The Best Dressed of the SAGs: Natalie Portman, Sofia Vergara & more


Natalie Portman greatly improved from the Globes. There were no cutesy red rose appliqués, no “conceiving to conception”. I loved her cream gown, I loved the way it fit her bump, and I LOVED her hair. She was one of my best dressed of the night.


I LOVED Sofia Vergara’s dress and styling. She looked great, she looked sexy, and she looked completely va-va-voom. The boobs were out, the color looked great on her, and her hair and makeup were very sexy. Basically, I want to marry her.


Since I have so much affection for Mariska Hargitay, that might be coloring my view of this dress. It’s really kind of a prom dress, right? Or a wedding dress dyed purple. But Mariska usually does a lot, so I like that she kept her styling really simple.


I don’t like the orange-red of Tina Fey’s dress, and with her coloring, it really should have been a blue-red. But she’s Tina, and she’s awesome, and haven’t we seen her look so much worse? So give her a round of applause for pulling it together.


It’s Helena Bonham Carter. What do you expect me to do, put her on the Worst Dressed list?


Love Julianna Margilies’ vintage YSL. Love the color on her. Love her cute husband. Hate the ponytail, but I can live with it.


This is controversial – I’m putting Lea Michele on the Best Dressed list. But she deserves it! She isn’t wearing a prom dress, and she doesn’t look like a bottle of Pepto-Bismal barfed on her. The dress is flattering to her body, the cream looks great with her coloring, and we need to applaud Lea when she gets it right.


Another controversial choice – Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen. I didn’t like this when I first saw it, but it’s grown on me. I liked the way it moved, and the fabric is very special and unusual.


I like the way Melissa Leo dresses. She dresses like an over-40 actress who takes her craft seriously, but enjoys the chance, at long last, to get dressed up. She’s age-appropriate, occasion-appropriate and very, very pretty.


Claire Danes Not really one of my personal best dressed, just because I hated her makeup job. But the dress was unusual, and I enjoyed seeing her try something different.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Vi says:

    god i think natalie portman’s dress is vile. lea michele and sofia vergara look great though.

  2. Hautie says:

    I prefer Claire with auburn color hair. Yet, I do like her dress. Interesting fabric. It had a nice flow when she moved.

    I liked Mila’s dress also for the same reasons. I like seeing gowns that are not the basic taffeta prom-y looks. Or black.

  3. SueZen says:

    I thought Valerie Bertinelli was quite stunning…such a gorgeous woman!

  4. brin says:

    Natalie looked great, definitely gets “most improved”, HBC looked good, too and loved her (matching) shoes.
    Pretty much agree with your picks, Kaiser, except for Melissa Leo(looks like a spacesuit).

  5. TXCinderella says:

    Word to Julia Stiles: Girl, you gotta go and get yourself some boobies!

  6. Cidee says:

    Melissa Leo needs a pair of Spanks! STAT! Claire Danes needs a bra, while we’re at it.

    Sofia V. is flawless. She could wear a caftan and look sexy.

  7. malachais says:

    Everyone looks amazing, I adore Julia, Sofia, and Mila’s gowns, they are incredible. Side-note, Trent Reznor was there and he looked very good!

  8. SolitaryAngel says:

    Love J Stiles’ dress!!!! Her facial expression in the photos, not so much…lol

  9. Isabel says:

    I saw Natalie and thought, “OMG – Kaiser will be pleased!!” I am pleased as well. This is the perfect maternity look for her. She is gorgeous.

    LOVE SOFIA. We’ll have to share her.

    Mila was stunning, as always.

    Love love love.

    Still hate Lea, though.

  10. Aria says:

    My fav. one is Helena!!!!!

