Britney Spears made $500,000 for product placement in her new video


When Britney Spears’ new video, “Hold It Against Me”, dropped last week, many of us noticed that in addition to the sketchy editing and the even sketchier dance moves, that the video seemed to feature quite a lot of product placement. Sony, Plenty of Fish, Make Up Forever and Britney’s own fragrance, Radiance, were all included in various fast-cuts, and now TMZ/PopEater reports that Britney made $500,000 off of those product placements:

While some fans are shaking their heads over the blatant product placements in Britney Spears’ video for ‘Hold it Against Me,’ the singer isn’t sweating her critics. In fact, she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

TMZ reports that the pop superstar raked in a cool half a million dollars for prominently featuring a number of brands in the video, including Make Up Forever cosmetics, Sony, dating site Plenty of Fish and her own fragrance, Radiance.

Spears has heard from her fair share of detractors in the industry over the video, including Katy Perry, who tweeted about the obvious product placements, “do it w/style & grace…Not so in ur face like some. U hv to get creative w/it. Some artists don’t care tho, & u can tell.”

One group that isn’t complaining is Spears’ advertisers, who are already reaping the benefits of their investment.

Plenty of Fish has already reported a 20 percent increase in traffic to their site since Spears debuted her video last week.

[From PopEater]

So… I guess that goes to show, Britney can still sell. She can sell even when she’s not selling herself or her music. I’m a little surprised that Sony got on board, but all of the other products make sense, I guess. If you’re Britney, they make sense. But I’ve got to wonder – why? Britney isn’t some struggling pop artist. $500,000 is just her yearly strawberry frap pocket money.



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  1. Innocent says:

    I think she deserves it and it’s not that big of a deal. As for Katy Perry tweeting then she probably wishes she could get offers like that for her videos.

  2. AENFLEX says:

    A desperate ploy to be cool? Or maybe she’s harder up for money than we think? IDK, I thought she was rolling in it…

  3. mln76 says:

    Katy Perry talking about style and grace??? That’s pretty rich. Brit Brit is just handling her buisiness and doing what all of those pop stars do. Is anyone surprised she’s a sell out?

  4. di butler says:

    People have got to understand the music business is in the toliet. itunes and the like aren’t saving it, the only real money being made is in concert sales. So, it’s either product placement, or expect the demise of videos. Only stars willing to take the cost cuts from their salary will be the ones making videos.

  5. chasingadalia says:

    I couldn’t even make it halfway through the video. What crap. I’d rather see Katy Perry shoot sparks out of her boobs – I didn’t get a headache watching that video.

    No one watches music videos to see ads in them (besides sponsors). They watch for a visual expression of the song, and to be entertained. People fast-forward commercials for a reason.

  6. Roxanne75 says:

    Did Xenu get a hold of her? After all these years seeing her comatosed it reminds me a little of one of his victims…

  7. guesty says:

    so sure she needed the extra $. *eyeroll* but WHATEVER.

  8. gabs says:

    I think there is a way to do it and it depends on the product. I don’t have a problem with the perfume and the makeup because shes a pop star but the dating website and sony just bugged me. Theres a way to work it in right. I remember her “circus” video in the beginning she plugs her perfume and makeup without being in your face about it. I actually agree with Katy Perrys tweet that theres a certain way to do it.

    Did this remind anyone else of that movie “Josie and the pussycats”? You know when they find out the songs have subliminal messages in them?

  9. Rita says:

    @di butler

    You’re exactly right in that only the handful of artists at the top and their record company are making money. A performer needs a hit to tour and push the music but record labels are focusing on the thoroughbreds in their stables. No risk taking.

    On a side note, the Bellamy Brothers who made “If I say you have a beautiful body will you hold it against me” have started legal action against Brit for infringement. The songs are similar if you double the beat into a dance number.

  10. someone says:

    I didn’t like the video, it made no sense to me, there was just too much going on!

  11. MSat says:

    She’s always been a walking commercial. At least now she’s being upfront about it.

    However, can we talk about how messed up and medicated she looks in this video? Good god.

  12. Amanda says:

    It all adds up.

  13. Quest says:

    Milk it honey like a god damn cow I say. LOL

  14. Katie says:

    I just think the video is really dumb, even without the product placement stuff. But it is one of the most blatant examples of music video product placement that I have ever seen. The song has really grown on me.

