Jim Parsons’ boyfriend called off their wedding because Jim doesn’t want kids


Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory is having a great run at awards ceremonies. He won the Emmy and he’s fresh off a win at the Golden Globes. Life is a bit bumpier in his private life. According to National Enquirer, Jim’s fiancé Todd Spiewak called off their wedding because Jim doesn’t want kids.

The wedding is off for Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons!

The actor’s fiance, Todd Spiewak, put the brakes on their marriage plans after the couple disagreed on whether to adopt children.

“Jim and Todd have been together for quite a while, but never really talked kids. Todd always assumed that Jim wanted to have a family,” stated a friend of the couple.

“Jim recently made a joke about how he couldn’t handle being around children, and when Todd asked him about having kids together, Jim said ‘no way.’ Todd was heartbroken. They both love each other very much and are still living together, but their relationship is shaken up right now.”

…Jim, 37, proposed to 33-year-old Todd, an art director, and the two had been planning a Christmas wedding in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal. Those plans unraveled before the holidays when the men began serious discussions about starting a family.

However, in recent weeks Jim has started to reconsider his “no-kids” policy, says the friend.

“Jim loves Todd deeply and can’t imagine life without him, so he’s seriously rethinking his view on children. For now, everything is on hold.”

[National Enquirer, print edition, February 7, 2011]

Having or not having kids is a big deal in a relationship. With Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John both having children through surrogate mothers, Jim may lessen his view on not having kids. But it’s definitely something he and Todd should decide before getting married.

Don’t expect to see Jim and Todd at this Sunday’s SAG Awards. The Big Bang Theory was shut out of any nominations.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Note by Kaiser: In the photos below, I’m pretty sure that Jim’s boyfriend is the dude walking behind him!



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. original kate says:

    if one partner wants kids and the other does not then it makes sense to call it off, or at least seriously rethink it before doing anything like getting married. i don’t think that is something anyone should compromise on, regardless of their sexuality or their feelings about kids. if i had let my old boyfriend pressure me into reproducing way back when (he was pushing HARD) we would both be miserable and i would resent him and the kid.

  2. Karen says:

    Is it wrong to say that I am more inclined to finally check out more than one episode of BBT now that I know Jim Parsons is gay? Granted, the one episode I saw featured Laurie Metcalfe (from Roseanne) as his mother and Jim’s character was sulking about losing his job at the university. I was all set to hate the show but I really enjoyed it.

    I’m sad for Jim and his man but hopefully this revelation will free them up to seek partners with whom they will have more in common. Good luck to them both.

  3. jen says:

    Perhaps this is a subject that should be discussed prior to engagement.

    • kellie says:

      I just wish he was not gay..I have a hugh crush on Jim, I waych bang all day(bc I lost cable) but I ask for bang to be downloaded bc I love the show & love sheldon(jim) the man of my dreams

  4. Wif says:

    I don’t know, when he got his Golden Globe he apologized during his speech to his nephew that he couldn’t be at his birthday party. Doesn’t sound anti-kid to me.

    • Katie says:

      Not wanting kids doesn’t mean he hates kids. I love kids. But I don’t want to be responsible for them. So, I get where Jim may be coming from.
      But this should totally have been discussed before they got engaged.

      • Dotty Kurtz says:

        I agree with you. My husband and I talked about what we wanted and didn’t want out of life while we were boyfriend and girlfriend. (We lived together for two years before we got married.) One of the things we didn’t want was children. Nevertheless, I do like children–other people’s children, and for about seven years I worked in a daycare center.
        Jim and Todd, and other couples in a serious relationship, should talk about what they want out of life, including whether or not to have children, before getting married.

  5. LakeMom says:

    LOL @ Rita :)

  6. happygirl says:

    Rita – LOL!! Too funny ;)

    I hope they can work things out. Best of luck to them!

  7. eja102 says:

    is the National Enquirer considered a reliable source?

  8. The_Porscha says:

    Yeah, this is definitely something that should’ve come up prior to this step, so perhaps it’s for the best that the marriage plans are on hold for awhile. Aside, I cannot believe Jim Parsons is 37 years old! Damn.

  9. Kiki says:

    I think his fiancé is hot damn!

  10. Hollowdoll says:

    Bummer. I hope they can work it out. I like Jim and BBT is very funny.

