Brad Pitt maybe jokes that he’ll have 2 more kids by next year

Brad Pitt and George Clooney have brought their hotness, and in Brad’s case his two older sons, to the Venice Film Festival to promote their Coen brothers film Burn After Reading, which premieres tomorrow. Last night they attended a gala for their charity Not on Our Watch, which has raised millions for people in war torn Sudan and cyclone-striken Myanmar. The charity’s director explained their reasoning for having a fundraising event there, saying that it was hard to coordinate schedules and they may as well do something while the two were both at the same place.

Pitt and Clooney also had a photocall for Burn After Reading today, where they gave glib responses to reporters asking the same old questions. You can see how they encourage each other to joke around when they’re together.

Clooney on whether he’s ever going to get married
“I am so surprised to hear that question. This honestly is the first time I’ve ever been asked that question. I’m getting married and having children today.”

Pitt: “And until then, I’ll be sharing mine with him.”

Pitt on how many kids is enough
[joking] “I’ll have two more by next year.”

He also said “The twins are fine.”

Clooney and Pitt on politics and the DNC
Clooney: “I’m happy to be here. This is one of my favorite places in the world to be. I like to watch the conventions on TV. I think the stars of the convention should be the people who are being elected.”

I’m pessimistic, but I’m optimistic. I think it’s a very exciting time in American politics.”

Pitt: “I’m optimistic, too. It’s a vital time. It’s a defining time. I’m excited about where things are going.” [People]

There’s a palpable excitement when these two get together, and I love seeing the photos. Someone should make a comedy that has a solid plot and stick all the Oceans men together again. Oh wait – there’s Burn After Reading coming. Can’t wait for that movie.

Thanks to WENN for these photos from the photocall today. Also shown are Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand – love her!, Joel Coen, and Ethan Coen.

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96 Responses to “Brad Pitt maybe jokes that he’ll have 2 more kids by next year”

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  1. All Adither says:

    Lose the linen, Brad. And, I think I would like you if I met you, but Christ on a Triscuit, you have so many kids, do they even know you?

  2. Kaiser says:

    I really think George is halfway in love with Brad. Clooney looks like he’s swooning in a few of these pics…

    And Brad got a new hat? Or is this the latest Charity Hat from Make It Right Nola?

  3. cassie says:

    They’ve got electric chemistry.

  4. geronimo says:

    Oh look at my gorgeous Tilda! So etheral and totally rocking that mustard and those heels.

    Kaiser, George, if he had a clue, would be swooning over Tilda not Bradley Pitt.

  5. KERRI says:

    Tilda is a natural beauty. She’s also a terrific actress. About time she is getting the recognition she deserves. I always hoped her and George would hook up.

    I though Angie was attending the festival. That’s what I heard a few weeks ago. I did want to see her on the Red Carpet. sigh!

  6. Syko says:

    At first glance, I thought Tilda was a statue. She’s got that Greek or Roman goddess thing going on there.

    No rest for the wicked, is there? Or for the BADettes. By the time I get back from lunch in about 90 minutes, this thread should be a zoo.

  7. Enonymous says:

    Brad take that hat off and shave the that beard, we already have one Johnny Depp we do not need another. As for more kids, Jesus Brad, rats breed less then you. Besides, poor People magazine is going to go bankrupt if they continuously going to cough out millions more to the Jolie-Pitts growing clan.

    Brad is getting on my nervous even more so then George Clooney these days and I am really not a fan of Clooney (Tilda on the other hand, I am a huge fan of hers).

  8. daisy424 says:

    Lose the linen? Lose the hat…….
    The grey hair in Brad’s facial hair makes him look older.
    Nice that he brought the boys with, I bet they’re having fun. :wink:

  9. geronimo says:

    Kerri, not to nit-pick or anything, but Tilda has long been recognised for her talent. She’s probably newish to the States but she’s been lauded this side of the pond since she first teamed up with Derek Jarman in the mid 80s. I think she’s extraordinary.

  10. Bodhi says:

    The only thing I’m going to say is that I can’t wait to see this movie! There are so many amazingly awesome people in it, PLUS its a Cohen Brothers’ comedy! It can’t go wrong!

