Everyone is meeting Sunday Rose Kidman Urban except the public

Nicole Kidman’s adopted children, Connor and Isabella, reportedly don’t see much of her since her split with Tom Cruise, but the two did meet Nicole’s six week old daughter shortly after her birth, according to OK!

OK! reports Isabella and Connor secretly flew to Nashville to meet half-sister Sunday Rose Urban in late July.

“Connor and Bella don’t see that much of their mother,” an insider tells OK! “But everyone felt it was important for them to meet their new sister.”

[From OK!, print edition, August 25, 2008]

Connor and Isabella stay mostly out of the spotlight, unlike their other half-sister, Suri Cruise, who is a tabloid staple and fashion icon at the ripe old age of 2.

Nicole and Keith recently brought Sunday back to their native Sydney to show her off to family and friends.

“We’ve brought her back to meet the grandparents,” Nicole says. “My mom was there for the birth, but my dad hasn’t met her. And Keith’s mom and dad are coming.”

[From Life & Style, print edition, August 25, 2008]

Nicole visited her sister with Sunday in Sydney on August 7. Hugh Jackman met Sunday on a Sunday, August 10.

OK! also reveals Sunday will likely split her time between Nashville and Sydney.

“She [Nicole] lives in Nashville — part of her is in Australia. She is centered,” Nicole’s stylist Phillip Bloch tells OK! “People think of her as cold, but she’s not that way at all.”

[From OK!, print edition, August 25, 2008]

Nicole and Keith are in the minority of major stars who have yet to sell their newborn baby’s pictures to a magazine for millions of dollars.

Nicole should begin promotions soon for her latest film Australia with Hugh Jackman, which will be released November 14. Keith is scheduled to perform September 4 from New York City’s Columbus Circle for the “NFL Opening Kickoff 2008 Presented by EA Sports.”

Nicole Kidman is shown out in Sydney on 8/19/08. Credit: ICON/ Fame Pictures

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  1. Feebee says:

    What’s the bet Sunday Rose will make her public debut in the first two weeks November?

  2. daisy424 says:

    I don’t understand why she doesn’t put up more of stink about not seeing Isabella & Connor.
    Does anyone have info on this?

  3. Mavis says:

    Yikes, she looks awful in that header picture! Like the grandmother from “Flowers in the Attic.” She could pass for sixty.

  4. Goober says:

    At least she doesn’t whore out her child for publicity purposes like Cruise does.

  5. Jess Doherty says:

    So, is Sunday really their half-sister even though Connor and Isabella are adopted children? I don’t know, it just sounds weird to me..

  6. princess says:

    Daisy- I was wondering the same.
    Do they have shared custody? She raised them for 8 or so years, so you would think that she considers them hers even if they were adopted. Why wouldn’t they spend half their time with her?
    That whole situation was and is just weird!

  7. czarina says:

    Being adopted doens’t make you any less your parents’ child. Conner and Isabella are Nicole’s children, so Sunday (is Rose a middle name or is it all one name: Sunday Rose) is their half-sister.
    At first I was upset to think that Conner and Isabella aren’t seeing as much of Nicole–she should be making more time for them.
    On the other hand, they are older now and probably want to stay “home” (LA) where they have their school and friends–that’s a big priority when you are a teenager.
    I wonder what Conner and Isabella do while Tom Cruise is in New York and Nicole is in Australia.
    In fact, there are always pics of Nicole and Keith running around, and Tom, Katie and Suri jet setting here and there…what is happening to Conner and Isabella while their parents spend so much time with their “newer” families?

  8. daisy424 says:

    Whatever the reason/custody arrangement, Scientology most likely plays a big role.

  9. Leandra says:

    It’s Nicole’s own business if she wants flashbulbs and shouting in Sunday’s face by a mob of rude paps. I think eventually she will release a photo of her just to get the press off her back. I think she doesn’t see much of Connor and Isabella because they’re in school, have their own friends and there is probably little that interests them at Nicole’s house.

  10. katie says:

    what is it with people thinking adopted children are any different then biological kids? i hate that everytime connor and isabella are mentioned it gets pointed out that they were adopted. those are tom and nicole’s kids. end of story.

  11. Orangejulius says:

    It seems that they are not treated as their ‘real’ children. Aren’t they staying with Tom C’s sister?

    Also, her hair is driving me crazy. Did she stop dying it because she’s breastfeeding?

  12. fff says:

    I don’t think she was even pregnant.

