Kim Kardashian announces her tithes to sketchy Kris Jenner tax shelter/church


Kim Kardashian is a child of God. Sort of. When Kim and Kourtney were on Piers Morgan on Thursday night, Piers asked Kim about her charitable contributions, as welll as any tithing she might do to a church. Kim explained that she tithed to LifeChange Community Church, in Calabasas, which is a church that Kim’s mom Kris helped set up with a former evangelical preacher who was felled by a sex scandal several years ago, and built a second church based on “second chances”. Yep. That sounds about right. Oh, and Kim does donate to The Dream Foundation, which is a legitimate charity, not just some tax shelter set up by Kris.

They’ve conquered clothing, fragrance, books and reality television, and now the Kardashian have created their own church. Speaking to Piers Morgan, Kim Kardashian has revealed how she funded a church set up last year in Calabasas by her mother Kris Jenner.

The revelation came after Morgan asked the reality star if she knew how much she was worth, to which Kim replied: ‘Whatever it is, I give 10 per cent away to the church and that’s what I was taught. Every year. Absolutely.’

During the chat on his CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight, the host asked if Kim had ‘given away millions’, to which Kim confirmed: ‘Yeah.’

‘There’s a charity that I work with a lot that I donate money all the time – the Dream Foundation – and my mum has helped create a church, so we help fund that, it’s in Calabasas,’ she said.

The 30-year-old was referring to tax-exempt contributions to the LifeChange Community Church, which was founded by Kris and Reverend Brad Johnson. Johnson, who married Kim’s sister Khloe and LA Lakers player Lamar Odom during a televised ceremony in September 2009 watched by three million people, was working at a local Starbucks before embarking on the new venture with Jenner. The embattled pastor left his prominent position as leader of the Calvary Community Church in Westlake, California – where attendance surged to 5,000 under his tenure – in disgrace after his infidelities were revealed in May 2007.

The once-powerful Johnson found a saviour in Kris Jenner- the former wife of O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian – and her cashed-up daughters. Kim chatted to Piers Morgan about her enormous newfound wealth, but said: ‘As long as we give back and help out any organisation that is close to our hearts. It’s not just (about) giving away, it’s about finding something that you really connect with. So many people ask us to donate money here and there and some things just don’t make sense to me, and I don’t feel connected or passionate about that certain thing. So when I find something it makes it so much more meaningful.’

And a church based on giving devotees second chances is something close to the reality star’s heart – after all, Kim’s rise to fame involved a leaked sex tape and a short stint as Paris Hilton’s best friend. Tattooed, charismatic Johnson worked alongside evangelical minister Rev. Rick Warren, who gave the invocation speech at President Obama’s Inauguration ceremony, in his early years. His fall from grace in 2007 was severe, causing him to attempt suicide three times after resigning from the Church.

Kris Jenner, who was a member of Calvary’s congregation, felt he deserved a second chance. ‘You went to church and you felt like he was talking to you,’ she said in an interview with the Ventura County Star. She tracked the disgraced 50-year-old down to a Starbucks he was working in to pitch him the idea for a new church.

‘People really do get a fresh start with God,’ Johnson told the Ventura County Star. Kourtney Kardashian, who stars alongside Kim in their new spin-off Kourtney and Kim Take New York, may be asking for some forgiveness after failing to match her sister’s charitable deeds.

Asked by Piers Morgan if she also gave 10 per cent to charity, Kourtney said: ‘I’m going to now – I was taught that too but I forgot about it!’

‘I don’t have as much money as Kim,’ she explained, saying her money mainly goes towards son Mason.

[From The Daily Mail]

It honestly doesn’t sound like Kim pays much attention to where her money is going in general, much less specifically to this church. This is what happens when your mother is your manager – you end up donating 10% of your income to your mom’s little pet project/tax shelter/churchy sex emporium. Yeah, I’m going to hell. You don’t even have to say it.



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  1. MarenGermany says:

    I hate those hypocrates!

  2. brin says:

    Oh, that is why Leann Rimes always quotes this guy (they have so much in common). Maybe they should change their own lives before they preach to others.

  3. Salina says:

    They look like aliens with all that plastic surgery. Thats all that comes to my mind.

