Brad Pitt releases biodegradable body cleanser with Kiehl’s

Brad Pitt is foraying into a new eco-friendly enterprise — biodegradable soap.

The actor and father of six is teaming up with Kiehl’s to make Aloe Vera Body Cleanser, according to People magazine. The liquid cleanser will sell for $16.50 for a 6.8-ounce bottle, with 100 percent of the net profits going to JPF Eco Systems, a global environmental charity created by Kiehl’s and Brad to maximize awareness of environmental sustainability.

Brad will not be featured in any ads for the product, but he did write a note that appears on the label.

Brad’s handwritten note reads: Kiehl’s formulated this product to minimize the impact we have on our environment. All proceeds will go to benefit green initiatives around the globe.

People also notes that Brad already uses Kiehl’s Silk Groom and Creme de Corps Body Lotion.

The Aloe Vera Body Cleanser will debut in October. According to Kiehl’s Web site, the product is formulated without parabens, SLS and dyes, and the bottle is 100 percent Post Consumer Recycled.

Brad is one of several stars, like Natalie Portman, who are taking a new direction in celebrity endorsements. Instead of using their famous faces just to sell designer clothing or their own perfume lines, these stars are raising awareness that eco-friendly products can also be stylish. Gwyneth Paltrow, who is featured in a new ad campaign for Tod’s wearing dead foxes, could take a lesson from her ex-fiance.

Of course, Kiehl’s might sell a lot more if there were ads featuring Brad in the shower sudsing up with the cleanser.

Not that Brad isn’t above paid celebrity endorsements. His American commercial for Heineken aired one time, during the 2005 Super Bowl. He’s also been featured in ads for products like Edwin Jeans and Sanyo in Japan.

But since hooking up with Angelina Jolie, Brad seems to be pursuing his more socially conscious side. He is active in restoring New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and works with Global
Green and Habitat for Humanity.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Right on Sammie;
    “But since hooking up with Angelina Jolie, Brad seems to be pursuing his more socially conscious side.”

    The header picture is perfect! Remember how he made that soap in Fight Club? Stealing the lipo fat from the dumpster was priceless.

    CB; Laughed out loud when I refreshed, good one.

  2. Kris says:

    well, this is great but what about those of us who live hand to mouth? I can’t afford $16.00 for soap…

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Daisy I forgot about that! I will put that image in from Fight Club, thanks!

  4. Mme X says:

    oh dear. I hate to say it, but his handwriting–if it’s indeed his–suggests he’s a bit off kilter.

  5. Syko says:

    Off kilter in what way? Seems very legible and precise to me.

  6. Enonymous says:

    I agree, Brad’s handwriting is the same as a 10 year old child. It is very simple, like him. 😆

  7. susan says:

    Brad always had a “socially conscious side” but he never had his rep make a press release every time he did something like he does now. Brad always did good stuff we just didn’t know about it before (remember this Africa trip – no you woulnd’t because he did not make a ‘big” deal out of it). Now that he is with Angie she has taught him how to make grand press realease about everything he does to make sure his image is kept up. And what exactly does it mean teaming up? Is he giving money, his name, what? But let me guess it probably isn’t money or anything close. In fact he probably isn’t doing much of anything but writing something on the back of the bottle. But be sure his rep will announce it – because why do good unless the whole world knows. And good for him he flies private thousands of miles a year, heats and lights up what over 6 homes, rents a massive place in France and the list goes on and on and he uses bio body products. Nice of his rep to tell us that we were all wondering.

  8. princess says:

    What?? You are criticizing him for his handwriting?
    Is that the best you can do? He is trying to put his name on something that has 100 Percent profits going to a charity and you are harping on his handwriting.

  9. geronimo says:

    Really? Is Brad’s endorsement going to sell this product? Can’t see it somehow. And not because of Brad, just the idea of someone buying a soap because Brad Pitt says it’s good for the environment is so unlikely. And I’m not having a go at him specifically, the same would apply if it were eg. Woody H or Matt McC.

    Think I’ll stick to Dove for the moment….

  10. elisha says:

    He looks niiiiiiice in the header but I’ll say it again: HE IS PAST HIS PRIME. Seeing him in the papparazzi candids… eeehhh, not so nice. I think that’s why I’m so indifferent about Brangelina; Brad’s not good looking anymore.

  11. Syko says:

    Past his prime at 44? Elisha, you must be VERY young. That IS the prime of life for men.

    I never found him good looking, so can’t add to the “not good looking any more” dialog. However, being indifferent to someone who’s not attractive, or not liking someone because of their appearance, is sort of a shallow attitude. Surely there is more to us than our appearances?

  12. saintdevil says:

    No need to create a new organisation for “maximizing awareness” to do something regarding sustainability, this is just advertising.

    If more people buy bio-degradable shampoos because of hunky Brad, I have nothing to say against that, but please don’t depict him as an environmentalist.
    Brad and Angelina consume more energy than a small African state.

  13. Enonymous says:

    susan I totally agree, pretentious and hypocritical are the only words that come to mind every time I hear about Brad’s environmental (and humanitarian) efforts. 🙄

    If all of us did buy the $16.50 soap, is still not going to make up for all HIS (Bradangelina in general) vast carbon footprint.

    Also, who wants to bet that the ‘liquid cleanser’ smells like cat piss.

  14. Linda says:

    If these celebrities really want to make a difference for the environment – maybe they will stop being so wasteful with all their private jets, helicopters, etc.

    Trying to sell $16 soap when their carbon footprint is larger in one year and probably way beyond what the normal everyday person’s footprint would be in a lifetime just SCREAMS hypocrisy!!

    And before the Brangeloonies jump out of the woodwork – this goes for all the celebrities out there.

  15. geronimo says:

    @Linda. Exactly, that’s why people are so sceptical about these environmentally-friendly products when they’re endorsed by people who really don’t walk the walk (and I’m speaking generally here also.)

    Especially when you think of all the ordinary (extraordinary?) people out there, people we all know, who make daily efforts to minimise their waste, recycle, cut down on expensive, chemical-based cleaning and cosmetic products and have genuinely low carbon footprints. THESE are the people who should be lauded for their efforts, not talk-the-talk bullshitty, emission-oozing celebrities. Really gets my goat.

  16. J9 says:

    Im sorry, what did the article say? I couldnt get past that pic of him in the ring. Hot!

  17. Kaiser says:

    I doubt that’s his normal handwriting, it looks like he was trying to make it legible for the label. And it looks fine – just like all-caps block-writing on something you know a lot of people will read.

