Simon Baker likes “a foulmouthed woman”

Simon Baker, 41, may look like a really hot cherub, but I have a feeling he’s one of those pretty men who swears like a sailor and is into all sorts of the kinkiest things Kaiser can imagine.

He is one of Cosmo magazine’s Fun Fearless Males. Russell Brand is the top male, but his interview is mostly about how wonderful marriage to Katy Perry is. Simon’s is juicier. Imagine him answering these questions in his real Australian accent and not the fake (but still good) one he does for The Mentalist.

What would you never want to hear a woman say?

I like a foulmouthed woman, so….

How did you know your wife was The One?

You know how after a certain period of time, you feel comfortable around someone? That didn’t happen with her. She’s always kept me on my toes. I still feel like I’m trying to pick her up.

What scares the hell out of you?

Power-walking women with big coffee mugs in their hands. They’re owning that sh-t and so caffeinated out of their brains, it’s not even funny.

Describe the most fearless thing you’ve done.

I’ve done a lot of things that make me think, Why the f–k did I do that? — like surfing naked in the middle of the night. But the most fearless was having my first kid. I was unemployed, and my wife and I were just kids ourselves.

[Cosmo, print edition, February 2011]

Simon and his wife Rebecca, 43, (presumably the lucky foulmouthed woman he likes), have three children together and have been married 12 years.

Maybe we should start a petition to make Simon this year’s Sexiest Man Alive? I think there are sexier men, but People will never put Viggo Mortensen or Gael Garcia Bernal on the cover, so I can get behind Simon for SMA.

Simon and Rebecca are shown on 1/22/11 and at the beach in June, 2010. Credit:






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16 Responses to “Simon Baker likes “a foulmouthed woman””

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  1. Bubbling says:

    Dead on the power walking woman, so true.

  2. devilgirl says:

    Well, if Simon wants a foul mouthed woman, I am ashamed to admit, I am one of them.

  3. machiavelli says:

    Love his face. Love the devilish twinkle in his eyes. The body….not so much. Keep his clothes on 😉

  4. TXCinderella says:

    If he likes a foulmouthed woman, Kristen Stewart would be perfect for him! She curses in every interview.

  5. Jeane says:

    I love Simon Baker! Goddamn shit son of a bitch!

  6. InVain says:

    I’ll curse at him and slap him around all day. Please. Thank you.

  7. Susette says:

    Love Simon and Simon posts. Thanks Sammie!

    –Oh, and I’ll take the shirtless pics anytime.

  8. Quest says:

    I walk with Orbits every single day, every single hour…that is how dirty my mouth is. Huhhhh

  9. TG says:

    Yes to Viggo Mortensen! He is so hot love him in those badazz roles he plays.

  10. Vi says:

    look at his sexy grin. it’s like he’s looking at me going “i could get you to do anything” and he could if he kept looking at me like that lol

  11. Roma says:

    Oh Simon. Should you ever find yourself single I will fill your ears with the dirtiest words ever.

    And then I will do them to you / have you do them to me. Really, win-win.

  12. PrettyTarheel says:

    I didn’t realize he was kind of wee. There is a picture of him, Zachary Quinta, and Paul Bettany together. Paul Bettany is supposed be 6’3, he towers over Zach Quinto, who is supposed to be 6’2, and they both tower over Simon Baker, who is supposed to be 5’10. Interesting.

  13. kas says:

    What is it with Hollywood-types and those damn glasses?

  14. dj says:

    Good heavens. I did not think it was possible for him to get sexier but that interview. Whew! He’s brilliant! I agree he should be People’s Sexiest Man of the Year! Vote, vote, vote.

  15. Jeri says:

    I’ll sign your petition.

  16. Jackie says:

    OMG LMAO!! I always felt this about Simon Baker. SMA..oh yeah! I’ll sign that petition too….pass the pen!