Penelope Cruz steps out one month after giving birth, looks great


These are the first photos of Penelope Cruz since she gave birth nearly one month ago exactly. By the way, we still don’t really know the name of Penelope and Javier Bardem’s son, although one of Javier’s relatives claims that the boy is named Leo. Sweet. Anyway, doesn’t Penelope look great? She looks… healthy. Life she recently gave birth and she’s still got some baby weight but it’s all good. Those genes… I’m so glad they reproduced.

Ay caramba! Just a month after giving birth to a baby boy, new mom Penelope Cruz stepped out in Santa Monica on Wednesday — and showed off a truly enviable post-baby figure.

Visiting the offices of Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer (the man behind Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, in which Cruz stars), the stunning Oscar winner, 36, looked every bit the international movie star in shades, clingy striped top and tight blue jeans.

(The slim star also flashed her huge engagement ring from husband Javier Bardem, a 3-carat sapphire ring worth a reported $30,000, according to sources.)

After an ultra-private wedding last year, Cruz and Bardem, 41, welcomed their first child in L.A., reportedly named Leo Encinas.

Although the Spanish superstar couple have remained fairly mum about their new family, Bardem couldn’t help but gush while accepting a Goya Award in his native Spain Feb. 13.

“I dedicate [this award] to my wife and son for awakening my heart and smile every day,” the Biutiful actor (who’s also up for an Oscar this Sunday) said.

[From Us Weekly]

Good for them. I know some people claim that Penelope and Javier are both major douches, but I prefer to think of them as just rather press-reticent. Hopefully. In any case, I’m happy for them.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. DGO says:

    Somebody’s breastfeeding – an army.

  2. Jane says:

    They’re not press-weary. Javier at least is a gross, misogynistic, giant douchenozzle.

  3. xxxyyy says:

    looks like she has a lot grey hair

  4. Quest says:

    Baby and Javier is always gonna have milk…her boobs are really huge now. 🙂 She looks good

  5. Diane says:

    She looks great!

  6. NancyMan says:

    WOW, I never noticed how large breast get for nursing.
    She does look very healthy.

  7. RHONYC says:


  8. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I LOVE that she looks like a new mommy. I dislike immensely women who fit right back in their old jeans after popping out a kid. 😀

  9. REALIST says:

    She looks great! And she is breastfeeding-imagine, a celebrity mom who cares more about the benefit of her child than about her overall appearance (and what the snarky might say about her).
    Over the long haul, mothers lose more of that “baby fat” if they continue to nurse. A woman has to burn energy to produce breast milk.
    Besides, Europeans don’t have all the hang ups about nursing that Americans do (note recent kerfuffle in Congress about providing more support for women on the job trying to continue nursing, etc..)
    The ACP recommends at least 6-12 mos of breastfeeding for infants-the evidence of the benefits to baby-overwhelming.
    So, you go, girl. Javi will back you up. Enjoy your time with your tiny baby!

  10. Eileen says:

    She looks fab! Her boobs aren’t too bad-mine got so big when I started breastfeeding I tore my rotator cuff and had to go to physical therapy! That was certainly embarrassing! lol

  11. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    She looks great!

    I however, being heavy chested anyway, after I gave birth looked like Dolly Parton twice over.

  12. Aries_Mira says:

    She looks great! And yes, the boobs get bigger when breast-feeding. 🙂 I went from a C-cup to D-cup with my child and nursed for 17 months. Was a great experience!

  13. guesty says:


  14. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @Johnny Depp’s Girl: LoL–I know what you mean! I went from a 36D to a 36F. I could barely cross my arms the first 6 months and my hubs and I referred to them as my “porn boobs” (once I let him anywhere near them again). 🙂

  15. malachais says:

    Penny looks great, beautiful as usual.

  16. KsGirl says:

    Wow, that IS odd. A celeb who recently gave birth who actually LOOKS like they recently gave birth. Holy bf-ing boobs, too, I remember those huge gazongas, gettin’ in the damn way of everything.

  17. TXCinderella says:

    Nice to see that she is like the rest of us and not like the celebs that are back in their original size weeks later. She still has a pooch and big boobies. The combat boots don’t look that motherly though.

  18. TQB says:

    She looks like a woman with a 1 month old should: happy, tired, booby and fantastic.

