Charlie Sheen is entering rehab, ‘Two & a Half Men’ put on hiatus (update)


Porn family canceled! President Bartlett got his way and Charlie Sheen is entering rehab, TMZ has just announced. This comes on the heels of Charlie’s not-even day-long hospitalization for some kind of “hernia” issue, because apparently in this brave new world, “hernia” is code for “coked-out, week-long porn-orgy”.

Charlie Sheen voluntarily checked himself in to an undisclosed rehab facility earlier today … and his show “Two and a Half Men” has been placed on indefinite “hiatus” while he undergoes treatment.

“Two and a Half Men” producers released a statement saying, “Due to Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing “Two and a Half Men” on production hiatus.”

The statement continues, “We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision.”

Sheen’s publicist tells us, “He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern.”

As TMZ previously reported, Sheen had a briefcase of cocaine delivered to his mansion during a 36-hour bender earlier this week … and was hospitalized early Thursday morning for a hiatal hernia.

[From TMZ]

I really do think Charlie’s dad got to him. I wonder what Martin said to him that got this disaster turned around, however briefly? I wouldn’t know what to say to Charlie. I would just start slapping him and calling him names.

By the way – will Charlie’s team ever come out and tell the truth about what went down? Or do you think they’ll stick with “hernia”?

UPDATE: Charlie text-messaged the editor of Radar last night. Responding to inquiries about his health, Charlie texted: “I’m fine… People don’t seem to get it…. Guy can’t have a great time and do his job also?” And when asked about his “detractors” (Radar’s word), Charlie texted: “Bunch of turds.”



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  1. Hautie says:

    I suspect Daddy Sheen still has it. The ability to take his son, no matter how old, by the ear and get his point across.

    I bet it was not some gentle, hand wringing begging. More of a loud “get this clear son” moment.

    So Martin Sheen helped Charlie see the light. Or as we say here in the south, Daddy Sheen had the come to Jesus talk and Charlie is now in rehab.

  2. Psyren says:

    We’ll see how long this lasts. I’m actually rooting for him, I love a good come back story. And how old is Charlie? Because whatever age he is, he’s really starting to look it. Way too old to be doing this kind of crap.

  3. mauibound says:

    Man, I hope it takes this time…. What is this , like his third trip?

  4. YT says:

    Rehab is a good place for him to stay until he is well enough to start partying again. He likes drugs, booze, and porn stars, and it has nothing to do with addictions. His addictions are just a side effect of his chosen lifestyle.

    Charlie may have gone to rehab just to quiet Martin Sheen. It’s temporary.

    Charlie’s team will lie forever. It’s their addiction for which they are well paid.

  5. Cherry Rose says:

    I think Martin Sheen is the only person in Hollywood who isn’t afraid, intimidated, or can be bought off by Charlie. And that probably scares the shit out of Charlie.

    I doubt this rehab stint is going to last long. Two weeks tops before Charlie checks himself out and starts back up into his old routine into porn stars, hookers, cocaine and booze.

  6. ! says:

    Why bother putting the show on hiatus? They should be filming the drama for the show. Insert some scenes with the kid and I doubt anyone would notice.

  7. Rita says:

    Personally, I think Martin talked with him but didn’t push. The family intervened with Charlie before and probably have concluded that only Charlie can save himself as all addicts must do. Martin probably simply said, “You’ll be dead by the end of the year, if you don’t have the courage to find yourself as a man. It’s your choice.”

    That being said, I think Charlie is in rehab not to find Jesus but to simply interupt the death process. He wants someone to take care of him while he gets away from himself. No rehab, just isolation from his death spiral. We’ll see.

  8. Louise says:

    Didn’t Charlie just get out of rehab a few months ago?

  9. Alarmjaguar says:

    He is seriously looking like crap. I remember when he was hot, but I guess I’m dating myself. Now I can barely judge him only by his looks (which are bad), but his actions are even worse!

  10. Amy says:

    Daddy Sheen might have gotten through to him but is that really his responsibility anymore? I mean, I’m sure he does it out of love but can you imagine being in your golden years worrying about your middle-aged son? That sucks!

    Hey, Emilio seems to have his sh*t together at least…

  11. MG says:

    As much as I consider celebrity gossip one of my few guilty pleasures, it’s none of our business whether Sheen had a hernia, coke overdose, or penile fracture. Details of medical diagnoses and care are meant to be private unless a patient chooses otherwise. Must celebrities give up even this minimal level of privacy?

