Susan Sarandon calls Hillary Clinton “a blamer and whiner”

Activist and Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon, 61, isn’t a fan of the way Hillary Clinton ran her failed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. She claims that Hillary played the gender card too often and calls her “a blamer and whiner.” Sarandon is also not interested in a hypothetical role playing the Democratic Senator due to her poor opinion of her:

You’ve played quite a few real-life people now. Would you like to play Hillary Clinton in the movie of her life?
No. I’ve been around her and don’t find her… At this point, to say after what’s happened to her campaign and how they squandered all that money and all the different reasons her campaign fell apart, to blame it on sexism, I find so destructive to every young girl who dreams about making a difference through government. Instead of saying, “Look how far I’ve gotten and you can do it too,” and all the positive things she could have done, she’s turned into such a blamer and whiner, as if that was the reason, when clearly she wouldn’t have been in the position she was in if she hadn’t been a woman.

If she hadn’t been married to that man and hadn’t had the Democratic machine behind her. To now turn around and say it was sexism I find so dishonorable and really destructive to women all over, young women all over. So I don’t really respect her enough to want to play her, and I find it sad and disappointing.

[From The Advocate as found on Defamer]

Sarandon may be turned off by the way Hillary Clinton handled her campaign, but she’s not adverse to playing another politically polarizing woman on screen. Sarandon has expressed interested in portraying peace activist Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a son slain in Iraq who received widespread coverage for camping out in front of Bush’s Texas ranch in 2005. Sarandon knows Sheehan personally and has attended anti-war protests with her. As far as I can find there is no film project in the works.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    I wouldn’t even watch her movies for free :?

  2. geronimo says:

    I do like Susan Sarandon but she needs to do like Kid Rock says on the Julia Roberts post.

  3. Lara says:

    What is it with those actors lately giving stupid comments(coughmirrencough)? If Sarandon has to share her personal opinion about Hilary Clinton couldn’t she have done it in an educated, well measured way? What did she choose? Bitching. Ah, so much better than “blaming and whining” :roll: .

  4. daisy424 says:

    Agree Geronimo, I used to really like Susan, loved her acting :-) But after her foaming mouth hatred on the political stump, I wouldn’t pee on her if she was on fire.

  5. xiaoecho says:

    Wondered how long it would be before Sarandon inserted her holier than thou opinionated self into things

    she’ll always be Janet to me

  6. LiLi says:

    i just read the blogs on (scummy) USWeekly and people are loving palin

  7. Lauri says:

    Well, this is a first. SS and I actually agree on something.

    hey!…what’s that chill coming up through the earth?…oh…wow. I think hell just froze over.

    Palin is great. What a speech she gave last night! VERY impressive.

  8. Mr. T says:

    I think that the way Ms Clinton was treated by the media was a bit sexist. She was judged for her looks and attitude repeatedly. Susan also has a point, if it weren’t for her filandering husband Bill, she’d never have been elected to office.

  9. Kaiser says:

    Usually I find Sarandon too sanctimonious for words, but I agree with her on this. There is one person and one person only to blame for Hillary’s failed campaign – Hillary.

    Team Sarandon. (on this at least)

  10. DogRunner says:

    Her best role was in – Team America.

  11. Allabouteve says:

    I actually used to like Susan and Tim, but she just lost my respect if she can’t see how nasty the media were to Hillary. I am an Independent/Democrat and I watched Sarah Palin last night, and she did herself proud. For Dem Harry Reid to respond to her speech by calling her Shrill shows just what they think of women.

    The media have been creaming themselves for the last 5 days demanding what her experience is to be a commander in chief, this is the same media that have been making excuses for Obama for the last 18months.
    I hate Republican policies but I even hate the media more, I am actually sympathetic to Sarah Palin right now and even though I am thinking about sitting out this election, if they continue mocking her, it brings back all my disgust at the way Hillary was treated and might just hold my nose and vote for Macain.

  12. breederina says:

    Some of you watched a different speech than the one I saw last night. I found Sarah Palin to be mean spirited and disingenuous. She worked the fear angle big time and actually outright lied by both omission and assertion. And if any one can justify her comparing herself to Harry Truman they’re far more deluded than reading opinions on a blog can help. This woman gives me the creeps big time.

  13. Kaiser says:

    Amen, Breederina. Palin came across as very nasty when she was supposed to be introducing herself to a bewildered nation. :?

  14. kate says:

    i agree with breederina & kaiser: i thought sarah palin was very nasty and full of herself in her speech. i wanted just one concrete example of what she’s done in alaska and one concrete thing she wants to accomplish as VP and all we got was mud-slinging and the “i’m just a little ol’ hockey mom from alaska” routine. i found it embarassing. as for susan, she has a right to her opinion but she comes off as whiny herself.

  15. j says:

    The frightening part is that it’s all so very “middle schoolyard bullying and bossing”. A bit of “my dad’s better than your dad” crap. Get to the point, people, state some damned solutions, some recourse, and stop with the fucking mudslinging. We ALL know you aren’t of the same party but you are trying to run the country and make decisions for both “sides”, if you will. No wonder voter turnout is so low….it’s almost a hopeless thing as they all do what suits them and their backers, as opposed to “hopping” the fence and just fucking doing what’s right for ALL.

    Frustrating as all hell…and to get back on point with Hillary, she’s too vindictive, and obvious with it. Subtle isn’t in her repetoire. Sure, they all are, but don’t put it on display, y’all.

    That goes for both sides, really.

    It’s going to be a rough ride…but what’s new about that? None of them are going to go home to a house in possible foreclosure, or a lump that can’t be excised because of no insurance, or a kid that’s hungry. They’re all cared for…they need to live in the real world, right now, as it is, not what they may have grown up in, poor at the time or not, but what is being faced right.fucking.NOW. THAT would show who has some damned balls to lead, figuratively or literally.

