Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates in another confusing Microsoft Ad

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld have put out their second ad for Microsoft which only makes a moderate amount of sense. It features the two mega rich middle aged men living in a house with what’s supposed to be an average American family. It’s a bit more amusing than the last ad in which they struggled to try on shoes at a mall, which isn’t saying much. This commercial will not do much to improve the image of the most widely used and derided computer operating system. What are they trying to say? That Microsoft is middle America – that they’re middle America? As I mentioned in our article about the first ad, I liked the swirlie doodle ads about people’s business dreams better.

While I have to admit that Bill Gates is kind of funny and endearing, it still doesn’t make dealing with his software any more tolerable. It’s like they want us to embrace Microsoft despite its many flaws because it’s just like everyday life. Sh*t happens and it’s occasionally somewhat amusing if you have a low-key attitude about it. Now excuse me while my computer reboots because it’s just downloaded the latest Vista “update” which will force me to re-register several programs. I wish I was kidding.

When are you coming out with an operating system, Google? Please save us from this inane excuse for an OS. And don’t tell me to switch to a Mac, I’ve already paid for all this software. Do any of you use those free open source operating systems like Linux or FreeBSD? Can an average person work those or do you have to be a techie?

Let me take this opportunity to recommend a free Microsoft Office alternative called Open Office. It’s put out by Sun Microsystems and is just as easy to use and powerful as Office. It has a word processing program like Word, a spreadsheet program like Excel, and it even has a Powerpoint alternative. And you can save all your documents in formats that work in Microsoft Office for when you need to share them. I’ve used it for several months without a problem and it’s saved me hundreds on software. So bite me, Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. You wasted millions on these stupid ads that just cement how clueless you are.

Thanks to E! Online for the heads up on the video.

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  1. cherbear says:

    (first time commenter).

    My hubby is a Linux developer and though I have a Microsoft OS for my personal use, it’s a dual-boot with Linux and our other computers in the house are all either stand-alone Linux or Linux with a Windows partition. Even our kids’ computer is Linux. So although his computer has the very very high end and “hard” Linux, we also have more user-friendly versions on the other computers and even the kids can use it with no problems.

    I used a solely Linux-based system for a year with no issues. Attaching a printer to my system was about the hardest thing I had to do and it drove me crazy but it was more because I wasn’t reading the right information. Hubby stepped in and showed me where to find the information, and BOOM, instant working.

    The ONLY reason I use a Windows environment is to play games as my old Linux machine wasn’t strong enough to play games in an emulator. My hubby’s machine IS (but he uses it for work) so when I upgrade from this one, I’m going back to solely Linux.

    It DOES have a step learning curve at the start, but after that it’s really intuitive. And I second the rave for Open Office!

    That said, I actually LIKE Bill Gates! Maybe because I’m married to a computer geek?? :mrgreen: Seinfeld though? *shudders* That man just irritates me to my very soul. Always has.

  2. Celebitchy says:

    Hi Cher,
    Thanks for your endorsement of Linux! My husband has talked about installing it on our computers and I think we may go that route soon for the main desktop. It does seem like you need a very tech-savvy person to install it and do maintenance as you mentioned, but that an average person can use it once you get the hang of it. We’ll be trying it out I’m pretty sure. I’ve had enough of Vista and Microsoft and have even had it completely fail and refuse to boot or restore to the point where I’ve had to recover files by copying them to another drive.

  3. Mairead says:

    I made the leap to Mac this year and use VM fusion to run Microsoft XP when I need to if that helps?

    I can’t vouch for Linux or anything else because I’m a gadget-lover not a software lover. I leave all that stuff to my capable other half :wink:

  4. RAN says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I find the commercials moderately amusing. I think that’s like several commercials (in the thread) merged into one loop because I’ve already seen several of them on tv. They’re nothing like a good Super Bowl ad or anything, but they’re amusing (IMO)

  5. caribassett says:

    I have Vista. I really regret it. I was thrilled last Spring, when I bought this. My fist brand new computer. Now I feel like one of those morons in the “shoulda had a v-8″ commercial. I really “shoulda” bought a mac. *sigh* Bill Gates, It took me some hard work to put away the money for this. I hope you are enjoying my money, bc I am NOT enjoying your products. They make me throw things. I curse at an inanimate object.