  4. Quest says:

    Is it just me or do they have freakishly strange lashes and Kris’s nose looks tilted?

  5. so says:

    People set up (fake) churches as tax shelters.

  6. Jules says:

    @Quest, no it’s not you. Her nose has the Katie Holmes tilt. Mother and daughter look like freaks.

  7. Jaana says:

    Kris is a slick motherfucker!!! The money is being kept in the family tax free!! They are so smart..

  8. happygirl says:

    Is that Kim’s wax figure in that first pic? I almost can’t tell anymore.

    @Jaana – you’re right. Very slick move.

  9. Marjalane says:

    Shit Kaiser, if you’re going to hell, I’m driving the bus and there’s a line of riders waiting on the sidewalk. I don’t like to ask God for insignificant things, but just this once I’d like him to direct the IRS to this “church”. This family is every kind of nasty.

  10. bros says:

    agree 1000%with marjalane. they are so greasily self serving and ick. what parasites.

  11. Riley says:

    Kaiser, as all my queer friends say, “If I’m going to hell, at least all of my friends will be there with me.” So if you do go, at least you will be in good company.

  12. Jacq says:

    For all of the crappy products they’ll promote (opening of a toilet seat) I have never, ever heard ANY of these people mention God. Unless they were cursing. You’re not going to hell, Kaiser, they are. 🙂 I wonder if we can spit down on them from heaven. Not Kim, pee on her.

  13. Motor35 says:

    whoa! @ their faces! eek!

  14. malachais says:

    her nose..just

  15. Evelyn says:

    Hi, first time poster, long time reader. I am verrrry sleep deprived right now so my grammar may not be all that great. Fair warning.

    Anyway, there’s so much that bothers me about this. Bothers? Maybe that’s too strong a word to use on these people. Irritates is more like it.

    But yeah, I get that if you have money, you should be allowed to spend it however you want. Seriously, if she wants to donate to a church that her mom built, go ahead. But really, Kim? Really?

    ‘So many people ask us to donate money here and there and some things just don’t make sense to me, and I don’t feel connected or passionate about that certain thing. So when I find something it makes it so much more meaningful.’

    Some places that you’re asked to donate to don’t make SENSE??? What? How? And giving your mom’s probably-very-new-and-shiny church does? As opposed to what? Giving money to churches that might need it? Or what about the poor? Which poor? Any poor! You get to choose!

    And I don’t know, maybe I’m just being nitpicky, and maybe she donates a lot (yeah, right). But am I the only one who read this as: ‘Yeah, I only donate to my mom’s church, because that’s the only place that deserves my money’? And in that case, what the hell?! If you have a lot of money, as I assume Kim does, why would you only donate to one place? When you’re money could do so much more in other places? And yeah, a church that your mom started is all good and well, but come on! How much money does a church – a fairly new one – that I assume Kris pumps money in to whenever, even need?

    Donate your money to someplace that needs it! Gah!

    *steps off of soapbox and prepares for a one way trip to hell*

  16. Mia135 says:

    About this tithing thing, a lot of people seem to have this attitude that I can do and say and act however I like, but if I go to church on Sundays and give away 10% of my money I’m guaranteed a space in heaven.
    Well, it doesn’t work like that.

  17. guesty says:

    paging the IRS. nothing irritates me more than sh*t like this.

    and kim never looked more kat-like than she did on that show.

  18. Lisa Turtle says:

    Yikes. Those creepy PR guys that Kim employs are not doing a good job. Why would she share this information?

    FIRST OF ALL – Tithe & 10% is the Roman Catholic standard. This is not the standard of Protestant religions, and evangelical sects claim to branch off the Protestant Tradition. In general, the Protestant standard is more “service based” and “give what you can” – Martin Luther led the Reformation against Tithes and Indulgences and a greedy church that claimed you needed to give a certain amount of money to get into heaven. 500 years later, Kris & her preacher man are claiming the same thing. Great. Good job adults, glad to see you making smart decisions.

    Second, openly acknowledging a financial connection to a man with dubious morals is sketchy and stupid. Do the Kardashians think this is going to make them look good? It makes Kris look like an opportunistic leach scumbag and makes Kim look like a moron.

  19. vickie says:

    WTH happened to Kris’ nose??

