Rachel Zoe is so small because “she’s not used to eating three meals a day”


As many of us have already noted, Rachel Zoe is very, very small for a woman who is (allegedly?) eight months pregnant. Now In Touch Weekly is getting into it, using a doctor who has never treated Rachel (God, I hate when the tabs do that) to explain why Rachel should feel bad about not gaining more weight. Her friends make one bad point and one good point, though. The bad point: Rachel “isn’t used to eating three meals a day.” Well, suck it up, Zoe. Give your baby something to eat other than two servings of grapefruit and Slim-Fast. The good point: Rachel may be bigger than we think, but she’s just using really cleverly draped sacks to hide her weight gain. I might buy that one.

Rachel Zoe recently confessed to her pregnancy cravings: love-calorie strawberries and grapefruit. Perhaps that’s why Zoe’s silhouette is still so shockingly slim, even though she’s eight months along.

Dr. Howard Kurtz, a NYC ob-gyn, estimates that Rachel has gained only around 15 pounds, which he says is on the very low end of the healthy range for someone as far along as she is. Dr. Kurtz says that a woman with her build should have gained “about 15 pounds to 25 pounds” by this point, or Rachel risks delivering a baby with low birth weight.

One friend says that Rachel is “not used to eating three meals a day, so it’s very difficult. She says she’s not much hungrier than she was before.”

However, the friend adds that her husband “is making sure that she is eating right.”

Another friend suggests that her apparent lack of a bump is just an illusion: “She’s a fashionista. I think she’s trying to dress a certain way to cover it. The baby’s very healthy, and she’s taking off work soon.”

Although not before the Oscars, for which she’s styling co-host Anne Hathaway. Rachel told a reporter: “I have a lot coming up, so the baby’s not allowed to go anywhere yet!”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

If God is listening (why would he/she?), I’d like to make a special request, in the name of justice: Please make Rachel go into labor Saturday morning before the Sunday of the Oscars. That would be perfect. Please? Oh, and God? Can you help me out with some lottery numbers?

One more thing – I read earlier this week that Anne Hathaway pays Rachel Zoe a friggin’ fortune as a stylist. One source said the styling fee for the Oscars is “astronomical”. Really? Because although Anne has her moments, I would never consider her one of the best dressed starlets. Anne should let me dress her. I’ll make her look fab, and it won’t cost a fortune.

All of these photos are from the last five weeks, by the way. So she’s 7-8 months in these pics.




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  1. Jaana says:

    Does she really think it is attractive to be that skinny!!!!

  2. emine says:

    there are some women who dont gain much weight during pregnancies and have healthy babies , she may be one of them , and there are some women who gain a lot of weight but deliever really small babies (my sis in law gained over 55 pounds and delievered a 5.6 lbs baby) , anyway i just wanted to ask what’s up with her face ? she looks over 50 yrs old

  3. Arianna says:

    i love that last dress… ahhhhh

  4. Samigirl says:

    I gained 50 pounds with my little guy and he only weighted 5lbs 4oz, 18 inches long! When they told me, I was like…WTF?! NOOOOOO!
    My sister gained 9 pounds throughout hers and had an 8lb 120z baby (She’s a stripper-continued to do it until she was 7 months-I didn’t say she was a lady!) Both of these babies were and are perfectly healthy. Of course both of us ate and treated our bodies the way we were supposed to. I would hope Zoe is doing the same thing, but I know what I was craving through out MY pregnancy, and it wasn’t STRAWBERRIES. More like Pickles on top of a steak.

  5. Maud says:

    She really doesn’t seem to want the baby. Then again I’m biased; can’t stand her!

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    GAH! That picture of her in that dress with the sheer V… Horrors!

  7. nycmom10024 says:

    As long as you eat healthy and have some sort of workout/exercise (jogging etc/)regime you won’t necessarily gain a lot of weight.

    I am on the short side. At the midway point of pregnacy I had only gained 10lbs. On the date I delivered I have gained a total 20 lbs. I was not trying to limit weight gain toward the end I was eatting a pint of ice cream every other day to add more fat to my diet. But I did have odd veggie and citrus cravings. I ate lentil, rice and beet and baby carrots like they were about to disappear from the earth. Also the only time I regularly ate grapefruits and oatmeal.

