Faith Evans, Biggie’s widow, writes about beating up Lil Kim

The widow of slain hip hop star Biggie Smalls, Faith Evans, has released a tell-all memoir about her life with the rapper called Keep the Faith. Gee, that’s original. Faith writes about her husband’s many infidelities, and says that her method of keeping him in line was to bust in on him while having sex with another woman and beating the crap out of her. Hmmm. Not really solving the problem there. Anyway, one of the women Faith caught Biggie with was fellow rapper Lil Kim.

As soon as I saw a small lump next to Big’s large frame, I flew into a rage, ran over to the side of the bed, and pulled back the covers. I grabbed some chick out of the bed and started beating her ass. At some point, the chick’s wig came off in my hand; It was a short, cropped wig. I stopped throwing punches for a minute to get a good look at the chick I was beating up. It was Lil Kim. She was completely butt-naked, yelling as I pushed her around the room.
“So you not f’ing her, right?” I screamed at Big. “Yeah, you not messing with her anymore,right?”

When they heard all the commotion, Cease, D-Roc, and Gutter came running into the room. ‘Oh shit!” they yelled in unison. “It’s Faye! How the hell she get in here?”

Big sat up in bed and pointed at Kim, who was standing in a corner of the room, trying to cover her naked body with her hands while I was still yelling at Big. “Yo, get her outta here,’ Big said. They led Kim out of the room and she screamed and cursed the whole way.

It was absolutely crazy in that house. Kim was naked and being led somewhere to get dressed. I was still screaming on Big. Damion, Cease, and Gutter were laughing in amazement that I would be so bold. And Big looked like he was just too through with all of us. He sat up in bed shaking his head. Kim left the house and I stayed, talking to Big about why he couldn’t be honest with me about her.

‘I thought it was all about Tiffany?” I asked. “You still messing with Kim, too?” Big had nothing to say. I have to say I actually felt some pity for Kim. Big had a wife, and she settled for messing with him. Then he started dating Tiffany and Big had a wife and a mistress. And Kim still settled for being other other woman. It seemed pretty sad to settle for that.

When I left a few hours later to get the kids, I noticed that Kim had taken my key to my Land Cruiser and scratched up my entire car, from the hood to the back bumper. Even though we ended up having sex that day, at that point I decided I was 100 percent through. I was not going to be a ride or die chick, always going to lengths to show Big how I felt. I was the mother of his child and his wife. But I was going to have to let go.

[From Rhymes With Snitch]

That must have been some kind of cat fight- Lil Kim and Faith Evans. But then you realize that these two women were fighting over Biggie Smalls. Not exactly a looker, that guy. And if you believe Evan’s memoir, not much of a husband, either. It’s just another example of how women are so quick to let their cheating husbands off the hook while placing full blame on the other woman. It’s as though women can’t believe that their men are capable of having an affair unless they are led astray against their will. Anyway, Lil Kim probably had worse beatings on her in jail, so maybe this one was just training.

I have to get this book. It’s probably a bunch of badly-written lies, but I don’t care, it’s fascinating!

Faith Evans is shown performing at Taste of Chicago 2005 on 6/24/05. Credit: Adam Bielawski / PR Photos. Lil Kim is shown on 2/21/08 at a Reebok event. Credit: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

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  1. Go Faith! says:

    It is demeaning to get in fights with other chicks over a man (even one’s husband), but I still think Faith’s cool. She has a great voice. Too bad her hubby was a cheater.

  2. Kaiser says:

    Faith and Mary J. Blige also had some kind of big beef, too, right?

  3. cc says:

    Wow. Best friend material, right there. Why wasn’t she beating the guy up cheating on her?

  4. Pont Neuf says:

    What a classy lady that woman is.

    Not only is she one in a string of growling cows of extremely limited talent who pretend that they are relevant because oh God’s divine marvel, they sing that tepid horror called neo-soul, but she also demonstrates being as elegant as the average grunting sow.

    Also, I find it outrageous that she would be fighting with other women for that lump of lard she had for a husband, whose nickname perfectly illustrates who he was: big in size, small (tiny, actually) in talent.

    As for his indifference to her anger, all I can assume is that either 1) his arteries were so clogged that not enough oxygen reached his brain or 2) he knew that this woman was a shameless fame vulture who would stick by his side for as long as he kept being her cash cow.

    This only goes to show that trash is trash, even when it is adorned with gold.

