Anne Hathaway paid her con man boyfriend’s rent for 4 months

Actress Anne Hathaway plopped down $37,000 a month for her then-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri’s apartment in Olympic Towers in NY for the last four months of his lease before the Feds closed in and arrested him on fraud and money laundering charges. You would think the guy would have some money left to his name after bilking investors in an elaborate scheme for around $50 million. He paid a $1.3 million settlement to billionaire Ron Burkle in April, but he must have been broke for a couple months before that. If Hathaway was paying his rent for four months until June that means all his ill-gotten gains had pretty much run out by the time he had to pay that settlement – or maybe he was just scamming her, too.

Vanity Fair has more details on this sordid story of the actress and the con man.

The “Get Smart” actress paid her beleaguered beau’s whopping $37,000 monthly rent at his sumptuous Olympic Tower duplex for four months until finally, in June, his lease ran out – and she ditched him as the feds closed in on his schemes, a titillating new Vanity Fair report says.

“It was totally love at first sight . . . He is sooo good-looking . . . He looks like a god,” the young actress once cooed after the pair met in spring 2004, the article says.

But by this summer, their passionate, fiery relationship was over – and badly.

A humiliated Follieri dissolved into tears the night of June 23 while staying in a spare bed at his parents’ place at Trump Tower – as his “baby,” Hathaway, dumped him over the phone, Vanity Fair says.
Follieri, dressed in his nightly pajama uniform of “dark blue or black Ralph Lauren polo shirt and white shorts,” kept his good-luck charm nearby – “a large, green, plastic frog, about 9 inches high and wide” – as he took the distressing call.

Hathaway, 25, tried to let him off gently.

“You were the love of my life,” she told him, according to the mag. “I’ll always love you. You know that, baby.”

Six hours later, the feds busted in and hauled off the 29-year-old Follieri in handcuffs on charges of money laundering and wire fraud.

It was later rumored that Hathaway had a hand in the bust, having allegedly lured Follieri back to his adopted home of New York from Italy to face the raps.

[From The NY Post via TMZ]

There are plenty of other government and church officials involved too. Follieri’s scheme is being called “Vati-Con,” and he claimed to investors to have been the CFO for the Vatican and to be able to offer Catholic properties in the US at rock bottom prices. In reality he was just putting in bids with everyone else and bribing Vatican employees and church officials to help him pull off the scam. Follieri faces life in prison if he’s convicted on all the counts of fraud and money laundering he’s charged with.

Hathaway knew her boyfriend was facing lawsuits for months and now that the news is out that she was paying his rent for so long you have to wonder why she stayed with him. Maybe she knew the fantasy was cracking but wasn’t quite ready to face reality yet. Somehow she escaped with her reputation intact and she’s still the sweet naive actress. She must have known something was going on and it looks like she got out at the last minute to save herself before it was too late.

Here’s Hathaway at the Venice Film Festival this morning at the premiere of Rachel Getting Married. Credit : Apega/WENN

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  1. elisha says:

    i DON’T FIND HER VERY ATTRACtive. Obviously the ex comes from money if his parents live in the Trump towers.

  2. Kaiser says:

    Juicy. I can’t wait for my VF to come.

  3. xiaoecho says:

    She looks like a clown in the header photo – everything is just a bit off – the dress too big – the body too small….something??? Is she anorexic?

  4. ibth says:

    She is just plain ugly.

  5. Nikki G. says:

    she does have a nice rack…

  6. duda says:

    the first time I had to pay a $34,000 rent payment i would have been out the door.
    I broke up w/a bf after he lost his 2nd job in 6mths,
    I have to pay the way for me and my son, not a grown ass man. can u believe he called me materialistic?
    im like really, I have a place to live… how bout you?

  7. SnowCrab says:

    Her ex-boyfriends’ cons were more creative than The Devil Wears Prada, I’ll say that much.

  8. Zoe says:

    God, I can’t imagine anyone thinking she’s actually “ugly.” Perhaps, very slightly awkward or something, but if you’ve ever actually seen her in anything, I think she always has that quality where you end up overlooking any faults and finding her GORGEOUS by the end of the movie. She just seems so sweet, but intelligent. She reminds me of an earlier-era Julia Roberts (kinda awkward looks, but you can’t help but fall for her). JMO, thoughts?

  9. gg says:

    I totally agree that she is gorgeous.

