Did Jude Law dump Sienna Miller because she was screwing around on him?


Haha, The Daily Mail has an EPIC story about Jude Law and Sienna Miller’s breakup, and it is one of the funniest things I’ve read all week. It’s like the Mail had all of their sources just waiting in the wings for the split, and then those sources just went crazy spilling every dirty detail. So, what caused such a blonde, beautiful couple to breakup for the millionth time? Apparently, their relationship had “descended into heated arguments over everything from her dogs (too messy) to his relationship with his ex-wife and the mother of his three children, Sadie Frost (too harmonious).” Oh, and that’s not all:

There is even talk that 29-year-old Sienna found her 38-year-old beau’s ­preference for staying in ‘really rather boring’, and there are rumours that she has been on dates. Whatever the reasons for the split, friends on both sides insist that it is final.

While the romance was restarted once before — following their break-up after Jude’s affair with his children’s nanny in 2005 — friends say this time there is ‘absolutely no chance whatsoever’ of the couple getting back together, however much their publicists may talk about the split being ‘amicable’. The separation has come as a shock to many — Jude gave Sienna a diamond ring and a grand piano for Christmas, and there was even talk — later denied — she’d asked her designer sister Savannah to sketch her dress ahead of a possible summer wedding.

Jude and Sienna were planning a permanent move into the £8 million London mansion they were renovating, though the Mail has learned that the property was bought by Jude alone in November. His birth name, David Law, is on the title deeds. Sienna is now back in her bachelor-girl pad a few miles away with dogs Porgy and Bess for company.

Perhaps it says something about Sienna — who prides herself on being a free-spirit, and who once dated James Bond actor Daniel Craig — that no sooner was the news out of the couple’s split than rumours began to emerge about her and a young actor. Currently in rehearsals for the play Flare Path, by Terence Rattigan, Sienna has struck up a friendship with her co-star Joe Armstrong — the son of character actor Alun — who is best known for his role as Allan a Dale in the BBC’s recent Robin Hood series. There is also talk that she has become friendly with another man.

However, a friend of Sienna’s spoke wearily about the ‘constant ­speculation’ and added: ‘There is no other party involved. There is absolutely no truth in the rumours about Joe Armstrong.’ Jude’s agents, meanwhile, declined to comment. So why then did Sienna, known in some circles as ‘Serial Miller’ because of her occasionally scandalous private life, fail to make a go of it with Jude? People who know her say that, although she is a ‘sweet girl’, she and Jude were never the perfect match. Some describe her as being ‘in love with being in love’. There may be something in this, for she once said: ‘I find all that slightly destructive, but mad, love alluring.’

Apparently his parents — theatre agents who are now offering their son a bolthole at their home in France — were relieved when Sienna exited stage left, taking her dramas with her.

The ‘Sadie question’ seems to have been the cause of disagreements between the couple. A few weeks after the reunion, Jude and Sienna had a holiday in the Caribbean with his three children — aged between eight and 14 — by Sadie Frost. Sadie had been advised that if she wanted to join him, she could pay for her own trip. This led to Sienna feeling that her preferences were at last being put above Sadie’s.

Just a few weeks later, Sienna crossed swords with Sadie in spectacular fashion, after Sienna took Jude’s daughter for a haircut. Sadie returned from a weekend with their two boys and was enraged to discover the youngster’s curls had gone. She tartly tweeted: ‘I think ya should get ya own child and then cut their hair.’ In this argument, I’m told Jude backed his ex-wife and asked Sienna to apologise. In the circumstances, perhaps there wasn’t room in Jude’s life for a romance with someone as high-maintenance as Sienna.

A friend of Jude said: ‘He has been comparing her with Sadie and telling her all about how wonderful Sadie is, and about Sadie’s detox diet and how great she’s looking and feeling.’

Jude spent Christmas Day with his ex-wife, after which Sadie tweeted: ‘Daddy Law, Mumma Frost, and the 4 baby bears all ate, drank, sang, and were merry — a good year for us!’

How awkward this must have made Sienna feel. Let’s not forget that for several months during her first ­relationship with Jude, she was such a persona non grata with Sadie that she wasn’t even permitted over the doorstep of Sadie’s house.

And more recently, Sienna has complained to friends that Law had become ‘boring’ — not sharing her free-spirited nature when it comes to partying. Jude is said to have been busy overseeing the work on the house, which he likes to keep tidy, and has found Sienna and her dogs intolerably messy and chaotic. The couple were observed apparently arguing on holiday in south Italy last summer, after accusations she was flirting with the locals. Maybe Jude should have been jealous; Sienna certainly has a track record when it comes to romance.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yep. Sienna is a drama queen who uses sex to get attention. It’s like she’s 16 years old, forever. The Mail even throws in a quote from a source close to Kate Moss, calling Sienna a “nuisance”. Damn, Kate Moss better hide her fiancé! Seriously, though, I’ll totally buy that Sienna already has a jumpoff. That’s her M.O. The girl always has a man because… I guess she just can’t be alone. Sienna Solo is not enough drama. And it sounds like Jude was simply tired of the drama. Also: Victory for Sadie Frost! The Original Crazy Mrs. Jude Law got hers, didn’t she?