    And I, too, think Brad should be in the ads. They would sell more.

    Note to BADettes: Man, the HaterTrolls have really come out in droves today. You think it had something to do with all of the negative publicity Pity Party was getting from being dumped by Dark Dick Rot? Coincidence… or conspiracy?!?!?

  18. I choose me says:

    Gotta agree that the soap’s way expensive, your average person doesn’t have that kind of dough to spend on soap but why so quick to assume that Brad’s PR is behind this press release susan? He endorsed a product right? so my guess is that it’s the company who’s trying to get the word out that this high-profile celeb is using their product. And if he is paid to endorse said product then of course he or his rep is gonna talk about it. It’s just business as usual. (Remember he’s got six kids to feed)

    I totally get Linda & geronimo’s point though. This ‘loony’ isn’t afraid to concede a non-loony’s excellent point. 😀

  19. ... says:

    Susan…. Money from this will go towards Brad’s “Make it Right” project in New Orleans. Homes are in the process of being built right now.

    Brad talked about “Make it Right” to get donations from the American public.

    Kiehl’s is the one talking about this product, not Brad’s rep!

    I know fans of Brad’s that WILL buy this product because 100% of the profits are going to a good cause.

    If it was any other celeb doing this I bet some of you would not be doing all this bashing.

  20. I choose me says:

    Sheeet my comment is awaiting moderation. Wonder what I said to trigger the mod bot. Oh well.

  21. susan says:

    Just wondering why Brad doesn’t donate the 20 million that he made from the sale of his children and stop trying to get other people to pay for his “Make It Right” project? Any ideas why he doesn’t do that? The p[eople in America are in a huge depression right now and some are just barely making it without donating to Brad’s project. And also his rep released the information to People – it was suppose to be not talked about what as Brad is such a important person the information just leaked out through his rep to People. And you didn’t answer this question besides signing the back what is Brad doing for this project?

  22. 123 says:

    What are people whining about? People always find fault with something Brad does 🙄

    People that hate Brad and Angelina act like they murdered someone!

    I see nothing wrong with Brad teaming up with Kiehl’s for a product that has 100% of its profits going to charity.

  23. bros says:

    enonymouse and others, do you really think people this environmentally conscious are not purchasing carbon emission offsets? I do it almost every time I fly-you can do it for flights and even for your car. I would place a large bet on them making sure they offset their carbon emissions-they have way more than enough money to do it, so id think twice before assuming they just fly around in their helicopters and jets and dont bother to do something as easy as purchase an offset. you have no idea if he is hypocritical.

  24. AP says:

    BRad seems like a good guy. True, he’s hollywood pampered at this point of his life and makes mistakes like we all do, but I think he’s still a good guy at heart.

  25. Kaiser says:

    @Susan – I’ll do it in bulleted points, read slowly and maybe you’ll understand.

    *BP & AJ sold pics of Shiloh, Viv and Foxy Knoxy for $18 million, not twenty.

    *Make It Right takes donations from anyone who wants to give. No one is forced. Clooney’s given a couple mill, and Brad himself has donated more than $5 million.

    *Brad fired his publicist. This info most likely came from the publicist from Kiehl’s.

    *The purpose of a celebrity endorsement is to get more people to buy a product.

    If you don’t understand the basics of economics, public relations or simple math, why are you on Celebitchy? Aren’t you missing your little yellow bus?

  26. em says:

    Susan…Brad is bringing his name to this which will make more people pay attention.

    If People magazine did not have it on their website lots of people would not have known about this product, which means less people might have bought it.

    I have been on fan sites where people are buying this product simply because they are a fan of Brad and Angelina and because all the proceeds go to charity!

    It has NEVER been confirmed how much money they received from People, it is all a rumor. (which was 14 million not 20) Plus there are LOTS of other celebs who have sold their baby pictures (julia roberts, marcia cross, gwen stefani, brooke shields)

    Brad himself gave 5 million to “Make it Right”, he CAN’T be expected to fund it all when him and Angelina give to OTHER charity’s as well. There are more places that need help besides New Orleans

    Other charity’s they support:,2933,340208,00.html

    “According to the first federal filing for the Jolie Pitt Foundation, the couple put over $8 million into their tax-free instrument. Pitt put in $4,402,317. Jolie donated $4,123,613.”

  27. Scott F. says:

    How exactly can people say it’s not relevant that he’s trying to sell an image that he doesn’t live up to?

    I have no problem with saving the environment – but Brad Pitt doesn’t exactly come to mind when I think about it. How about Ed Begley Jr.? Someone who actually practices what they preach. I guess sex sells better than honesty though, huh?

    You can talk about saving the environment all day long, but how DARE anyone with a carbon footprint as big as Brad Pitt tell ‘normal’ people to be more environmentally responsible. If you added up all the damage done by an average residential area’s entire soap consumption for a decade, it wouldn’t do the damage his private jet does in an hour.

    But he talks about saving the environment – so we should all take him super duper cereal.

  28. isabella says:

    Thank you Kaiser at 6:40 pm for writing that, I agree 100%! 😀

    People will always whine about Brad and Angelina, even when they are actually doing good things.

    Having Brad’s name on this product can help increase sales, which is what they want since proceeds are going to charity.

    I’ll add this, neither Brad or Angelina have publicists or agents.

  29. Kaiser says:

    @Scott – I’m not aware of Brad EVER putting himself out there like he was the end-all of environmentalism. Isn’t the purpose of The Green Economy to make better, more environmentally friendly products that can replace the more toxic, earth-destroying products? It’s not going to happen overnight, you know. Little by little.

    So it’s a little hypocritical… so is everyone who drops off their recycling in their gas-guzzling SUV. Who cares? At least we’re trying…

  30. Scott F. says:

    “So it’s a little hypocritical… so is everyone who drops off their recycling in their gas-guzzling SUV. Who cares? At least we’re trying…”

    I absolutely love that line. It encapsulates exactly what is so ridiculous about the celebrity-fueled environmental movement.

    It’s alright to own multiple million dollar mansions. Fly in private jets consuming more gas in a few minutes than my entire families cars do in a year. Own more vehicles than my entire extended family (most of which are high-end performance vehicles too, which are generally v8 and guzzle like a Hummer).

    That’s more than a ‘little’ hypocritical. That’s the definition of hypocritical. It’s ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ I’ll tell him exactly what I would any other celeb of his cloth – I’ll switch my soap when you ditch the jet and live in a SINGLE reasonable sized house. Until then, shut your mouth less you look like an idiot.

  31. Syko says:

    Scott, they are not forcing you to buy the soap.

