Matt Damon: Sarah Palin as VP is “absurd… like a bad Disney movie”

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I’m a Democrat and I’m all for Obama/Biden. We strive for some kind of transparency here so we try to make our preferences known and most of the writers for the site are Democrats. That said, we’re all getting a little tired of the political banter. Personally I like to focus on the celebrities to take my mind off the big bad world, which sometimes seems like it’s going to hell in a handbasket depending on your perspective. I’ve found that if I pay attention to all the minutiae of politics and the “real news” I can get upset and have to look at the beautiful elite and their problems to remind myself that everything is going to be ok. Look, Nicole Richie’s baby is so sweet and doesn’t she have such personality at that age? See how that lifted your mood? Babies transcend world problems and political beliefs.

When celebrities talk politics though, it’s hard to ignore all of them. Especially when they’re really outspoken and adamant about their political beliefs. Matt Damon has spoken out against Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin calling her candidacy “absurd” and poking fun of her “folksy” image as a hockey mom. While I agree with some of his assertions about her lack of experience and the fact that she just kind of burst onto the political scene, he does get a little too focused on who she is as a person. At the end he says he would like to know if she thinks dinosaurs were on the earth 4,000 years ago, which is something the creationists believe, and if she banned books, which was asserted by Time Magazine in an article about Palin. Damon says there’s a 1 in 3 chance by some estimates that Palin might be become President if McCain is elected.

Despite my similar political beliefs, I’m not really comfortable with seeing celebrities be so adamant against a candidate. I think it makes the side they support easier to vilify. It’s like people will say “Damon is pissed off, who does he think he is to dismiss Palin? Look at his guy.” He seems to be more upset with what Palin and McCain represent than with who Palin is as a person. Maybe he should be talking about what they’ll do for the country instead. It’s possible he did talk about all that, and it got distilled down to this segment where he kind of went off on Palin. A lot of celebrities agree with him, but they’re not likely to be so blunt in the way they state it.

Damon is shown in the header at the Toronto Film Festival on 9/9/07. Credit: Solarpix / PR Photos

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  1. cassie says:

    jigga say whaaaat?

    i dont like palin or mccain either.

    but you kind of look like an ass insulting politicians like that. yeah.

  2. adam says:

    Can’t go one day without a Palin insult on this page…

  3. Codzilla says:

    “Personally I like to focus on the celebrities to take my mind off the big bad world, which sometimes seems like it’s going to hell in a handbasket depending on your perspective.”

    Amen to that, CB.

  4. lola says:

    whiney crap like this is what consistently loses us democrats elections.

    obama is whiney too lately — his pig lipstick thing and saying “american’s aint’ stupid” is like telling all the people not planning to vote for him “hey i think you’re stupid.”

    Way to go jackass. just rile them all up with a cattle prod why don’t ya. Damon’s comments — and ones like them — shall have similar effect. people don’t like the rich and famous telling them they are ignorant or stupid because they believe something different.

    And i agree with damon to a certain extent. that is the sad part.

  5. notprfect says:

    I usually try to keep out of the political post comments, but I can’t help myself, this time. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen again. 🙂

    I agree that when celebs support or criticize candidates, it can blow up in their face. High profile people should keep their strong political opinions to themselves(unless they’re politicians) and just gloss over the reasons they support/oppose a candidate. That way they don’t screw themselves or the candidate that they like.

    I’m just afraid to see what would happen if McCain wins with Palin as VP. McCain is no spring chicken & since the VP takes over if el presidente dies, that would leave us with her. She’s so far right that she’s turned backwards. Scary. 😕

  6. Shane says:

    No, you as VP is absurd Matt. A governor of a state as VP or even running as Prez is not absurd – in fact, it’s the most common scenario in our nation’s history.

    Ooppp-sy Matt. You’re absurd today.

  7. Jen in Dallas says:

    Matt Damon is no mental giant, for sure. And how can he be concerned about Palin’s experience when his own beloved candidate hasn’t done a damn thing during his blink-of-an-eye term. He’s full of platitudes and rhetoric, that’s it.

    In the end, who gives a rat’s fat ass what Matt Damon thinks? I can assure you, I won’t go see any more of his movies, not that any were that good in the first place.

    Why do they feel the need to speak out? Because the platform’s there? I wish more “regular” people had national platforms. Instead we get to listen to the rantings of Matt Damon, Barbra Steisand, Sharon Stone, Leo DiCraprio, et al. Throw up. 🙄

  8. saintdevil says:

    Well, as a European I have to say that Palin – what with the christian fundamentalism and posing in a stars-and-stripes bikini with a rifle – is a symbol for all things that come to my mind when listening to “American Idiot”.

    I hope the fact that many Europeans feel the same way does not increase the amount of people who vote for McCain out of some misplaced patriotism.

    🙂 @ daisy:
    I actually wouldn’t have put it past her – sad how gullible I’ve become.

  9. daisy424 says:

    Boy Matt be careful, you’re gonna end up in my ‘has been’ bin of celeb political opinions.
    If you don’t know enough about Palin, educate yourself you dimwit, instead of repeating the stale late night criticisms.

    btw; Saintdevil, I think that was photoshopped.

  10. gg says:

    Just the usual. shuddup and act.

  11. takeiteasy says:

    It’s just his opinion. If the AP asked us for ours we’d do the same, wouldnt we? I know i wouldnt try to be less “blunt” about it, I’d say what I thought based on the knowledge I have, and I think it’s awesome that Damon is doing the same. He’s well educated on American politics, it’s nice to hear his opinion.. for what it’s worth.

  12. Kolby says:

    I wouldn’t worry saintdevil – you’d have to first assume that the average American bothers him or herself with learning about international news or opinion. That would be unpatriotic, and then of course the terrorists win.

  13. wow says:

    Matt Damon you’re sooooooooo smart. Really. I’m just lapping at your feet all these pearls of wisdom you are sharing with your adoring fans. Thank you Matt. THANK YOU!!!!!

  14. wow says:

    One other thing, Matt. Aren’t you the douchebag that made a video about @#$#ing Sarah Silverman while your wife and baby were sitting at home? Now, you’re in serious mode and going to lecture us about politics. You’re a joke.

  15. geronimo says:

    Ditto gg.

  16. Diva says:

    Why is a celebrity any less entitled to speak out about his or her feelings on an issue that affects them as citizens? Any one of you, being given the opportunity to speak into a microphone and vocalize the opinions you espouse would do so in a heartbeat.

    They’re citizens letting their voice be heard. It doesn’t have a single thing to do with the entertainment value of their next movie, cos guess what??? They have a right to their opinion, too, just like you, and I wouldn’t dump you as a friend because we feel differently about politics!

    And, honestly, if the support or not of a CELEBRITY makes a difference to you either way in how you’re going to vote, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway.

  17. Christine says:

    Those bikini shots were indeed fake, and the dems have been going full force, flooding the internet with lies and disinformation in a pathetic attempt to discredit her.

    Feel free to check out youtube and for more information.

  18. Tess says:

    Matty, Matty, Matty. You’ve just lost half your audience. Forever.

  19. CC says:

    CB it has been obvious for weeks that majority of your writing staff are democrats. There is a totally biased view on this site and it is starting to piss me off. This is one of my favorite sites to come to everyday but i dont want to get into political debates or hear about it as you said so why is it still being brought up. This article would be newsworthy if it held a non biased opinion.

  20. Max says:

    Let’s not get into who is lying about whom here. The Republicans have been lying like rugs for the past few weeks and the press is finally waking up and calling them on it. So, if you want to go to, be sure to read more than about silly photos.

    McCain is whining like a crazy over something he said about Hillary Clinton, “lipstick and pigs” so, please don’t go there. Also can be checked out on youtube.

    I agree that celebrities have every right to speak when asked. They pay taxes too and hopefully vote, unlike many other Americans. Hasselbeck (sp) made some very nasty remarks about Mrs. Obama at the Republican convention (also on youtube), but I don’t see any complaining about that. Double standards with celebrities who speak out all of a sudden.

  21. texasmom says:

    Well, we in the USA do enjoy (still, so far) freedom of speech, so we can’t really tell Matt Damon not to have an opinion or not to say what it is. I like Matt Damon and hey! he PLAYED a genius! but hey, he is just one of many voices out there. If he had a constitutional law background maybe I’d care more. . .

  22. Enonymous says:

    Celebrities are entitled to speak out about their opinions and believes when it comes to this serious issues/matters but they HAVE TO be careful about how far they might take it. Believe it or not there are some people in these world that do take these uneducated imbeciles that pass for celebrities seriously and the fact that they are filthy rich, well like the old saying goes, money talks (and money represents power). I like Matt Damon but I like him a whole lot more when he keeps his mouth shut.