  11. OXA says:

    January 28th, 2011 at 12:51 pm This disgusts me!!! They’re acting just like heterosexuals. (Yes, lol)

    Did u mean HUMAN BEINGS?

  12. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I love Jim Parsons (especially as Sheldon) so much. I find it weird that they didn’t discuss kids and whatnot before the engagement- if you are serious enough to get engaged, you should have these serious conversations before hand. It deft. saves heartbreak later on down the road :(

  13. KateNonymous says:

    No one should have kids if they don’t want to–sure it would have been better to talk about this before they got engaged, but better to really examine it now than after they get married.

    And @Wif (#5), it’s entirely possible for Parsons to be very fond of his nephew, but not want kids of his own. I know lots of people like that.

  14. Kim says:

    He’s definitely gay and yes that’s his partner. I’m from Houston and and we have mutual friends. I don’t believe anything in the National Enquirer. Jim loves kids.

    • nn says:

      i can tell this is a publicity stunt to get the heteros to be sympathetic to him. He might want them right now but since he is a shining star on the rise having children would damper his career. They dont want to take that chance.Maybe the nred fan base might not want to see sheldon with little girls and boys.

  15. original kate says:

    “Doesn’t sound anti-kid to me.”

    @ wif: just because someone doesn’t want to raise children doesn’t mean they are “anti-kid.”

  16. Samsam says:

    Katie, I do hope for your own sake that your post has as much sarcasm attached to it as Ritas up there, sadly I don’t think this is true.


    I don’t believe the story at all, but on the off chance that it IS true, I hope they can either work out their difficulties or support each other through finding new partners that share their values.

  17. Liz says:

    This story is BS, as with all the NE stories BTW Ellen and Portia are not adopting, George hasn’t banned the Jolie Pitt kids from his house,Kelly Preston is not writing a tell all.Gossipcop have talked to reps.IDK about Warren/Annete story yet.

  18. Dana says:

    I have to admit I am shocked. I am a big fan of Jim Parsons and I watched quite a lot of interviews with him so I am not surprised he doesn’t want to have children. I still do not understand how Todd didn’t know this after living together for such a long time. I hope they will find a solution , but to my opinion it will be difficult. Everyone has to make compromises in a relation but this is a much too big one. I am afraid that if one of them compromises, in some years this will become a very big issue and they will finally break up. I think they should also think very well about the child and the impact a separation or them fighting on the subject would have on the child. It is not just a matter of one not liking red and the other loving it. It is a human being and if you do not feel comfortable around children (like Jim stated more than ones), you cannot change it not matter what you do. It is not just a toy you have to play with from time to time, you have to love and care 24 hours a day, 7 days from 7. And when you do not feel it with all your heart, you just don’t. I actually do not want them to break up, but I have the feeling they will sooner or later.

    Oh, and for idiots who think just gay people do not want kids: I am 100% heterosexual and do not want to have children. I do not hate them, I just do not feel like having one on my own.

  19. Ruffian9 says:

    Shouldn’t you know that before you get engaged?

    ETA: Katie: January 28th, 2011 at 2:51 – WTF?

  20. lucy2 says:

    Agree that it seems like something they should have worked out a while ago.

    I know a lot of people love his show, but I just can’t get into it at all. I guess it’s just not my sense of humor.

  21. saintdevil says:

    A few years ago, homosexual human beings were off the hook considering procreation.

    Now, thanks to surrogates, they’re back on.

    I think whether to have children or not is a very serious decision. As a celebrity? Twice as much.

  22. June says:

    Yeah…kinda one of those things people talk about in the initial stages of dating actually…like those 6 hour long conversations about everything, it’s usually hypothetically mentioned from that point, and before the contemplation of marriage.

    It’s hard to believe that’s the reason why they called it off.

  23. george says:

    I dont want to believe it! Is he really gay??? You are all acting as if its sure as that the planet is round…..but what if its all hocom (dunno how to write it properly :) ….i sincerely hope so….please jim be heterosexual….and if you really are gay….ahh what the hell i love you anyway :D …..you are officialy my number one star….there is no one else I admire more than you….maybe the writers as well…

    • Eric says:

      Funny how you go on to beg him to be heterosexual and then say that you are his number one star.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay and all these people trying to be funny (or honest) by saying this crap are disgusting.

      • Jessica says:

        There is something wrong with being gay. If we were meant to be gay I think God would have created one gender. Think about it.