    I too believe that anything we do is an improvement. I’ve gotten in trouble for this before on here, and probably with Scott, although I don’t remember who it was that jumped down my throat because I feel that not using aerosols and taking public transit helps.

    I can’t do it all. I will not go without heat or air conditioning. I’m anemic so I eat red meat. I do choose to live without a car, causing most of the world to think I’m insane, but if it became inconvenient for me to live without one, I’d probably buy one.

    I just think that doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing, or criticizing someone else for not doing it all.

  32. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, Scott? So you’ll start recycling when everyone else does? And by “everyone” you mean “everyone in America, China and India” right? You’ll change when everyone lives up to your exacting standards… standards of how “everybody else” should live.

    And *that* attitude has gotten us right here. $4 a gallon gas, rapid inflation, soaring food prices and a deepening recession.

    The Green Economy is not going to happen overnight. There will be starts and failures, new technologies coming in, going out, hypocrisies born out.

    Frankly, it’s better to try to do something, anything than to just sit on your ass and complain.

    *Edit: Syko, yep.

  33. cara says:

    what about dr.bronner’s. that’s made w/hemp oil and free trade and all that. AND I’ve got a ton if anyone needs any. It costs half the price.

    What, I had a hemp shop.

  34. Scott F. says:

    “And *that* attitude has gotten us right here. $4 a gallon gas, rapid inflation, soaring food prices and a deepening recession.”

    No Kaiser – it’s the green lobby that’s the primary reason for most of those problems. Gas prices? Please tell me you’re joking?

    Gas prices have risen for a whole lot of reasons, but two of the biggest are the direct fault of the environmental lobby. We haven’t been exploiting new sources of crude in the US. How can people gripe about being dependent on ‘foreign oil’ when they refuse to drill for domestic oil?

    “But it will take a decade before we see anything from more drilling!” Yeah, so if we’d started drilling in ANWR in 2001 when we wanted to, we’d be almost there by now wouldn’t we?

    Oh, and what about the refining bottleneck caused by the greens? Even if we manage to import more crude, we can’t refine it. Why? Because environmentalists have seen to it that we haven’t built any oil refineries in this country since the 70’s. They operate at 99-100% capacity year round – which means they have a real problem stopping to repair equipment too.

    In economics, that’s called bottlenecking the supply. Since we can’t produce more refined gas, the supply doesn’t rise as demand does, and the price goes up. Not my attitude, THEIR policies.

    Food prices? Again, please tell me you’re not that naive. Food prices have jumped for 2 main reasons, again, the responsibility of the green lobby and politicians pandering to them and farmers. Fuel prices rising (which is mainly their fault, as I covered before) raises the price of EVERYTHING that needs to be shipped anywhere.

    Even more than that though – is all the corn and soy crops that are now earmarked for bio-fuels. Bio-fuels that consume more energy to produce than you get by burning them, making them a net energy loser. Why? To make the green lobby feel better about fueling their tanks while starving the third world, and forcing food prices higher all over the globe.

    But hey, at least they’re ‘doing something’ right?

  35. Kaiser says:

    @Cara – I do a lot of shopping at head shops…er, “hemp” shops. I only wear the hippie essential-oil perfume and the all-natural beeswax lip balm.

  36. Kaiser says:

    Jesus Christ, Scott. Is there anything that comes out of your mouth that isn’t a Republican talking point?

    Look, I’d find all of the articles to support the truth, but you wouldn’t believe me even if I did. Here’s a greatest hits:

    *Agri-business is an overwhelming Republican-leaning lobby that rarely sees eye-to-eye with the Green movement.

    *Agri-businesses have made an extraordinary consolidation of power under eight years of George W. Bush.

    *Agri-businesses have attempted to (and in many cases succeeded in) drive out small, local farmers that could ease the food prices.

    *Gas prices have exploded in the past year mainly for two reasons: the oil speculation market and the demand for oil by China & India. Not the greens.

    *Bio-fuels are bull$hit – supported not by the green movement, but by politicans who don’t want to alienate Iowa voters.

  37. Bodhi says:

    I agree that Brad might not be the best choice of enviro spokesperson, but I also agree that every little bit helps

    edit: Scott, Am I understanding this correctly? You seem to say that even if we’d started drilling in ANWAR 10 years ago, we wouldn’t be able to process the crude now because of the lack of processing plants.

    If thats the case, then I’m glad we didn’t mess around in ANWAR. It would have been to no end at all.

  38. geronimo says:

    Agree, Syko & Kaiser. Doing something, however small and seemingly insignificant in the scheme of things, is 100% better than doing nothing, and although I DO have a problem with celeb endorsement of ‘green’ products/issues, it has NEVER made me think ‘well I’m not doing that’ because a particular celebrity with questionable green credentials has encouraged me to do it. FFS. Pettiness getting in the way of good sense.

    What I do, all on my own, without any help from celebrities or anyone else, is saving me time, money and energy and it’s not inconveniencing me in the least. And I’m sure that’s the case for most people who can see and think for themselves.

  39. susan says:

    Listen carefully:

    * Money made off selling children:
    Twins: 14 million
    Shiloh: 4 million
    Pax: 2 million

    = 20 million dollars (to their personal charity fund)

    * No one has to give – agreed – however many people in the States are losing their homes, their jobs etc. It is rude to beg for money through TV, Idol, products, etc when you have made 20 million by selling your children. Brad needs to just give the money and build this project forget asking the “little” people to help him. I realize that he knows the the “fans” get so excited that they helped and get a card from him. Isn’t he good to you guys who serve him.

    * If Brad fired his publicist how do we get the press release on People and other sites that Brad and Angie have donated money. For example the $1 million dollars given right before Wanted was released. Who released that information? Everything Brad does whether he signs his name or gives 2 dollars he makes sure that someone tells the press. Truth is that Johnny and Matt probably give more money than Brad but keep it quiet.

    * If they really want more people to buy something try anyother person to endorse it. For example right now the american swimmer would make way more people buy this product then Brad PItt. My bet is that only the people who saw Jesse James would buy this because of Brad. And be honest that isn’t a whole bunch.

  40. Scott F. says:

    I would really appreciate a little enlightenment then Kaiser – why don’t you tell me how we’re going to lower gas prices without pissing off the green movement?

    We could remove taxes, but those go to build and maintain roads. It wouldn’t matter how cheap gas is if we don’t have anything to drive our cars on.

    “Gas prices have exploded in the past year mainly for two reasons: the oil speculation market and the demand for oil by China & India.”

