Ricky Martin unwilling to reveal reason for twins through gestational carrier

Singer Ricky Martin, 36, surprised a lot of people by announcing last Wednesday that he would be raising twin boys that were born a few weeks ago through gestational surrogate. MSat said that pretty much settled the case on those gay rumors, and she could be right. The NY Daily News writes that there’s not a high demand for the photos given the kind of mysterious way they appeared without warning.

Celebrity magazines, which usually start sparring over exclusive photos the second a famous sperm hits an egg, are backing off, top editors tell us.

“We aren’t jumping like we usually do,” one editor said. “We don’t think he is going to tell the backstory, so the whole thing just seems kind of icky.”

Martin’s rep John Reilly said they’ve received inquiries from various media outlets, but wouldn’t comment on whether Ricky is negotiating.

Word in magazine land is that someone will end up running a photo of Martin (who admitted last week that he is now caring for twin sons delivered through an unnamed surrogate) and his babies somewhere in the glossies, but that the family isn’t cover-worthy.

“When someone seems like they are hiding something, it’s a big turnoff to the public, who want to share in celebrities’ lives,” another editor spilled. “No one really cared about Clay Aiken becoming a single dad, either.”
The National Enquirer, naturally, has reporters hot on the trail of the mystery mama.

[From The NY Daily News]

I can’t wait to see what The National Enquirer digs up. They’re on fire lately and keep getting the exclusives.

It’s pretty obnoxious for their insider to say it’s “icky” that a single guy is choosing to raise two kids on his own. How is that icky? Does single man automatically indicate “pedophile” to these people? Having children is a human desire, and I find it touching that he wants to bring up kids and now has twins. I’d love to see those photos and hear more about it, but editors are right that some vague explanation of how the babies came about isn’t going to cut it. People want to know why he didn’t go the traditional route and if he’s truly single or has a partner helping him. Either way, congratulations to Martin. Wouldn’t you rather hear of a singer raising twins than hooking up randomly with some other celebrity for 2-3 months at a stretch? You all know who I’m talking about.

Ricky Martin is shown at the Latin Grammy Awards on 11/8/07. Credit: PRN / PR Photos

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  1. geronimo says:

    Interesting. Are they suggesting that it’s suspect because he didn’t announce to the public (like a proper celebrity would do 🙄 ) his interest in becoming a father, months and months ago, and then, insult to injury, failed to allow the public in to share his every step on the path to fatherhood? 🙄

    Am really indifferent to RM, but unless he used some dodgy method to acquire the babies, the media really needs to back off and stop speculating about his private business. He doesn’t owe anyone anything.

  2. Roma says:

    How did this turn into a John Mayer dig?

  3. elisha says:

    I don’t think she means it’s “icky” that he’s raising the kids on his own. It’s “icky” the way he’s being secretive because it indicates he’s got something to hide. It kinda reeks of Michael Jackson. I’m totally on the same page as her.

    I really like that he wanted to be a dad bad enough to obviously pay money in order to do it, but instead of hiding the story behind it he should talk about it. It will be beneficial to other gay dads.

    Speaking of which, you know People would be all over it if they were able to get the first-ever “I’m coming out AND here are my baby photos!” cover.

  4. carey says:

    Why do we always feel we are entitled to a “backstory”? Isn’t the real story that RM has this love to give and two children will be raised by a person who wanted them more than anything in the world? How is this different than an unattached woman going to a sperm bank beacuase she, too, wants the joy of a child in her life?

  5. Maritza says:

    Wow he looks so gay in those pictures, he even has make up on and the hair screams gay! But it’s nice he decided to be a father, doesn’t matter how, he has the money for it so why not? I’m sure his parents will help him with the babies.

  6. RAN says:

    Who cares what his sexual orientation is? As long as he provides a loving, stable home and acts as a responsible parent, I’m all for it. As to the news in mags… I’d probably read the story – it’s actually kind of interesting if you think about it.

  7. Kaiser says:

    I don’t think it’s the “pedophile factor” – it’s that it’s 2008 and Ricky still wants to live in his glass closet.

    Look, I’m fine with teh gayz coming out when, where and how they want. But it is a double-edged sword – you can’t say “I want my privacy” about your sexuality and still want to get glowing publicity about the unconventional route you took becoming a parent.

  8. CinPin says:

    The only reason this isn’t on the front of all the mags is because he isn’t a big enough star. For some reason the mags don’t want to say that.

    For them to say “When someone seems like they are hiding something, it’s a big turnoff to the public, who want to share in celebrities’ lives,” is complete BS. The mags LOVE when celebs try to hide stuff Then they get to speculate about all the different reasons,and announce it on several different issues.

