Pete Wentz “has been crying a lot” since he was “blindsided” by divorce filing


I can’t believe I’m still obsessed with this story, but I guess it’s because it genuinely took me by surprise. A few days ago, Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz, and the back-and-forth, he said/she said commenced. Ashlee’s side said he worked too much and was too erratic; Pete’s side said he didn’t want to divorce and that she’s a drunk anyway. Now, a new wrinkle: Radar reports that Pete was completely blindsided by Ashlee’s divorce filing, and that he’s super-depressed about the whole thing:

Pete Wentz has been left heartbroken and inconsolable since his wife Ashlee Simpson blindsided him by filing for divorce, has exclusively learned.

“Pete has been crying a lot to her about this,” a source close to the couple told “He is crushed, and does not want it to be over.”

But Ashlee, 26, is reportedly done with marriage, and wants the divorced finalized.

“Ashlee is done, she loves him, but she’s ready to move on,” said the source. “When he traveled for work, she had a lot of time to think, and in the end she just felt happier without him. They married really young and have grown apart, she just wants to focus on her child and her career.”

As first reported Pete, 31, was blindsided by the break up and was even planning a special Valentine’s Day surprise for the his wife. But Ashlee couldn’t bear her musician hubby’s demanding tour schedule and decided to file for divorce.

Simpson filed the papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. She requested joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their three-year-old-son Bronx Mowgli.

[From Radar]

See, this is why I thought they would work… at least I thought they would work a lot longer than this. Even though Pete parties with strippers, I always thought that he adored Ashlee and was committed to her in his strange way. And I end up coming down on his side, for some reason. I think my perspective on Ashlee is skewed – even though I think she was probably pretty much a single mother, what with Pete’s constant tour schedule, I still think it was kind of rude and mean to file for divorce with (allegedly) no warning. Of course, as many experts have pointed out, this whole “I didn’t see it coming” defense is a bit more complicated.

Also, I really want to know Joe Simpson’s part in all of this. Did he push for a divorce or did he have nothing to do with it? What does he think of these events? Does he have no opinion, because Ashlee is so obviously his second-favorite daughter? Ugh.




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  1. Whitey Fisk says:

    I like his natural crazy hair much better than the hideous Keith Urban-style flat ironed look.

    I still want to punch him in the face for some reason, though.

  2. mln76 says:

    I read a ‘solved’ blind item that said they had decided to split months ago but where to chicken shit to announce.. Not that I am an Ashley fan but I don’t believe anyone is ever really blindsided by a breakup. I think he just wasn’t listening to her.

  3. brin says:

    The thing that gets me is if she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, he is the breadwinner and when your a musician, touring is how you make your money. Ashlee knows that, so what’s the deal?

  4. Motor35 says:

    **mayday mayday**
    somebody call the wahbulance!!

  5. Leticia says:

    I’m genuinely sorry about their breakup, especially sorry for the son.

    At the risk of sounding extremely petty (but this is a gossip site afterall), I confess that I am haunted by the shortness of PW’s legs. Not trying to make fun of him, just trying to understand his leg length…Sorry.

  6. malachais says:

    I have a hard time believing he’s upset about the divorce if he’s actually out partying with strippers. Ashlee seemed obsessed with Pete at one point and there were reports that she was a bit controlling in the relationship. Nonetheless, they stayed together for a long time. I hope everything works out, but they both need help. Ashlee doesn’t look so healthy and Pete should physically be there more often. If Ashlee didn’t tell Pete that she filed for divorce, it wasn’t necessarily the nicest thing to do, but there may be additional details behind this divorce we aren’t aware of yet.

  7. Cidee says:

    He’d better do something about that lid if he’s going to attract a decent looking jump-off.

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Does anyone else remember an article from years ago where he said he was gay?

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    He looks like a pale, bloat-faced, tat’d Jonas Brother. (And I can’t believe I just said that!)

    They were too immature to procreate & marry – Joe Pimpson put a lot of pressure on PW to marry AS.

    @ Gabrielle – Yes! I do, actually – but I don’t remember whether it was him saying he was gay or someone else saying it. So, he’s either bi, or the stripper-partying stories are him acting out to disprove the “he’s gay” thing.

  10. HEB says:

    Yeah Ashlee probably had one weepy night at her parents house and Joe was all “you know, I can take care of this tomorrow if you want” and POOF!

  11. irishserra says:

    @Leticia: Reminds me of my grandfather. We affectionately call him “Tiny Femurs” because of his legs, which are rather short in relation to his body. Pete appears the same.

    I can’t imagine that Papa Joe would hesitate to interfere in AS’ life just because she’s not his favorite child. He’s a controlling jackass.

  12. emine says:

    @ gabrielle i remember something about being bi not gay

  13. nycmom10024 says:

    But is you marry a musician why would you expect him/her not to tour? That is how you make money in the music industry.