    Edit: Geronimo~ I remeber seeing Orlando years ago with my parents & I was mezmerized by her performance.

  11. kc says:

    umm, isn’t that Frances McDormand? Not McDermott.

  12. Celebitchy says:

    You are right, KC, I will fix it thanks!

  13. KERRI says:

    geronimo: I must catch up on Tilda’s movies. I didn’t discover her until 2001′s movie “THE DEEP END”. I’ve been a fan of her’s since. She seems very friendly and down to earth with the public. When she won her Oscar for Michael Clayton, she stayed around outside to greet her fans, sign autos., and talk with everyone, including the paps.

    I look forward to seeing “Burn After Reading”. The trailers are haliorious!

  14. czarina says:

    OK, the goatee-thing is NASTY.
    I will forgive him if this is for a movie he is filming and he has to have it. Otherwise, doesn’t Angie find it nasty?? Couldn’t she give him a hint?
    Or is this the latest in Pitt-Protection-Birth-Control (because I wouldn’t want my face near that rough, hairy thing so maybe Angie feels the same…??)

  15. Lola says:

    Lets have the positive first, Angelina is not around, Venice is not going to become a Brangelina freak show like cannes. THANK GOD!!!

    George and Tilda, I like, Brad, not so much. Dumb men never do it for me.

    Whats with the hats? I only wear one when I don’t want people to recognise me.

    As for two more kids, I can’t wait :roll: The kids and adultery card has been played and worn. Do something more interesting Brangelina, anything. Join the army and fight on the front lines (please keep it a secret and sell the pics later). That would give us a much needed Brangelina break.

  16. Syko says:

    Maybe Angelina likes men with facial hair? And I think the white suit looks very summery and proper, but then I live in the deep south where men wear that sort of thing in hot weather.

    I simply do not have the energy today to do battle. The other BADettes will have to step in.

  17. Jen (the other one) says:

    1. George needs to put on a few pounds.
    2. What’s with his teeth?!

    *sigh* I’m so disappointed, disgusted, and discouraged by all the plastic surgery in Hollywood. My main beef is the fake lips and the fake teeth.

  18. Jen (the other one) says:

    I’m sorry, but Tilda Swinton is creepy-looking.

  19. bb says:

    Il Sons Fous…I Don’t care at all for Brad “NPD” Pitt-and Ange “301.83″…..those kids are screwed.

    The high court is going to expand its empire and the sons and daughters of heaven are going to be crafted into cosmopolitan high modernists. Ahh the envy of we commoners will be harnessed to create renewable energy–This will be their next saintly project!

  20. Enonymous says:

    Syko, don’t fuel the fire, there is no need for battle. Lets keep it clean people. We are all doing well so far. :D

  21. Kaiser says:

    Ew, I was too busy swooning over Brad & George to notice that Tilda’s wearing some sort of Carmen Miranda getup. I know she’s totally one of the best actresses around, and beloved by *every* male co-star, but would it kill Tilda to maybe just once wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt?

    And for my money, Brad is wearing the hell out of that suit, hat and goatee. He looks great.

    Can’t wait for Burn After Reading…

  22. Oh Duhh says:

    Well Brad and Clooney on the RC is ok .. but i’d rather see Angelina with Brad hope next time i’d see both of them in the RC that would really make the haters blood pressure go up love to see those idiots so mad I imagine them pouncing on the keyboard froathing at the mouth and having a seizure bwahahaha!!

  23. geronimo says:

    Wouldn’t have minded in the least if AJ was there but equally fine with her not being there ONLY because I really want this film to get all the attention it deserves for the Coens and the cast. It’s an ensemble piece, no leads, no top billing, the ‘star’ is the film and that’s where the focus needs to be.

    And anyway, despite what some people persist in thinking, AJ rarely turns out unless it’s one of her own films or one where she’s supporting Pitt when he’s in a lead role. Apart from that, having just given birth to twins, she probably has far more pressing things to occupy her time. Not that that will ever satisfy some people…..

  24. jenifurrr says:

    i love everything about all of em… and the movie and people with real talent. i’m just so happy to have posts without those faux celebrities (only famous for a “leaked” sex tape) and i don’t want to even mention their names, but those are the ones that annoy the f@ck outta me!!!