    I delivered a very healthy 6 lb 11 oz baby. Babies in utero are the perfect parasite they will take what they need.

    How tall is Rachel Zoe?

  8. crab says:

    How old is she? The nasal folds around her nose and mouth seem saggy like she has some jowel action going on already.

  9. Colleen says:

    my boss is in a similar situation bc she got sick a couple times in her third trimester and lost a lot of weight. Her baby is too small so they are taking it out early because they’re concerned it hasn’t grown. It’s definitely scary.

    hope Rachel’s is ok to but im sure roger is giving her good quality food.

  10. seVen says:

    that last pic… that dress…. her tah-tah’s are friggen saggin to the ground. And yeah, i dont think she wants this baby either, its not HIGH FASHION

  11. renai(jrt) says:

    I love RZ but the girl has some major issues… not sure how well she is going to handle motherhood and Roger is going to have to step in and take over im sure. I heard her make a joke about her having a son and how she would be upset if he werent gay……..thats just and odd statement to make as a mother to be……….. dont think she has any idea what she is getting herself into.

  12. embertine says:

    I loathe her but I have to give her a pass on this; women get so much stick about anything to do with childbirth because some total stranger says they’re not doing it right.

    My BFF is coming up 8 months with her first child and she’s not very big. She has had very hurtful comments from colleagues about it. My take on it is that if you are not a woman’s OB-GYN then you should mind your own fricken’ business.

  13. renai(jrt) says:

    i bet roger is enjoying seeing the boobs.. the girl has a boy body at best when she isnt pregnant.

  14. renai(jrt) says:

    it should be clear and obvious to anyone that RZ was anorexic ( bobble-head) pre pregnancy…. she doesnt look as anorexic pregnant but her body is certainly not in the best of shape physically so she should be eating and sleeping and getting lots of help during this time. Roger seems very hands on so im sure he has laid down the law on this

  15. Colleen says:

    embertine, well said.

  16. renai(jrt) says:

    i dont doubt that her boobs are saggy but that dress has sheer fabric that is creased in the are of her boob and gives the illusion of a sag more than it probably is.

  17. kelbear says:

    I lost 20 lbs in my 1st trimester. It wasn’t from having morning sickness it was actually from eating better(and actually eating breakfast) and not drinking alcohol. Throughout the rest of my pregnancy though I gained 15 lbs.

  18. Isabel says:

    The first and second pics show a substantial baby bump, especially for how tiny she’s known to be and how horrible her eating habits are. Not everybody gets as big as a house. I’m going to believe, in this situation, that she is surrounded by family and doctors who want the best for her and her baby. Best wishes to them.

  19. EdithP says:

    Samigirl, I love the story about your sister! I bet she popped that baby out without even an episiotomy and was back at work within weeks. Good for her!

    For Rachel Zoe to have gained 15 lbs would have probably put her at a normal non-pregnant weight. I hope her baby is healthy.

  20. DGO says:

    Perhaps she’s got a surrogate.

    I know an anorexic mother who greatly limited her weight during five out of her six pregnancies. All five of those kids have some sort of health problems. One was born without a thyroid and is profusely retarded. The oldest girl died from anorexia-induced heart attack. The mother tells everyone she died from a heart defect.

  21. sickofit says:

    puh she just has enormous issues, she is kinda narcisstic, a baby is not going to have it easy. she is a perfectionist and i am sure she will put that pressure on her kid. *shudders*

  22. Kimble says:

    @Edith P: popping a baby out WITHOUT an episiotomy is the norm – everywhere but the US! I have delivered hundreds of babies and can count the episiotomies on two hands – nothing more than 1 degree tears either! The clue is that I am not an OB!

    I’m pretty sure that RZ will have scheduled her “too posh to push” c-section … with accompanying tummy tuck!

  23. Samigirl says:

    @EdithP- HA! She was a bigger wuss throughout her delivery than I was! She stopped stripping though and is a great momma to her daughter! I guess you CAN turn a ho’ into a housewife 😉

  24. EdithP says:

    Wow, Kimble, I didn’t know that. I know my 20 year old cousin didn’t have one, but she’s the only person I know of.

    Samigirl, I have no doubt she’s a good mom. 🙂

  25. Anna says:

    Is she hurting her baby by not eating = yes. This is pretty bas that her will to stay thin makes her compromise the growth of her baby.

