If you ever met Mary you would know that she never carried herself like that. In fact she always thought she was better than everyone else once Steve started making money. Sorry but im from Dallas and she gets no love from me because she not being totally honest. Just remember there are 3 sides: his, hers and the truth.

  62. Robin says:

    To the person who said he’s looking out for his son so he’s not commenting: He’s not looking out for his son, he’s hiding behind him. If he was looking out for his son, there is now way in the world he would have given his mother $1000 dollars per month to take care of him in the divorce settlement. No wonder he lives with his father. After being evicted from their home that made her and her son homeless. He’s a manipulative creep.

  63. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    Wow. Free Kool Aid anyone?

    How is Marjorie more “confident” when she was the 2nd string jumpoff back in the day? ANNNDDD had to wait two decades to be wifed up after the 1st string started looking “busted” and thinking she was better than everybody else? Cause she told him to hang up the phone or she’d leave? How many years and how many times did she have to tell him that? Is that what finally made him respect her when, after all of those years, her looks and gangsta were maintained the best out of all 3 women in question? Yeah, that was the trick that worked. Hanging up the phone and NOT giving up “the cookie” after 20 years of Cookie Monstering all over the place turned his whole life around. They’re selling the Brooklyn Bridge at the Kool Aid stand, btw, for one, fresh, big-headed $20. And single, straight, monogamous, Shemar Moore-looking dudes drive buses just looking for a wife to take care of like in Tyler Perry movies.

    Watch Sinbad’s special and find out why old comedians go back to their old partners. It’s because they’re old and them old broads know what to do for an old dude because they’ve been there since the beginning. It has nothing to do with being “blessed.” It has to do with going on the road and knowing what you’re coming home to ’cause you’re too old to be surprised by a young girl’s antics. That’s how heart attacks happen.

    Twenty years is how long I’ve been married and I’ll be doggoned like Marvin Gaye if I’d wait for any man that long, and thru that much ho’in, to make me official and start acting right. Can’t believe that’s God’s “blessed” plan at all, but I’m not God and He has ordained stranger things.

    I’m also not from Dallas, but it looks like his and her sides are mighty wrong in any town’s divorce court, so let’s get down to business civily, shall we? Who cares if she got paid in ’07? The truth is, if she can prove that they built businesses together and he purposely shafted her out of proceeds using misleading legal tactics, AANNNDDD those businesses directly contributed to his current popularity and net worth, she needs to sue and get her portion (or at least get interest on the amount of the stolen gas).

    That whole gas story is hilarious to me. Just priceless.:-) Gives a whole new meaning to that ride or die term when you get your chick to help steal the gas to ride on. Priceless. He could probably do a really funny monologue about that, right up until he starts calling Mary the devil. That’s when the mean (and the unfunny) will kick in and I’ll start looking for the remote. Maybe Sinbad’ll be on.

  64. Josephina says:

    Look, Steve never DENIED the fact that he cheated on his previous wives. He has admitted it repeatedly on his radio show. What is distasteful about Mary is her need to out her ex-husband’s sex life on YouTube. Wasn’t she with him for 16 years? She too was also part of his sex life. What a dumbass. There are kids involved, namely her son, and now he has a mother being vindictive in 2011 against the father he lives with along with his 10-member family household (she has pole-vaulted her case to a guest-appearance om CNN already) on national TV.

    You say you love your son? Nope. This is nothing more than an act of revenge. We get that Steve could have handled this relationship, marriage and divorce better in hindsight. I am certain that she could have handled herself better as well. I am sure that she is in violation of some sort of gag order upon the divorce settlement.

    If you are being sued for defamation of character, how does the YOUTUBE rant of how you were wronged, of how you turned the other way when he cheated on you the first eight years together, and then continued to do so after you confronted him, make him look bad?

    Before the YOUTUBE tapings I only knew that he cheated on his past wives and that through his admissions he was trying to move away from that lifestyle. Now I know how trifling wife #2 is, that she was his mistress first, then a clueless girlfriend for 7-8 years involved in a love triangle, broke enough to help her man steal gas, had a son and then her 7-8 years of marriage was also riddled with affairs, lost custody of her son, and is obviously financially and emotionally broke. Ergo the rant.

  65. K Girl says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Steve’s current wife Marjorie’s alleged shady past…Allegedly, she is known as “Lady Heroin” in her hometown of Memphis, TN, having been married to three well-known drug-lords: 1st Jimmy Townsend, 2nd Ronnie Woods, and 3rd Donnell Woods (Ronnie’s first cousin)…I’m not sure if I would be able to trust the moral compass of anyone who would marry a woman that married and also had children fathered by two cousins…

    There are three sides to every story…I have a feeling we’ve yet to hear to whole truth. However, I would never trust a thrice-married comedian to give me love advice, or his current wife who seemingly lacks any moral perimeters…Mary’s sincerity, coupled with Steve and his counterparts questionable history, lends to the believability of Mary’s story…

    - K Girl

  66. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    I’d be interested in finding out how many women who drink his Kool Aid actually profess to finding a (good) husband using Steve’s tactics. I’d also like to know how long they stay married. Just wondering is all.

    I’m 18 years in with no help from Steve and I’m not bold enough to think I can tell any woman how to do it. The only thing I can tell her is thinking like a man is probably the best way NOT to do it as God made you a woman with woman’s ways for a reason. But who am I? I mean, maybe the third time is the charm, that’s what qualifies him and I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  67. Sharron says:

    STEVE…you go Brother…you were an answer on JEOPARDY! “STEVE HARVEY GOT A RADIO SHOW…”

  68. Step says:

    Marjorie,If you haven’t thought about this please do.If he cut out on his last wife for you just walk out the door and didn’t look back.He’ll do the same,same thing to you just.You broke up a marriage,destroy a home.What goes around comes around.That not good.