  25. Linda says:

    Are those sansabelt pants Brad is wearing – the kind that 65+ men wear??? Please tell me he stole those pants from John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever collection and that he’s going vintage like many women do or that the premier was a disco themed event. Tell me those pants are some kind of joke…he has really sunk to a new low level…I just have to laugh at all those who find him remotely attractive, especially after seeing him in those pants.

  26. duda says:

    Believe it or not Tilda has more on her plate then hoping for clooney to pay her attention.. she is quite the man eater ;)

    love BP, Clooney, the Cohens and Ms.Mcdormand(who is married to one of the Cohen Bros.) saw the trailer for the movie yesterday and it looks hilarious… brad is a dork from what ive seen.

  27. Orangejulius says:

    I would love to get hold of Tilda and get a little more color on her face. Just a little makeup, please? She has a very classic look.

  28. geronimo says:

    Duda, I’d say bohemian rather than man-eater but whatever. It suits them so it shouldn’t be a prob for anyone else, right?

  29. journey says:

    awww! the boys went to venice with daddy and uncle george, and the little girls stayed home with momma and the babies! how can anyone not feel the love?

  30. gilly says:

    whats two more kids to add to the brood aj and bp probably won’t even notice them somebody else will be raising them untill they are old enough to be photo props for these two pain in the arses. I for one am sick to death hearing about them

  31. KERRI says:

    Jen (the other one): George had his teeth fixed because they were crooked and he wasn’t happy about his smile. (I thought He looked fine to me).

    I have to disagree about Tilda being creepy. I think she is a statuesque, classic beauty, e.g., Nicole Kidman.

    I do wish Brad would go back to his clean-cut look sans the hat. Perhaps he is filming a movie, hence, the scrubby face, but that hat has got to go.

  32. Linda says:

    Nicole Kidman is a classic beauty?? IMO, plastic surgery has ruined Nicole – she used to be very pretty and now she just looks plastic from way too many surgeries.

    Tilda on the other hand is a stunning looking woman and I would never put her in the same sentence as Nicole.

  33. KERRI says:

    Linda: I had no idea Nicole Kidman had any type of plastic surgery. What part of her body was worked on?


  34. daisy424 says:

    Linda, not trying to be combative here, but what plastic surgeries has Nicole had? Yeah, I see some dermatology work, Botox, filler, but surgery?

  35. crispy says:

    i love george and brad…. lol..first name basis? ohhh yea…
    Not but seriously they seem like such fun regular guys… with a buttload of money…

    hey george, im a waitress..whats up?!?!?!

  36. Linda says:

    Are you kidding me about Nicole?? Have you ever looked at her throughout the years??? Take a look, it is obvious that she’s had a nose job and I’d say she has had cheek implants, not to mention what else she has had done with her lips, etc..she looks nothing like she did, I was shocked when I saw one of her early movies the other night on TV just how much she has changed!

  37. Lola says:

    I was looking at Brad Pitt and thinking all that Botox cannot be healthy. He can hardly smile. He insted looks like he is in pain.

    Kidman never had a nose job or cheek implants. Just lots of botox and pumped lips.

  38. duda says:

    Hey shes got 2 great kids and a relationship that works for everyone involved. more power to her.

  39. daisy424 says:

    Hey Linda, I did google her, and it seems that you’re right. This is a gossip link though…………

    I don’t have anything against plastic surgery, I say if it makes you feel better, go for it. Thanks for the tip.

  40. KERRI says:

    I must have been in a semi-coma this past year. I didn’t know that Brad had Botox injections, or Nicole had any work done on herself whatsoever. But, Lola, I’m checking out the photos above and I can’t see the “tight smile” you speak of.

    Yep, I think it’s time for another cup of coffee and save the wine for tonight. I’m slacking off in a big way.

  41. Lola says:

    Brad Pitt is pretty much botoxed all the time. Especially on the red carpet. Notice that the lines below his eyes and even those on the side are missing. He does usually have them in candids but of course not candids straight after a red carpet even. He had them on the cover of people mag with the twins.