    If she would’ve gained the weight she prob would’ve looked a hundered times better than she does now.

  26. Minx2 says:

    My husband has a cousin who’s wife was anorexic before her pregnancy.. during the pregnancy, her body issues have gotten so bad, she had to be hospitalized and pretty much forced to eat.. she was TERRIFIED of gaining any weight. Fortunately, her daughter was born healthy.

  27. Riley says:

    Kaiser, I like the way you are thinkin’. I never thought about a night before the Oscars labor for Rachel Zoe. That would be BAAAANNNNAAAANNNNAAAAZZZZZZ. I die.

  28. Bodhi says:

    Babies in utero are the perfect parasite they will take what they need.

    I love it! I call my 28 wk old Bean “my adorable parasite” every once in a while & most people laugh, I do get some funny looks tho… 😀

    Thats reassuring, Kimble. I am seeing a midwife practice for my care & they say the same things

  29. renai(jrt) says:

    actually the baby wont get hurt as much as a females body would that is carrying the baby. The baby will take all that it needs and leave the mom with problems in cases of anorexia. RZ is not severely anorexic but her body will suffer more than most during such a time. I wish them the best and really RZ needs to get her head out of fashion…. she sees this as her meal ticket so its hard for her to not obsess over her work.

  30. Chickie Baby says:

    I LOVE Rachel Zoe, especially when she starts digging through her own closet on the show, and you can see her collection of great clothing and jewelry. Would love to have 1/10th of it.

    She may not be eating much, but she does look a little “softer” around the edges and not as bony as she used to. And if anyone knows how to dress to minimize a baby bump, she’s the one to do it.

  31. devilgirl says:

    Her skin is awful.

  32. MsCatra says:

    ITA, embertine.

    My favorite part about this story is that the quack-tor they quoted estimated she gained 15 lbs and was unhealthy because she should gain 15-25 lbs. Um…what? She gained the low end of what you said!! Leave her alone, she has a pretty big bump considering her frame size.

  33. TQB says:

    @renai(jrt) is right – the baby WILL suck up all the nutrients it needs, leaving RZ with serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies if she isn’t eating right. If she’s gained 15 pounds, she probably isn’t SO malnourished that the baby can’t get what it needs out of her, it’s her health that might suffer.

    Also, for the record I have a pal who just delivered an 8 pound baby and had only gained 9lbs. Some people are very good at just feeding the baby.

    As for me, I’m 10 weeks and already +12lbs so whatever.

  34. janie says:

    how much weight is healthy to gain depends on if you think she is naturally skinny. if you are overweight or naturally skinny you can gain 15 and still be ok.
    but she has 0 fat reserves, and looks to me to be anorexic, so i would expect a lot more weight gain.

  35. Ally says:

    My friend restricted so badly during her pregnancy that her placenta started to deteriorate, and the baby had to be taken early. I could care less what idots do to their bodies, but please eat to make sure the baby is ok.

  36. irishserra says:

    Emine: I agree, how old is she? She does look quite old in that top picture.

    My first pregnancy, I did not even start to show until I was almost eight months and even after I had my daughter, people I had been casually acquainted with were shocked to learn I had been pregnant. Sometimes we just can’t help it. I ate, for sure (craved Chinese food constantly!!), but lost weight throughout the pregnancy.

    I was not so fortunate with my second pregnancy. It’s been 9 years since I’ve had my son and I’m STILL carrying around a few old unwanted pounds that resulted during my pregnancy with him!

  37. I Choose Me says:

    Based on the first picture alone, she may be what some people here refer to as long-sided. I knew this one super slender lady who I judged to be about four months and imagine my surprise when she delivered three weeks later. This lady was also tall though. Wonder how tall Rachel is?

  38. TeeTee says:

    I laughed sooo loud at

    “please make Rachel go into labor Sat morning before the Oscars”

    people around me looked startled, whew, hilarious!!

    thx, I needed that laugh

  39. Franny says:

    when my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister, she only gained 18 pounds. The doctors told her that there was something severely wrong with the baby since she only gained so little weight (we live in Wisconsin so they might be used to seeing a great weight gain….) but she only gained that much with the previous 3 children as well. needless to say, docs were wrong and my sister turned out just fine.

    but my mom wasn’t so tiny as RZ was – girlfriend has major issues with her body. hopefully all turns out for the best.

