Raccoon McPantless wears pleather garters: inappropriate or not that shocking?


Last night was one of the many premieres of Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber docu-bangs-trauma. This movie is for children. Little kids are Bieber’s main fan base. So it’s shocking to me that Taylor Momsen was somehow invited to the LA premiere last night. Although she’s underage, Raccoon is not age appropriate. She’s not for children. Her fan base is not made up of anyone other than Dateline Predators (in my opinion). So instead of just being nondescript, Raccoon made a fashion statement – this is how she dressed for the premiere. Leather (or pleather) panties, garter, thigh highs and raccoon makeup. Ugh.

So it seems Our Little Raccoon is doubling-down on her sketchy jailbait image. She’s already been fired from representing Madonna and Lourdes’ Material Girl line. She’s been fired from Gossip Girl. She’s been bashed as unprofessional and dumb. And this is her answer – a headline-grabbing fashion stunt at a kid’s movie. Oh, Raccoon.



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48 Responses to “Raccoon McPantless wears pleather garters: inappropriate or not that shocking?”

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  1. embertine says:

    Shocking no, but increasingly desperate, yes.

  2. Motor35 says:

    ew. pantyhose. people still wear those?

  3. anti says:

    trashy but predictable. ugh.

  4. QUEST says:

    Was she trying for the chaps look or was she working that night?

    I’m confused

  5. Rita says:

    She looks like a rejected Shrek character sulking back into the bat cave.

    Thanks Kaiser, I do love McMomzy McPantless.

  6. Audrey says:

    @ Motor35 – I think they’re coming back… what I want to know is how is she not arrested for indecent exposure? Especially since she’s underage???

  7. Oi says:

    How cold is it out? The pleather diaper is just dumb. Paging the Fug girls. Please go nuts with this one!

  8. LittleFATMe says:

    Shocking would be a cute outfit with PANTS and STYLE. This trick is a stripper minus pole, plus crap ass band. The Ugly ‘Coon Whore is what it should be called.

  9. K says:

    *yawn* It’s not like she’s called “McPantless” for no reason. Adios, badass Momsen.

  10. Hollowdoll says:

    I wanted to like her when I first found out she had a band and wanted a singing career. But she tries to damn hard and makes it impossible! She’s turned herself into a punchline. I’m hoping she will grow out of this soon.

  11. jackie says:

    It’s like the non-crack version of Lindsay, a hot and utter mess, Raccoon Style.

  12. serena says:

    Oh now, she seems a total slut. Good work Raccoon!

  13. Jayna says:

    Looks dumb, but she’s a dumb teen, unlike Gaga who is going around in her panties at malls shopping and airports at the age of 24. And the sad part for these singers trying to get attention off wearing underwear to public places, no one even cares. You can’t shock anymore.

  14. Rave says:


    I think she was working…lol

  15. Cherry Rose says:

    Nothing this girl does is shocking. Everything she does reeks of desperation and “look at me I’m so hardcore. I CRY TEARS OF BLOOD DAMMIT!!”

    I like how she’s trying to signal the photographer to take a picture of her ugly non-existant ass.

    I hate to say it, but Avril Lavigne, with all her dumbass comments and statements, was better at playing the hardcore poseur than this loser is.

  16. LindyLou says:

    In that last picture, it looks like she is pointing and saying to the paps “Hey check out my ass”. Not suprised at all by this but she should learn how to dress appropriately. Yeah I know, it’ll never happen.

  17. Arianna says:

    oh good lord,
    why is she so hunchy?

    i know that’s pretty weird of me to notice considering her near nudity… but she does have shitty posture doesnt she

  18. S says:

    Pretty sure it’s those hair extensions that are both inappropriate AND shocking.

  19. Saskia says:

    Dear Taylor Momsen,

    We already have a perfectly serviceable worthless and annoying “hardcore” poseur in Avril Lavigne. We do not require another. Put on some effing trousers and go to school.

    North America

  20. Solveig says:

    Yes, your body is great and you are oh so edgy, we get it.
    Now, please quit the BS and start using those things made of fabric called “clothes”.

  21. MarenGermany says:

    @ arianna

    was thinking the same thing.
    no posture whatsoever.
    you wanna wear that, pull it off damn correctly!

  22. sapphire says:

    Neither, just butt-ugly.

  23. Rose says:

    Pleather knickers + pantyhose = the worst yeast infection of all time

  24. eja102 says:

    I’ve watched 3 episodes of Gossip Girl this week, first time I’ve seen it.

    it’s rather boring?

