Frances Bean Cobain has suicide-themed 16th birthday party

I vividly remember the day the news came out that Kurt Cobain was dead in an apparent suicide, April 5, 1994. I was in college at the time and ended up glued to the radio most of the day, waiting for more news about it. At first they didn’t confirm that it was Cobain’s body which was found, and we were hoping it was just a mistake and was someone else. It was indeed Cobain and the troubled lead singer of the band that popularized grunge music was dead at 27 like other music greats before him. I remember the party I went to that night, in which Nirvana was blasting, and the friends I talked to, drunkenly discussing what it all meant in our young lives.

14 years later and Cobain’s only child, Frances Bean, made the questionable decision to celebrate her 16th birthday with a “suicide” themed party at the House of Blues in LA in which a contest was held for guests that looked the most “dead.” The party featured the band “Mindless Self Indulgence” and cost her supposedly broke mother $323,000.

Courtney Love spent over $323,000 on her daughter’s birthday party.

The Hole singer – who is the widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – spared no expense in ushering Frances Bean into adulthood at her ‘RIP childhood’ themed 16th birthday.

The event was held at Los Angeles’ House of Blues restaurant. Courtney arrived in a dress worn by actress Angelica Huston in creepy comedy movie ‘The Addams Family’.

Frances’ announcement of the party:

Date: Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Time: 9:30pm – 11:30pm
City/Town: Los Angeles, CA

MY one and only sweet 16…..eerrrr actually it’s my “suicidal 16″.
At the house of blues, on September 2nd from 8:30 (TIME HAS CHANGED FORM 9:30 TO 8:30 KEEP THAT IN MIND) to 11:30 pm.

i suggest all who intend on coming go to itunes of youtube and look them. If you don’t like them, then please don’t come. all will be forced to jump around and dance. ALL.

YOU MUST BE WEARING BLACK OR RED OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN! this does not mean you have to wear something “nice” or “fancy” but there is a color code so do it!

Your bags will be searched at the door
not my rules, but it is the house of blues’ rules
so don’t be stupid and try to bring shit it
do it b4 you get into the party if you have to
and try to be stealth!

SEND THEM TO GIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinkberry and The IN N’ Out truck will be catering. Of course there will be vegetarian food there to.

its the “who can look most dead contest”
if you dress up dead and are picked as the top 3 you will receive a: IPOD TOUCH and a $200 gift certificate to amoeba.
so get that face paint on, and try to make it as realistic as you can. there will only be 3 WINNERS.

i guess that’s it!
hope to see you guys there!

xx franny

[From ONTD via Gossip Rocks]

Frances is 16 and we all did stupid things at that age. She might not fully realize or care that some might consider it tasteless to have a suicide-themed “death of childhood” party, even without a dad who supposedly died by his own volition. It would have been up to her prescription drug-addled mom, Courtney Love, to tell her that it was inappropriate. We all know that never would have happened and Frances got her suicide-themed party. Maybe in a way she was triumphing over a troubled past – or just being a teenager who doesn’t give a sh*t and thinks death is a style to embrace and a long way off.

Frances looks very pretty with black hair and red lips. She should smile more.

Photos from Frances Cobain’s MySpace

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  1. Mairead says:

    Meh, it’s just a bit of goth silliness. This seems positively restrained in comparison to the little witches on My Super Sweet 16″ or whatever it’s called.

    (not as restrained as it were in our day…young’uns todey, eh by gum!)

    She is growing up to be one striking-looking young lady.

  2. Dubdub2000 says:

    Considering her “heritage” (severe mental and addiction issues from both sides of the family) she
    doesn’t seem to be doing bad at all. She probably hasn’t had much of a childhood unfortunately…
    You can see her resemblance with her mother (shape of her face and an inability to spell-lol-) and her father (striking blue eyes).
    Congrats to her for making it this far seemingly sane, I’m sure everyone around her expects her to turn into a trainwreck like amy winehouse.

  3. RAN says:

    I’m worried for her… I see this as a way of ‘acting out’ or investigating something that’s been with her (maybe fascinated her?) all of her life. I can’t explain what I mean, it just seems odd.

    Sadly, if I’m right… we may see this girl experiementing with the same drugs that her dad was taking before his death. If not that… a game of Russian roulette? I sincerely hope not…

  4. geronimo says:

    Agree with Mairead, just a bit of tongue-in-cheek goth fun.

  5. Amy says:

    Did anyone else notice that she told her guests to take their drugs / drink their booze before they come through the door b/c their bags will be searched? Glad to see her addict of a mother instilling such a laid-back attitude about such things.

    Oh, and a “suicidal” birthday would be a cute little goth thing if her father hadn’t actually committed suicide! WTF?!

  6. Leandra says:

    It seems like something kids this age would do…this is the party’s theme wearing scary makeup… need to make something out of nothing.

  7. Alexa says:

    Happy Birthday Francis! And don’t forget: It’s NEVER too late to have a happy childhood! (Or you never have to STOP having a happy childhood – whatever the case;-)


  8. caribassett says:

    Ooh, she has her Dads eyes. What a pretty girl she is. I hope she enjoyed her birthday. I hope the media doesnt start taking to following her about, she is a child, and she is not a celebrity of her own choosing.

  9. caribassett says:

    @ Amy.
    I think it must be hard to be Francis Bean Cobain. Having a Dad you don’t really remember being almost as famous for his death, as he was for his music. Courtney has sure had her share of troubles. Francis must have a range of emotions regarding her parents. She is a child, and rebellion would be typical. Perhaps the theme of the party was her way of saying “go screw” or “i’m angry, and confused”. IDK, but I don’t think its too terrible, or concerning. She is a pretty child who has grown up with talk of suicide following her like a deamon. Perhaps this is her attempt at facing it. It is a terrible thing, what she has lived through.

  10. cara says:

    Maybe it’s her way of expressing her anger at her dad, for leaving her.

    She does come off as a pretty grounded kid though.

  11. Strawberry In Disguise says:

    She should smile more?
    She should read a dictionary.

  12. ER says:

    She is a beautiful girl, but should spend more time in school, and less time with the drugs/alcohol.

  13. Anna says:

    She should party less and go to school every once in a while. That spelling of hers is not only awful but downright embarassing and ridiculous.
    And for a party that cost $300+, she could have had a party planner write the invitations.

    What a spoiled brat. Totally Generation Stupid.

  14. snappyfish says:

    She is turning out very very lovely. I think this might have been her way to poke fun at the ‘death of childhood’ and not have any relation to her father’s death.

    Remember she is being raised by Morticia. I am guessing that Frances is the most adult person in the household.

    Happy 16th and may she have many many more

  15. Patricia says:

    That poor kid. She looks like a gooses-ass with all that lipstick on. She should of been taken away from that crazy mother of hers a long time ago, and sent to a convent, with all the nuts in her family that may of been the only way to save her. And her SPELLING….GO TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. SeVen says:

    She looks so much like kurt… makes me tear up a wee bit.

  17. KattyBitch says:

    I want to be 16 again so I can have that party!

    Actually, you couldn’t pay me enough to be 16 again, but that party looked great….but this is coming from a deathrocker who thinks all things should be death themed..hehehe

  18. Virginia says:

    She’s got her dad’s wicked sense of humor.

