Sandra Bullock is trying to prepare 6-year-old Sunny James for her new step-mom


This is the real reason Jesse James’s engagement to Kat Von D sucks so hard – it has nothing to do with Kat being a psycho, or Jesse being a womanizing douche, or even how much sympathy we have for Sandra Bullock. It has everything to do with Jesse’s kids, and how Sandra Bullock tried to be a great step-mother, and how screwed up those kids are going to be when Kat gets her hands on them. According to PopEater, Sandra Bullock is trying to prepare 6-year-old Sunny for her new step-mom. Well… at least Sandra still gets to spend time with Sunny…? Ugh. What an awful situation.

Now that Sandra Bullock’s cheating ex, Jesse James, is engaged to Kat Von D and getting remarried as early as next month, the actress has the heartbreaking task of preparing her beloved stepdaughter, Sunny, for another mommy in her life.

“Sandra loves Sunny with all her heart and will always be in her life. However, she also knows that [Sunny] will have a new mommy soon and will do whatever she needs to do to make sure Jesse’s new wife and Sunny have a great relationship even if that means taking a step away,” a friend of the actress tells me.

Jesse was granted full custody of 6-year-old Sunny while he was still married to Sandra after her mother, former porn star Janine Lindemulder, was jailed for tax evasion. Sandra was instrumental in that court decision, telling the court she considered Sunny to be her own daughter.

“Sandra thought Jesse would never be able to hurt her again, but she was wrong,” an insider tells me. “When Jesse was in rehab it was Sandy who was a mother to his little girl. Despite what Jesse did, Sandra never walked away from Sunny.”

But now Sandra has the awkward task of prepping Sunny for her third mother figure in less than a year.

“She has given that sweet child nothing but love,” my source says. “As difficult as this will be, once again Sandra will prove what a lady she is.”

[From PopEater]

Ugh, God. I mean, I get that I shouldn’t just assume that Kat will be a horrible step-mother, but thinking about this situation just gives me a stress headache. I know I’m putting too much emphasis on Kat versus Sandra, when really Sunny is probably already screwed up just from having Jesse as a father (can you imagine?), and having Janine WhatsHerPorn as her mom. Sandra must seem like a calm, sane anchor in the hurricane of this child’s life. It’s all so sad.





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  1. normades says:

    That poor child

  2. krissy says:

    I find this story to be odd…does Sandra really have that much contact with Sunny? When were those pictures taken? I think we want to believe she is as dedicated to Sunny as she is to her own child, but I don’t see how Jesse would allow that.

    I think she probably has a nanny she wishes was her real mom.

  3. brin says:

    Yeah, the kids are the ones that suffer when the parent(s)is selfish.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I bet Sandra was the only good parent those kids had in their life. Really sad, what a mess their father has made.

  5. Anaya says:

    LOL at Janine WhatsHerPorn. 😛

    But seriously, Jesse and Kat are moving way too fast, imo. I’m only observing so I don’t know what things are really like as far as Kat’s relationship with Jesse’s kids particularly Sunny. Three mother figures in her 6 years seems to be a bit much. Really Sandra is or was the most stable and consistent parent Sunny’s ever had.

    It’s sad that this young girl is being uprooted and moved about here and there with women entering and leaving her life so abruptly. I don’t want to judge these people but I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if Kat and Jesse hold off on the wedding just to give all of them more time to become more familiar with one another. Who knows if Kat and Jesse will be together a year from now.

    I feel badly for the kids. They’ve gone through so much in such a short period of time. Maybe things will work out for them. I certainly wish them all the best.

  6. munchies says:

    I prefer Sunny to go back to her real mom.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Who knows if Kat and Jesse will be together a year from now.”

    I do. They won’t.

    I feel SO bad for that little girl. Kids need stability and I’m betting Bullock is the most stable thing in her life.

  8. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Sandra needs to have a sit-down with Kat Von D and figure some things out about how to move forward. Kat Von D seems like a bit of a nut, but doesn’t actually seem bad. She isn’t a completely useless person- she has some actual talent for art and business, and isn’t a total idiot (except for her taste in men). I think Sandra and she need to agree one-on-one about their respective roles in the kids’ lives.

  9. Dorothy#1 says:

    This whole this makes me sick! Jesse clearly lives for himself and cares little for anyone else including his kids.

  10. renee says:

    Is Kat Von D’s hair a wig? I am sure that I have seen her scalp in other pictures but something always look a bit off as far as her hair is concerned…

  11. devilgirl says:

    Bottom line- Sunny is not Sandra’s kid, so no one has to sit down with Sandra and work anything out if they don’t want to.