  11. sasa says:

    There were some very decent dresses but none had the wooow effect on me.
    I don’t think Natalie should wear as much strapless as she does. I think it makes her look more round than she really is.
    S. Vergara and L. Michelle showed too much boobage for my taste.
    I think Tina Fey’s dress is lovely but you’re right- the shade of red doesn’t suit her.
    Danes also had a very pretty dress but everything above neck was not good.
    While I love Mila’s dress, I hate that matching belt and somehow it doesn’t seem fit for such an elegant event. The fabric is lovely though.
    Marguiellis looked lovely in that red and in that neckline. She should mix it up more with hair, makeup and jewelry.
    I also like HBC’s dress a lot, but would eliminate her pearls and her bangs as well.
    I thought J. Stiles looked maybe the best. Interesting yet elegant dress but she was also consistent in her whole look which so many seemed to miss.

  12. PDog says:

    Mila’s has to be my favourite. Its the kind of dress I love that would never work on me. Small petite girls with a small rack look great in these flowing dresses. And her colouring can handle the bold print…I envy

  13. Reality says:

    Julia Stiles, Mila Kunis, & Sophia Vergara were my favs. Honourable mentions for Tina Fey, Natalie Portman, and HBC too.

    Everyone else shown here looked pretty good, except Mariska Hargitay (wrinkled + boring), Melissa Leo (saggy + hello old lady crotch!) and Jane Lynch who just looks awkward in that poufy mess.

  14. Cherry Rose says:

    Damn, Sofia Vergara looks freaking awesome. I wish I could marry her.

    I have to say, I think Mila Kunis upstaged Natalie Portman with that dress, hahahahaha. It’s absolutely beautiful. Too bad Mila didn’t get any nominations. However, I think she’s definitely proved herself capable, so I think in the future she’s going to be nominated.

    Lea Michele does have impecable taste at times, like that pink dress. However, she should have done something with her hair, and maybe should have had a necklace. Just too much empty space.

    Helena looks cute as always. She looks somewhat normal. O_O;

  15. mia girl says:

    Agree that Lea Michelle looked good, but she mucks it up by TRYING SO HARD! I mean, do you think she practices her over-the-top red carpet poses and expressions in front of a mirror before she leaves the house?! Ay Dios!

  16. merry says:

    I LOVE that McQueen dress! Perfect!

  17. Lisa Turtle says:

    Natalie – Hair & Makeup are great. I really don’t like how the fabric of her dress binds her legs and makes her legs look trapped in a straight jacket. I also don’t like how the fabric wrinkles under her bump. How far along is she now? 6 months?

  18. devilgirl says:

    Natalie looked awful in my opinion.

  19. bros says:

    i would have likes portmans hair down and sexy flowing. she finally looks sexy pregnant instead of 16-and pregnant.

    lea michelle still looks like bitchy gumby.

    melissa leo looks like the tin man from the wizard of oz if the tin man were a woman and it was 1970 at studio 54.

    and i dont think its possible for a human to look any more like a persian cat than julia stiles.

  20. Raven Sparrow says:

    Love Sophia’s bracelet

  21. EJ says:

    Ah Claire is always wearing belts around her waist and she should’t, she has a longish body, it makes her body even longer and her legs shorter

  22. samihami says:

    Ugh-Danes does not belong on a best dressed list for wearing that tablecloth. It’s hideous, from the cut to the color.

    Mariska’s dress is kinda meh, but I just love her. As far as I’m concerned, almost anything looks good on her.

  23. Stubbylove says:

    Way to go Natalie and Tina! Well done – huge improvement from times before. I see where you’re heading with Lea Michele but have to disagree – based on this pic – on the fitting. I fell like I’m about to see one of her man-boobs any minute. Lastly, again, Sofia is the SEX.

  24. REALIST says:

    Hey, Mariska is my age, and she looks fantastic. Genes or a little help from the knife (or the Bo)?

  25. OXA says:

    Natalie Portman was dressed in a potatoe sack with a little glitter. The only exciting thing about her is the out of wedlock pregnancy.

  26. nikkers says:

    Claire’s dress was pretty, but it didn’t fit her properly in the bodice. Made her look extra flat, and yet also like her boobs were about to pop out any minute (don’t raise your arm….)