    I totally think he is gay, but he really has no obligation to tell people whether he is or isn’t, and the fact that he kept all this quiet doesn’t mean anything.

  9. Feebee says:

    Boo hoo to the rags that didn’t have several months of bump watch to include in their pages. He doesn’t owe anyone any explanation. If he’s gay (and it’s a small if)… short of adoption, which may prove difficult, how else was he going to have children? He has never done an “Ellen” or Lance Bass cover story so he’s entitled to his privacy on this issue. Why are only straight men allowed to express a desire to raise children? Good luck to Ricky and congratulations on fatherhood.

  10. jay says:

    Tradition and conventional really shouldn’t matter. Tradition used to be that a woman belonged to her husband, a possession, no rights of her own. If we continued tradition there’d still be even more oppression than there is now, no right to choose, no voting rights for women and people of color, etc., etc., etc. The world is not perfect even now but if tradition never changes we are screwed.

    The defining factor is that the children of both Aiken and Martin were so much wanted that extraordinary means were taken. They will both be cared for well, are financially secure, will have a family structure around them, people who care. So much more than many, many children ever get. Good wishes to them all.

    It’s funny that traditionalists always want the two parent home. What if one parent dies? The other’s got to run out and find a replacement? Nah. There are no perfect times in a two person household nor a single parent household, imo, just lots of trial and error. It really shouldn’t matter….the children are WANTED.


    eta: Sanjay, you are an idiot. Evidently evolution passed you by….you may want to take a trip around the human race one more time and hope you can catch up.

    Sheesh….sorry, Celebitchy, for a callout of a poster, but that is just an asinine statement. Edit at will…..

  11. Syko says:

    Who knows why he did it, or why he didn’t announce he was doing it? End result is the same, two kids getting lots of love.

    I have a gay friend who adopted, and even though he was always like one of my own kids, in and out of the house as often as they were, he did not even tell me he was adopting until he had the baby safe at home with him. He was just afraid it wouldn’t work out and he’d look like a fool. But he took two kids, a boy from the Chicago ghetto and a girl out of the slums in Detroit, and is making a good home for them both. They’re teens now and doing great.

    Funny, he’s a gay Jewish male and both his adopted children are black. I keep telling him he’s got his own diversity seminar going on.

  12. Syko says:

    Funny that my post using the word “gay” is in moderation, and Sanjay’s lovely post made it right through the screening.

  13. geronimo says:

    Irony, syko. I’d have thought the term ‘fudge packer’ alone would have bounced it straight to the sicko cyber dungeon.

  14. kate says:

    @ sanjay: actually, people who use terms like “fudgepacker” are the ones who have no moral compass.

  15. Bodhi says:

    Jay~ Sanjay deserves to be called out & if you hadn’t done it, I can name 4 or 5 others who would. No worries.

    I don’t understand what is supposed to be “icky”. The fact that the rags don’t get a backstory? Does anyone else see that a sort-of threat? Like, you won’t tell us whats up so we’re gonna rip your life apart?

  16. journey says:

    wasn’t he donating his time and energy to a children’s charity awhile back? perhaps he found a way around all the lengthy adoption paperwork? if he met a woman or young girl who was pregnant and wanting to give her baby up for adoption, they could have come to a deal; he could claim to be the biological father, have his name put on the birth certificate, and boom, he’s a poppa. and the little mama who didn’t want her babies, or couldn’t afford the babies, walks away assured they’ll have a good home.

  17. kate says:

    This guy is a genius!! I am a divorce attorney and this is the smartest thing a guy has done that wants to be a dad. Whether he is gay or straight is of no matter. He will probably be a wonderful father. The genius comes in because he won’t ever have to worry about a custody fight over these children. It would be nice for them to have two parents, either a mother or another person who can help provide love and care to them, but to save them from two people fighting over them is a true gift. They will be able to have a secure life without ever having to go through one of these court battles. I fight them all the time and no one wins. It is a disgrace how some parents will do anything to win, no matter the cost to the children.

    Way to go Ricky!!

  18. Jessica says:

    Um… Ricky Martin is a HUGE celebrity in the rest of the world. Before he made it big in America he was already well-known pretty much everywhere else. His music changed a lot when he started in the U.S. market. That’s why it sucks now.

    Anyway, I heard (and this is just a rumor) that when Ricky was in Menudo he was sexually abused. That’s why he started a foundation to prevent child abuse and help victims. Whether it’s true that he’s gay or not- which has been rumored for awhiiiiiile- it’s clear that he loves children and wanted to be a father. What’s wrong with that? And so what if he didn’t have them the traditional way? There’s lots of children (of celebrities or otherwise) who aren’t taken care of properly and they were brought into this world the natural way.

