Kiki Dunst & Diane Kruger in Chanel: who wears it better?


As I mentioned earlier, we are in the midst of Paris Fashion Week, and all of the big fashion girls are there. Yesterday was Armani (with Sophia Loren and Jodie Foster), and today is Chanel. I’m honestly surprised Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson didn’t make the trek to Paris to wipe their respective famewhores on Karl Lagerfeld. Instead, we get Kirsten Dunst, Alexa Chung and Diane Kruger (Diane is a favorite of Lagerfeld). First up: Kiki. Kiki has been making an effort lately. She hasn’t been looking ragged and drunk, and there aren’t any recent tabloid stories about her shenanigans. And quite honestly, I love what she’s wearing here. I love a good navy anything, and this silk dress is simply beautiful.

Next up: Diane. I like Diane a lot, I really do. I think she must be a really cool girl. But I hate this beige dress on her. It washes her out – blondes shouldn’t wear beige. They shouldn’t wear any neutrals, in my opinion.


And now for Alexa Chung. This bitch. God. She just looks tacky and emaciated. And no, I’m not saying something like “real women need curves” or something like that. I’m saying “Look at her twig legs and tell me this chick isn’t starving herself, despite her asinine denials.”


Last – my boy Gaspard Ulliel. He’s my new French crush. He’s adorable. And those lips! Sigh… Gaspard.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jack says:

    Gaspard Ulliel is crazy-hot! Honestly .. Just..

  2. KateJ says:

    Damn, I’m a blonde that loves my neutrals. But that beigey tone does wash out Diane’s skin. But I do love her shoes and her boyfriend, so she gets a pass.

  3. Megan says:

    kiki FTW but those shoes! they look like pumps from wal-mart

  4. Jane says:

    Diane looks almost as skinny as Alexa. Kirsten looks really blah.

  5. David says:

    Diane Kruger

  6. Quest says:

    I have a sudden urge for french toast and a vanilla latte with a splash of Gaspard to top it off. Yum!

  7. gabs says:

    Kiki D! Diane looks too snobby and the shoes are too much. Don’t like the shoes with that.

    Also Kiki because she looks like she eats. diane looks just as thin as Alexa so I don’t know why you picked on just her.

  8. brin says:

    Diane Kruger; ooo la la, Gaspard!

  9. hairball says:

    I do not get Kirsten Dunst. How she ever got as far as she has, I have no idea.

  10. Fire says:

    le sigh!

  11. Mshuffleupagus says:

    I hate that dress on Alexa Chung even more because it is a gorgeous dress that would really shine on a woman with a three digit weight rather than Mr. Burns up there.

    Diane Kruger is always great imo, but not in this dress. I guess I love her for her charity works, dating Pacey and all.

  12. kristin says:

    I have to say…I think Dunst looks TOTALLY adorable. She wins. Diane looks pretty too.

  13. devilgirl says:

    Someone might throw a croissant Kruger’s way. She looks skeletal.

  14. Angel says:

    Oh la la! Gaspard is…

  15. emine says:

    diane kruger is way skinnier than alexa imo

  16. Cherry Rose says:

    Mmm…Gaspard Ulliel. Delicious.

    Kaiser, you always seem to find the unknown hot men.

    Perchance we’ll see this fine example of man on Hot Guy Friday? Ooh lala.

  17. bagladey says:

    Diane Kruger, of course.

  18. Crash2GO2 says:

    I like the dress and color on Diane, but she is looking way too much like a clothes hanger instead of a woman here.

  19. Julie says:

    Diane is too skinny. To me, even though she seems to have a touch of class, it borderlines too boring. And tired of her hair pulled back. Actually, I just don’t see anything to her.

  20. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Diane’s dress would look amazing in white or pretty much any shade of blue. I think they both fail in the shoe dept though. I don’t know whop this Alexa person is so I won’t comment on her.

  21. sarah says:

    Diane looks grossly skinny. I cant even look at her. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  22. Kaiser says:

    Cherry Rose – I did Gaspard on HGF once, and I should totally have him again. Perhaps this week.

  23. Katie says:

    I love Diane’s shoes though. Not the dress. I like Kiki’s dress but I think that lipstick shade is not good on her. Alexa Chung is one of those people who is famous for reasons that I can’t understand. I saw a bit of her on the Golden Globes carpet and I really think she was high. Or just incredibly slow. French dude is hot.

  24. Isabel says:

    Diane times a googolplex.

  25. MM says:

    Oh dear Lord that boy is beautiful!

  26. esblondie says:

    GOD I love Diane Kruger. I think she looks lovely 24/7. I love Kirsten too, but Diane for sure.

  27. WhiteNoise says:

    Diane Kruger is beautiful here, love her dress and shoes, don’t think the colour washes her out at all. Kiki also looks really good.

    I don’t know where people are seeing thin/skeletal, I’m just seeing 2 slender women.

  28. serena says:

    Finally Kiki isn’t a mess, I like how she was in the photo.

  29. sasa says:

    Love both Kiki and Diane. I would change Diane’s hair though. Alexa despite trying to look different always manages to look the same.