    Alrighty then…..

  16. stellapurdy says:

    The only thing Palin proved to me last night was that she can read a teleprompter. Oh and that she’s a liar.

  17. Lauri says:

    I’d love to know what “lies” you think she told, stellapurdy. Also, you don’t think that Obama et al use speechwriters?

    I just read her speech word-for-word, and there was nothing nasty or unkind in it; so I really don’t know where that’s coming from.

    I think that people just hear what they want to hear, and not what is said sometimes.

    And, one last thing, what has Obama accomplished so far? Someone wants to know what she has achieved in her politial career; I’ve been wondering the same about Obama all along. I haven’t heard about ANYTHING that he has actually done except be charismatic.

    At least McCain has actually served his country…decades in Washington, 5.5 years as a POW. His wife is a special ed teacher and has done tremendous good for children all over the world. They adopted a non-white child many years ago. It just seems to be that everyone is obsessing over the new messiah Obama, but he hasn’t really DONE anything that I can discern.

  18. stellapurdy says:

    Lauri, remove the GOP colored glasses and read some facts:

    By the way, you can see Palin’s signature on a an earmark designated for Wasilla here:

  19. LiLi says:

    obama’s voted “present” 130 times in the state legislature :wink:

  20. Diva says:

    Lauri, maybe you should go research what the possible future leaders of your country have accomplished. This certainly isn’t the place to find that information.

    It’s frightening to me that people would abandon their long held beliefs to change their vote because of the sex of the lesser candidate, and most especially if it’s done because they think she’s being picked on.

    As for Sarandon, all I have to say is “Toucha, toucha, toucha, touuuuuch me! I wanna feel dirrrrty! Thrill me, chill me, fulfiiiiillll me, creature oooof the night!” 8)

  21. breederina says:

    Lauri, are you asking strangers on a celebrity blog to educate you on the presidential candidates? I believe if you begin by Googling Obama legislation you’ll inform yourself far more effectively.
    Also, Cindy McCain did not buy those outfits she was rocking on a special ed teachers salary. No, I do not expect you to tell me where they got their money, I can find out for myself.

  22. breederina says:

    LOL Diva. Oh to do the time warp again!

  23. Lola says:

    I actually can’t stand Hillary Clinton either. I am glad Obama did not choose her for a number 2. I have my reasons. Too tired to go into them. As for Palin. I have tosay she has a nerve.

  24. Lauri says:

    Are you seriously using the Huffington Post as your source for “facts?” That is truly hilarious.

    The real point I was trying to make is that there are good and bad things about both the republicans and democrats, and I’m tired of constantly reading about the saintliness of the left and eeeevil of the right. That’s just stupid.

    And that comment about the outfits that Cindy McCain wears…what do you care? She comes from a wealthy family. Should she be wearing thrift store rags just to make you happy? Her clothing does not negate in any way the tremendous good she has done over the decades for children all over the world. I guess what I’m saying is…I agree she dresses well. What’s your point? What has that got to do with anything?

    I don’t seem to recall the left complaining about the ketchup heiress wearing nice clothes. But I guess that was OK, since she was a democrat.

    This partisanship is foolish. Instead just disagreeing, there’s demonizing. That’s counterproductive. How are the left and right supposed to cooperate to run this country that we SHARE if everyone is busy name calling and bashing?

    It’s just very, very old. I can’t really respect someone who automatically assumes that someone who thinks differently than them politically is evil, bad or stupid.

  25. breederina says:

    Actually if Cindy McCain showed up at the GOP convention rocking thrift store clothes I’d be stand and cheer impressed. Anyone can look good in a tasteful selection of $300k worth of couture and jewels but it takes a true goddess of style to rock the vote in vintage. Why do I care? Because as the wife/partner of a public servant it shows a lack of humility and respect for the American majority in this particular economic climate to flaunt your wealth.
    Michelle Obama in her Gap sun dress on the campaign trail was a perfect example of how to play it.
    Cindy MacCain in a quarter mil’s worth of dress and jewels last night, not so much. JMO.

  26. Syko says:

    xiaoecho and Diva – I still occasionally do the time warp. It’s not the same on DVD as it is in the old musty theater full of other crazy people armed with toast, playing cards, newspapers and water pistols, but it’s still fun…”and it’s the pelvic thrusts that drive you insaaaaane – let’s do the time warp again!”

    I haven’t heard anything positive coming out of any of the GOP mouths. The only way they can succeed is by scaring people about everyone else. As for McCain’s heroism – I don’t especially consider letting yourself get captured to be heroic. Finding a way out, and going back to get the bad guys, that would be heroic. And even if he did that, it doesn’t qualify him to set foreign policy and run this country.

  27. geronimo says:

    “..As for McCain’s heroism – I don’t especially consider letting yourself get captured to be heroic….”

    Careless, I’d say. If he’s that cavalier about his own personal safety, how can he be trusted with other people’s…?

    Thanks for the laugh, syko! :mrgreen:

  28. Kaiser says:

    @Syko, Geronimo – Why isn’t *that* discussed more? After the swift-boating of John Kerry, Max Cleland and Al Gore’s war experiences, we should be able to say that John McCain’s POW experience doesn’t make him a good candidate for president, and being a $hitty pilot doesn’t give him foreign policy experience.

  29. Diva says:

    I have it on DVD, and my 15 year old sister, who lives with me, is the next generation of RHPS addict! lol

    I took her to a theatre showing of it about 3 years ago. It was her FIRST exposure to RHPS, so she got the best introduction!

    I thought Cindy McCains dress was awesome last night. I was well jealous! She’s wealthy, I’d dress in high end clothes if I were wealthy, too!