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  1. gloaming says:

    I want him back together with Sadie. How I yearn for those glory days of debauched threesome’s and wife swapping………….

  2. Aria says:

    this time I will team Sienna. I never minded the whole balthazar getty affair or her crazy life style because who I am to judge. But I cannot stand Sadie. I think she’s still in love with Jude and I am pretty sure she will do whatever it takes to destroy his future relationships/affairs.

  3. brin says:

    Sounds like she’s not ready to settle down. I would never have thought of him as boring.

  4. spinner says:

    Sienna is so beautiful. Jude always seems goofy to me. It would be hard for someone like Sienna to take a backseat to anyone…throw 4 kids in the mix & I betcha she felt attention starved. Sienna needs to find herself & unattached, never been married, no kids kinda guy. That said…I want her legs & I have a girl crush on her.

  5. jen says:

    she’s a drama queen. he’s a douche. i thought they deserved each other. oh well, i guess now they’ll inflict themselves on other unsuspecting victims.

  6. Maud says:

    I would normally be ‘Team Nobody” in this situation but Jude Law has such a s’wonderful chest! I love those golden man hairs….

    (please don’t throw things at me!)

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “because who I am to judge”

    honey, you’re on the wrong site! ;)

    I agree with you, I think that Sadie Frost is still in love with him and relishes any time spent with him (he does seem to be a good dad) and relishes when he takes her “side” over the side of his current piece.

    but part of me also thinks that Law still has more than just “mother of my kids” affection for Frost. I think they both still love each other but recognize that they can’t be married.

  8. Javagirl1 says:

    Ugh…just like with Brad Pitt, I fail to see any hotness in Jude Law. I heard he’s tiny in person.

  9. Quest says:

    And the moral of that story is:

    “do so ain’t like so”

  10. WYIJM says:

    Sienna may be a slut, but Sadie is bitter and batsh*t crazy.

  11. Maritza says:

    It sounds to me that Jude and Sadie should just stay together, its obvious they still love each. They have 4 kids together, that bond will never unglue. Sienna needs to move on, I’m sure she already has someone in mind.

  12. Darla says:

    I called it. I want my trazillion dollars.

    They both are total selfish d-bags. The truth is that both of them will always bring misery to a relationship. At least when they were together, they were only making each other miserable. I can’t wait to see the next wife who becomes a victim to Sienna’s ravenous vagina

  13. Gwen says:

    He seems to be quite devoted to the children he has with Sadie – I can see why it would be a huge issue between them if Sienna was annoyed with that.

  14. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Saw this coming months ago. I am glad they broke up, I really am disgusted by this girl. I hated that they were seeing each other again.

  15. Yadira says:

    Whatever happened to his other baby mama? Did he pay her off and now she is staying quiet?

    He seems like a good father and hopefully he goes and sees that baby in Florida.

    Sienna, ugh. Sadie, ugh. Crazy attracts crazy but it sounds like maybe Jude is finally losing a little of his crazy

  16. Ally says:

    How come we aren’t floating the theory that she wanted to go console Balthazar, and this was the cause of the break-up?

    Btw, I’d forgotten that whole awful story about Balthazar’s father; dreaful. I often wonder how high-profile people like the Jolie-Pitts handle the worry of potential kidnappings.

  17. k says:

    I hate this chick but I love her fashion.

  18. hottathanholywatta says:

    Sienna is too in love with drama to settle down to a normal life, if she isn’t stealing someone’s husband or having a scandalous affair she feels bored. She needs to be in the spotlight regardless of how bad the press is. With her antics she’s managed to cut ties with a lot of powerful people in Hollywood hence she isn’t really working. Having all this time on her hands and a drama free relationship = one bored Sienna

  19. TQB says:

    Wait… Sienna and her sister Savannah? Sienna and Savannah? As in, these are my kids, Sienna and Savannah? Is there a brother Banana?

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Ok, wait: I thought Jude & Sadie have 3 kids together. Does this mean Sienna is the 4th baby bear? Ack-ward.

  21. dahlia1947 says:

    They just seemed to be having fun with eachother. I’m sure that she’s already over him. I think it’s pretty cool how she can do that. She’s kind of like Cameron Diaz.

  22. Katie says:

    If I were her I wouldn’t have got back together with him after he cheated with the nanny. But in general this is a couple I just can’t muster much interest in. I remember how beautiful Jude was in The Talented Mr. Ripley but after that he was never as good or as pretty and now his hairline is receding. She is lovely though but boring.

  23. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    i want to know how she finds time to design for twenty8twelve by Sienna Miller (wink wink) or whatever its called….

  24. vertes says:

    The 4th child is Sadie’s from her first marriage. Jude was a step-father.

  25. Solveig says:

    I was pretty sure that one of them (if not both) was screwing around! They’re too similar to stay together.

  26. Popessa says:

    I love hearing that Jude likes to keep his house “tidy” and stay in. Sounds like a grown up…My opinion of him is coming around again.

  27. Camille says:

    As long as he stays away from Sadie romantically, I’ll be a happy girl lol. I always thought they were the oddest match.