  20. Robb7 says:

    This is another faux pas by trash bag Kim. She’s SOOOO stupid!! The credit card scam, the sex tape, the “I’m very shy,” “I should never have appeared in Playboy” bullshit — now this bogus keep-the-money- in- the-family church. Add to this the crappy products their sycophants keeping buying, just adds to the lying lives these people lead. Why, or why, are the American people buying into this deceptive crap??!! They’re a bunch of limelight junkies. Stop feeding them!!

  21. Stacia says:

    Hold it. 10% is not the Roman Catholic standard. It’s the LDS/mormon standard. The Roman Catholic Church only asks that parishoners tithe what they can afford. The Catholic Church has no idea what its individual parishoners tithe, whereas the mormon church requires that members pay 10% of their yearly income or it witholds temple recommends (access to the main temple) to members who are not caught up. This amount is settled at a year end meeting with their bishop.

    One religion asks and the other requires. These are two very different things.

  22. original kate says:

    fuck it, i think i’m going to start a tax shelter -i mean, church- as well. everyone else seems to be. are there any accountants on here who can explain how this can be legal? grrrrr.

  23. LBees says:

    A little weird, yes, and def tax shelter status AKA the Church of Mel Gibson (gag).

    BUT tithing is a GOOD thing and I’m GLAD that Kim is talking about this. Whether she means it or not, whether she cares about the church or not, it’s good for people to give some of what they have away. For all the craven comments above (and I agree with most) this should not get lost.

    Giving away part of what you have, every year, should be a part of every person’s life. And who are we to judge someone’s charity of choice? I don’t support March of Dimes (icky animal testing) but if you want to donate money to it, it’s still a good thing.

  24. Hakura says:

    @Jacq“I wonder if we can spit down on them from heaven. Not Kim, pee on her.

    I agree, best to do things in the manner to which she’s accustomed.

    @Lisa Turtle Do the Kardashians think this is going to make them look good? It makes Kris look like an opportunistic leach scumbag and makes Kim look like a moron.

    I don’t honestly think they give a damn what makes them look good, at this point. Did getting pissed on in a sex tape by a guy who’s the intellectual equivalent of ‘Flava Flav’ make Kim look good? Does whoring out her multitude of young daughters to the highest bidder for questionable purposes make Kris look good? Does constantly saying stupid shit make any of them look good?

    But I think we can all agree that whatever the fuck Kris did to her nose… does NOT look good.

    @LBees (23)- “BUT tithing is a GOOD thing and I’m GLAD that Kim is talking about this. Whether she means it or not, whether she cares about the church or not, it’s good for people to give some of what they have away. For all the craven comments above (and I agree with most) this should not get lost.”

    I do understand what you mean, & I do agree that everyone should do so, to whatever cause they feel is important.

    However… I think the fact that people like Kim & Kris are the ones talking about it… considering that it’s obvious what Kris is doing with her ‘church-tax-shelter’… Actually hurts the cause, sometimes. Hearing people who are not only ‘not sincere‘, but ‘taking advantage‘… causes people to wonder if it’s even worth trying to do, & if anyone is being sincere… including the causes themselves.

    I know this won’t always be the case… but it is a bit discouraging to see people taking such advantage all the time.

  25. Dea says:

    I can’t believe CNN and Morgan would put themselves so low as to interview this horrible human beings at a prime time. Only in America can this crap happen. It is so sad and pathetic. However, I was so happy to read that less than half million people watched it. The number of people were reduced by 70% for Pierce compared to two weeks ago. This should send a message out there to Morgan or Couric and other “professional journalists” that interviewing these trashy people won’t get you ratings. Intelligent audience will never sit and listen to boobs talks or some manikins sitting there and showing boobs. Yes, the uneducated audience will still see them in E or some other channel but not in prime time.
    And Kaiser you are not going to hell. This so-called church will go definitely. If this church was funded by Kris, there is no God in it because this woman is so greedy. God teaches to not be greedy, if there is a god out there. So she should not have a place in that church to begin with. The church is just a business establishment. I hope IRS go after this church sooner rather than later.

  26. DogBoy says:

    Main pic = Two cats, lined up waiting for the Little Friskies to be put down for dinner. Plastic surgery FAIL.