    Unfortunately, I’m a single “parent” income household, so, yeah… 8O

  30. LiLi says:

    syko, geronimo, kaiser
    where were you during vietnam war?
    in your cushy houses?
    enough said

  31. Scott F. says:

    Tell you what guys – I’ll eject you from a fighter plane at a few thousand feet, with explosive bolts, shattering steel and bulletproof plastic, break your legs, crack your ribs, and we’ll see just how well your escape attempt goes.

    Real careless of him, yeah.

    But if we’re gonna bring up Kerry, lets draw that conclusion to Obama. You remember how Kerry was SO much more qualified than Bush to run the war because he (I don’t know if you know this, he kept it carefully under wraps) was in Vietnam.

    Well, McCain was in Vietnam – and Obama hasn’t so much as put on a Boy Scout uniform. Funny how no one on the left thinks that’s important this time around.

  32. geronimo says:

    Oh FFS, Scott. Syko’s makes a funny comment about McCain and I respond to it. Get a flipping grip. :roll:

    At least democrats can laugh at themselves.

  33. Kaiser says:

    @Lili – I wasn’t even born.

    @Scott – That argument would hold more water if the wartime experiences of Democrats weren’t belittled.

  34. LiLi says:


  35. Lauri says:

    “That argument would hold more water if the wartime experiences of Democrats weren’t belittled.”

    Who belittled anything? It’s not like Obama ever served to begin with.

    Quite frankly, I am stunned that anyone would name call and insult McCain’s war record. What kind of jerk would do that? Calling him a bad pilot and insulting him because he didn’t escape…with untreated broken bones no less…is just plain hateful. Regardless of his qualifications for pres, he is, in fact, a war hero and deserves respect for that. If you can’t look past your partisanship and see that, then you are fool.

  36. Jen (the other one) says:

    Syko – “As for McCain’s heroism – I don’t especially consider letting yourself get captured to be heroic. Finding a way out, and going back to get the bad guys, that would be heroic.

    Wow. You have got to be fucking kidding me.

    I encourage you to read the interview McCain gave in 1973 after returning home, and regardless of your political stance or opinion of McCain as a senator or a candidate, tell me that surviving 5 1/2 years of torture and refusing to leave his fellow soldiers is anything but heroic.

    Some North Vietnamese swam out and pulled me to the side of the lake and immediately started stripping me, which is their standard procedure. Of course, this being in the center of town, a huge crowd of people gathered, and they were all hollering and screaming and cursing and spitting and kicking at me.

    When they, had most of my clothes off, I felt a twinge in my right knee. I sat up and looked at it, and my right foot was resting next to my left knee, just in a 90-degree position. I said, “My God-my leg!”

    That seemed to enrage them I ‘don’t know why, One of them slammed a rifle butt down on my shoulder, and smashed it pretty badly. Another stuck a bayonet in my foot. The mob was really getting up-tight.

    Yeah, I can’t believe he let himself be captured. He totally could’ve gotten up and walked away. On his broken leg.

    moderator note: comment edited to remove additional quoted text from source

  37. PJ says:

    When did Hillary Clinton say she lost the nomination because of sexism? A lot of people said that, but I don’t think Hillary ever said it.

    Certainly sexism is a factor for any woman running for high office.

    Susan Sarandon is pretty but I don’t think she’s too bright.

  38. Kaiser says:

    Lili – :lol: :lol: Yes, it was *so* typical to not be born until after the Vietnam War. You’ve got me.

  39. LiLi says:

    if this is how you treat and respect war veterans you have issues
    maybe you could voice your opinions about $hitty piloting to your local armed forces division
    or you could move out of the country in search of better pilots

  40. PJ says:

    I can’t help but notice the hairstyles, jewels and kids of the candidates and their wives, but come November I’m going to vote on the issues.

    We need a robust economy and universal health care, and we have to do something about global warming. It would be nice to get out of Iraq, too.

    Trig’s very cute and I love the way Cindy McCain dresses (that had to be a one-of-a-kind, custom-made dress last night) but I’m still voting Democratic.

  41. Scott F. says:

    You guys are right – I apologize. My sense of humor about the casualties of war must have been effected by that AK-74 round in Iraq that shattered my shoulder blade and destroyed my rotator cuff. I’ll look into getting it repaired.

  42. Kaiser says:

    @Lili – I’ll go when the swift-boating douchebags who maligned Max Cleland and John Kerry go. You know, George W. Bush and Karl Rove and John McCain’s senior staff.

    Until their a$$es are thrown out of the country, I won’t be going. And while I’m here, I’ll continue to question the fitness, intelligence and all-around judgement of John McCain – because *that* is how democracy works.

  43. Jen (the other one) says:

    Scott F. ~ You. Are. Awesome.

  44. geronimo says:

    This is not about you, Scott. Syko provided a welcome note of much needed light entertainment here. Do me a favour and leave us alone to enjoy our little joke. This is a light-hearted gossip blog, just in case you’ve forgotten.

    @Lili – I was asleep in my cot on the west coast of Ireland, if that’s at all relevant.

  45. LondonParis says:

    Susie hit it straight on the head for me.
    What’s sad is that morons like Brooke Hogan and Sharon Stone feel the need to add their two cents to the politics arena- they are what take the credibility away from ‘celebrity’ opinion and sometimes destroy it’s worth.
    But this is actually a good point. And from someone who’s had the opportunity to spend time with her, as well.
    Hey- they asked, she answered honestly.

  46. Kaiser says:

    @Scott – Congrats. Now, if you were a Democratic candidate running for office, you could expect to have several of your Marine brothers make a commercial comparing you to Hitler, then saying that you probably weren’t injured that badly in Iraq, and that you’re a liar. Then people would make fun of your injuries by wearing band-aids with little purple hearts drawn on them. True story.

  47. Celebitchy says:

    @Jen and Stellapurdy:
    Comments should not contain large blocks of text pasted from other sources. Both of your comments were edited to remove large blocks of text. Next time just post a moderate amount of text and a link please.