    Well, you managed to notice half the problem. Demand is rising in China and India, true. But it’s rising demand and a stagnant production plateau that are causing prices to rise. If supply was doing a better job keeping up with demand, it wouldn’t be a problem would it?

    But it’s impossible for supply to keep up with demand when we’re not allowed to build the facilities necessary to produce it. It’s ridiculous to try to say that it’s a lack of environmental awareness has led to the gas crisis. We won’t be able to get out from under it either until we’re willing to get rid of some of those laws to begin drilling for and refining more oil.

    The green lobby should be really looking for ways to lower gas prices as well. Now that Americans are feeling the pinch on their wallets, one of the first things to go out the window have been ‘environmentally friendly’ products that cost 2-3 times as much.

  41. czarina says:

    I’m not sure why Brad chose to endorse this particular product–I don’t think it makes him a hyprocrite if he actually uses it: after all, he’s not telling people not to live in mansions or fly or buy SUV’s. The definition of hypocritical is expecting others to do what you, yourself refuse to do (or vs-vs.)
    Will it be helpful? At $16 a pop, not likely in the big scheme.
    What I DO get bugged about is people who criticize how, where and how much others give to charity. (Susan!)
    Welcome to Capitalism 101.
    Rich people do not OWE charity to anyone. Charity is not taxes. They do not HAVE to give their money to anybody for any reason.
    If they do it, that’s admirable. Morally, I think people who can afford it should give to charity, but I would never say they MUST because it’s a moral and ethical choice they have to make (just like the rest of us).
    Moreover, when they do, having people gripe about how it’s not enough, or whom they should be giving their money to, really bugs me. Because apparently some people think that if a celebrity has a lot of money that the public has some right to an accounting of how it’s spent.
    We don’t.
    I like Brad and Angelina because they are trying to do some good in the world. They aren’t saints or missionaries, though. They haven’t given up their careers to work full-time for their foundation. They do what they can, which is great, but people need to stop expecting them to be walking crusaders for every cause.
    Nobody could live up to that.

  42. Linda says:

    Is anyone really serious her in thinking that a soap that COSTS $16.50 is really helping?? I keep hearing every little bit helps…most people are having a hard time putting gasoline into their car, but we have people here applauding a celebrity for hawking soap for $16.50 – has anyone done the math – that is $2.43 an OUNCE for soap!! Please tell me you all haven’t lost your minds in thinking that this soap is really going to make a difference!! This is truly a pathetic PR attempt to link yourself as being eco-friendly!

    Again, it’s not just Brad, but if Brad wanted to promote something for the environment, then he should go and get some tips from Ed Begley, Jr.

  43. Linda says:

    Scott F you are right about the refining problems in America and refining actually decreased because of Hurricane Katrina taking out the refining capabilities in New Orleans.

    BP had to put up a heck of a fight to be able to refine the Canadian oil sands.

    Let’s not even talk about other resources for energy and how those efforts are blocked – anyone want to talk about coal?

  44. bros says:

    scott, go watch colbert’s brilliant explanation of why gas prices are so high right now-he does it in a segment called ‘formidable opponent’ and it was on last night. then you might understand that this has nothing to do with the ‘green lobby’ that you sneeringly speak of. nor is the green lobby responsible for higher food prices. partially, that was caused by over production of ethanol (the worst bio diesel product out there and proof of the collusion between large agri-cartels and the government, particularly when it comes to freaking corn) as well as grain speculators, in addition to higher gas prices when transporting food. are you getting all of your information from the folks at fox news? seriously, what materials do you read?

    again, all this criticism over the fact that they drive cars and use planes. they most likely purchase offsets. pretty simple.

  45. Kaiser says:

    @Scott – Here’s a hint, you sanctimonious… Republican. I don’t want to lower gas prices. SUV-driving a$$holes are finally rethinking their driving habits. Everyone is driving less. People are re-thinking the anti-environmental agit-prop business schemes the Republicans have force-fed Americans for decades.

    But if I did want to lower gas prices, the solution is so mind-blowingly simple even you could understand, Scott. Close down the oil speculation market. The end. Just like Enron’s California scheme. Shut the motherf–ker down.

    And Scott – how is it that your unsung heroes – the oil companies – haven’t drilled in any of the millions of acres they already have drilling rights to? Oh, that’s right. The oil companies want to keep the gas prices high.

    ****note to BADettes: Scott’s rapid Republicanism has given me a migraine. Can someone else deal with Susan/Lola/Laila/Carla/Tia? I’m getting out of here and going for a cocktail and an Advil.

  46. Scott F. says:

    “are you getting all of your information from the folks at fox news? seriously, what materials do you read?”

    Says the person advocating that I get an explanation of rising gas prices from Colbert. And buying offsets? That’s like saying, “I killed five people, but then I paid a serial killer not to – so that makes it all better.”

    “I don’t want to lower gas prices. SUV-driving a$$holes are finally rethinking their driving habits. Everyone is driving less.”

    THANK YOU!! I just wanted someone to admit it. You hate average Americans, just like most of the environmental lobby. You think that those SUV-driving a-holes are the ones that are hurting because of gas prices? Here’s a hint for you there buddy – if you can afford a Hummer, YOU CAN AFFORD THE GAS FOR IT.

    It’s average Americans that are feeling the pinch. How exactly are we going to fix the problems involved with how our cities were laid out? Most of our major cities were built up when gas was super cheap. Residential centers and business centers are generally on opposite sides of the city. Are you going to go Soviet style and redistribute housing so people can live close to their work? If you don’t we still NEED the gas to keep the country working.

    Shut down oil speculation? Do you think it’s only Americans that speculate on oil? Good solution there: we’ll just tell the whole world to stop speculating on oil prices – I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

    Why aren’t the oil companies drilling? Again, like Bodhi pointed out, it would do no good! We have no refineries capable of dealing with the extra crude. We need to build more oil refineries before we can even think about getting our hands on more crude.

  47. bros says:

    no scott, i wasnt advocating that you get all your information from the colbert report, just that the segment on it was well-done, informative, and a good dose of information parsed down into a format most everyone can understand.

    and purchasing carbon offsets is absolutely nothing like your little serial killer metaphor. thats so F’ing stupid. its doing something in order to counteract a necessary evil like driving or flying. not the same as murder. just doing something environmentally conscious as a way to make amends for our carbon footprint that we make daily, and in many cases, can’t avoid.

  48. Scott F. says:

    “a way to make amends for our carbon footprint that we make daily, and in many cases, can’t avoid.”

