Tara Reid engaged to fashion exec (update: not true)

There are some people who are truly unmarryable. Normally they’ve got more STDs than fingers, tend to spend far too much time in tanning booths, and often change the spellings of their names to make them unnecessarily complicated. Note that I said “people” and not just women. Because ladies, if you’re smart, you’ll realize that there are some guys like this too, and it’s best to stay away from them as well.

In this particular instance, the unmarryable who is getting married is none other than Tara Reid. Pretty much the definition of the girl you don’t take home to mom.

Owner of the most grotesque frankenbellies in the world, Tara Reid, is engaged to Julien Jarmoune. Julien is a French fashion executive for J & Company. Julien is also legally blind. That’s not confirmed, but I don’t have any other reason on why he would marry Tara Reid.

One of Tara’s friends told The National Enquirer that the two met while Tara was doing research for her own fashion line. The friend went on to say, “Tara’s really in love with this guy, and he’s had an amazingly calming effect on her.”

Does the “amazingly calming effect” he provides her with come in powder form? Everyone knows the way to Tara’s heart is through her nose.

Tara’s friend also said that Julien has been a good influence on her. “She’s trying to clean up her reputation. Julien has definitely changed Tara for the better. It looks like she’s finally gotten her act together. They’re talking about a wedding next summer.”

[From Dlisted via the National Enquirer]

To be fair, Tara has recently been seen at several events looking less like Tara Reid. Which is code for most people for “looking like a tramp/whore/carrot face.” She’s stopped with the over tanning and has been wearing some decent, semi-elegant outfits. I was wondering what brought this on, but I assumed she was just on some serious mood stabilizers or something. Romance didn’t even enter my mind as a possibility. Certainly not marriage.

Congrats to Tara and Julien. Hopefully he’ll choose everything for the wedding, and she’ll just show up.

Update: Tara’s rep has denied this story, and says “it’s just a rumor” and “is not true.”

Here’s Tara hosts a “Sexy Soiree at Studio 54” (not my phrasing) in Vegas on March 22, 2008. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. RAN says:

    For some reason, I find myself defending her. I think at one time in her life/career, she had the world by the tail – she was the Hollywood funny girl who everyone wanted to be friends with. Then plastic surgeries, insecurities, excessive partying, and whatever the heck happened with ugly mug Carson Daly… she went downhill.

    I doubt she’ll (they’ll) make this work, but I hope it does.

  2. Kaiser says:

    The “fashion line” they’re talking about – that’s the same one with the ghetto-tranny activewear looks, right?

  3. eatavag says:

    i second that. give her a break people. she made some bad choices is all.

  4. california angel says:

    Sounds more like she is this guy’s very own Eliza Doolittle to me.

  5. bros says:

    meh, i suspect we’ll be seeing her on the cover of People very soon with her new baby a la jodi sweetin “how my baby saved my crack-headed life” type of thing. im way over this has-been. i cant even believe she gets as much press as she does.

  6. Codzilla says:

    Saw the groom-to-be’s pic on Dlisted — he looks like a tool. Then again, what other sort would actually marry Tara Reid?

  7. vdantev says:

    Is she aware of it?

  8. Sol says:

    Come on she has really tried to clean her act .But it seems that people always find her something to criticize!

  9. Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.