  48. Lauri says:

    “We need a robust economy and universal health care”

    The two are mutually exclusive. It is not possible to have both, and have them both work well

    “we have to do something about global warming.”

    The only global warming that is going on is the natural warming/cooling cycles of the earth. That is not something we can affect or control. The global warming nonsense that has become a political football is based on junk science and is simply, factually not true.

  49. Scott F. says:

    Geronimo – when you belittle and denigrate a wounded veteran, who sacrificed his body and a few decades of his life for his country, it is indeed about all of us.

    Not that you would understand that kind of fraternity – but it’s something we take very seriously. Criticize his politics all you want, but ‘joking’ about the circumstances that led to his capture and torture at the hands of a ruthless enemy, that’s over any kind of line you’d care to draw.

    And Kaiser – there were reasons why Kerry was criticized. If I’d gotten my purple heart for what amounted to a nasty splinter, then went around beating my chest about it, people would wonder about me too.

  50. LiLi says:

    yes geronimo- living out of the usa during vietnam explains your lack of respect to the vets

  51. LondonParis says:

    @ Lauri- I keep forgetting there are still people who don’t believe in global warming.
    Not speaking of you specifically, but it fascinates me that the same conservatives who denounce science totally in the classroom in favor of fairy tales demand sound science to prove what you can literally observe around you.

  52. geronimo says:

    What exactly does it explain, LiLi? Do tell.

    @Scott: “Not that you would understand that kind of fraternity…”

    How on earth would you know what I would and wouldn’t understand? You know nothing about me. What a pathetic, foundationless remark.

  53. Lauri says:

    “If I’d gotten my purple heart for what amounted to a nasty splinter, then went around beating my chest about it, people would wonder about me too.”

    Especially if you later threw your medals away as some sort of protest.

    Oh, and they would probably wonder even more if it were later found out that the medals you threw away were just props…and that you kept your actual medals safely at home.

    And people still wonder why Kerry was so heavily criticized? It was because of his own words and deeds, nothing more-nothing less.

  54. Syko says:

    Actually, I was not in my cushy house during the Vietnam war. I was married, having babies and hoping my reservist husband didn’t get called up because it was a shitty war, just like the one that’s going on now.

    Back off, Scott. I also have had my rotator cuff torn. Not dramatically and heroically like you, but just as painful and debilitating. You don’t get through life without a few scars.

    Being a war veteran does not make you a good person. My father parachuted into Normandy on D-Day. Eisenhower spoke to his platoon the night before and told them that few would return. He did return, but he was a miserable human, a drunken, lying, cheating drifter who never amounted to anything. He never paid any child support, and I saw him exactly five times in my life after my mother divorced him when I was 5. Definitely a war hero. Period.

  55. LiLi says:

    actually syko you were in your cushy house
    you certainly weren’t on the front line
    and you should be so lucky that your husband DIdn’t get called to go over.
    some men weren’t so lucky

  56. Kaiser says:

    @Scott – Your hypocrisy never fails to shock me. :(

  57. Scott F. says:

    “You know nothing about me. What a pathetic, foundationless remark. ”

    You mean like making a joke about a veteran being shot down over enemy territory and being tortured for more than 5 years? I agree.

    Kaiser – no hypocrisy here. I hold John Kerry to no higher standard than I do myself. He was willing to sacrifice the honor and dignity of his service to make a political point. Tossing his medals was spitting in the face of every soldier who served along side him, as well as before and since.

    If he’d really been half as brave as he wants you to believe, he would never have fought in such an ‘unjust’ war would he? He would have rather gone to prison than ‘napalm children’, wouldn’t he? Instead, he served, then tried to tell everyone his ‘buddies’ (who you now rip for questioning his statements) engaged in war crimes. Yeah, that’s the kind of friend I wanted watching my back overseas.

  58. Lauri says:

    “denounce science totally in the classroom in favor of fairy tales”

    Who denounces science? Not me. Not the scientists that I work with, who practice a variety of different religions. Your comment makes no sense.

    Of course global warming is a fact…the earth has natural cycles of heating and cooling that it has gone through forever.

    And you say republicans believe in fairy tales over hard evidence? Tell that to the scientists at NASA who very publicly denounced the left for twisting their data to support the global warming nonsense.Or any of the hundreds of highly reputable scientists who have identified “global warming” caused by mankind as junk science.

  59. Kaiser says:

    Blargh. This is about to get nasty, y’all. I’m out. Have a good day, everybody! :D

  60. geronimo says:

    Kaiser & Syko: Is this for real? Seriously now? Poking fun at McCain turns into THIS?? I’m off.

  61. Syko says:

    LiLi, your idea of a cushy house is far from my own. Three rooms and no stove, with an infant and a second on the way, does not qualify for luxury.

    Leaving now. Can’t argue with the wild eyed hero worshippers.

  62. Baholicious says:

    It kills me how these ‘wars’ ie. Vietnam, Iraq are fought to promote the objectives of Washington cronies in oil and industries (Haliburton, Dupont) but when REAL wars – WWI and WW2 – came along, the American government and the majority of the American people at the time didn’t want to get involved in ‘European conflicts’ and isolationism was the order of the day.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, I am in no way belittling the contribution of any U.S. serviceperson, particularly the draftees but Vietnam was not a ‘war’ (the draft dodgers knew it and came to my country for asylum at great personal and emotional cost…they could never go home again for starters)and neither is Iraq.

    The U.S. government talks a good game, fools a lot of its citizens, and the world, and sends its native sons off to die for absolutely no reason at all. When a real reason, like Hitler for instance, comes along Washington sits there with its thumb up its arse. It won’t even keep up its UN obligations. Peace, democracy and human rights my eye. “Show me the Money” might as well replace “In God We Trust” on the dollar bill.

