Kate Hudson is rude; throws a fit at Rachel Zoe’s party

We’re all allowed our bad moods and bad days. But when you’re a celebrity you forfeit that right – at least to an extent. Fair or not, if you’re in a noticeably bad mood at a public event, people are going to hear about it. And pretty soon you’re known as that crazy diva bitch instead of the nice girl next door you used to be. Unfortunately for Kate Hudson, she was in one of those moods the other night. It doesn’t sound like it was anything legendary, nor does it seem indicative of some well-hidden bitchy persona. In fact it seems all the more surprising because she generally seems pretty nice and down to earth.

KATE Hudson shocked partiers Thursday night with her “nasty and rude” demeanor. Hudson arrived at the Gramercy Park Hotel for the Bravo premiere party for Rachel Zoe’s new show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” in “an absolutely foul mood,” our spy said. “She was almost indignant waiting for a friend to arrive.” When the friend came, Hudson and pal got in an elevator headed to the rooftop party, but the actress became incensed when there were too many people around her. “In the elevator she kept screeching, ‘I’m freaking out! It’s too much!’ while waving her arms around.”

When she arrived at the roof, Hudson shunned the press line, claiming, “I don’t do that,” before going into a corner and demanding a bodyguard. She perked up when Kevin Connolly came over and flirted with her, before she left for the Rose Bar. A rep for Hudson said, “This is all ridiculous and completely untrue. Kate did go to Rachel’s party to celebrate her new show, had a great time and left with the group of girlfriends she came with.”

[From the New York Post]

Okay Kate’s behavior does sound extraordinarily bitchy. But we all have those days. Normally we can just keep to ourselves, and few of us have press lines to avoid. There are about thirty things I wouldn’t like about being a celebrity, but the notion that you’re always supposed to be overtly nice and friendly to everyone you come across is probably number one.

And I think there’s a good chance that Kate is claustrophobic, and that’s what was going on in the elevator. I have a friend who has severe claustrophobia, and it’s brought on when she’s stressed, anxious, or otherwise in a bad mood, which it sounds like Kate was. Put a person who’s feeling that way in an elevator, and they’re likely to freak out. And that stifled feeling can remain long after they’re partying on the roof deck.

I’ll admit that it sounds like Kate was in a bad mood, but I think everyone gets a pass. This is really more noteworthy because it’s so different from the things that are generally reported about her, not because it’s part of her character.

Here’s Kate in the West Village in June. Photographer: Doug Meszler. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Mr. T says:

    She looks like a real bitch in real life. Men best steer away from this acrtress (or any actress).

  2. Victoria says:

    Well, I may open a big can of worms, BUT I don’t care for her anyway…She visited my hometown on a Sunday when her ex-husband was in town playing for a charity…..No-one knew she was coming and SO she did not get any press or paparazzi’s in her face……She made it clear to the night club that this was a “hole-in-the-wall city that could “”have opened some stores for her to shop in whether it was Sunday night or not”"…. That she would have spent more in ” those stores in a few hours, than the people who live here spend in a week.”…Well, after she left on Monday, the owner who had a security system/video, for his customers protection, let it out to the press here….AND she has never been accepted back or popular here again….it really hurt everyone with her smart aleck attitude, and arrogancy….IN FACT, some of the major stores wrote and called her representative and said ” next time let us know when she comes in”….they would have let her shop, BUT, they were not mind readers, and didn’t know she was in town…. SO I can see her acting like the above scenario….Hateful and rude to others for no reason… SORRY, just my take on it !

  3. Codzilla says:

    Jaybird, if Kate ever fires her current publicist, she ought to consider you for the job.

  4. AP says:

    She’s a Hollywood brat, born and bred– whaddya expect?

  5. Mairead says:

    victoria, i found bits of your post a little confusing, to be honest -She’d made an announcement to the nightclub that your town is a “hole in the wall city”?(otherwise how would everyone in the club gotten the same information) unless you meant, she made it clear IN the nightclub? Did she say the stuff about the shops to you personally, or did you overhear her say it?

    Also, “she’d never been accepted back or popular here again”… in seven days? It’s not exactly a lifetime is it?

  6. WTF?!?! says:

    Mairead, Victoria said she visited on A Sunday, not last Sunday.

  7. Mairead says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah, I see.

    In my defense, I did say I was confused and I am a bit addled by a head cold. THere were a few times today when I completely unable to finish sentences. :oops:

  8. Elle says:

    Good Afternoon All!

    I was watching E! News the other day when they ran a story that Kate Hudson was extremely rude to Anne Hathaway on the set of their new movie. They said that Anne was none too pleased with the snotty attitude that Ms. Hudson exhibited. Also they stated that Kate would snap her fingers at Anne in order to get her attention. So after reading this article it starting to make sense to me that Kate may be a bit more bitchy than she leads the public to believe.

  9. anony says:

    Victoria- what town? And if the owner leaked her tirade to the press where is it? Something like that TMZ , etc. would have jumped on. Anything negative like that would have made the rounds.

  10. Kaiser says:

    Kate Hudson was bitchy at a party for Rachel Zoe?

    How did they know it was Kate and not Rachel? Just saying, they look a lot alike… and Zoe seems like an uber-bee-otch.

  11. Ron says:

    Wow big surprise she’s “friends”/client with Skeletor Bitch Zoe. Sound like a match made in hell. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kate is no Goldie. Her Mom is adorable, she nearly hit my car one day and was incredibly sweet. Since Kate left Chris..she’s not very nice at all……

  12. Mairead says:

    Kaiser, presumably because the one they thought was being rude stayed visible when she turned sideways :twisted:

    Mean I know – but it’s too much of a coincidence that some of this woman’s clients suddenly starting to waste away after getting her to dress them which makes her influence highly suspect to me.

  13. chaz says:

    You’d be a bitch too if one day you realized you were a no-talent HACK! oh, ooops… she does have A talent and that’s being a bitch. i corrected myself.

  14. lady garden says:

    maybe i am way off here but i’d bet a whole English pound drugs were involved

  15. Jeanne says:

    Kate sure pales in comparison to mama Goldie. Goldie is bubbly, flirty, cute, and sexy and knows how to pick a good man. Kate is all over the place with her choices in men and for God’s sake cut your little dude’s hair.

  16. am says:

    she’s a major bitch. never fooled me for a second as anything but. she’s totally transparent to me. people that cheerful and smiley all the time are usually dr. jekyll-mr. hyde types. so i wasn’t surprised for a microsecond to read about her behavior.

  17. Jason says:

    My friend acted with her on You me and Dupree and said she was a total bitch and did not even talk to her or acknowledge her at all. Even though they had lines together.

  18. AM says:

    Her “super smiley giggly girl” act not only portrays her as the shallow airhead that she is but it’s “hiding” the total bitch inside. The public’s so blind thinking she’s cute, a good actress, etc. etc. and etc. Her mother DOES have talent but those genes definitely ended with Goldie! Were it not for her mother, Kate would be … well … just what she is, still talentless and self-absorbed!