  19. GrnMtGirl says:

    I think it is sad that she would choose a suicide themed party. I don’t think that it is something that should be taken lightly…

  20. Nobama says:

    That is completely disgusting and Courtney should have her head examined for letting her daughter have a suicidal themed party.
    DCF where are you???

  21. what says:

    lots of teenagers drink and do drugs and would straight up turn on any one of their peers who tried to lecture them about it.
    the girl is saying do that stuff before the party, if you have to (implying she doesn’t see the necessity to do it all). she’s not encouraging them, simply acknowledging a fact of life.

  22. Trillion says:

    I want M.S.I. to play my birthday party! She looks quite gorgeous, which is to say she takes after Kurt. The hint to do your goodies before the party is a tad shocking for a 16 year old’s party, but that’s L.A. for you.

  23. dovesgate says:

    Looks like a fun party. I’m sure my 17 year old sister in law would have much rather had a sweet 16 party along those lines than what she had.

  24. Raye says:

    Oh my, what an ugly girl….She looks like she had her lips injected because all previous photos she had thin lips.
    And what a huge Mr.Potato head chin, she looks a lot like young Courtney before plastic surgery.

    All in all this must have been Crazy Courtney’s idea, who can’t forget what she did to her husband.

  25. Jenna says:

    I am a fan of that black hair and red lips on her.

  26. Jess says:

    Surely that’s Courtney’s influence, trying to reinforce that Kurt killed himself, when in fact, the ballistics show otherwise. It was made to look like a suicide, but it wasn’t. And she had something to do with it.

    Why a cokewhore like her keeps living and people like Heath Ledger kick it is beyond me.

  27. Bodhi says:

    Agreed Mairead & Geronimo.

    People need to chill out & lay off. Shes just being a smartass. And I bet there are way more 16 year-olds with awful spelling than with perfect spelling.

    I know it isn’t goth, but yes, she should smile more. She really is quite pretty

  28. Mairead says:

    Notice how those who complain about other people’s looks never provide proof of their physical perfection? :roll:

    it’s a goth “Death of Childhood” party – it seems to me that she used the word “suicidal” as alliteration for “sweet sixteen”. I think someone mentioned that she should have sent out invitations – the way I read her post it was a reminder because she said that there was a change of time. This suggests that there were invites sent out before.

    As for her spelling … there are plenty of others around here a damned sight older than her with appalling spelling and grammar. At least her punctuation is good (e.g. House of Blues’ rules)

  29. Emily says:

    Call me stuffy but I don’t see the humour in this. Poor little rich girl, her father committed suicide, now she thinks suicide is funny. I wonder where she will end up.

  30. drm says:

    OMG @ RAN you’ve been reading to much pop psychology. Russian roulette?? She looks great, it was a ‘death’ of childhood party which to me seems pretty realistic actually. In this day and age its hard to remain anything even remotely resembling a child after 16.

    She seems refreshingly down to earth and comparatively normal, particularly when you consider how whacka-doo her mum has been at times.

    I’ve raised two past teenager-hood and have two that are in it at the moment, and they can have some interesting ideas. Having a dad who committed suicide when you were very very young means that you weren’t ‘around’ for the trauma, you don’t remember it. And having lived with it for her entire life for Frances it would have just become part of her reality, so this party would not seem shocking and she may not have even made the connection.

    And c’mon Celebitchy, you might have been full of college angst at the death of Cobain but putting it on Frances is a bit much.

  31. ME says:

    She looks like a nice girl but she is clueless Suicide is not funny and if someone thinks is cool theme for a party that person needs theraphy

  32. caribassett says:

    Wow! You are discussing a child here. Why on earth would you say these things? Really calling her ugly is a bit much. What has she ever done to provoke such hatefulness? That is really quite unacceptable.

    If you disagree with the things her parents have done, fine, good for you. But to call her ugly, make fun of her spelling, allude to future drug use etc. in incredible to me. Adults, picking on a 16 year old girl. Wow, I am sorry that your lives are so empty. You must truly hate yourself. They make a medicine for that, you know.

  33. Shane says:

    This party is in very poor taste (shame on her loser mother for allowing this theme) but I wish Frances much happiness in her life.

  34. wow says:

    I can’t believe all the posts thinking this girl is doing wonderfully. No wonder everybody is so messed up. Both her parents were/are drug addicts and she’s publicly telling people to “be smart” and do their drugs before they get to the party. Having a suicide themed party is beyond cynically sad. I don’t even know how to comment on it other than it so messed up. There has been no dealing with reality for this poor girl. Her dad was sick and a drug addict. Her mother was a drug addict. And from what I can see, there is a very good chance this girl will be a drug addict as well. So sad.

  35. paris herpes says:

    Frances is totally cute and looks more like Kurt these days. Which is a good thing cause Courteney is not looking too hot. Of course she’s spoiling Frances and letting her do whatever she wants, the suicide party not withstanding. I think teenagers have a weird fascination with suicide and death, and it’s particularly close to Frances because of her dad committing suicide. Frances shouldn’t be judged on it either, she’s still just a kid.

  36. paris herpes says:

    You know what guys…Frances doesn’t do drugs or drink (if she does either it’s none of our business), just because she acknowledges that other peers do it and they should indulge before they come to her party, doesn’t mean that Frances actually does drugs. Her mother does which is the difference…I’ve never heard any gossip regarding Frances doing drugs or anything. IT’s okay to experiment while you’re young but just because she’s doing a suicide theme party DOES NOT mean she’s on drugs. Sorry…just read some comments above and the assumptions people were making sound really STUPID!

  37. Laine says:

    Oh my goodness….none of you know her, she might never do drugs or drink for all you know. Telling her guests to do whatever BEFORE coming to the party is honestly the sort of thing ANY teen would say, and does not in any way indicate that she herself is some huge druggie…it’s a cool theme and more then likely has NOTHING to do with her Dad’s suicide, true it may not be in the best taste, but it is my own opinion that she is simply saying “RIP childhood…HELLOOOO adulthood” … you were all kids once upon a time…try to remember what you were like, I’m certain that when choosing party themes you where only thinking about what would be cool in your eyes, not what the media would interpret it as.
    More over, who the f*ck cares how she spelt in the invites? It’s nice that she did them herself, they’re just invites to friends who probably don’t give a flying f*ck how she spells, they just want to know what time to show up..and she KNOWS that…there is a huge difference between writing an essay and inviting your besties to a party!!

    PS – I think she is beautiful, but it seems she doesn’t know it yet, otherwise I think she’d have smiled more.

  38. Iz says:

    MSI is wicked awesome. Frances was right, anyone who doesn’t like them shouldn’t go, but how could you NOT like them?

    My friend made them finger puppets when they came to Atlanta and they loved them so much they asked for copies and signed hers. They’re such a nice band.

  39. lettylynton says:

    A lot of kids like the whole suicide mystique and the goth thing. Yes, the theme hits closer to home with her than with other kids, but she should be allowed to not have to take everything so serious and literal too. And it was a really cute theme idea for a 16th, the death of childhood. And how cool to have MSI play! Even if Courtney is broke, she loves her daughter and wants her to have the best life possible.

  40. Grace Jones says:

    @ Celebitchy

    you guys do great articles here but honestly, this is a stretch. its a goth theme party. you’re making a big deal out of something that’s really pretty simple and innocent.

  41. RAN says:

    sure drm… you’re the one who knows everything… who am I to express an opinion based on historical details? I bow to your far more in depth ‘inside’ knowledge.