  13. Bodhi says:

    As far as I’ve read, Conner & Bella are homeschooled by tom’s sister so I suppose that while Tom, Kat(i)e & Suri are performing for the paps, they stay back in LA for “school”

  14. PJ says:

    Tom’s mother and sister both lived with him, so they could be with the kids when Tom needed to travel.

    Nicole travels a great deal because of her movies, and now Keith’s career involves lots of travel too. I’m sure she would love to see more of her kids, but it’s much better for them that they are centered in one place (LA), in a stable environment where they can have school, activities, friends, etc. and not be uprooted every 3 months. Plus I’m sure Tom is so controlling he won’t let them out of his sight anyway.

  15. gg says:

    I think she’s beautiful and am happy for her. I’m sad for her though that the Scilons have stolen her other two children from her.

  16. morgs says:

    I thought his fanatical belief in scientology was a major reason in their divorce. He was becoming very devout when he kicked Nicole to the curb. Then he moved his mom and sisters into his house to take care of the kids and home school them according to scientologist beliefs. I think they now go to a scientology boarding school.

    She’s very Catholic and it was a major point of contention. Its probably more fun living with their dad due to the scientology thought that all children are just reincarnated adult souls (or some BS along those lines) and are able to care and make large decisions for themselves. Yay, sparse adult supervision.

    Nicole seemed like a very lonely individual before she met Keith. I wish her family all the best.

  17. poopie says:

    she used to be soooo gorgeous before she had her face waxed. i will NEVER understand why people do this to themselves. they CAN’T think this looks good… she looks just like the FAUX PLASTIC BARBIE i had as a kid

  18. snappyfish says:

    Morgs is right. He got deeper and deeper in the the cult and Nicole had two strikes against her a)being catholic and b)her father is a psychatrist. That is why she was so surprised when the break up occured. I am sure Miscavige was somehow involved.

    The kids are possessions of Tommie. They live in the cult mansion with Mommie and sister cruise and katiebot and clone.

    Good for her to keep her child protected from the press. We don’t need to see this children. they are not in the public eye, their parents are.

  19. fee says:

    She was so attractive till she started messing with her face….sad.

  20. Trillion says:

    “Scilon”. Nice one. Combines two things I love: Battlestar Gallactica and mocking scientology.

  21. I never heard of fax waxing. Do you mean botox? That is different.

    Yes, she did too much to her face. She looks like a frozen barbie. Not real at all. She may have no lines and no wrinkles, but its a stiff, artificial look. Like a mannequin or something. She seems obsessed with perfection, more so than other female celebrities. Probably because she has capitalized a lot on her youth and beauty to be able to work in the industry.

  22. me says:

    My theory about Kidman’s metamorphosis for what its worth:

    She was a gangly, freckled, frizzy-haired, carrot top when she was young. The complete antithesis of what is considered beautiful in Australia which has an entrenched beach culture and curvy, tanned and blonde is the ideal.

    So she grows up, fills out a bit, marries a superstar, learns how to dress and style herself and suddenly for the first time in her life, she’s considered beautiful (and she is). Its overwhelming, potent and addictive, being admired as a beauty, so she starts to guild the lily as they say or in more crass terms, fuck around with her face and body. The thing about this is, its very difficult to know where to draw the line and once you start you can’t stop. The desire to maintain and improve eclipses anything else and compromises previously held ideals like artistic integrity and feminist values.

    Fundamentally, it comes down to a self esteem issue. I have no respect for her anymore, I thought she was evolved but not so. Cate Blanchette is a role model Kidman should pay attention to and Lurhman should have cast Naomi Watts in the ‘Australia’ role.

  23. Nan says:

    Everything about her is fake & a big ol’ lie. Her marriage to Tom Cruise, her loving her adopted children & I especially love how she claimed to be so happy w/Keith when he was obviously in the throws of alcoholism. Even her attempt at looking like a Scandinavian person is so apparent. She’s really a red headed freckled person.

  24. Nan says:

    Sorry, her forehead is too big to be considered a beauty. If you saw her on the street or worked w/her in the office you may find her attractive but that’s about as far as she can muster. People comparing her to a barbie doll just because she has a turned up nose & bleached hair is whack. I don’t remember Barbie’s forehead being as big as the rest of her face. Why are some people so blinded when they see bleached hair, faux lashes & a good eyebrow arch?