  42. cali angel says:

    To Enonymous:
    If Brad was getting on me, nervous, even more so than George, I wouldn’t exactly be complaining. Te he he. Sorry, I know it was a typo but I could’nt resist the temptation.

  43. Shane says:

    Clooney is in love with Pitt. Creepazoid! Clooney is a complex man.

  44. blondie says:

    Tilda Swinton a ‘man eater’??? think she’d put on a little weight…sorry, she may be talented, but she’s the most bizarre looking woman, and obviously doesn’t own a full length mirror. I’m not saying actresses should be beauties (most are boring) but she’s so glum all the time..anyone with an ounce of estrogen would have to have a twinkle in their eye if standing between clooney and pitt!

  45. Susan says:

    Well very interesting.

    1) Great photo op with the children on arrival. Then drop them off with the nanny to attend fund raiser and party until 3 AM (getting ++ drunk) Then off to another press conference in a few hours and walk red carpet at night. Lots of time with the children for sure. Oh yeh I can feel the love that Pitt has for pretending to be a good father. What exactly do you guys think that his children are doing while he parties for 2 days. Stuck in the hotel of course. Great father.

    2) He wear the hell out of his pants alright. LIke about a 65 year old man. Really Brad used to look good in pants but recently he just doesn’t have it. But keep telling yourself that he does. Sexy is all in the eye of the beholder. But I am thinking that you guys must be like 80 to think like that. Obviously as I am a bit younger it does nothing for me.

    3) Oh yeah Brad has a lot of Botox going on. He is desperate to look young. Not working Brad.

    4) Nice speech he gave for winning last years actor award. Not one mention of his support from his common-in-law wife. REally lame. Think he will ever talk about her in public and thank and praise her? Probably not. Little off the cuff statements in interviews is about all she will ever get.

  46. czarina says:

    Why would he have botox then grow that nasty beard? That’s like getting a manicure then putting on gloves you never take off. What’s the point?? How could botox help if its counteracted by that hideous face hair??

  47. Kat says:

    More kids?? Spreading yourself a little thin? Who is gonna get the worse of this, the parents or all the kids? Just thinking out loud. Oh well, Good luck with your plans Brad & Angie.

  48. Syko says:

    The bitterness and hatred in here is overwhelming. Since Enonymous told me not to fuel the fire, I figured that all the nastiness must be my fault, or at least Enonymous thinks so. So I’ve stayed out of here. But there are a couple of people who leap into these threads who have serious mental problems.

  49. pamela says:

    Susan will you please give it a rest, Doesn’t all this hatred make you exhausted? Brad did not divorce you, and I am sure if Aniston met you on the street, she probably wouldn’t give you the time of day. It’s one thing to not be a fan, but all this vitriol is unnecessary.

  50. daisy424 says:

    Syko & Pamela, my thoughts exactly.

  51. Shane says:

    Goodness that red headed actress looks uncomfortable. I wonder what the problem is.

  52. Susan says:

    Pamela – Please leave the Brad/Jen/Angie triangle out of this. In case you did not realize not one of my posts against Brad/Angie mention Jen. Only as Brad/Angie fan do you mention her. I am not a Jennifer Aniston fan. Have never been. Never paid to see one of her movies, never bought a magazine with her on the cover. But definitely dislike a couple who try and pretend to be something they are not. He is a terrible father, and looks awful lately. What does that have to do with Jennifer except something in your sad little mind. Get over the triangle and see this couple for who they really are. Instead of admitting that they are really something they are not you concentrate on Jennifer so that you don’t have to deal with this couples huge faults.

  53. Susan says:

    Oh and Pamela do you post on the Jen threads? I am not sure as not really interested in her. But do you. Because if you do I can only imagine what you say over there so there so if you do here is a little something for you. Pamela will you please give it a rest, Doesn’t all this hatred make you exhausted? Jennifer did not file a for a divorce on you, and I am sure if Pitt met you on the street, he probably wouldn’t give you the time of day. It’s one thing to not be a fan, but all this vitriol is unnecessary.

  54. geronimo says:

    Oh for f*ck’s sake. Is there no end to this?

  55. Kaiser says:

    It looks like Pamela hit a nerve.

