Michael Phelps girlfriend mystery solved – it’s a fellow Olympian for now

Earlier in the week there was a lot of speculation about record-setting Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps’ love life. The buff athlete graces the cover of Sports Illustrated and stands to earn millions in endorsement deals. He’s one of the hottest commodities around, but fellow American Olympic swimmer and Playboy model Amanda Beard denied hooking up with him, saying “Ewww, that’s nasty” when she was asked about it. British model Lily Donaldson hasn’t commented on a rumored romance with Phelps, but there’s at least one lovely Olympian who didn’t pass up a chance with the 6’4″ powerhouse.

Phelps, 23, was spotted making out with Australian three-time Olympic gold-winning swimmer Stephanie Rice, 20, at a party on Monday:

Phelps, fresh from shattering Mark Spitz’s 36-year-old record, was spotted Monday night in a hot make-out session with Down Under swimmer Stephanie Rice, a source tells The Post’s Clemente Lisi and Luke Dennehy. The pumped-up pair clinched and swapped spit at a celebratory bash outside the Olympic Village.

The Baltimore Bullet swooped in for the lip-lock with the 20-year-old brunette just weeks after she split from Aussie swimmer Eamon Sullivan. “All the swimmers are talking about it, and [Sullivan] is cut up about what happened,” the source said.

The day after the face-sucking frolics, Phelps and Rice cheekily posed together for Speedo – laughing and playfully groping each other as a photographer snapped them in their swimsuits. “I definitely admire him for his athletic ability and everything he’s achieved,” gushed Rice, who won three gold medals of her own. “I’m just really glad to be in the mix with that.”

Whether the dynamic duo is now a couple isn’t known. Phelps’ rep didn’t return our calls.

[From The NY Post]

I know these two are young and this may not last for them, but could you imagine what great athletes their kids would be? Rice has a couple of world records under her belt too.

Once the Olympics come to an end on Sunday Phelps will have a great new place to relax and entertain the women that are sure to flock to him. He’s purchased a $1.69 million dollar condo on the river in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. He can surely afford a much bigger mansion, though. US Weekly reports that his lifetime earnings are estimated to come in around $100 million and that he already has endorsement deals with PowerBar, Omega, AT&T Wireless, Visa, Speedo, and Kelloggs.

Here’s Stephanie Rice winning the gold medal in the 200M individual Medley on 8/13/08. Credit: Insidefoto / PR Photos

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29 Responses to “Michael Phelps girlfriend mystery solved – it’s a fellow Olympian for now”

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  1. Kolby says:

    Hmmmmm…not so sure about this. I thought he had already left Beijing…

  2. Lalalala says:

    When did he leave for London?

    His body is FANTASTIC!

  3. I wonder... says:

    That is some lucky girl, dating the hottest swimmer ever and moving on the best swimmer ever…

  4. czarina says:

    Probably not a deep relationship–likely just the fun and excitement of the Olympics.
    What amazes me is this focus on the guy’s love life.
    What does that have to do with his achievement as an athlete and a swimmer??

  5. Joe says:

    She is cuter than the wh0re who dissed him.

  6. Shane says:

    What a great match. Hope it’s true.

  7. Ling says:

    I’d hate to be his girlfriend, or the girlfriend of any professional athlete, really. Somebody that single-minded (in terms of goals) would probably have no room left for selfless lovin’.

  8. czarina says:

    Ling; I think of people like David Beckham and Tiger Woods who, from everything I’ve seen and heard, are equally devoted to their families.
    It can be done, no matter how demanding your profession–it’s a matter of being mature enough and smart enough to know what is the MOST important things in your life.

  9. MISSY says:


  10. Kaiser says:

    The American sports commentators said that in Australia, Rice is often called “The Angelina Jolie of Australian Swimmers”…

    But yeah, they’d have beautiful fish-babies. But they’re too young. So it’s probably just mindless, amazing, praisin’-Jesus type screwing.