  40. seri says:

    Ok–Im very sick of hearing people say stars have tummy tucks right after C-section. Have any of you HAD c-section? Obviously not, because you’d know the swelling and general healing is just too much, and there’s no way in hell a doctor could even yank down the stomach until the swelling went away, usually in 6 months–sometimes longer. To do a tummy tuck, there has to be saggy skin– after pregnancy, everything is still swollen and all sorts of F-ed up for a long time. Gods people, this isn’t rocket science!!

  41. Isa says:

    Kimble-How do you keep women from having an episiotomy? I had a small one and didn’t tear, but every woman I know had one or tore horribly. Two women I know tore so badly that they couldn’t sit down.

  42. Melissa says:

    Ditto on calling the babe “parasite”. When I had my daughter via planned c-section (breech), I called it my “uterine parasite extraction”!

  43. Ari says:

    The veins on her hand that go all the way down her thumb no less – egads

  44. daisydoodle says:

    I know someone who only gained 7 lbs for a 7 lbs baby. In fact, her husband brags about it…fast forward 14 yrs and their child has severe learning problems, she is also severly anorexic, maybe weighing about 88 lbs. He still thinks she’s the perfect weight, go figure….

  45. chasingadalia says:

    The one time it’s acceptable to be fat in her profession, and she’s totally ashamed of her baby weight.

  46. annie says:

    @ #40- Just like no way a doc would give propofol at home or prescribe meds to drug addicts or impregnate a whack job with 8 babies or distort actresses faces with plastic surgery until they look like freaks,etc? Some of these hollyweird docs have no morals or values and will do anything for money.Sad

  47. Trillion says:

    Isa: about episiotomies – it used to be de rigeur, but now it’s been shown that natural tears actually heal better than cuts. The episiotomy rate has been declining very quickly in the last few years. Of course, if you have a any kind of mechanical assist during the pushing, you will have an episiotomy (or if the baby is big or the mommy is small down there).
    About RZ’s cravings, I also craved grapefruit. It was my one and only craving. My husband kept wanting me to crave something crazy and calorie laden. Oh well. Can’t really choose these things!

  48. Granger says:

    My belly was still relatively small at eight months, and then blew up at month nine. Suddenly people in my neighbourhood who’d assumed I was 5 or 6 months along were all, “What the heck happened????” Maybe the same thing will happen to Zoe.

  49. Ruffian9 says:

    Rachel “isn’t used to eating…”

    There. Fixed it.

    ETA: Please don’t yell at me, but isn’t she an older mom as well – more incentive to take care to have a healthy baby, no?

  50. Isa says:

    I always hear about episiotomies aren’t always necessary, but even if you don’t get one there’s still the possiblity of a tear. And if you do get on there’s a chance you can still tear.
    Not many people use midwives where I live and I’m curious to see if there’s something that is actively done to prevent tearing or an episiotomy. Personally, I don’t believe I needed one and would prefer not to have one again. Although it didn’t bother me and I had no problems sitting or any pain at all.

    Sorry to turn this into a dicussion about vaginas, I’m just curious. 😀

  51. Missfit says:

    Maybe people have said this before…but I think she’s a lot older than she claims to be. And refusing to eat for your baby the way you should…is NOT healthy. But now everyone in Hollywood wants to be skinny pregnant, which is NOT cool.

  52. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I think it’s less about how much weight you gain and more about how you treat your body. If you eat properly and well than whatever you gain is what you are meant to gain. The problem is she has serious anorexic issues and I doubt those went away with her being pregnant. I wish her baby well and hope it will be born healthy and happy as I wish on any baby but I just have serious doubts it is being born in the best family. From what I saw of the show both of the baby’s parents are too busy and self involved to even spend time with each other much less a baby. Nanny will be raising that child. I don’t get, why even have a baby when it doesn’t seem like either are that interested. Are baby’s like the new accessory?

  53. original kate says:

    “One friend says that Rachel is not used to eating three meals a day”

    no duh.

