Us Weekly: Billy Ray Cyrus is jealous of all of the attention Miley gets


Miley Cyrus’s drama with her father takes the covers of both Us Weekly and Star Magazine this week. We get an e-copy of Us Weekly as soon as it comes out, and last night I flipping through it when I stopped on the above layout. I mean… I love Us Weekly, and I think they’ve got good people working for them, but who gave the go ahead for this epic side-by-side? This is maybe the most inappropriate photo spread of Miley and Billy Ray, and that’s really saying something.

Anyway, the article is mostly a recap of previous Rogue Mullet stories that we’ve already covered – go here for his GQ article, and here for some of the fallout and breakdown. There are a couple of good quotes from insiders though:

A Disney source tells Us Weekly” “He totally pushed Miley into being a star!”

Another insider says Billy Ray is simply jealous of his daughter: “He was always upset he didn’t get as much attention as Miley. This is his way of stealing the spotlight.”

And yet other insiders claim that Billy Ray is just lashing out because he and Miley were already on the outs. “Billy Ray already had a huge fight with Miley over her behavior. She won’t talk to him anymore, so he sees no problem voicing his opinion to whomever will listen.”

Before Miley turned 18, Billy did little to rein in Miley, and according to one source, he even used to tip off the paparazzi about Miley’s whereabouts to ensure she’d get photographed.

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Some more little pieces of information – Team Mullet says Tish lets Miley do whatever she wants too, while Team Miley says that Tish is the disciplinarian. Whatever. Even though I think this family is a train wreck, I also tend to want to give Miley a break. Yeah, her image is way too sexed up and provocative and she shouldn’t be drinking or drugging… but Jesus, what were you doing when you were 18?


Cover and screencap of the Us Weekly’s layout, courtesy of Us Weekly.

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  1. malachais says:

    Its funny that sources are blaming Billy Ray for Miley’s fame now that Billy Ray did the GQ interview, funny no one mad these remarks prior. Tish totally lets Miley do whatever she wants. In the end, Miley isn’t doing anything horrible and she’s 18. They can’t control her anymore.

  2. Cat says:

    A lot of behavior is learned. I tend to believe she’s a product of her environment.

  3. serena says:

    I’m with Team Mullet this time around, I don’t see Tish as a responsible parent.
    Anyway it’s hilarious to see “betrayed by dad” with such a photo.
    And the Mullet is right, yeah she is 18 she have to do a lot of crap (and she is indeed), but still.
    She doesn’t talk anymore with him for what? It’s her mom who betrayed him and yet she takes her side. Guess why..

  4. ctkat1 says:

    Considering that she should be a senior in high school/freshman in college, she hasn’t really gotten in too much trouble. When I was at that stage, I had sex (gasp!), got drunk with my friends (shock!), and even dabbled in pot and a wee bit o’shrooms (faint!). I turned out fine, as did most of the friends I engaged in these behaviors with.

    And I didn’t have my parent(s) selling me out in magazines/living off of me.

  5. DorothyZbornak says:

    I still just cannot believe Billy Ray fucking Cyrus is still in the news. It’s just surreal to me that that mullet-headed moron somehow managed to worm his way back into the spotlight.

  6. Quest says:

    With no puns intended: don’t break my achy-breaky little heart.

    Miley still has a lot to learn, she has been tossed into fame very early and it is hard enough being a teen let alone a teen star.

    US Weekly isn’t helping the matter by using this photo of Miley. I am not excusing her drinking nor drug use but this article isn’t helping her image. At 18 the world is your playground or chemistry lab. BRC is her dad and if he wants to draw the line on her behaviour he has all right. It is just unfortunate he wasn’t as stern before.

  7. anti says:

    billy ray looks like he’s got some fillers going on…

  8. Yael says:

    So what’s next? Miley and the chipmunks get naked! the movie…lol…i need a “Daniel Boone” chipmunk hat…

  9. photo jojo says:

    Whatever I was doing at 18, it wasn’t a matter of national media obsession. Parents who allow their kids to get so famous should know by now how this ends. McKenzie Phillips, anyone?

  10. Oi says:

    Funny, when she first came out, she got all the credit for wanting to be Hannah montana. I don’t thinks she was forced to do anything. I think she wanted to be famous, and her family obliged. Will they please just go away?

  11. sapphire says:

    Miley is just a typical asshat teenage- 18 and surly. What is interesting is how busy her team has been throwing mud on the Mullet.

  12. brin says:

    @Oi….I agree. This must be a slow news day.

