Brad Pitt says George Clooney “hates children”

I truly feel sorry for celebrities when they say they’ve been misquoted, had something taken out of context, or just had people not understand their tone. I never thought it could happen as often as they claimed until I started writing, and things I would say would be completely misinterpreted all the time. Then I realized that even when you’re careful, people can pull out teeny bits of phrasing to make it look like you said something that was not at all your intent.

So with that caveat in mind, it appears George Clooney really isn’t into kids at all – and the source is Brad Pitt. Brad actually said that Clooney “hates kids.” The source is Extra, and they’re generally pretty reputable. That said, they didn’t convey how Brad said it, so it’s hard to know if maybe he was joking or being facetious.

After the birth of Brangie twins Knox and Vivienne, rumors ran rampant that the tots had a godfather who would make the Hollywood elite green with envy — George Clooney! But is it true?

Dad Brad cleared up the reports of real-life pal George being godfather to his fifth and six children, telling “Extra,” “No, he hates children.” Brad laughed, “Are you kidding? I love the twins too much to subject them to George.”

Pitt and Clooney are currently promoting their Coen brothers flick, “Burn After Reading.”

[From Extra]

The laughter makes it clear Brad said it lightly, but I really could interpret the quotation either way. I really don’t see Clooney as being the type to have kids, and he seems to know that about himself which is good. But he also seems pretty fun and like he’d be a cool uncle or god father, so I’d be surprised if he truly disliked all kids. There’s a difference between not wanting to have your own and not like the entire under 18 species.

But if Clooney really isn’t a fan, I’m sure that’s something the Jolie-Pitt clan learned pretty early on. There’s just flat-out too many of them for anyone to be able to hide their feelings for long. And George has publicly bemoaned all his guy friends settling down with babies. Maybe he’s just resentful of the loss of quality bro time.

Here’s Brad and George at the premiere of Burn After Reading photocall at the Venice Film Festival on August 27th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Orangeitjulius says:

    I can’t stand ‘em either. Irritating little buggers!

  2. Lola says:

    Maybe if his friends had one at a time, he would get used to them slowly. Your friend getting six kids in 3 years can put off even the most child loving bachelor. I love kids but in dozes. Sometimes I just can’t stand even my own kids. I love them but kids have their timing.

    Clooney has always been clear where he stands on kids. When asked whether Pitt would stay at his lake Como villa last year, he said if he didn’t go with the kids.

  3. Not everyone likes kids, but that does not mean they hate kids.

  4. chunkin says:

    i’m not a fan of kids either. not everyone is.

  5. mary says:

    wow that doesn’t sound like any surprise. Maybe that is why he does not have any.

  6. ri23 says:

    Nope, I don’t like them either.

  7. Diva says:

    Those two are ALWAYS trading jokes back and forth about the differences in their lives.

    I’m sure if ya’ll can’t see the humour in it, both George and Brad do.


  8. Tina says:

    you know you’re a celebrity when there are people analyzing and dissecting a single sentence of yours. not a fan of clooney. he’s a classic, albeit classy, example of a toxic bachelor.

  9. pamela says:

    IT WAS a JOKE!!!People need to get a sense of humour.A few months ago, George made a comment that Brad and Angie are not invited to his home in Italy, because of their (exaggerated number)of kids. Brad sure looked quite friendly with him in Venice,and Brad apparently spent a night with George in Italy recently. These guys make jokes about each other all the time.

  10. Randy says:

    These guys do joke around all the time – it is getting a little boring now though. The same stuff over and over again. Brad has been saying since Shiloh was born that he isn’t getting enough sleep every interview, George and him always talk about kids and how George doesn’t want them every interview, same stuff over and over. Can’t they think of something new to talk about?

  11. Diva says:

    Maybe if the people asking the questions started asking different questions they’d have something more to talk about, Randy.

  12. I never found George Clooney attractive at all. Confirmed bachelors are not my thing.

    I think George Clooney appeals more to the type of woman who loves chasing after a man who will never commit.

  13. Victoria says:

    I’m surprised we have not heard about a “”LOVE CHILD “”, with one of his many women. After all this time, you would think at least ONE of them would have tried the ole ” I’m pregnant ” gig. By actually having his baby on purpose, to trap him, would be a hook in his head.. Maybe he has been ” FIXED”, to prevent this. Who knows ?

  14. vdantev says:

    The late Paul Lynd was called a ‘confirmed bachelor’ for years because the truth was considered rude and hurtful.

  15. SolitaryAngel says:

    VdanteV: Paul Lynd was gay, wasn’t he? Tell me more, ok—-thanks!

    I never wanted kids either, growing up in a family of 7 and being the one who always “slipped through the cracks”, I never wanted to have a child of mine know what it was like NOT to be the favorite. But, accidents happen, and I’m very thankful for being able to have my son. But–he was more than enough for me; I don’t think there’s any shame in admitting that some people aren’t cut out to be parents.

  16. aurelia says:

    There is a whole ChildFree movement! Check it out. Good for Clooney, he knows himself & respects others.

  17. Randy says:

    You know the whole love child thing is interesting. I am sure that many woman have tried to catch him. Maybe he cannot have children and jokes by saying he doesn’t like them. It is really weird that he has never had a child – he has been with so many women. And yeh the reporters should start asking different questions because year after year of the same quotes is really getting sad and boring. Surely both parties can come up with something different to say.

  18. DLR says:

    I am sure Brad was joking. Those two have the weirdest sense of humour, and often it is the rude, mean kind of humour. You know what, some people commented that thus far George has not gotten someone pregnant, and he obviously dips his wick in a lot of places. So either he is incredibly diligent using contraceptives or he actually got a vasectomy and that’s why there’s been no “George Clooney is the father of my baby!” headlines.