  27. lucy2 says:

    I don’t care for Claire’s at all, or Julia Stiles’. Love all the ladies in red. I like Lea’s gown, but I really hate the way she poses, it looks ridiculous.
    I’ve decided I really like Mila’s. On anyone else I probably wouldn’t but it really seems to suit her.
    Melissa Leo looks good but her dress looks terrible on her – Cate Blanchett or Anne Hathaway could wear that, but probably no one else.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Tina Fey, Mariska Hargitay and Julianna Margulies looked good. Everybody else was meh.

  29. Fiona says:

    The best dressed :
    Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen,
    Claire Danes in LV,
    Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci and the newcomer Hailee Steinfeld ,in bright stripes by Prada.Period!Forget about the rest!

  30. expert dabbler says:

    Loooved Julianne Margulies’ dress and Tina Fey as well. I can’t believe Melissa Leo made your best dressed! That dress is awful. UGH those cap sleeves, and the slit straight up the middle give the illusion that she’s wearing some gross shiny jumpsuit a la Cher. And Mariska Hargitay’s dress is lulling me to sleep it’s so boring.

  31. renee says:

    I thought that Natalie brought it compared to what she has been bringing for the last while. Although I do have to agree with the poster who said that she should have worn her hair down.

  32. Delta Juliet says:

    I agree with a post I read on a different posting a few days ago. I preferred Natalie when she was more private (I know it’s the middle of awards season but I’m tired of her). I get the feeling she thinks she’s the first woman to ever bear a child or something.
    The look is an improvement however.

  33. DGO says:

    I thought Natalie Portman’s dress was horrible. Better than the others she’s been sporting lately, but still, too sheet-like and ill-fitting. One size up with a different drape to the bottom would have been better.

  34. Nanea says:

    Is NP having twins? Why has she grown so big all of a sudden?

    I liked Sofia’s dress, and Tina Fey’s and Julianna M’s, and I would have liked Mila’s very much, minus the belt.

    HBC is, like Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton, in a class of her own. She just *is*, no matter what she wears!

  35. Isa says:

    Nat looks really good. really good.

    Lea’s dress fit her perfectly except for in the chest area. I think it’s never a good idea to have your chesticles pulled so far apart.

    I love Mila, but she’s not really doing anything for me here.

    Julia Stiles’ dress is amazing. Although that ombre dye job was about two years ago wasn’t it? Or is it still popular?

    Sofia, she kills me. Oh my. She looks perfect! I’m glad my husband has no idea who she is. 😉

    I love Hilary Swank’s dress too! She has an amazing body!

  36. Maddie says:

    sofia looks amazing, it doesent matter what she wears, she always looks great!

    i actually thought helena bonham carters’ dress was pretty, mila kunis looks great i like the colour of her dress. natalie portmans’ dress looked awesome and i thought it showcased her bumb great =]

  37. Maddie says:


  38. KCT says:

    I’m assuming you were joking about Melissa Leo? She might be pretty but the dress on her body was a mess, and the slit was not age appropriate.

  39. Shannon says:

    I love Mariska too, but that dress is doing nothing for her (aside from the color being good on her). Something that shows off her body a little more instead of looking like a stiff sack would have been nice.

    Mila Kunis looks AMAZING, her dress is my favorite. It’s gorgeous and she is one of the few who can pull off a red dress on a red carpet without being swallowed by all the red. She still manages to stand out and look gorgeous.

    Lea Michele needs to cover up her chest. All of these plunging necklines look silly on her and draw attention to her small chest. Small boobs are great, I have them myself, but you just can’t dress that way because it’s distracting and looks odd. You CAN be sexy without doing the obvious “lemme show ya my boobs!” thing. Of course, subtlety has never been Lea’s strong suit, has it?

    Sofia Vergara is a bombshell. She can do no wrong.

  40. buellblaster says:

    Sofia Vergara’s interview with E! Entertainment has completely turned me off from her. She was prattling on, and on, and on, about how she would KILL to have A cup boobies to go braless in a t-shirt. All the while shaking them massive money-makers of hers as the men on the crew were cheering. She really did make a boob of herself.