    Team Pamela. :D

  56. daisy424 says:

    Brad seems to be a great father and is having the time of his life with all of his children.
    A terrible Father wouldn’t spend time with his kids.
    A terrible Father wouldn’t support his children financially.
    A terrible Father would abuse his children.

    Do you have surveillance tapes? Are you privy to his personal tax form or real estate holdings?

    There is NO such thing as aging gracefully deary, try it.

    Pamela, I applaud your patience and thoughtful comments. Team Pamela indeed.

    Dante, better? When I write what I really want, it’s held in moderation………

  57. Kaiser says:

    I’m telling you, Daisy…


    When you think about it like that, the Pity Party makes SO MUCH more sense.

  58. vdantev says:

    Daisy, I can do more damage in one sentence than you can with an entire page. Brevity darling. Words are a scalpel, not a sledgehammer.

  59. Susan says:

    Oh honey, Pamela did not hit a nerve I simply am so tired of people bringing up Jennifer as an excuse not to see this couple as they really are. If Jennifer was never in the picture (I am so tired of hearing about her) what would people say then about this couple. Of course people believe that everyone who dislikes Brad/Angie loves Jennifer – not true. Disliked Brad and his “I’m better than you attitude” for years now. His whole attention seeking thing with Gwen and Jennifer was so tiring. And now using his children to stay in the limelight is just sickening. And Angie while the whole weird thing with Billy Bob and her huge overshare at that time was just to much – never have liked her. The fans of Brad/Angie use Jennifer as a way to ignore the huge problems with these two people. Really what other person except Brad Pitt could bring their children along to a film festival, make sure that they were photographed (so you look like a good parent), party the whole time while leaving the poor children with a nanny in the hotel and then have them photograped on the way out. Seriously you guys think that doing this to children is a good thing? Brad can get away with this and no one even cares because they are so busy worrying about Jennifer. If any star did this to their children I would be on them. Really what does Jennifer have to do with anything? I just don’t understand this whole thing about Jennifer by the Brad/Angie fans. Can’t even have a good argument about how they act because Jennifer is always brought up. Sure if you want to hate Jennifer good for you go to her site and post like crazy. But leave her out of our arguments about Brad/Angie becasue she really has nothing to do with them. Quit using her to deflect away from the pompus attitude of Brad.

  60. Kaiser says:

    And still… Team Pamela and Anti-Memento-esque Brain Damage.

    Like the “oh honey” though… funny, I seem to remember several “other” posters using the same catch-all, hate and brain-damaged rationale.

    Perhaps CB would like to share how many names one poster has been using…

  61. Susan says:

    Kaiser sweety – same name for me – but I’m thinking that you are Pamela? I would love for CB to post the different names. Love your post but continue with your toughts you stopped short – after attacking please also defend Brad. Please defend Brad’s behavior with his children at Venice. Would love to hear your version of how wonderful it is that he brought his children along and how he spent such quality time with them. Or are you willing to admit that Brad dumped his kids with the nanny to party but still have a good photoshoot to prove he is such a caring father? Care to discuss or are you going to not reply or come back with something about jennifer so you don’t have to address this question?

  62. daisy424 says:

    Susan, Kaiser isn’t Pamela, she has Gravatar, why don’t you?

  63. RAN says:

    Daisy, I’ve never mentioned this because I don’t want to give anyone any ideas, but it IS possible to post as different posters – even with a gravatar….Even with a couple different gravatars, it could still be the same person.

    That being said, I sort of agree with Pamela — she has valid points but no one wants to get past her dislike of the Pitt/Jolie clan to listen to her. It’s all about the hate for J Aniston – seriously folks, it’s time to let that go.

  64. geronimo says:

    RAN, Yes, you’re right. But each gravatar needs to be registered against a different email address. Someone in theory could set up a number of eg. yahoo accounts and have separate identites and gravatars with each of them. Lot of work tho’ unless you’re deranged or possessed by the devil.

  65. RAN says:

    Exactly Geronimo. Once I figured out the gravatar thing, it didn’t take me long to figure out the other. Daisy and I had had a convo about gravatars and their existence being more honest so I wanted to let her know that it’s easy to manipulate.