  23. bros says:

    no they havent christine. that bikini shot was off someone’s blog and it was photoshopped and it had nothing to do with ‘the dems’ speading lies about her. that isnt even included as part of the factcheck article. since youre such a big fan of fact check (im a graduate of the school that produces it) why dont you check out other articles about palin’s own trouble with the truth whenever she opens her mouth?

  24. bros says:

    have you looked at the demographics of republicans CC? there is a reason this site, with its careful commentary, thoughtful writers, and smart research, is written primarily by dems.

  25. Recka says:

    “Despite my similar political beliefs, I’m not really comfortable with seeing celebrities be so adamant against a candidate. I think it makes the side they support easier to vilify.”
    Well said, CB. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I’m not comfortable with celeb-political endorsements for awhile. Like Diva I think they are entitled to their opinions, and if they are asked they have as much right to answer… it just makes me feel icky.
    Also: Jen in Dallas… your comment makes me laugh. You insult Damon for voicing his opinion at all, then take the opportunity to do the same with yours, using equal amounts of empty rhetoric. Nice. Oh, wait. You weren’t being ironic?

  26. Lauri says:

    “Well, as a European I have to say that Palin – what with the christian fundamentalism and posing in a stars-and-stripes bikini with a rifle – is a symbol for all things that come to my mind when listening to “American Idiot”.”

    Well, as an American I have to say that you believing that photoshopped, fake photo is for real is what comes to mind when I think of a European idiot.

  27. MSat says:

    I have just one question- who’s going to play Sarah Palin in the bad Disney movie that will eventually be made?

    I vote for Megan Mullaly from “Will and Grace.”

  28. Lauri says:

    I agree with what CC said. There are too many references to political issues on this site lately, and regardless of the slant, it’s going to piss some people off. I come here to read about the celebs and their foibles, etc…not to read about yet another one’s political opinion. That’s not news, and quite frankly, CC is right that there is a definite liberal slant. Please stop with the politics, already!

  29. Celebitchy says:

    We are not the only ones who are going to cover this, you’ll see it on most of the celebrity gossip sites. And you wouldn’t be pissed off that we had an opinion if we agreed with you.

  30. irl says:

    Palin is absurd.
    Go on Matt! Tell it!
    Any woman that would like her is an idiot and brainwashed by the misogynist
    society. She votes against women over and over. She is sooo lucky her husband didn’t walk out on her or die in a fishing accident like so many woman face. If she had she’s be singing a diffeerent tune I bet.
    She’s typical Republican with her “I got nmine so eff you – go get yours”

    Everyone, even Matt Damon, has a right to state their opinions, especially when it’s important to the country.

    “If you aren’t outraged you haven’t been paying attention”

    “On censorship, the teaching of creationism in schools, reproductive rights, attributing government policy to God’s will, and climate change, Palin agrees with Hamas and Saudi Arabia rather than supporting tolerance and democratic precepts… Palin’s stance [on abortion] is even stricter than that of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran”

    She’s an extreme extremenist and a LIAR.

    In May of 2000 the governor of the state of Alaska signed a law that made it illegal for cities to charge victims of sexual assault for the cost of collecting evidence that they had been, you know, raped. Only one city in Alaska at the time was billing rape victims for the expense investigating the crimes committed against them: Wasilla, Alaska. And, gee, who was the mayor of Wasilla in 2000? SARAH PALIN.

    Palin stands up there and tells the world she is a foe of earmarks after securing more earmarks per capita than any other state in the nation.

    Palin’s entire worldview—her sense of her great “executive experience”— comes from the ease by which she could lobby the feds or pump her way out of troubles in Alaska. I fear she’ll run the country with the same attitude. As we’re discovering today, we can no longer borrow, pump and steal our way out of our economic and governing problems.

  31. Lauri says:

    “And you wouldn’t be pissed off that we had an opinion if we agreed with you.”

    Psychic, now, are we, CB? Please don’t presume to know how I would react under other circumstances. There’s a place for everything and this is a celeb site, not a political site. I don’t think that politics should be given this much attention on what is purported to be a lighthearted entertainment site-regardless of the views expressed. This was a friendly site but now with all the political stories you are posting, there is a lot of bickering and the tone has become much more hostile.

    And quite frankly, there is no news value it reporting that a Hollywood actor is a liberal that dislikes non-liberals.

  32. daisy424 says:

    “Let’s not get into who is lying about whom here. The Republicans have been lying like rugs for the past few weeks and the press is finally waking up and calling them on it.”

    So I guess that explains why Chris M. & Keith O. were relieved by MSNBC from their election coverage posts?

    Irl, check out the link.

  33. Kaiser says:

    Interesting read, CB. I agree with Matt.


    And I’m fine if the right wants to go after him as some sort of archetypal Democrat – he is. What’s his background? He was raised by a middle-class, educated single mother, worked hard, became successful, married a single mother that he adores. By all respects he is a hard-working, honest, bright, charitable, loving father.

    I’ll put Damon up against the 21st century Rocky & Bullwinkle any day.

    And, CB, I tend to believe the Wassila librarian’s story about how Palin wanted to burn the books she found offensive – I think it’s in Newsweek, there’s a quote from the campaign saying the book burning thing was a “joke.” Haha, that’s so funny, she wants to BURN BOOKS, people.

  34. Lauri says:

    “She’s typical Republican with her “I got nmine so eff you – go get yours””

    As a lifelong republican, the child of republicans and the friend of many republicans, I can honestly say I have NEVER heard anyone ever express that point of view. Curious where you came up with that.

  35. Kaiser says:

    @Daisy – I think Keith & Chris were pulled off because they (and the entire MSNBC team, including Buchanan and Scarborough) were acting like bitchy school girls during *both* conventions. Chris even flipped Keith the bird ON CAMERA, and at times I thought Pat Buchanan, Eugene Robinson (my imaginary boyfriend) and Rachel Maddow (my imaginary girlfriend) were going to get into a fist fight.

  36. Syko says:

    Matt has the right to state his opinion. CB has the right to state her opinion. The only people who have any problem with the opinions being stated are those who do not share that opinion.

    You think CB should be unbiased? But it’s okay for Rush Limbaugh to give his opinions. Matt shouldn’t say what he believes? But George Bush can?

    If a Republican speaks up against injustice (which they seldom do, since they cause most of it), it’s heroic. If a Democrat speaks up against injustice, it’s whining.

    And as long as I’m coming down on the GOP, I wish they’d quit trying to steal Harry Truman. Harry was a Democrat first, last and always. He’d be spinning in his grave to see Republicans speaking from the steps of his library or standing on the street in front of his home in Independence to be interviewed.

  37. Lauri says:

    Syko, the difference is that Rush Limbaugh has a POLITICAL show. If his were just an entertainment/celeb show then it would be inappropriate for him to spout off about politics.

    There are so many things factually wrong with your post that I won’t even bother to try to correct you. But I will suggest you read your history a little closer and perhaps you’ll see that you are allowing your political bias to distort facts.

    There are good and bad things on both sides. To pretend that ALL republicans are eeeeeeevvvviiilllll and hateful only shows ignorance.

  38. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – do you like Claire McCaskill? She’s got Truman’s old Senate seat, and I think she’s one of the smartest, coolest Dems to come out this political season.

  39. Trace says:

    I think Matt spoke out the way he did because he feels very strongly about this election…as do I. This election is a pivotal point for our country. Sarah Palin’s views are extremely narrow-minded and downright scary at times. She believes that the war with Iraq is part of God’s plan. I am a Christian and this type of fundamentalist belief scares the heck out of me. Who is she to dictate what God’s plan is? The leaders of our country should not be playing God – it is beyond wrong.

    I know this is a celebrity escapism site, but once in awhile I don’t mind the politics talk because it is important, worthy of discussion and there are reasonable, educated people on this site that can contribute to a fruitful discussion.

  40. Tess says:


    Matt and everybody else is free to express opinions. The problem is that Libs believe they can express opinions without consequences.

    Rush Limbaugh is a great example. He expresses his opinions and he pays a price. Half the country detests him. That’s life.

    Libs need to grow up and accept responsibility for their actions.

  41. Kaiser says:

    “…if and when Obama is elected and acts like he’s a dictator and hands us over to the terrorists and says everyone has to be a Muslim.”


    Good lord, y’all. I must have missed *that* Obama speech.

  42. Annie says:

    Hi. I understand the whole “escapism” desire. I’ve been to many a concert/event where an artist makes even the slightest reference to politics and people FLIP OUT.

    But the end of the day, the bottom line: POLITICS IS IN EVERYTHING.

    Your right to post a blog like this, is a result of politics.