    I think the U.S. voters should look past a candidate’s war or service record (or lack thereof) as measure of fitness for office – even a job requirement if you will. Dubya lied about his service record and look what happens when he gets into office: the first thing he wants to do is big-up himself as military man, Commander-in-Chief and play toy soldiers with real human beings. Like the past years were some big game of Risk for this psychopath.

    Anyhoo, Sarandon and Robbins are pretentious. What we in Canada refer to as “champagne socialists”. Unfortunately there’s no shortage of them.

    Oh and just to give some insight into Sarandon (my apologies if someone mentioned it before)and that is she refuses to acknowledge her role in Rocky Horror. Won’t discuss it. Never happened. Talk about an uptight prig. The film is ‘beneath’ her apparently and that reason alone is enough to kick her to the curb.

  63. LiLi says:

    guess what syko?
    almost everyone in the late 60s and early 70s had the same house as you
    get over it

  64. breederina says:

    As my DH reminds me on occasion, you can’t argue with the insane.
    Case closed.

  65. kate says:

    i’ve had it with you lunatics: i’m gonna go voluntarily parachute into pakistan, get myself captured & tortured just so i can one-up all of you. how do you like me now, bitches?!

  66. Syko says:

    LiLi, have you always been a sneering rude little twit, or did you have to work at it? Everyone in the late ’60s and ’70s did not have the same house. Even then the Republican party took care of its own and let the middle class look out for itself.

  67. Lauri says:

    Syko, I don’t know where you live, but I can tell you after living in several states…the republicans ARE the middle class.

    Shall we talk about your limousine liberals now? Al Gore and his mansion? The multimillionaire Clintons? It’s not that republicans are all rich (don’t I wish!), it’s that we all believe that with hard work and a little luck we CAN be rich, unlike the left, that believe perpetuating a welfare state will continue to get them re-elected. Sad.

  68. Benny says:

    I don’t think Susan has had enough hair dye, plastic surgery, and botox – she needs more. That’s a sure way to advance women’s rights, isn’t it?

  69. CC says:

    Hillary Clinton is a cold hearted b****. Sarah Palin is warm and I love her.

  70. stellapurdy says:

    Sorry Celebitchy for the long post previously.

    and Lauri, actually the article I posted was written by a reporter from the Associated Press and happened to be posted on Huffington’s website.

    So again, explain to me how Palin speech last night was not full of lies? How exactly does the GOP explain that one away when her signature is plain as day on an earmark designated for Wasilla?

  71. CC says:

    Stella: it wasnt a lie when she stated that Obama has written 2 memoirs but not a single law. It is true when she said that Obama will raise taxes. I wasnt speaking of the accuracy of her amazing speech but that her speech touched many people in a way that hillary clinton could never dream of achieving

  72. Syko says:

    Lauri and LiLi (odd how it’s the same initials as Lola) -

    Possibly I have been aggrandizing my lifestyle by calling it middle class. Maybe I’m really poor white trash and just didn’t realize it? All these years I thought I was in the middle and I’m at the bottom? Because there sure are a helluva lot of people living a lot fancier than I do, and most of them vote the party with the elephant.

    I have always had a hard time believing that anyone who could support the likes of George Bush had normal intelligence. This post has done nothing to prove me wrong.

  73. keese_my_cakes says:

    Wow, I like coming here to read all the catty little remarks but never have I been so disgusted as I am now. The comments left by the “celebitchy clique” are embarassing.

    It is beginning to sound like a european coffee shop in here. All these liberals speaking of our military’s efforts in such a demeaning form is pathetic. I bet most of the people in here laughing with each other on this website probably haven’t ever been in position to say they have actually made a true sacrifice. I feel indebted to the the bravery of our military and how much they have fought and lost so that we as Americans can continue to go on our merry lives enjoying our little perks and luxuries without even thinking about those poor souls getting killed out there. We sleep in our big comfy mattresses at night and count little white fluffy sheep while our brave men and women are sleeping an average of 2-3 hours a day in temperatures ranging from 120 to
    -25, constantly on alert for their lives, thinking of their loved ones left behind. No wonder American patriotism is going down the toilet, thanks to all these harping banshees that are so busy with criticizing how the country is being run but are too lazy to get off their fat butts and do something about anything.

    Europeans say we are too “barberic”. This is actually a quality we should be proud of. Our forefathers fought since the beginning to give us all these freedoms and rights. I guess some ungreatful and unappreciative people are abusing the freedom of speech right our proud military fought so hard for.

    I live in corrupted Naples, Italy and they have it sooo much rougher than us. Americans complain of how hard life is and how much money we are paying out for things. These people are digging thru your trash on a daily basis and eating your rotting food in order to get some nourishment. Their government takes what little they have, bury garbage next to their homes…polluting their land and water. Most of these people die of cancer and other horrible things. Geee, I guess their government is doing a way better job than the American government is. Who cares if we get financial and medical assistance. I would prefer starvation and cancer… Before making such negative comments about people who are serving their country, maybe you should get off your lazy fat ass, put down that hamburger and soda and actually do something to earn your rights.

    Scott, thank you for everything. Luckily your selfless acts of bravery don’t always fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. There are people out there that appreciate all the things you guys fight for and all the sacrifices you have made for us. I will now eat a hamburger and drink a soda in your honor. Thanks for the perks ;)

  74. CC says:

    Syko: I was born and raised an upper middle class white southerner. I was educated at an Ivy League school and have been considered a republican my whole life but guess what….I cant stand GW Bush. I think he is one of the stupidest people alive. I voted for Kerry. I have a history degree and every 30 years throughout the history of this great nation a president has died in office. Well we are overdue by 25 years. That being said I think Obama is full of himself and he keeps saying he’ll bring change but he has nothing in his track record in congress to prove such experience. He is all talk. I like McCain a lot better than Obama but if he happens to fall to the curse of history then I really would like Sarah Palin to be my Pres.