    How many deranged folks do you think we have on here? :wink: I’m sure one or more have figured it out

  66. Kaiser says:

    And I’m not Pamela. Guess we’ll just have to petition CB for a full list of names.


  67. RAN says:

    Oh! and Duh – I’m not paying attention! I meant to sort of agree with Susan, not Pamela! Thanks for pointing out the distinction Kaiser

  68. daisy424 says:

    Hey guys, yeah I know that about the different addresses.

    Good point Geronimo about it being a lot of work, and only deranged…
    I was drawn to CB by the witty writing & threads. The funny entertaining posters keep me here.

    Lately though it has become less enjoyable for me with the hatred and attacks.

  69. RAN says:

    Daisy I actually like this website for the exceptionally funny and spot on writing but mostly for the posters. You’re all a lot of fun – except for the JA/BP/AJ threads… I cringe each time. Then I get over it and feel the need to jump in and defend someone – be it a poster or the celebrity we’re talking about. I don’t let the crazy stuff lesson my enjoyment though… it almost enhances it sometimes

  70. geronimo says:

    Daisy, seriously, ignore them. I just don’t respond anymore and being ignored is the thing that really hurts them. Like Pamela said on another thread, just act like they’re not there and they’ll eventually go away.

    So pissing me off that a handful of people are seriously ruining everyone else’s enjoyment.

  71. Susan says:

    OK you are not Pamela – still didn’t answer my question though did you. And I realize that you can’t. I challenge anyone to defend Brad on why he brought the children along. I know that none of you can but it would be fun to watch you try. Or you could aways go over to the Jennifer post instead to post nasty things about her to make yourself feel better about brad using his children for attention.

  72. daisy424 says:

    Well then Ladies, we need to drag out that blender, what ever the thread and have a cocktail.
    Agree to disagree about the AJ/JA/BP, I’m all for that. :wink:

    I liked Syko’s dreamsicle drink idea, any other homemade recipe’s you all would like to share??

    Ditto Kaiser. BTW, what do you mix with the Johnny Walker?

    I did answer suzy Q’s question but I was told it was too long, so I edited.

  73. Kaiser says:

    Sign up for Gravatar Susan/Nina/Lola/Tia/Carla/Laila, and I will answer the question.

  74. Susan says:

    Good excuse Kaiser – You can’t answer the question and you know it. How pathetic is that. I would sign up and it would not make any difference. If you have an honest good argument come out with it. You don’t – you know down deep that Brad used his children to promote his movie and make him look good. What a jerk. You know that the kids were with nannies in the hotel. But nice try. You will do anything not to answer the question because there is no good answer. If I do that it will be something else you need. And if that fails you will bring up Jennifer again as you all do to try to make Brad look good. Not one of you can answer the question. I can though. Brad brought is children along for a photo-op. He wants to look like a good father. It is one of his big things he uses to get people to “love” him. He uses it whenever he can. Photo-ops are the best. He makes sure the paps know when he will arrive. He holds their hands and helps them into the boat. As soon as that is done he drops them off with nannies to party. Hoping that fans like you will not notice this. It appears to have worked – you guys fell for it. But come on any one of you and defend him. I’m waiting.

  75. RAN says:

    Just like none of these people know Jennifer Aniston, none of us know Brad Pitt or his motives. Appearances are one thing, but maybe (just maybe) the guy just wanted to spend some away time with the boys… it’s not unheard of.

    Not trying to engage you in a battle Susan, I don’t care for him and I won’t say that I wouldn’t suspect the same thing… but let’s try to give him the benefit of the doubt here. He does seem to love his kids

  76. Kaiser says:

    Crazy rants are funny… :lol:

    Esp. like the end “I’m waiting” – very “the call is coming from inside the house” – it should give me shivers, but instead I’m LMAO.

  77. RAN says:

    Daisy, I’d rather mix drinks and talk football. Let the season begin! :D

  78. daisy424 says:

    RAN; I have just added Bailey’s to my coffee, yummy, it’s a cold weather favorite of mine, it’s cloudy and crappy outside today.
    Did you see my answer to you on the Tom Brady thread?

    B-Bye lola, B-Bye………….