    So, Brad Pitt couldn’t avoid flying on a private jet, owning tons of cars, and multiple mansions? Gee – most people I know seem to avoid those things without even trying.

    How do you even know they’re purchasing offsets? Or, more likely, going the Al Gore road and just buying them from his own company?

  49. Enonymous says:

    Scott F, well said. You have some good points in all your posts.

    I really do not need to be humored by an uneducated air head like Brad Pitt on serious environmental and humanitarian issues, he can do what he wants and spent his money how he likes but he should not be so arrogant as to expect that people will so easily be influenced by him as if he is so much wiser then the rest.

  50. Linda says:

    Angelina loves to fly doesn’t she – she even had Brad start taking flying lessons – it’s something they do for pleasure – yet how friendly to the environment is this little hobby of theirs?

    It’s just far too easy to pick on this couple who try the PR best to be so eco-friendly!!

    This from a couple of years ago and if this is not hypocrisy at it’s best I don’t know what is.

    “Then on Saturday night, it was all about helping a good cause: The pair took a helicopter to the Hamptons to host a dinner party raising money to help rebuild New Orleans.

    Both dressed in white, Jolie, 32, and Pitt, 43, left Manhattan and flew into Westhampton for the event, after they were diverted from nearby East Hampton because of foggy conditions. From there, the couple ended up taking a cab to the home of Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff, the married couple who co-founded the Tribeca Film Festival with Robert De Niro. ”

    Hey bros – please tell me how they purchased carbon emission offsets for this little jaunt and if they were so concerned for the environment, why didn’t they find a more eco friendly way of getting to this charity event.

    BTW – all the SUV bashers, let’s include all the soccer mom’s vans, pick up trucks and those families out there taking vacations in their Motor Homes or pulling their campers…

  51. daisy424 says:

    Well Linda, I guess they could have walked or rode a bike. Is that how you get around?

  52. javagirl1 says:

    I would probably try Brad’s product if I got it as a free sample. I wouldn’t try, say, Mathew McConaughey’s.

  53. Snowblood says:

    Good grief!! It took me almost half an hour to read all these comments, and towards the end when Scott came ’round and kicked off the politi-speak party, a migraine shouldered its merciless way into my frontal lobe.

    Thank god I finally filled my Vicodin script, I am not even joking – this shit gave me a real-life headache just now. Kaiser, here’s a vicodin and a glass of my Viognier, bella –

    *Snowblood washes down a couple vicodins with a stiff sip of Viognier, massages the furrow out of her forehead, gets up and leaves thread*

  54. Kaiser says:

    *sips Jack & Coke and takes another Advil*

    Thank you, Snowblood.

    Scott- so let me get this straight. When called out on your idiotic stance of not doing anything pro-environment, you change the subject to the GOP talking points about the economy. When called out for your bull$hit and lies on agri-business, gas, and bio-fuels, you change the subject to refineries and off-sets. When called out on that, you claim that I hate Americans.

    You really are a pathetic, ignorant little pissant, Scott. I’d tell you to go f–k yourself, but you’d probably just change the subject to kittens.

  55. Scott F. says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your widdle feelings? In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t change the subject, I was responding directly to statements you and others made – thus the quotes.

    You’ve shown your true stripes better than I could have. You’re fine with middle America suffering through artificially high gas prices, so long as it means they’re driving less.

    Again, how exactly did you disprove a damn thing I said? You mention China and India (the demand side) but fail to mention that increased demand only equals increased price when the supply side isn’t keeping up. But I’m cherrypicking my info?

    It’s all interconnected, thus the term ‘global economy’. Explain to me how we’ll lower prices without building more refineries, please. We’ve been trying to figure out how to do that for 30 years, so you must be WAY ahead of the curve.

    That is besides meekly walking up to the world with hat in hand and asking them to stop speculating on the future price of oil out of the kindness of their hearts.

    Look closely, I responded to the points about offsets, refineries, drilling, and the rest. It’s not my fault you don’t like the answers.

  56. Bodhi says:

    Scott~ So I didn’t misunderstand your point? It was a very interesting one & I’d never thought about it. Another reason to be against drilling! Thanks! 😉

    I’m a pretty rabid environmentalist & so are the vast majority of my friends. I’m not speaking for the entire environmental movement (obv), but my friends & I certainly don’t hate the average American. Hell, I AM one!

    However, I have major problems with those who flat out refuse to see that the current Western lifestyle is unsustainable. There clearly is a problem which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. I don’t pretend that I know the answer, but at least I know the problem.

  57. Linda says:

    Scott F – you may want to stop now – I don’t think they get it – poor Snowbird ended up with a migraine because of too much information.

    It’s too hard to explain that the last refinery built in the United States was in 1976 and that demand has gone up and the refineries that were built more than 30 years ago cannot keep up with that demand. Combine that with the fact that Hurricane Katrina also dealt an extreme blow to refining capabilities.

    Think of any industry trying to keep up with the demand in today’s world when they have not been able to expand in over 30 years…

    Again, BP has had to jump through hoops trying to be able to process the Canadian Sands Oil. Has anyone bothered to look at the amount of oil there and one of the main reasons that nothing has been done is because refineries have not been able to handle that heavy of a crude! We are talking about a 23,000 square-mile region with oil that cannot currently be refined.

  58. princess says:

    Thank God for you Kaiser. You just made this whole thread bearable.

  59. Scott F. says:

    Yeah, you were right Bodhi. Drilling alone won’t help, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be drilling, just that we SHOULD be building more refineries.

    If you wanna save the Earth, that’s fine. My problem (and the reason for my ‘hating middle class America’ comment) is that people like Kaiser believe that Americans suffering is the only way to do it.

    You wanna research and implement green technologies? Great! You wanna slowly shift us away from an oil economy to hydrogen fuel cells or another equally friendly source? More power to you!

    But there is this idea when environmentalists see high gas prices that ‘well, that’s great! People will be forced to be more environmentally friendly’! And that’s short-sighted at best. Like I said, when money is short, you think people are still going to be willing to pay 2-3 times as much for environmentally friendly alternatives? Just look at their sales figures for the last year or so and you tell me.

    My point is that you can have both. You can build more refineries and drill more, while still researching alternatives. We need to keep life livable until we find a permanent solution.

  60. Bodhi says:

    Hey man, as long as we focus on the long term while keeping a very close eye on the short term, I can control my eco-rage. In public anyway 😀

    I know several kids who’ve sold their ginormous SUVs for an old ass disel Mercedess, bought an $800 kit, & converted the car to run on veggie oil. And it makes me really happy. But I also know that may not be an option for everyone.

