Anna Nicole’s Mini-Me on the cover of US for her 2nd birthday

It seemed little Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern/Birkhead had just been born when her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, died in her hotel room in Florida under bizarre circumstances.  The drama that ensued was every gossip monger’s dream: questionable post mortem photos, certifiable mother, disputed paternity, crazy fake-prince public statements.  You couldn’t have made that $%*@ up!

But looking at the face gracing the cover of this week’s Us Weekly, it all seems like a really bad, really old TV movie.  Dannielynn, who recently had surgery to correct strabismus (a condition where one eye tends to move inward), turned 2 years old on September 7 and is just as much a cover girl as her mother was!  While it’s obvious who her father is, there is just no disputing Dannielynn is her mama’s mini-me.

“On Dannielynn’s second birthday, Larry Birkhead opens up in the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, about raising Anna Nicole Smith’s little girl and shares with Us his own family album of their time together.

“When I take pictures of her she likes looking at them just like her mom did,” Birkhead tells Us.

“Some days I think she looks just like her,” he says of the tot, who who turned 2 on Sept. 7.”

[From US]

Dannielynn is gorgeous and if these pictures are any indication, she could easily follow in her mother’s modeling footsteps.  We just all have to send up a prayer that that’s as far down that path as she’ll go. 

Like him or not Larry Birkhead seems to be doing a pretty damn good job of raising Dannielynn.  She’s always smiling and looks like she loves being with her dad.  You also have to give credit where credit is due to Birkhead.  While he’s received some money in exchange for doing press with Dannielynn, he’s also moved back to Kentucky to be near his family and ensure that his daughter has a normal life. I would say the last person in this world who actually loved Vicki Lynn Hogan for Vicki Lynn Hogan is making sure her daughter knows it, too.

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  1. vdantev says:

    wow, it has been 3 whole weeks since she was last on a cover without something scandalous attached to it.

  2. Susan says:

    She is adorable.

  3. RAN says:

    This child is absolutely stunning! Never thought much of Anna Nicole, but she was a beautiful woman and managed to create a beautiful child.

  4. SeVen says:

    Beautiful little girl, the eyes look a little creepy but it’s probably bad photoshop…

  5. Anni says:

    read the article, she underwent eye-surgery . her eyes look much better than before. she really cute. shame she can´t be with her mum.

  6. ri23 says:

    This kid is out again. Larry’s rent must be due.

  7. lanette says:

    what a cutie…….!

  8. daisy424 says:

    Wow, she is getting big. Agree Ceilidh, she does look alot like Anna Nicole.
    What a cutie 😉

  9. Syko says:

    Beautiful child! Much prettier than her mother was.

  10. Gigohead says:

    😀 This baby is doing great with her dad. Good to see that her dad is taking good care for her. Her drug-riddled mother was not going to be as attentive.

  11. dumdee says:

    i think this child is cuter than shiloh. she resembles her mum so much!

  12. KERRI says:

    Has it been 2 years? Wow.

    This little sweetie is beautiful. Hope she has a stable and loving life ahead of her.

  13. Kylie says:

    She is lovely. What beautiful eyes she has. xx

  14. Diva says:

    I think she’s beautiful! She looks like my niece but with blonde hair!

    The article says she’s probably going to need more surgery on her eye, and I saw a pic of her on some other site today and you could really see the one eye crossing. It’s getting fixed though, and she’ll be good as gold!

    Anna Nicole was stunning, there have never been Guess ads again that even came close!

  15. Nina says:

    No baby is cuter than Shiloh!!!

    This little girl is beautiful though, I must admit. Anna’s life should be a warning, and I just hope Larry raises this little girl to have two feet on the ground and not her adorable locks in the clouds… like her mama had.

    Good luck sweetie.

  16. Lauri says:

    What a little doll! What can be cuter than a little one smiling like that?

    I’m happy to read that he’s keeping her near family, etc and seems to really be caring for her. After her rough start in life, she certainly deserves a parent who will be loving and attentive.

    It’ll be interesting in 20 years when she, Shiloh and Suri are grown up. Looks like they will be 3 beautiful young women. 🙂

  17. crab says:

    Nina relax will you!! This child is stunning and I agree with dumdee. She is way cuter than Shilo because this little girl is happy and smiling all the time!! Shilo always looks a little off for some reason!!

  18. Syko says:

    I don’t know why one baby has to be cuter than another – Dannielynn, Shiloh and Suri are all gorgeous, as is every other two year old (or in the case of Suri, 9 year old) little girl in the world. And I pick Ms. Z as the cutest older woman among them.

  19. Nina says:

    Shiloh is sweet and she would have been sweet even if her parents weren’t famous. She doesn’t look off to me, unlike sci-baby Suri, who never smiles, just like her mother. I suppose we all have our own preferences and I just happen to think Shiloh is a little angel. I did go on to say that I think Dannielynn is beautiful too, didn’t I? She is smiling so sincerely, there is nothing plastic there. Oh, and I also think Princess Zee, or Zahara, will be one stunning supermodel one day! She has such grace. Let’s just hope they grow up to be well adjusted young women. Sorry if I sounded upset about Shiloh, it wasn’t, I was just… astounded that everyone doesn’t think Shiloh is perfect.

  20. geronimo says:

    Dannielynn’s got a little bit of Drew Barrymore (circa ET) about her here, very pretty little girl.

    But no one still comes close to ZJ-P!

  21. Syko says:

    Nina, I agree about Shiloh.

    One of the radio stations here – and these guys may be syndicated, so maybe you have them there too, I’m not sure – has drive-time talkers who are keeping track of how long until Shiloh is legal. She is going to be a stunning woman.

    But they’re all beautiful.

  22. fee says:

    What a sweet little girl – its just a shame the legacy her mother left behind in the end – just hope her Dad is giving her the stability she needs & deserves….
    P.S. – Shiloh, Suri & Zahara are all beautiful in their own way – cant wait to see how all these little girls grow up…

  23. Lola says:

    It amazes me that real adults would run around comparing little kids’ looks. How sad is that 🙄 Shiloh is a sweet muchkin, she doesn’t have a lot of personality but it may come later. Too bad she has douches for parent. Dannielynn is gorgeous too. Larry has done well by her. I am glad he is pimping her less. She deserves some privacy especially if she turns out o be very wealthy when the case her mother was pursuing comes to an end.

    Let children be children and quit comparing them.

  24. daisy424 says:

    I had to laugh out loud when I read your post, here are just a few comments you have made in the past about the Jolie/Pitt kids;

    “The kids have greasy hair most of the time….. Shiloh seems like she has a bath once in a blue moon… Vivi’s mouth is going to be open all the time like Shilohs….”

    “It amazes me that real adults would run around comparing little kids’ looks.”

  25. Dubdub2000 says:

    Where are child services when you need them?

    This child is being exploited. The 2000s will be the decade where one could become famous for NOTHING (ex: Paris Hilton) or for being the child of some celebrity (Suri, Shiloh and now Dannielynn). Before only the kid of “royalty” were subjected to that kind of scrutiny (ex: the UK princes, the Kennedys, etc). The worst is that the parents are willing participants in the exploitation of these kids, like they don’t have enough money already! It’s sickening.