  19. Emily says:

    I love that someone made a comment on here that it wasn’t until they saw these pics that they realized your breasts get really big when you have a baby. Really? Penelope Cruz is the first post-partum woman you’ve ever seen? That made me laugh out loud.

    She is so gorgeous. Everything about her is just lovely: hair, skin, lips, figure. Congrats to Javier and Penelope.

  20. Katie says:

    She looks like the only weight she gained was in the belly. And she still looks great like this, though not as thin as she normally is of course.

  21. Maritza says:

    They make a beautiful couple, I wish they would make a photo cover with their baby, the baby must be gorgeous.

  22. dahlia1947 says:

    She doesn’t look good good. Just ok. She had a whole month to recuperate. So she probably went to spas and salons and all of that.

  23. xx says:

    @jane: true” javier is a douche. Very arrogant stupid couple!

  24. buell says:

    If she is nursing her baby… good for her!
    As an American who nursed her baby what hang-ups am I supposed to have? I whipped out the boob-bottle *discreetly covered* whenever he got hungry.

  25. gabs says:

    She looks so great! Well, I believe that penny is press weary but by most accounts Javier IS a massive douche.

  26. courtney says:

    um there’s been plenty of celebrity moms that nurse over the years the redgrave sisters Carly Simon Natasha Richardson & Amy Adams amongst them. just because Penelope’s boobs are big doesn’t mean she’s nursing maybe she wanted too and couldn’t which does happen. besides even if she isn’t it takes a while for the breasts to stop producing milk. she’s 5’6″ and was probably 125lbs before pregnancy and gained about 30lbs and the baby was probably about 7lbs of that and the rest is fluid blood placenta and tissue. so if she went 40 weeks which is average for a single child pregnancy then she gained 7.5 ounces a week or almost a half pound for a total of 30lbs

  27. normades says:

    Yes, I truly do believe that breast feeding does help you loose the baby weight. I was so hungry after giving birth and scarfing down huge amounts of food and yet I fit back into my old jeans less than 3 weeks after giving birth. My boobs were huge tho 🙂

  28. Ade says:

    Wow, for some reason after seeing this picture I have a new respect for Penelope. She actually looks like she had a baby 1 month ago, but she still looks great. I hope I look that good after my baby is born!

  29. EdithP says:

    I think she looks really beautiful and natural here.

  30. Dana M says:

    She looks amazing! Someone sure is nursing.
    Cheers to my two favorite Spanish movie stars.
    Gael Garcia Bernal is on my favorite Latin list too, but he is Mexican! Love him!

  31. Rita says:


    I have surmised that you are some sort of celebtrity lactating boob consultant or nurse. Your observations of Joanne Woodward’s 1968 Paris France boobs were spot on. Love your posts and you do good work.

  32. lh says:

    She looks great!

    By the way, not every woman looses the weight by breastfeeding. Some people (like me) kept a bit of chub on the stomach until they quit breastfeeding.

  33. REALIST says:

    Hey, just dropping back in-I went from a 36C (on the large side) to a 38D (first child) to a 40D (second child). I think the cup size goes down, but not the rib measurement because the pregnancy changes that (Courtney?).

    Note comment re: Congress questioning benefits and/or assistance for nursing mothers above. Here is the link.

    Given the benefits to mother and child, making this a heated political issue is obnoxious. Try to work and continue nursing without a breast pump-good luck!

    Please write your Congressperson(s) if they fall in the Neanderthal group.

  34. Steph says:

    do celebs really think we don’t know their secrets???

    lipo and tummy tuck procedures are very easy to do during a c-section!

  35. Cat says:

    How is it lipo or a tuck? I gained 30lbs w/my first, who was delivered vaginally & left the hospital in my size 3, (pre-pregnancy), jeans. Genetics. That’s what it boils down to!

  36. OtherChris says:

    Gorgeous. She’s definitely got a crappy nursing bra on. Bless her heart, those things are hideous.

  37. Alix says:

    “STILL” has some baby weight? Hells bells, she just gave birth four weeks ago!

  38. Isa says:

    I’m always jealous when I see a woman with large breast feeding breasts. You know that baby is getting all he can eat!
    I wish I lost weight by breastfeeding. I know most women do. I’m just a freak.