  12. C-Love says:

    I happen to believe the hernia scenario, as hiatal hernias can be brought about or worsened by cocaine usage.

    I also believe Charlie Sheen, despite all his behavior that indicates otherwise, pretty much hates himself. Why else would you have briefcases of cocaine delivered to your house, where you’re hosting a slew of porn stars? You don’t do that kind of crap when you feel good about yourself and your life, you do it because you’re seriously fucked up and don’t care if you live. No doubt he’s an asshole who needs to grow the hell up, but I don’t doubt for a second he’s a miserable human being who’s passively suicidal.

  13. jen34 says:

    I’m not a fan, but I hope he gets his act together. ITA with the pp who commented on his age. His dad looks better than he does.

  14. so says:

    Send him off to Siberia to fend with the polar bears.

  15. sickofit says:

    @ !: *lmao* you nailed it, exactly my thought

  16. sally says:

    He’s so wearing a rug. Look at that last pic.

  17. Rachel says:

    Charlie Sheen is living a wealthier version of ‘Leaving Las Vegas’. He’s killing himself with drugs and alcohol. We’ll see if rehab sticks, but I doubt it.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I agree with you about his chosen lifestyle, YT.

    As for the medical information – his camp is the one who put the “hernia” excuse out there. The public isn’t owed anything and celebs aren’t obligated to disclose anything, but if they willingly put it out there, people are going to discuss it.

    I hope everyone who works on the show is getting paid leave, and I hope it comes out of Charlie’s paycheck. He has no regard for anyone else.

  19. do people actually watch this show? i don’t watch it, don’t know anyone who’s ever watched it … yet it lives on.

  20. Motor35 says:

    i bet CBS had more to do with this than his daddy.

  21. Motor35 says:

    oh, btw, sheen makes (or made) $1.7 mil per episode! wtf?!?!
    are the ratings that great?

  22. OXA says:

    I wouldn’t know what to say to Charlie. I would just start slapping him and calling him names.

    Then u would know how Kyle Richards might feel towards her sister Kim.

  23. Rita says:

    Charlie’s life long existence of privilege has been an impediment to developing the character one needs to pull oneself from the abyss. Who knows if beneath the suffocating pornographic images saturating his subconscious and the narcotics controlling his mind as well as metabolism that there even exists a sentient being cable of asking, “WTF is wrong with me?” Look for the following in your next fortune cookie.

    Whether it is courage, self-awareness, intelligence, compassion, sense of purpose, or confidence, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you want, or what you have, if you don’t have what you need.

  24. hellen says:

    Just please tell me that somebody is gonna put a bullet through that DOUCHE-HAT once and for all!

  25. mimi says:

    I think CBS was getting nervous with all the bad publicity they were getting by keeping him on the show. NBC had some guy really call out CBS on the Today show. That’s gotta hurt — so,yeah CBS definitely had a role in this.

    But,Charlie Sheen has some underlying medical thing..I believe he said he’s adhd but he’s probably something else. Happy,healthy people do not do mounds of coke and hire hookers when their kids are next door. Sad.

  26. M says:

    I agree CBS likely had a lot to do with it. All morning long the Today show was running the story which featured addiction specialists calling CBS an enabler…

  27. pbrisend says:

    I love Charlie Sheen. I have enjoyed his movies and love his t.v. show. I hope we will all keep him in our prayers. Oh, but for the grace of God, go I.

  28. guesty says:

    He’ll be outta ‘rehab’ within days if not within hours. Just another lame attempt at appeasing his fam.

  29. LindaR says:

    CS will never permanently go off anything he is addicted to i.e. sex, drugs. It will probably, one day, kill him. And because he puts those things before the people in his life, I don’t care what happens to him. He is beyond selfish and saying he has an addiction, or an underlying disorder undermines all the people that have overcome those things for the sake of those that love them. He isn’t man enough to do it.

  30. Devon says:

    It was probably a combination of daddy, Denise and CBS all threatening his ass. Dadd because he’s is Martin Sheen after all, Denise because even though he’s given up his parental rights, she still wants him as a father for their daughters and CBS because they pay for all the coke and hookers.