    But yeah I totally buy this story, Sienna seems like a mega drama queen, shes not happy unless someone is cheating on her or shes doing the cheating. :roll:

  28. archiepelago says:

    It’s stories like this that make me feel guilty for gossiping about people I don’t know because I’ve spent time with Sienna and she is not the drama queen that people say she is. She’s actually really sweet, super down to earth and having seen her work, one of the most underrated actresses today. I can’t speak of her love life or her choices but I will say that in person, she is every bit as beautiful as she is on screen and I’ve seen the way men react around her.

  29. Darla says:


    Then she is the best actress in the world, because she appears to be a vapid, selfish, materialistic brat. Maybe you just didn’t spend enough timew with her, say as much as Balthazar Getty’s wife had to deal with her while she was shamelessly banging her husband as openly as possible.

  30. lrm says:

    so glad to hear that-
    i actually never understood why ppl call her drama queen, skank, etc.
    even the stories about her-they just seem like a young woman enjoying her life….i didnt think the getty thing was that much drama-i think she was just enamored of him and well dont know whether he said he was separated or what the deal was…we don’t know how it went down.

    And, even if she does sleep around-who cares? she’s gorgeous and likes to party. meh.

    I also think she is underrated as an actress-i’ve only seen her in cassanova [lame film but she was solid] and alphie-in which she was fantastic,IMO.
    in fact, she always seems like she’d be fun to hang out with. i thought the rage directed at her in past posts, was strange and overreactive…doesn’t make any sense.

    As for this story-i can see both sides-she is much younger and doesnt feel like staying home…jude’s older and a father and is over it. and, sadie imposes and controls him as the father of their children-that is an issue he will need to deal with in order to have a successful future relationship with anyone….and yea, who wants to play second fiddle to someone’s ex wife? or even to their multiple children? that is alot to ask of anyone.

    i still think they are beyond gorgeous when together-they both are lit up next to one another.
    but she’s beautiful and has great style no matter what.

    i think this is kidn of a non story. but i think sadie makes good press in the UK.

  31. Lido Deck says:

    Really Irm, you think it’s okay for her to sleep with, party, and gallivant around married men? Are YOU married? She’s not a young thing anymore, she’s 30 and looking every bit of 40. Her unprofessionalism and immaturity is why her peers are getting prime roles and she’s not (I mean, even the mediocre actresses are getting parts, while she’s not). She has a pattern with men (even before Jude), it runs the same course of gossip, and her relationships have a very short shelf life. She needs to grow up.

  32. Lido Deck says:

    archiepelago, she might have a charming and bubbly facade, but when she can’t exhibit some personal responsibility, can’t refrain from destroying homes, can’t partake in less partying and more in substantial activities, even at the sake of your career, what good is charming and bubbly? The fact that she targets men with kids in particular, when she don’t even want the kids around to interfere with her good time, strongly hints that she’s more than a little interested in taking daddies away from their kids.

  33. Dana M says:

    Siena *loves* wearing those little shorts for every outing…

  34. Juicy says:

    Face it, Sienna could not stand it without some tab attention. Jude doesn’t seem to like it, but she lives for it. So she got bored.

  35. Jazz says:

    Good riddance!

  36. archiepelago says:

    I’ll say it again, I can’t and won’t speak for her choices in men or her love life. I simply said she is not the nasty person that people assume she is, nor by the way does she look 40. She is gorgeous in person.

  37. Irresistable Girl says:

    The Article for the reasons why Sienna Miller dumped Jude: Because she tired of Jude Setting the Wedding Date.
    Like I said before don’t play the blame game Media? Whether your speculation or reasons for the split based on hearsay, is that Sienna wanted to marry and Jude tell her to wait a bit longer and think about it properly before they rush into something serious like a marriage and after much thought, he will set the date for the wedding but he didn’t get round to it and Sienna was tired of waiting or another reason why Sienna split up with Jude Law over wedding arrangements because Jude wanted her to sign a prenuptial agreement and she refused because she felt insulted because she think that Jude think of her so-called gold-digger and she made it clear that she is not. But Jude still insist that she signs the prenuptial because at the end of the day he doesn’t want to end up out of pocket (meaning broke)in the present future if the marriage don’t work out between the two of them and Jude obviously has to protect his investment for the his present family future, because he realize he’s not getting any younger and his investment his is inheritance for his 4 children that he have by two women which is ex-wife Sadie Frost and that young women who he had a fling with which is Samantha Burke. Anyway whatever the real reason for there split the real truth will come out sooner or later, so don’t blame someone for any celebrity split up if you don’t have any truth or evidence to show for your article. I tell you I be so glad when the real truth comes out which will put an end to these speculation from you media which is based on the real reason of the split between Jude and Sienna, and the truth has nothing to do with what you media are speculating about Sienna being responsible. This will be a good revenge to you media in the future, don’t judge something unless you have proper proof or evidence or till you hear both sides to every story when the celebrities have made confession to the truth based on there separation. Oh they say revenge is so sweet, especially when these celebrities couples have proved you media wrong everytime when you bring out lies and rumours about them on the reasons of why they have separated.