  13. DGO says:

    The thing that gets me about Miley is that she is a product. She can’t really sing, act, or dance very well, she isn’t really pretty, but she’s been slickly marketed. None of that could have happened without both Trish’s and Billy Ray’s consent. So I wish they’d all shut up and Chipmunks Cheeks would just go away.

  14. happygirl says:

    @Oi – ITA – and although I don’t know the back story on Miley, I can say this. I’m a firm believer in taking responsibility for your own life and circumstances. Everything you do, have, don’t do or don’t have, is up to you. This is just my opinion, but I’d love to see people (Lindsay, LeAnn, Miley…) actually take responsibility for what they’ve gone through, where they are, and who they’ve become. I’m so sick of hearing everyone blame everything on others. Put your big girl panties on and realize you’re responsible for your life. Stop pointing fingers at everyone else. Please, ladies, don’t pull out the slut shanks on me. I just think it’s gotten so easy to dodge responsibility and blame others. It’s sad.

    And..on a personal note. I do not like Miley. I actually FORCED myself to watch The Last Song last weekend. It about killed me. And…I’m taking responsibility for that. LOL MY BAD! I promise it will never happen again.

  15. Whatever says:

    I think her mom was the disciplinarian, but then she started seeing dollar signs and morphed into Dina Lohan 2.0. Dad started to try to rein her in way too late and mom takes Miley’s side because she likes the cash flow and attention. I read a long time ago that she was basically a groupie that he knocked up, so going for the cash is nothing new. Before she used Billy Ray and now she uses Miley.

  16. ThatBoyLuke says:

    LOL this is so true, Tish and Billy Rae are both crap parents and were happy to let Miley go wtf she liked as long as they could stay on the gravy train and now she’s 18 and out of his controll he wants to cry to the press.
    This is really sad because Miley isn’t doing anything any worse than most 18 year olds and i really thought she liked her dad and for any parent to chat sh*t about your kid is just a bad choice. I think Miley is more sensible than people give her credit for anyway, she’ll turn out fine in the end.

  17. original kate says:

    ugh – when will this slack-jawed yokel family go away?

  18. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Well of course he is, duh. She’s the only thing keeping his lame ass relevant.

  19. jover says:

    Agree Original Kate – unless Miley makes big changes her “career” is over. Last year’s movie and cd are forgotten; no cool kid would be caught dead going to a Miley concert; the main way she gets pub is by lip synching at these seemingly endless contrived pop culture/music award shows, etc. If she had a smidgen of brains she would take acting and singing lessons, but like most of these characters those around her are enablers and leaches – yes, slickly marketed and hopefully soon forgotten.

  20. Gabriela says:

    I’m 18 and I’ve done a lot worse than Miley. But I don’t have kids looking up to me and taking me as role model.

  21. jj says:

    This is all so contrived. Its all being done to keep her in the spotlight. The GQ interview with Billy Ray was the start of it, and now they can go back and forth back and forth back and forth in the tabloids. They will get a lot of tabloid. mileage out of this “feud”, which keeps Miley in the spotlight. Someone earlier remarked that Miley is what keeps Billy Ray relevant. I totally disagree. NEITHER of them are relevant, and that is why this is being done. To keep the no talent daughter in everyone’s face. I was just noticing prior to the GQ magazine, that we had not been seeing much of anything of Miley in the blogs since the “Salvia” incident. And I am sure that the “Salvia” incident was also put out there for her to get some “attention”. But now lo and behold she is back again due to this feud between her and Daddy.

    Miley has aliented her Hannah Montana fans by “not being tamed” but she failed to remember that they were her ONLY fans. No one else is interested in her hack ass. So her CDs/music aren’t selling, and her movies are a joke. This is all they can do to keep her out there.

    Also, Tish is not about to let cash cow Miley get away from her. Tish has no money of her own, and no prospects of really earning anything that would pay for the lifestyle she is accustomed to as she has no education/training in anything except being a groupie. And if she had an affair and was the cause of the divorce, she won’t be seeing any alimony money either. Please make them all go away.

  22. Jelli says:

    Looks at her one year son and thinks ” I hope u want to be something like a mechanic when you grow up”

  23. Elfie says:

    I’m 19. I don’t dress “sexy” or have tats or do drugs or drink. I have tried beer and didn’t like it. I wanna try weed tho.
    But whatever, anyone do what they want in their life. Just need to be under control.