  42. Johnnieboy says:

    I can’t for the life of me see what the big deal is about this. Frances is just living her teenage years as she sees fit and seems quite happy and well adjusted for what she’s been through in here life. It’s just a pity about all the whingers above who would love to see her crash and burn like her parents.Fair play frances for being a normal teenager and kicking against the pricks. “It amazes me… the will of instinct”.

  43. RAN says:

    Johnnieboy, I’ve read every single post and I haven’t seen one individual wish harm to this child — you’re mistaken. Those of us with a differing opinion are just concerned about her.

    And… for the record, I’ve got a 17 year old AND a 15 year old – neither of them, or any of their groups of friends, would find this type of party ‘normal’. It may be normal for goth type children, but it’s not ‘normal teenage stuff’ for everyone.

  44. Shane says:

    Desensitization. A major problem in our society.

    Anyone who thinks this party theme is innocent and normal, just “the death of childhood”, is desensitized to right and wrong.

  45. says me... says:

    My father commited murder when I was a small child. I think it would be horridly inappropriate for me to have had “Murderous Sixteenth” and my mother would NEVER have allowed it. I am baffled that anyone could think this is acceptable or indicates anything other than her being totally out of touch with the realities of her life and life in general.

    This is my instant reaction, coming from just having read this and I’d have a lot better take on it after mulling it over but it sounds awful to me.

  46. Anne says:

    There is nothing wrong with it at all. She’s a kid trying to be ironic to garner attention or maybe she’s just into this sort of thing. Having your dad commit suicide has got to make you a little dark.

    For the life of me I can’t find one spelling mistake in her message above. Maybe an misplaced quote? Dunno, much ado about nothing.

  47. jilly_k says:

    ok, come on. all of you that are freaked out by this, get over yourself. it is Rest In Peace her Childhood, this is merely a passage to adulthood party.

  48. Moderator says:

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    Do not change your name when commenting. Choose a name and stick with it. Express your views in your comment, not with your name.

    Thank you.

  49. Lauri says:

    “Surely that’s Courtney’s influence, trying to reinforce that Kurt killed himself, when in fact, the ballistics show otherwise. It was made to look like a suicide, but it wasn’t. And she had something to do with it.”

    Oh? I’d love to know the source of your information. Explain, precisely, how the ballistics show otherwise?

  50. gg says:

    I think that assuming she will kill herself or become addicted to heroin or shoot herself in the head as a party game might be just a WEE bit off the rails …

    “Sadly, if I’m right… we may see this girl experiementing with the same drugs that her dad was taking before his death. If not that… a game of Russian roulette? I sincerely hope not…”

  51. manda says:

    I just think she looks fabulous!

  52. Curly Fry says:

    I had conflicting feelings when I read this post. I really want to believe that it is just a “goth” thing and that some people are just reading too much into it. I mean, we don’t hear anything about Francis, so if she is up to any antics she keeps her cards close to the vest, or maybe she walks the straight and narrow (as much as you can when you are a teenager).

    But, when I think about it, it kinda seems like a confused teenager who is still coming to grips with the tragedy that surrounded her father and the way he choose to leave this world. My husband’s dad died (of a heart attack) 10 days before his 5th birthday, and though he doesn’t spend every waking moment thinking about it or speaking about it, he is still coming to terms with it, and he is 28 years old. And the way that he sometimes chooses to deal with it is to make jokes. And that’s fine, that’s how he deals. I just think that turning 16 is a HUGE milestone in one’s life, and to know that one’s father actually chose not to be there for it would be a tremendous thing for anyone to deal with. I think this is her way. If she is happy and healthy, then who am I to judge how she copes?

  53. Lauri says:

    Interesting theory, CurlyFry. What you say makes sense.

    I’ve always thought of suicide to be a horrible, cruel thing to do to your survivors. How can she NOT wonder why her dad didn’t love her enough to stay alive and be there for her?

    I know, I know–the whole “tortured soul” thing. I don’t buy it. There are numerous avenues of treatment for depression and by taking the coward’s way out he left a legacy of pain in his wake.

  54. anony says:

    She’s the one who lost her dad and she seems opinionated enough (like she had to grow up fast with Courtney as a mom) to decide the theme for her party. We don’t know if her mom made any objections. It’s likely if she did Frances would object and carry on anyway. Her mom might indulge her b/c she feels bad she lost her dad, too many scenarios here.

    She looks better than I can remember. The thing that strikes me is how huge her mouth is compared to pictures I saw just months ago. She’s 16 and getting some lip augmentation? That’s not so cool. Maybe seeing her mom do it has made it seem de rigeur.

    And the spelling/grammar police are out? Really?

  55. RReedy says:

    I am stunned. I really am. Am I the only one that doesn’t GET the theme?? She-e-e-sh!!!

  56. auk says:

    Could someone tell me the link of the Frances´ myspace??
    thanks :D

  57. Jess says:


    There was a crime show on once a while back that showed how the entry/exit wound wasn’t consistent with a suicide. I can’t remember the name of the show, however, if you Google “Kurt Cobain murdered” there’s all kinds of interesting links that support this.

    Courtney may not have pulled the trigger herself, but his blood is on her hands, somehow. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of her drug dealers murdered him because she didn’t pay up.

    At the very least, I think it’s questionable that he committed suicide. I’m convinced he didn’t.

  58. vdantev says:

    Oh how cute, little baby-bat with too much money and not enough common sense is is expressing herself. :roll:

  59. Wif says:

    The spelling issue: language is an ever-evolving entity. A few hundred years ago it was non-standardized and perfectly acceptable to spell “cat” as “kat”. Finally it became standardized, which is great, but now, via text msg-ing etc. the youth are taking language over again, and throwing old rules out the window. I hate to be shocking, but as communication means change, our spelling will change with it. I think it’s fine for her to write an invitation how she wants to considering that it was made for a group of peers, for who standardized spelling is considered unnecessary.

  60. jackie boner says:

    Who cares? Everyone here should get a life and leave this woman alone.

  61. Sasha says:

    Not for nothing but calling Kurt Cobain a coward rings hollow. Depression is not a disease to be taken lightly, in his mental and physical state he probably seen no other way to end the pain and darkness. Mental illness is thought to be hereditary and his family has a history of struggling with depression, many ending in suicide. He grew up all kinds of talk about it and told his friends growing up he had “the suicide gene”.
    *Nitpicking but his body was found on April 8, pathology results estimate the time of death to be sometime on the 5th.

    Leave Franny alone, she will find her way, regardless of her wacky mom.

  62. vdantev says:

    Who cares? Everyone here should get a life and leave this woman alone.

    1. 16 years does not a woman make, except in Arkansas.

    2 It’s not like she reads this thing- so who give a sh*t ?

  63. A.J. says:

    I think she looks quite lovely. She takes more after her mother I think, but in some pictures it’s like looking right at Kurt- Frances is hauntingly beautiful.

    And lay off of her- so she had a differently themed sweet 16 party than most girls her age have- what, is everyone supposed to have a corny pink cake with flowers and dry-hump on a dancefloor to repetitive hip-hop? With Courtney Love as a mother, Frances is lucky to be as normal and down-to-earth as she is. You never hear stories about Frances drugging and boozing it up all over town or giving upskirt shots to the paparazzi. This is probably the only time I will ever say anything nice about Courtney Love, but I have to give her props for seemingly raising a normal, well-adjusted child, despite all the tumultuous shit she’s no doubt been subjected to.