    Also, I went to her tour two years ago and should she go on tour for this new album, DON’T GO. She was like a zombie. Barely there. Only spoke to the audience once. They didn’t even show her on the big screen for the nosebleed seats. It was weird.

  15. guesty says:

    rita…you’re a wealth of information! *replaces google with rita’s comments* lol.

  16. Fire says:

    She did it because…why not? If they are willing to give her money for placement, why not? It was pretty freaking blatant and most “artists” would be a little more subtle about it, but hey y’all! It’s Britney bitch! Nothing about her is subtle.

    On a side note…that screen shot of her is very unfortunate. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but there is some wonky shit going on with her face. I think it’s mostly the eyes…

  17. Zelda says:

    Anyone who goes to a dating site recommended by Britney Spears needs to be taken out of the gene pool.

  18. AngelMay says:

    Her eyes are so dead. She reminds me of a worn out circus pony. Daddy Spears will work her till she drops. Like the song but it’s sad to look at Britney.

  19. Debra says:

    Kevin is expensive.
    She has to hustle to keep up two households.

  20. djork says:

    To hold Spears accountable is ridiculous. I don’t think this poor woman has ever made an independent decision regarding her career. Dead eyes.

  21. Anonandonandon says:

    Has anyone else in history been given the free pass to pantomime their way through a music career like Britney? She may be the one person who has never given anything to the music industry but only taken from it. She may be listed among the best selling music artists in history but there should be an asterisk by her name indicating a footnote, “Did not participate”. It’s disgusting that she’ll be listed among people who actually sang, wrote meaningful lyrics, composed music or actually played an instrument. The only positive thing people can say about Britney is that in her prime (late teens, early, early twenties) is that she was cute and could dance. Too bad those 2 things have nothing to do with a song you’re listening to. At this point in her career she could be replaced with a cardboard cutout and a synthesizer.

  22. Alice says:

    Paying Britney Spears to advertise seems like a pretty bad investment. You need to put ads in places where people will want to look. I accidentally caught part of the video this morning on my sister’s TV, and I watched mostly out of horror. It’s so bad. And the song itself, my god. I honestly didn’t notice any product placement in the part I saw. Either there was no placement in that part, or I was just too horror-stricken to notice anything but the trainwreck that is Britney Spears singing.

  23. jover says:

    I don’t buy the reasoning about taking the money if its offered; she’s a millionare many times over on no talent whatsoever lip synching an entire concert tour and it was only till she got to australia that people called her out – but I guess if you’re a whore for money be up front about it. People complain about the amorality of politics but today’s music industry makes the political world look like pikers.

  24. Zelda says:

    Here here!

    And I never even thought she was very cute.

  25. anyhoo says:

    I love Britney, always always have. But she is bipolar (never been confirmed but it’s obvious to anyone who know someone with this mental disorder)

    She will never be the same as she was before and the meds she is on more than likely take all the joys and the lows out of her life. That’s why she looks like that..flat.

    Work, keeping busy, in shape and having a purpose is probably good for her at this point.

    Product placement, oh who cares. The song is good, the video is entertaining, it’s not rocket science.

  26. lucy2 says:

    LOL zelda!

    I think Britney’s TEAM made $500K – she doesn’t even seem aware of where she is, so I doubt she had anything to do with this decision.

    Trying to read Katy Perry’s tweet makes my head hurt. I know it’s limited to 140 characters per post, but for the love of the English language, split it into TWO posts then.

  27. Str8Shooter says:

    Um, WHY is anyone even remotely surprised that this corporate-bred ‘musician’ would sell out? She was conmpletely manufactured to begin with, can’t sing a note and her music sounds like it was made with a synthesizer and a woman that has constipation.

    Least it wasn’t KIA. LOL.

  28. Soapdish says:

    Make that money honey!

  29. Liana says:

    You’re exactly right in that only the handful of artists at the top and their record company are making money.


    Absolutely. My husband’s a musician and we are far from raking in the bucks on that front. When he tours, he stays in dumps and hostels. It’s not an awesome business, but it’s in his blood. So there you have it.