    It’s a terrible situation for Sunny to be in, but that is life. Couples break up all the time and children are the collateral damage.

    It was wrong of James to follow Bullock to Austin in the first place. He and Bullock are history, and allowing Sunny to think life would be the same by moving to Austin was a bad idea from the get go. Bullock has a child of her own now, and James is remarrying. Not many children who are in the same situation keep contact with their step-parents after a divorce.

    Maybe I am hard, but I don’t see it being healthy to have so many women around Sunny. Like Janine or not, that is the child’s bio mother and like Kitty Kat Pee or not, if they make down the aisle, that will be her stepmother. End of story.

  12. Mollyb says:

    I guess that is what bugs me the most of Jesse’s horrid behavior. It was one thing to cheat on his wife but he did it knowing how much his wife and his marriage meant to his daughter. And he was willing to risk ruining that for her, over and over. What a guy, right?

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Kat Von D seems like a bit of a nut, but doesn’t actually seem bad.”

    I could be wrong here, but aren’t there stories of her being anti-semitic?

    I guess that’s one more thing she and James have in common.

  14. happygirl says:

    @ Praise – agree 100%!

  15. TXCinderella says:

    Sunny looks alot like Jesse…poor kid.

  16. Tess says:

    Wreckage all around. I’ve never wholeheartedly bought into the SB image, but for the sake of that child, I hope she lives up to her PR. That child needs someone to put her needs ahead of their own, to give her love, and and to model responsible adult behavior.

  17. mln76 says:

    I hate to say it but Sandra needs to take a step back. It would be better for Sunny and better for Louis. What she can do is let Sunny know if (and most probably when) she needs her she will be there. I think we all know Kat probably isn’t mature enough to be a good stepmother but she needs to be given the chance. I think as Sunny ages and is able to choose who she wants in her life especially in those pivotal teenage years she will be able to have Sandra around.

  18. Bella Mosley says:

    A few months ago Jesse was going to do anything and everything possible to win back the love of his life – Sandra. And now he is getting married to someone so far beneath her there are no words to express the difference. So in a few years (or less) will he be introducing Sunny to another new mom? In my opinion to go lower than Kat VD the next honey for Jesse will be a crack whore working the corner for 50 cents a trick. That poor little girl.

  19. T says:

    Being a step parent is a sacred responsibility. It’s very hard to find the right balance of being responsible as a parent figure for someone else’s child while not being their parent. I hope everyone moves forward with kindness. You can’t neglect your own happiness for your kids sakes, but would it kill Jesse to slow things down and give his kids time to adjust to all the changes in their lives?

  20. Disbelieving says:

    Devilgirl, I disagree most strongly. I had a stepfather who was the only source of stability in my life, if he had simply abandoned our relationship, I would have been devastated and turned out quite differently. I really find your views quite cruel.

    Those clearly are nasty wigs on Kat’ head. She has actually admitted to it at different times but then seems to forget and pretend they are her real hair. I don’t she is a healthy role model at all. Aside from her propensity to jump into seriously inappropriate relationships, her twitter addiction, the need for constant me-centered attention, and her total lack of appropriate boundaries in her tweeting and interviews. I, strongly, suspect her public personna is a far cry from her reality. And, yes, there was an anti-semitism incident in her past. But then, what healthy person would do reality T.V. if they truly have a craft they love and are successful at?

    I would think the relationship would play our quickly but I have no idea how those two will get out of it while saving any face. I suspect they will go through with the marriage to prove us “haters” wrong since that is a pretty powerful bonding mechanism.

    And, yes, the saddest part is that all three of his children are no doubt watching this all play out and internalizing quite a bit of shame and disruption. I hope that as they grow they are able to make peace with it. I fear they will have a hard time with that.

  21. Kimmy2 says:

    First off that’s an old photo taken just before the award show last year and we don’t know if this story is true and another thing Sandra is in New York there are photos of her there so I don’t know where this insider gets its info from. It’s not that Sunny getting a new mom she see baby Louis as her brother Sandra talk about it in her People interview how Sunny would make things for Louis and about how excited she was to have a baby bother so not only is she losing the only stable and consistent parent in her life she losing her baby bother that a lot for a 6 year old to take in such a short time.

  22. malachais says:

    I tend to not believe these types of stories. Sandra may still have contact with these kids but I doubt she is “stepping in” to prepare Sunny for her new mom. Honestly, I don’t see Kat making alot of effort at being a step-mom, she is more than likely going to allow their real moms handle those matters, out of “respect.” She has said in the past she doesn’t want kids, so I don’t see her trying to be a mother figure to these kids, maybe a friend. Probably for the best.