  64. lisa says:

    I pray for their salvation and that Courtney Love will one day come to justice for the murder of her husband.

  65. otis says:


  66. otis says:

    what a fun campy party, everyone needs to get a sense of humor and see that francis is having fun with the theme, so let is go. i think she is totally rad and a person i would totally like to know.

    and as for courtney, leave her alone! she rocks and she has made some bad decision but she takes accountibility and responsibility for them. everyone deserves a few mess ups.

  67. Camey says:

    Have people forgotten what it was like to be a teenager? Maybe this was Frances’ way of dealing with her fathers death. Sometimes people use different means of dealing with grief. She should be able to celebrate her birthday the way she wants. I was gothic when I was a young teenager, and this is absolutely normal for goths. Lighten up guys! Drugged out mom or not, if it was the party she wanted, she was entitled to it. So what if some people think it was in bad taste. It wasn’t their party…it was hers! Hooray for Kurt Cobains little girl to defy what people think is “right” just like her father did. His death was tragic but do people thinks she is supposed to be anything different than herself because of the tragedy that has been bestowed upon her by her parents?

  68. lightsout says:

    i think she said to do the drugs before because a lot of the party-goers are addicts just like her and her parents, and they would need to so they’re not sick.
    plus the whole suicide themed party is totally something i would have come up with when i was a junkie. heroin brings out the darkness in people.

  69. Mike says:

    Great way to honor Kurt (I’m being sarcastic of course). Why would a person remember there father in that way. Any mother that actually gave a damn about a man she SUPPOSEDLY loved wouldn’t allow her daughter to have a party depicting suicide – obviously poking fun at her fathers demise. I’m sorry but Courtney and her daughter wouldn’t really have a leg to stand on if it wasn’t for Kurt.

  70. tropicalmist says:

    hey, at least she spelled stealth and amoeba right…

  71. nic says:

    I don’t have much to say about the whole party thing; its something I would have done when I was 16 (if i could have). on the other hand, these comments about kurt cobain being murdered are messed up. if you have ever read ANYTHING about the man, you would know that he was a very messed up individual. he HATED being famous after he became famous and hated his life. he also injected a lethal dose of heroin before being shot, so that would have killed him anyway. and that was of his own doing.

    frances on the other hand looks gorgeous and happy. that invitation, which i’m guessing was not a formal invitation, is cute and down to earth. she seems nice. i would be her friend

  72. Jeanne says:

    Wow, she has so much white face makeup on she looks like a mime. However considering f’ed up Courtney Love is her mom, and that her dad was depressed, drug-addled and suicidal, Amy’s doing pretty damn alright.

  73. Killaya says:

    MSI is wicked awesome. :D Though the theme of the party might be in poor taste, I think Frances looks lovely with black hair and red lips.

  74. Garvin Periwinkle says:

    She’s taller than I remember and not much of a speller it would seem, perhaps a career as a TV anchor awaits?

  75. memi says:

    Get over yourself, she’s a teenager who is having some fun.

  76. Lou says:

    “She should smile more”?
    Do you have any idea how intrusive it feels when guys say that to/about you?
    It’s gross.

  77. Michele says:

    Looks to me like she doesn’t have many friends from the photos. And are we sure her father wasnt Howard the Duck. What’s up with the duck lips?!?! :twisted:

  78. mouton says:

    @ Anna –

    There were no spelling mistakes in her invitation – only grammatical ones regarding capitalization.

    And just to let YOU know, “embarassing” isn’t spelled that way. It’s “embarrassing”. And it must be when a 16 year old spells better than you do.

  79. Heidi says:

    I think it’s hilarious. That whole boo hoo Cobain dead thing passed me by. I didn’t think it was a tragic waste. I thought why not sooner, ya whiny f**c? It make me wonder, how many people were in my shoes when Jimi Hendrix died. He’s an acknowledged guitar god as KC is an acknowledged…voice of a generation, I guess. Huh. Not MY voice, amen and ever after. I still think FB’s party was funny funny funny and I bet it was a blast.

  80. Saint Amy Jane says:

    I believe it was supposed to be the death of her childhood. People should stop reading in to things and stop being “worried for Frances Bean”. She is her own person regardless of who her mother and father are. Get over it. Atleast shes not on the fucking disney channel. Then I would be worried.

  81. harkasangel says:

    frances is just another kid having a sweet 16th. it’s not a big deal. leave her alone. just because she had a “suicidal 16″ doesn’t mean she’d actually kill herself or do drugs or follow in her dad’s footsteps. and people are right about kurt, he didn’t like being famous and hated his life. and just because she tells her friends to do what they have to before hand doesn’t mean she’s a druggie too. i thought comments were supposed to be civil here…but ok. :)

  82. SNS says:

    I dont see the issue.

    She just reads, looks and sounds like a typical 16 year old, teeny bopper who wants to play goth and wear black makeup.

    Let her play Goth if she wants to, its her teenage life!

    Shes no different to the hundreds of teenagers I see walking around Newcastle every single day and good for her.

    Although she might regret it in a few years when she looks back on it, but hey!

  83. design says:

    The irony is suffocating me with its weight, adding yet another layer of irony as I cling to consciousness by sheer will alone.

  84. george says:

    compared to the way most 16 year olds spell, she writes like oscar wilde. i think it’s funny how she could pass for either one of her parents.

  85. Paige says:

    Yes and no,
    yes because she is a icon to many young teenagers, and promiting suicide is not a good idea
    and no because it’s her way of life music e.t.c

  86. :evil: personally I dont know who this kid is? But hope her party was smashing!
    I would like to say that I feel the theme did not look quite dark enough?
    I mean she could have paid some one to really give her party a DEATHLY dark feel…
    Love the cloths and make up… bu hey that coulda been darkend up as well!
    CHEERS!!! :twisted:

  87. web says:

    The irony is suffocating me with its weight, adding yet another layer of irony as I cling to consciousness by sheer will alone.

  88. genX says:

    R.I.P cobain

  89. Anna says:

    Fricken sweet theme man
    Would have been awesome to dress up for.

  90. Mike says:

    I happen to know Frances and she’s completely stable and a great person. This party is not insulting it’s cool. Leave her alone. Just because her parents have had probs, doesn’t mean she does. She’s ambitious, talented and a really cool chick.

  91. Orchid Levana says:

    i have nothing but contempt for both frances and courtney at this point.
    suicide is not cool. it is not funny. it is not something to just joke about and throw a goddamn suicide themed birthday party-and especially when her so called father killed himself. frances is not kurt’s daughter, but as far as she knows, she is, which makes it even less ok. and courtney, what the fuck? your husband committed suicide and you let your daughter joke about it.
    bravo you two, bravo.