    Like I said, my beef is with those who are willfully blind to the very real situation before us.

  61. cara says:

    @kaiser….I didn’t have a head shop…I was trying to cater to those who oppose hemp because of what has been propagated, thus I carried Land’s End style clothing, bags and accessories, just made out of 100% Romanian hemp, down to the last stitch. So, it was not a hippy head shop. …just so you know, we can get everything from hemp, fuel, plastics, food, fabric, not to mention it’s leaves will make a natural compost thus – I personally believe- helping to fix the destroyed soils from the bio seeds that are being used now. ( they’re good for one crop) NOT to mention photosynthasis, wouldn’t that help clean the air (cannabis is one of the fastest growing plants full cylce,bamboo too)

    So don’t say I had a head or hippy shop.

  62. Syko says:

    I don’t think Kaiser was trying to run you down, Cara. 🙂 Nothing wrong with a head shop.

    I do know about the benefits of hemp, and have had cosmetics made from it. It’s just got a bad rep. I’m one of those who think marijuana and prostitution should be legalized, though, so I may not be your mainstream citizen. 😆

  63. I choose me says:

    Interesting debate in this thread. I’m not American so I am not qualified to address the topic being debated but whatever happens in America for good or ill does trickle down to my little island, so its always interesting to get these perspectives from your average American.

    Having read all the comments I’m a bit torn. I DO think Brad (& Angelina) are held to a standard that other celebs aren’t. As czarina said, they are NOT saints. They have never purported to be saints. It’s the media that has hyped them up; has made a product out of them if you will – why? because they sell.

    It’s amazing the topics that get debated on Brad & Angie threads, though. Thanks you guys, you’ve given me plenty of food for thought.

  64. Bodhi says:

    Cara~ Not every “hippie” shop sells drug related stuff. I totally applaud what your doing, hemp is a such an amazing plant!

    Edit: Hear hear, Syko!

  65. daisy424 says:

    Syko; “I’m one of those who think marijuana and prostitution should be legalized…”

    I think I love you, I agree 😛

  66. I choose me says:

    @ Bodhi. Yes it is. I once had a facial scrub with hemp seeds in and a moisturizing lotion that did wonders for my complexion. I think it was from a company called Hempz, but I’m not sure.

  67. cara says:

    Syko – I guess I just get defensive because everyone’s always like, oh your head shop…and I’d say those of us that would frequent a head shop KNOW…I was trying to change the views of those who don’t know…because it’s those minds that we need to change. I firmly believe that the legalization of the cannabis plant, across the board, would be the conerstone for a whole new world. I really do.

    But enough about me. Peace

  68. Kaiser says:


    Scott- It’s really sad how little you know about economics, speculation and the world in general. Made sadder by the fact that you think you know everything. Made even sadder that when you’re wrong, you question someone’s love of country. Pathetic.

    And you still didn’t respond to the facts on agri-business and drilling. But I won’t hold my breath.

    But seriously… all of this over a little announcement that Brad was endorsing an environmentally friendly soap. Christ on a cracker.

  69. susan says:

    I chose me: I don’t think that Brad and Angie are held to a different standard than other celebs. Imagine if Johnny Depp or Matt Damon owned 6 homes, rented a 70 million dollar mansion, took helicopters to look at hospitals when there wife was pregnant or just for a ride with the kids, flew private jets all over the world with large numbers of staff, and then endorsed a bio product and encouraged others to be more accountable for the engery they use. Think that people wouldn’t say rude things. You bet they would. Also Brad and Angie have made themselves out to be saints. It is not the media that has done that. Brad never does anything wrong – or at least he would like you to believe that. Their interviews always encourage people to think that they are far above everybody else in how they help others, what good parents they are, how they try to save energy. Brad mentions that in alot of articles. He actually drives a low gas car when showing up at preimeres. And it is all just for show. At least Jennifer Lopez admits and knows she is diva. Brad and Angie are divas but pretend that they are saints – that is what is annoying. Imagine also if Johnny or Matt repeatdly took their children to film festivals and made sure the paps could take pictures of them,sold their children’s photographs and put the money into their own charity and then made a big scene when pictures were taken of them “at home”. People would be all over them. See Brad and Angie want it both ways. They want to spent as much energy as a small African country but they want us poor “little” people to try and be careful with our use. They try very hard to make themselves look like saints and alot of people fall for it. Fact is thought that they are so far from sainthood that it is scary. But they keep trying to make you think that they are.

  70. Kaiser says:

    @Cara – Touchy much? I’m sorry if I offended you. The “hemp” shop close to me is a head shop, you just made me think of it.

    …Christ on a cracker. AGAIN.

  71. Scott F. says:

    Please Kaiser – enlighten me. I’ve asked you to give me your solution, and you just decided to call me a moron.

    What exactly don’t I understand about economics? (He asks the person totally unable to understand BASIC supply and demand principles.) Telling someone they’re stupid only works when you back it up with something solid after.

    YOU started this train of thought when you said, “And *that* attitude has gotten us right here. $4 a gallon gas, rapid inflation, soaring food prices and a deepening recession.”

    Again, I would LOVE to hear you explain how not building a refinery in this country in 30 years hasn’t contributed to rising gas prices. It’s the fault of people like me though, right? Because we’re so greedy after all, we’d like to be able to afford the gas we need to get to work AND feed our families at the same time.

    But you don’t care. You see it as a good thing that they’re suffering, because it helps your own agenda. Again: “I don’t want to lower gas prices. SUV-driving a$$holes are finally rethinking their driving habits.”

    I don’t need to demonize you – you’ve taken care of that yourself.

    I would also suggest you get some reading comprehension courses while you’re at it – as I addressed both issues you accuse me of dodging!

    Drilling? Again – it WOULD NOT HELP if the oil companies drilled what they own, because all the crude in the world doesn’t matter when you can’t refine any more a day than you are right now! That’s like telling someone who buys 10 acres of land that they have to grow crops, but they’re not going to be able to sell more than 5 acres worth of food. If they tell you that, are you going to farm all 10 acres? Hell no! You’ll farm 5 since that’s all you’re getting paid for.

    Bio-fuels are not a Republican gimmick like you seem to be implying. Didn’t Bill Clinton take most of the credit for starting the ball rolling? Oh, and Al Gore NEVER endorsed them either.

  72. Syko says:

    Cara, I think I’d have a good time shopping in your hemp shop. 🙂

    Legalizing cannabis would take the mob out of it. It’s legal in the Netherlands and they don’t have any more dopers than we do here.

