John Travolta hits on young, hot waiters in front of his wife


Noted hetersexual John Travolta has a reputation for loving dark, swarthy, young, nubile men, preferably in spas. In fact, the idea of John’s unyielding love of these sweaty, lithe, vaguely ethnic man-biscuits was so powerful, that I thought he only really “enjoyed himself” (allegedly) in spas, and he only really picked up men in spas. But no! Travolta is not ONLY about the spa dong. He also has a taste for waiter dong, at least according to The National Enquirer (a tabloid on the forefront of all things spa dong-related).

Awkward moment at a San Fernando Valley China bistro when John Travolta acted just a wee bit too interested in handsome mid-20ish waiter – and embarrassed wife Kelly Preston kept her head buried in the menu!

My SpyWitness reports that when John learned his studly server was an aspiring actor, he asked what projects he’d worked on, who represented him, etc. – and then flashed that award-winning smily and asked: “Could you give me your phone number? I might be able to help you out.”

Just a wee bit creeped, the waiter handed Travolta a pen and they chatted a good 10 minutes as the star jotted his info and promised to phone – wile Kelly’s nose stayed totally glued to the menu. Said my source: “The waiter told me it really bothered him that Kelly never even looked up at him – not once!”

[From Mike Walker’s gossip column in The National Enquirer]

Kelly didn’t look up because she’s seen it all before, and how. She probably wrote the waiter her own little note: “You’re not the first waiter dong, and you won’t be the last. Just close your eyes and think of Xenu.”

But yes, I totally believe this. I believe this is Travolta’s player game. He picks up pretty-boy waiters in front of his wife and he hands out his phone number with promises that those waiters will get some kind of career help. It’s kind of sad. Travolta was a lot more fun when I thought he was just boning randoms in the spa.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. LindyLou says:


  2. Feebee says:

    It would be funny if it’s wasn’t so tragic. Why the hell does she stay? She can still love him but not have to put up with that crap.

  3. devilgirl says:

    You know, I have ignored his “closeted” ways for a long time, but all the stuff that has come out, just makes me think of him as a nasty old perverted weirdo.

    It is just sick to be so bullied by a “religion”, that you live a completely fake lifestyle for appearances sake, yet are on the not so down-low. Travolta, his wife and CO$ should all be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating this fraud, and Travolta needs to GTFO of the closet and be a normal homosexual, living in the open.

    No one cares if he is gay, what they care about is his inability to be himself and live a lie. He also needs lay off trolling for a piece of ass while his “wife” is sitting there!

  4. gloaming says:

    So he’s taken his big blubbery ass out of those Spa’s and now he’s executing his own interpretation of the casting couch in restaurants. In front of his “wife”.

    He’s behaving like he’s more or less ‘out’

  5. garvels says:

    Who cares? If his wife is this passive about his wandering ways then their relationship is probably based on some type of prearranged business deal where she is rewarded monetarily to tolerate his canoodling with boy toys.

  6. irishserra says:

    Maybe he’s trying to find a way to be booted out of CoS and figures the “church’s” boot would be more amicable than Haggis’ or Rathbun’s out? Lesser of two evils?

  7. Bubbling says:

    Were is the emergency?! We all knew damn well he was queen from his first movies…Grease?! Puhleese

  8. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    This is just sick. I have to say, in this case, I really would rather had not found out about his creepy ways. I liked him best as just the actor married to Kelly Preston. I am so icked out now. I have loved his movies time and time again and its not that he is a closeted gay, its that he’s so perverted and a HUGE liar. It just makes me sick, the whole situation… ewwww. Cant watch his movies much anymore.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus please us, I don’t care if he’s straight or gay, you don’t hit on ANYBODY in front of your wife! Show her some respect and wait till she goes to the loo.

  10. Praise St Angie! says:

    I think the NE is going to keep publishing the “travolta is gay” stories until he officially comes out.