  92. preshie says:

    give the kid a break. who the hell are you people to judge this poor girl? she’s expressing herself. it’s not her fault you don’t understand her humor. they didn’t understand van gogh when he was alive either. the only reason you’re picking at her is because of her parents and really, i don’t know about you, but NO ONE CHOOSES THEIR PARENTS. no one chooses the kind of upbringing they get. it’s hard enough being a teenager and then have the world watching you and nit-picking at your mother?? i would have had a shooting judgmental idiots contest for a theme if i were her.

    and seriously, enough with the courtney bashing cause it’s tired. i’m no courtney fan by any means. i do want to see how you holier-than-thou idiots would deal with it if your husband decided paint the living room with his brains. and then have every joe schmo traipsing through your pansies and climbing your trees to get a picture. and then have books written about how you led him to suicide. and then have someone steal your engagement ring from your hotel room AND then years later have another heartless bonehead steal your husbands ashes from your house. let’s see you deny drugs then. i’m surprised she doesn’t have a constant morphine drip.

    oh someone said thousands of teenagers looked up to her as a role model. that may be the truth, but if you are any sort of a parent, you would be drilling your kids on the values of being an original and thinking FOR YOURSELF. i’m so sick of parents blaming the media and celebrities. YOU’RE THE PARENT, SO BE ONE. this girl is just living the only life she has, she doesn’t have to be burdened with how your own child is growing up.

  93. Poppy says:

    Although I think the ‘suicidal 16th’ is a bit tasteless, I don’t see how she is a silly and spoiled brat. So what if she has a party, it’s her BIRTHDAY. This does not mean she drinks and does drugs all the time! She should stop partying and go to school? This is based on her spelling? Not everyone is good at spelling, regardless of the hours they spend at school. They could just be typing mistakes. Teenagers drink, they always have done and always will. She is not serving alcohol at her party and is making people aware of this. It is up to everone else if they want to have a drink before, not her. Some people like to go to parties after a drink, as they feel they can enjoy it more, although this is not personally my opinion, I don’t see what difference it makes.

  94. snote says:

    Hey. Frances is a beautiful and lovely girl, who’s 16. LEAVE HER ALONE!!

  95. WattieEXP says:

    You can’t miss what you never had, so I can’t see her (Frances) fathers death effecting her all that much to be honest…
    Hell-It didn’t effect Courtney that much, and she was married to the man!

  96. WattieEXP says:

    Nic-You said “these comments about kurt cobain being murdered are messed up. if you have ever read ANYTHING about the man, you would know that he was a very messed up individual. he HATED being famous after he became famous and hated his life. he also injected a lethal dose of heroin before being shot, so that would have killed him anyway. and that was of his own doing.”

    I see that you ARE NOT familiar with the investigation surrounding Kurts’ death?!
    He could have easily been given purer Heroin than he was used to-Perhaps by someone he knew?? Trusted?? Courtney? Or maybe someone she had put up to it?

    Its widely known that Courtney keeps referring to Rome as a “suicide attempt” (Before Kurts’ eventual death), although he, and his friends spoke out and said he wasn’t suicidal…
    The hard evidence??
    The doctor in Rome said that it definitely wasn’t a suicide attempt-It wasn’t consistent…It just looked as though “someone” (Maybe Kurt-Maybe Courtney helped him out, if you know what I mean?) had mixed tranquillisers with alcohol-Never a good idea.

    This is how his actual death was passed off as a suicide…Courtney had begun setting the ground work in place long before Kurt even knew he was in trouble. He has been quoted to have said “I’m in fear for my life”…
    He was planning on divorcing Courtney-He’d even had a will written up, excluding her completely-He never got around to signing it, although his lawyer still has it.
    Courtney had to “get rid” of Kurt if she wanted ANY money-The stupid bitch always thought “That she would be more famous”, and had a pre-nup. This (obviously) didn’t happen, and if Kurt had of divorced Courtney successfully, she would never have seen a penny.
    Much easier to just “inherit” her late husbands fortune…

    There is piles more evidence out there-You just have to do your home work. And Tom Grant is planning on blowing the doors off this case, when he eventually gets the investigation reopened.

  97. Alex says:

    people that say “she doesn’t understand how serious suicide is and how sad it is blah blah blah.” don’t understand
    her dad killed himself
    and whether its her way of facing her demons
    shes mad so shes making a point
    or “suicidal” is just used as alliteration for a Halloween-type themed party
    she was affected by suicide more so than anyone else
    because not only did her dad kill himself when she was a baby. but the whole world is breathing down her neck ready for her to fall into depression or addiction

    normally im not a creep and i dont respond to things like this cause i seem like a rabid fan
    but my friend showed me this cause i really like Kurt Cobain
    and the ignorance pissed me off

  98. Nadia says:

    I don’t think it was a suicide theme. It was a death theme is all. So what. Her dad would probably be looking down on it in irony and not caring. If you know anything about Kurt he was a pretty dark type of guy. She looks very pretty and looks very much like her parents. Its been crazy to see her grow up Ive been a fan of Nirvana for over ten years now. Its a cool theme. MSI is a cool band. Goth thing. Is all. Not a big deal. :roll:

  99. blakely says:

    okay i LOVE it!! i wat a sweet sixteen like that :) I thought it was so cute and awesome:DDD

  100. Haley says:

    i see nothing wrong with her spelling…all i see is her not capitalizing things, and instead of saying “..shit in” she said “shit if” which was clearly an error from typing too fast, and we all often make that mistake. The “suicide” theme isn’t all that bad. Up there, Kurt was probably laughing. i don’t think he would mind. Kurt’s smart enough to know it was just fun..i also don’t think he would want all of you bashing her and Courtney either. Accept what you see, guys.

  101. Becca says:

    Oh my God – get over it people, it was a party !

  102. meme says:

    Might be a party, but it’s by a girl whose family have a history of mental illness and substance addiction. And I thought she was turning out relatively normal too.

  103. Christina X says:

    You know, Miley Cyrus throws a party and people bitched about that forever, but this brat throws a “suicide” party and it’s cute?

    Not only do I find it positively disgusting that she’s cheapening suicide, but also that she’s cheapening the same exact thing that killed her father. If it wasn’t tacky to begin with, it’s tacky because of that fact alone.

    If this is what’s considered a “good role model”, I think the general public needs to get its priorities straight.

    This is just another example of a spoiled, priviledged, princess with wealthy parents who pretends to be depressed, and makes an ass out of victims. Frances Bean and her ilk are the reason why suicide and depression aren’t taken seriously in society. Thanks for making a complete mockery out of a serious mental illnesss, brat.

    Nice look, btw. What better way to separate the crowd than to look just like everyone else?

    PS- I am a goth kid, and I still think this is a load of sht. Must have something to do with growing up with an ounce of f-king tact. To those of you making excuses that it’s because she’s goth, it has absolutely nothing to do with it. I hate people who think that being goth is all about shock value and death. I consider myself goth because of my interest in things of a darker nature, but I find these mall-goth attention seekers who glorify images of pain and emotional suffering completely abohorrent. Princess FB needs to go find her some class and piss off until she does so.

  104. Hobo says:

    Unfucking believable! I cant believe some people consider this normal teenage behavior! I have a couple of Goth friends and they consider this acting out to get attention. Ah…this is sad…RIP Cobain.

  105. Mekkena says:

    She has her daddys eyes! Although she is very beautiful, she unfortunately reminds me more of ber mom.

  106. katy says:

    I’m 15, and even I realise that this is a little sick

  107. Rich says:

    Clearly, she forgot that she is a celebrity- which means before she does anything, she should run it by millions of strangers first.

    Then again, it’s much easier to judge a famous stranger than to be introspective and try making mySELF better.

  108. -Sleep.inSangria- says:

    Happy BirthfrancesCobain

    Yo Rich

  109. Ari says:

    and this guy is Curt Cobain’s cousin i guess..

  110. rachel says:

    The girl is cool as hell just by her parents alone.your doing great frances bean.

  111. Gabriel says:

    your lucky to have had a dad like kurt hes the best and your hot!

