Rachel Bilson’s porcelain line, pretty or overreaching?

Rachel Bilson has a line of porcelain available at Macy’s and says she plans to branch out into bedding soon. She’s already put out a fashion line, and she was accused of ripping off other designers. Unlike Kaiser I kind of like Rachel, but I’m starting to see Kaiser (and Lainey’s) point that Bilson is full of herself. What does she do exactly and when was the last time we saw her in anything? Like there’s no shame in not getting work as an actress and trying to promote yourself, but she gets papped in a disproportionate amount to her level of fame. At least she’s not going off the rails like her former O.C. costar Mischa Barton.

Anyway here’s what Rachel said about her porcelain line and how she hopes to do bedding.


Whether she’s sitting front-row at coveted shows or simply running errands around town, Rachel Bilson often finds herself on best dressed lists — including PEOPLE magazine’s! — for her eclectic California cool style – and now she’s bringing that much-praised aesthetic to the home! The 29-year-old recently launched a line of vintage-inspired porcelain dinnerware in a collection called Edie Rose Home by Rachel Bilson, an affordable, nature-themed tabletop line that includes place settings, butter dishes and teapots. “To stick with fashion, that would be a little more predictable,” she tells C Magazine about expanding her repertoire. “But there’s no one in my demographic, or really any ‘celebrity’ who has a similar aesthetic as me, who’s doing home or tabletop design. I’m sort of obsessed with dishes. I’m always cooking and baking at home, and I hate going out. I’d love to do bedding, too.” Edie Rose Home is available at select Macy’s and on Macys.com Read more from Rachel when C Magazine hits newsstands on February 22.

[From People via Lainey Gossip]

Here is a link to Rachel’s dishwear. It’s reasonably priced but not my style at all. I like modern and minimal design, not fussy and flowery. That’s why no one is designing dishes like her. Maybe Rachel is hoping to be like the Jessica Simpson of domestic design. She’s just about as qualified as Jessica I guess.

Oh and she has a new movie out called Waiting For Forever with Tom Sturridge. He put his best knit cap on for the premiere.

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35 Responses to “Rachel Bilson’s porcelain line, pretty or overreaching?”

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  1. Keen says:

    I am a sucker for porcelain, but I do not like that pattern! The blue looks weird, like the color of that stuff they spray on people’s lawns to fertilize it. no thank you.

  2. Rita says:

    I really have to give the girl credit. Where does she find the time to be papped? I’m sure she buys the raw materials but sitting at a pottery wheel all day forming cups and plates, firing as well as glazing them, and finally hand painting them? Talk about a multi-tasker. You go girl!!!!

  3. the_blonde_one says:

    I have no opinion on her line or acting. I’m taking the opportunity to rant about one of my biggest pet peeves: in that first photo her hair is extremely dark and then faded out into frizzled blonde(ish) ends. Drew Barrymore has been doing the same as have others. The stylist didn’t pull a ‘honey, we need to talk about your hair’?

  4. KJ says:

    No, no and more no. Rachel Bilson has done fuck all since the OC, and if you’re going to have a celebrity endorsed (or “designed,”) line, use someone who’s an actual celebrity. She’s a clothing mannequin, and that’s about it. Also, DON’T use someone who blatantly stole designs for her own clothing line. Check Lainey’s article on that. I remember reading about it when everything first broke, and now the fact that she’s getting ANOTHER shot at being a designer despite having almost zero notoriety, and no original ideas?! Get the fuck out. This world is doomed.

  5. bananapanda says:

    Poor man’s Mila Kunis. I used to get them confused but not anymore!

  6. seVen says:

    I think her things are pretty, but I agree with Rita or.. disagree as it were, shes not hand panting or crafting these things but seldom to “celebs” with “lines” out there work in detail with their products. Meh.

  7. Arianna says:

    yeah… more modern and minimal in tastes too.
    but i do like that pot… that’s pretty epic!

    but how fucking boring must this be compared to clothes and shoes lol

  8. danielle says:

    Bleah. Way too fussy. Thought the same thing when I saw them this morning on another site.

  9. gee says:

    It’s pretty!

  10. heatheradair says:

    Sooooo, we rip on her for being a do-nothing famewhore, and then when she works (and does something off-beat, off-camera) we rip on her for lacking originality…..This girl can’t win!

    Here’s a thought: this porcelain line screams Anthropologie – classy-boho (sort of rachel’s style, actually). In fact, if she sold this through that store it would probably be a HUGE hit….

    Can’t blame a girl for trying new things to make money…

    (but then, I like her. think she’s cute and seems *almost* normal and if the worst we can say is that she’s photographed a lot — she could do worse!)

    OH – and @The_Blonde_One – apparently the icky hair is by design. Ombre. Color fade. Done on purpose. Hard to believe, but true.

  11. Shannon says:

    She’s like the brunette Kate Bosworth – papped disproportionate to fame level, thinks she’s a designer, no substantial acting gigs, etc. NO one cares about them.

    I thinks she’s trying to be the hipster Martha Stewart, but I feel like I’ve seen this stuff at Anthropologie…

  12. Jeri says:

    Per TVLine:
    Rachel Bilson will reunite with The O.C. creator-executive producer Josh Schwartz this pilot season after all: The actress is close to a deal to star in Hart Of Dixie, The CW’s hourlong pilot produced by the Gossip Girl duo of Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

  13. Melanie says:

    I like the bird salt and peppers but the dishes themselves are a direct copy of another existing china pattern.

  14. Catherine says:

    She is annoying like her lame advice column in InStyle.