    And I gotta say, I’m GLAD Matt Damon is voicing his opinion. We all have the political right and freedom to do that. And I think, as a celebrity, they should do it more, just because unfortunately (it goes back to my earlier point) people want an escape and they want it so badly, that they don’t even bother keeping up with this at all.

    Well, enter the celebrity as a form of escape. So they turn to them, and instead of getting mindless junk, Matt Damon is actually making a point….and people get all “LEAVE POLITICS OUT OF IT!”

    Well I have a newsflash for everyone. It’s a necessary element and it’s in everything.

    And. I can guarantee that some people have watched that now, and have become more aware of some other key pointers that they probably had no idea about before.

  43. Syko says:

    Lauri, once again you feel the need to call me out. Would it be possible to just ignore each other? I’d certainly be happy to forget that you exist, if you’d stop jumping on anything I post.

    I don’t really see any cold hard facts in my post. Just opinions, really. But of course those opinions are wrong because I’m left and you’re right. Exactly what I was talking about.

    And Tess – I don’t expect no consequences from speaking out. But I do expect to be respected as a citizen. I want the right to state my opinion whether it agrees with that of the current administration or not. Seems to me like I used to have that right before the Bushies destroyed the United States.

    Kaiser – yes, a good woman, although I know less about her than I should, having left the Show Me State some 16 years ago for the hyped sunshine in Florida (in reality hurricanes, lizards and six inch roaches that fly).

  44. Tess says:

    Syko—We do agree on Florida.

  45. what says:

    i enjoy reading the political comments on this website. people here usually don’t take themselves too seriously and throw in lots of jokes for good measure.
    however if you don’t like it, there is an easy way out. just don’t click on the story. you see in the headline that it involves palin, so just skip it, and go to the one about how michael jackson’s underwear is being auctioned off for $1 million.

  46. breederina says:

    Are all the Republicans are just mad because they don’t have any really popular celebs publically rooting for them ? Sure seems that way to me. In fact it seems like anything is okay with them including wildly hypocritical double standards if they feel it makes themselves look good.
    Also, besides Abraham Lincoln someone name me 3 Republican political leaders whose policies have done more good than harm to the average U.S. citizen.

  47. Ron says:

    ok–I try to stay out of the frey on these posts, but even though Matt is a little harsh, he’s right. Think about it this way. I live in LA, population 3,844,829 within LA proper city limits.This does not include the 10 million or so others who live within LA county. Alaska has a population on 670,000 in total. The LA CITY budget it 5.3 billion dollars. The Alaska State Budget is 2.9 billion dollars. The mayor of LA has 5.73 times more population to deal with on a budget that is 1.82 times larger. He has been on the job for three years. It would seem that the mayor of LA is more qualified to be VP than the current canidate. He has to deal with urban sprawl, huge budget deficits, crime, gangs, every ethnicity under the sun, traffic, ports, immigration etc etc etc. Alaska is a very isolated state with the third lowest population in the country. She may have done a decent job with her state, but the entire country? Please, it is insulting. Like I have said before, if this was in the business world, and she was a popular store manager at the third smallest Wal-Mart, she would never be promoted to the second in line of the entire company. The board of directors would laugh her our of the room. But since she seems like a nice gal to have a beer with, we’ll elect her VP with the oldest President in history. YIKES!
    You know the rest of the world is watching this and laughing. Vladamir Putin will eat this woman for lunch.

  48. Max says:

    I am talking about the LA Times, NY Times, Time Magazine, CNN, Newsweek, Washington Post (today’s paper), ABC news online, until the “interview” of course, not MSNBC by the way and all in the last couple of days. All of these had been very soft of McCain until it got to be the silly season.

    Politics like religion is personal in any case. No one has to agree and no one has to participate.

  49. Lauri says:

    How about all of the republicans who fought to pass civil right legislation, over the strident and vehement opposition of the democrats as a whole? I’d say that group…of far more than 3 republicans…did quite a lot for the country.

    Oh, and Breederina, I can assure you that we don’t particularly care if undereducated celebrities don’t support us. Most educated people do.

  50. texasmom says:

    Syko, you cut me up! Your description of FL reminds me of TX. EVERY non-native Texan (like me) has a story about the first time they saw a cockroach fly. The first time I flew into Houston it totally reminded me of Orlando’s airport, only with fewer cartoon characters and more pickup trucks with gun racks.

    I agree with Tess in that we non-republicans have to bear up to being scorned when we speak out and don’t agree with them. They scorn us anyway, so what have we got to lose? They can’t help getting mad and we can’t help being right. 🙂

  51. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – Yeah, I knew you were in Florida now, I just thought you might have a glowing opinion about your old state’s great senator. Claire’s awesome!

    @Breederina – Now you’re just being mean! I can name *some* good things of the past three Republican pres’s, although I am a card-carrying Liberal:

    *Dubya – While he is The Worst President In American History, his PEPFAR initative is wonderful.

    *Bush Sr. – Brilliant internationalist, brilliant diplomat. Created binding coalitions to take on Saddam, and to ease USSR into a more stable Russia.

    *Reagan – lowered interest rates, improved economy. Some of that just happened on his watch, but he still gets credit.

  52. jeannified says:

    Touche, Matt Damon!!! I hear ya!

  53. Syko says:

    Texasmom, I love you. 😆

    My cat loves the roaches, he thinks they’re mice. But the lizards terrify me. The other day the cat was playing with one in the bathroom and I could not get to the shower. Gave some thought to calling in to work with the excuse that there’s a lizard in the bathroom, but most of the people here grew up in Florida and actually like those things. So I got the broom. The lizard actually stood up on its hind legs and tried to bite me! I won, of course, being 1000 times its body weight and being armed with a broom and the adrenaline from fear. I really meant to just herd him outside, but he wasn’t herding.

  54. snackysnaxx says:

    As long as celebrities have something intelligent to contribute I don’t mind if they speak their mind. But listening to them spout their opinions when it’s obvious they haven’t thought them out is annoying.

    I was watching Joy Behar on Larry King last night and her revelations were that Palin is “not nice” and McCain’s daughter is “adorable”. Criminy. She sounded about as deep as the kiddie pool.

    As a Democrat I was reminded of the Shel Silverstein poem about how some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without.

  55. Lauri says:

    @Syko–glad your cat didn’t catch it and bring it to you as a “gift.” I’ve had cats bring me all sorts of gifts through the years.

    The first one was a mole. A live mole.

  56. texasmom says:


    We feel sorry for the lizards (this is cat-related). My personal freak out is the big-o spiders. Right when I moved to TX I was gigantically pregnant and found a HUGE spider in the kitchen. It was so big I tried the broom trick, I couldn’t bear to squish it with a paper towel. I was flailing away at it when it tried to run under the fridge and couldn’t hide there as it was TOO BIG to fit under it! AAAAUGH!

  57. Syko says:

    “it tried to run under the fridge and couldn’t hide there as it was TOO BIG to fit under it!”

    ZOMG!!!!! 😡 😯 😥

  58. Scott F. says:

    Not sure why any Republicans have a problem with this stuff – any time Obama or one of his supporters opens their mouth to rip on Palin, McCain’s poll numbers jump 2-4 points.

    Just step back and let ’em keep digging their own grave. Might piss you off, but it seems to be working just fine.

    Edit: I also love that Republicans are blamed for all the injustice in the country too. Hey Syko, you happen to be old enough to remember who filibustered the civil rights amendment? Yeah.

  59. bros says:

    no lauri, the demographics of republicans are overwhelmingly blue collar with less education. the same people who are supporting mccain in large numbers. not that there is anything wrong with being blue collar american folks, but the education part is a real issue. so it isnt usually ‘uneducated’ people talking smack about mccain and palin (undereducated herself)

  60. Syko says:

    Truthfully, Scott, I am old enough, but politics was far from my mind in 1964 since I had a year old baby and was four months pregnant with the second. Wasn’t reading a lot of political analyses. But I am not real sure what the civil rights filibuster has to do with Sarah Palin wanting to pray away the gay. Or with McCain being too damned old to be running.

    As I understand it, though, that filibuster was more of a north/south thing than a Democrat/Republican thing. Just happens that, at that time, the south was predominantly Democratic. It was a racial filibuster, not a party line filibuster. Thankfully opinions and beliefs have changed, and in the south today you’ll see many people with Obama stickers who fear no lynchings.

  61. geronimo says:

    Which celebs are publicly supporting the McCain/Palin team? Apart from Jon Voight, Heidi and Spencer? Just wondering as only recall seeing celeb Dem supporters speaking out?
    Just a Q, not intending to provoke.

  62. texasmom says:

    Ron – I like numbers, too, to help frame things.

    Alaska’s population is slightly smaller than that of Austin, Texas. (670,000 versus 690,000).

    Obama represents a state with a population of almost 13 million. The population of his district whilst in the Illinois state senate was about 250,000.