  23. Whatever says:

    I also think the little girl should be returned to her mother and visit Sandra. Yeah, her mother is a lot of things, but compared to Jesse, she is the better choice. Then Jesse can spend his time heiling Hitler and banging whores behind Kat’s back.

  24. Lola7 says:

    My Father married a woman when I was 18 and she became a second Mother to me instantly. (I also have a Mother that I adore)They divorced 6 years later, but she remained deeply involved in my life. To this day, my children call her “grandmother” and she comes to stay with us twice a year. I am closer to her than I am my own Father. I completely understand this relationship between Sandra and Sunny.

  25. Beck says:

    How often is Sunny actually seeing Sandra since there have been many pics of her and her baby in NYC? I guess Sandra has been filming there?

  26. Vi says:

    sad story 🙁 poor kid. lets hope for her sake jesse and kat stay together then.

  27. TaylorB says:

    This is a bit off topic, but didn’t Jesse go to rehab for sex addiction? If so, I would imagine they would strongly suggest that he stay single and not jump into a relationship for at least a year as part of his recovery.

  28. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think it that Sandra’s relationship with Sunny might continue to be one of the most stable and important relationships the child has with an adult female, regardless of the circumstances. One of the ONLY things Jesse has done right in this entire f*cked up situation is to continue to allow Sandra and Sunny to have a relationship. I think that Sandra keeps her mouth closed about a LOT of things, just for the sake of keeping that relationship and I applaud her for it. She seems to be the only one who is able to put the child first in all of this.

  29. JenJen says:

    Does that child have a tattoo in the middle of her forehead in the first pic? Has Kat been playing dress up with her? Poor kid.

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    A task I do not envy her. As one who did it myself (although I was my children’s birth mother, I sincerely doubt that makes it any easier), it is not a fun thing to have to go through, for the child/ren or the mother-figure.

    My (step) father is the man I wish I’d had as my father-figure all my life; instead, he’s been here half my life. I’m grateful for the time I’ve had with him. He’s a wonderful man; husband to my mother; father to me (and my brother & sister from his previous marriage); grandfather to my children (and my nieces & nephews, too). I totally understand where both Sandra & Sunny are coming from (if this story is true, which I don’t doubt).

  31. happygirl says:

    @ Crash2GO2 – Hi! =) Agree! Well said.

  32. Janelle says:

    Wow! This story just keeps going!! Who is this friend/insider that keeps putting stuff out there – SB’s publicist? Yeah, Jesse has issues. Who doesn’t? And sympathy aside, I doubt she’s the saint she’s being made out to be. Each side seems to be grossly exagerated. Honestly, if he was that awful, would SB have loved him as much as she did? Everyone has their own truth and somewhere in the middle is the real one.

  33. bluhare says:

    I have a few things to say on this one. First, I don’t think anyone is “beneath” anyone else. We are all human beings. Sandra might be more likable, but that doesn’t mean Kat is beneath her.

    Second, I bet they’re rushing things because Kat is knocked up. There was talk, and I can’t see the reason for the rush if she weren’t.

    I feel bad for Sunny and his other two kids. Yes, they’re older, but they’ve had disruption in their lives too, and I bet they get really sick of hearing how Sandra loves their sister to death and not a word about them. Sandra was also a participant in the battle with Janine Whatzerface, and if you believe Janine, Sandra told Sunny a few unflattering things about her. If that’s true, Sandra broke the cardinal divorce rule — she talked trash about Sunny’s mom.

  34. MomofK&C says:

    I have to disagree with you that have said step-parents and the children they were there for have to just get over the separation. As a step-mom who did not walk away from my ex’s child, I now have sole custody of her. The verbal abuse that my ex used on me was turned onto her after I left. The day that the verbal became physical my daughter ran away to the one person she knew she could trust – ME. Even though I did not give birth to this beautiful young lady, she is still my daughter, and my son’s sister. The relationship that forms with the children should not change just because you fall out of love with your partner.

  35. hayley says:

    i dont mean to be disrespectful but you seem to be judging Kat completely by that one report from
    her ex husband, which is wrong + idiotic. first of all, OBVIOUSLY her husband that she left is going to give a nasty report about how she’s screwed up + a user. secondly, if you’d watch Kat’s show or see an interview with her, suspending all of your knowledge that she’s dating Jess (which, yes, doesn’t make her look too good), you’d see that she’s a very kind + down to earth person, not psychotic or anything like that. Kat seems to me like she would actually make a very good stepmother, and anything is better than Sunny James’s biological mother anyway. in my opinion it’s not Sandra’s place to be “preparing” Sunny for Kat, either. Sandra + Jesse are divorced now, and while it’s nice that Sandra is still in Sunny’s life, she is not Sunny’s parent or guardian + she has no right to be “preparing” Sunny for anything. She’s Jesse’s daughter, that’s his responsibility.