  30. justez says:

    I watched this video when it debuted this past Thursday and have to say I didn’t even notice. of course i wasn’t paying attention. hell, if i was asked to do that for a fraction of the money i would. who considers music videos art nowadays? but i have to add, new and old britney spears music is great to workout to

  31. Isabel says:

    She looks like a sad clown in the video.

  32. dorothy says:

    All the products in the video…it’s just cheesy. And…she may look beautiful in the video, but thats as far as it goes. In everyday life she still just looks like a trailer park momma.

  33. just sayin says:

    idk Im still interested in Britney on what she does, and yet the ads were visible but i really didnt care. It didnt make me wanna sign up for any of things and Im glad Britney eats fast food, i do, and is more realistic rather than going to some fancy place where I get a small meal and starve.

  34. Brittany says:

    How did I miss all the product placement when I watched this video??

    I really don’t wanna watch it again to find it…

  35. SnarkyShark says:

    Here’s to hoping she uses some of the cash to fix whatever the hell is going on with her face.

    (Seriously, why is nobody talking about those eyebrows?!)

  36. Zelda says:

    The header photo is a drag queen, right?

  37. krissy says:

    That may be the worst music video ever made.. seriously. The dancing? The giant wedding dress? Product Placement! amazing that is for real

  38. dahlia47 says:

    She’s tired. Well she’s been tired. I think I’m over Gaga too.

  39. Camille says:

    And this is one of the reasons why I will never feel sorry for this girl.

    @Zelda: LOL! You are on fire today 😀

  40. lolas says:

    She is 29 years old and already looks like a bloated, dozy has been twice her age… and that’s after post production! This will sound ridiculous, but I actually feel sorry for her.

    And what I find more offensive than the product placement was the bargain basement type of products they got. Plenty of Fish?? I am no fan of Gaga, but at least Bad Romance had some more interesting merchandise…

  41. notsoanonymous says:

    I’ve always been a Britney fan and it’s been sad to watch her fall the way she has. I actually liked the dancing in the video, although the part where she kicked her own a$$ made me wonder if that was a body double.

    As for the song, it’s really catchy and the bridge makes the song great. However, I like the rough cut, demo version of this song sung by Bonnie McKee (one of the cowriters – it was leaked on YouTube) so much better. Can’t wait until she puts out another album of her own.

  42. Natalie says:

    i like the song but she looks horrible in the video.

  43. xxodettexx says:

    you know, i am in no way a britney apologist, never liked her music, never cared about her insane antics besides being able to come on celebitchy/dlisted for some hilarious commentary BUT katy perry should STFU…. i mean, YES britney is so obviously over everything but her team is all about the money… and i guarantee katy’s team could figure out a way to get her vids endorsed they would do so… stupid pop stars, i swear, acting like any single one of them is better than the others! hello, u are ALL nothing but sexual vehicles for your teams to make $$!

  44. Motor35 says:

    of course Sony got on board! that is her record label. Jive is owned by sony. duh?
    and i doubt *she* made this money, it was applied to the cost of production of the video.

  45. Alarmjaguar says:

    The reason music companies are losing money is because they seem to have forgotten that they are in the *music* business. All these so-called pop-stars can’t actually sing or write their own songs (we’re all shocked when they can) ad they are all auto-tuned to boot. It is all fake, fake, fake, so why should people pay for it? No wonder they are turning to product placement, that’s what they are good at, selling a product without substance.

  46. TG says:

    @Anonandonandon – And I thought I was the only one who saw thru her fraud. I can’t figure out why so many people defend her. She is nothing but a talentless, gross slob/dumb hick.

  47. mimi says:

    Katy needs to SIT DOWN and shut up! It seems like every couple months she has some type of judgement to lay on a fellow musician about what they are doing and how it offends her! Remember her tweets blasting Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video as sacriligeous (sp?) now Britney too? For someone who has worn whip cream shooting guns on her breasts in videos- I highly doubt she has any room to be a moral beacon! Pot meet kettle