  25. She has gray roots.

  26. Snowblood says:

    Look here, “Whacko,” shut your stupid piehole talking nasty shit on our friend Nan. You ARE a wad of spit, and about as creative, interesting and useful as that “wad” of said spit. Take your personal insults elsewhere, this isn’t the comment section of DListed. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  27. Jeanne says:

    Why is Nicole Kidman starting to look like an old Lana Turner or something? And please stop wearing that damn updo! She used to have beautiful long red hair
    and freckles. She’s looking older than her years. Is that what that damn Tom Cruise did to her? Then again, look at Katie Holmes, she too looks older than her years.

  28. SeaNymphette says:

    Nan, you’re dead on. She’s a big ole’ liar, even claiming to several gossip mags that she’s a natural blonde. While those of us who’ve seen “Bush Christmas”(1983), “BMX Bandits”(1983), or “Dead Calm” (1989) know otherwise. Here are two direct quotes:

    “When I was a child, I was a natural towhead. Now my hair is naturally a darker shade of blonde.”

    “I dyed my hair red for a while during the 1990s but I’m actually a natural blonde.”

    These films were all in the 1980s, prior to when she claims to have “dyed” her hair red, yet she’s as red headed as Raggedy Ann in them. None of these films were initially released in America, so perhaps when she was telling this lie, she didn’t consider that Americans might have seen them. Also she was born in 1967, so in 1983 she was only 16 years old. What are the chances her parents were letting her regularly dye her hair red then? But don’t take my word for it, just watch a clip from “BMX Bandits” on YouTube:


    You tell me if she’s a natural blonde. I say she was a big red mop top like Kathy Griffith or Carrot Top. In reality it’s alarmingly apparent that she despises both the natural color and texture of her own hair, so she bleaches and relaxes it so abusively, that with the addition of flagrant Botox abuse in her forehead, she’s developing a receding hairline and slanted eyes. (Check her photos around the time she won the Oscar.)

    I genuinely feel sorry for her, because it seems so pathetic. I pray that in finally getting what she wants (a baby)she will become a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin, because god knows her displays of insecurity and self-loathing are poor examples of “how to be beautiful” to the women and girls who are watching her.

  29. SeaNymphette says:

    I have come to my own conclusions as to why Nicole doesn’t insist on visitation with Conner and Isabella more often. My first observation is that she married a Country & Western singer, who’s work base is Nashville, Tenessee. Her son, Conner is a biracial. It has been my experience, as a biracial also, that the south is far from the most hospitable place for people like Conner and I (as neither southern blacks, nor southern whites want to acknowledge that the races really do mix, preferring to cling to a fantasy that the races are separate, and that their bible thumping morality precludes the “illicitness” of mixing, an illusion biracials destroy). I’ve found this to be especially true in the Country & Western world, namely among the hillbillies and the r*dnecks (I loathe to write that word as it is a slur, but I know no other word with the same meaning). Anyway, perhaps Nicole has decided that since she has adopted this world as her own now, she must un-adopt Conner, or at least protect him from it’s meaner folk. That observation led me to another. I remember when Tom and Nicole were divorcing, there was a custody argument, because Nicole wanted to take the children and raise them in Sydney. Australia also, is not the most hospitable place for brown skinned people (just look how the Aborigines are treated), so perhaps Tom said “Hell No!” I mean, only this year has an Aborigine been allowed to represent Australia in the Olympics, and while America certainly isn’t blazing any trails in racial equality, at least we’ve been represented by brown skinned Americans in the Olympics at least since Jesse Owens in 1936. Also, maybe Tom wants his biracial son to be raised in a country where someone like him has a possibility of being president (Barack Obama). It seems as though, the places that Nicole has chosen to make her life, Nashville and Sydney, are not places that are very accepting of her sonm and that’s too bad.

  30. Babygirl says:

    Ok, I think everyone should stop talking shit about Nicole and get off her back, not like she cares what you guys think anyway, but I do because I think she is very beautiful, unique, and strong! Have you seen her baby photos? She does have a hint of red but there is more blonde in there for sure! She even claimed that her mother only allowed them to use vegetable (red) dye in BMX Bandits to turn her hair red because she was blonde, but does anyone really care? She is a beauty even if PEOPLE CLAIM she used botox and what not. I love her hair it’s gorgeous no matter what do or color it is! Her new baby is beautiful and I am sure Connor and Bella loved her like Suri. Just leave Nicole alone, that’s all she wants now with Sunday. Really sad how people love to “dis” other people! Jealous? Anyway, Love you Nicole, hope you are truley happy!