    I totally believe some people can be blindsided in divorce filings. I also believe they are the same types of people that believe if you love each other that is all that really matters.

    That said I hope that they figure a way to work it out. Maybe schedule his tour dates and she follows with the baby and reading scripts or writting music. When his tour is over she goes into the studio to make music or tv or whatever.

  14. Bodhi says:

    I love the bit about her wanting to focus on her “career”. LOL!!

    I genuinely feel sorry for him, but I do LOATHE Asslee, so it could be a bit of that coming thru…

  15. spooge says:

    … and they both sink into obscurity, never to be heard from again..

  16. journey says:

    papa joe convinced jess that she could do better than nick, maybe he convinced ashley she could do better than pete.

    i can see the sisters as gray haired old ladies sitting around getting drunk wailing about the first husbands who’d really loved them and how stupid they were for kicking them to the curb. (maybe jenn can join them in the margarita sessions!)

  17. renai(jrt) says:

    whats with that hay hair… he always looked like his wife’s twin and now he looks like Gene Wilder. Ashely who doesnt impress me as being so bright probably woke up one day after seeing that hair and said….OMG im not married to myself anymore….

  18. sharylmj says:

    This is sad to me. They always look united and happy in the pictures we see and their little son is THE cutest celebrity baby.. but maybe Pete isn’t home enough. I wish they would work it out for their son.

  19. Anna says:

    I bet Ashlee broke up with him when he stopped straightening his hair.

  20. Jen says:

    Does this mean we’ll see him in regular blue jeans now that she’ll probably get hers back in the divorce?

  21. Iggles says:

    I think she’s making a mistake. Look how well leaving a husband who didn’t want a divorce worked out for her sister!

    Jessica ended up passed around hollywood like a party favor by men who didn’t respect her because she thought she could “do better”. Ugh.

  22. Julianne says:

    I don’t like ether of them but Pete has not toured in an year and a half and is not going to be on tour with the Black Cards until spring, and every time I see photos of Ashlee she off some were without the baby and most photos I see of Pete he’s with the baby and she too seems to go to a lot of parties.

  23. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Whitey Fisk… **CHUCKLE** me too.. it seems irresitable.

    Why are they in the news anyway? Neither are interesting.

    I would never marry a man that openly admitted he was bi.. you would never know who was a threat.. too much confusion.

  24. Bunny says:

    He looks so much better with curly hair, I can believe he flat irons it all the time.

  25. Trey says:

    He drank his own piss on youtube. My only question is why didn’t this happen sooner :/

  26. Bopa says:

    Don’t Emos cry all the time anyway? He should stick to wearing hats. I commend him for going natural but he should stay natural and wear a hat. His chin looks extra huge without something on his head.

  27. isabelsinn says:


    She divorced him because he broke the hair straightener.

  28. Me says:

    This makes me so angry. I’m not a fan of either, and I could maybe understand if she married him and then turned into a rocker and wasn’t having it if she never had been cool with the idea in the first place, but she went into the marriage knowing this is his job and who he is.

    Sounds like a vindictive brat and she’s going to be continually disappointed by any man in her life… her sister.

    I hope he doesn’t change so that shell take him back, cuz she’s not gonna.

  29. Grace says:

    @Julianne: I agree. I hardly ever see Ashlee (hate the stupid spelling of her name, by the way) with their child. Pete seems to be a stay-at-home dad for the most part so I’m not sure why anyone is trying to paint him like an absent dad or why Ashlee things she should get primary custody.

  30. Rose says:

    I can see him being blindsided just earlier this week they were twitting two each other about how much they love and miss each other and the next thing he knows she filing for divorce he probable thought whatever problems they were having they could work it out, and The whole him being away so much sounds like an excuse to me she once had a music career if you can call it that so she knows first had about him needing to tour to make money and that it comes with his job. From what we heard so far it sounds like she just wanted out of the marriage and is using any excuse for her reason why unless something really big went down.

  31. craigc says:

    Why young people in today’s Hollywood get married is a mystery to me….

  32. Yasmine says:

    I don’t know why this story interests me so much, because before this went down, I wouldn’t have cared to read about these two. But now I’m fascinated and leaning on the Wentz side and feeling some sympathy. I want to hear more on this story!!!!!

  33. Kimberly says:

    As someone who listened to Fall Out Boy for close to 10 years now ,I really hope this doesn’t mess with Wentz mentality too badly because he is known to act out and wear his heart on his sleeve; Therefore his ” erratic behavior ” .

    he attempted suicide several years ago too.

    Hopefully he finds a way through this in a healthy manner .

  34. Kim says:

    They were together 2 days b4 she filed papers.Also as for him with the strippers don’t forget the distraught Arquette and his post breakup antics.

  35. jzhz says:

    @Whitey Fisk – I totally agree and you made me laugh out loud!!!

  36. TXCinderella says:

    Oh Pete, that brillo pad on top of your head has got to go.