  36. Amy says:

    To all the step parents who stuck by their former step children and stayed in their lives despite divorcing the biological parent: wow! you guys amaze me! As someone coming from a pretty stable family, I never really thought what it was like for children who experienced multiple step parents after their parents divorced. Kudos to all of you!

  37. roxanne says:

    totally agree with hayley. kat seems genuinely nice and it’s not fair to her that she gets a bad rep from the media because she dates jesse..people change. maybe jesse realized that cheating was wrong, after seeing where it got him? anyway he has every right to get remarried , and sandra needs to sit down and let HIM handle HIS kids.

  38. OXA says:

    I would like to see Sunny removed from her father & muther’s custody and given to Sandy so she has stability in her life.

  39. roxanne says:

    and another thing: kat’s not a Nazi and doesn’t have any anti semitism thing going on. there was a picture to her former boss that was supposedly from her, and had derogatory remarks about her boss being Jewish. HOWEVER, TLC proved it was fake. people have said that it was probably written by the other employees who didn’t like Kat.

  40. REALIST says:

    I will not stand in judgment over Sandra’s actions with the Nazi thing. It wasn’t like she was sitting around the house watching TV and going through his stuff while Jesse was up to his reprehensible antics. She was filming. Also, there was an almost unanimous agreement among “sources” that he was one person around her, and a different person when she was gone. A–holes can be like that.
    Her rationale for marrying him-I bet even she can’t figure it out now.
    Also, as mentioned above, when she found out what was really going on, she woke up and left immediately.
    Finally there is an alternative, and if Jesse and Kat use their collective intellectul capacity, maybe they will figure this out for themselves. My parents were divorced when I was eight, and I acquired 2 step-parents. My stepmother always let my dad take the lead, and she offered herself as a loving friend. She stated clearly from the get-go that she would never replace my mother.
    Meanwhile, my stepfather swooped right in, with full support from my mom, who played all these mind games with me about calling my stepfather “Daddy”, etc. etc. (I refused to do that, btw). I think that situation caused considerable trauma, and culminated in an “incident” when I was 19.
    Sandra has full custody and even her biological mom approves. She is the equivalent of Sunny’s mother. I hope that Jesse and Kat appreciate her loving care towards Sunny and don’t try to f–k it up.
    Also, Louis must be a lovely little brother for Sunny. Little girls adore babies and toddlers, and actually love to help!
    And yes, if my ex remarries and any other woman tries to pull any stunts, I will be there as a significant barrier (while making a concerted effort to avoid harm to my kids as I step up).

  41. Liz says:

    I don’t believe anything on Popeater Rob is not reliable.I have yet to see any evidence that Sandra has regular visitation with Jesse’s kids.Sandra has no custody or legal rights to these kids.As for the Nzai stuff it was in his garage which Sandra often visited . I guess maybe some rooms were off limits. “Bombshell” just told Wendy Williams that there were no pics of Sandra in his office when she visited.

  42. Cary says:

    roxanne O please Kat had a bad rep from the media before she dates Jesse, people didn’t like her then and they really don’t like her now she is not the victim that you are trying to make her be. The media wouldn’t talk about her and Jesse if they didn’t put their business out there because nether one of them are famous enough to get media attention on their own without using their relationship and don’t think for one moment that she not loving the media attention she getting.

  43. Praise St. Angie! says:

    roxanne, TLC proved no such thing.

    what they DID say was that “Kat vehemently denied authoring the text and after completing the investigation, it was determined that insufficient evidence existed to conclude that she had.”

    insufficient evidence.

    however the person who received the picture had a lawyer intervene after TLC initially rebuffed him. The lawyer hired a hand-writing analyst who concluded that it was 99% probability that KVD wrote the message on the picture.

    “No one witnessed Kat Von D write the message, but Chris Garver, another tattoo artist on Miami Ink, said Kat personally handed him the anti-Semitic photo – which TMZ obtained and posted on its website earlier this afternoon.

    Ami James, a native of Israel who served in the Israeli Special Forces prior to starting his career as a tattoo artist, reportedly went to TLC management when he received the photo, but sources say he was rebuffed.