    As for prostitution – legalize it, make the workers have valid health certificates, and tax their incomes. Clear up the deficit in no time. Legalization would also take the crime element out of it, and those who choose that profession could work it safely.

    And as for Jennifer Lopez knowing she’s a diva, I really don’t think she does. And I don’t think B and A try to be. I think their attitude is more “we don’t give a shit what you think of us” and I admire anyone who’s able to actually practice that. I say it, but then I get my feelings hurt and go whimpering around. They don’t. Good for them.

  73. Ben says:

    Several things annoyed me about this article.
    1. Do people actually know they fly in private planes for fact? Maybe they fly first class, nothing wrong with that. (that’s a question because I don’t know)
    2. How do you know they didn’t give the money from their children’s photos to charity. Plently pf people treat charity as a private thing and don’t make a point of handing over a giant check infront of an audience. That’s how I do charity and if I was in their position it’s still how I’d do, it’s not my fault people may think I’m greedy, etc, just becuase I don’t yell it form atop of a mountain.
    3. Environmentalist, you can’t completely upturn society and make change over night, it needs to be implemented in stages.
    4. Non-Environmentalists – We need to make change, it starts with everyone doing their little bit. If every waits for other people to make the first move nothing gets done. There will be costs to make the changes but it needs to be done, and not over a hundred years, or at the last minute, we have to start now. Whether you believe in Global Warming or not, rampant consumerism and an unsustainable economy is something we must move away from (everyone can agree on this).
    Both sides are wrong on points, but that’s the case with everything, staunch religous vs adament athiests, left wing liberals vs right wing conservatives, extremes are never right!

  74. Lola says:

    Please people, try and get it. They want you to balance their carbon foot print. It is not rocket science. They feel guilty so it is upto you to help balance thier actions.

    It baffles me that someone who is ‘mad about bikes’ and flies in a private jet at a whim (to see his wife in a hospital in the next village and to take kids out for fun) would advertise any thing environmentally friendly. I know every little helps but insults to the intelligence of the general public are not exactly helpful.

    Brad never looks like he bathes so endorsing a soap is a joke anyway.

  75. bros says:

    oh god am I sick of scott F’s sanctimony know it all republican crap. what kind of a pathetic rush limbaugh asshole is still hoping we build another refinery and poke holes all over. I was born and raised in alaska. i could give a shit if people elsewhere want that oil. its not worth the environmental cost of drilling all over the wildlife refuge to stave off the inevitable for a couple of years.

    my middle brother works for a biodiesel company that is making biodiesel not from corn, but from waste oil from restaurants, jatropha ( a non food-crop, essentially a weed, that can grow anywhere with proper irrigation, even in semi-arid climates) and produces a bean that has oil in it that can be pressed for oil, as well as different kelp and seaweed options. my other brother spent his whole summer doing an internship in hawaii on Dole’s fields researching jatropha’s cultivation and biodiesel capabilities as Hawaii wants to become energy independent ASAP since it is tired of paying so much to ship in fossil fuels.

    people like scott F and linda sit around kvetching about not being proactive enough to make another refinery and fuck up the rest of the world we have left by drilling it and polluting and not getting that we are all part of fragile ecosystems that when depleted and out of balance eventually affect humans. why are we not more proactive about alternative energy? because of OIL LOBBYISTS and PETRO DOLLARS flowing into capital hill and halting any progress that could be made to switch america over and put us at the cutting edge of this kind of research that eventually the world will be using. instead,. scott wants to sit on his fat republican ass in the south or wherever he is and complain no one is digging enough, and let india and japan and germany and china invest in alternative energy and cutting-edge research because they arent as lazy and shortsighted as us.

    meanwhile, people who really care about america are devoting their lives to research and business opportunities to create a future for all of us through petro alternatives. truly scott F, people like you make my skin crawl.

  76. susan says:

    But Syko they “do give a shit” that is why they try to hard to project a certain image. Angie comes across like this but in reality both of them care alot about what people think of them. If Brad didn’t care about what people thought he would not drive a gas efficient care to premieres when he never drives one anywhere else. If Brad didn’t care what people thought of him he wouldn’t give a press release every time he signed his name or gave 2 dollars – he would just do what he wanted without all the fuss. Brad has always been and will always be about image. Why do you think he hides behind walls when he smokes but to hide it from his fans. Why do you think that Angiemakes sure people know why she was so skinny. She didn’t like being called aneroxic. They also address rumors through People magazine – if they didn’t care they wouldn’t do this. Both of them care very much what people think. And what do you mean they don’t try to be divas. They have 6 houses, rent a 70 dollar manison, have their children where they know they will get exactly what they want including the mayor giving a speech. Obviously this would never happen in LA. They fly like we drive a car. Really they know exactly what they are doing and are hoping that the average person falls for it. And it seems that you have.

  77. ThatBKChick says:

    He is not Paul Newman….someone tell him to sit his azz down and take care of the darn tribe he created….wait a min….he’s going to need all that soap money to feed them…SMDH!

  78. dumdee says:

    brad pitt is lame. he used to be way more interesting pre angelina “i spread my legs for all my co-stars” jolie

  79. javagirl1 says:

    Syko-I liked your comment-(not about legalizing pot, because I think in some cases with young people it goes hand in hand with drinking, and I don’t think young people should be drinking…just my opinion)-but about legalizing prostitution.

    I actually live in a town where prostitution is legal. We have “cathouses” where the women have health cards and pay taxes. I could personally never do that kind of work, but I see it as a legitimate business…it is a big tourist attraction and help supports our town.

  80. Kaiser says:

    “No way, no how, no McCain”

    Excuse my ramblings and horrible grammar, got “pre-emptively” drunk for Hillary’s speech. Still drunk. Hillary is goddess worship. Love.

    @Scott- Actually, I believe that we should be building new refineries – but not to off-set gas prices today, but because we’ll have to do eventually, why not today? No to off-shore drilling, though. LOL, the oil companies couldn’t even organize a conference because of the hurricane in FL – how are they going to drill?

    Oil speculation today = Enron circa 2001 – big bad Republican douchebags (Kenny Boy Lay 2001= ExxonMobil 2007) wanting to profit from energy/oil spec., American investors driving up costs. Needs to be either heavily regulated or ended. The thing about Enron and oil spec – exists as a loophole that GOP refuses to close – and in the case of Enron, energy spec. douchebaggery technically *illegal* – thus bankruptcy, Enron failure, “Burn baby burn”

    Wanted high gas prices to continue because I wanted 2008 to be the year that Americans finally got serious about Oil As A Limited Resource, and start planning accordingly. Not Un-American.