  6. ER says:

    I have heard great things about Linux, but don’t know anything about it myself.

    I know what you mean about having money sunk into Microsoft. We’re in the same boat, but as we replace desk tops and lap tops, they’re going to be Macs.

  7. Trillion says:

    Linux is not user-friendly like mac. Apple is still king. And their commercials are way more clever.

  8. Laurie says:

    I’ve been using Macs ever since they first came out and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re easy to use, they work and they’re beautifully designed, too. If you get an Intel Mac (I think all the new models are Intel) you can run various versions of Windows and all PC programs perfectly well with a Mac program called Parallels installed on it. I use it all the time to stream online videos in Windows Media Player. Using a Mac gives you the best of both worlds.

  9. Misecia says:

    With the growing linux based cheap netbooks coming out such as the Asus EEE and Aspire One the use of Linux is probably going to grow. I agree that Linux can be confusing and off putting for non-windows users but it only takes a little while to understand the commands needed to get programs/drivers working. Only recently there has been an introduction of an App Store type system for installing/purchasing software – but support so far is very limited.

    Games are basically non-existent, but with consoles out there for games who really needs a computer for those. They are mostly needed for work and Linux is very very capable of living up to this. Plus you can revamp an old dying computer for basically no money. The only areas not properly covered are Web design and Graphic design – there is gimp for images but it is extremely basic compared to Photoshop. It is possible to install some windows apps on linux with the use of Crossover – but this is a commercial app and you will also need to shell out for the windows app too.

    Main problems with linux include mixed systems with incompatible sources, drivers and approaches from the makers/distributors. I have a lot of problems getting my 3G modem working with linux and basically ready to give up on it and go back to windows on my EEE.

    I am a Mac user for the last 7 years, and Linux for about 12, and very rarely used Vista on my system (but i disagree on it being a step down from XP – it is a very capable OS). Most people don’t even realize that Mac OSX is actually a version of BSD Unix – which is the base system for most Linux based OSes.

    Another choice, although not technically legal, is to install a hackintosh version of Mac OSX on your system.

    If you have about 10 gig spare on your main drive you can install Linux on a section of that and try it out without wrecking your Windows section. Give it a try and see if its what you need. Plus nearly all Linux distributors give you the option to download a Live CD – which you can burn to a CD/DVD and boot from to run Linux without changing/touching your Windows drive.

  10. drm says:

    Vista…UGH @caribasset I’m with you, I wish I’d insisted on XL. The upshot is that I use my older laptop and my kids use the new whizz bang desktop my husband bought me to play WoW.

  11. Anna says:

    Ugh, I also have Vista and while it’s glossy and shiny and ok to navigate with some things, it completely drives me mad with the important stuff. It took me ages to figure out the new WWord for example and it’s still hiding features from me.

    What I hate about all kinds of new PC technology, Mac or Windows, is that you have no idea what’s going on in your computer. It updates this, deletes that, upgrades here and there, loses other stuff. You just never know what’s going on and what it’s doing and especially why. And particularly errors are not understandable. Getting an error message brings you absolutely nowhere.

    I did consider switching to Linux but unfortunately, I’m not knowledgeable enough of systems programming etc. I don’t think I could really handle it, it’s too much down to the nitty gritty for me.

    As for the ad, funny enough but way too long! Edit people, edit! I think they weren’t really trying to comment on middle America. I think they were trying The Simple Life kind of comedy. Bill Gates isn’t a very good actor btw.

