Was Hugh Hefner dumped by Holly Madison?

Supposedly Holly Madison has finally left Hugh Hefner for good. Holly’s been waiting for Hugh to make an honest woman out of her for almost seven years. Rumors started quite a while ago that she wanted to have Hugh’s own little bunny, and that she’s been pestering him ever since. But apparently after seven years Holly finally got the message that it isn’t going to happen with the old guy, and she’s been cheating on him with Cris Angel – and plans on moving out of the mansion soon.

Amid rumors that Hugh Hefner’s main squeeze Holly Madison has been hooking up with another major playboy (magician Criss Angel), a Playboy Mansion insider not only confirmed that the rumors are indeed true, but also exclusively told Scandalist that Holly is leaving him. “[Holly] told Hef that she is moving out of the mansion and breaking off their relationship,” said our source as we were hunting for gossip at MTV’s VMAs.

Wait! There’s even bigger news … Because Bridget and Kendra are intending to leave to pursue their own careers, Hef is looking to replace all three bombshells from Girls Next Door. “Hef is actively seeking three new girls to replace them immediately,” said our source.

Could it be true? Holly always seemed to be the most loyal and devoted to Hef. Has Criss Angel worked his magic on yet another Hollywood lady — making her disappear from her long-term relationship with Hef?

[From Scandalist]

This blog isn’t one we’ve ever heard from before and we think there’s a pretty good chance they’re making the whole story up to get some press. Which – to be fair – is working. Their information says they’re owned by VH1 and MTV, but they’ve only been around since early August. But considering who they’re owned by, it’s very possible they really did have staffers at the VMAs. That doesn’t mean their source is any more reliable, but it could be legitimate as far as gossip goes.

I’d guess if there’s any truth to this rumor it’s just to drum up more gossip for Holly. Kendra got a lot of attention for deciding to leave the show, and Holly probably just wants to look independent and like she’s got her own thing going on too.

Here’s Holly with Hugh Heffner and Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt at “The House Bunny” premiere on August 20th. Images thanks to PR Photos and WENN.

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  1. Mairead says:

    oooh I hope she has left him! But not for Chris Angel though.

  2. notprfect says:

    Yeesh! How does chris angel get ANY women? Creepy… :?: :? :?:

  3. dovesgate says:

    If she really does get with him, I hope she educates him on the usage of hair product sooner rather than later.

  4. gg says:

    Doubt she would notice a hair product faux pas, since she seems to prefer dresses that look like those 60s bathing suits with too many little rubber doo-dads all over it.

  5. Tina says:

    Good for her for leaving him. Leave the old bag of bones before he sucks away all of her remaining youth. And as for her wish to have a baby: more power to her.

  6. ri23 says:

    Bullshit. She’ll never leave him. Her knuckles are white from holding on so tight.

  7. vdantev says:

    You know the old saying, you can take the girl out of the trailer park….

  8. Kylie says:

    Just checked out Holly’s Myspace page and she said its all NOT true and infact they are all looking forward to start shooting Season 6. YAY!!!!
    Personally I love her!

  9. DLR says:

    Now that would be the peaches, Hugh Hefer actually getting dumped and for a younger guy! :wink:

    Although Criss Angel? Eeuugghh. 8O

  10. chaz says:

    HOLY CRAP!! i didn’t ever believe that Chris Angel was actually magic, i just thought he used trick camera work. Perhaps this is just like when he hypnotized a bunch of actors at the Hard Rock cafe in Las vegas. His real trick though was convincing Holly he’s a legitimate…… what ever that is, that he does. I guess when you’re friends with headliners like Carrot Top and Vince Neil you’re above the law!

  11. Disturbed says:

    Holly is the ultimate gold digger – she will NEVER leave. You can even see her salivating on her show when she is riding around looking at Hugh’s properties like the new Bunny club in Las Vegas and his production building where the photo shoots are, etc…
    She has weaseled her way into looking for new “talent” and approving photo shoots, and you can tell on the show that Hef isn’t all that excited about letting her do it, but she keeps pushing it. All she sees is $$$$$$$$$$ and she ain’t leaving EVER.

  12. Disturbed says:

    Oh, and if you watch the show, Kendra has been investing in real estate, Bridgette has her friggin Master’s degree – Holly is the only one that has absolutely NOTHING – except Hef’s money.

  13. Payton says:

    I have never watched the show, but the whole concept is revolting! Cris Angel actually doesn’t scare me as much as Hugh. That old viagra-jacked corpse is disgusting & immoral.

  14. bettiep says:

    :? That could be a fake myspace.

  15. phantom says:

    I work for Playboy. Holly is not leaving Hef. She could not be anymore in love with her Puffin. All is well at the masnion.

  16. JenDiggity says:

    The VH1 blog is constantly referring to the Scandalist so I doubt they’re just making up that they are owned by VH1/MTV.

  17. Chels says:

    im sorry but i find it EXTREMELY HARD TO BELIEVE THAT HOLLY would DUMP HEF for cris angel.. i mean really cris angel? pssh. that part of the rumor just isnt believable!

  18. dianne says:

    :? Holly has a right to want to get married and have a baby. Hef always made it clear that was not part of that relationships deal. Perhaps she needs to move on or accept the great times as they are.

  19. kayc says:

    Well Its is hollys descion,
    Criss angels a cutie tho,


  20. OMG says:

    OMG…I work at E! and i know this girl personnally…… how stupid is everyone. This girl has been DYING to marry him so she can have a claim to that the Empire when he is dead. But she finally realized Hef isn’t stupid enough to have her kid, or get married to her. So she is sick of acting like she really loves him ,and realized she is wasting her life chasing something that will never happen. And is moving on to a man she can relate to, not her grandpa.

  21. ajax says:

    maybe the movie the house bunny just clicked in holly’s head (and the other girls) and she finally worked out that hef wants young girls, and when she gets old she gets kicked out. she’s just really getting in first before hef. she can be replaced easy, hef’s done it all before.

  22. RandomHics says:

    Couples break up for all different reasons. I personally don’t think Holly has cheated. Maybe Bridget and Kendra are leaving coz they don’t want new girls in the house. If Hef doesn’t want kids and she is right to leave. No point wasting her time in a relationship when both people want different things! Good luck to both of them.

  23. Annie B says:

    So a well paid young stripper finally dumped her successful pornographer boyfriend. It’s about time, isn’t it? What young woman would stay with an old geezer when she can enjoy life with a young dude with a hard body? Hef is just a wrinkly old grandpa with baggy skin, a has-been whose demand for Viagra
    must be jeopardizing his health. Good for Holly for finally moving on. And good for Kendra for finding a replacement, too. As for Bridget — no doubt, she’ll also find new success.
    And the new girls? I’m sure they’ll find there’s nothing like helping an old john spend his bucks before he dies.

  24. Jessie says:

    OK!! This sucks I love the show the Girls Next Door and it sucks that the show will be ending. I understand why Holly is moving on with her life, however have you seen the girls that Hef is replacing Holly, Bridgette, and Kendra with? These NASTY twins!!! What a downgrade!!!! I will always be a fan of Holly,Bridgette, and Kendra but Hef is on my bad side for now!! Playboy will take a big hit for this I guarantee it!!!! :evil:

  25. lisandra miller says:

    i loved the show. i loved all the girls. Now that everything is out :cry: i personally think the show will die.