    *edit; Love the references Kaiser.

  79. Susan says:

    “The guy just wanted to spent some time away with the boys” – see the thing is he didn’t spend any time with them. I will give it up because I realize that insults and talking about jennifer are a way for you guys to admit that it wasn’t the best situation. Brad obviously used his children in this situation to get kudos as a good parent but inreality he spent no time with them. And funny thing that since they have no over night help, Poor Angie is in France with 4 children 2 newborns by herself at night. That has to be tough. Don’t worry I won’t ask you to explain why they lied about how much hlep they have. It would just be too much for one day for you guys.

  80. Kaiser says:

    @Daisy – First, I mixed Johnny Walker Red & Diet Coke (I know, a little gross, but I’ve been drinking diet sodas so long that now regular soda tastes nasty)… then I dispelled with the formality of mixers and just drank the Johnny Walker with ice, water back. :D

  81. daisy424 says:

    Ahhh, it all ends up tasting the same after a while somehow. Add a little lemon?
    Where the heck is Syko? I forgot to ask her if she had any flooding with that storm, she said she was on the 1st floor, right?

  82. RAN says:

    Just saw it Daisy – we are pretty close after all… weather sucks here today too. What was wrong with the pup? All ok?

    Did you see my note to you? I’ll think of you now when the Bears play – just can’t wait for the season!

    I think Syko was here earlier today but someone may have upset her…I’d have to go back and check threads. Don’t quote me on it though – I’ve been on sporadically lately and can’t be sure.

    Has anyone heard from Anni? I haven’t had interaction with her much, but do recall she said she was sick… it’s worrisome

  83. daisy424 says:

    My pup Scout (who is 10) has a brain tumor and is dying, a meningioma. Pitts. had the best vet clinic with an MRI.(OSU is great, but didn’t offer the test)In May we were so busy with my daughter’s wedding and my youngest son’s HS graduation, we didn’t notice his symptoms. Just thought it was part of his aging.

    I can’t even watch the Browns play, it’s too depressing.
    We had a superbowl party when the Bears made it 2 years ago. Monsters of the Midway!! White Sox fan too, although the Indians are popular here.

    Anni, you’re right, 8O she was talking about being ill on a thread about what, 2 or 3 weeks ago? I hope she’s okay.

    Crap, Fox is reporting that the DNA from Casey Anthony’s car are positive for Caylee being dead. Anyone following this case?

  84. RAN says:

    Sorry to hear about Scout, Daisy. I wish there was something I could say to help ease your sadness, but I’m not very good with words like that. I’d rather just dole out hugs and offer a shoulder to cry on.

    Isn’t Caylee the little girl that’s missing? Mother is thought to be behind her disappearance? She’s dead…? What sick a@@holes inhabit this world.

    Edit: Syko’s back – I ‘saw’ her on another thread

  85. daisy424 says:

    The DNA they found in the trunk, blood & hair samples.
    I guess science can tell if a hair is from a dead or a live person.
    I want to bitch slap that woman.

    Thanks for the kind words, and I got your cyber-hug :wink:

  86. RAN says:

    Bitch slapping is too good for scum like that.

  87. visitor says:

    First of all, why can’t Brad bring the kids with him out of necessity, like to lessen the load on Angelina for example? Why does it have to be PR?
    Secondly, does it occur to you that they are staying at the Cipriani, the rich and famous’ preferred hotel? I read in a travel magazine once that the hotel prides itself for going out of their way to satisfy any of their guests’ whims. The kids won’t be bored to death in a hotel room, waiting for their dad, like you said. We have no idea what they have to entertain themselves with. Another scenario could be that Brad had some friends with kids there in Venice, and they could watch the boys for him while he works. Yes, attending parties, in this case, is work for Brad, not just fun.
    So, until we know all the details, don’t be so judgemental.

  88. geronimo says:

    @Visitor – great post, so refreshing and logical. He loves his boys and he’s a very hands-on dad. What could be nicer for them than a boys-only week away together, while taking the pressure off Angie. At heart, such a normal, practical thing to do, just juggling work and fatherhood and family life.

