Heather Mills is a lying golddigger, confirms her former PR rep

Heather Mills and Michelle Elyzabeth
Heather Mills crossed her publicist by not paying over $300k in bills for four years of work, so the woman is making some cash by telling News of The World all about how Heather lied about Paul McCartney during the marriage and divorce. Michele Elyzabeth, Mills’ former defender to the press, pretty much confirms what everyone has been saying and what Mills’ own behavior has suggested for years – she’s a liar and a gold digger of the highest degree and will do whatever it takes to mess with anyone who gets in her way. Elyzabeth paints a picture of a conniving sociopath, and she explains how McCartney was even helping Mills behind the scenes, paying her bills and giving her money at the same time Mills was smearing him to the press.

Mills mooched from Elyzabeth, telling her she would pay her once she got her “big settlement,” then turned around and stiffed her

“Heather promised verbally to look after me and I saw that as a binding contract, so I stuck by her. When they split Heather gave me a green light to get her business deals to raise cash. That way she could pay for my time with the deals we achieved.

“But once the money landed in her bank she coldly told me that she’d have to make cutbacks, and was unlikely to be able to pay my already reduced fee. I couldn’t believe it. She wanted to cheat me and I was now being pushed out. I’d always felt sorry for her, letting her emotional outbursts make me treat our relationship as more than business.

“I threw parties at my home at my own expense for her to meet major businessmen and media people. I put her and her friends up, I even let it ride when she’d tag her mates along to drink my wine and eat my food.

“Never once did she stick her hand in her pocket at these business functions organised for her benefit. And at the time I didn’t want her to, because I always thought she was broke.

“But she NEVER had cash on her. I always found myself spending MY money on her—whether it was drinks or lunches, I’d end up with the bill.

“In the first 2 years working together I forked out thousands on couriers, postage and taking out TV people to improve her image in the US.

“And it was hard work. Nobody liked her, and it cost me a lot in swish lunches and dinners to turn that opinion around. I was trying to get her work at HER request. Not once did she offer to pay me. What a leech!

“She had a credit card, but it must have had cobwebs on it. She once told me it was simply a little gesture from Paul for friends’ lunches. Well I was her friend, and she rarely paid for me.

“She must have bought about six lunches in total out of the dozens we had—and they were always the cheap ones.

“Even when we met at her house for an important business lunch, we’d just be given a sandwich.

[From News of The World]

McCartney paid Mills bills while she continued to talk smack and lie about him

“I know now that even after they split Paul helped her out on some of her unpaid bills. There was a doctor in LA who looked after her leg and also security staff. Paul covered pretty much everything for her, although he didn’t say anything publicly. But Heather just expected that of him.”

The two women are now at legal loggerheads over a disputed bill for £168,000 from Michele. And Heather insists SHE fired Michele.

Michele revealed that Mucca’s disloyalty to Paul extended even into their private love life. Heather would ridicule his performance between the sheets to amuse her friends in crowded restaurants and at David Paul’s salon. Michele added: “Heather would say on TV how she still loved her husband then take the mickey when she was with her girlfriends.

“She’d run down Paul as a man and be very nasty about him. She was exceptionally dismissive about him, going into graphic detail about their love lives. She was very indiscreet.

“I witnessed this many times. I couldn’t believe my ears the first time when she just rattled off all these insults in public, quite openly, to people she barely knew—really anyone who’d listen.

“I remember quite a few times when she’d sit down at my hairdressers, and just open up about Paul, without prompting. She often declared, ‘If I had to do it again I’d never have married him.’ And we all knew that days earlier she’d been on TV claiming she’d never attack the father of her child. She was such a hypocrite.

“But Heather had no interest in other men when she was married. I think her prime concern was getting hold of his cash, and that took up all her time and focus.

“She always made up that she was hard up with Paul. I remember once she told me, ‘My husband is so cheap, if we go to lunch and there’s a bottle of water left on the table, he’ll take it away with him.

“I had a rude awakening when the divorce judgement came through. All her words were lies, her way of manipulating me.

“Since getting her hands on the money she also got abusive towards me. Then in July she threw a fit on the phone at me and I quit.”

[From News of The World]

Elyzabeth also told a story about how Mills secretly taped a conversation between McCartney and his daughter Stella and brought out the video tape while wearing gloves in order not to leave fingerprints on it. Mills thought she had this great leverage against McCartney but the worst thing on the tape was just a joke Stella made to Paul about how she didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Do you remember all those stories Mills told about how Paul was abusive to her, attacked her with a broken wine glass, made her stop breastfeeding, and threw her down a few times? Some people thought there must be something to her claims and that maybe it wasn’t as cut and dried as it seemed. Now that even her closest friend has discredited her, I guess we can assume Paul was innocent the whole time – and that he even was helping her while she continued to lie to the press about him. It looks like McCartney’s biggest mistake was marrying this woman, and he paid for it, but luckily the judge saw her for what she is and she only went away with a small fraction of his vast fortune.

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22 Responses to “Heather Mills is a lying golddigger, confirms her former PR rep”

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  1. geronimo says:

    Well, not to be unsympathetic or anything, this fool of a woman deserves everything she gets. If Michele Elyzabeth was witless enough to take Heather Mills on as a client, thinking it would raise her profile and earn her lots of dosh, then she’s even more delusional, if that’s physically possible, than la Mills.

    Heather is just a cow, not a cash-cow.

  2. cc says:

    Heather Mills sounds like a wonderful person! I wonder if the devil will allow her into hell? I mean, seriously. Even he might not want her.

  3. Codzilla says:

    Wow, this is really shocking news.

  4. Baholicious says:

    I think the header pic is the first shot I’ve seen of her where her face isn’t contorted.