  75. daisy424 says:

    @ keese Brava!!

  76. Bodhi says:

    the republicans ARE the middle class

    Excuse me? That is a total bullshit statement. My parents are solidly middle class & solidly Democrat. And so are the vast majority of their friends.

    Oh & my dad is a Vietnam Vet as well. He enlisted in the Air Force & fought for 4 years & came back supremely damaged. It took him years to get over his experiences. Now he participates in a weekly anti-war protest on the State House steps.

  77. Syko says:

    Bravo, Bodhi!

    My generation fought the war in Vietnam. And it was a war, Baholicious, as are Iraq and Afghanistan. Ask the kids who fight them. No, my husband didn’t go. But my cousins did, and many friends. Now I live in a city with three military bases. Almost everyone has relatives or friends in the military. I see what wars do to the young people who are always sent to fight them, and I hate it. I hate it even more when it’s done not to defend our country, but is a pre-emptive strike on a country with no defenses and is about oil and power and having a bigger dick than your daddy did.

    I support the kids fighting, absolutely and with all my heart. But I also support their right to come home and make a real life for themselves. I don’t support this administration, and I am so sick of Republicans that I may end up like my grandfather, who simply made an X up by the donkey on every ballot he ever voted. I used to think he had a closed mind. I respect him more now.

  78. Lauri says:

    “I have always had a hard time believing that anyone who could support the likes of George Bush had normal intelligence”

    Not that I’m trying to brag, but since you are attaching my intelligence, I’ll tell you this: I have a documented IQ of 144. I graduated from college Summa Cum Laude. I am currently working on my 2nd bachelor’s degree, with an eye toward eventually obtaining a Ed D in nursing.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am intelligent, informed, and I vote. You really should stop generalizing about people who disagree with you.

  79. JaundiceMachine says:

    My “father-in-law” was a Marine Corp Medic in ’68-’69. He was on the front line, and he saw a lot of things . . . and when he returned home, he was called a lot of horrible things by ignorant, angry people.

    I love this man dearly – even though we don’t see eye to eye on everything (he has the audacity to call me a Democrat! The nerve!), he is a good man who helped make my boyfriend the man he is today. But my father-in-law is a very troubled man, as well.

    Forty years after the fact, he is still suffering from PTSD and depressive/anxiety disorders brought on combat. His immune system and upper GI are ravaged by stress. About a year ago, he went to the VA for psychological treatment. The receptionist snorted at him and told him that he couldn’t possibly have PTSD, Vietnam was forty years ago. My father-in-law buried his rage and by his own account, sobbed the full hour as he drove back to his house.

    I, like the rest of the family, was outraged. But alas, the disrespect and insensitivity displayed by the low-level government employee is par for the course. My father-in-law, like so many vets have been thrown under the bus when it comes time to return home after seeing combat. The way our government handles our brave men and women after they return is despicable. I’ve seen many of my peers return from combat in Iraq utterly destroyed. If we insist on spending billions of dollars and thousands of lives for this sham of a war, I ask that the politicians stop skimming off the top, and give our men and women the full physical and psychiatric support they deserve.

  80. Bodhi says:

    I agree 100%, Syko & JMac

  81. keese_my_cakes says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I do draw the line when the sacrifices of our military are being mocked because of one’s political views. I don’t care for either Mccain or Obama but what Mccain went thru isn’t something funny or common. Make fun of his hair or his clothes, but do not mock military sacrifices and losses. I’m sure when he was captured, it wasn’t like he spent 5 years in a spa getting pedicures and massages. Have some respect. I am a minority and it would make me proud to have someone who isn’t white make it to the presidency but just because Obama is black, that doesn’t qualify him to run the country. Color doesn’t give you the experience you need. A lot of people are supporting Obama because of his color and because he is a minority. Again, everyone is entitled to their opionions, just make sure you are properly informed before you join in on the political mud slinging game. The people who are running for presidency this term have made themselves look ridiculous. They come off as looking like a bunch of little school yard bullies talking so much shit about each others personal lives. What about America and americans? We need to keep focus on what is important….

    P.S. please don’t disrespect the military again. You do not even come close to deserving the respect that these guys deserve. I AM proud to be an American! Sorry to break your little cold hearts

  82. Lauri says:

    “Excuse me? That is a total bullshit statement. My parents are solidly middle class & solidly Democrat. And so are the vast majority of their friends.”

    And that proves…what? My parents are solidly middle class, solidly Republican and so are their friends. What’s your point?

    “Oh & my dad is a Vietnam Vet as well. He enlisted in the Air Force & fought for 4 years & came back supremely damaged. It took him years to get over his experiences. Now he participates in a weekly anti-war protest on the State House steps.”

    Oh, & my dad is a Vietnam vet, too. My dad spend 21 years serving our country proudly, and he never whined about it, either. He felt it was his duty, and he just did it. It’s very nice that your dad has lots of free time to waste at the state house. It’d be even better if he used his time productively.

  83. Lauri says:

    “pre-emptive strike on a country with no defenses and is about oil and power and having a bigger dick than your daddy did”

    I love how the left creates their own reality, and repeats it so often that they start to believe it is true.

    You are so brainwashed, it’s impossible to have an intelligent dialogue.

  84. Bodhi says:

    Lauri~ My dad has never whined about his service. Ever. He goes to the State House for one hour after work & isn’t wasting his time in the slightest. I’m not sure what you mean by using his time productively.

    And my point was that the republicans are the middle class is a bullshit statement.

    :roll: you’re right, it is impossible to have an intelligent dialogue.

  85. JaundiceMachine says:

    Lauri – You are entitled to your opinion, but please leave the daddy-bashing out of it. By attempting to ridicule a former vet for feeling strongly about his combat experiences and voicing his opinion to our government (a right he fought to defend), it invalidates your argument. I respect the fact that we have different opinions, but please – no more personal attacks against fathers.