  19. dumdee says:

    i read it as Brad Pitt says George Clooney “hates his children” lol, i was thinking, i little bit too harsh aye?

  20. chaz says:

    agree Lola: it’s a bit over the top if you BUY your kids in “6-packs” Brad and Angelina are child-o-holics, and they need help before they run down to the bodega for another “6-pack!”

  21. J says:

    Give me a break. Having children is not the only lifestyle. Even Brangelina has 6 and Sarah Palin has 5, it doesn’t mean this is sublime human quality.

  22. V. I. Pete says:

    Oh Yes.. S. Palin has 5 kids and I can not imagine her having the time to take care of any of them. I guess she just breezes in and kisses them all on the forehead at odd times in the day or night. Is that really having kids?

    Perhaps George does just stay away from the Brangela brood, they must all be on the way to being eccentric as hell and hard to manage. We all know about celebrity kids and George himself is part of a celebrity family. Perhaps he has learned to loath the experience.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Parenting is the most important achievement in life. It is the most demanding and the most rewarding.

  24. Chuck says:

    To me it sounds like a joke with a true core. Clooney has mentioned to be not a big fan of starting his own family, but us women just don’t get it. We think, “OMG he’s soo hot. I can totally change his idea about family.” So I guess after quite a few years now, you could understand, if his and/or his friend’s comments get a bit more harsh.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    To Cindy Kennedy,

    I so agree with you.

    And for those who say it was a joke, I too, presume it was. But, “A lot of truth is spoken in jest.”

    Hats off to all parents out there.

  26. geronimo says:

    Spot on, Chuck. That’s absolutely it! Women thinking with their lady bits rather than their grey matter. :P

    He’s always been 100% honest about his lack of interest in marriage and having kids and should be credited with knowing his limitations rather than harassed for refusing to toe the line. I sometimes wonder what exactly he has to do before people will leave this alone. Must be really irritating for him.

  27. Lauri says:

    I agree with you Geronimo. How many relationships have broken up because one person thought they could change the other person?

    I’ve tried to tell my nieces (yes, I am childfree, but not a child hater! I just don’t want any of my own!) that very thing. If a guy is being honest with you and telling you what he does/does not want out of a relationship, you are foolish to think you can change his mind. Even if you succeed and get your way, wouldn’t it be awful to have a baby with someone who just does not want one? No child deserves that…

  28. Kaiser says:

    Clooney would probably be a good godfather to Foxy Knoxy. To Vivenne, not so much. He would ignore the little girl until she turned 18, then seduce her. 8O

  29. geronimo says:

    And that, kaiser, is precisely why he doesn’t want to have anything to do with kids, and particularly those of his close friends! George seems to be the only person who knows what George is really like. :twisted:

  30. Payton says:

    Brad has my utmost respect because he is so devoted to all of his children, and Angelina. George will never have the character or patience to devote his life to even raise 1 child! George is incredibly sexy, although he is not family man material.

  31. PJ says:

    Consider the source: Brad, the babyholic!

    As a man who divorced his wife for someone who offered him more kids on a faster schedule, his opinion of what constitutes child hatred is probably not typical.

    I know many people who pressure their friends to live as they do. Teasing George in this way is a little hostile I think. George has the right to not want kids of his own.

  32. rtoth says:

    I think george would make a good dad. He could like Larry King and other actors having kids in there 60′s and 70′s. When he meets the right women. He might have kids. Or meet someone that has kids. He can play dad with my kids. I have a 17 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. No strings attached. :roll:

  33. pamela says:

    PJ, please get a sense of humour, and give the hostility a rest. It’s become boring.

  34. Jody says:

    to aurelia:

    Thanks for the link, I just joined.

  35. Jupiter Girl says:

    Ofcourse he’s kidding a bit! Lets not be ridiculous, Brad loves George!! But, he is saying that George isnt really as baby crazy as he and Angie are..anyone with 2 brain cells could figure that out :o

  36. But notice the anti-male headlines at AOL. I was sure Brad was accusing George of being a possible child molester.

    Then I did a Google search and learned that it was clearly a joke that kids should not be subjected to people who do not want to have kids of their own.

    Remember that tons of Americans are conditioned now (by the US media) that they would not let a male babysit their children, even if it is a friend.

    Millions of Americans who read AOL are going to come away with the idea that Brad is concerned that his friend might be a potential molester.

    This is what our media does for a living…and Fox News is the worst of all in terms of this sort of thing.

    If George senses that some people are getting the idea that he really is not trusted by Brad in that respect…Brad should give him the kids for a fun press conference, presuming that the kids like their godfather.

  37. geronimo says:

    @ Jack sanderson – Where the hell are you coming from on this?? What a ridiculous and offensive interpretation of what was plainly a joke on Pitt’s part. :roll:

  38. Jeanne says:

    Brad Pitt better watch. At the rate he and Ange are going with collecting so many kids, he may end up hating them too. *Disclaimer: this comment was written for comedic purposes only. I have 3 of my own, but if I were to have 6,7, 8,..11, 12 or more. There may be times when I’d be hatin’!

  39. shadow side says:

    Just going by what Clooney has said himself, he has never said he hated children. He has said they make him “nervous” when they’re around and that he gets anxious when he sees them running around his house. He has also said that he is very self-focused as a person, and knows he doesn’t have the patience and selflessness that a good parent needs to give a child. It’s not that he hates them, it seems more to me that Clooney just doesn’t have an affinity for children and the temperament to care for them. Good on him for being honest about that. I actually respect Clooney for this decision and his candor on this issue. I wish more people showed that kind of insight into their own limitations before having a child. The world would be better off.