  39. Mikeyangel says:

    I was a fatty to begin with, and I gained about 34 pounds with pregnancy, but within one week I was only about 5 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I have always had gigantic boobs, and they got even bigger with pregnancy and birth. The first month’s worth of pics shows my boobs each being way bigger than my daughter’s head. CRAZY. I love Pene and Javi. I think they make a great couple. May God bless them and their babe.

  40. euroschmuck says:

    I do not agree!!!! She does not look great! She looks big, she looks tired and she has a lot of grey hair.

    I am fed up with all these celebritiesd looking great straight after they are out of delivery ward. Not bloody likely! Not this time! Suck it up, the post-pregancy body!

  41. jessica says:


  42. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Scarlet @ JohnnyDeppsGirl, I went from a 34DD to an F. One day when I was trying to find a parking spot at the supermarket, I had some woman get out of her car yelling (about how she saw the spot from two rows over) and proceeded to call me “a teen mom with fake tits” LOL. I said, “wow lady, thanks for the best compliment EVER! I’m 28 and these are nursing breasts!”

    @Rita, LMAO. As usual.

  43. chloe says:

    You guys are craacking me up, my sis-in-law is getting ready to have her first, she was a size E before getting pregnant now she’s even bigger, we keep teasing her about feeding a small tribe a kids with her hooters.
    Anyhoo love Javier though he has been looking rough and little heavier lately, Penelope is not my favorite but it’s nice to see someone look like she had a kid instead of ready to walk a runway. Best of Luck to them both.

  44. courtney says:

    no I’m not some of those women I mentioned have talked openly about nursing and Ms Adams infact still is nursing/pumping be quiet. we all have our opinions and were entitled to them.

  45. Amy says:

    um ok pene is not a good nickname for Penelope lol. In Spanish it refers to a certain part of the male anatomy.

  46. devilgirl says:

    She should get that wart on her arm removed.

  47. Babalon says:

    After watching his broadcast today – all I’ll say is that she’d better hope Dr. Oz doesn’t see those bumps on her left arm and hand.

  48. Aurelia says:

    Yeah she looks tired and like she has more grey hair now. I was 36 when I gave birth to my first and pre-delivery I didn’t have a single grey hair on my head! Overnight, grey ones were sprouting up all over the show. I blame the near post natal depression and the fact that my reflux baby woke on the hour through the night and day! Having a baby in your 30’s or 40’s will mess you up. I am too old, I know that now. Histroically at 38 years old I am meant to be a grandparent and or dead – if this was 200 years ago. Any- ho at least my 32F tits are still perky, even after breast feeding.

  49. Az says:

    She always gives me serious hair envy! My hair fell out in clumps after I gave birth! Hers looks great… so not fair!

  50. LuckyLilGem says:

    She’s so beautiful!!

  51. Newbie says:

    I am rolling on the ground laughing at the stories from all you mommies! Torn rotator cuffs? Knocking things off of shelves with your boobs? “Porn Boobs” and drama at supermarket parking lots? You’re killing me. I had my daughter this past summer, and the post-partum depression was lethal. I lost all the weight pretty quickly afterwards, but have had other issues like hair thinning, fatigue, sand-bag boobs, etc. So reading this thread has been hands-down wonderful. Thank you all!

    On a bitchy note: I love that Penelope looks like a regular woman one month after giving birth. I DO think there’s a small fraction of women who manage to look pretty much the same afterwards, especially if it’s their first, but Hollywood is ridiculous. No pooches, no boob-baggage, and no scars? REALLY? How fake can it get?

  52. JQ says:

    Dear God, please let my body look just like that one month after my baby is born! Please please please!!!!

  53. normades says:

    @ Aurelia: I’m sorry you feel that way. I also had my baby “late” in life and was really happy with that. I was much more financially stable and could take a lot more time off than if I had had one at the beginning of my career. I made the most of my 20s and early 30s and have no regrets.

  54. pato says:

    oh dear, that´s one of the reasons I don´t want to have babies. My boobs are huge now, don´t even want to think how they would be if I get pregnant, which won´t happen any time soon in the next 10 years LOL and for that time I´ll probably be menopausic. thanks goodness. If I had enough money I´d get rid off them right now. yeah, I have some issues.

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