Were Miley Cyrus & John Mayer all over each other during Grammy weekend?


I have a story that will make you a little bit sick to your stomach. Note: Last night I had a serious case of cramps plus some really bad Chinese food, and I was sick for hours. But I really think it’s this story that made me pukey. According to Star Magazine (via Jezebel), Miley Cyrus and John Mayer might have something going on. They were at some of the same events over “Grammy weekend” and there was some flirting, some touching, some twanging, some douching, and some kissing going on. Oh, here comes the nausea.

Star – Miley Cyrus and John Mayer are “Made For Each Other.”

Apparently they were getting all touchy-feely over Grammys weekend, and she was following him around all night at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party.

“She followed John around all night like a puppy dog,” says an eyewitness. “She put her arm around his waist, and even grabbed his behind,” and Mayer “reciprocated.”

“Things got even hotter between them the following evening at the Grammys,” says the source.

Backstage at the Grammys, Miley was rubbing John’s back, and when he thought no one was looking, he leaned over and kissed her.

“It was quick and intense and a bit shocking, but it also seemed sweet,” an eyewitness claims.

“Afterward, Miley slapped his butt and told him, ‘You rock!’”

Miley has told friends that she believes she can make John a one-woman man, and thinks they are great together because she’s as wild as he is.

[From Star via Jezebel]

Take a moment and let the dry heaves subside. Now, tell me this: it makes sense, right? John Mayer is the King of Douche Predators. And after his dalliance with Taylor Swift, we know he’s down with sketchy jailbait little girls. If this Mayer/Miley thing is happening… well, I think Mayer might have met his match. It will be epic. However, I should note: Gossip Cop has an unnamed source, a “friend” of Miley who claims that this whole thing is “not true” and that they “only said ‘hello’ in passing.” In any case, you know this will make The Mullet cry.




Header: John Mayer and Miley Cyrus are shown on 2/12/11, plus additional pics. Credit: WENN.com

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48 Responses to “Were Miley Cyrus & John Mayer all over each other during Grammy weekend?”

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  1. Quest says:


    I was only able to stomach the headliner and could not read on further(sorry Kaiser, I have a very sensitive stomach today). If this is true Miley is now at the bottom of the totum pole (John’s)…ewwww.

  2. brin says:

    Yeah, no wonder Billy Ray is upset. This story has sleaze written all over it.
    Cramps + bad Chinese food + John Mayer =some bad stuff. Feel better, Kaiser.
    This story too shall pass.

  3. Tigger says:

    Ew! Disgusting, disturbing man! I always knew that Mayor was fucked up, but this is gross. She`s barely eighteen.
    I think if she does this I will lose all respect for her. I didn`t have much, but gained some when I saw the video of her doing Salvia(I smoke weed, so…)

    Ugh. Why are people sooo dumb, it`s annoying.

  4. Candy says:

    This is just gross.

  5. normades says:


  6. sasa says:

    Oh barf.

  7. Lia says:

    dont think its true.

  8. LJ says:

    He is not an attractive man. I just do not get it.

  9. emine says:

    she believes she can make him a one woman’s man? my question is what woman because it takes more than a couple of boobies to call yourself a woman dear Miley

  10. Marjalane says:

    I’m sorry but the mental image of Miley trying to be as down and dirty as Mayer seems to like them, jusy has me laughing. I will always think of her as being as idiotic as the way she’s portrayed on Saturday Night Live. “And that’s pretty cool”.

  11. renai(jrt) says:

    like mother like daughter…….and tish was high-fiving… you go girl…

  12. Rita says:

    A late night call from one of my “inside” sources told me that Miley got cramps after watching John making-out with some Chinese guy and now, for some reason a muppet is all pissed off.

  13. renai(jrt) says:

    what makes me think this it true is that Miley seems like the kind of girl that is marginally attractive, with a mother like tish, and because she is immature would see this as and accomplishment…. he was with JA so im in JA league now…. this is how stupid young girls think and this is why I think this is true…

    and if he looked as he looked in those photo’s I would be afraid of catching leprosy or something from his sickly look, so Miley better watch out.