      • Captain straight says:

        That’s your opinion that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, alot of people disagree with that opinion but it is just an opinion and a wrong one at that.

      • emmajane says:

        Apparently, God DOES want people to be gay since about 4% of the population IS gay. (He made them that way… last I heard, it’s not contageous!)

  24. Mels says:

    Guys, don’t be ‘shocked’ or amazed by this article: it’s rubbish. There’s no proof whatsoever that Jim is even gay, let alone engaged/not engaged wanting kids/not wanting kids, etc. (In a relationship for years and not one a single photograph of them kissing/holding hands? Hmm.) If this had any truth to it, the story would be appearing in far more reputable sources…

    This is just the tabloids having fun and turning a profit. Unless Jim Parsons talks openly in public about his sexuality/relationships, it probably didn’t happen.

  25. Jay Li Nicole says:

    i don’t want kids either, pick me instead!

  26. Johana says:

    How about Jim with penny together?

  27. Kat says:

    I love Jim from Big Bang Theory.. but he sorta just ruined it for me..

    I wish them luck but Jim’s just gone down on my favourite stars list and I know I shouldn’t be judgmental but I thought that Jim was one of my favourite stars that wasn’t gay, on drugs or turned into a stripper… :S

    This world is going insane.

    • Dee says:

      OMG REALLY! All beacause he his gay? Yah i dont know you but people who judge others by their sexual orentation or others who judge by religion or ppls skin color have very small minds. Regardless of Mr Parons preferance of partners doesn’t change how great an actor he is. This is 2012 in my opinon it was never ok to judge others in any year.

      • PL says:

        Oh really? So, people who judge others have small minds? Did you notice that you just judged someone for their opinion, called them a rude name for it, and then sanctimoniously stated how people shouldn’t judge others? The one thing I cannot stand is a hypocrite.

  28. Minty says:

    Even if someone was ‘anti-kids’ it wouldn’t make them a bad person. In fact, if someone knows they don’t like being around kids, and so they don’t /have/ kids, it makes them a good person. Why make them self and everyone around them miserable?

    Before my mum had me, she hated kids. Getting pregnant was a surprise for her. She had been planning to give me up to her sister, who also was having a baby. (Or rather, they said they would take me.) My dad must have talked her out of doing it right away or something, (there were dating) but..some short time later, I did some cute baby thing and my mum decided to keep me.

    Point being, being Anti child isn’t a bad thing. People change their minds or just don’t have kids.

    As for Jim Parson, he might not even be gay! The internet is full of lies. I would advise not to label him as a child hater until seeing it for yourself. Like from an interview.

    • Captain straight says:

      Being anti gay isn’t the same as being racist and it sure doesn’t make someone small minded maybe your small minded for disagreeing with that way of thinking.

  29. Paige Turner says:

    “but I thought that Jim was one of my favourite stars that wasn’t gay, on drugs or turned into a stripper… :S”

    Why are you equating homosexuality with drug addiction or stripping?! The latter are choices, while homosexuality is not.

  30. Sad Very Sad says:

    Awh! Really, how can he be gggayyy! He is so gorgeous :( . And…and…oh really I have no nothing to say anymore. Can someone please tell me it’s just “the media” and not the truth…sad…sob..sob…buhuu.

  31. Sheldon says:

    Wow the Big Bang Theory just took a turn for the weird lmfao! Sheldon can’t be gay, though I should have seen it coming, he can’t be straight neither. Almost had me believing he was a robot, now every time I see him on tv I’ll get visuals of stick-figure anal *shudders*

  32. itisiKEVIN says:

    My name is Kevin. I fell in love with the CHARACTER, Sheldon Cooper. He’s goofy as all get out. The way he gets words out, words that perplex most everyone in the civilized world…fantastic!

    The actor is Jim Parsons. I have seen a few interviews with Mr. Parsons. He is articulate, and so far, very genuine. I like what I see.

    Stop mudslinging the things you read. Stop whispering and judging. Stop making bold arguments about one’s sexuality. Who care’s? Does saying that someone is gay/black/brown/green/purple/white really do anything to enrich YOUR life? I didn’t thinks so.

    Familiarity breeds contempt. Be a better human.

  33. Judy says:

    We love Shelly Bean sooo much and we’re near retirement age!!! Who cares about his private life; he’s an absolute doll and I, too, am shocked to learn he’s not 23 or so. What a darling guy and show!!

