11 Valkyrie Extras threaten to sue Tom Cruise’s United Artists for $11 million

A year ago, extras working on the Berlin set of Tom Cruise’s Nazi film Valkyrie were injured when they fell off a truck during shooting. The truck was going 15 miles per hour according to United Artist’s account and they claimed nine people sustained minor injuries, including cuts and bruises. One person was kept overnight in the hospital. The workers’ account differs from United Artists’ side, and they say some of them suffered concussions and head lacerations.

The 11 extras on the truck threatened legal action at the time, and hired a lawyer. They have since come closer to following through, according to German reports, and say they will sue United Artists for $11 million USD (link is to a German-language article), or $1 million per person plus penalties if they don’t pay up now.

Back when the accident first happened, they released a statement through their lawyer saying “(They will sue) unless producers unbureaucratically and rapidly compensated [sic] the injured. Those responsible on the set displayed inhuman indifference in playing with the health and the lives of the extras.”

It sounds like UA was unwilling to settle for an amount the injured workers considered reasonable and that’s why they’re threatening to file suit. I’m all for workers’ rights and for preventing injuries, but are scrapes and bruises worth 11 million dollars? Were any of the extras unable to work afterwards or did they miss opportunities due to their injuries? It’s not like anyone lost a limb or anything, but head injuries can be serious and it’s possible we didn’t get the full story.

While the film has negative advance buzz with its release date pushed back several times, the latest news is that it will be released around Christmas instead of next February as previously planned. Cruise’s partner in United Artists, Paula Wagner, just stepped down as CEO. MGM also has part ownership of UA and it is thought that Cruise will take the helm now that Wagner is gone. It looks like one of his first things to worry about will be a lawsuit.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    What is the law in Germany for personal injury compensation ? Don’t they have to prove that UA was deliberately negligent?
    They fell off the back of a truck going 15 mph, how bad can it be unless they landed on their heads?

  2. Linn says:

    I think their chances aren’t that bad. If they can proof the employer has carelessly (?) exposed them to danger.

  3. xiaoecho says:

    Tom Cruise as a one eyed Nazi is really unfortunate considering Scientology’s proclivities

  4. photo jojo says:

    My thoughts exactly, xiaoecho.

  5. vdantev says:

    Don’t worry, Tom can use his Scientology super-powers and solve the problem !!

  6. Kaiser says:

    This film is going to lose a lot of money – maybe these injured guys filed a lawsuit before UA/Cruise-Wagner has to shut down.

    Methinks they’re just looking for a just out-of-court settlement.

  7. Rio says:


  8. EMMe says:

    Don’t worry, when Hollywood needs help it calls Tom Cruise…