  14. skilo says:

    They are perfect for each other! I hope to see the slime off into the sunset together.

  15. serena says:

    Oh god……
    this will be a epic downfall for Miley. What does she wants to be? The next Linsday Lohan?

    And she think she can make him into a one woman-man?? Don’t make me laugh, Miley. Ask Swifty for some advise and go the hell back to your dad. At least he would protect you from screwing up with (douchey/old/perverts) men.

  16. mln76 says:

    This is vomit inducing. eeeeewwww John Mayer has zero self respect.

  17. mia girl says:

    While it seems like a match made in perfect gross out gossip heaven, I’m not buying it.

  18. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    HAHAHA… this IS epic.

    I know this is true because of all the touchy comments. She is trying to appear like his GF in an adolescent way.

    He will spit her out too.. That’s just John.

  19. Diane says:

    This is classic…the Teenybopper and the Turd. He is beyond creepy. Oh, and Mayer…don’t bother. Nobody’s gonna mistake you for Johnny Depp. He’s very talented. She’s just a stupid, arrogant girl who should have been in school all these years she’s been in the public eye. When she opens her mouth, her ignorance is astounding, even for one so young. I hope she drives him crazy.

  20. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Diane hear hear on the Johnny Depp comment!!!

  21. TXCinderella says:

    Anyone who would jump on John’s pole is nasty. Blech!

  22. sapphire says:


    Miley wild? Puhleese. Only in Hannah Montana land. Way too much try and wannabe.

  23. Soapdish says:

    Is was already denied on gossipcop.com! It’s star magazine. Can’t believe people believe that stuff!

  24. Snarky_Pup says:

    Eeeeewwwwww. No, Miley, no!

  25. anti says:

    GROSS. it seems like a good match though. her dress looks like a funky plastic strainer from ikea.

  26. joyce says:

    Why on earth would a man that wants to clean up his image even take such a risk at a event where there are alot of people?
    I think he is really trying to clean up his image that tabloids have painted for him.. everyone here only sees half of the stories spun out of control .. no-one knows the truth.. seems to me everytime he gets near hollywood he is put in a bad light and it drags him down.. making him look bad everytime he gets around it.. Hollywood is not good for him, music suits him much better… that’s where he should start cleaning up his image, is staying the hell away from hollywood and the drama that the tabloids spin out of everyone there

  27. ctkat1 says:

    If this is true, as gross as it is, it will be incredible for gossip. Taylor Swift was smart enough to treat John as something of a shameful secret- we all knew something was happening, but there were no coffee or apple picking dates with John Mayer, just some vague rumors and a song with a pretty soft dig (“You’re old, I’m young, you should have known better,” etc.)

    Miley is going to be proud of this- she will flaunt this relationship for all she’s worth. And when it ends, it will be messy and public and amazing.

  28. Ruby says:

    Yeah like this really happened. I am going to say this- he can do better. I like John’s music. I am kinda sick of hearing the media hating on him. he’s not a god he’s just a guy who makes music. People want to believe the worst in others. Yeah so what he has said some stuff he shouldn’t have. Give the guy a break he’s only human. I hope he finds peace and love and continues to make music.

  29. stick to the music man says:


  30. Kimberly says:

    This is just gross…i am so sick of these girls who get famous as role models for young girls all over and then decide to become trashy sluts with piss poor habits….as for John ~ if this is true ~ I guess Kudos for at least waiting til she was 18??? Idiot….

    @Diane ~ loved the Johnny Depp comment…played out nicely and that’s exactly what he looks like he wants to be. Too bad it’s only the appearence he’s trying to copy & not the moral values and good man that Johnny D is…

  31. Just Me says:

    That dress is some trash flash awfulness!
    Talk about a tight squeeze!
    It screams – Look at me!
    I bought myself some boobs with this dress!
    The bodice on that dress looks like the mesh that you get oranges and grapefruit in at the grocery store!
    How can she lift her arm wearing all that metal? The one that’s hanging on her left arm makes her look as if she escaped from bondage.
    His look, wearing the white jacket together with those sunglasses reminds me of Marc Anthony.