  15. Nanea says:

    I’d rather have something of Cindy Crawford’s kitchen stuff, if I absolutely needed something made by someone famous.

    Meanwhile I’ll stick to my favorite European brands.

  16. melangie says:

    The only person I know who would like this china is my grandma & even she wouldn’t buy it. She always said birds on housewares (esp wallpaper) was bad luck.

  17. Ally says:

    She’s so cute, but quite dreadful as an actress. She doesn’t seem to have progressed beyond the teen TV show ‘style’ of acting at all.

    She’s a styling genius, though. She should reinvent herself as a stylist. Rachel Zoe rakes it in, doesn’t she?

  18. Ellie says:

    her designs are already being sold at 1/2 off…not a good sign bilson

  19. Celebs.com says:

    “Put a bird on it.”

  20. citysuede says:

    @the blonde one….
    that look is called “ombre color” where highlights start at the bottom of the ears and goes to ends. it’s supposed to be hot, but i agree it looks terrible.

  21. Krys says:

    I’m eclectic in my home decor tastes and I really like the dinnerware. It’s a good combination of old and new floral design for dinnerware. I have a lot of blue in my home. I like mixing contemporary with traditional so I really like it.

  22. ruthsdottir says:

    I agree with Melanie. The salt and pepper shakers are cute. I’d certainly use them as accents. I don’t mind a fussy accoutrement or two. Clean and modern can come off as haughty hotel and brad pitt uninhabitable. To each her own, but me, I like some signs of life and a nod or two tradition/nostalgia/kitsch, ca marche!

  23. Melanie says:

    @Ruthdottir~ I know! I love birds. But I had no clue that they were bad luck. What nationality is your Granny Melangie? I’ve got all kinds of bird kitschys.

  24. dit says:

    too bad she’s not doing any work. i think she’s a decent actress.

  25. lrm says:

    i dont know anything about her, actually.
    but she is very pretty, and has great style in these pics.
    gotta hand it to her for busting her butt to be papped/seen, and trying to get her name out there….fame and money are hard work sometimes!

    otherwise, ITA re: anthropologie comparisons.

    Also: I HATE when ‘names’ are on cookery or dishware,like a logo-mario batali’s name on a freakin’ wooden spoon, for ex.
    or rachel ray, martha stewart-i cannot tell from the photos if her name is a logo on the product or not, but the last thing i want to see or think about when cooking is mario batali…lol
    beyond that, it’s just tacky and like i’m doing free advertising for them, which pisses me off.

    so, yea, her stuff is ‘cute’ but not super original-it’s almost shabby chic, too-so there is a market-and she may have a fanbase in her ‘demographic’ that will buy the stuff.

    but hey, ‘in this economy’, is this the best time to put out something?
    way to hustle, though.i give her credit for that.

  26. notsoanonymous says:

    @13 – You’re right. It reeks of imitation when you compare it to the ‘Chirp’ pattern from Lenox.


  27. melangie says:

    My grandma was a russian jew. And she subscribed to a bunch of funny superstitions- No shoes or a hat on a bed, had to leave the house via the same door she came in-

  28. jemshoes says:

    RB’s harmless. Even her porcelain! :D

  29. elisa says:

    I love peacocks, and I like her peacock-themed dishware. I also like the salt-and-pepper shakers that are birds. but I wouldn’t buy the ones that are insects, too reminiscent of insects on food!

  30. dovesgate says:

    I like the collection. Pretty.

  31. Camille says:

    Look Rachel is cute and all, but why?

    @the_blonde_one: That is the latest ‘It’ hair style that the celebs are trying to make a new trend. Funny how it hasn’t taken off :lol: .

  32. Rio says:


    To have a bird fly into your house is an omen of an impending death in the family (or close circle). Very common superstition in Central/Eastern Europe (my family is Hungarian).
    I personally believe in a variation of that- finding dead birds everywhere you go as an omen of death- because it happened to me twice. Within two weeks of me not being able to walk a block without seeing a dead bird, the dog I’d had since I was little died. A few months later the same thing happened- dead birds everywhere- and a close friend of the family died unexpectedly. I’d always been superstitious (being Southern will do that) but I’ve become much more aware of my surroundings since those instances.

    As for the porcelain…meh. Looks like it’d be sold on the hipster version of QVC (after the six-hour block of jeggings and ironically bedazzeled cardigans, but before the Black-Plastic-Glasses-Palooza).

  33. LittleOat says:

    I love that hair color thing that she and Drew Barrymore have going. And that Shenae chick from 90210 does it too. Call me crazy, but I think it’s cute.

    As for her, I think she’s cute and fairly harmless (though I know nothing about stealing designs, so who knows).

    I do NOT however, condone birds and/or insects on dinnerware (or in the kitchen as decorations at all, for that matter). And that goes for butterflies as well even though they are pretty (until you notice their creepy-crawly insect legs. ICK!). I do NOT need to be looking at birds or insects while I eat. Just NO.

  34. Hakura says:

    Wow, she really did totally rip off that dress design.

    I realize pretty much everything has already been done in the fashion world. It’s hard, if not impossible, to come up with something completely unique.

    But in this case, there’s image proof that she actually OWNED that dress (made by the other designer), before ‘designing’ her own. Her only contribution was removing the studs on the neckline. It’s like she didn’t even try.

  35. the_blonde_one says:

    Thank you for explaining the hair. I’m pretty fashion forward and I also have friends that do that with fun colors ie:ink to navy to sky or orange to yellow to platinum but the brown to dishwater just looks dirty and lazy. I guess I’m not as fashionable As I thought- or I had a nana that would have smacked my butt if I tried looking like a person to lazy to do her roots for six months ;)