    Let’s hope he gets it together for the sake of his kids. All 5 of them. Just because his oldest is in her 20s, it’s still WAY too young to lose a father to substance issues. I lost my father at 24 due to alcohol related issues and it was too young.

  31. Hmmm says:

    Charlie loves the hedonistic lifestyle. So he hit rock bottom because of a hernia? Ooh, scary! I don’t think so. He’s doing it because of pressure. In some fancy shmancy “rehab” spa that caters to celebrities. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Let’s see how long that lasts.

  32. Liana says:

    I hope he gets his shit together. He IS an addict, and for that part of all of this, I can feel sympathy. But he chooses to continue to live his life with virtually no consequences for his actions, in fact, he gets rewarded for his actions with money, a good job, and tons of publicity. With no consequences, there is no rock bottom for him, and with no rock bottom comes no desire to get healthy. I’ve mentioned my best friend, who was a substance abuser. Rock bottom for him was ending up jail and being committed. Charlie needs a rock bottom.

  33. KCT says:

    I can’t help but wonder if portraying such a player on his show is keeping him addicted to such a dangerous lifestyle, or is it the other way around? After all, having women, money and living a life without consequence as he does on the show for so many years, is life imitating art? I truly wish him well and hope to see him in the media being a responsible father rather than running off to Vegas and in trouble with porn stars.

  34. khaveman says:

    Didn’t he get named in the Heidi Fleiss situation? He loves his hookers. I think he loves his life. As long as he has the money to continue, he will. I really don’t think he cares.

  35. Dana M says:

    CBS needs to fire him.

  36. ♥Natalie♥ says:

    CBS will never fire him he brings in too much money sadly life now days seems to be money over morals.

  37. Whatever says:

    I feel deep sadness for Martin Sheen and Charlie’s mom. I can’t imagine the heartbreak of watching your child basically kill himself. I think its great that they pushed him into rehab, but sadly that doesn’t work. My husband has a family member who died of a drug overdose and the parents did everything, including several rehab stints. Unless the addict is ready to get better, it won’t work. I sincerely hope Charlie wants to get better.

  38. Melinda says:

    I’m with you “Hmmm”- So he is going to rehab over a hernia?

  39. Lee says:

    I have a sad feeling that the writer’s for his show are coming up with multiple endings for his character.

  40. motheroftheyear says:

    Who the hell is watching two and a half men?! Once, when I was really, really stoned (back in my stoneroftheyear days), I was watching tv, but couldn’t find the remote. Instead of looking for said remote, I watched two and a half men in stoned, stupefied silence.

    Now that I think of it, my anecdote should be part of a partnership for a drug free america ad.

    It was that bad.

  41. Jay says:

    I feel bad for the 100s of show staff who are basically suddenly out of work in the interim. They don’t float these guys’ salaries while the production takes a hiatus, do they?

  42. hairball says:

    @MG: Agree. People’s medical info should be off limits to everyone.

    “I hope everyone who works on the show is getting paid leave, and I hope it comes out of Charlie’s paycheck. He has no regard for anyone else”

    Exactly! I’m thinking esp of the ‘normal’ staffers like the grip etc. who now don’t have a pay check because of some *sshole. I sincerely hope they are compensated in some way.

    I have no idea either who watches that show. I saw it a few times and it is SOOOO predictable and generic.

  43. mln76 says:

    My thought is the doctors scared him shitless. He may have been given information about his health outlook that was serious enough for him to agree to go to rehab. An addict that severe isn’t going to give up easily though. I hope it sticks and I hope he can refrain from being violent.

  44. jessebest says:

    See, I’d fcuk him now. Very Rat pack – a pack of one. I like those header photos. But if he were my baby father (of 4) he wouldn’t be so amusing. Best of luck. Oooh, maybe Dr. Drew can pitch Charlie for Celebrity Rehab!

  45. jessebest says:

    he is an ol’ whore. far too old to be playing, but maybe he is ‘love addict’. How is Emilio doing?

  46. Deeana says:

    hiatal hernia?? all reports mentioned abdominal pain…..

  47. Dhavy says:

    I hope he gets his act together because it is obvious his family does care about him and he still has an ex who after everything that has happened does seem to also care about his health even if it’s only because he is the father of her kids.