  37. Hautie says:

    I still see Ashlee as being a drama queen.

    Matter of fact, a self creating drama queen.

    I don’t put it past her to have file for divorce, to get her way to something Pete said, NO… to. Just so he would back down and let her have her way.

    And I could not agree more about her willingly marrying a musician who tours.

    But then throws a fit cause his work requires having to tour.

    Good grief he has to be able to earn a living. And he can not do that by never leaving LA.

    For a girl who wants to stay at home. She need’s a man with a job. And her’s has to tour for his job. So suck it up.

  38. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    @Bellaluna – Joe Pimpson!!! Funniest a.k.a. ever!:-)

    The Pimpsons (still loving it:-) are now officially the most peversely intriguing family Hollyhood has ever vomitted. Everytime it goes down with them, it’s utterly nutfaced and inexplicable. Now both girls are just walking drama, bless their lil Texas hearts. I wonder, with all they have going on all of the time, when they have time to do leisure activities like eating Chicken of the Sea chicken and breathing carbon dioxide.

    And poor, poor Pete. Somebody explain to me how he went from being nearly goth to a Bronfman cousin in one divorce filing flat. Is his sister-in-law Jessica or M.I.A.? I mean, John Mayer called Jess’ goodies napalm. The way Pete is rocking the do’, Ashley’s must be lsd.

    Dang and have mercy, ya’ll!

  39. sashavice says:

    It’s the hair, man.

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Naw, Bruh – Seriously LOL at “Ashlee’s must be lsd”! I scared my family!

    Thanks – I just can’t think of a more appropriate name for a pastor who leaves the church to “promote” his daughters’ “careers.” *cough, snicker, snort*

  41. Faye says:

    Sad. I don’t like seeing marriages fail, especially if children are involved. If he really was blindsided and is heartbroken, I really feel for him. I’ve been there and it’s the most awful feeling.

  42. louise says:

    I was surprised by the breakup. Just a couple of days earlier they were together holding hands.

  43. Missfit says:

    Oh my gosh. Poor guy, I feel bad for him. He must have really loved her. He did seem like a pretty cool dad, he would go out a lot with his son. Maybe she was in the wrong and selfish one? Some called her the Yoko Ono. Although Fall Out Boy was nothing like The Beatles. But I read that she wanted all the attention on her or nothing and she was a very very jealous person and over controlling. If she wants to be going where ever she wants and doing whatever the fuck she wants, he should too. That’s not right. So she wants spousal support, but denies spousal support to him…wtf???

  44. truthzbetta says:

    If my man told people he was a cryer like David Arquette or this guy I’d have to bolt too.

    There’s sensitive … and then there’s holy crap I have two little babies to raise and one’s 30?

  45. Twez says:

    I’d have divorced him too if he reverted to that hair.

  46. Toastedskin says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually feel bad for him. Not because I believe that stuff about him crying but b.c I think he really did love her.

  47. pixiegirl says:

    I feel a bit bad for him but he chose to marry a dimwit. That’s kinda what happens when you do that, dude.

  48. Alarmjaguar says:

    I’ve gotta say it, but I am loving his hair this way. Way cooler!

  49. telesma says:

    How much of a marriage can you possibly have if you’re so oblivious to your wife’s feelings that you can be “blindsided” by a divorce?

  50. lisa says:

    I think she just woke up one morning and looked at her life and decided she didn’t want to be married.

    she was very young…had a baby..
    They always struck me as being too young. I hope for the baby they can be adult about the split. We are seeing too many women/men acting like children.

  51. poopie says:

    i think she woke up one day and looked at his ‘new’ hair and all those fugly tatoos and those UGLEEEEEEEEE PANTS and said : WHOA ! i’m outta here !

  52. Newbie says:

    If it’s true then thats really sad. Also, I hate guys in skinny jeans. I know its the style and all, but…really?

  53. Kloops says:

    OMG, it’s “the Homeliest Jonas Brother”! I don’t know what’s more shocking; his natural hair or the amount of time he must have invested in flat ironing it over the years. Wow. Talk about commitment. Oh yeah, too bad their marriage is over. Bummer.

  54. JenJen says:

    The hair comments are only funny because that is about as superficial as this relationship seems to be.

  55. gg says:

    The hair is mostly horrible because it’s neglected. If he’s going to go au naturel, he needs to cut it short, pronto!

  56. Alyssa says:

    Ashlee wants to focus on her career?

    Oh please, WHAT career? The only reason she’s even been around in the spotlight at all these past few years, especially after her horrible SNL and Orange Bowl fiascos, is BECAUSE of Pete. She’s delusional if she really thinks otherwise.

  57. Hakura says:

    For some reason this break up really makes me sad. They did get married way too young, but they always seemed to have it together. (At least from outward appearances.)

    It seems like most marriages don’t last these days. I just hope it doesn’t turn into an ugly custody mess.