  32. Yael says:

    She wants to take a ride on his “disco stick”…LOL…ah, the stupid things teeneagers do…

  33. Catherine says:

    Her face is so damn big. He makes me want to vomit.

  34. gina says:

    he is so SEXY ,talented and cool i would do him to..but this is a rumor.how can you resist?she would be so lucky .go forit MILEY have a blast

  35. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @gina…. Are for real?

    I mean Seriously????

  36. guesty says:

    they deserve each other. oh yes they do.

  37. Kiska says:

    IF it’s true, its utterly disgusting. If I have Billy Ray, I’d do a serious intervention for that kid.

  38. Cherry Rose says:

    LMFAO! He is trying to look like Johnny Depp in those pictures, isn’t he? Sorry John, but…EPIC FAIL!!!

    And I think that Miley is a bit smarter than that (lord knows I think she’s pretty dumb).

    And for the people who think John Mayer is sexy…WTF are you smoking!?!

  39. Kim says:

    Her dress is awful. When did she get implants – i missed that but wow they are bad bolt ons.

    John Mayer is so ugly & skeezy – i just do not get it?

  40. hope says:

    I really urge you all to look at how you react to gossip.. We all be tested in life in many areas and our reactions to how we react to things, God will judge who we are and that will be the only judge on anyone really. How can anyone judge a person for what is heard and not seen? I have never ever seen any pics of any of the gossip i hear about this man..If he wanted to keep it a secret, such a shameful thing about miley , i don;t think he would have done it in such a place as said.. He would of been more discreet..and not have taken any chances where this was said to have gone down.. And i believe he may had learned from the childish traits of messing with a teenager from the taylor incident..why would a supposidly smart man venture onto another teenager? They don;t even know what love is about really about.. I just find it hard to believe that someone that has laid low and is said to be trying to care about his image would not venture onto a road like this..and put himself out here like this,,, All i can say is i thank God half of you people here are not on any jury where i live, if he is with so many people every other week, why do we never see pics to back all this up? everyone has camera phones and dont ever have pics of none of this crap.. because some of you hate on mere lil gossip and are ready to hang someone by thier toes for what you hear.. Shame on you.. So if he did or didn;t it does not matter to all of you really ,, if he did indeed hook up with her then this was a test for him in his life and he and God and someone else need to deal with it.. not be judged by the rest of the world and create a bad hate for the man on failing a test with God in his life… So lose your hate please, before you are harshly judged by our heavenly father in the end

  41. merry says:

    If they become an item I vote for Miler as a couple-name.
    “Miler” sort of sounds like a weapon to me. An inappropraite one.

  42. Lauren says:

    John Mayer must be legendary in some regard…how does he get all these women? Mama Douche Trish is the one that wants JM..how do you expect Miley to be ladylike when her mom was a stripper? Hillbilly madness. I am actually starting to feel sorry for Billy Ray!

  43. Hakura says:

    This situation, dating John Mayer…

    I wouldn’t wish that on Lindsay Lohan. It really is disgusting that he always goes for barely legal girls he can take advantage of, & have an easier time controlling emotionally & physically. He’s a creep.

    …Whoa. Either she’s had breast work done, or that’s one hell of a push up bra. (Perhaps it has helium pockets).

  44. GirlyGirl says:

    John Mayer needs a serious facepunching.

    what a complete douchebag. I hope Billy Ray runs him over.

  45. JenJen says:

    His red eyes look like he is a cokehead, maybe that is why he can’t control his mouth.

  46. S says:

    They deserve each other.

  47. labyrinth says:

    I hope she likes scat play …

  48. Maritza says:

    @JenJen – Red eyes are a giveaway for potheads.