  11. Sleepy says:

    I doubt that Stephanie Rice is actually Michael Phelps’ girlfriend. Stephanie Rice announced the end of her 2 year relationship with Eamon Sullivan on FACEBOOK a WEEK before the Olympics started. Not much time between then and now – a month max lol. One of the alleged factors in the end of Stehpanie and Eamon’s relationship was distance and if there was tension in Stehpanie and Eamon’s relationship over distance while they were both living in the same country I don’t see how one would work with Phelps while he is based in the US lol.


    Sounds more like a friends with some benefits situation to me than an actual relationship. And so long as they’re both single I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. He’s 23 and I believe she is 20. They should just be allowed to have fun.

    One interesting thing I saw in an interview with his mom when asked about his dating was the advice she said Phelps got from his grandmother and that was: “Love them all Michael” lol. Me thinks he might use that advice for a number of the ladies waiting for him back home in the US ;-)

  12. Trillion says:

    I wish she were my girlfriend too so I could call her up and say, “you hooked up w/ Phelps?!! DETAILS AND DIMENSIONS now. I’m all ears…”

  13. Lily Rose says:

    Michael is probably getting so much A$$. This girl seems a lot nicer than Amanda Beard – I thought that was so rude what she said about him on the radio. What a witch.

    Has anyone read about how Olympic Village is a total sex fest? Something about all that testosterone, hard bodies, etc. Michael was probably hooking up left and right!!

  14. lanette says:

    no disrespect to phelps but really who really cares who he is dating?

    great athelete but he is not hot at all……..not ugly but not ,,,,oh i don’t know..he is just not hot…

  15. gg says:

    Not necessarily, that’s really tmi. Anyway, I would think that athletes could only relate to other athletes in this scenario – nobody else would fully get it.

  16. Ben says:

    What an asshole, I’ve had a crush on Stephanie Rice for ages now.
    That’s alot of gold medals and world records between them.

  17. DogRunner says:

    Doesn’t she look like a MUCH younger & thinner version of his mom?

  18. wtf says:

    Great swimmer and athlete, but he does look a little like Lurch!

  19. xiaoecho says:

    God, I am sick of that bloody Rice woman!

  20. J says:

    They have the same chin

  21. Douche says:

    Seriously…with the mug this guy has he’d better get as much tail as he can while his star is shining because that face is vicious.

  22. suzanne says:

    it is so hard not to be totally in love with michael phelps, even if it is so pathetic to fall in love with a total stranger who i will probably never meet, and to top it all off, i live in south africa…. oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

  23. I choose me says:

    “So it’s probably just mindless, amazing, praisin’-Jesus type screwing.”
    :D Kaiser, that’s the best kind.

    Phelps is young, talented and on top of the world – let him enjoy himself. Now on to more important topics. Does anybody know how I can arrange to have expressions like ‘swapping spit’ banned? Canoodling has got to go too while I’m on the subject, k thanks.

  24. Chloe says:

    Kaiser, i’m an aussie and i’ve never seen or heard Stephanie called the Angelina Jolie of Swimming…never even anything close. We call her our Glamour Girl of swimming etc…not quite Angelina (she’s not even close!!)

  25. Sean says:

    He is cute…His face is cute…what’s wrong with the people dissing him. He does have good looks and that’s why some people are jealous. That being said he’s a great athlete…AND good looking. People are jealous of his money too. Not everyone can do that at 23 or 24..even 30.


  26. Bernie says:

    If she ditched her boyfriend for Phelps(?), than one day she may very well ditch Phelps for someone else.

    Like the song says… “So many times, it happens too fast, you change your passion for glory. Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive!”

    “Eye of the Tiger” man! Stay hungry!

  27. vikki says:

    ohhhhhhhhh lala yeah i hope its true phelp, and rice really really look great together!!!during beijing olympics wooow!thats HOT!

  28. jonnis says:

    Even if it is true, MANY gay men try to make out with a girl to see if they like it or not. Also, girls can give a gay man emotional connection which results in a kiss or sometimes more. It doesn’t mean that he’s no longer gay…it means that he tried something new and that’s that. ALSO!…when the media is hawk-eying a new star from all angles, then it’s best to stay in the public’s good favor! Why would he want people to judge him unfairly at 23?!!!!

  29. Householder says:

    I agree with the folks who say any gift is a good gift if it comes from the heart most up-to-date Coupons