    Hope you’ll visit again, logic and good sense are really appreciated around these parts! 8)

  89. jacqueline says:

    parenting is about QUALITY not quantity.
    I believe Brad is 100% focussed on his children whenever he is with them.
    and, I agree, this ocassion is ‘work’ for Brad. I think it’s very educative for Maddox & Pax to accompany their father and notice how he conducts himself in the public eye- it must be so hard for these fabulous young boys to cope with all the fame Brad & Angelina have. B&A seem to me to both be very patient people and also friendly and caring.
    Children always know what is genuine, good and bad. I don’t think the Jolie-Pitt children are being deprived at all.

  90. Susan says:

    WOW – a boys week away – except it was only 2 days and Brad was never with the boys. How many business men take their children with them for a two day business trip and then drop their children off at the hotel? None. Honestly this was not a week away this was a business trip. The children were dropped off at the hotel. Could they get all the video games they wanted, time at the pool with the nanny. Sure but nothing they could not get at their home. These children have their every whim catered to every day. Their parents live in a $70 million dollar mansion. What I think is so funny is that this couple has you all fooled. They pose for photo-ops and you guys fall for it. See Johnny, Matt, Halle could all do the same thing. Bring their children to film festivals for quality time. But I think that none of these stars believe that partying and going to premieres gives your children quality time. But then they also don’t believe that you should sell your chilren for money either. Good excuses but in the end brad and angie are using their children to get attention, look good for the press, and promote their movies. Johhny and matt should do the same then maybe their movies would make more? Oh wait they already do make more.

  91. hattieb says:

    Ramey has pixs of Brad with Mad and Pax getting ice cream in Venice while they were there. He always spends time with his kids just as Angelina does, there are not pixs documenting every minute of their day as some here seem to believe. Brad seems to be a very happy and loving Dad. I imagine the 2 older boys were very happy to get alone time with Dad and travel with him on an adventure. Parents I work with often arrange their travel schedules to accomodate short working trips with their kids. Some of you posting here must live the most miserable lives. Few people these days have a large family with 6 kids unless they really like being parents and dearly wanted those kids. Reality is that Brad and Angelina and their kids are chased by relentless paps waiting to pounce on them 24/7 no matter what they are doing. I have visited Venice and the hotel where they stayed is fabulous and caters to every need of its guests. Saw pixs of the 3 of them leaving the hotel and both boys were clutching small gift bags and smiling with their Dad. Brad’s parents are there with Angelina and the 4 younger kids as they have been since the twins births. Even though it seems to make some of you livid with rage for no rational or logical reason, Brad and Angelina and their 6 much loved kids are part of the very close Pitt family and always will be. Those of you who continue to harbor anger toward people who are said by all who actually know them to be good kind loving people need to get some appropriate mental health treatment for your own sanity. JMHO

  92. to Susan says:

    Or should I say Sam? I can recognize your style a mile away, Sam. There are pictures surfacing today of Brad and the boys out and about in Venice eating gelato on Wednesday. Oh well, you’ll say it’s photo ops again. Brad and Angelina can never win. I don’t even intend to defend them, I just wanted to say hi, Sam. See you again, you know where, to see you crunch some numbers.

  93. nina says:

    hattieb – are you another high-profile psychiatrist dispensing free advise?

  94. Bystander says:

    What’s up with the hate just becoz brad brought his two boys with him to VFF and some people calling that PHOTO OP? I didn’t see anyone criticizing WILL SMITH when he brought his kids to HIS MOVIE PRIMIER and that is a blatant PHOTO OP. I bet if BRAD do that these HATE FANATICS will have a field day. Will Smith even let his two kids working already and they’re even underage. One kid starred with him in his movie “The Pursuit of Happiness and nobody said he was PIMPING his kid, the other one even has her own movie and WIll SMITH has been earning enough money for the whole family and nobody said he is “WH0RING” his kids. IT’S ALWAYS DIFFERENT WHEN IT COMES TO BRAD AND ANGELINA .. ALWAYS DOUBLE STANDARD.

  95. geronimo says:

    Well said, HattieB, To-Susan and Bystander….logic always wins the day! :D

  96. Nikki says:

    LOL!!!!So true isn’t it? I didn’t think anyone else noticed