  5. cali angel says:

    Wow. There are some pretty harsh comments about these characters. I think that the opinions on this issue will differ depending on which generation you ask. I grew up in the 90′s and am a fan of that period in hip-hop. I would imagine that if you were not a fan when Biggie was in his prime, then you would not think that he had any talent and would be justified in that thinking. Also, I feel that the public’s opinion of him was too convoluted with conspiracy theories surrounding his death for anyone born thereafter, or before his prime, to understand why he is such a big deal to my generation. At least the part of my generation that likes gangster rap, that is.

  6. Alaina says:

    While it’s sad to settle for being the “other woman” it’s also equally sad to settle for a husband who shows you no respect. It seems like everyone involved in that story is pretty pathetic. :roll:

  7. Tia says:

    LOL @ Pont Neuf ‘lump of lard’.. that is hilarious.. some men are just plain nasty !!!

  8. I choose me says:

    Pretty harsh neuf. She may not have the best judgment or made choices that you agree with but calling her a gruntin sow is a but much.

    As for biggie, I was never a fan of his music but the man was arguably one of the best rappers of this generation. He (and Tupac) are considered rap legends whether he was a douche when he was alive or not.

  9. elisa says:

    I will always, always love Faith’s music and voice.

    Her personal life, on the other hand…I thought she was classier than this. Not so much the beating up part, but the let’s tell the world part.

  10. Pont Neuf says:

    Sorry, I Choose Me, I must have gotten a bit carried away with that… However, I don’t find my criticism completely inappropriate.

    After all, this is a woman who isn’t ashamed of admitting that she derived some sort of pleasure from beating up any woman who crossed her cheating husband’s path (read the other excerpts from this memoir if you want to know what she did to random girls who probably only traded greetings with her husband).

    Yes, maybe I was a bit harsh, but I cannot imagine a decent human being beating up people for the sake of it and then gleefully narrating the details for everyone to read.

    You know, behaving like territorial animals isn’t something to be proud of… Maybe someone should have taught that to Miss Evans somewhere along the way.

  11. kim squad says:

    that bitch no she lieing ain’t no way in hell lil kim got her ass wooped and just took it bet money she wooped her ass later on in life face the facts faith kim had that good shit and put it on yo man now she got all the fame and you do what you can

  12. Cari says:

    Um, kim squad?

    I’m relatively certain you had a point to make – however it was lost in all that rambling.

    Punctuation. It’s not just for elementary school.

  13. lena says:

    lol @ cari…i was thinking the same thing

  14. I choose me says:

    Fair enough pont neuf. I haven’t read her memoir as you seem to have done, so I can’t comment on whether she’s proud of her actions or not. I personally will never really understand why a woman would go after the other woman the husband was cheating with and not the cheater himself, so I’m with ya on that score. Some women grow up with the notion that they gotta stand by and fight for their man no matter what and that seems to have been her mind set. I feel sorry for her if anything, as it shows a lack of self-respect.

    Peace. :-)

  15. jaundicemachine says:

    Right on, Alaina.
    I like how she justifies the “ass whoppins” (temper tantrums) because her husband (cash cow) can’t keep it in his pants. How little can one value themselves when they place money over self esteem? And to write a memoir about it? – bitch please! Take your pay check and crawl back under the rock you came from.

  16. Codzilla says:

    Lil Kim has always kinda grossed me out, so I’m going to let my snarky flag fly by publicly laughing at her beat down. And before anyone jumps on me, I don’t believe that all people whom I find gross deserve an ass whipping. But when it happens, I’m not going to lose any sleep, you know?

  17. killa says:


  18. ThatBKChick says:

    The Nerve of Faith Evan’s to now literally sell her ass for 15 cents! She really slept with Tupac, and Biggie and Diddy were sent explicit photos of her and Big even rapped about her and aired her out in one of his songs with Jay-Z called: Brooklyn Finest. Check the Verse:

    [Notorious B.I.G.]
    Nea Gutter had two spots
    The two for five dollar hits, the blue tops
    Gotta go, Coolio mean it’s gettin Too Hot
    If Faith had twins, she’d probably have two Pacs
    Get it? Tu-pac’s?

    It so simple for her to talk about BIG (Who is my favorite rapper) and Tupac are both dead…not to mention that Diddy is making a movie about to come out about BIG…and all she is doing i capitalizing off him…people cannot even rest in peace!!!

    I hope there is a “ghetto heaven” where PAC and BIG are sitting under a tree somewhere all made up, laughing at these damned fools….including Faith Fake azz….I love her music, but DAMN FAITH!

