Did J.Lo pull out of ‘Runway’ over a beef with Harvey Weinstein?

Last week, we told you how Jennifer Lopez ducked out of her appearance as a guest judge on the season finale of “Project Runway” at the last minute, citing a foot injury. Well, this alleged foot injury – which her trainer denied – didn’t stop her from successfully completing a triathlon for charity over the weekend. Kudos to her for that feat. But what gives about the “Project Runway” snafu? Sources are now reporting that Lopez was upset about being denied a film role in a new project produced by The Weinstein Company, which also produced “Runway.”

A source close to “Runway” host Heidi Klum says that Klum was furious that Lopez pulled out.

“Heidi went from one big-name judge for the finale to none,” the source says. “It was embarrassing, especially the excuse that (Lopez) was hurt.”

Lopez is rumored to be throwing a birthday party for husband Anthony back in New York, and, according to the source, “She can forget about Heidi and (husband) Seal attending after this.”

One of the rumors swirling around Lopez’s sudden injury is that she had no beef with “Project Runway,” but instead was angry with The Weinstein Company, which produces the reality show.

“Jennifer was hoping for a part in an upcoming Weinstein film, and she was told the day before (the ‘Project Runway’ show) that she wasn’t getting it,” the source says. “She was angry, so she pulled out.”

Lopez’s rep, Leslie Sloane, denied the rumors, saying “(Lopez) pulled out (of “Runway”) because she had an injury and had to have it rehabbed so she could compete (in the triathlon).” She went on to say “(Lopez) has no issues with Harvey (Weinstein).”

[From MSNBC.com]

I don’t believe Lopez had a foot injury. If she did, how was she able to participate in a grueling triathlon? Why did her trainer say she was fine? If anyone would know, he would. However, pissing off Harvey Weinstein is not a smart move, and Jennifer is nothing if not a savvy business woman. How else does she manage to keep her name in the public eye despite not having a hit movie, album or anything else in years?

Jennifer Lopez is shown out in NY with her husband last night for his surprise 40th birthday party. Credit: WENN

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  1. Lola says:

    Mmmm, I wondered about that foot injury…

  2. sam says:

    Remember how hard she plugged the fact she was doing the triathalon though? She would have looked pretty stupid if she didn’t follow through with it.

    On that logic maybe she pulled out to give her foot time to recover from a slight injury so that she could do the triathalon?

    Then again, I believe people way to easily.

  3. Musey says:

    Eh, whatever her reasons are, I don’t care. I’m glad she pulled out, because now we finally get a guest judge who knows what he’s doing–Tim Gunn! *fannish delight*

    Really, Tim judging the finale is just about the only thing that can save this season. It’s been pretty awful.

  4. Shannon says:


  5. Shay says:

    I think Harvey is the devil but if J.Lo drops out of everything he’s involved in I hope he’s very active in the future. Maybe he can get into music??

    As far as the injury. I ran cross country in High School and had my fair share of injuries. There’s no amount of rehab that would exclude you from sitting in a chair judging clothes but then allow you to run a triathlon days later.

  6. ll says:

    “How else does she manage to keep her name in the public eye despite not having a hit movie, album or anything else in years?”
    She’s great friends with all the top designers (and Posh) and would love to be labeled a fashion icon of our time.
    Besides working ‘it’ in her expensive and fabulous designer clothes, I don’t think the public has much interest in her anymore.

  7. Nina says:

    I could never figure out what the fuss about her was all about? She’s not a good actress and she can’t sing. Fashion icon? Her ass is too big to be a fashion icon. Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman even and Princess Diana were icons. J-Lo is a has been.

  8. RAN says:

    Me neither Nina – never got it, still don’t get it, will like her much more when she finally goes away.

  9. Nina says:

    Dont’ think that will happen anytime soon though. sigh. 😥

  10. Kaiser says:

    And once again, I’m defending J.Lo – she is a huge star, she was once a good actress (Out of Sight), she’s sold millions of albums, and she *is* a fashion icon, despite some peoples’ nasty criticisms of her body.

    As for getting out of PR – well, she could have done it a better way, but I’m not complaining because now we get Tim Gunn!

  11. Jeanne says:

    Maybe Heidi and Co. couldn’t meet all of Miss Diva’s backstage demands. Maybe her Svengali hubby insisted on being there and was creeping everyone out. I’m glad she wasn’t there. The show is doing just fine without her. Her appearance on PR would have helped her more than vice versa.