    Wasilla had a population of about 5000 when Palin was mayor. Its budget was (I think) $5 or $6 million. Alaska has about 670,000 residents. Palin was elected with a vote of about 115,000.

  63. bros says:

    yah scott, that was when the south used to be democratic, and it is now overwhelmingly republican. strom thurmond filibustered under the democrats and after that vote he switched to serve as a republican from 1964-2003. and soon after the entire south became red. so all those filibusterers were confused about where their true home of racism and hate was.

  64. Scott F. says:

    Yeah bros – absolutely NO Democrats in the South anymore. Not like Bill Clinton was from Arkansas and Jimmy Carter was from Georgia.

  65. breederina says:

    You’re right Kaiser I can be one mean sister esp. when anyone is planning on telling me what I can and can’t do with my girly bits should they get elected.
    Didn’t PEPFAR pass despite extreme opposistion from senate reps who wanted to cut the funding way back? Sorry, Shrub signed it but it was a Democratically led bi-partisan effort on that one.
    I lived through Reagan as a govenor whose state is still reeling from policies he enacted and as POTUS who did nothing about the Aids crisis. He will never be other than a none too bright photogenic folksy acting front man to me.
    As for Bush Sr. he was a flat out read my lips new world order bully and liar who couldn’t have cared less about the enviorment as long as his cronies were lining their pockets.
    And Scott F. you’re right reps voted in favor of civil rights legislation after 1945 more often than old school dems who opposed them but civil rights were not acheived because of politicians, it was the churches, private organizations and ordinary determined people that acheived civil rights. Politicians went along when they saw the writing on the wall not a minute before.
    I still think the Republican’ts would love some star power hitched to their wagon, esp. where the youth vote is concerned.

  66. janie says:

    I totally agree with Matt.

  67. Scott F. says:

    “no lauri, the demographics of republicans are overwhelmingly blue collar with less education.”

    Funny, cause here I thought blue collar workers were predominantly union members, and would thus vote something like 75% Democrat. Unless I missed a meeting and teamsters, auto workers, factory workers and the rest all decided to switch sides without telling the rest of the country.

  68. okay... says:

    “the demographics of republicans are overwhelmingly blue collar with less education”

    Really? How about some stats to back that statement up, bros-

  69. stellapurdy says:

    Actually Matt Damon attended Harvard so for anyone to accuse him of being uneducated is apparently not too educated on the facts.

    I thought his interview expressed valid points that should be getting discussed. As someone else said earlier, this is a turning point for America. Our country is a wreck and a ruin from the last 8 years of Bush royalty. Ask yourself, are you better off today then you were 8 years ago??? Do you think America is? – do yourself a favor and get the truth about both candidates.

  70. Baholicious says:

    Matt Damon is, last time I checked, an American citizen and has the right to speak his mind on this election, including the people running for public office.

    I think maybe conservative celebrities don’t say too much publicly because they have Fox News as a mouthpiece. (Maybe Ted Nugent or Patricia Heaton would like to make statements.

    Liberals on the other hand have always been more vocal, speaking out, starting movements. The Right is concerned merely with maintaining the status quo for a certain few while the Left traditionally rings the alarm. That’s why what the Left says typically irritates the bejesus out of the Rightwing.

    I think in additions to Palin’s inexperience and creationist views, Damon (like many I suspect) is tired of the ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ B.S. of the Bush years, which may explain his hockey mom remarks.

    In any case, what he has to say is valid and worthy of consideration – if nothing else because he is a fellow citizen.

  71. bros says:

    here ya go

    and for scott:
    In this upside-down campaign season when populist GOP campaigners like John McCain and Mike Huckabee surprised the pundits with their primary victories or, in the case of Ron Paul, their fundraising prowess, it almost makes sense that the party of the country club set has been winning the fundraising race among the common man. That’s right. The white-shirt/red-tie brigade of Republican presidential aspirants holds a nearly three-to-one edge among janitors, custodians, cleaners, sanitation workers, factory workers, truckers, bus drivers, barbers, security guards, and secretaries. While Democrats command the financial loyalty of architects, Republicans successfully woo contributions from the skilled craftsmen who turn their blueprints into reality — specifically, contractors, hardhats, plumbers, stonemasons, electricians, carpenters mechanics, and roofers. This trend extends to the saloons, where the Democrats carry the bartenders and the Republicans the waitresses. The GOP field even secures more financial support from teamsters, steelworkers, bricklayers, and autoworkers.

    That’s the good news for the GOP. The bad news is that fewer of these politically active citizens contribute to campaigns and, when they do, they contribute far less than their elite brethren.
    you should like that source

  72. Enonymous says:

    Actually Matt Damon dropped out from Harvard and he was only studying English. No disrespect to any one with an English degree but it is hardly a hard subject to do.

  73. vdantev says:

    Wow, so so serious in here. You’d think your lives were on the line. It’s all just choices people. Get over it. 2 years from now, regardless of who’s in the big chair we’ll all be bitching up a fresh storm about them anyway, so…..

  74. stellapurdy says:

    @Enonymous – he left when he was only 12 credits away from graduating. I don’t know about you but for me college courses included a whole lot more topics then just what was covered under my major of criminal justice. Whether an English major is difficult or not shouldn’t matter.

    He also was a straight A student through high school and his mother was a college professor.

    Sorry to be singing his praises but it bugs the shite out of me when people make stuff up to frame an argument.

  75. Ninjajeje says:

    Holy crow, I cannot wait until this election is over. I am so sick of being exposed to people’s messiah like worship for these candidates (Obama, I’m looking at you.) I’m writing in a vote for Mickey Mouse. After which I plan to expatriot to some corner of the world where the citizens don’t reduce themselves to spitting, snarling idiots whenever an election rolls up.

  76. Kits says:

    Go Matt! I just love this guy. And he’s absolutely correct about Palin. She is the most absurd candidate we’ve seen in decades.

  77. Kits says:

    To Texas Mom;

    Good points. But Palin left Wasilla — that tiny town in which she served as Mayor — with a budget deficit of $22 mil when she left.

  78. Scott F. says:

    I love all the ‘she’s the most absurd candidate we’ve seen in years!’ stuff going on. Let’s be bipartisan and name two off the top of my head: Al Franken and Arnold Schwarzenegger. My mom was also living in Minnesota when ‘The Body’ was elected. You can honestly look at those 3 names and say Sarah Palin is even CLOSE to the strangest candidate we’ve had even in recent history?

    If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then just remember these two words: Ross Perot.

  79. CHROME says:

    The current President of Russia is Dmitry Medvedev, not (former President, current Prime Minister)Vladimir Putin. Matt Damon is an idiot. 8)

  80. Codzilla says:

    Lots of lizards where I live, too, and my cats are forever trying to smuggle live ones into the house. Although, I doubt Idaho lizards are anywhere near as badass as their southern cousins, so I won’t bitch.

  81. vdantev says:

    😆 It’s so amusing- so many deeply held largely maladjusted beliefs on all sides, and only 35% of the populace ever votes. So what does this tell us ?

  82. Lauri says:

    “And Scott F. you’re right reps voted in favor of civil rights legislation after 1945 more often than old school dems who opposed them but civil rights were not acheived because of politicians, it was the churches, private organizations and ordinary determined people that acheived civil rights. Politicians went along when they saw the writing on the wall not a minute before.”

    That is so funny…and so typical of a liberal. You just cannot bring yourself to give credit where it is due, if that means giving positive credit to the republicans. It just kills you to admit that there is good on BOTH sides of the aisle, as well as bad. It’s all a matter of degrees.

    So, instead you try to twist the logic and make it seem like it was the communities that pushed for civil rights. Well, you know what, you are absolutely right. And the republicans did what politicians SHOULD do-they listened to their constituents and acted appropriately.

    Unlike the leftys who didn’t care what the people wanted. They just wanted to keep institutionalized racism alive and fought very hard to do exactly that.

  83. AP says:

    Yesterday, we were all in love with him because of his charity work with orphans.

    Today, we tell him to shaddap.

    How fickle we are.

  84. vdantev says:

    George Carlin on voting and politicians (harsh language- beware)

  85. AP says:

    True, Medvedev technically is the president of Russia, but Putin still wields quite a bit of influence.

  86. what says:

    not saying that damon knows who’s in power there, but for those who know it’s all too obvious that putin is pulling medvedev’s strings.

  87. Gracie says:

    When I think of Matt Damon, I think of Team America. In fact, I could see Sarah on there as well, as part of the kick-ass Team America team.

    Why alienate 1/2 the country with political crap? How stupid.