  54. DrM says:

    that last photo with the sheer black dress…OMG she looks AWFUL! Pale and skinny/haggard at 8 months pregnant…didn’t think you could manage that one but she has…not to mention the state of the chest underneath the dress…what happens when you eat so little to get rid of all body fat…

  55. JQ says:

    While I do think RZ looks really small still and I hope the baby is ok in there, it’s not my place to say what’s right. I am just over 7 months pregnant now and people will have an opinion on if you’re too thin or too fat. My doctor says that my weight is healthy and normal. My girl friends all comment on how gorgeous I look pregnant but all my guy friends comment on how huge I am. Being pregnant, you just can’t win no matter what you do to please others, so I just don’t. I eat healthy most of the time, indulge sweets when I can’t shake the craving and just try to be a happy mommy-to-be.

  56. telesma says:

    On the one hand, I believe she’s eating.

    With my first pregnancy, I started off at 112 lbs, ate like a pig from the 4th month on, and weighed 138 lbs at delivery. I hardly showed at all. Just 2 days before delivery I actually had to lift up my top to show an old friend my belly to prove that I was pregnant.

    And when I say I ate like a pig, I mean I could knock back not one but two bacon double cheeseburgers in one sitting, with fries and a chocolate malt. I’d eat a whole plate of food and 20 minutes later have hunger pangs. Hungry ALL THE TIME. And I was still a skinny thing – all the weight was in my belly, which, like I said, wasn’t very big. At 9 months, in the mirror I looked like I was barely 5 months along.

    On the other…this is Rachel Zoe. Poor baby will be lucky if it doesn’t look like a damned spider monkey when it’s born.

    • kalecee says:

      You are making comments about Zoe yet you ate all that garbage and thought it was good for a baby??!!!!! Grease fat and sugar, I bet you were more like 200lbs

  57. Partygirl says:

    Don’t know how she can be a stylist to the stars; she has extremely bad taste!!!

  58. Fue McCormick says:

    Her old assistant Brad is a much better stylist. He should get is own show.

  59. Trippin says:

    Her three meals a day are probably lettuce leaves and fennel seeds washed down with gobs of water. C’mon very few stick thin women prepreg embrace weight gain when they’re pregnant. She’s such an obsessive personality I’m sure she’s dieting and weighing herself constantly. Maybe even smoking still.

  60. Patty says:

    She dont look too bad – better than seeing these thn woman blimp out when they are preggers – its so gross

  61. Crash2GO2 says:

    Re: Episiotomies: When I delivered, it was a tight fit for sure. The doc took her time and massaged me with lots of mineral oil to try and loosen things things up. I managed to pop my daughter out with no tears.

    If a person is severely underweight (which we all know Rachel Zoe was) when they become pregnant, it is advisable that they gain at least 35 lbs. The fact that she hasn’t, makes me suspect she is still restricting calories. I imagine the doctors are keeping a close eye on the baby and would hospitalize her if the baby showed any defects or failure to grow. I imagine at this point, she looks so rough because the baby is taking everything from her.

    Discussions about how little some women gain during pregnancy are all well and good, but they don’t pertain to someone who is an anorexic.

  62. Alyssa says:

    I am 32 weeks pregnant and have gained 30 lbs. My pre-pregnancy weight was on the low end (my BMI was 18.4) so my doctor recommended that I gain more than the generally recommended 25-30 lbs for the well-being of my child, and for myself. I can guarantee her BMI was WAYYY lower than mine before she became pregnant! And these images are absurd! Who does she think she is fooling…

  63. H. says:

    She has some serious issues with food, and those issues don’t just go away without counseling. I think her husband thinks this baby will change her, but I think as soon as she gives birth, she’ll hand it over to a nanny and will be back to work. Luckily she’s having a boy, if it was a girl she would probably starve it. There’s no way she’d tolerate having a daughter with weight problems. Notice how she has worn nothing but black during this pregnancy so she’ll look skinnier. She needs help and so does her husband.

  64. kalecee says:

    It’s clear that the person who wrote this is complety biased, Rachel is a fantastic Mother and who are you to judge? It is so easy to sit back and be an arm chair critic but I have never seen you associated with her in any way so where are you getting your “facts” (I laugh at this consept regarding this article), your insider information since you are so tight with Zoe, you come off as petty and so high school, get over it cray cary!