  19. RAN says:

    @Sanjay – what’s your problem this early on a Monday morning? Someone piss in your Wheaties?

  20. Syko says:

    My crystal ball shows a banning in the works for Sanjay. Or not, my comment is still in moderation, so who knows?

    Sanjay, nasty words to describe sexual practices are so fourth grade. Nobody should have to apologize for their sexuality, so long as nobody is damaged through their practice of it.

  21. Kris says:

    Kaiser- I can’t begin to say all the things wrong with your post. 🙁 😕

  22. Kaiser says:

    Good Lord, Syko. How can you be moderated while Sanjay “I really wish someone would pack my fudge” 007 can spread his hateful, gay-bashing fudgaphobia?

    I think Sanjay is former Senator Rick Santorum. God knows that man doesn’t have anything to do.

    Edit: Kris – what’s wrong?

  23. Gigohead says:

    🙁 Regardless of whether Ricky is gay or straight. I’m not interested in how he paid to rent some women’s uterus. Now that’s “icky”.

  24. czarina says:

    I have to say I find the “editor” in this article jaw-droppingly arrogant and idiotic.
    As if every celebrity finds it a HUGE privilige to have their privacy invaded and every bit of their personal lives on the cover of a magazine!!
    As if Ricky Martin were just yearning to have his children immortalized by some tabloid. (sound of disgust!)
    No matter what his orientation, he has chosen to have children, done it (one has to assume) legally, and has the means to care for them.
    In fact, the surrogate could have used his own “guys” to have the babies, in which case they are his natural children as well. Why is his privacy automatically a terrible “secret”? Who here goes to work every day and announces all the intimate details of their lives to their co-workers?
    It shocks me that, as a society, we have become so used to expecting every iota of information from celebrities, that we are actually OFFENDED that one of them has no interest in our interest.
    Good for him.

  25. Celebitchy says:

    Jaysus – I take my kid out for the day and don’t ban one idiot and he goes wild.

  26. Bodhi says:

    🙄 I’d pay more attention if Sangina could spell “fucking”

    No-one is paying that idiot any mind

  27. Blackalicious says:

    who went wild? where is it? I can’t find his posts.

    I totally understand why this is not huge. First, I mean, it’s Ricky Martin. La Vida Loca was his last hit right? And if he wants to be secretive fine so be it. It could well be because he is gay, etc. But in this day and age being gay hardly has the stigma it used to. Ellen is probably more successful now than her pre-out days. Not sure what he thinks is going to happen to him. If he did start some child assistance organization good for him! He never struck me as being a jerk at all, so..

    Icky is more Clay Aiken – he always bugged me and I think his Claymate/die hard groupies are scary in their staunch
    refusal to think he might be gay. I guess they want a chance with him lol.

  28. someone says:

    I don’t think that RM has to tell anyone, anything about his personal life, I have a lot of respect for him for that reason alone…He will be a great dad, and those kids will have a good life..as for Clay???Im a fan of his, and I could care less if hes gay or straight…Blackalicious..you can’t speak for everyone.

  29. enchantress says:

    Please, Ricky, change your hairstyle. You look like a middle-aged Kewpi doll. 😯

  30. Lola says:

    My guess is that a private phone call revealed that he was not willing to sell the pictures. They have had some scum on their magazine covers, Ricky Martin would have more sales than most losers they have put on their pages.

  31. Gremlyn says:

    IMO if RM is gay and wants kids Great for him, if in the unlikely event he is straight and chose a surroget mother for his children, why should he risk the potential of catching something with someone he doesn’t know their whole history. Look, if he is a peter puffer (use this term to describe myself not an insult) or not makes no difference about what kind of father he will be. He loves kids, maybe he is just not interested in sex at all, with a man or a woman (or for you sick perverts children or animals). Children are people who will love you unconditionally, who you can love unconditionally. Anyone who will fault someone that should never parent a child. Those are the people who think you can add a child to your life. That can’t be done, children become your life anything else is icing on the cake.
    Maybe he is just looking for someone to love him for who he is not for his looks. God Bless You Ricky Martin, I hope fatherhood gives you the peace you are looking for. I hope you teach your children to never settle for cheap sex, but to hold out for Love.

  32. gg says:

    peter puffer! 😆 Love it.

    “I hope you teach your children to never settle for cheap sex, but to hold out for Love.”

    Cheers on that.

    However, I’ve always thought he was embarrassing. Watching him dance to that awful vida loca pidgin Spanish number, wow. And still, now, the hair. Too Toolacious for me.