    In terms of Sarah being President, as a liberal political science Assoc Prof I know likes to say…. “The youngest President took a bullet and died, the oldest one took a bullet and lived”. You just don’t know…

    (If I should have said ‘oldest elected or youngest elected’, my bad…)

    McCain has liquid steel instead of blood running through his veins, so I am not too worried about him dropping dead in the 2nd year.

    Whether he would choose to run for a 2nd term is another issue.

    I really get annoyed at people who criticize any female who supports Sarah. Can’t we just accept that people of good will can have different opinions about serious matters?? As a woman who is a professional, I am pro-life and pro-gun. I don’t insult people for their opinions, and would prefer not to be belittled for mine.

    Is civility a dead art?

  88. Lola says:

    Matt has a point. Palin is a joke, then again, America has had a joke at its helm for the last 8 years. I can’t wait for Hockey mum to face of with Putin or Hu Jung Tao of china. They will eat her and spit her before she can say lipstick.

  89. Lauri says:

    Well, Lola, I am certain that we will have the opportunity to find out! I’ll be so glad when the election is over-but I would make book that when McCain and Palin win, the left will cry foul and come up with some twisted logic to explain how they “cheated.”

    😆 🙄 😆 🙄 😆 🙄 😆 🙄

  90. CHROME says:

    The power structure in Russia, in which Medvedev is regarded as merely a puppet, is apparent to anyone who pays attention to the news. If I thought Matt Damon was aware of that (which his use of the phrase “President Putin” indicates that he is not), I wouldn’t have made the comment. I don’t think his knowledge of foreign policy extends much beyond whatever he hears at charity events or from his similarly-minded and equally uninformed Hollywood peers. 8)

  91. RAN says:

    @ Lola – OMG Lola, I laughed out loud at this comment: Palin is a joke, then again, America has had a joke at its helm for the last 8 years

    Too true, too true 😛

  92. stellapurdy says:

    Actually Chrome if you listen to the interview again he does not refer to Putin as the President. He refers to the absurdity of a President Palin, but not once does he say President Putin

  93. Jenna says:

    Why can’t people just get over that other people have opinions different from their own? Obviously Damon isn’t a republican so thus he expresses his concern about having Palin come in after McCain dies in office. Why is that a problem? Why do you try to degrade Damon just because he isn’t sure if Palin was the right choice?

    To make the republicans (not all but some) feel better after someone brings up some good points is what I can assume. McCain has done some wonderful things while he was in whatever position in (Honestly I really don’t care but I know someone is going to come on and ‘inform’ me) and Sarah Palin hasn’t been in the whole political scene for people to compliment her or believe she’ll be good for the country. (Long sentence there) So really, stop trying to bring up things that the all great republicans have done in the past. That is what History is for.

  94. Enonymous says:

    Matt Damon may have made it so far before dropping out from Harvard but most of the other celebrities have not even stepped foot at a college, most of them have not even graduated high school. So they all need to STFU and do what they are so overly paid for and under qualified to do and that is pretend to ‘act’. This is not just them simply giving their opinion when it comes to these issues, this is about them actually thinking that their opinion can oh so easily influence the common public. Their arrogance behind it alone irritates me. I do not care about Palin or McCain or Obama but I seriously do not need a bunch of uneducated ‘celebrities’ giving me lectures on how the world should spin.

  95. Scott F. says:

    Jenna – can you not see the ridiculousness of a statement like that? In one breath you remind us that Damon has a right to have a different opinion, then tell people that they shouldn’t respond with their own God-given right to free speech.

    You flat out admit that you don’t know (or in your own words even care) about anything the opposition has accomplished. You even manage to make the word ‘inform’ out to be a negative. Because God forbid we actually inform ourselves when we can just sit back and have Matt Damon tell us who to vote for. After all, he ‘makes good points’.

    “That is what History is for. ”

    Yeah, and those who don’t learn it, have an odd habit of repeating it.

  96. James says:

    Amen, FINALLY somebody tells the truth in a smart way.

    Sarah Palin represents the worst nightmare for most foreigners when picturing American idiotic stereotypes.

    If Americans indeed vote for Sarah Palin, seriously, your causes for the terrorist war will sound even less convincing in the eyes of the world. Good luck.

  97. CHROME says:

    Matt Damon made reference to “President Putin” in a quote to the AP. (AP stands for “Associated Press.”) 8)

  98. stellapurdy says:

    I see, I did not read the AP or “Associated Press” 8) article as I thought the discussion was about the video posted for the story.

    Well then he is a dope for making a reference to such.

    I’ll leave the school lesson about “AP” alone. 🙄

  99. Jenna says:

    Scott: Yeah never said it was wrong for people to say their own opinion. And saying that we should sit back and let Matt Damon tell us who to vote for is sheer idiotic. I agree with Matt in certain aspects because he makes some points. Not all I agree with but some. I don’t feel it is right for him or others to bring in her personal life to try and sway decisions of some.

    What I mean by the whole history subject is that people don’t need to sit here and bring in points of what the south/north or the republican/democrat did in the past to prove something or someone right. I’m a history major so I already know. Well, some may not be and some may not know so maybe this part of the comment is irrelevent.

  100. I am not sure why it matters whether or not celebrities go to college. They make enough money that they certainly don’t need any college degree. It would be a waste of time. College is for ordinary people.

    And Matt Damon is right about Sarah Palin.

  101. breederina says:

    Well Lauri if my liberal populist loving views amuse you happy to make you laugh your bitter little laugh. I stand by what I stated. If civil rights had been dependant on the goodwill of politicians we’d still be fighting the battles.
    It was churches, radical ministers like Dr. King, private organizations and a whole lot of determined people from all walks of life that joined together and made civil rights a reality. Sorry if this doesn’t jive with your version but I learned it from my father who lived it. I’m going to take his first person version of the events over some spun for 40 years nonsense that passes for truth today.

  102. Orangeitjulius says:

    No, Lauri, the left will not cry foul and claim the right ‘cheated’. They just steal.

  103. Codzilla says:

    Brandy: Stop with the caps if you want people to actually read your comments.

  104. DogRunner says:


    “Also, besides Abraham Lincoln someone name me 3 Republican political leaders whose policies have done more good than harm to the average U.S. citizen.”

    Here is one for you – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a Republican!

    Here is the link to the Black Republican’s website below –

  105. DogRunner says:

    @James – what country are you from?

  106. DogRunner says:


    “…This trend extends to the saloons, where the Democrats carry the bartenders and the Republicans the waitresses.”

    Saloons? What year was this written? 1880?

  107. astral says:

    As “no child left behind” rules leaves 65cents to the dollar to “special” need kids and only 4 CENTS to GIFTED kids. My child is gifted emotional and quirkey and everytime I see 6 teachers wheeling 2 paraplegic kids down the hall I want to throw up.
    He has ONE teacher to 35 students. Although giftd they are torn from birth at their advanced state and need MORE accomedation tha special ED kids. But kids that will never sweep a floor are given more by the HUGE special needs lobby. My child is left to fend for himself even on a college leve at age 13.
    You are cheating the BEST of our kids with this cap and it infuriates ME.

  108. Gigohead says:

    Republicans are great spinners. They’ve taken all her flaws and have turned her into some goddess. I’m not concerned about her pregnant daughter or her coke-head son, or her folksy ways (it’s God’s will) but rather does she really know how to potentially lead a country with the little experience she has? Matt touched upon that point. What if McCain dies in office? Are we really to place the top job to a rookie Governor? 🙁 I want change, but not change for the worst. I’m voting Democrat.

  109. astral says:

    Heidi…. My kid is FAILING in public school because he needs special requirements BEING advanced. ALL THOSE SPECIAL ED KIDS ARE PASSING> Is that FAIR????Let Palin chew the heart strings of Americans who has kids with special needs. But who the hell EVER aids gifted and advanced children DON”T have special needs???? We are gonna lower the cent amount on our very finest kids while making sure we have babysitters x3 for ever special need child in the country. Where will this lead to our future in the world????? AND BY THE WAY….GIFTED KIDS ARE SCREWED UP FOR THEIR DEEP SPIRITED FEELING OF HAVING A “SOUL’ AT SUCH AN EARLY AGE. omg i AM SOO ANGRY

  110. Heidi says:

    Yeah! Damn Those Kids Who Were Born W/Special Needs by NO Fault Of Their own! 🙄
    Being “Gifted” Doesnt Mean Shit If You Dont Have a Damn Soul!

  111. Shay says:

    Not sure I’d attack for her “hocky-mom” shtick but I think he has a point. Her being nominated in nonsense. I know the republican party has a woman with a better background that this lady in their camp.

    I’ll give the Republicans credit for one thing they sure know how to spin crap. The Democrats mistake was harping too much on Obama being the first black party nominee and not his platform. The Republicans have run with that and turned this into a personality contest.

  112. Scott F. says:

    “Are we really to place the top job to a rookie Governor?”