  30. Lady Jane says:

    alexa never eats – tis true. but look at kruger – she looks like she is wasting away… nothing is pretty about her here.

  31. Kim says:

    Seconding everyone one here who says Diane looks even more emaciated than Alexa. I love me some Diane, and it hurts to see her like this.

  32. Fabianne says:

    Kirsten Dunst. I’m not sure about Diane Kruger’s dress but I do love her shoes.

  33. danielle says:

    I prefer Kiki – love the dress.

  34. Cherry Rose says:

    They say the camera adds 10-15 pounds on a person. So imagine Alexa 10-15 pounds lighter than she is pictured here. That does not equate a healthy looking person.

    I’m not saying every thin person is anorexic, because I have a friend who’s only 95 pounds, and she eats like a horse at every meal. But Alexa just doesn’t look like she is naturally that thin.

  35. OtherChris says:

    Kristen. I’ve always thought her looks were totally underrated.

  36. Gwen says:

    I think Kiki looks really beautiful 😀 Diane is beautiful too but the colour doesn’t work well for her.

  37. TXCinderella says:

    Kirsten always makes terrible fashion choices. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it looks good Kiki!

  38. Lisa Turtle says:

    Kirsten looks stunning. She is channeling Katharine Hepburn and all the stars of the 1940s with that fitted, tailored, still lady-like look. I’m so pleased with this style, the effortless, tailored, understated nature of the dress really portrays a classic elegance. I simply adore what Kirsten is wearing.

    Diane’s ensemble is like 1940s mixed with 1980s and I just don’ care for it, although girlfriend is giving it to the camera! Work it! Work it! Pose! Face!

    Alexa, oh Alexa. I usually like her preppy but not fussy style, but this outfit is so ill-fitting I can’t even analysize its stylistic components. The waste line is all crinkles and lumps. You’re invited to Paris to attend the Chanel show and this is what you pick to wear???? Ick!

  39. lrm says:

    diana’s dress all the way-and it’s not just the color that washes her out, though-she is too thin for the dress! it hangs off of her! uugh.
    it’s a great dress though-and reminds me of something AJ would wear to a fu nction, ad it would look lousy on her, as well.

    kiki looks like she is wearing a costume from a period piece, and is shooting scenes-not attending paris fashion week. cute dress though-and she looks good, for HER.
    the other one-i dont kno her-i thought you meant the newscaster at first-lol.
    so i have no comment-i don’t care enough.

  40. Zelda says:

    Kirsten Dunst. Very vintage glamour.

    But Kreuger’s shoes are beyond fantastic.

  41. Mistral says:

    Hmmm. Everyone looks just “OK”…

    Gaspard FTW…

  42. orion70 says:

    I love that shade of blue, but the dress is a little underwhelming. Diane’s dress looks a little too mother-of-the-bride-y for me for some reason, and the shoes look way out of place.

    As for Alexa, my only exposure to her was watching an interview she did with Graham Coxon once where they exchanged their drawrings. 🙂

  43. jzhz says:

    Kiki looks pretty good, though I agree that her shoes could be better. That color looks great on her.

    Kruger looks waaaay scary thin to me. She looks like Brooke Astor from the neck down, like an emaciated dowager (in kick-ass shoes).

    Alexa Chung, though she has chicken arms and legs, still has boobs and a shape. I think she’s just got unfortunate proportions in the leggle area.

    also, that French dude? Me want.

  44. Maritza says:

    Kirsten looks very pretty, the whole outfit and shoes are nice. Diane is way to skinny and I agree, that dress washes her out but it’s a beautiful dress. The others I’ve never seen them before so I don’t care…

  45. marisa says:

    Diane Kruger wins, by a mile. I don’t know who that French dude is, but I agree, he’s smokin’ hot!

  46. Kerri says:

    That orange lipstick that Kirsten Dunst is wearing (and wears all the time) is HORRIBLE. Good lord. There has got to be a more appealing shade.

    That said, I think she looks great, but if you’re going to wear a jacket, wear it. The drape thing looks weird, and it’s clearly cold enough for a jacket.

  47. ohplease says:

    Kirsten is better definitely. would still the shoes and the blazer!

  48. roo says:

    Uh, what? Kruger is skinnier than Alexa and I don’t even like Alexa. Alexa is functionally retarded and not attractive. In that pic, she’s skinny. Sure. Very skinny. But Diane looks worse. Diane could gain 10-15 maybe even 25 pounds and be smoking. Now she looks sick though.

  49. Franny says:

    hi5 to Kirsten. she has lately been wearing a bra, which is more than i can say for most of the last few years….

  50. Squirrel says:

    I think Kiki looks better and would have done even more so if she had not borrowed C. Sevigny’s horrid orange lipstick. Diane is a gorgeous woman but seems to have gone for Pocahontas’ sparkly evening outfit – does nothing for her figure or complexion. As for the third woman – where are the muscles in her legs?

  51. Rosanna says:

    Hands down Diane!!!

  52. Mimi says:

    They both look bad and unattractive.

  53. im awful says:

    Diane always.

  54. Annette says:

    Diane Krugers- hate the dress- love ,love ,love the shoes – can anyone tell me who they are by?