  48. Sunny says:

    The speculation over whether or not Britney is bipolar, as someone suggested, does not mean that whatever medication she is or is not on is the cause of her flattened affect. I’m an LMHC and I work with clients with various disorders on all ends of the spectrum. Very few of the people I’ve worked with are in a persistent lackluster state unless they are heavily, heavily medicated in which case they have great difficulty doing simple day to day activities. Her father cannot command her to work and do what she does regardless of being her conservator, you can’t force anyone to do anything although yes, he can restrict her. I really ask people to take great caution in blaming her attitude and actions on a possible disorder or medication for there are millions of people out there who regain a sense of life and enjoyment despite being on meds, and perhaps because of the meds – I’ve seen it and experienced it more than I can detail. Perhaps she is simply someone who, from what I’ve seen, has to do minimal work for a very large paycheck. When a machine runs everything for you, and you still reap the financial benefits, why would she care? What’s her motivation to care, to be enthusiastic, to even participate? There is none, because at the end of the day her behavior will be excused, blamed on “meds” blamed on some mystery diagnosis none of us will ever know for sure (outside observation of someone in extreme situations is hardly reason to conclude a diagnosis without knowing all the personal facts, and is pretty irresponsible and disrespectful to those with that diagnosis), the public will continue to blame her father, the media, everyone but her.

  49. Rainbow says:

    @ Sunny

    I have bipolar and was on a very low dose of my medication and it fixed what it was suppose to, but like someone said, I didn’t feel joy or any other emotions either and just felt dead. I went off of those drugs on my own and will never go back. No matter how many people you work with, not everyone reacts to drugs the same way.

  50. CB Rawks says:

    I hate how Britney sticks her tongue out when she mimes. It’s like she has the world’s worst lisp, and you know she can’t possibly make an ‘s’ sound with her tongue hanging out, so it’s obviously miming.
    Plus, put your damn ugly tongue away. I’m trying to eat. Gross.

  51. Crash2GO2 says:

    To be very shallow: Why would you want to accentuate the fact that you have droopy eyes? Are they trying to make her look pitiful?

  52. SHump says:

    Brit’s got a huge team of people relying on her for paycheck, and absolutely none of them give a toss about anything about her other than the fact that she is able to continue bringing in the cash… that’s why she did it. As for Katy Perry, she really needs to injest a bag of steaming hot genitals. I used to really like her catchy little tunes, but every time she opens her mouth she makes me want to stab things. This is a girl who thinks shooting whip cream out of her baby feeders is somehow artistically credible, I take it. She sits at home with her sex addict husband praying for the day she can stumble into work looking like the victim of a 1950’s lobotomy and still rake in the cash the way the Spears can. Seriously, Katy, no amount of putting down Britney is going to make anyone mistake you for some sort of “serious artist”, so step away from the twitter and go back to playing with your Hello Kitty turns to prostitution glitter makeup set.

  53. jezz724 says:

    who cares? nobody even watches music videos anymore. the fact that katy perry is criticizing britney is laughable. she’s been around for over 10 years now and is still relevant. let’s see where katy is 10 years from now…

  54. Sunny says:

    Re: Rainbow

    Good for you that you decided to go off meds that weren’t working for you, though I’m sure you’re aware there are countless different medications for people with this disorder and many people I work with have sought new medication that do not give those side effects. Bipolar disorder is often misdiagnosed as well, and few psychiatrists now days (not all, as I see you are very literal)are willing to put in the time with their patients to see if this is truly accurate: Many other disorders have extremely similar characteristics. I certainly hope you are not advocating that because one thing doesn’t work it means all will not work for that is not the case. In Britney’s case, I’m simply saying blaming meds is very convenient, and not always accurate, and dangerous if other people are afraid to try medication for fear of looking/behaving like her – that’s a terrible message to send. Being on meds should be the last resort when one’s life has become unmanageable by any other means, for any disorder, but for people to assume Britney’s “dead eyes” and lack of any emotion on medication is ignoring so many other factors that are a lot more feasible.

  55. Kim says:

    The product placement is what makes the video so bad! It was so obvious it was emabarrassing.

    Katy Pery – Pot calling kettle? Katy is the biggest sell out the business has seen in 100 years! She is certainly not one to talk!

    Britney uses product Katy uses her fake boobs.

    At the end of the day at least Britney’s music is entertaining.

  56. Killer Hype says:

    At the end of the day, if product placement makes the bottom line of the video smaller, it’s a win win. Blending proper music placement ads so the audience is not offended, has to be of the main factors for artists considering using products in their videos to save a few bucks.