    I don’t think that anyone should be outed before they’re ready to be, but I think he (and his wife) would be happier if he did. they may not see it that way now, but after a year or so of him being out and proud, they’d probably become good friends and would see how much better off they both are.

    sadly, I think that as long as they’re involved with the CULT (yeah, Miscavige and Davis, I called it a cult, now come and get me!), they’ll be closeted.

    more important to me than his sexuality is his f-ing wigs. they’re SO uggo!

  11. Nanea says:

    I too am vehemently against outing or making people declare their sexuality in public, be it hetero, gay, lesbian, bi, whatever – even if they are public figures.

    Unless of course someone behaves like Travolta, e.g. kissing guys in public, hitting on guys in public, or, like that Crazy Little Cult Guy In Lifts, that OT VII at that same “church” who threatens lawsuits that don’t go anywhere, e.g. Cruise vs. Gawker Media.

  12. k says:

    But doesn’t Kelly have a live-in girlfriend?

  13. mln76 says:

    I believe Kelly is the one who is more into the marraige then John I think after his son died he was fine with coming out of the closet but Kelly likes her life too much hence the convienent pregnancy (pillow or no pillow). So yeah I can picture him going to a restaurant and flirting with some dude right in front of her while she pretends it’s not happening.
    @ k I have heard that she dates men but is just discreet.

  14. beth says:

    i think these two have an open marriage, where John would be just as kewl with his wife fooling around with other men or/and women, as long as she comes home to him. much like trudie and sting minus the threesome bit as far as i can tell. she’s just a whole lot more subtler, as quieter folks like her are wont to be, IF she were in fact doing it. i dont care, these two are still couple of the year/decade/millenium for me. love em both together to bits.

  15. Audrey says:

    If he were single and gay, would it still be perverted? I don’t think it’s sick or perverted. I think Kelly knows and she’s ok with it. I feel for the waiter, though, he was put in an awkward situation.

  16. Rita says:

    “Would you like a doggy-bag for your meat, sir?”

    “Thanks, no. I never use one.”

    Perhaps John should come “out” before he helps the waiter “out”.

  17. RHONYC says:

    oh you guys!!!

    what’s wrong with john being on the lookout for an ‘unknown’ to revise his role as ‘Tony Manero’ in his remake ‘Saturday Night Fever’?

    you cynics!

    now, we all know how tight that disco suit was, and well…the perfectionist/scientologist (tomato/tomàto) that john is, he probably wants to make super sure these prospective young, nubile, buff up-and-cummers, oops, i meant comers, can live up to his iconic role.

    duh! 😉

    without a costume designer present.
    at the (secret) malibu beach house.
    playing yani’s greatest hits.
    with margaritas on tap.
    in the dark.
    at night.



    but seriously.


  18. Chica T says:

    I agree no one should be outed before they are ready.

  19. renai(jrt) says:

    devilgirl, oh oh so its the religions fault for John living a lie…He should take no responsibility for his own actions. just blame it on the flavor of the day religion. All liberal are the same…its never the persons fault its always something else. John is his own person gay or straight and to blame a cult like organization because Scientology is no true religion, is just odd.

  20. Krissy says:

    Soooooo sick of hearing about Travolta and spa dong and gay trysts with hansome men…I mean wheres the proof??? I don’t need a picture of him getting mounted or anything but maybe a text or call or some dude claiming that he has had sex with John, give me something…cause this just shouting about how he likes dark man meat is not cutting it.

  21. Marjalane says:

    “Noted heterosexual, John Travolta”

    Kaiser, you are damn funny.

    Here’s the thing, yeah it’s wrong to “out” people if they don’t want to be outed. However- John Travolta has publicly played the part of the, (noted) heterosexual devoted family man for so long, gives sickeningly sweet interviews all about his and Kelly’s perfect marriage and blahdeblah happy, happy. Uh huh. Then, he’s a huge part of the crazy ass cult of scientology that is nothing but lies and oppression of ALL homosexuality. So, sorry. No pass for this creepy waiter/spa dong lover.