    After Ami had a lawyer intervene, a handwriting analyst concluded “there is a 99 percent probability that Kat Von D” wrote the message.”

    In early July 2007, Ami’s lawyer went to TLC with the analysis. They simply sent him a letter back that acknowledged receiving the results and said, “We trust that this information will be kept strictly confidential.”

    Kat Von D’s spinoff show, LA Ink, premiered a month later.”

    taken from…

    but hey, if you have something from TLC that they proved, without question, that it wasn’t her, I’m open to read it.

  44. roxanne says:

    really cary? because i can’t find anything that proves she had a bad reputation before she was dating Jesse, other than stories her ex husband has sold for some publicity. im not making her look like a victim, i’m saying it’s ignorant to assume she’s a bad person because of her less than perfect taste in men.

    &angel, i apologize, i thought i read that they’d done tests that proved she didn’t write it. i heard wrong.

  45. bagladey says:

    The fact that Jesse James is behaving so immaturely and impulsively to legally introduce a childless, trashy fame whore into his young children’s daily lives should be enough for the authorities to revisit the child custody issues.

  46. Jeri says:

    Kat and Jesse are perfect for each other. They should have a KKK wedding with all their Aryan Nations white supremacist buddies.

  47. DiMi says:

    We are not prejudging Kat Von D. We have an important source of information: her timing and her choices. If Kat cared about Sunny, she would have delayed the marriage to give the child time to adjust. Kat’s just so desperate to pin Jesse James down, she doesn’t care whom she hurts in the process, even if it’s a child. Jesse is despicable. He cares more about his image – about proving that he is a good husband to suggest there must have been something wrong with Sandra – than he cares about his child. I can’t imagine Kat showing any kind of warmth to ANY child, much less a child she didn’t bear.

    It’s amazing that we have this idea of the importance of the two-parent household at all costs, but it’s clear to many of us that Sunny would be better off being raised by single-mom Sandra. She would have a little brother, a loving mother, and a stable home.

  48. Jay says:

    Kat and Jesse have been friends for years. This is not as brief a relationship as it appears. In Kat’s defence on the accusations of anti-semitism, Ami James is no angel himself. He is anti-gentile. He refused to tattoo rosary beads and a cross on a girl’s foot because the symbolism offended him, he was extremely rude in his rebuff of the request and Chris Garver had to step in and do the Christian tattoo. For him to make a huge deal out of a perceived anti-semitic comment is really self serving.

  49. REALIST says:

    Check Sandra’s custody status-she was granted the equivalent of parental rights or at least visitation. Thank God for poor Sunny!

  50. Lem says:

    so sad deep breath-
    Jesse does at least seem to feed, wash, and clothe said children which is more than Pornomom could manage.
    can we blame Jeese’s mother? I mean c’mon! When you name your son after a … criminal… whatcha gonna get?

  51. Lem says:

    @those saying put Sunny back with Janine
    ohmygoodness, I suggest you read a little of HER history and how badly she neglected/abused Sunny when she did have custody.
    the fact that a mother is only allowed supervised daylight hour visitation by the same system who let Brit-Britt parent unsupervised speaks volumes!!

  52. Megatrona says:

    I really think that guy us a dick head and I would never want to defend him but I do have to say something
    My husband is German (i am Hispanic) and when I first met him I made the hi Hitler salute and he got super extra offended, after 7 years of being married he has becomed more relaxed ( germans tend to be uptight in general) and jokes around with the Hitler thing too, if I would ever take a picture of him, being very Arian looking, doing the hi hitler thing, people would immediately think he is a Nazi, which he is not.asmuchof an asshole as Jessie james is i am not sure about the Nazi thing…

  53. devilgirl says:

    @Disbelieving- You are entitled to your opinion, however, I am not cruel, I am a realist.

  54. Dana M says:

    I feel terrible for his children. It should be obvious to him by now that he shouldn’t get married any more- look at his divorce track record. So selfish and self-centered of him. Its all about HIM and his NEEDS. He doesn’t care about the consequences to his children’s emotions and feelings and how negatively his actions can impact them. What a tragedy. Another woman entering their lives… *shaking head* I hope the kids are able to cope with all of this drama and the new step mother.

  55. Kim says:

    So sad! This man shouldnt even be allowed to see his children! He OBVIOUSLY cares about no one but himself.

    Sunny is going to lay it on her dad when she gets older. He is in for a daughter who gives him a piece of her mind and perhaps choses not to have relationship with him because she will realize how selfish he was and that he didnt give a crap about her but only himself.

  56. Kim says:

    MOM of K&C- Amen to you. There should be more women like you out there.