Posh, Becks, Winehouse & Madge turned into Legos

Celebrities often have a host of problems we regular people never think about. Like what if you Master Cleanse too many times and lose too much weight? Or what if your crazy needle habit leads you to have all sorts of silvery, scaly looking fish skin? What do you do to get back to a look that’s more reasonable?

Well you call Lego is what you’d do. For the mere cost of a design team, the Dutch company will spruce you right up and bring you back to a significantly sexier shape. Sure you could go the Milton Bradely route, but they’re just going to whore you up. Lego will keep it classy – and square.

DAVID and Victoria Beckham have had some serious plastic surgery — and been transformed into Lego figures.

Posh and Becks are among the stars immortalised in toy bricks to celebrate the 30th birthday of Lego people.

Madonna, Amy Winehouse, The X Factor judges — Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh — have all had the treatment.

Lego’s masterminds also created Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Alan TItchmarsh and Sir Cliff Richard.

They join the four billion cops, builders, nurses and Darth Vaders already made since 1978 — but won’t be going into mass production

[From the Sun]

I think this is a seriously fantastic idea. Don’t like Posh’s latest bug glasses? Take them off and wait for your little sister to swallow them accidentally. Just like I never did to mine with a Barbie shoe… or a leg from a Cooties game. If you happen to be a frustrated writer that wants to do terrible, mean things to Madonna, you’ve got your little one right there. Poke away.

While I think the Madge Lego is sorta blocky (no pun intended) and grandmother-like, I think the Amy Winehouse Lego is a significant improvement. I could go either way on Becks – it’s hard to improve on perfection.

I am a little confused by Posh’s saggy boobs. It could just be due to the fact (I assume this is a fact) that it’s challenging to replicate the look of dart-boob implants on a flat surface. Yet somehow they come off as rather matronly to me. Probably won’t be that hard to keep Lego Becks away from her. Plus he looks sorta angry. Maybe that’s why.

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16 Responses to “Posh, Becks, Winehouse & Madge turned into Legos”

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  1. ER says:

    Winehouse and Madonna are dead on, but Posh and Beckham don’t look right. Nice to see those stick-thin stars pack on a few plastic pounds :)

  2. Baholicious says:

    Posh and Becks look like South Park characters, ha ha! I love it.

  3. Mairead says:

    The Becks one is very good though! The Madge one is as terrifying as the real thing :o

  4. Codzilla says:

    Madonna looks much better in Lego form.

  5. gg says:

    damn! Madonna looks just like a man in feminine clothes.

  6. Sarah says:

    By all means, but Lego is still a Danish company, not a Dutch one. Danish: Leg = Playing

  7. Jenna says:

    They got Madge’s gap!

  8. vdantev says:

    Can’t tell the difference :roll:

  9. javagirl1 says:

    The Amy Winehouse one is cool, the rest are stupid. I saw the Brangelina ones – they’re ridiculous looking.

  10. Caffie says:

    Where are the track marks on Wino’s Lego?

  11. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, E! showed The Brange ones – they were cute, but they got the kids wrong. Perhaps some mini-Legos?

  12. PB says:

    Cute idea, but Madonna’s LEGO looks like a Aryan woman wrestler…or maybe just a wrestler…:P
    What plugs into David Beckham’s head? (see photo) I dont even want to guess!

  13. Birdie Bird says:

    And I first thought the one of Winehouse was Michael Jackson !!

  14. Jeanne says:

    Cool, I want some.

  15. Toys says:

    The Amy Winehouse one looks better than she does! Shame, I still love her music!

  16. roland says:

    Lol. Its very funny!!