  112. pablo says:

    ella tiene los ojos más preciosos del mundo…..como su padres dijo una ves…..que chica tan genial

  113. Crystal says:

    That is one creepy child not to mention an insenstive one. Someone needs to clue her in that suicide is not cool which she should already know considering it’s how she lost her father.

    It’s disgusting that she’s making a joke out of a serious mental illness that destroys not only the life of the person whose in so much emontional pain that they committ sucide because they see no other option but also the lives of the people they leave behind.

  114. evangeline says:

    What the hell happened to this girl? Just a couple of years ago she was wearing girly clothes, was blonde, and saying she wanted Mariah Carey to sing at her sweet 16. She seemed normal then, now she’s turned weird. Well I guess that happens when your mother is Courtney Love.

  115. jen says:

    Well, I think she is being a normal 16 year old. This is the real world, not mtv’s.

    Good luck Frances Bean!

  116. jen says:

    Frances Bean,
    you are your own person. dont let anyone describe you as either one of your parents!

  117. Casey Campbell says:

    Man Quit obsessing over her Party I mean Damn This her Way of saying “My Father Killed himself and i’ve made peace with that”

  118. tilly says:

    The suicidal theme was to indicate the end of childhood and about moving into adulthood.

  119. christina says:

    Well I think it’s her party and if that’s the theme she wanted then so whatever…..and since Courtney killed Kurt………it’s not really disrespectful.

  120. shazzadee says:

    @ christina- I agree. If you have youtube, you should subscribe to project unplugged. It’s Tom Grant’s self-funded documentary that he is doing segment by segment. Anyone that does not buy the suicide verdict should see this. And I guess anyone who does should also :)

    And in regards to the “suicidal” 16 themed party. Everyone here seems to think it’s normal. If you thought that your dad committed suicide, would you then throw a party that seemingly pokes fun at the idea? This makes evident how courtney has brought up her and kurts daughter. If kurt’s looking down from where ever he may be, I wonder what he thinks of this? People commited suicide because of kurt’s death. Completely inappropriate of courtney. But what do you expect from the women that inherits kurt’s money and then tells the public that she wishes she never married him. An all class women she is…..

  121. Tia says:

    I know I am a year late on this but wow… I can’t help but have the image of a little blonde toddler with chubby cheeks in my head. I hadn’t realized how much time has gone by. It’s a shame that Courtney supported this sort of theme.

  122. bea says:

    I think she´s got a similar sense of humour than kurts.
    It is indeed sarcastic and probably the best way of dealing with the fact your dad apparently blew his brains out when you were only 2, not giving a fuck about you.
    She needs to make fun of it and naturally couldnt think of a better way.
    But ANYWAY we should all stop being so fucking freudian all the time, kids are kids , drugs are drugs and suicide its well, suicide.

  123. someone says:

    wow, i’m just reading up one everyone’s thoughts about this, alot of people don’t have a sweet clue who kurt cobain really is, and who actually does know him personally in this blog? probably noone..I wonder if francis bean really does have the time to read all of this crap,and I wonder if anyone has even thought of how she would react when seeing all of this, would she laugh, would she cry, I don’t know, and neither does anyone else on here. the question is, why is everyone concerned about others lives, and fighting about what has happened in the past? nothing could ever be changed.

  124. Lizzy says:

    omg! she obviously thinks her dad commited suicide! i definately don’t! how could she! i know that he didn’t. :D

  125. FrancesAlso says:

    ES, people, ES. If it’s hEr name it’s FrancEs, if it’s hIs name, it’s FrancIs.

  126. John says:

    Just regurgitating what’s already been said, basically.

    This is in horrible taste, considering who she is. A “gothy” theme of “death” would be ok. But suicide? Stay classy, Frances.

    She has very bad spelling. Not even difficult things. There’s a difference between “to” and “too.” And “form” and “from.” It doesn’t matter if this was just sent to her most personal friends. If they can’t understand what she’s trying to say, why even bother taking the time to type it out?

    The drugs/alcohol thing, to me, implies that she knows the people she hangs with do them. Not being prejudice, but that means there’s a good possibility she does them too.

    And none of that “Don’t judge a kid,” or “You did it when you were young too” shit. I’m 18, never done drugs or drank, neither do my close friends. She’s 16, she really should know better.

  127. leannee :) says:

    i dont understand why people are making a big deal of a 16 year olds party?
    just because her dad shot himself, why should she have to be reminded of it when she wasn’t even old enough to remember it?
    personally, i love nirvana and i think kurt cobain was an amazing song writer and performer. and tbf, while he was alive he was a pretty good dad to francis
    and all that about ‘she should go back to school she cant spell’ shit. shes 16, thats an invite to her friends who are going to be about the same age. shes not gonna check for mistakes now is she!
    she looked beautiful but the thing is, if any other goth kid was to put on a suicide 16th then no1 would have a problem, its just b/c her dad and im pretty sure if he was alive today he would of let her throw the biggest ‘death to childhood’ party she wanted

  128. james says:

    stupid girl! =/

  129. aly says:

    jfc people relax she’s just a kid and it’s a fucking party.

  130. Lacy says:

    Damn has this much time passed already? I remember the day Kurt died. I can’t freakin believe it, I was in high school and everyone was talking about it. Ok enough about me, I think Francis is a strong young woman, who is embracing life and death in a positive way. I know that may sound weird but think about it. Her dad died by suicide, she is trying to still cope with it. What’s the best way to cope with death but to face it head on. That is what she is doing facing it by saying FUCK YOU I’M NOT AFRAID OF DEATH!!!!

  131. sasha a says:


  132. charron says:

    ughh, this pissed me off!
    shes just like everybody else. and her father was differnt! i wish she was more like him! :( R.I.P!

  133. i hope she does well in life i think your father would want that for you.

  134. Sarah Smith says:

    My parents would never have allowed me to have a “Suicide 16″, even if my dad HADN’T committed suicide (which hers did), in which case I would NEVER have been allowed to take the subject of suicide so lightly.

    Courtney Love is fun for a rock star and a movie star, but when it comes to mothering, she’s questionable. Period.

  135. Sarah Smith says:

    I’d like to add that it’s not just Courtney … our whole culture has become so trashy and so accepting of bad behavior. Just look at “The Girls Next Door”. These chicks are basically prostitutes, and it’s somehow ok for them to be role models for our young girls.

    It’s not just Courtney. She’s just one of many examples of what is wrong with this world today.