    You realize that sticking to that argument is likely a big part of McCain’s recent gains in the polls right? When people draw attention to the fact the potential VICE President has about the same amount of experience as the guy your side wheeled out for the big seat, it doesn’t help Obama.

    The whole argument for Obama during the primaries against Hillary was experience vs. change. Now they’re trying to act like Palin is a risky choice when all along they’ve been trying to get people to ignore the fact Obama is a first term Senator who hasn’t managed to vote half the time (unless you count ‘present’ as a vote), let alone get his name onto any really groundbreaking legislation.

    So, the argument is: A first term Governor who MIGHT have to be President on the off chance McCain bites it in office (by the way, like someone else pointed out, the youngest ever was killed and the oldest survived a shooting). Or you can vote for a first term Senator who will actually be President from day one.

    My guess is the reason people keep comparing him to Palin is because they’re tired of how dwarfish he looks when standing next to McCain.

  113. CeeJay says:

    Since the responses to this post have traveled off topic I’ll jump on the band wagon. The real fools in this election are the American electorate who allow themselves to be distracted from the true problems that face our country and instead join in on the political games of name calling, fact fudging and divisiveness. And we wonder why the two party system can’t be challenged in our country?

    As long as the politicians keep us busy picking sides and fighting with one another they guarantee themselves and their parties an even stronger foundation. Strange that under these circumstances both candidates and both campaigns claim they care more about our country than about the election. Give me a break!

    I’m not a registered Democrat or Republican, just a lowly local elected official who works everyday to solve problems in her district. Thank God I don’t have to commit to one party or the other when I run for election in my State. If I did I’d have to be part of all this insanity! Get off the blame wagon folks! Just because it’s the easiest way to pick a side doesn’t make it right.

    Each and every one of us needs to concentrate on the disastrous economic repercussions of what is currently going on in our country. But, by all means, let’s continue to get distracted by petty gossip and outrageous accusations.

    These savvy politicians are right to take us all for a bunch of fools.

  114. DogRunner says:

    @Scott F

    Since McCain has a healthy 96 year old mother, wouldn’t it be a good guess that he has some longevity in his genes?

  115. breederina says:

    @ Dogrunner: The King Center in Atlanta which was founded by Dr. Kings widow Coretta Scott King and exists to continue the legacy of Dr. King’s fight for human rights states there is no proof that Rev. King was a Republican.
    This claim is made by the National Black Republican Association who also staged a bill board campaign in Florida this summer to spread their assertion.
    Dr. King did make plans to picket both the Democratic and the Republican conventions in 1960.

  116. Scott F. says:

    That’s exactly my point DogRunner. Like others have pointed out, Reagan survived a gunshot while he was the oldest President ever elected. McCain has already survived years of torture AND cancer, while his nearly triple-digit mother is still hanging around.

    Short of kryptonite, I don’t really see whats gonna bring this guy down.

  117. DogRunner says:


    MLK, Sr voted for Nixon. Will do some more digging on this…perhaps it was just his earlier years when he was affiliated.

  118. Heidi says:

    astral count to three & calm the hell down.
    Are you calm yet? You are taking your frustrations out at the wrong individuals. Take a moment & listen to yourself, you sound dispicable! Step away from the computer & take that time to nurture your child’s “gift”. Make up for what the teachers/aides are failing in. Enter him/her in programs outside school.
    I dont give a damn what you think you or your child is entitled to! At least he or she has health on their side. People like you expect everone to be at your disposal. Wake up lady, EVERYONE is going thru their own hard times especially now! Do your part in improving YOUR life dammit!

  119. breederina says:

    @Dogrunner: MLK Sr. was Martin Luther King Jr.’s father. He was a registered Republican who did vote for Nixon but was later instrumental in helping Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, secure the presidency.
    Bit of celebrity trivia, MLK Sr. was one of the trustees of Morehouse College taken hostage by a group of students in 1969 demanding change. One of those students was Samuel L. Jackson. Mr. Jackson was suspended for his part in the protest.

  120. what says:

    heidi, it is true that gifted children struggle and need special attention, much like special needs children. think about it: a gifted child sitting in a normal class feels like a normal child sitting in a special ed class. that can lead to lots of problems, like being unmotivated and angry.

    btw, how did we even get on this topic?

  121. carrie says:

    what’s ridiculous? Damon trying to be believable as anything but a baby faced second

  122. Heidi says:

    Nobody is arguing that they dont need equal help/attention. My point is this: dont take it out on defensive children who are ill. You keep all those comments in mind when deciding the next president. You should ask yourself, “Does X person have my kids special needs in mind?”
    Instead you take your frustrations out on children who are sick to the point that they need help to eat. Pick on someone your damn size, Hell pick on me!

  123. Meredith says:

    I totally agree with Matt Damon that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be in such a position of power. She has had little to no experience in the political arena; I don’t think being the mayor of a town of 6,500 should count. Also, I think McCain chose this running mate because she is female, hoping to attract women voters. It’s an insult to me and it should be insulting to all women for McCain to think that we’re going to vote on gender alone. Lastly, anyone who tries to get books banned is dangerous. What does she fear? That we’ll read something that’s in opposition to her beliefs? This last fact in itself should be a red flag for any intelligent, thinking American.

  124. Mairead says:

    This has been an informative post – getting into Harvard = uneducated. English (presumably as a major? Suggesting he “studied” other subjects also) is a doss subject…

    And – the one thing that people shouldn’t use their constitutional right to freedom of speech is the one thing that it was meant to be used for – the right to critiscise the rulers without fear of injury or penury. 😐

    I’m with Scott on the assumption that McCain wouldn’t be physically fit for a 4 year term (I doubt either of them would last past one term tbh, unless there is a monumental event in the interim which means that people don’t want to upset the status quo).

    What about Biden? Is he fit to take over the reins should something happen to Obama? If a week is a long time in politics, then 4 years is a lifetime – Dubya was nearly done for by a pretzel for example – what’s to say that a packet of tasty prawn cocktail crisps wouldn’t succeed where the pretzel failed?

    Tony Blair was young, hale and hearty when he came to power in 1997 – but wound up with heart problems due to the stresses of the big job, so I think it’s pointless to speculate on future medical events of any of the four in question.

    I’ve said it before, but I wouldn’t get too confident that Obama will walk this one. In 1992 the exit-polls were predicting a hung parliament with Labour only inching ahead of the Conservatives. Instead the Conservatives retained control of the UK parliament. Spitting Image joked that those who voted Conservative were embarrassed to admit it and wouldn’t admit it.

    (it’s covered in a programme called 50 Terrible Predictions – but the relevant bit isn’t on youtube)

    so keeping history (probably some would consider this a doss subject also) in mind, I’m taking all pro-Obama polls with a little pinch of salt as they are only representative to a certain point.

  125. CC says:

    @bros: why do you say look at the demographics of republicans and you’ll see why the writers on this site are dem.?

    what are the demographics of Republicans? I’m an upperclass white southerner who is Ivy League educated. I guess I am a stereotypical Republican. Oh an I’m only 25 so I’m not so typical there where I am my only friend from the same background as myself who will be voting for McCain.

    I know black republicans, poor republicans and rich republicans. I know the same types of people who are also democrats. So please tell me, what are the demographics that you speak of. What stereotype am I suppose to fit here?

  126. Sarah Palin is so far to the right that its scary. She is a right-wing extremist. The fundamentalists like her because she had lots of babies and obviously is pro-life, and probably anti birth control as well. Oh, and she hunts and shoots guns. Well, this does not a great leader make.

    It takes more than that to make a leader of this country.

  127. Poor Matt:
    He may be book smart, but he is an idiot where common sense is concerned.
    As an Administrative Assistant to the District Attorney of two Louisiana Parishes, a mother of twins, a football mom and a soccer mom, I am truly insulted!!!
    Women were put on this earth after God made man. Anyone figure out why yet???
    Vicki Houston

  128. Salty Beans says:

    The Rethugs have actor John Voight all through and through their convention so Matt Damon is allowed to say the one minute and plus seconds of whatever is on his mind. He’s an American Citizen first and a celeb second.

    The Republican’s can say whatever they want about Obama and he can’t retort back? What hypocrisy….

    It’s why this country is going to hell and everybody in the world despises us! 😆

  129. Lore says:

    Noone who is concerned about the lack of experience of freshman Gov. Sarah Palin should fail to be concerned about the lack of experience of freshman Sen. Barack Obama. Exept that the Gov. is #2 and the Sen. is #1. So, the way I see it concern about the Senator is immediate while concern about the Govenor is off into the future.

  130. Salty Beans says:

    Sarah Palin is pro-life except for when it stands on four legs?!!!!! What a hypocrite. Where’s PETA?