  12. MsTriste says:

    My first laptop with Vista was a nightmare. It was crashing every time I used it – very unstable. I was on the phone for hours every day with Dell until I told them to just send me a new computer. The new one had Vista also, but I haven’t had a single problem with it for the two years I’ve owned it. I’m pretty happy with the latest Office, as well, it just takes some getting used to. So if you’re having a lot of problems with Vista and it’s still under warranty, perhaps you could send it back and get another. I get the feeling that MS knows there are problems and wants people to be happy with the product. If it doesn’t work, send it back.

  13. Misecia says:

    People have to remember that these Microsoft ads are part of a series of i think 6 or 7 – whenever does a tv series make much sense or have a point during the first few episodes. People i think are expecting too much, or in the case of these ads ‘something’. Maybe in time things will all become clear or perhaps like Seinfeld – they are just ads about nothing.

    Microsoft explanation is:
    These initial ads are the first in a campaign designed to spark a conversation about the Windows brand – a conversation that will evolve as the campaign progresses, but will always be marked by humor and humanity.

  14. javagirl1 says:

    Nothing holds a candle to a mac.

  15. Anna says:

    Ms Triste: thanks for the tip. I will definitely consider doing that, giving it back.

    It really is unstable on this laptop and programs do keep crashing for no reason or resetting their settings.

    It’s still under warranty, so I should be able to get something done!

  16. Sarah says:

    CB, my bfriend is using the ubuntu-release of Linux and that one is really fancy. It DOES have some tricks to be learned at the beginning, but it reminds me quite a bit of a Mac book, e.g. your applications can change as fancy as on a Mac or you have that cool prog bar at the site and so on. I am just a user and sometimes I am like: Darling, what is this? How do I get there? but generally, it is rather ituitive in handling. I especially like the fact that progs such as firefox and openoffice are basically no difference to use compared to a Windows XP version (which is still my “home” computer-wise.) If you need more information on Linux, I could ask my lovely bfriend to point the main differences out for you as he works with Windows AND Linux on a daily basis and is as IT-developer as well. :o )

  17. brista says:

    Aw, it’s cute how Seinfeld is trying to be hip and keep up with kids these days by making little Youtube videos with Bill Gates.

    Too bad it’s not funny. Or interesting.

  18. Mairead says:

    Well, misecia – it looks like the “conversation about the Microsoft brand” they seem to be sparking is how quickly can we dump MS for Linux or OSX :twisted:

    But on more disturbing news… I found Seinfeld amusing for the first time ever! 8O Gates was still funnier though.

  19. Lauri says:

    I guess I am in the minority here, but I have no problem whatsoever with Windows products. I use XP Pro and it’s great! I never have any issues with it.

    Now, I will say my Dad has Vista and he absolutely hates it. The few times I’ve used his computer, I have to agree with him. Vista does suck, big time. I’ll stay with XP Pro, thank you.

    I have had two jobs that required me using a Mac. I used them well enough, but I just didn’t like them very much. I have no desire to go Mac, and I truly don’t understand why people think it is superior. Just what does a Mac do that a PC can’t do? I’m able to do everything I want with my PC and I never have technical problems, so I just don’t get why people claim Mac is better. My Mac-using friends insist that they are better, but no one has been able to tell me what MAKES them better.

  20. Lauri says:

    @Javagirl: “Nothing holds a candle to a mac.”

    Why? I geniunely don’t know why people feel that way. I’ve worked on both Macs and PC’s, and I strongly prefer PC. What specifically make Mac better, in your opinion?

  21. My first computer was an Apple. Mac
    can not compare.

  22. Shay says:

    I watched the commercial with a friend and when it went off she turned to me and said “What was the commercial about?”

    I don’t have a problem with Windows although Vista is annoying me from time to time. Generally I don’t buy any tech product when it first comes out and had no intention of upgrading my old laptop. I bought a new laptop with Vista on it.

  23. what says:

    lauri –
    mac is better for me because i’m what they call a “techtard.” if you are technologically retarded, and have no need to complicated stuff like programming, then you’re better off with a mac because it’s easy, it does what you want, it never crashes or freezes, and it looks pretty. basically, if you can’t figure out how to use a mac, then you shouldn’t be owning any kind of computer. :D
    if you are a techie and want to do super cool stuff you can probably build your own computer.