  24. lacy says:

    Love the SNL skit about Miley. She is the spitting image of her daddy with her mother’s eyes so she better get used to it. It would be difficult to cut ties with a dad who has played such a role in your life. It wasn’t a bad one. The mother is on drugs or something. She’s leading this kid down a path to nowhere.

  25. d says:

    Miley’s godmother is Dolly Parton, so I’m thinking Miley will be fine. And I have no doubt her dad is jealous. I read that article and he seems kind of pathetic.

  26. Caz says:

    JJ you have your head screwed on right All this is just PR nonsense. Miley doesn’t have any talent to be doing anything remotely interesting in 5 years time. She fluked it getting the Hannah Montanna role and milked it for all its worth. Billy Ray is only in the news because of Miley. What kinda stoopid name is Tish? They’ll take a leaf out of Lohan’s book and start pimping Noah out next….what’s that? No-one’s interested in her either. Parents make sure your kids finish school and have an actual career to fall back on. Edward Furlong, Macauley Culkin, Melissa Joan Hart who?

  27. Laura says:

    I don’t get the argument over which parent is the disciplinarian. Miley is a self supporting adult. Neither of her parents should be ‘disciplining’ her. Giving parental advice, yes. But disciplining?

  28. Hakura says:

    Lovely how the pictures they chose have BR looking toward a picture of Miley wearing what constitutes lingerie, & touching her breast with an expression that looks ‘mid-orgasm’. *shudder* Gross.

    The interview was a very bad idea, but it seems like Miley wasn’t talking to him at that point, so he was desperate to express his feelings. He screwed up as a parent… so criticizing her now is too little, way too late.

    I really think Tish is having a mid-life crisis. She’s been attached at the hip with Miley, acting/dressing like a teenager. Perhaps the divorce has caused her to desperately grasp for her teenage years, where she felt more ‘free’, without so much responsibility. She’s acting more like Miley’s best friend than her mother, & I’m sure Tish knows exactly what her daughter is mixed up in… if not participating in it herself.

    It’s not the actions individually that make her out of control… It’s the fact that she’s doing all these things at once, in a very short time span. It’s just way too much at once.

  29. mannequin says:

    Angry with daddy because daddy is worried about her and wants her to act like a lady. Happy with mommy because mommy lets her do what she wants. Pretty simple.

  30. MeInMontreal says:

    I’m not a teen, I’m no kid either… I’m nearly 31 and not ashamed to say I watch every single episode of Hannah Montana. One of the most brilliant kids series I’ve seen in a long time… It’s a shame it’s over but did people really think this serie could have been a Friends-alike and go on for some ten years? What would it have been like? An episode about Miley getting pregnant and forcing her to put Hannah Montana in a long 9 months break until she has the baby and bring Hannah back? C’mon!! The girl has to grow up someday. And that means making stupids moves, dress sexy (Hey why not, she’s got the body and the money for it – I would die to have these two things!) C’Mon, freaking out your parents by going against their dress code and getting drunk or stone before being 18 is a common thing in a normal human being. Gotta experience life is you wanna learn some lessons that will keep you from doing even worst mistakes later in your life!

    Did people really think she would be Hannah Montana for the rest of her life? C’mon! There’s a price for such fame and she’s payin’ for it!!! And it was obvious from the very beginning there was going to be some Billy Ray bashing along the way! Let’s not forget that the guy had the gutz to pursue his career after being the laughing stock for years an put out so many album althought everyone thought he was dead at some point , have a TV show that went on for 4 years. Miley grew up to this : no surprise she turned out to be in the business as well… And God, she is as talented as her father is. I’m not a country fan but the first time I heard Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart, I was 12… Listened to the album over and over… Then forgot about it for 14 years, until I watched HM with my niece and realize he was still around. It raised my interest in him again and I’m sure I’m not the only one… And that’s great for him! Miley had the spotlight for sure but he got be a huge part of it and he has the humility of admitting that HM was a huge mistake and it destroyed his family… If it was about the money, would he have said such a thing? He would have cashed the checks and pretend everything’s was top notch.

    The show was good, they were such a wonderful team! Now that the show is over, people have got to find something to gossip about! Since day one, they has been rumors and some twisted ones! So they will always be some jerks out there getting their kick at spreading that kind of trash.

    C’mon give the girl some slack! She’s just having her teen crisis later than supposed. We should applaud her for not cracking up way before today with all the pressure she must have had being an international teen pop star at such a young age! The real question is : What the hell is doin Disney to its proteges? Look at Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera… They’ve all started with Disney and ended up being fucked up! Yup, that’s exactly why I would never want my nearly 12 years old niece to be a child star!