  22. truthzbetta says:

    Used to think he was a momentary jerk for how he played Bill Clinton so sleazily in Primary Colors, let the world know it was him, and outed Clinton for trying to influence him to play the part nicer. Thought he didn’t need to do that– you know, dime out someone that way publicly to sell a movie. But still thought he was an overall sweetie.

    Now you gotta wonder if Travolta emphasized “I KNEW how to play this character” is because,he KNEW! Ew.

  23. tango says:

    Maybe John is doing it publicly now hoping to shame his wife into finally getting sick of it and leaving him. He’s taunting her to act. And she won’t take the bait. Maybe it’s just a big power struggle between them now.
    Sadly all it does is make her look pathetic. I might get behind her being a willing part of a “beard” situation if she didn’t hide behind her menu for the 15 minutes her husband talked to the server. That’s not the behavior of a woman who’s open and accepting and embracing of the situation. So if she can’t stand it, why does she put up with it? And why does her husband treat her so shabbily by flaunting it?
    Kelly would get sympathy and good will if she left him. She doesn’t need to say why and as long as she was discreet about their marriage, she’d be just fine financially.

  24. devilgirl says:

    @renai- Scientology is a cult, not a religion. Never did I say he wasn’t to blame for the charade. You might what to calm down and READ my post before accusing me a liberalism, which, actually, made no sense whatsoever.

    My comment is that in addition to his own problems w/homosexuality, his “religion”, which is nothing more than a cult, bullies him and other closet cases, all the while taking their money. It is well known the CO$ frowns on homosexuals, so do a little homework before defending a “religion”, that isn’t truly a religion, and taking someone to task.

  25. DGO says:

    Wasn’t there a recent blind item about a celeb picking up waiters?

  26. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @devilgirl, doesn’t scientology also claim they can “cure” homosexuality (as if it’s some disease)? Maybe Travolta bought into it early on, looking for a “cure,” was set up with this sham of a marriage, and realized he was fed a line of BS. However, they have a lot on him (from audits) and now he’s “trapped.” They don’t want to let their golden boy go (as he is a major player in their religion) and his coming out would mean they failed at “curing” him and expose Scientology for what it is.

  27. Lynda says:

    This is another one who needs to stay home with his family and stay out of the public eye for a while.

  28. Bella says:

    If the missus doesn’t care why should anyone else?

  29. Patty says:

    she probably likes to watch!! She could easily dump him and gets tons of dough! – they have been married forever with children. She loves him just as he is and who knows she may like some dp action – I mean that is the ultimate chick fantasy!

  30. TeeTee says:


    I can see him giving the sexy smile to the waiter..Kelly loves being Mrs. Travolta, LOL

  31. Peachy says:

    I heard as the studly waiter gently served John his Butt Roast with Ass-paragus, John locked eyes him, leaned in close and softly sang:

    “You better shape up cause I need a man And my heart is set on you
    You better shape up, you better understand
    To my heart I must be true(nothin left, nothin left for me to do)
    You’re the one that I want(You are the one I want) oh oh oh honey “

  32. Anna says:

    Oh come one. Travolta is totally out. He cruises everywhere. No one is outing him. He must be delusional if he thinks all his player behavior goes unnoticed.

    And Kelly? who knows. Did she really fake a pregnancy? Is she gay, a player too? Whatever the reality is Kelly knows all about John, has known all about him for years. I don’t feel sorry for her at all with regards to her creepy relationship with Travolta.

    But they both recently lost their son. That is the most horrific thing that can happen to anyone.

  33. Whatever says:

    What the hell is she thinking?? He is screwing around with so much random that she is at risk of contracting something. She needs some kind of scientology detox, stat.

  34. Kiska says:

    He’s creepy!!!

  35. englishbreakfast says:

    ok. now i know all about star-fucking and what not, but seriously WHO would sleep with him? regardless of if he’s gay or not, if he came up and was flirty with me i’d bolt.

  36. Hmmm says:

    What’s sad is that he gets older while the boys get younger, and in all the decades of his life, nothing has changed.