    That said, I can care less about what he does on his personal time. Hookers? Drugs? who cares! People act like actors are saints who we should be looking up to. They’re not, most of them are people who for the most part never had so much money before and get spoiled by the same industry that gives and takes their fame. He’s not hurting anyone but himself. Yeah the same canbe said about LiLo but he’s not going around trying to run someone over and when it comes to his job he’s always there (of course except for now)

  48. Dana M says:

    He is the male version of Lindsay Lohan. Drama, Drama, Drama seems to follow them everywhere.

  49. Hautie says:

    I started watching the show the year CBS put Big Bang Theory on after it. (last year?) Then CBS moved Big Bang again… seriously how they have not killed that show over those moves is beyond me.

    Moving on….

    The writers for the show could keep the show running. So the crew could get those paychecks.

    There are enough characters on the 2Men, to write for them and make it fun.

    Just give some outrageous excuse for Charlie’s absence… and do the show with his brother as the lead.

    Maybe have weekly calls from Charlie to Alan. But only hear Alan’s side of the conversation.

    I bet Jon Cryer would end up with another Emmy if they did.

    Because Cryer is a funny guy. Who could be convincing of what ever bizarre reason is given, for why Charlie is gone.

  50. Zelda says:


    I used to find the Nanny colourful and entrancing when high.
    Looking back, I am more concerned about what that television show did to my brain than the drugs.

  51. sauvage says:

    He overdosed, that’s what this “hernia” thing is about. My opinion.

  52. He’s not back to work. The story is very clear that he will be back to work on Tuseday. That’s four days of rest before he returens.

  53. truthzbetta says:

    He’s spiraling badly. Truth is, he’s been into all this stuff since he was a teenager with a famous dad/enabler. He loves drugs, money, whores and drama. What will he find to put above being a selfish hedonist?

    And he’s always emotionally or physically brutalizing the women he freaks it up with. I only feel sorry for his family. He’s making anyone who ever cared about him pay for that crime big time and you own your choices by this age with this many chances.

  54. Melinda says:

    @sauvage- no one really thought the hernia was the cause (there was heavy sarcasm in previous statements). That said, no one wants to see anyone die. Just stop making those ridiculous excuses like a hernia, exhaustion, dehydration (where are you Msat?)and get the addict help! I’ve met Charlie, I was expecting straight up sleaze, but he was actually super polite and professional (to a 25 yr old cute blonde girl in LA) and dare I say almost charming?! I felt gross just thinking that! All I can really say is that no one was doing him any favors by enabling his lifestyle of ick. I hope this round of rehab is successful for his childrens sake, but I won’t be suprised if it isn’t.

  55. gemmaa says:

    hehe Kaiser, did you choose that last photo cos of the fact he looks like he should, well, check his nose before he leaves the restroom next time?

  56. sauvage says:

    @ Melinda: I’m with you on this one, I hope so, too for the sake of the children, yet I don’t believe in it.

  57. MsDeb says:

    One of the writers above proposed that the show continue (so that those less visible will still receive a salary) with Charlie “away”. Why not? My husband and I love the show. But, if you have watched it lately, Charlie has been “phoning in his performance”. The really hysterically funny parts have been between the characters of Alan, Jake, and Eldon. I’d watch just to see what the teenagers are up to, and how Alan copes. The soda volcano incident, as well as the shopping cart on the roof were priceless. Keep the show going, put Charlie on vacation as he can’t deal with Rose’s supposed marriage, and focus on Alan and the kids. Everyone gets paid, and the viewing audience gets what this show has devolved to: a life without Charlie Sheen as the central character – an ensemble comedy. Oh, by the way, bring back Herb. Just our opinions. Keep Charlie in rehab, pay those involved with the production, and continue entertaining those of us still tuning in to watch the antics of Alan and Jake. The hooker storyline is so stale and unamusing.

  58. brin says:

    I heard he was going back to work on Tuesday. He must be going in for the weekend rehab special. That should work.

  59. Faye says:

    My friend and I figured he busted his hernia lifting a chair to lock a prostitute in the bathroom or that he was getting too crazy and the porn ladies rebelled.

    I’ve seen one and a half episodes of that show (I figured it was appropriate) and it did nothing for me. But it sucks for the staff of the show that because of his coke shenanigans they have to stop working. I hope they’re getting paid during this hiatus.

    This especially blows for his kids. For so many reasons. He needs to get it together for them and start preparing for the talk they’ll have when they find out about his coke and lady shenanigans.

  60. MarenGermany says:

    give him two weeks max.
    all these celebs think they can just walk in and out of rehab like it was a vacation.