    I believe this is known as “the mask of sanity”.

  5. Kaiser says:

    This makes me sick. I understand what this Elyzabeth woman is trying to do – but seriously, she never once thought about quitting, or going to the press while the divorce proceedings were on-going?

    At times I can have a sketchy barometer about what people will do for money, but if you’re Heather Mills’ publicist, there really is no hope for your soul.

  6. Serena says:

    Yes, we already know that dear. It’s not like she doesn’t have “golddigger” written all over her. Paul must have had blinders on.

  7. ak says:

    This woman helped Heather Mills perpetuate her campaign, and now she wants our sympathy? Pfft.

    I usually think celebrities pretty much get what they deserve, but I do feel sorry for Paul McCartney. Happily married for how many decades, then his wife dies and he ends up with this walking obscenity?

  8. vdantev says:

    Heather Mills doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this story.

  9. Syko says:

    Ditto Baholicious, and she’s still not pretty. Why, Paul? You could have had me!

  10. daisy424 says:

    We all know what Paul was thinking with when he hooked up with this loser. 🙄

  11. The “doesn’t have a leg to stand on” joke is getting old.

  12. Jeanne says:

    Thank God Sir Paul is shot of her. He should have listened to his daughter. Following Linda McCartney is a tough act to follow anyway, but Heather never came close. Whatever he had to pay her, I’m sure it was worth it. Heather has milked the Beatle cow long enough. Has no talent and needs to go away.

  13. enchantress says:

    Too flippin’ bad for this idiot, no sympathy for her whatsoever. When you lays down with dogs, you gets up with fleas.

  14. dumdee says:

    why am i not surprised?

  15. fee says:

    Gee didn’t half see this whole thing was gonna happen the minute they announced they were together. Heather was always trying just abit too hard to fit in the late Lindas shoes – I always thought he must have been having a
    mid-life crisis hooking up with that woman.

  16. RubyRed says:

    I never doubted Sir Paul for one minute – he was happily married to Linda for 40 years, with a wonderful family.His children are acredit to him.

    She’s a lieing cheating money grabbing psycho – enuf said!

    So sad to see that he was so misguided, but i guess grief can do funny things to you – in particular …let you be hoodwinked by a sociopath.

  17. Fred says:

    Everything in me tells me that she is the biggest goldigger ever!

    I am very,very sure that she deliberatly claimed that her husband is violent, so that she could get EVEN more money from him, for false abuse claims, and so that she could get custody of her daughter.

    Heather Miller was rumoured to have been a prostitue back in the days.You get some prostitutes that are really just poor and desperate,

    … and then again others who are out for quick,easy and big money.

    She definatly would have been out for quick,easy and big money.

    The reason she has not lost any friends is because those false friends are hoping to get some of her fortune. This woman does not have real friends . She is faaar to selfish for that.

    She also cheated on Paul in the early parts of the relationship.

    She really is a lying,very selfish and greedy person . Words are not enough to describe just how selfish a person she is.

    She didn t work a stitch for all the money that she got from the divorce. She had planned from the start that she was going to cash Paul out one day.She only popped a child into the world for her own selfish reasons : Too still claim further money: child maintainance which is usually by far enough for both of them.

    I hope her daughter will one day see the person that she is and hat her and not have any contact with her, because that is really what a person like her deserves.

    If she really loved Paul she would never have wanted his ENTIRE fortune that HE worked for and SHE did NOTHING for! If she really loved him she would have said its okay for him to give her just enough so that she is comfortable and secure for the future.

    SHe joins the ranks of Anna Nicole Smith and is lower than low.
    The law should NEVER cater for selfish people like her .

    Reply to this comment »

  18. Gary says:

    Look carefully at the Foto of the PR lady…I mean woman . Doesnt she just scream goldigger?

    Of course she was also just making big money by putting innocent people ,like poor Paul in misery .How sick to rake in easy money by destroying innocent peoples lives, and still KNOWING they are innocent!!!!!

    Good though that the PR is now attacking Heather. She really deserves to get a taste of her own medicine.

    Sickend by people like Heather and her
    Lying money grabbing PR!!Somebody please remove both of them from the planet! They are from hell,not from earth. Take them back!!!!!

  19. Fred says:

    The stories that she was a prostitute in her earlier days and also that she cheated in the earlier parts of her relationship are both rumours, but my entire intuitive nature FEELS that this is true.

    I really dont think Paul, who was so caring and generous to Heather, and the previous wife, has it in him to spread very serious, false rumours,like Heather does, for her own very evil agendas.


  20. Fred says:

    I really have the opinion that she just popped out a child to claim big child
    maintainance from a rich dad. As if she didnt already suck Paul dry enough.

    Heather you will come back as a dung beetle in your next life,with all your bad karma.And I will be very temped to step on beetles of your kind….

  21. Psychopaths are intraspecies predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation, sex and violence to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. Lacking in conscience and empathy, they take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse.

    1 in 100 women are like this and 1 in 25 men. This personality disorder is becoming an evil epidemic.

  22. Nebraska says:

    OMG the behavior of HM and Robert Stimpson’s comment sounds like my (female) ex-manager who has been psychologically abusing employees for nearly two decades and getting away with it because she can charm the upper management when anyone complains, and since she kept getting away with her behavior, people stopped complaining.

    I am curious where you got the statistic and believe the ratio for women could be lower ie 1 in 50, hope I’ve got the math thing right.
    It seems that women tend to get away with being abusive more than men because their abuse is subltle but deadly like psychological abuse. I once had a friend who said he would rather have a man for an enemy than a woman, because a man may sock you one once but a woman will just keep on trying to make your life a living hell. And I feel so sorry for the little girl Beatrice having a mother like this and hope Sir Paul has custody.