  41. Hakura says:

    My *only* problem with Lea Michelle was the weird ‘low cut’ thing she has going, like on the Cosmo cover. It creates a weird ‘flat all the way down’ look.

    For the first time in a long time, I like Nicole’s dress. I agree, Natalie is much improved from her last few.

    I adore Mariska, but not a great dress on her.

  42. Anon73 says:

    Portman looks great !! i have not been digging her outfits as of late at all, but think she nails it here.

    for Melissa Leo, bleh — i don’t like that dress on her colorwise or fit-wise. colorwise, i think the dress would look better on someone with darker skin / darker hair. fit-wise, the dress highlights her tummy bulge. no bueno !

  43. Kayla says:

    Loooove Julie and Mila’s looks!

  44. Angel says:

    Love HBC. Others are OK except Melissa Leo. Horrible

  45. orion70 says:

    The way NP is stepping on the hem of that dress is making me nervous. I don’t quite understand when the pregnant ladies wear things they can trip on, or mile high heels etc.

  46. luls says:

    im sorry kaiser, but everything below the bust in Nat’s dress is CRAP!

  47. xxodettexx says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED: kunis, fey, HBC, kidman, vergara, margilies… was meh on portman but agree its a massive improvement over what we have seen recently!

  48. MB says:

    Melissa Leo looked horrendous. The dress was too tight around the tummy and hips, and too big around the bust. Just a mess.

    Mila’s Alexander McQueen dress was gorgeous but could have benefited from a thin metallic gold belt rather than the printed plasticy one that it had.

  49. jane16 says:

    Agree with you on all except Melissa Leo.

  50. Mingy says:

    Mila looked gorgeous. Julia Stiles looked amazing too.

  51. Camille says:

    Mila was probably my most favourite of the night. Just gorgeous.

    Natalie looked nice for a change, but I think Jane K from 30 Rock has been doing pregnancy fashion better than her at these awards shows (from what I have seen anyway).

    Sofia looks really amazing for her age, she looked gorgeous, but her OTT personality makes me ill.
    If she had been acting when Aaron Spelling ruled TV, she would have been the bit part ‘sexy’ girl on TV shows like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. She needs to tone down the OTT ‘I’m so sexy’ personality stuff, it can come off as grating and fake.

    I liked Clare’s dress, although I’m not sure about the belt. She looked pretty though.

    HBC – Love her, she can wear whatever the hell she wants 😆 .

    Lea Michele – Fug.

  52. Stephanie says:

    All of the above get hi-fives from me. Mila Kunis gets the blue ribbon tho.

  53. CB Rawks says:

    Tina looks adorable!

    Is Melissa Leo’s dress lame? And I mean the official word for that fabric, not the unflattering fit of this particular dress.
    (Lahmay) 😉

    Mila Kunis looks heavenly!

  54. DD says:

    Oh wow, I loved Mila Kunis’s look. Haven’t seen anything I absolutely loved like that in a really long time.

  55. lrm says:

    HATED natalie’sdress. uugh. and the way she moved in it…it looked dumb.
    and did not show off her bump like another, better choice could have.

    Mila’s dress is my favorite. very unique, cool material and color…

    melissa leo-really? um, that front slit is not age appropriate-it’s tacky and borderline flashing us. and the color looks awful on her, and it shows off her cellulite in her upper arms-and her belly bloat-honestly-i’m not saying she should look different physically-but she did NOT pick a great dress for her physique.

    i am not impressed with any of these, overall. natalie’s is a slight improvement, will give her that…but none of these were great-only mila’s for creativity. even HBC was not wacky in a fun way as she usually is..IMHO of course.

  56. JQ says:

    I so totally want Mila’s dress! LOVE IT!

  57. lucy2 says:

    Did anyone see a good photo of Annette Bening’s gown? It was really lovely.