  37. CeeCee says:

    even if the waiter is straight he’d probably cop it sweet for the possibility of becoming famous. Famewhores

  38. Janet says:

    Did you ever think maybe he just wanted to help the kid out! Why does if have to be so dramatic in the eyes of the drama head minds. John Travolta is Italian and that is their warm heart extending itself, giving back. Maybe it’s just that.

  39. loopygorilla says:

    uuggghhh! i hate fat wheezy queens like him, they give us normal gay dudes a bad name.

    the thing about travolta and tommy girl, this would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    its like when tom cruise asked zac efron over his house to “have a look” at his bike collection.

    is that like code word for sex toy collection?

    and i say it again, fat queens like travolta give us gay guys a bad rep, cuz it makes it seem like we are all predators and shit and just adds to the straight guy’s paranoia that every gay dude wants to get in their pants. seriously.

    and to make matters worst, scientology claims to cure gays and apparently we are evil or something.

    this is coming from an invented cult whose founder the FBI found was into “young boys” like underage young.

    could travolta and his beard and their fake baby just crawl into a hole with xenu and FK OFF!

  40. gobo says:

    Might just be recruiting for scientology? Man those people are freaky.

  41. Randiriel says:

    Still with this Travolta thing?? I don’t believe a word of it.

  42. The Truth Fairy says:

    Sorry but this article makes no sense.

    John asked: “Could you give me your phone number? I might be able to help you out.” Just a wee bit creeped, the waiter handed Travolta a pen


    “and they chatted a good 10 minutes as the star jotted his info and promised to phone”



    Look, I think Travolta is gayer than a sand dollar, but this story is ridiculous and contradicts itself several times.


  43. Anak says:

    But the press is always saying that he is GAY!

  44. Isabel says:

    I was just starting to enjoy my blueberry pancakes. He’s such a creep!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!

  45. renai(jrt) says:

    Think about it ………they are all actors and good at acting and telling lies…….. and then they get rewared for their lies with millions….. sick world or sick people we live in. The money means more to them then the truth. eventually that comes back to bite you

  46. bluhare says:

    Well, if that recent Blind Item was true (the one where the gay actor was tired of living a double life and wanted to come out, but the wife had a fit, went to the Dr. and came back and informed the guy she was pregnant. So rather than look like a bad guy, he stayed), I’d say that John’s doing it on purpose to get to her. He can’t leave as she’ll deny him access to his kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jett’s death (assuming he was autistic) was the straw that broke the Scientologist’s back as far as JT goes.

  47. Ashley says:

    Truthfairy. Because waiters always carry pens very visibly.

  48. Snidely Whiplash says:

    I have nothing to add, really – I just want to say that “Spa Dong” sounds like something that’d be on the menu in a Vietnamese restaurant.

  49. DeeDeeLaF says:

    Nooooo! Not Vinny (Ba-ba- ba -ba-) Barbarino!

    My response:
    “Good for him! I like it^^ I like it a lot!”

    Then again, consider The SOURCE:
    National Enquirer?
    THEY’D never ‘make stuff up to sell a paper’.
    Not *THEM!* (…)
    Before I believe ANY of these homo-erotic allegations against señor Travolta,I require evidence in the form of a picture of John Travolta’s dick penetrating at LEAST 3″ into one of 2 selected orifices of a swarthy, nubile, buff, virile,obscenely handsome, dark-haired stud of a man.
    (However, no money shot required)
    Until such a time, I shall remain –The Skeptic.
    And remember:
    “Eatin’ ain’t cheatin'”

  50. Uncle Frank says:

    Steady on there. JT and KP probably have an arrangement that they don’t share with the general populace. If JT wants to splash about in the waiter, good for him. I’d serve JT his choccie pudding any time he asked and I’m not gay. He’s known for being a really nice man.
    My beef is with that weird brown tint to his hair. I see a lot of that these days on the older guy. It’s horrible.

  51. Jack Steen says:

    I think it’s nice that Vinnie Barbarino has finally gotten over his cult’s murder of his son Jitt and that he’s back out cruising.