  86. keese_my_cakes says:

    uh, I’m not defending anyone here but Jaundice…isn’t it kind of hypocritical to be scolding Lauri for bashing someone when everyone else in the clique did it earlier? And if you are not part of the clique, why are you singling Lauri out? Why not mention others who voiced out their rude comments earlier?

  87. Diva says:

    Can we get back to the topic? lol

    Susan Sarandon… ummm… ok… I have nothing else to say, lol

    But I do think this thread has gone spuzzfukky and probably needs to dial down a bit for a gossip blog :D

  88. daisy424 says:

    @Diva :wink: I agree, gossip, gossip on celebs.

  89. JaundiceMachine says:

    I’m not a part of any cliche, and I do not support anyone bashing our troops. I started typing my first response in this thread a couple hours ago, but didn’t post it until a short bit ago. (I was bus-ay!)

    Admittedly, I haven’t been following the thread with an eagle-eye, so if there has been any personal attacks made earlier I’m not really aware of them, and I certainly don’t condone them. I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone, I just saw Lauri’s post after my own, and . . . well . . . I guess I took it a little personally. I understand that was probably not Lauri’s intention, but it was hurtful and shocking besides.

    I guess I’m just asking everyone, in my best Ron Burgundy voice, to “Leave the (families) out of it.” (Ya like what I did there? Tying back into a gossip column with an iconic pop-culture reference? No? Yeah, I guess it was kinda stupid, too. )

  90. AP says:

    Haven’t Republicans have been in the White House for the last 8 years??? WTF are they talking about CHANGE and Washington outsiders???! There are no liberals in Washington!

    Who has been the party in control for the last EIGHT YEARS?

    And how is your life going?

  91. Diva says:

    OMG… I LURRRRRRRRVE Ron Burgundy!!!

    My 15 year old sister makes fun of me cos I call that movie “Ron Burgundy” and not Anchor Man, lol

    (SO not stupid JaundiceMachine… :wink: )

  92. Scott F. says:

    As hard as it might be for some to believe, I agree that this isn’t the place for political issues. That being said though, if people want to keep this site ‘lighthearted’, perhaps we should respectfully request that political threads be limited, especially during the last few weeks of a really nasty election.

    Cause as long as topics this polarizing are being posted – you’re not going to avoid this kind of argument.

  93. keese_my_cakes says:

    Sorry, I have been reading it and it did piss me off to read some of the ignorant comments made earlier. Like I said, make fun of Mccains hair or yellow teeth or something else but not for his military history. And I have never been fond of cliques, not in high school and certainly not now that I am approaching my 30′s! especially not a silly online one ;P

    Jaundice, I am a military wife. I respect all of my husbands hard work and devotion to this country. I personally hear stories from people who have been on the front lines so when I make a comment, it is definately an informed one. Unlike the other catty comments earlier from people who shall remain nameless. Anyways, so trust me when I tell you that I feel for your father in law. He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. My husband suffered the same thing when he came back from Afghanistan. He panicked and ducked when fireworks went off on our family vacation to Disneyland. So much for the happiest place on earth huh? So again, I have respect for your father in law’s sacrifices.

    And oh ya…Susan Sarandon BLOWS!!!

  94. mae says:

    Scott F is back! i love you scott.

  95. Bodhi says:

    Thanks JMac, I appriciate it. My dad doesn’t give a shit what people think of him anyway.

    I’m not sure what provoked that particular attack because I didn’t say anything worthy of it.

  96. Diva says:

    Scott… the topic was Susan Sarandon.

    Hardly polarizing.

  97. Scott F. says:

    Diva – you ever seen the movie ‘The Patriot’? I realize it’s a Mel Gibson movie, but it was pretty popular.

    There’s a scene when they go to a bar recruit other Colonists to join the Continental Army. One of his buddies asks him if it’s the right place to try to recruit an army, to which he replies by yelling “God save the King!”

    He barely manages to duck out of the door before knives and hatchets slam into the wood behind him – proving his point.

    The reason I bring up that scene – is because that’s what would happen if you stepped into a bar around my house and said something positive about Sarandon. So yeah, she’s polarizing.

  98. Gracie says:

    I’ll bring the discussion back on track (while I sit here bitter, clinging to my religion and guns). I’m a Clinton hater from back in the day -Hillary stands for nearly everything I oppose – a socialistic big-government mentality.

    That said, I thought that Sarandon’s comments were despicable. Had she said this while Hillary was riding high, it would be one thing. But she waits for Hillary to be down until she kicks her – what class.

    I read a very extensive article in the Atlantic magazine this week about Clinton’s campaign, and while I think the blame is Hillary’s for what happened, I think that there were factors she found difficult to control – namely poor advisors! As a (R), I thought if McCain had gone up against HRC, we’d have had the 1st woman President.

    FWIW, I’ve always liked Sarandon’s acting.

  99. Bodhi says:

    LOVE that movie! The part where the ship was blown up was filmed at Middleton Place Plantation where my BFF is the director of the Outdoor Program. And the part when they go to Charleston for the meeting was filmed at my alma mater, the College of Charleston.

    Anyway, its an amazing movie

  100. daisy424 says:

    I know which scene you’re speaking of Scott, same in my neck of the woods here in Ohio.

    Edit; Bodhi, is that storm going to hit you??

  101. Diva says:

    Good movie… I bawled when the little girl yelled after him when he was leaving.

    And Heath Ledger was F.I.N.E – FINE!

  102. Yeah. says:

    Susan Sarandon is a beautiful and intelligent woman. She has avoided the strange plastic surgery that makes other older actresses look alien and deformed. Instead, she keeps things fairly natural (wrinkles and all).

    She is spot-on with her Clinton comments. The Clintons were horrible for the country. The Clintons are proven liars. The nation needs something fresh–not another tired dynasty looking to keep itself in power.