  34. PC16 says:

    AMEN itisKEVIN! I can’t believe the remarks people have made about changing their view on someone based on their sexuality (which may or may not be true). What about the man himself?

  35. Rita says:

    I love the show and Sheldon aka Jim Parsons is the best! Who cares what his personal life is! That why its personal let him be! We are no one to judge!

  36. Uzume says:

    It’s funny when people discuss other people’s lives like a) they know them and b) have a right to judge their lifestyles and choices … funny in a sinister way :-)

    PS – To all the ‘Jessicas’, if your God made the genders, he also made the sexualities. Thank God I’m an Athiest :-)

  37. Viviana says:

    no me importa que j¡Jim sea homosexual es un gran actor lo admiro mucho! y por otra parte bueno no sé ya que ha pasado mucho tiempo sobre eso se casaron o no ?

  38. john says:

    Weather or not hes gay or wants kid I would do what ever he wanted good men are hard to find

  39. Bahiyyah Umm khalif says:

    Theres a reason same sex sex cannot procreate! Abominations

    • Gay and SPiteful says:

      Anyone whose middle name is Umm doesn’t have much credibility in my view. And just to piss you off I’m going to have kids now.

      Gay and Spiteful

  40. Cindy says:

    If gay men aren’t atrracted to women, why are they attracted to men that look like women?

  41. Kade says:

    Beyond the fact that the news of Jim’s engagement/cancellation were published first in the National Enquirer (and then picked up by other such reputable sites like PerezHilton and ONTD), I really doubt the validity of these claims. Jim may very well be gay, but I sincerely think it’s more so a case of him just being very confident and exuberant which lends itself to this idea that he’s flamboyant. He’s made several references to dating women or being single, and he’s never outright come out as gay.

    My issue isn’t whether or not he is gay, but I feel that if he is then he needs to publicly come out about it. Go ahead and flay me with the whole, “It’s not our business to know what celebrities’ orientations are.” Well, I beg to differ. A celebrity is somebody subject to hero worship and adoration, and they have access to a huge public platform which they can influence. There are countless celebrities, gay and straight, who have stood up for The Trevor Project and other gay-advocacy organizations. In a time when more and more gay and questioning youth are taking outrageous measures to escape their pain, we need as many gay celebrities to back the cause. Jim has participated in Stand Up 2 Cancer and other advocacy organizations, so I feel that if he really were gay, then he’d be publicly backing the cause. I lose respect for him thinking that he really is gay and isn’t using his celebrity status to reach out and make a difference. No, he’s not obligated to do this, but operating within the public eye is a given when you become a successful actor, and using that status for social good is becoming the standard (as it very well should).

  42. Chloe black :) says:

    I honestly love the big bang theory really only because of Sheldon or jIm and I honestly hope he works things out…………………and I really only care cuz I don’t want this to wreck my big bang theory thing it’s my only way of getting out of chores sry Jim :(

  43. anke goehring says:

    I love Jim Parsons so much as Sheldon and as the person he is,i hope they find a solution

  44. Nayners says:

    Even though this is old news, it is very digusting. Stick with dogs and/or cats.

  45. Michael says:

    If God wanted Gays to procreate, he would have made them straight. Attention Gays, God does love you. God made you. With aspecific purpose: God made you so we would have efficient and productive citizens who are not taxing the world with offspring and children they can;t raise properly. We need you. Please stop being what you are not!

  46. Ross says:

    Welcome to the Family

  47. Hayley says:

    He does not hate kids in his golden glObe speech he aPologised to his young nephew because he missed his birthday

  48. Axel says:

    Yes, Jim is gay. He said in an interview that him and Todd have been going out for 10 years.

    But I can’t believe that some people are judging him on who he chooses to sleep with, it’s none of their business.

    You can’t say you liked him before you knew he was gay, that in my opinion, is stupid. He was gay before you knew it, just because you know now doesn’t change anything. Jim seems like a lovely guy, and his sexuality doesn’t define him.
    He is a person, not a sexuality.

    Anyways, I’m a gay guy, shoot me, lol.
    But my sexuality doesn’t make me a horrible person.

    I wish him and his partner the best. :)

    • Penny says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I think all people are made for a reason and beautiful in their own way. It dosen’t matter who you love unless you take good care of one another. It is important to live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment if it while it lasts :)