    I used to be a heavy pot smoker
    (I admit…sigh) and when I quit it took me almost a year to fully recover. Get your brain back working, thinking of a normal, healthy lifestyle, etc.
    I dont wanna downplay weed, but god, it was “just” weed, I cant even imagine how long it would take to get away from something as terrible as cocaine.

    Plus, a pornaddiction is kind of untreatable. Sex is the strongest urge, I cant see Charlie being abstinent.

    He will be back on the track in less than a month.

  61. KLO says:

    Jon Cryer (Charlie’s co-star on “2AHM”)was just joking (on Conan) about reading TMZ every morning to see if he has to work that day.


  62. Rita says:

    Per the update:

    “I’m fine and besides there were only 5 pornstars and two bricks of cocaine, just a typical midweek movie night. Can’t a guy have a little fun without people pointing out every little flaw? For crying out loud, it’s not like someone died….for now.”

  63. Vanessa says:

    ugh reporting on radar that Charlie Sheen texted them from rehab saying “cant a guy have some fun and go to work, whats the problem?” [I paraphrase] So, yeah, this isnt gonna work, he still doesnt see a problem… Poor Martin Sheen, poor kids, horrible situation.

  64. julie says:

    did anyone else see the vanity cards chuck lorre wrote up for this show after the charlie sheen porn star cocaine extravaganza? HILARIOUS. why cbs still wants to employ this guy (sheen, not lorre) is beyond me.

  65. Justaposter says:

    Hey wasn’t Martin firmly on the “Denise is a crazy bitch” train when she and Charlie broke up? Hopefully he has apologized big time to her.

    I wish they would send Charlie away on 2.5 men, then the show would actually be worth watching again.

    Will this stint in rehab work for Charlie? I don’t know, but it would make for one hell of a comeback story if it did.

  66. REALIST says:

    I called the Martin Sheen thing weeks ago. I think other posters were dialing the back line for President Barlett as well.
    I bet it wasn’t-“go to rehab, now, son”, it was more like “Go to rehab, son. I love you and I don’t want to come and identify your drug ridden corpse somewhere”.
    I wonder if it was just Dad or a family intervention? Oh, I hate to say it, but I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one! Perhaps Denise was weeping. Wife number #2 (or is it #3?), if she was wise, was far, far away…
    I wonder if our Charlie will ever see the light, or end up on a cold slab in a morgue (perhaps with another slab beside him-collateral damage), a casualty of one too many cocaine laced nights of “fun”…
    Oh, and please-“turds”? We know he is capable of more colorful language than that. Even “douchebag” would be better…
    No Twittering in rehab, you a–hole!

  67. JRenee says:

    How in goodness sake does the story of a briefcase of cocaine not stir a criminal investigation. Enough with the rehab stuff. He pob uses it like a vacation~ to rest & restore to go back for the next round.
    But why is no one attempting to investigate the criminal aspect of this? Trust and believe someome would be very angry if their cocaine operation were ruined due to his behavior bringing in the authorities…insert sarcasm here.
    Sympathy for his children all 5 or so of them!

  68. OXA says:

    Here is the link for the vanity cards, funny but so so sad. For those that think the crew should be paid, they do not have contracts for pay or play, so they will not be paid nor will their healthcare pension etc.

  69. Liana says:

    @Finley Manseur and Brin: He said he was going back to work on Tuesday BEFORE the statement was issued about him going to rehab. Clearly, CBS is not anticipating him coming back to work or they wouldn’t have issued an indefinite hiatus notice.

    Usually when a show goes on hiatus, the crew is not paid. No work, no pay. But crew members can get picked up by another show during the interim.

  70. sashavice says:

    He’s kind of old school celebrity…I can dig that

  71. mrsodie2 says:

    Porn is such an equitable industry. Everyone is a “star.”

  72. ghostwriter says:

    Glad to hear he’s finally in rehab, no matter how he got there. Hopefully, he’s had a real wake-up with the what-ever-it-really-was medical emergency. But, the burning question I have is, why hasn’t he been busted for felony drug possession?