  136. sherifaerie says:

    omg. this thread has been going on for quite some time, and everyone has valid points on both sides of the debate, but s**t. maybe it’s time to stop putting frances, courtney AND kurt down, as some of you have, and realize something. NO ONE’S PERFECT. NO ONE. everyone makes mistakes, and everyone learns from them. i agree that this party was a little uncalled for, but i get the feeling she knew that, and she may even have some regret about throwing it after hearing some of the things people have been saying about it. i’m sure she does read these things, in fact, i read somewhere once all the people (who are probably no where near as good looking as she IS), calling her ugly on these threads REALLY made her insecure. i mean, come on, the whole Tina Yothers thing was soooooo….. i mean, comparing her to someone else, looks wise or whatever, is just not fair to her!! comparing her to her parents is not fair, although i think she is probably EXTREMELY gifted with some underlying talent for the arts like both her parents, and should explore her creativity more. the harper’s bazarre modeling she did was DIVINE, and i was so touch by the fact that the little girl i remember from the early 90s is now carrying on a legacy of love and beauty that kurt left behind, whether or not others choose to agree with that, i don’t care. kurt ultimately lived for all the right things, and died for all the wrong reasons, as he so hauntingly sang himself in the vaseline’s cover of “jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam” on unplugged. that was his “suicide song”, the one that explained to me at least a little bit, why he did it to begin with. and i have read all the evidence that he was murdered, and cannot believe for one second he was. courtney loved that man madly, she had his child for crying out loud. i would never have a man’s child unless i was deeply in love with him. it’s just not something i, and i’m sure courtney either, takes lightly.
    i am an only child like frances. both my parents were drug addicts, and my dad had schizphrenia. i turned out to be crazy and drug addicted myself, so there is a chance frances is experimenting with drugs and is a little worried right now about her mental health. i always feared becoming schizo. and i faced my worse fears. but i’ll be damned if i am not a BETTER, STRONGER AND MORE CREATIVE person because of this. i just pray for frances and courtney every day that they, too, LIVE THROUGH THIS, because that is all life is about. it is a struggle, and it’s not easy for ANYONE. LAY OFF the girl, let her have her fun and learn her lessons. she’s still so young even though she is quickly entering adulthood. i’m sorry, but a lot of you come off as Nirvana/Hole bashing losers, who are, qf, lime green JELLO-O. LOL
    you all just wish you could see the world through young frances beans eyes. one day i would love to read a bio or even auto-bio on her.
    so yeah, before i rant on too long, i’ll close here. but not before i say one thing to frances bean cobain before i do: GIRL, YOU ARE SO LUCKY, YOU ARE CHOSEN, JUST LIKE YOUR PARENTS, FOR A HIGHER PURPOSE. DON’T LET THE WORLD BRING YOU DOWN.

  137. sherifaerie says:

    testing, 123. will spam bots eats this mesage? geez.

  138. sherifaerie says:

    while i have to agree with just about everyone who has commented thus far, good or bad, and say that i can see both sides of the debate, i also want to say this much…

    my impression of kurt cobain was that he was an extremely sensitive, down-to-earth, talented, oftentimes opinionated, beautiful person. and courtney love was probably not good enough for him in many people’s opinions. hell, in his case, what girl is? seriously, i think any girl would die to be courtney or any of his other ex-girlfriends for that matter, but despite the fact he could have had any girl he wanted practically, he DID choose Courtney Love, and they DID have a beautiful family together with Frances Bean, at least for the short time he was alive after her birth.

    What I’m getting at is, for heaven’s sake, let’s try not to tarnish his rep, or belittle his legacy as his fans, by putting his innocent daughter down, pointing a accusatory finger at courtney all the time, or even burning on kurt hhimself like he was a joke. kurt, by the mere age of 27, had figured out more than i have at the age of 32 about life, love amd death. by the time i’m 85 i don’t know if i will ever be able to fully comprehend kurt cobain and all he did. that’s what a genius he was, i think.

    and geniuses die young. they simply KNOW TOO MUCH.

    so what, do we as fans, really know? NOTHING. because we were not there in the greenhouse with him that fateful day. to at least give us all peace of mind, i would think we would drop any dispute about his death (murder or suicide? it’s soooooooo old!!) and focus more on his life and why he was here to begin with. kurt cobain was CHOSEN. he had a MESSAGE. maybe frances is passing this message onto us in some way. we should listen to her. she may wear all black, but she is still bright and articulate and we should consider ourselves effin LUCKY she’s even here, since kurt is not. she is a constant reminder of him, and her heart and soul is something that we, as TRUE NIRVANA/KURT COBAIN fans, should hoenstly cherish.

    and as for courtney, just try putting yrself in her Mary Jane’s for 5 minutes, you would be lost without him, too. frances is all she has left, and she would do ANYTHING for her, whether it be a suicide party or an innocent all girl sleepover for crying out loud. either way, i think we should all lighten up and let it go.

    i personally can’t stand thinking about the conspiracies and conflicts related to the Cobain’s ANYMORE. it’s making me want to scream, and finally i am saying something, which i never, ever do. so pardon the rant, but i seriously believe we need to learn to all stop bickering over petty stuff like what shade of lipstick frances wears, or who courtney is dating now. celebrities don’t care about this kind of gossip. because THEY’RE ABOVE IT. so hate on courtney and frances and kurt all you want, but they will always be a family, and MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU.

    i don’t care anymore, i am going to be naive and pretend like kurt never died. all i have to do is press play and he LIVES.

    or, on the other hand, i will pretend I’m dead up there in Punk Rock Heaven with him. AMEN.

    rest in peace, kurt donald cobain.

    and frances, don’t let the world get you down. you’re amazing, gurl, and for all that, i have nothing but the utmost respect for you.

  139. sherifaerie says:

    another thing, i had an ex boyfriend for 8 years whose mom killed herself when he was really young, too. when i first met him, he was crying on my shoulder over it and asking, “why?” i couldn’t answer that… i mean, her suicide made him feel somehow responsible, and unwanted. he had a suitcase of memories, filled with photos of her and his family. he literally came “with baggage” when i met him. it seriously messed him up, leading him to heavy drug use and depression. i just pray for frances bean every day, that she doesn’t feel this same sense of guilt and responsibility for kurt’s suicide as my ex did for his mothers. i think her “suicide party” is definitely her own weird way of coping, not glorifying it or even suggesting she will do the same thing. teenagers go through phases all the time, particularly dark phases, and this was hers. if all of you are keeping up, she has since dyed her hair red and it’s not pitch black anymore… she’s moving on with her life, and staying an independent person. i would be damn proud of her if i were courtney and i’m sure kurt is up there proud as all heck of her, too…
    another thing, i relate to frances on so many levels because i am also an only child, whose dad was scary schizo like kurt could be at times, and whose mom sometimes was too drunk or f**ked up to raise me. i became schizo and a heavy drug user, too, due to it. what frances needs more than anything, is support from Nirvana fans around the world, not to be bashed and belittled and constantly reminded she’s “famous by default” and not for her own unique self that she is. it’s no wonder she’s confused, and she’s probably scared, too… of fans that are all obsessed and crazy like some of you, telling her to piss off, or that she’s a brat, and whatnot. how can you claim to be nirvana fans if you hate his ONLY daughter, and the love of his life, Courtney? i guess some of you are obviosuly not fans, which i fins unbelievable and amazing because Nirvana was 10 millions times better than, say Michael Jackson, and deserve so much more credit for their musical contribution than he did or say, for example, Kid Rock does. i listen to nirvana because they remind me of how awesome life is, and what love and even death are all about. kurt was a lyrical genius, and someday I will sing nirvana songs in heaven because they are like that beautiful and amazing to me. nirvana impacted my life and so many others, so if you’re hear to hate on them or his family, or his best friends and band mates, even, then it’s time for y’all to BACK OFF and go play your Blink-182 albums or something if you think they’re so much better. whatever. just have some effin respect for the dead, and their families and friends.

  140. XANAX ZOMBIE says:

    idk what to think about this. Frances has grown up beautifully tho. but come on, Mindless Self Indulgence? really. i seen those guys get hit with rocks where i live. RIP K.D.C

  141. KurtIsGod says:

    the child has her father’s eyes in the creepiest way.