    Only Douchebags claim it is Un-American to acknowledge Oil Is Limited Resource And Should Start Planning Accordingly (For Many Years Now, though no one was listening…douchebags). Only Douchebags resort to Patriotism Defense to off-set their own failed ideology. Hatertroll. Hate. Can’t make your idiotic point without waving the goddamn flag? Sanctimonious pissant.

    Never claimed bio-fuels are strictly Republican, Douchebag Scott. Both Dem & GOP at fault.

    And still no response about your agri-business lies, Scott? What’s the matter? Can’t find a GOP talking point that doesn’t reek of stupidity?

    And suddenly I am a demon for acknowledging we are in a recession? Suck my clit, Scott. Douchebag.

  81. Oh Duhh says:

    geezz just because Brad Pitt endorses an eco friendly products these fuglies get their panties in a bunch.. LIGHTEN UP HATERS!!

  82. Snowblood says:

    Kaiser is my HERO!! 😆 TEH AWESOME!!! 8) Kaiser, I broke down and cried that Saturday morning when Hillary gave her campaign-withdrawal speech. It was inCREDibly depressing. I had wanted her to become President so, so badly.

    Obama is great, too, but Hillary Clinton I’ve ALways really liked, since day one of her husband’s term back in ’93. And for her to become the new President? Oh, HELL yeah. Hell yeah!

    Anyway that was a kicking-ass post, bella! Scott’s probably not gonna agree with me, but to each her own, right? 😆

  83. Mairead says:

    ow my head hurts.

    This is a marketing exercise from a high-end cosmetics and toiletry company. He’s being to this product what Carolyn Murphy was to Estée Lauder.
    The point of the product is not about recycling, nor carbon emissions.

    The main point is about having a product that breaks down into fundamental and non-toxic components once it goes down the sink and gets into the water supply.

    And please don’t start banging on about industry and China doing more damage. 304 million individuals in North America alone are going to have some impact.

    Some industries and farming are huge polluters and others are fairly responsible – for example, I’m pretty sure that Mars M&M use a gigantic “Green Machine” system which breaks down the toxic byproduct of chocolate into water. Non-potable, but clean.

    Besides if industry was unilaterally fined for pollution, they could take their business elsewhere and there would be even more complaints.

    As for tapping into the oil reserves – we are so reliant on petrochemicals for everything – plastics and uPVC that goes into everything from carpets to paints to (fucking ugly) windows and doors (as an aside that bastarding stuff should be banned).

    We don’t know when hydrogen fuel cells will become a proper alternative or indeed any other type of energy. So doesn’t it make sense to ration it?

    I’m not an uber-green by any means – but I do know that in order for us to have a safe environment which won’t poison us in the future, things need to be in a balance. Once you tip the scales you get disaster for everyday people.

  84. Lola says:

    Susan you make a good point. If they gave birth in LA, no mayor would come out with birth certificates. They claim not to care what people think about them, why give interviews at all? They’ve got to have the most aggressive PR machine in showbiz today, trolling the net and posting on every damned blog site.

    I stopped thinking that other celebs who sell baby pictures take the money to their pockets. Many people would rather not advettise every charitable actiont they do.

    Brad is in Venice with a truckload of security. Three years ago he would go to a pub and not think ghosts were out to get him. It is wither narcissism or paranoia. I am just Glad Angelina couldn’t make it. That way the festival will not be reduced to a Brangelina circus like the Cannes festival has been for the last two years.

  85. duda says:

    it takes so very little to work ppl up lately..
    … legalize pot and everyone chill..

  86. Syko says:

    Javagirl, totally with you on kids doing drugs and drinking. But I think a lot of the attraction of both drugs and drinking for young people is that they are forbidden. Anything forbidden is always more fun. Anything illegal is more fun.

    If cannabis were legalized, it would be treated like alcohol and cigarettes – not just lying there on the candy rack for five year olds to sample. Theoretically you have to be 21 to smoke and drink. Of course they all start younger.

    I think if it were legal and available, it’d lose a lot of its attraction. And it is way safer than drinking, doesn’t impair your abilities as much as alcohol does, and doesn’t leave you puking or hung over.

  87. Kaiser says:

    Christ, I’m hungover. Just Say No to Johnny Walker Red. Soon I’ll be crawling back into bed.

    (actually regret telling *anyone* to “suck my cl*t”)

    But, damn it, I still have some points – and yes, this is my last post on this thread, because I hate myself for getting so worked up when some Rush Limbaugh wannabe questions my godd-mn patriotism.

    *Susan/Lola – Stop agreeing with yourself. Loser.

    *Bros, Princess, Mairead – Thank you for your posts. Much love.

    *Snowy – Not a huge Hillary person (think she’s Lady MacBeth in a pantsuit)… but her video tribute and speech were beautiful and exactly the right tone.

    *Scott – My drunken explanation of the energy spec market and ‘The Enron Loophole’ could have been better. Stop jerking off to Sean Hannity for a minute and pick up Bethany McLean’s The Smartest Guys In the Room. Then read some of these articles:

    That’s all, folks. HaterTrolls and Republicans, the thread is yours. 😯

  88. Ben says:

    To what someone said earlier. Pot shouldn’t be legal. It should be decriminalized. That way you’re not turning the innocent smoker into a criminal but it’s still techinically illegal. It shouldn’t be legal because it does act as a catalyst to people with a predisposed mental illness (one that may never emerge otherwise), that’s a minmum of it, more and more studies are finding it probably does cause mental illness. And this is coming from a pot smoker, which I am. Also The thing about pot, is it impares people, but in such a way they can still function. So people will go to work, and drive all the time stoned, whereas it doesn’t happen with alcohol all the time because they can’t function. I dont support legalizing it, but I definately support decriminalizing it, because how it is at the moment, inncoent people are being turned into criminals.
    Anyway that’s my ramble on the subject, I’m off to have a joint! Peace.

  89. tonja says:

    I’ll buy it…..nice

  90. daisy424 says:

    Alcohol is the same catalyst Ben.

    “…whereas it doesn’t happen with alcohol all the time because they can’t function”

    What?? Drunks drive impaired everyday. They don’t think they are impaired which makes them more dangerous.

  91. Em says:

    Uh, did anyone see “Fight Club”–how do we know what this soap is REALLY made of?

  92. HOODIE says:

    Pretty clever to use Brad to promote it. I need to start making soap…

  93. Jersey says:

    it takes so very little to work ppl up lately..
    … legalize pot and everyone chill..