  10. chaz says:

    i wouldn’t go as far to say that she’s “ugly”! but she does have a horse face and her mouth makes her look like a muppet. that and you can kinda tell she’s not surgery free (nose job) so why didn’t she get better work done. i don’t know what it is, i’m sure she’s nice but i wouldn’t want to date her and i have really low standards… and i’m also nobody!

  11. anony says:

    She needs more face or something; her features are almost crowded onto her face.
    At 23 why does she already have bags under her eyes??

  12. javagirl1 says:

    I think Anne is cute. GG and Syko, you have very similar gravitars…hooray for cat people!

  13. That man she was dating was a loser who just looks for women to use. There are way too many men like that out there these days. Women need to watch out for them.

  14. abbizmal says:

    I think she is gorgeous too. Meow.

  15. whatevs says:

    She reminds me of a mouse. A CUTE mouse.

    She had to have known what was going on, it does make you wonder why she stayed with him so long. Especially after shelling out almost 40 grand a month. WTF, where was all his stolen money going?

  16. czarina says:

    I think she is a good actress and very stylish, and I like that she is not the typical Hollywood pat/even featured/dime a dozen beautiful.
    She is interesting, which is even better.
    As for the boyfriend, this business of how Folleiri was crying when she broke up with him over the phone…are we supposed to feel sorry for him??
    He lied, cheated, conned and put her reputation in as much jeapordy as his, not to mention her having go through the stress and humiliation of being investigated by the FBI!
    I have NO sympathy for this guy–I’ll save it for Anne.

  17. CeeJay says:

    Anne sure did enjoy the extravagant vacations on luscious yachts and five star hotels…even after she knew her lover had conned Ron Burkle. I have a hard time believing she knew nothing about this guy’s business dealings. When the Feds try this case I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from and about her. Not saying she was complicit, but she surely conducted the affair with her eyes half way open.

  18. Lara says:

    CeeJay, don’t you think Anne has enough money on her own to pay for her “extravagant vacations”? I’m not thinking she didn’t know anything about her ex’s business deals, but I honestly believe that she was way too much in love with him and and closed her eyes to very end pretending everything will fall in place. Young and naive.

  19. journey says:

    guy was a con man who fooled a lot of people to nick very large sums of money, do you really think he couldn’t have conned a silly young woman who had stars in her eyes? that’s what professional con men do for a living, make people believe their lies.

  20. Haley says:

    I’ve met her in person on a few occassions and I am amazed at how she looks in photographs and on screen versus in person. The camera loves this girl. She is not a head turner in person. It’s completely bizarre. She’s very petite and a non-event when it comes to her face. But she photographs like a whole different person. For however long she can keep her career going, kudos, but I don’t think she’s someone who’ll be doing this for a long time, soon enough she’ll be found out as a fraud too.

  21. Jeanne says:

    Silly b*tch. More looks than sense.

  22. Debra says:

    I understand exactly what happened to Anne Hathaway and I almost know how she must have felt. A con artist is usually very charismatic in ways others may not get a chance to experience. Anne probably had a gut feeling that something was a-miss. But you fall in love with these people and you hope that it is not as bad as what you are feeling. Con artist are sizeing you up all the time. They are thinking while you sleep. Then they hit you with some idea before you have a chance to think. The situation is (they are thinking and you are kind of daze and confused). Remember they prey on your emotions. Anne does not regret what she did because she truly love him. Only a person truly in love would pay someones rent like she did. When you are behind closed doors with a con-artist you know the whole deal. He probably genuinely feel apart behind closed doors and she bailed out the man she loved. Her actions prove that she was true. The Feds probably got to her but she felt so much empathy for him and they could not stop her from paying his rent. She paid his rent because she knew he had no where to go. Believe me she know the whole ugly story by the end. She probably asked him questions many times…but con-artist are masters at avoiding confrontation and responsiblity. I can almost see what happened behing closed doors. The money ment nothing to her…she truly loved this man. By this time she knew something was wrong and you know what the sad thing is that he did not have to be rich for her to love him. Her actions prove that it was not all about the money. She had real love and empathy for him. I alsmost said the same words when I broke it off with my con-artist friend. I just wonder when did she realize that it was not really about her and that he was living a LIE.
    The pictures show it all to me. She looks very happy he looks like the cool con-artist DEVIL!

  23. Debra says:

    Anne Hathaway is a classic beauty and those in the know will agree with what I am saying. Anne is just not prized with the normal average features the public is use to. She has beautiful full lips and mouth which is her strong point. Anyway she does not need your jealous approval…as she takes that big and full lip smile all the way to the bank. HAITERS!