  142. windy says:

    I am a huge kurdt cobain fan.
    I think his daughter grew up to be a pretty grrl.
    I think Kurt would of liked the suicide party theme anyone who has ever read anything about him would think the same and maybe thats why Court didnt have a problem with it.

  143. BellaDawn says:

    For Her mother being who she is I think Franny is doing just fine,maybe her party was a way of dealin’ with Kurt being gone.All 90′s children know what he was to music,he was brilliant! Not to mention georgous,I think she is beautiful and gets everything she is from him.She has a little more about herself than her ate up mother.I honestly believe she (Love) drove him to his death! RIP Kurt you are missed by all your fans and I am sure by your daughter who never had the chance to know you.Keep on rockin’ in the afterlife we all will be hearing you play again one day!

  144. Bubbapppapa says:

    Damn, people, the only sad thing about any of this is that someone would spend so much time making a big deal out of it and that so many people (myself included) who aren’t even proactive enough to write a blog about their perverse obsession with screwing around in other people’s private lives are sitting on their sad asses wasting time in a discussion about it. I’m sure we’re all experts on what everybody in the world’s feeling and thinking and what everything means, at lest as long as we’re hiding in the anonymity of the internet. Frances Cobain’s probably far more stable than anyone who spends their time following celebrity gossip websites.

    Also, Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain murdered, but I think we can forgive her when we think about the alternative of an increasingly chubby Kurt Cobain entering middle age. I thank cake, wine, and sleeping pills for the same reason concerning Jimi Hendrix.

  145. Kat says:

    Okay, So I am probably about to piss a bunch of you off…. But what the hell, I am going to anyway.
    First off let me start by saying this (to all of you that think you have a right to fight on the side of this being disrespectful to Kurt) that Kurt was FRANCIS’ father and he was COURTNEY’S husband. You think you hurt because you were a fan of Kurt’s? Imagine how she has to feel. Did all of you forget how Courtney actually tried to console those who showed up for candle light vigiles? You make me laugh… Half of you would not even remember his music had he not died, it might not have been AS popular. Now, I believe Nirvana was an amazing group and I still listen to their music today. But, I don’t think that if Kurt was around he would be so happy to claim those bashing his daughter as fans. You don’t know what it’s like to lose your father at a young age. Furthermore to grow up not shielded from him killing himself due to the media always bringing it up. If that was her theme, let her be. And perhaps maybe if you could lay off Courtney for one minute you might see that even though she is a flawed person, that she too in fact has never gotten over it. It disgusts me that some of you out there want to discuss her poor spelling, like we all type perfectly all the time. We wouldn’t even know about the spelling errors if someone hadn’t probably sold off a copy of her invitation. How nice though, that a bunch of ADULTS feel the need to sit around making nasty comments about her. What’s funny is that if Kurt was alive you probably wouldn’t remember his name right now. Since his type of music is not what’s “hot” right now. The problem isn’t what Courtney or Francis are doing, the problem is those of you that think it’s ok for you to spout off at the fingertips about something you think you know about.

    Courtney much love to you, you are still one of my favorite rocker chicks. May you be blessed and happy for the rest of your years.

    Francis, I hope you had a happy birthday sweetie. You are very beautiful. You look like your mom except your eyes remind me of your dad. Here’s a piece of advice sweetie:
    Take the positive with you, leave the rest behind. The people insulting you are beneath you.

    Again to the rest of you, One day may you actually grow up… It’s a bit immature to slam Francis. You didn’t know her father and you don’t know her. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before assuming you know anything.

  146. chad says:

    looks like fun! mindless self indulgence is 100% pure fun (kurt would’ve liked them). she’s a beautiful young lady with good taste (even though it’s non of my buisiness.) get over your boring lives people. do something fun today…you’ll feel better about life.

  147. Sarah says:

    She’s such a gorgeous girl.
    I’m so jealous that she had Mindless Self Indulgence play at her 16th! Such a rad band.

  148. jennifer austin says:

    I think hauntingly beautiful puts it mildly.. I cant believe that such a beautiful person came out of Courtney Love, but thank god for her beautifully poetic, snarky, amazing father. I got a chance to read his diaries, and his sense of humor is twisted.. My dads sense of humor is also twisted and I think I get alot of me from that, maybe Im just twisted.. but I get it Frances!

    MSI is an amazing band, in my cd player right friggin now!! Amazingly hauntingly unbelievably beatiful soul. RIP Kurt, and you would be so amazingly proud of how undeniably beautiful, smart, edgy your daughter has turned out to be. I hope your watching over her, and I hope she truly knows where you were at in your life at that point.. Courtney is really a crazy bitch that doesnt even know the ROYALTY she was lucky enough to have in her life. Ridiculous

  149. KurtwasMurdered says:

    Well, 2 years later and I see it’s still up for debate. 1. Party was tasteless but telling of her psychological state. 2. Kurt definitely did NOT kill himself.
    3. Being that it is now 2010, and Courtney has lost all parental rights/custody AND had a PERMANENT restraining order placed against her from contacting her daughter…ever, I think this thread should pretty well be closed down. Cheers.

  150. Dodge says:

    What a disrespectful immature little girl she is!! It’s not “goth” humour, Kurt Cobain commited suicide – this “daughter” is bloody sick!! Frances is disgusting for even considering such a grotesque theme. Wonder what Kurt would think of all this?

    Frances is a pretty girl, which is amazing when you think of the drugs Mommy threw down her neck while pregnant!!! She looks nothing at all like Kurt or her Mother, makes me wonder how faithful Courtney was when she smacked out of her face on heroin.

    Perhaps Coutney has something to tell us? or maybe she can’t remember?

  151. Jess says:

    ummmm…..i think its no ones business how she decides to theme her b-day party, i’m sorry, but it was her father, so why does it matter to the world….her family, her dad… one elses concern, there are more important things in the world to fret over

  152. Gilsankley says:

    i only know said i love you Frances

  153. Koowie says:

    I grew up listening to Nirvana and their mortal enemy Pearl Jam. But Kurt was my first hero. I’m sure she was just having fun. But i do worry for her just because her mom is a wreck.

  154. Boop says:

    My dad committed suicide four years ago. I think a suicide themed party is a fun idea and my Dad would have personally given me a thumbs up on it – if he could have attended. My family realizes the hurt suicide causes, of course we know better than anyone else who has never dealt with this type of situation, but a little dark humour isn’t “concerning”. It’s what some people do; make light of the bad parts of your childhood and have fun. Every year for Halloween I am smothered in blood and gore and dead. There’s no difference. I was a suicidal pinup girl last year. Guess I should go to therapy since dressing up and making light of my father’s own suicide is so horrible and disturbing… I am so late to this party.

  155. RJB says:

    I did not read most of the replys so…plz get your facts correct. Kurt killed himself on April 5th, was found April 8th, (my 27th birthday) in Seattle, where I did and do still live. And FBC was not two at the time of he fathers death so she could not of turned sixteen 14 years later.

  156. Kendrix says:

    I heard somewhere that this party was mostly a tasteless idea of her mother’s, and that she felt like it were just her mother’s friends invited to show her off…

  157. John says:

    I just think how pretty she was.

  158. Kevin says:

    I honestly don’t see what the problem is.. I lost my father when I was young and I developed a pretty dark sense of humour.. It’s my way of dealing with it and making sense of it all.. Only Frances can decide on how she wants to deal with the things that happend in her life.. It doesn’t really say anything about her mental state..

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