  131. Salty Beans says:

    OMG.for Christ sakes the man is 72!!!! Seventy frickin two! 😯

  132. Mairead says:

    Vicki Houston, with all due respect, in your job do you play yourself up as being “just plain old ordinary soccer-mom” to the point of it being an obvious “I’m just like you” schick?

    I could be wrong, but I’m assuming that you don’t – you portray the persona of a professional woman, who when necessary, uses the lessons learnt from her homelife to either give a common sense approach to a problem or empathise with a member of the public.

  133. David says:

    An actor should remain an unknown so as to see them in their role playing as that person. I don’t want to know the religon, sex quirks, politics, or anything else that would keep me from thinking about “them” as a person while watching a movie. There is certain actors I will not watch such as Penn, Jane Fonda and other spoiled brats with no formal education on the topics to try to sway me to the way they think. The EGO thing with some actors is too much for me.

  134. Al says:

    “Take it easy” — I agree with you. It doesn’t bother me that he shares his political ideas in an interview — that’s what interviews are for. Being an entertainer, your success depends on people LIKING you. So maybe he thinks this will “open people’s eyes” and then they will like him and think he’s really smart. As for me, I am mostly a Democrat, but I think his comments are sexist. But I already thought that about him anyway.

  135. Mer says:

    David, if you don’t want to know anything about the personal lives of celebrities, you’re on the wrong website! 😀 😀 😉

  136. Lenny says:

    Don’t hate her because she’s BEAUTIFUL!(and INTELLIGENT/BRIGHT/INTELLECTUAL and on and on and on). I wanna be like Sarah Palin !

  137. cath says:

    Hahahaha Matt Damon for the win!

  138. Pat says:

    Thanks Matt for speaking the needed truth. It is scary that so many Republicans just dont’ get that this whole thing is being orchestrated by the religious right. They own the party. McCain has voted the same as Bush 90% of the time. No change there!Palin is beyond scary in her beliefs and would set women, peoples’s rights and this country back years. Rep. are just not wanting to see the truth about what will save the middle class and this country. Look back at New Orleans,,there is still prejudice in this country and the Rep. look out for the rich. Middle class Rep. voting for aging GI Joe and the Bad Barbie ticket are shooting themselves in the foot with Palin’s beloved gun.

  139. Pat says:

    Thanks Matt for speaking the needed truth. It is scary that so many Republicans just dont’ get that this whole thing is being orchestrated by the religious right. They own the party. McCain has voted the same as Bush 90% of the time. No change there!Palin is beyond scary in her beliefs and would set women, peoples’s rights and this country back years. Rep. are just not wanting to see the truth about what will save the middle class and this country.

  140. jenzeed says:

    Who cares what Matt Damon thinks.

    He’s an actor – glorified word for someone who’s good at ‘make believe’. Whoopdeedoo.

    What did he do? Call his agent to tell them he wanted to comment, and then it becomes headline news? Or did the liberals call him up to see if he was up for it? An advanced internet search for “Matt Damon” Palin results in 825,000 matches??? The media is worried about all of the positive attention the governor Palin is receiving so they have to bring out the big guns – Matt Damon! What an absurd joke this story is! Appealing to the uneducated followers.

    And we don’t think the media teaches people how to think? And sadly, they think you’re so stupid, you’ll be influenced by what some guy who’s really good at pretending thinks.

    Why is a governor scarier than a senator? Is it that she’s female? That she’s been to a hockey game?

    The whole spiel sounds scripted anyway. Notice he keeps looking down to his right side where the cue cards are?

  141. Shay says:

    There was a time when many of the old school Republicans were Democrats. Look up the Dixiecrat realignment. Hell Strom Thurman used to be a Dem. Don’t act like the Republicans of the past were the same as they are today.

  142. Lucy610 says:

    Matt Damon? Well, he’s cute, let’s say that. Nice smile, great teeth – but he really should stick to being pretty and playing people who are smart. I know he has a lot of conviction about his beliefs, and that’s great – we need passion in this country — but he would be outraged if people judged his mother for her radical beliefs, wouldn’t he? He has proudly extolled the virtues of those beliefs in magazine interviews. What if we called his mom names? But we won’t do that because we actually respect her beliefs and if she were to run for office, we might question her methods but we wouldn’t mock her. How…oh-how-you-say, fifth grade. Good job, Damon. The next time you want to complain about a politician have Clooney write your script.

  143. Tommy says:

    It absolutely galls me that the media, and celebrities, like our buddy Matt Damon here, feel they have to speak and think for us hard-working, “unenlightened”, regular Americans. They seem to think that the general public isn’t politically savvy enough and that they must step in and save us. Shut up and stick to acting, singing, or whatever it is you’re paid to do. Let me handle making up my own mind.

  144. Junebug says:

    Well said Tommy. That’s exactly how I feel when celebrities speak so vehemently against a candidate. It makes me feel we are to ignorant to come to our own conclusions,doing our own research.

  145. wacity says:

    Thank God Someone finally said what the main stream media has been to scared to say……Plain is a JOKE; And if the American people vote for a ticket where she is more than likely to have to step into the role as president then this country is a joke as well.

    PS: “Us People” in Hollywood are way smarter than all u country hicks out there…if it was up to me, California would be its own country. God know people on the left coast are tired of being part of a country of thoughtless, fearful, idiots

  146. Junebug says:

    I am a meat-eater and I lived in Montana for a long time and I know we hunted and ate what we killed. With low wages, many of us would not have gotten through very rough times without feeding our kids with what we had in the freezer, deer, elk and bear.
    I saw an interview with Sarah serving her kids what looked like either Moose burgers or elk. I’d bet it was stock from her own freezer. I Know some of you think it’s horrible but hunting for food that has no preservatives,hormones and is low fat is very very healthy food for a person. As far humane, well I do love my meat and its alot more humane hunting, then well, I am sure you have seen pictures or heard about animals raised in small pens,that are just for markets. Hunting not so long ago was how many hard working families put food on their table.

  147. kelli says:

    I’m a registered Republican, but agree with everything Damon said. It’s really frightening how this is really going on, and the possible consequences – should McCain be elected.

    Seriously think about if he is elected and doesn’t survive his term. Isn’t it a scary thought to have Palin, someone we hadn’t even heard of before 2 weeks ago, running this country?

    I think it was a pr move to get the voters who were only voting for Hillary because she’s a woman. Absolute idiots if they WOULD simply because of gender.

    AND, sorry, but I’m more than a little tired of hearing about Palin’s hair and clothing style, and those friggin glasses.

    Frankly, I can’t see her without thinking of Peggy Hill from King of the Hill.

    IMO (as a Republican I hate to admit it) but Obama seems to be determined to help this country, while McCain has turned so right (he wasn’t just a few years ago!) it appears he’s a puppet for the Republicans and not sounding off from his heart.

  148. Elizabeth says:

    I love Disney movies. And Pixar too. They’re quite successful. Too bad Damon’s not in any.

  149. Lola says:

    Watched her interview last night. She thinks American can attack Russia ‘if need be’. What a joke. She hardly knows anything about foreign policy and sounded like a grade 3 politics teacher when answering questions. Where has she been these last three years. American can’t even win a war in bl oody Afghanistan but she thinks it can invade Russia, what a dimwit.

  150. breederina says:

    Junebug does anyone you know eat much wolf meat ?
    I hear Ms. Palin likes to shoot those from a helicopter.
    Now I’m no hunter but that doesn’t sound too sporting to me.
    As for Matt Damon as a U.S. citizen he has every right to speak out about the direction his govt. is taking. Just like Tom Selleck or that idiot Elzabeth Hasselbeck, or you or I.
    After all its “We the people”.

  151. John T. Donnelly says:

    Matt Matt, “Bad Disney Movie” You are a bad “Disney Movie” You married a Bartender from Miami, Get a grip you think you have insight to politics in the USA, Stay making bad movies and living with the low lifes of Miami Beach … Matt..

  152. betsy says:

    Who cares what the heck celebrities think. Matt Damon needs to get his facts straight, Sarah Palin isn’t just a Hockey mom. She was a Mayor for 8 years She is a Governor for 2, she runs a business. What is Matt? a idiot that gets over paid for acting… in fake scenarios. Why does anyone pay attention to what Hollyweird thinks.

  153. LIZ says:

    It amazes me how celebrities think American’s are so stupid we can’t decide for ourselves. The media and the talk shows formed an opinion and want to influence the rest of us. why on earth would we care what they think, and that quake on Mtv from britian. Yeah he’ll make me want to vote his choice.