    It did take me a few moments to realize that Jen is Taylor (or vice versa).
    She’s cute. Not even a bad actress (like, say, KS).

    What the hell happened?

  25. LMAO says:

    @cherryrose: thank you for making me laugh out loud!!!! hahhaha

  26. curegirl0421 says:

    Eh… seen it. I’m sure she’s hoping nobody will notice she’s just doing a Cherie Currie impression. She saw a video of Cherry Bomb and took it from there!

  27. gabs says:

    As much as we hate her for her antics.. Gossip Girl is BORING now w/o her. Her character was a necessary evil. ALSO her band actually isnt bad. I heard a few songs and was surprised. So is she dressing like a desperate hooker? Yeah. But its sad seeing as how she is actually talented.

  28. Ruby Red Lips says:

    oh dear…

  29. original kate says:

    she looks like a ballpark frank busting out of the casing.

  30. After Dark says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but the overlooked issue is that this is not the red carpet she’s on. This looks more like she’s been asked to leave early and she’s sneaking out the back door down the alley. Or maybe she’s just a “working girl” trying to work the back alley?

  31. di butler says:

    I just find it sad. She’s a cute girl who thinks she has to do this to get street cred as a rocker chick. Hopefully, age will correct this misconception.

  32. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I think only her gyno has seen more of this girl than the public …

  33. anons says:

    she’s trying so hard to be the next cherie currie but it just ain’t happening.

  34. Rasputina says:

    She needs to exercise. Like, RIGHT NOW. Clothes may look good on her because she’s skinny, but this kind of revealing wear looks like hell, because she’s skinnyfat. A spaghetti. A mush.

    Girl, your Cherie Currie act is already failing, and you can’t even make it look hot! GYM. NOW.

  35. DGO says:

    She obviously doesn’t have a three way mirror in her house.

  36. gobo says:

    Skinnyfat? Christ. Rolls eyes. She’s what, 17? The clothes, makeup and hair are dreadful but leave that crap out.

  37. LT says:

    Does anyone else feel like her head is too small for her body? It’s like a reverse bobblehead…

  38. Rasputina says:

    @ Gobo. I’m 19, skinny and uptil recently, completely out of shape. I looked just like her – a spaghetti expy. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Being young and skinny does not mean that you don’t have to exercise. I didn’t say she was fat. I said that if I poked her, my finger would sink in to the BONE.

  39. happygirl says:

    Inappropriate or not that shocking? Um…I’m going to go with BOTH on this one.

  40. Aries_Mira says:

    Dear god put on some f***ing clothes fer cryin’ out loud!

  41. jover says:

    Audry and motor35 hosiery is making a comeback. The Wall Street Journal style section recently had a long article about all the styles and types of hosiery featured on the major runways for this spring. Women’s legs look better in hosiery; sample some of the multitude of hosiery ads on youtube from the 60s to the 90s; Tina Turner’s killer gams for Hanes some of the last hosiery ads from the late 90s, for example. The white trashy bare leg look may finally be over.

  42. TaylorB says:

    I know this is cliche, but where are her parents? If I tried to walk out of my house at her age in that getup I would still be grounded. I understand that teen sex is a normal thing, though we would all like to think they are smart enough to be safe and educated about sex and wait for someone they love. However overly sexualizing children (and to me she is still a child) makes me very uncomfortable. I was at a store looking for a cute outfit for my 10 year old niece a few weeks back and they were actually selling padded (I kid you not), underwire (evil) ‘training’ bras for tweens… I damn near fainted.

  43. gg says:

    This clueless little chick has got zero imagination and zero style. Even the hair is a joke.

  44. sashavice says:

    Ahaha this is the least sexy thing I have ever seen. She looks like a hunchback in the first pic, and I hate her gross extra long blond hair it looks like seaweed. Her garter isn’t attached on the left leg. The corset somehow makes her look fat. That was mean. She’s just being an idiot teenager.

  45. arock says:

    she looks re dic.

    shes sooooo going to hate herself for this stuff in 10 years.

  46. Laura says:

    Yeah, not shocking at all anymore, just looks desperate and slutty. she’s such an attention whore. I hope she disappears soon.

  47. sweetzy says:

    She likes cherie the runaways..

  48. Brittany says:

    I love Kaiser’s use of “Raccon McPantless” to describe Momsen. Perfect way to describe her using two words!