    As for those commenting angrily on those who mock McCain and his military credentials–he keeps bringing up his time as a POW, trying to make it seem like being a POW is what makes him fit to lead our armed forces. It does not. Therefore, it is perfectly justifiable to call him on this fact. Good for him on surviving such an ordeal–but he isn’t the only one. He wants to keep the US military embroiled in a pointless overseas conflict for centuries. He is NOT what this country needs.

    I don’t like the Democrats or Republicans; I am a third-party supporter. But of the two choices that the media keeps pushing on the public, I’d say Obama is the lesser of two evils.

  103. Bodhi says:

    Sort of. We’re gonna get a TON of wind, which massively sucks because I live on an (albeit fairly large) island & the authorities really like to close the bridges in high winds. But on a positive note, the law school where I work is closed tomorrow!

  104. daisy424 says:

    Bodhi, Day off!!! :lol:
    Watch for the trees, remember what Syko said about the tree falling on her apt. house.
    Stay safe:-)

  105. Bodhi says:

    Thanks Daisy. The Boy & I were JUST talking about that! My car is fully insured & if it got squished I’d get a new one, but I’d pefer it to not happen. If it gets really bad, the puppies, the car & I will go to my folks’ house.

    Oh & the county is under a voluntary evacuation. Eeek!

    The wind + bridges issue is worrying me though

  106. Giz says:

    I’d much rather someone tell me straight up that my taxes are going to go up as opposed to getting a “huge” surprise in the very near future along the lines of a country in full default! Someone is going to have to pay taxes. Especially since certain smaller (yet powerful) cross-section of individuals are so keen on continuing to fund two wars, paying welfare to Arab and eastern European countries and giving tax breaks to individuals who need them the least I bet McCain, Palin, Sarandon and their buddies enjoy those breaks while reaping in huge dividends. Never mind that the country’s infra structure is crumbling right before our very eyes, jobs continue to leave and a depression looms over head with a deficit so large I can’t even picture all the zeros in it.
    Whatever happened to moderates with a true sense of what this country was suppose to stand for? Now all we’ve got running the country are bullies, liars, fakes, the terrifying fringe and gleeful dumb-asses. Looks like the moderates have gone the way of the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Sitting around in some dark and dank lost sock drawer. McCain obviously didn’t want to be left in the drawer. He’s selfish and so greedy to win, that he could care less about the wreakage he’ll leave after his one-term tenure as president. And Palin…oh, pa-leeze! But, hey, it ain’t no big thang! Or is it?

    I fear for my country!

  107. Lila M says:

    I realize a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters have blamed sexism for her loss but has Hillary Clinton ever blamed it on sexism? Not to my knowledge, but maybe I’ve missed it. If not, this is entirely across the line. How shocking from Susan Sarandon. :roll: Because an answer like this isn’t dishonorable and disrespectful to women and to the records Hillary Clinton did set, like her or not. I don’t understand the point of this kind of nastiness as a response, particularly when it’s this direct towards someone in a totally different area and unprovoked. Maybe I’m just sensitive that way though.

  108. Lan says:

    If Susan Sarandon, an actress whose work and politics I usually admire, wants to help young women venturing into the political arena, I suggest she be a little more honest about the battle they will have to wage. One does not have to look far (Chris Mathews, Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, Keith Olbermann, Tucker Carlson, among others) too find myriad examples of sexism in this campaign. Hillary Clinton did not run a good campaign, but that does not excuse the media for its actions and the Democratic Party for its silence. (How nice of Howard Dean to admit the taint of sexism in the campaign after Obama had sewn up the nomination.)

    More problematic, however, is the timing of Ms. Sarandon’s comments. When Obama needs the support of all Democrats, even those disaffected Hillary supporters, why would anyone go out of her way to antagonize them, particularly in light of Sarah Palin’s powerful, galvanizing speech.

    I can’t imagine what prompted this outburst or what Ms. Sarandon thought it would accomplish. All she succeeded in doing is reminding us of the blatant sexism we witnessed, and making us wonder if she needs glasses.

  109. Bodhi says:

    Well, this article doesn’t mention when SS made the comments. They could be months old

  110. journey says:

    just one quick comment per sycho’s remark about w and “having a bigger dick than your daddy did.” (agreed with everything else you said, sycho)

    i think it’s probably the opposite: having a smaller, softer one than poppa, makes for a very angry man, one with a massive chip on his shoulder. one who doesn’t mind destroying this country and all that it stands for, to try and prove that he’s right and poppa was wrong.

    and for anyone who has wised up to w’s stupidity and lies, please, please see sarah palin for what she is. just another w. folksy, charming, instead of talking about clearing brush on the ranch in texas, she’s talking about eating moose meat in alaska. so she’s entertaining, give her a late night talk show, but don’t vote her into a heartbeat away from the presidency. not unless you want another 4 years of bush’s failed policies. bigger deficits, more unemployment, big oil getting richer while most of us get poorer. and our boys continuing to come home in body bags. please stop the insanity.

  111. kit says:

    As long as we all agree that Syko’s comments are no more than a form of light entertainment, then I guess we can all sleep at night. Cause no one can really be that dumb, right?

  112. breederina says:

    kit, I hope you are not questioning the intelligence of one of my fave posters Ms. Syko. No, I’m sure you must have meant that to read ” as long as we agree Sarah Palin’s comments are no more than a form of light entertainment” etc. By all indications Ms. Syko is the real deal and far from dumb.

  113. Brainmaggot says:

    which one is hillary and which is pelosi i can’t tell.

  114. ch says:

    Hillary Clinton is a strong, poised, intelligent, inspiring, capable and hard-working public servant.

    Susan Sarandon is a pathetic, classless, clueless, haggard, bitter, has-been celebrity.