  73. Estella says:

    Charlie is the consummate bad boy. At least Robert Downey Jr, seemed to WANT to get clean and to have a kind heart. The fact that he was broke and the threat of continued jail time I think also motiviated RDJ to get off drugs. I am not so sure that Charlie Sheen cares AT ALL about anyone but himself. He has no reason to get clean as he’s still sexy, he has a boatload of money and he is surrounded by enablers. I hope CS doesn’t kill himself but I can see that happening before I can see this bad boy reforming or getting clean. Like someone previously wrote, he needs to find his rock bottom (like RDJ) and that isn’t going to happen while he’s making $1.7 mil a week. I feel sorry for his children.

  74. Mouse says:

    Damn, this man is one nasty washed up piece.

    This is just another attempt to shut up his family and anyone else complaining about his selfish addictive behavior. I don’t believe for a second he’s going to stay clean or change his ways. Hopefully, he’ll prove me wrong but I’m not holding my breath.

    And why hasn’t he been busted for drug possession?! Some jail time might seriously de-enable him. Didn’t Willie Nelson get arrested in TX for having A JOINT? Why is this skeaze allowed to walk around a free man after buying a suitcase of coke?? Disgusting.

  75. Westcoaster says:

    @JRenee, ITA,this does not make sense how the police are not investigating the story about a briefcase full of cocaine being delivered to his home. There is more to this story

  76. KsGirl says:

    I just read on Drudge that it was one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (the super rich one with the hairy gnome husband) that called 911 – or, her husband. And they’ve now released some ‘we wish him the best’ statement to the press.

    That seems like kind of a low way to get some attention, I’m a little surprised – she seems slightly level headed on the eps of RHOBH that I’ve seen. I mean, a press release on the back of a celeb meltdown? That’s just…desperate.

  77. The Bobster says:

    Sheenless episodes of his show would be like the Grady episodes of Sanford and Son: just horrible.

  78. Gwen says:

    I really like Martin Sheen. Wasn’t he also a wreck at some point? Perhaps there’s hope yet for Charlie – if he means it, that is..

  79. Kim says: is reporting Charlie DID NOT check into rehab Friday he went home. I believe AH because Billy Bush has inside info. Hopefully he will check in ASAP. Gwen, I know Martin is a recovering alcoholic . As for Charlie he may have to go to prison before he cleans up.

  80. 2outOf5 says:

    The term ‘douche bag’ comes to mind…seriously, grow up you irresponsible dumb ass.

  81. OXA says:


    Charlie was non responsive so someone at his house called Dr Nassif’s home. As a physician he did what he thought was best, he dialed 911 for emergency help. It was done to save Charlie’s life not get attention.

  82. gg says:

    I hate those 60s style old man fedoras. People, they look estoopido. They make you look like a cigar smokin old man in Florida in the 1960s.

  83. BooBooBear says:

    In all honest truth, I do not care if this man has chosen to kill himself slowly with hookers and blow. I dont care that he is a crappy father to two sets of children born to two different crack head fame hungry tart bags who didnt know better than to ride this spoiled LA kid with no rubbers. I dont care that he has a show that is wildly popular with simpletons who laugh easily at dick and fart jokes. I just dont care, there is not enough room in my world for THIS sad sack of sheyat and his sad human existence. Everyone else around the world with his level of issues with ex junkie over indulgent fathers like Martin dies and suffers their own tragic version of life IN SILENCE. SO TAKE YOUR SAD PATHETIC LIFE BEHIND CLOSE DOORS OR PAY YOUR HOOKERS BETTER BRIBE MONEY SHEEN BECAUSE YOUR STANK STORIES ARE GETTING IN THE WAY OF THINGS PEOPLE SHOULD ACTUALLY GIVE A F*C* ABOUT NOW SHOW ME SOMETHING HAPPY AND FLUFFY LIKE A UNICORN FART OK THANKS HOLLYWOOD YOU GARBAGE ASS TOWN!

  84. Trippin says:

    His show is long in the tooth watched by couch potato husbands who live vicariously thru him. His bullshit has gone on for years and yet the media looks the other way and goes after Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie. What a hypocritical double-standard in so called liberal Hollywood. Grow the f-+&
    up Charlie.

  85. cprincess says:

    What kind of rehab lets him keep his cell phone!
    What a fucking joke-Im sooooo bored of hearing about this asshole.

  86. hairball says:

    What a complete and utter LOSER. If I were Denise I would just walk away and never look back.

  87. Hakura says:

    I agree with JRenee. As someone else pointed out, a little pot on someone else gets a felony, but a briefcase full of coke being sent up to a room full of prostitutes warrants no attention from the authorities?