  19. Melanie says:

    a little off topic, but Tupac and Biggie should never be compared. Biggie had some catchy songs and i liked some of it, but Tupac was a poet. Biggie doesn’t even come close.

    PS Faith banged Tupac and that’s where that rift came from (supposedly)

  20. ronnie says:

    dat big ugly bitch anit do shit :evil: …………………….go kkkiiimmm!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

  21. TYSON says:

    faith needs money so she got
    to lie on kim what a loser.

  22. Jay says:

    I just can’t seem 2 understand everyone’s stance on Faith being so wrong. I think it takes courage 2 say what she’s said (especially when she doesn’t come off looking so good). She’s being honest & telling HER story. Now all of this praise & sympathy for Lil Kim – what’s that about. She’s a woman whose made a name for herself by being a hoe, and that’s straight from her own mouth. With all of her fame, she still ended up in jail & with all of the plastic surgery she’s gone thru – who even knows if that’s the real Lil Kim anymore?!? All in all, I just feel like noone should persecute Faith for telling her story. Don’t forget Biggie & Pac told their own sleazy versions (media) about Faith & they didn’t make Faith or themselves for that matter look good!

  23. k says:

    what ever faith evens

  24. c baby says:

    I guess Faith needed to free her mind from guilt and this was her way to do it. If you remember, Faith was already pregnant by Todd when Big was killed! And they were still married! The reason why Faith gets no love is b/c she knew that Big & Kim had it going before she came in the picture. Kim sings about it on her song ‘Hold On’ feat Mary J Blige where she also talks about her pregnancy by Big that she aborted right before they blew up on the scene. Personally, I would be pissed to know that the man I shared so many years with when we had nothing (no 1′s, no V’s, we took the train)…marries a lady he barely know (b/c of looks or whatever) and acts like what we had was nothin. But Miss Faith, knows damn well she did Pac though (she talks about how they met in this dumb ass book; acting like she didn’t who Pac was or even that he was affiliated with Death Row which was in direct conflict with her husband–ARE U KIDDING ME?)…b/c she’s a cash whore! I’m not saying Kim has not done any wrong (which is still sleeping with Big knowing he’s married to Faith). As far as Kim being a whore…she is not. I am a woman very comfortable with my sexuality (spelling?) and has done most of the things Kim raps about to sexually please my man. Just b/c she was bold enough to rap about it does not mean she did this to every male in the world ok people! I like Faith’s music and have a few of her albums and I love Kim and got all of hers.

  25. c baby says:

    Oh yeah and when Big died, Faith did indeed give half of his ashes to Kim b/c she knew that Kim was really Big’s heart!!!!!!

  26. Mary says:

    I have one question, why do men cheat and caught in the act. However, get mad when they found out their girlfriend can play that game too…How can he begin to talk about her, but he was sleeping with Lil Kim..ewww

  27. Loree says:

    Faith Hill is gorgeous. She looks like a black Hannah Montana. But I like Lil Kim. She seems like someone I’d be bff with.

  28. Loree says:

    Props to the women. They use words and their cat fights not guns to off one another. They are talented and gorgeous. Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone. If only Angelina and Jennifer would get down and dirty like this. THAT WOULD BE GREAT, wouldn’t it? Can you imagine? Jennifer all pulling Angelina out of Brad’s bed while they were married and all that drama? Wow.

  29. crystal lee says:

    stop hating on big faye

  30. Shai says:

    bottom line is no one lived their lives so no one can say anything really about any of them. people listen to gossip and assume that they really knows what happened but the truth is they dont know shit. people just need to stop hating on others and worry about their own damn lives.

  31. jADEDsOUL says:

    I cant believe Faith would air her dirty laundry like that! obviously she had a very low self esteem back then otherwise why did she resort to violence? she was anything but ladylike…scooping to his level when exposing his infedelities i mean who does that? beats the chick up LOL its the man whos the problem but obviously Faith’s mind wasnt mature enough at the time to make adult decisions just like the ultimate nono on her boob (big tattoo)… only an idiot would get their husbands/bf’s tatt on their tit!!!
    I would purchase this book but only for the simple fact that Evans clearly lacked judgement on the part at the time & she isnt coy about it will never seize to amaze me. her notes could also be dubbed “ghetto blonde’s BIG troubles”

  32. faith sqaud says:

    Yes faith beat her up lil kim iz a queen but faith is better i believe she whoop kim biggie was married and she setteled for being his hoe