  24. PB says:

    Why cant Bill G. use the commercials money instead to make a better version of Vista? I dont have it…or want it! Im keeping my XP for as long as I can…
    thanks for the info on Open Office!
    I recently got a refurbished computer that has Windows, but no Word or two mainstays.
    I will check out the program so I can now stop pulling my hair out trying to use Note or Wordpad!!!

  25. WTF?!?! says:

    Possibly the worst ad ever. Horribly written and acted, it’s not funny and says absolutely nothing about the product. It’s a commercial, not a series– if you can’t get your message across clearly and effectively in 30-60 seconds, mission failed.
    I agree w/most that Bill Gates is the most likable thing in it, and JS’ cosmetic surgery looks dreadful.

  26. geronimo says:

    Vista is the work of the devil. XP is by far, through not without its flaws, the most efficient to date of the Windows OSs. I use both PCs and Macs and the primary difference is that Macs are far more secure than PCs, far less need for the multitude of ‘defence’ programmes you need to install on a PC to protect it from invasion. I think it depends what you start out using. Sole Mac users I know find PCs frightening because, in comparison to Macs, you can ‘get lost’ very easily! Macs are a much simpler, more straightforward option but I personally prefer PCs.

  27. Syko says:

    I don’t think Windows has worked right since 6.1. With that, you installed or downloaded where YOU decided to install or download, you knew where everything was, and life was good. Since then – bleh. Just TRY to uninstall something. The ghost hangs on forever.

    I bought a new Alienware in 2007, thinking I’d bought my ultimate computer. Wrong again. I don’t like it at all, and they come with NO software, so when I have to reformat it (amazingly frequent – and the hard drive gave up after 6 months) I have to go all over the internet looking for programs that most computers come with – Java, etc. All that extra money you pay, and it’s a crap computer.

    I bought the Alienware just prior to the release of Vista, and supposedly got a free upgrade. In spite of filling out the many many forms required to get the upgrade, I never received it, and I think I’m glad. Actually by the time the upgrades were available (for some people, not for me apparently) I’d pretty much decided to never install Vista, but I wanted it, damn it, I figured the $2300 I paid for the computer should have covered that.

    I am sorely tempted to buy a Mac. The only problem is that most software is for PCs, and I really just use my personal computer for games and e-mails.

  28. Mairead says:

    Could I just qualify something you said there geronimo – XP PRO is the best of the Microsoft stable – XP home wasn’t good from what i had heard. :wink:

    Syko – i do have Microsoft for Mac which did work fine, but is being a bit wibbly at the moment. Having said that I can still open a .doc in Pages and convert it back to any type of Word doc (even .docx), rtf and excellent quality PDF with very few wibbles from what i can see (even in MS 2000)

    Some programmes just won’t run at all in OSX so my lovely other half put on VM Fusion which will open XP as a separate window within the browser when I need to.

    Macs are nice to use, although there are a few things I prefer about XP and Word in particular – even things like changing the language used is better – having said that Mac do have Irish or Gaeilge as an option (only found that out yesterday) .

    Plus if you want to do a very simple type of graphic – e.g. posters, brochures etc. – using pages is much more stable and nicer than Publisher, creates better PDFs and seems to work with the professional printing companies better.

    I have to say – I needed a new laptop pronto and I got an excellent deal on a refubished nearly new MacBook Pro, but I liked XP and thought the BF’s Mac (his pride and joy) was a style over substance. But since getting it, I almost exclusively use OSX.

  29. geronimo says:

    Mairead, yeah, pro. Sorry, only know XP pro, don’t have any experience of XP Home, hence my short-hand.

  30. Jag says:

    Really dislike the commericals…

    Love the information given in the comments, though. :) Especially since I’m in the market for a new computer because mine was stolen when my home was robbed recently.

  31. Jeanne says:

    Okay, not only are their commercials confusing, so is their relationship.