    I think the only thing that’s going to have any chance of snapping him out of it is serious jail time. You can’t force rehab, but you can force jail. He needs to be put in a situation he can’t buy his way out of.

  88. sarah says:

    rehab’s obviously not going to work. He’s going because ppl are making him. He proved that when he said “Can’t a guy just have a good time?”

  89. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I agree with MsDeb. The last few episodes with Jake and Eldon have had my husband and I ROAR with laughter. The Viral Video show was, by far, one of the funniest things I have seen on this show. I think that the chemistry of all the other players (Berta, Evelyn, Rose, and Judith & Herb…)would certainly sustain this show. I really think they have absolute GOLD with Angus T. Jones. This kid speaks sarcasm as well, if not better than, Charlie. With him getting older, there would be many more story lines to write. I hope for Charlie’s recovery, but I am certainly not going to hang by my thumbs waiting for it. I truly feel bad for the other actors on this show as well as the behind-the-scenes people who may even live paycheck to paycheck for their benefits. Charlie needs to grow up, take some responsibility for his actions. And take responsibility for the others that this hiatus will affect deeply.

  90. Liana says:

    I think taking the show to hiatus isn’t a great idea. Continuing with the show WITHOUT Sheen would aend a message: “dude, you’re not as important as you think you are.” Truly, I’ve watched the show on occasion and Charlie ISN’T the funniest character. In fact, he’s the reason I DON’T watch the show regularly.

  91. Leigh says:

    Its funny, my bf and I watched the shopping cart episode of 2 1/2 men and wondered if they weren’t bringing in Eldon to counter-balance ‘eventually’ losing Charlie. (with Jake and Eldon being the 2 and Alan being the 1/2)

    Those 2 together are HILARIOUS. The fart lighting attempt was a scream, and the delivery was perfect. In terms of a contingency plan, they could do alot worse

  92. Ally says:

    He also shot then-girlfriend Kelly Preston in the 90s. (That woman should write an autobiography.)

    Considering how reviled Linsay Lohan is, it’s amazing that outfits like TMZ still find Charlie Sheen the addict AND serial-domestic-abuser adorable.

  93. irishserra says:

    What the hell does “entering rehab” mean anymore? Apparently nothing.

  94. Chris says:

    Just when he should be using his Two and Half Men bankability to get himself some decent movie roles he squanders the opportunity by carrying on like a sailor on shore leave. What a waste.

  95. slim27 says:

    what a complete and utter idiot! Why is everyone acting like this is going to pass. Charlie will die a sudden and painfull death…what a sad, pathetic fool.

  96. TXCinderella says:

    Any woman that would get involved (casual or otherwise) with Charlie is an idiot. We’ve all seen his violent tendencies played out in the media. Charlie is an idiot if he thinks these skanks he is partying with are not going to talk and spill his dirty secrets. They want their five minutes of fame.

  97. sharylmj says:

    we love this show, and I agree.. they should do some episodes without Charlie and see how it does! He needs to see that he’s not invincible. He will keep living this lifestyle as long as he can afford to pay off the cops and stay out of jail.

  98. Twinkle says:

    I don’t know…if I had Charlie’s money I’d probably be doing the same thing! When you love the dope, there’s nothing more you want then to be able to have bags of money and nothing but time to do all the blow you want. He’s living exactly how he wants to live and will probably die exactly how he wants to die. Nothing better for a drug addict then to die doing what they love. Charlie loves it and won’t be changing for anyone. He still goes to work, does a good job, makes everyone a ton of money…I dont’ see the problem here. If anything, I’m jealous!

  99. irishserra says:

    @Twinkle: ??

    I guess I’d never thought of it that way.

  100. Hakura says:

    @Twinkle – If that’s how he wants to live & die, then he doesn’t need to be employed in an industry that likes to ‘appear’ moral. It’s obvious both his employers & the police are letting him do what he pleases, which would be fine with me, if said behaviors only effected himself. But this includes violence.

    He needs to be held responsible for these things, then we can see how much he enjoys the lifestyle.

  101. Katolicki says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  102. football says:

    JackBo lost all credibility in my eyes when he wrote a column stating WVU fans should be content with winning 9 games and losing meaningless bowl games. Thus, its appropriate that he now has an employer that embraces mediocrity.