  154. Mairead says:

    Lola – to be fair, even the Russians found Afghanistan hard going 😉

    Breederina, personally – although I’m a veggie – I have no problem with hunting responsibly and in a sustainable manner. But considering the horrific things that are being written about Sarah Palin, I’m going to take any gossip like that with a huuuge pinch of salt. (I’m not saying that you’re making stuff up – but some sources are being less than scrupulous)

  155. laura says:

    The media is way too biased towards the liberal left in my humble opinion. Most people out there are not educated on the REAL issues, voting records and experience of those running for office. I think that Hollywood in general needs to keep their opinions to themselves. Matt Damon comes across as a beligerent, uneducated and chauvanistic man and beleive me if Palin was a Democrat, the liberalist media would be ripping into to the conservative right wingers for bashing her for all the things that she stands for. The truth is that of ALL the candidates Obama has the least experience, has never led anything, has no concrete plan to change anything and many of ideas sound socialist in nature. And yes, I have read both his books, know his voting record inside and out both on the state and national level. We need real change in this country and I am sorry but Obama is not it, and for those who want to bash on Palin, ask yourself if she was the Democratic Vice Presidental Candidate, would you be for her or against her…..BE HONEST!!!!

  156. dee says:

    your comments reflect your shallowness. if all you got out of palin’s background was “hockey mom”, you are narrow minded and pathetic. do america a favor and keep your ignorant opinions to yourself. i for one am not a fan of yours like many of the responders listed here. how is that for public opinion!
    could you studder a little more?

  157. breederina says:

    Mairead no one could make this stuff up.
    Or one can Google Sarah Palin hunting wolves for mor sources.
    I wish it were a rumor.

  158. breederina says:

    Mairead you could not make this stuff up.

    Wish it were a rumor but the legislation and voting speak to the contrary.

  159. breederina says:

    Hey what’s up I’ve tried to respond twice on this thread but it keeps disapearing ?. Mairead first read that story that story on the BBC web site.
    Since, it’s been everywhere.

  160. RAN says:

    Methinks Matt should stick to being adorable, and leave the political toys to the big boys.

  161. Sweets says:


    never did like you .

  162. MyVoteNoJoke says:

    Matt, I think your smart enough to know that the American people are being hoodwinked yet again. If the silly personality voters have common sense they know during Palin’s interview with Gibson she outright lied over and over again, the crash course didn’t work and MCCAIN picked her simply to hoodwink simpleminded people.

    When the BUSH WHACK is finally over (8 more Years) and THE MCCAINS and THE PALINS has lined their great great great grandchildren’s inheritance with the silly personality voters’ money, I hope the silly personality voters can joke about being homeless and standing in food lines. DUMMIES!

  163. mamaof3 says:

    ya know what my problem with all of this is? that we were told “hands off” about her “family” arrangements. I am sorry but as a working mother whose arms are exhausted from juggling my job and family, I WANT TO KNOW who is minding her kids. You cannot call out of a summit because your “special needs” baby had a rough night. WHO is minding her own backyard? I am OFFENDED that I am told that concerns about her attention and how she will handle it are “off base”. I am concerned that the party that preaches family values is now telling me that their candidate is allowed to have a young young family and NOT TAKE CARE OF THEM because she will be VP. I am sorry but I am COMPLETELY offended by a woman that preaches abstinence while her 17 year old is pregnant. I am sorry but I am COMPLETELY offended by the reference that a hockey mom makes you tough enough for taking the office of VICE PRESIDENT.

    The entire creation of PALIN was a brilliant political marketing tool because unfortunately Obama dropped the ball by not nominating hillary. The country was so divided over obama/clinton that clearly putting a woman in the race has more to do with that … its MARKETING.

    You are being smoke and mirrored AGAIN and you are arguing over if Matt Damon has the right to speak out?

    Give me a break. Turn OFF your Lee Greenwood song, park the general lee and FRIGGIN LOOK at the MESS this country is in.

  164. Pete O'Brien says:

    Who are these play-actor shmucks that think they have informed opinions about national and/or world affairs? Matt Damon is another Hollywood know-nothing (along with the likes of Alec Baldwin, Clooney, Sean Penn, et al.) who has fortunes lavished on him to play-act for a living… Somewhere along the line these celebrities in their monumental vanity come to believe that they possess legitimate – even virtuous – social thoughts and opinions. Damon knows as much about politics as he does about earning an honest living – zilch, nada, nothing! He should henceforth keep his (lack of) political opinions to himself and stick to making movies like the idiotic “Oceans…” series.

  165. colleen gru says:

    KEEP TALKING HOLLYWOOD! I love it – I LOVE it! What a joke!!!!LOL

    Let the world see you are all a bunch of idiots!!!

    Please – ABC, NBC, Us, Time, NY Times, keep on interviewing celebs!
    Now thats entertainment!

    Rock On!

  166. Michele says:

    OH MY GAWD!!!!!! Put a damn sign in your front yard who you support, go to the rallies and shut your mouth. See the difference btwn Repulicans and Democrats is Republicans have class and Democrats are evil and have diarrhea of the mouth. Matt Damon is a has been, seen an opportunity to get on TV again and took it. Is that why he wanted to know if Palin believed in dinosaurs, because he is one? Grow up America, we are a crappy country, neither candidate is what they say. But at least one is American. Shouldn’t Matt be saving some less fortunate country or something, they welcome babble idiots because they can’t understand english and just want their money. Go live in the places you put your money and get the hell out of the USA so we can move on and take your friends with you. You haven’t seen Uma Thurman, John Rich or Stephen Baldwin making assholes out of their party. Yet they are all still famous. Go dem Hollywood go.

  167. Big Vini says:

    I’ve read what everyone has said. Isn’t it wonderful that Sarah’s son is off to defended our right to debate this issue. Being a Veitnam vet and spit upon by some of our liberal and far right “Americans” I feel people like Matt, Susan, Jane, etc. etc. live in their own fantasy movie world. If Obama is voted in Nancy Pelosi will run the USA from her position of speaker of the house… Excuse me but I rather take my chances with a Vet. and a woman who certainly will not allow the house or senate to push her around !!!!

  168. Anon says:

    To Chrome:

    Putin has been Prime Minister of Russia since May of this year. Matt was right — you were wrong. Perhaps you should have joined the “crash course” McCain’s campaign people put Palin through before they would let an interviewer get within 10 feet of her with a microphone.

  169. Anon says:

    To Michele:

    Republicans like you have all of the class? I’m a Republican and I find you to be an embarassment to the Party. Please don’t write anything else. You give us all a bad name.

    Btw…I’m not voting for McCain/Palin.

  170. Dean E. Sizemore says:

    The mood of the comments in this blog is indicative of exactly why we can’t move forward in this country. Instead of discussing issues intelligently, we throw insults at one another. Hmmmmm..where have I seen that before? Could it be…..? I’m going to venture an opinion that the upcoming election is going to be one of the closest in the recent history of our nation. And it’s going to be one of the most important ones. We desperately need change. It’s important that we consider the best “man” for the job, regardless of party affiliation. But regardless of who wins, it’s time that we, as citizens, start to make all of our politicians (local and national) accountable for their actions. Instead of throwing insults at each other, make your voice heard where it counts….in Washington.

  171. Former Matt Damon Fan says:

    I used to like Matt Damon as an actor, but now that I see what a self absorbed oaf he is in this interview, I’m writing him off. He is clearly trying to draw attention to himself as something of an intelligent person but we all know he is just repeating something one of buddies said and trying to act like he came up with it… His remarks are self serving yet idiotic.

  172. Valerie says:

    Palin? A bad Disney movie? Well I have to give it to Damon. He does know alot about bad movies. I’m sure he would have the starring role.

  173. Phil Savage says:

    In Response:

    “See the difference btwn Repulicans and Democrats is Republicans have class and Democrats are evil and have diarrhea of the mouth.”

    Rush Limbaugh, Republican, called Matt Damon a “celebutard”. Classy.

    “Palin? A bad Disney movie? Well I have to give it to Damon. He does know alot about bad movies. I’m sure he would have the starring role.”

    Oh yeah. Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, Syriana, The Departed. What a bunch of pieces of shit. Honestly. And he’s SUCH a bad actor too, GOLL.

    Also, if Matt Damon is such a numbskull, why was he accepted into HARVARD?!!

    JUST BECAUSE YOU DISAGREE WITH HIM, THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM STUPID. IT ONLY MAKES YOU ALL A HORDE OF PROVINCIAL REACTIONARIES. I really hope the youth of America gets out on Nov. 4 so we don’t have to suffer under the authority of you ignoramuses for another 4 years.

  174. KANDI says:

    it is a joke him putting others down he was a noboby when he began we should not put too much stock in what someone says this person makes a living by fantasy films are not real so it is so silly a goofy person he knows this and that and like sarah or not she is alot more charming than some people out there thinking we could really care less but , you had no experience so do you really believe we care what you think uhhhh nope ! we all on this big green earth